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  1. LOLOLOL This is hilarious. Same with Walker Kessler from UNC to Auburn. You know something shady happened here. Kessler was almost a lock to either return to UNC to play for Davis or go to Gonzaga.
  2. It's complicated. Tim Wilson is a great human and absolutely knows his stuff, zero question. However, I still feel that S&C has yet to become a "strength" (pun intended) of our program, and he's been here 10 years. I don't even know if I mean that to be a critique of Wilson. Just think that we need a shake up and to go in a different direction. Also, due to how much time the S&C coaches spend around the players, what is asked of them, and how much influence they have - I think you want to find someone who's younger and can relate very well with the players. That is all I am going t
  3. Third rail, stay away. Like politics at Thanksgiving.
  4. He really should have been the guy. I mean really should have. He was built to be our coach. He was everything quirky about Doc and Nebraska - but new age and innovative in a way. Younger, nerdy, quote machine, etc... brought the energy, the hype, and the dudes every once in a while. However, I can tell you all his public persona was not always the same as it was behind closed doors, in the coaches offices, or in practice. Things got toxic after some cracks in that persona started to show. But the idea from the beginning was perfect. And yeah, I loved the guy. Really thought he was the
  5. So disappointing. I had super high hopes for him. Never found his role... I worry that's his problem overall, he just doesn't have a role. Just not good enough at one or two things to showcase him, but good enough at a lot of different things you try to. But it doesn't work. Banton needs to stay. Time for him to develop and grow, not look for the easy way out. It will pay dividends for him to stay. And as much as I appreciate him and what he started to do at the end of the year, I'm totally fine with Thor moving on. It's just time.
  6. Has anybody heard anything regarding: Banton Stevenson Thor
  7. I feel like we're the type of school that a player like this doesn't have us in his top 4 unless we're like right there. Like, if someone asks you what your favorite colors are, and you say red, blue, yellow, and Vinaceous, meaning wine-colored, but not all wine, just the reds, you probably really like that color.
  8. Welcome to the family Coach Loenser! Hopefully you're not a Losener! I'll see myself out.
  9. I'm not entirely sure where the Moos hate comes from. He's made some GREAT hires that at the time, people were incredibly jacked about. Not his fault (as far as I know) that they haven't succeeded. Only things I have issues with are his handling of the Oklahoma game and I think we kinda came out looking a bit... weird... with all the covid stuff. But who knows.
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