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  1. Rarely a JUCO guy without SOME kind of baggage. Usually something there... all on a spectrum. Obviously I’m generalizing. But I do have some experience in this regard, fwiw.
  2. I’m totally fine with a dirty recruiter for what it’s worth. As long as they don’t get caught. But, if they do get caught, hopefully we’ve won some stuff beforehand.
  3. This is a good thing. While I think far too much has been made about the cause and effect relationship of MB and us losing... clearly something wasn’t jiving. And even if it’s just a fresh set of eyes looking at the issue, it might help.
  4. I have many, first hand experiences with Suh. Not a good person. I personally do not root for his success.
  5. I played with some guys during Doc’s era, that I’m not 100% sure I wasn’t more useful on a basketball court than. I know some of you laugh at that - but there’s a reason I am so hard on Doc’s “reach recruits” like Mike Smith. I was friends with Barry Turner (football player), and he was honestly better than some of the guys on the team in that era. Absolute freak athlete. Nicest dude in the world also. Suh could hoop - but he’s literally the worst human ever. I stayed away from him. Both lived on my floor. But my two highlights will always be getting a concussion and seriously straining neck muscles from a screen at half court by Corey Simms - and playing against a very fat, out of shape, and rusty Joe McCray. wild times man wild times.... edit: I forgot - there was like a 2-star Husker football wide receiver recruit that came in really late. Everyone thought he was going to be an absolute star and a late season steal. I don’t think he ever played a second of football - but he was far and away a better basketball player than a few guys on the b-ball team. Zero question. Cannot remember his dang name.....
  6. Without a doubt would have offered. Also would have offered Tre'Deon Hollins after junior college. Though, I believe Navin is correct about Thurman and grades.
  7. Ya know... In this world of social media and instant communication, so much gets said in between the actual actions and press conferences, that you forget that there are real people out there making decisions based off of their reasoning and they probably got it right. I've been very critical of Moos. Felt that he should have fired Miles immediately after the B1G Tournament and had an assistant coach the NIT. That gives Miles more time to get ahead on his next gig, get a TV spot for the tournament, etc... It doesn't force him to coach a team that already knows the conclusion. But, when you actually listen to Moos speak, you see he has a plan, a philosophy, guiding principles, and knows what he is doing. Makes all the stuff that happens in the middle between receiving official word sound really petty and conspiracy-ish. Last - Bill Moos sounds like a phenomenal guy to work for.
  8. Best of luck to Coach Miles wherever he ends up. I will forever remember this era very fondly.
  9. Obviously my record on here shows I agree with you immensely. But in before @hhcmatt comes in and asks you exactly who you would have not given a scholarship to and who you would have, as he tears you apart with detailed precision But really though, it's a tough line to walk. You never want to rely on Nebraska kids for your scoring, immediate impact, or for the meat of your roster (in my opinion). But you and I are in lock-step with the idea that we could fill out a roster and add great role players with Nebraska kids instead of filling them with reaches from all over. I always had huge issues with the random additions to the team Doc would add, versus getting an instate kid. Mike Smith and crew for example.
  10. $6 Eric Piatkowski $5 Eric Strickland $3 Mikki Moore 2 for $1 Jason Dourisseau, Brian Conklin $0 Johnny Trueblood No one has a shot against that team.
  11. I just hope the pull the bandaid off, very, very quickly. We deserve it.
  12. I’ve read they’re bringing in Jim Tressel as the head coach, Hoiberg will be his OC, Doc his DC, and Miles will actually be staying on as a donor/booster relations. Don’t quote me. Just passing along from my rock solid sources.
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