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  1. Just wanted to clarify, as I realize this post is coming off a bit bitter and dick-ish. I still think that Chucky is a phenomenal player and will be a pain in our ass (as I mentioned before). When I say he is athletically and physically tapped out, that is still tapping out at a very good athlete and good body for the Big 10. But he kind of reminds me of Mike Gessell in that regard (who was also a great player). I just think we are in on players with more potential that are equally as competitive as Chucky right now. Just my opinion.
  2. We won 19 last year and probably should have won 25. I'd say if we won 16-18 that's considered a success this year. Anything above that gets the mayor a lifetime contract. Ha
  3. Roby, Copeland, Palmer we’re without a doubt big ten bodies. You’re flat out wrong if you disagree with that. Watson had serious big 10 experience. Borchart would start on this years team.
  4. Disappointing. However, and I know everyone always says this when we miss out on someone, but I think we are in with better fits. He’s almost completely tapped out physically and athletically. But I’m sure he’ll be a pain in our ass at Wisconsin.
  5. Was at the scrimmage last night. I just want to be crystal, crystal clear here: I’M NOT SAYING WE’VE BEEN SOLD A LEMON OR THAT WE SUCK OR THAT HOIBERG SUCKS OR THAT MILES NEEDS TO BE BACK OR THAT OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF.... but.... if I were you, reader of this post, I’d slightly temper and adjust my expectations for THIS SEASON. Here’s just a few thoughts: -Higher chance we have a rough year this year than a good year. Lots of skinny dudes, with almost no bigs. B1G not gonna be fun this year. -Yvan is not ready. Closer to 6’7” than he is 6’9”. Huge build (and a huge head, so he’s always going to perplex this board in regards to his “true” height), very strong, but was working against fellow, 6’7”, freshman Kevin Cross. I don’t think we lucked into our own secret Giannis, but he’ll be a serviceable banger if he sticks around. -Mack is as advertised. Not sure he can shoot from outside. Shot from deep does not look natural or rhythmic. But boy can he slash the paint, finish, and find dudes. I’d describe him as a “violent” driver. -History says Jervay Green will struggle this year (JUCO shooter/scorers in their first year of D1), and I imagine he’ll prove that trend correct. He’ll show flashes of brilliance from time to time and probably have a very good senior year next year. -Is Stevenson eligible? Because if he isn’t I’m not sure who will get a rebound. -Kavas (sp?) and Cheatman (sp?) are really nice, experienced senior plays that I wish many of our previous teams had on them. Not superstars by any means, but complete basketball players (for what they do), that will be very serviceable. -Burke is a sprinter with the ball in his hands. Nice guy to have with Mack. Not sure if he can shoot, but he’s a hard working, athletic, aggressive player. -(gonna sneak this in here) Last years healthy top 6 beats whoever this years top 6 is pretty handily. There’s no Robys, Copelands, or Palmers out there. Miles shouldn’t be allowed to coach again after squandering our opportunity last year. I didn’t say that. I don’t mean that. I’m sorry Tim I still love you. -This years team will have a lot more serviceable, decent players that can just play ball than we’ve had in years past. Problem is we don’t have a definitive 1-5 and will be missing some serious size and girth (my wife agrees hey-o). -Banton (sp?) can literally be as good as he wants to be. If intangibles are there, all-big ten will be there.
  6. Yeah but I wouldn’t trade their success for anything
  7. Phenomenal young man. Used to be able to jump out of the gym. Had a great career at Benedictine College in KS (I believe).
  8. I like the Elam ending while watching tbt
  9. Wonder if he’s ever seen Ouedraogo play (he’s not campus yet, right?)?
  10. I’m so glad he’s gone. Not for his sake, or because he “deserved it.” But for this board’s sake. Boehm is a seriously nice guy, and well liked. Literally not, in any true way, “the issue behind Nebrasketball.” We now have zero excuses. We have the facilities, the resources, and AD who seems to provide then get out of the way, an all-star coach, a great conference, fan support... we literally have it all. If we win in the future, it will have nothing to do with whether Mark Boehm was involved or not involved. It will be because we finally (95%) got the right players with (5%) the right coach.
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