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  1. We could, pretty easily, if we wanted to.
  2. He has pretty unlimited potential. Skilled for his size and all the moving parts are there. Just going to be a matter of time, want-to, and work for him to succeed. Fwiw, I’ve worked with a lot of kids like Lok. They’re almost always late bloomers.
  3. We should probably throw our name in the hat
  4. Tore his ACL last summer, tried playing this past year but definitely was no where near 100%. Was considered a solid D2 full scholarship guy before his injury. Maybe a very small D1. Athletic kid with a lot of skills, will be a good guy to have around for practice and whatnot.
  5. I should add, Norm, I'm just a sloppy body American. I am the definition of skinny fat.
  6. My Evaluation: -Not an elite athlete from an explosion perspective. Certainly can dunk and finish around the rim - but we're not talking Roby or something like that. -Throwback post player with elements and skills of a modern swing 4/5. -Undersized as a 5, but will be really pesky to guard for other 5s. Not athletic enough to be considered a Roby 4, but skilled enough in all areas to exploit mismatches against 3's and 4's. -Great ball handler for his build. Can start fast breaks and has good vision - which reminds me of Draymond. -Fats ya down and uses good moves, which reminds me of Zach Randolph. -Currently a "sloppy body all-american." Team co-captains have always been ZRandolph and Paul Pierce. -Perfect fit for positionless basketball and our system. -Videos I've seen have not shown him against particularly elite competition - might not be ready to play right away. Type of Player: Michigan State player Reminds me of: Parts of Zach Randolph and parts of Draymond Green
  7. @Kent Pavelka congrats on finally getting an easy name to say!
  8. Any violations we need to worry about?
  9. I think he’s a better scorer and less floor general but that’s a fantastic comparison nonetheless.
  10. I’m trying to have kids soon - this can happen after that.
  11. I'm just gonna assume Abdelmassih is 4 syllables. I've never actually heard it said.
  12. Doc's tears shed in pain Cloud lifts with Hoiberg's hire Doc's tears shed in joy
  13. Recruits we will get One year, two years, sit and wait I still want local
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