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  1. @hhcmatt hahahaha you jerk fwiw - at the time of this post, when I watched him - I truly believe there was a path for greatness. I don’t think he ended up having the drive, etc…
  2. Bro... he had one bad year and immediately came back with 9-3 with a brand new staff. Don't tell me you wouldn't love going back to those days and even the best days of Pelini compared to this trash. Edit: I have a strict personal rule of not discussing football on this board so reply to me if you want, but you get the last word here as I'm done.
  3. There's reasons to be highly annoyed with TO - I don't think you captured any of it in this block of text. And I think history has shown we as a fan base were wrong with the Solich stuff. I wanted him gone at the time and was tired of watching his stuff... but I'm willing to admit we started the downfall by firing him, not by hiring him.
  4. I have had some...... strange.... interactions with Trev, we'll leave it at that. So not a dude I'd want to go hang out with at the bars. That being said - he's the perfect type of person to be AD here. He's got political appeal (that kind of, distinguished senator vibe), and he's completely no-nonsense. He's also willing to make very tough decisions and say what needs to be said. Honestly, Hoiberg should be thrilled with this hire. I think Trev cares more about if you are running your program correctly, working hard, kids are staying out of trouble, graduating, being great people, etc
  5. Jimmy I got you man - I apologize if I’m misconstruing anything you’re saying. I know you’re a solid dude. My issue with your statement, and others who’ve made similar, is every time any institution goes, “we’d really like to explore and possible go with a minority candidate here,” everyone immediately goes into, “well I hope they’re just hiring the most qualified person regardless of a, b, c.” My thing is, “of course they’re qualified!” I strongly dislike the assumption that by going with a minority candidate that said institution was somehow taking a chance on a lesse
  6. I know what he meant. You know what he meant. You know what I mean. You’re being intentionally combative and obtuse.
  7. I'd say mine was pretty straight forward. Our African American student-athletes have been working very hard behind the scenes to get better representation of African Americans within power/administrative positions at the University. Some call thinking that way, "wokeness." I call it seeking appropriate representation. You attempting to define this as a non-sequitur was far more needlessly complicated. Our black student-athletes would like more black people in administration/leadership roles. Pretty straight forward.
  8. Just stop. It’s not this difficult.
  9. Gag me with a butter knife if Davison or Alberts get this job.
  10. What if representation, or “wokeness” as you refer, is what the student athletes who actually put in the work and play the games are begging for?
  11. Everything that Banton is doing well in these “workouts” is exactly his problem. It doesn’t translate when dudes get into him and people figure out to guard him with an athletic guard.
  12. Obvious decision to go get evaluated and see what happens... but he might want to make sure he can even start on his bottom four of conference college team first?
  13. Yeah but could he play putt putt at the Olympic Games while Tominaga is playing 3 on 3?
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