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  1. Phenomenal young man. Used to be able to jump out of the gym. Had a great career at Benedictine College in KS (I believe).
  2. Wonder if he’s ever seen Ouedraogo play (he’s not campus yet, right?)?
  3. I’m so glad he’s gone. Not for his sake, or because he “deserved it.” But for this board’s sake. Boehm is a seriously nice guy, and well liked. Literally not, in any true way, “the issue behind Nebrasketball.” We now have zero excuses. We have the facilities, the resources, and AD who seems to provide then get out of the way, an all-star coach, a great conference, fan support... we literally have it all. If we win in the future, it will have nothing to do with whether Mark Boehm was involved or not involved. It will be because we finally (95%) got the right players with (5%) the right coach.
  4. We’ll see... I’m excited about White. As a UNC fan I enjoyed watching him play quite a bit this year. Though he has awkwardly short arms, for an NBA player anyways (this currently being typed by someone who has an inch less wingspan than height lol).
  5. I think anyone in the sports world who is “cheap” should be fired. You have to spend all your money. You buy titles
  6. Why are my Bulls never involved in anything interesting?
  7. All about the mom. Many short moms have ruined the potential careers of sons former hoops stars before they were even born. Moms gotta be 5’7”-5’8” at minimum to have a super tall kid.
  8. Uh.... a 10 being my wife’s non-stop level of FOMO and a 1 being your buddies went to the boats in Council Bluffs but you hate gambling and the cigarettes smoke so you went home FOMO... I’d say this is like ~6
  9. We could, pretty easily, if we wanted to.
  10. He has pretty unlimited potential. Skilled for his size and all the moving parts are there. Just going to be a matter of time, want-to, and work for him to succeed. Fwiw, I’ve worked with a lot of kids like Lok. They’re almost always late bloomers.
  11. We should probably throw our name in the hat
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