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  1. It's gotta be a short list though, right?
  2. That was fun way to recap. Couple things: 1. I really liked it when Teddy Allen got the outlet after missed baskets. He pushed it nicely and got it either kicked ahead or attacked early. It also got the ball out of his hands early so he couldn't take a bad shot. But could get it later in the possession. 2. Walker adds a physical dimension and ability that has to be accounted for. You saw it on all our rolls, where shooters were more open for shots (Lat). 3. Walker adds a more physical dimension and ability on defense, that I am disappointed our coaches did not take more advantag
  3. Has any team with a top 20, 5-star NOT made it to the NCAA Tournament? Ben Simmons at LSU?
  4. I think the big thing that helped was that he missed his first one... But then on his second one, it's like he took a deep breathe and said, "Good Lord I do not know what is going on, but please for the sake of all that his good in this world please let this one go in."
  5. Think how much better this offense would be if it was ran through Kevin Cross. Edit: In all seriousness, Teddy needs to buy into the system and run what is asked of him. He might not be the leading scorer at the end of the day (or he even might), but we will all have way more success. Teddy needs to let the game come to him and then make tough shots late when we need him.
  6. I mean, we're 131st nationally in Offensive efficiency with Allen as our leading scorer and leading shot taker from 2pt and from 3pt, with the most turnovers on the team... The one thing I did see that I really liked last night, was ironically Allen at the point, especially after missed buckets. Of course, that was because it basically forced the ball out of his hands to start a possession. But he does have a knack for finding open guys on the move in transition, and getting it pushed ahead. I agree that Walker made this offense move a little bit better because he's an actual threat to
  7. I wouldn’t say he’s good on offense. I’d say He’s good at scoring, in a vacuum. But the cumulative effect of how and when he gets his shots hurts us more than it helps us.
  8. I think I’ve seen enough of the Teddy Buckets era to see this isn’t how winning, team basketball operates.
  9. All joking aside - I would love to get this kid.
  10. Pros: Listening to people attempt to say his last name. Seems to be able to stroke it. Has a "nasty" attitude (competitor, confident) Cons: Might have a credit card vertical, based off of the videos I watched. @Norm Peterson - got any workouts for him to fix it?
  11. I appreciate you talking me through my crisis, haha. I will step back off the ledge now.
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