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  1. 192 in Feb of 2020 212 in Sept of 2020 Im disgusted with myself.
  2. Ok a few clarifiers - I have yet to watch the video and I haven't read all the replies here so bare with me. But from what I gather is a misunderstanding of the system that is in place and a misunderstanding about what exactly AAU is. I think getting @Jacob Padilla in here on this thread would be massively helpful. I'll do my best to clarify some things that might help understand this issue and where I imagine some misunderstandings are. The example I will use here is OSA (Omaha Sports Academy). All of the teams that OSA puts out are technically AAU teams in name. However,
  3. I’d echo what Nustudent said about a missing piece. Guess we don’t have a go to shooter that we know of yet.
  4. I would pay to watch this. Love all those guys.
  5. I will be in my room. I need some space.
  6. Arop fits in like 3 of my soft spots of kids I love and have coach/worked with/helped. -Nebraska kids -Inner-city Omaha kids -Sudanese kids So I kinda want him on my team.... ha
  7. At this rate, I do not see how Arop or Cross remain on the team. That's disappointing to me, because I believe a team must have a foundation of players to be successful if you cannot get the 4/5 star talent consistently. But, what the hell do I know?
  8. I’m just gonna throw this out there - but @hhcmatt kills on Twitter. He’s a must follow, imo. Incredible during Bball season also.
  9. If Stanford is a major competitor against us - him reclassifying would really help our chances. Because Stanford got the kid from Millard North.
  10. This is no diss to any of our current bigs - but if his guy is as advertised and can physically withstand D1 ball - he's our best big when he steps on campus.
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