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  1. I kind of go back and forth on this but I tend to agree that our personnel make it look like we would slow it down a bit. SG is very different than Cam and Verge. Then again I assumed Doc would play fast with his tiny lineup and they played slow it down, half court ball. Shows what I know.
  2. lol…i know but just hear me out. I am pretty sure you have to be .500 to qualify for the postseason, which will be tough. IF we somehow pulled it off and accepted a bid to the CIT or CBI, those would be some of the easiest games on our schedule. It would not be a pretty 20 wins but it counts. However, power conference teams typically don’t accept bids to those tourneys. Not a likely scenario, but McDermott accepted a bid to one of those his first year at Creighton and it helped build momentum. If this team is gritty and plays hard on defense I would enjoy watching them, even in a second rate postseason tournament.
  3. I like Fred’s press conferences. Even though record-wise he has been very similar to Frost, he is night and day different as a coach. He comes across as very knowledgeable and down to earth, talks about how the kids are doing with their injuries, and he talks about what they are trying to accomplish that is easy for the casual fan to understand. Like many of you, I am sipping on the look-aid. I really like our staff and player changes. I think we will be pleasantly surprised with how this team does. Since the schedule is pretty tough I am not sure what that means record wise. I think before I said around 15 wins. I’ll stick with that for now. We might sneak in 20 wins if we accepted a CBI or CIT bid.
  4. Official-official or Oklahoma State official?
  5. Remember when his his recruitment started he was a skinny kid with barely any D1 offers who was a huge Husker fan and wanted to unofficially visit. Fred showed him respect and kindness and let him make the visit and by all accounts he had a good time. Kindness and treating people right still carry weight with some people, and I’d argue those are the type of people we want to build our program with. Now if our record wasn’t complete garbage the last three years we could probably close the deal!
  6. I get the hesitation to expect good things because we are Nebraska basketball. That said, I cannot imagine a situation where Jordy would have been an all American if he attended a JUCO. I don’t expect Keita to be Larry Johnson caliber, but assuming his knee is good he could be Kimani Friend-ish. (Okay, that may be asking a bit much since we are Nebrasketball. )
  7. I hope we come out like gangbusters to get people excited about our program. People as in recruits.
  8. Wow. I have never heard of a station doing that before. I wonder if Stai knew.
  9. In fairness to Stai it was a hot mic situation somebody leaked.
  10. I’m watching…I can’t get myself to stop. I want to see if coach Joseph can get some positive things going with the kids. But man we need Trev to make a solid hire. You’re right…we can’t keep doing this.
  11. Seeing Northwestern just lost to the Salukis, and not in basketball, I think this season is pretty much rock bottom.
  12. The irony here is a Wisconsin guy saying it is a bad idea to fire a guy midseason. He may have forgotten the only time we have beaten Wisconsin (back in 2012), they had the worst Wisconsin offensive line in their modern era. It was a mess. They promptly fired their offensive line coach and put a new guy in. At the end of the same season, we met them in the B1G title game and we alL know what happened there.
  13. By Trev’s comments (historical empirical evidence says this will not work but we’re going to do it anyways, or something like that) spoke volumes to me. He would have pulled the plug if it was solely his decision. By merit of Scott’s performance he should have been canned.
  14. I think it makes total sense. If the coach is failing the players, this gives them a chance to change the course of their season. Especially for the seniors. We have only played one conference game so far. Maybe this change ignites the team and they manage to make a minor bowl game. Something nobody on the roster has done. It also gives the fans something to get excited about. It shows that the university cares about the fans and that the product the fans invest their hearts, time and wallets is not acceptable. I hope Mickey can light a fire in the locker room…especially on the defensive side of the ball.
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