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  1. Non Con - agreed Conf - 10-10 Big 10 Tourney - 2-1 Total - 21-13 In tourney
  2. For the record... y'all will be finding me very critical of Coach Hoiberg and crew if this team is not positioned for the tourney in some way. If we're not even in the bubble conversation by early conference play I'll be a little disappointed. This is an NCAA tournament roster. There are FAR less talented or experienced teams historically that make the tourney. Our issue, and has been recently when I thought we were good enough, is just the name on the front of the jersey and the stigma that goes with it.
  3. Honestly... I am kinda disappointed to hear the 16-18 games won, NIT expectations I've been reading. We have depth, a one-and-done talent, and plenty of major conference experience. We literally have no excuses this year. B1G is not as good as it was last year (it's good, don't get me wrong), a competitive but certainly winnable non-con schedule, and we have plenty of other pieces and experience. I personally consider anything short of an NCAA tourney birth a definite disappointment.
  4. Our offense just doesn't allow you to be a bad offensive teammate. Or you end up off the team or on the bench halfway through the season. I think Verge has way better vision and understanding of angles needed to create/distribute. He is a bit of a "scoring PG," but I trust Coach Hoiberg to create buy-in and get him to where we need him to be.
  5. I have heard that Verge demands respect and attention when he walks into the locker room. And he is a far more natural lead ball handler/point guard than Trey is. I was never happy/comfortable with Trey as our PG. But I think he was.....
  6. Well I thought the next topic was the punchline for the set-up but maybe I need to stick to my day job.
  7. No comparison to Garza imo. Completely different players.
  8. Was really hoping to open up my favorite site today and see someone else write this... highly disappointed everyone. Highly. First off, if you think you can make any definitive assumptions on this team after that, you're a lot better at this than I am. They were just having fun and playing pick-up - with the intention to entertain and have fun. I'm going to start off with the main topic I'm sure everyone is wondering. Yes, Wilhelm Breidenbach will play this year and yes he's probably the greatest pick-up in Nebrasketball History. As soon as he signed his LOI looking through his thick goggles the program changed. Wait? Who? McGowens? Trey? Trey's has a brother on the team? That's so nice! SO...... Two things can bet true at once. 1. Bryce McGowens has an NBA frame, skill set, etc... etc.. etc.. to be a Lottery Pick. 2. Bryce McGowens might not necessarily be ready to (or need to?) lead a B1G team as the go-to guy, give him the ball and get out of his way, 23ppg or whatever else a lot of us are thinking a 5-star could be. In other words, I don't think this is Kevin Durant for Texas. THAT'S OK - THERE'S A LOT OF GOOD, PRODUCTIVE SPACE BETWEEN KEVIN DURANT AND YOUR TYPICAL 5-START YOUNG LOTTERY PICK - PLEASE TAKE YOUR CAPS LOCK OFF AND DELETE THE POST YOU'RE MAKING GETTING READY TO SCREAM AT ME. There's a really good reason why I say the last paragraph. That reason - there's a lot of other dudes on this team who can tote the rock and be the guy any given night. We're gonna have Lat's night, Trey's night, Verge's night, etc.. Heck - maybe even Keisei's night (good lord it's scary to think of the runs he could go on if the match-ups are right). Anyways - I'm not going to spend too much more time on the scrimmage. I don't believe you can draw much from what they showed Friday. But I will say I can foresee two potential issues: 1. Rebounding/Girth. This has plagued us in the past. Especially if we can't play our tempo and make shots. We're kinda skinny again. I don't see a guy who I'm like, "that guys gonna get double digit rebounds a game." I hope Walker can withstand the pounding down there, and I really hope Andre is serious about trying to be more "Rodman-like" as he's mentioned on a podcast. 2. Who's team is this? I see some potential conflict brewing... Who's our leader? Who's gonna have their hand on the ball in crunch time and late in the shot clock? I feel like there's a bit of a conflict between who believes they're that guy and who actually is. We'll see! Could be (I hope it is) nothing.
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