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  1. I would pay to watch this. Love all those guys.
  2. I will be in my room. I need some space.
  3. Arop fits in like 3 of my soft spots of kids I love and have coach/worked with/helped. -Nebraska kids -Inner-city Omaha kids -Sudanese kids So I kinda want him on my team.... ha
  4. At this rate, I do not see how Arop or Cross remain on the team. That's disappointing to me, because I believe a team must have a foundation of players to be successful if you cannot get the 4/5 star talent consistently. But, what the hell do I know?
  5. I’m just gonna throw this out there - but @hhcmatt kills on Twitter. He’s a must follow, imo. Incredible during Bball season also.
  6. If Stanford is a major competitor against us - him reclassifying would really help our chances. Because Stanford got the kid from Millard North.
  7. This is no diss to any of our current bigs - but if his guy is as advertised and can physically withstand D1 ball - he's our best big when he steps on campus.
  8. Man.... if we can ever be blessed with a molecule of luck, 2021-2022 should be a phenomenal season.
  9. Kinda identical situations isn’t it....? Two dudes who were good and we like, but saw the writing on the wall with the dudes redshirting and coming in...?
  10. Good riddance. Oh what could have been. Failure all around.
  11. Very disappointed in this tbh
  12. As of late last night, we have a healthy and happy boy. Has not shown a left or right had proclivity yet - so I’m assuming ambidextrous and highly skilled! Mom is doing great! Thanks guys for all the messages!
  13. I’m in the hospital with the wife - first born on the way. But it’s gonna be a slow, long process - need some Nebrasketball clips to get through this!
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