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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm - Trey's one of the more physically impressive, explosive people to play for Nebraska. Not sure if Emmanuel is more athletic. Trey's like an NFL wide receiver playing basketball (also part of his problem, never seemed natural or consistent)
  2. Griesel added, "And remember everyone, as Coach Sadler once said - A shot clock violation in basketball is much like a punt in football."
  3. You're right. Complete opposite team. But I'll watch us go 0-30 if it's grit, hussle, effort vs. 10-22 with one on one, lazy hero ball. Wilhelm, in theory, answers a lot of our questions. But he's gotta show he's recovered and is committed to the aspects of the game that matter, not fake hussle plays and step back 3's. Agreed on your wildcards. I like our Freshman, have for a long time. And I really like what I have seen from Quaran McPherson in limited action and recruit tape. Agreed on Kieta. I'm really not sure what kind of player we're getting. Even if he is a world-beater - must JUCOs struggle in that first year regardless.
  4. So basically we look like this right now: 1. Griesel 2. Bando 3. Gary 4. Walker 5. Kieta or 1. Griesel 2. Bando 3. Wilcher 4. Gary 5. Walker I just don't see certain guys coming back and the guys transferring in, doing so without the complete expectation of starting.
  5. “However, given that the Huskers have now added both a guard and a forward (Alabama transfer Juwan Gary), it’s now a formality that Trey McGowens and Lat Mayen will inevitably move on from the program.“ Damn… when Washut says things like this, it’s basically fact. Cause there’s no reason why he couldn’t have said Tominaga in there, but he didn’t.
  6. @Norm Peterson called this one does this mean Trey is gone?
  7. The three I know who are dating football players have definitely not worked out for us haha. I'm embarrassed I know this information. I'll go back in my hole now.
  8. Basketball is so much harder to gauge simply because there are just not that many positions to shuffle around, and "talent" plays a more significant role in basketball than it does in football. In my opinion anyways. So, in other words, I feel it's a lot more easier to predict how well a basketball team is going to do, simply from the roster, than it is football. That being said. I think Frost won this, dramatically. I just wish he would have heeded the warnings (that I know he got) when he was hired, and done a lot of these moves right away. Pretty much everyone told him to not bring his entire staff, he needed some elder statesmen and big time guys - but he was too stubborn and arrogant to do it. But if you told me when all the firings and departures happened that we'd end up with a very experienced OC (coming off a super hot season), Mickey Joseph, Casey Thompson (who I think is going to have a great year), Chubba Purdy, Bill Busch, a new RB Coach who brought in some studs and got that room in order, and some of the transfer talent we got (Oshaun, Hill, LSU WR) - I'd have told you you are insane and there's no way. Frost hauled in some big time fish in my opinion - I just hope it's not too late, and that they're able to get everyone on the same page FAST. As far as Hoiberg goes - unfortunately I feel like we've missed on the only thing that I felt would truly have an impact on wins and losses next year - and that's a scoring guard like Baylor or the other dude who I'm blanking on. Feels like, for the first time in modern Nebraska basketball history, we're actually going to have TOO MANY bigs (that seem to be able to all play even!). And of course, because we're now Nebrasketball, we have no idea if we have anyone who can create or score. I don't see how Hoiberg is successful next year playing his system and his style. So hopefully they can adjust their style to the type of team we end up with, but as @Norm Peterson has suggested, I don't see that happening either.
  9. I hope he knows some day!
  10. Thoughts? What's your crystal ball say, @Cowboy Kermit? Seems like we have as good of a relationship with him as anyone else does.
  11. I will say that without a doubt you are giving a fair analysis. Probably the "worst case scenario" analysis, but fair nonetheless. Only thing I guess I'd disagree with you on is motor...? I have never seen that as an issue. Is your experience with him mostly watching Neb Supreme? And from this last summer? Just curious... as I would have some push-back on your analysis if so. Also, I'm a solid 6'2" - and he is clearly taller than me. So maybe he grew a bit?
  12. Here's the problem.... I DON'T see him playing next year. But, that shows an unwillingness to accept the realities of NCAA D1 basketball, on my end. Those of you who are, or have been, advocating for these kids to go the Griesel route are probably correct. Play right away and get that gratification/experience if you're good enough - then pick your spot with a P5 conference team when the time comes. When I'm making my argument for these in-state kids, I understand I have a pretty serious flaw in my argument - and that's the fact that pretty much all of these kids want to play right away and want instant gratification. No one wants to stay around until their Junior year and finally start playing anymore. Understandable. Only get one life and one shot at this, might as well be somewhere you can actually play.
  13. Many of these players sign multi-year contracts for their NIL. Won't be as easy as we think.
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