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  1. Very disappointed in this tbh
  2. As of late last night, we have a healthy and happy boy. Has not shown a left or right had proclivity yet - so I’m assuming ambidextrous and highly skilled! Mom is doing great! Thanks guys for all the messages!
  3. I’m in the hospital with the wife - first born on the way. But it’s gonna be a slow, long process - need some Nebrasketball clips to get through this!
  4. Good post. Hard to disagree with you I suppose. Can we quit calling Yvan 6’9” tho? That’s a lie hahahaha and will he start over Walker?
  5. Not as a primary ball handler or ball screen manipulator.
  6. The only two on that list who I consider a guard are King and Webster. Neither are here yet and one we don’t know the eligibility on. However, maybe I would have been more accurate if I said, “were severely missing quick, slashing, ball-screen manipulating guards.” -Banton, sure, I get it. But completely unproven. -Allen, not a guard in my opinion. Literally playing the 5-ish spot at WNCC, and will play a 3-4-5 like Kevin Cross (but waaaaaay better, don’t get me twisted now). Also, high risk player here. -Thor, this board hasn’t seemed to be in agreement with me on this, but he’s not very good. He gave a valiant effort on the worst team in Nebraska basketball history, and I applaud him for that.
  7. I have to imagine this means they’re expecting Mack to be gone. I don’t see these two as guys who can be on the court at the same time. That being said, we’re going to be severely limited at the guard spot, especially with Burke’s status up in the air.
  8. Only guys on this squad I’d actively seek out to keep are Mack, Burke, and Thor (and that’s just out of respect for the young man as a person not necessarily as a player). And I wouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep if I didn’t get any of them. disclaimer, I’m not talking about guys like Easley, or other walk-ons. Yes I know he’s on scholly right now. Cross and Arop are alright, and they’re young, but they’re certainly replaceable.
  9. I suppose it’s never a terrible thing to be losing most of the guys on the worst team in the program’s history.
  10. Hell of a group of men’s program assembled in Lincoln I’ll tell you what.
  11. Fwiw, I can’t express to you enough how frustrating it is to coach or play on a team with a starter/major minutes guy who is consistently late and not following team rules. Especially if there’s dudes who are and want that spot but the other person is more talented. Chemistry disaster.
  12. From my experience, whenever you have a player that seems to be the best player on a really bad team, and that player causes you a lot of problems - the answer isn't to go, "but think about what would happen if we didn't have him!?!?" It's to cut him loose.
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