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  1. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. But they make these early games so ugly and choppy as they try to adjust and emphasize the new rules or whatever. Ugly ugly ugly games
  2. I was there. Was pretty awesome. Sallis is, really good, as the kids would say.
  3. Had the pleasure of watching our fourth in-state Division 1 basketball team, Millard North, play last night. Just wanted to share a few thoughts. 1. How can AAU ever take that over? I've spent a lot of time in the AAU circuit and in High School basketball. I will forever be flabbergasted that AAU has taken any hold in our society. How these guys could put in their twitter bios, "OSA 17u Family for Life" in front of their own High School team is simply amazing to me. There's like 20 people watching your AAU game. No one cares, it doesn't matter, no one knows who even won. Now get off my lawn. 2. That Millard North team has to be one of the most talented teams in Nebraska HS history. I imagine every player in their top 5 will play division one basketball. They're not the best team ever - that goes to the Omaha Central boys their senior year of the 4 year run. Those gentlemen were vicious dogs who came out of the womb playing with each other. But this North team has 3 power 5 players on it at a minimum, and a couple slightly lower level guys. 3. Did we go after Max Murrell at all? If so, bummer he got away. If not, why not? 4. I hope that Hunter Sallis is really a momma's boy and family man, because if he's not, we're not going to get him. That's a UNC/Duke/Kentucky ---> NBA kid. He's not even playing that hard right now and can get 20 by waking up. I'm not sure if he's a point guard, combo guard, or a strict shooting guard. Also, my wife really liked his shoes and thought he'd make a pretty girl. That's up to you to determine if that expert scouting advice is relevant. 5. Jasen Green is a perfect position-less player for Hoiberg's system. I see why we offered him so early. He's got some serious potential my friends. 6. Good to see high school referees have still found their way to over-officiate the game and make them choppy foul fests. 7. The little "shooting a bow and arrow," or "playing the air guitar," after every three you make, and finding some camera to flex into after every lay-up - is so cheesy and contrived. I love raw-emotion, and yes the game is absolutely supposed to be fun. But c'mon, these are planned and unauthentic. Now, as I said in the opening, get off my lawn.
  4. Obviously like this kid a lot, and feel his skills would be a massive addition to our team. Character wise.... well.... the flags are there, and they're kinda loud. But hey - lot of great teams had some guys who coulda gone either way. All depends on what the general make-up is of your team and if you can withstand it. It's clear Cam Mack has struggled thus far with following some rules, and that can cause a lot of stress to a team and ruin your team chemistry. But it all depends on what is expected and accepted. I've also heard a lot of good things about Teddy Allen as a person. So it's probably all about fit at this point.
  5. So is this her real account or not? What did we learn here?
  6. Um..... Yeah, I totally forgot about this game this weekend until you said something. Wow. They have a really good starting 5 - but foul trouble starts and we might have an open window in this game.
  7. I don't think it's possible to be as average as I am at this. Every year, so bad.
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