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  1. What that tells me is that Fred’s system is generating the type of looks our players need to be successful. Our guys just need more experience in the system, chemistry playing together longer and maybe fresher legs on that day. disappointing loss but those things happen in basketball.
  2. I think the coaches need to have Yvan focus on his role and how he best helps the team. I see a Ben Wallace (minus the shot blocking) type role. Yvan likely will never have good hands or develop a strong post game. What he does bring is a strong body and a good rebounding presence. Yvan helps the team most when he is crashing the boards. If he gets and offensive rebound and it isn’t an obvious dunk, know your limitations and kick it out. I have always been a play to your strengths advocate. Yvan does have a few tools where he can help. And frankly nobody else on the team has
  3. Which doesn’t jive with them talking down our potential NCAA tourney team. Us making the tourney would have helped on both fronts and they were sabotaging us.
  4. Was he Jervay Green’s teammate at Western Nebraska? Looks like we got the wrong guard off that team.
  5. It seems like Rivals likes to list wings as PG’s. See: Sallis, Hunter. The idea of a tall scoring PG is exciting but they are rare.
  6. Remember when our hoops program would keep hiring a hot (or semi hot) mid major coach to try to turn our program around? That’s the football team now....
  7. The third would have a chance to be close if Kavas wasn’t so bad. If he was the sharpshooter we were expecting Itnwould be halfway close. Haanif was a solid player offensively.
  8. Does Kevin Cross still have his Nebraska poster up? Just in case he ends up as a grad transfer down the road....
  9. I love developing ulcers over high school kids committing. Guess it beats the crap out of getting them by watching the football team, though.
  10. Other than the money, the B1G sucks for sports other than for volleyball. I prefer the big 8 schools for football, basketball and baseball. B1G baseball, while getting better, still has unnecessarily stupid rules regarding scholarships which add a level of difficulty which doesn’t need to be there.
  11. So this time I actually heard from her. And it’s been awesome. Must be an omen. It’s happening.
  12. Boone was actually rated higher than Strickland. He was #76 or something like that. I’ll have to dig through the old magazines. If I can find it I’ll post an update. I was a recruiting nerd before it was mainstream. Strickland was very underrated in my opinion....maybe it was because he was also great at football and baseball. I remember reading about him playing against Kidd in a tournament and holding him in check. You would have thought it would have cemented top 50 status for him.
  13. Wouldn’t Arop be the lowest hanging fruit?
  14. This feels like when a really hot chick swipes right on me on Tinder. And then I never hear from her.
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