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  1. I am so conflicted. I hate all things SEC, but this is Iowa.....
  2. Sure sounds like Donovan is all N. If the change happens like we are pretty much expecting at this point, I think he will fit in nicely with the new system.
  3. As much as I consider teams getting their first win in a play in game weak sauce, I have to concur....I would take it in a heartbeat at this point in my life.
  4. The kids should be proud. Fought like a bunch of junk yards dogs this tournament.
  5. Does anyone find it ironic that a lot of us would love to have Thad Matta, and he was Barry Collier’s right hand man at Butler? He was Barry’s Craig Smith. Makes me wonder if we should take Craig Smith more seriously.
  6. I guess I refuse to believe we can’t do better. It all depends on hiring the right coach. Exhibit A of what it looks like when you have a string of bad coaching hires is our football program. All the resources in the world and poor results the last 2 decades. You have to get the right coach. Other than tradition we have lots to offer; we have great facilities, great fans and money. It just can’t be that hard to recruit here. Creighton has been in the Big East for a cup of coffee and they have 6 top 150 recruits on their current roster as well as 2 highly regarded foreign big men. If we get a coach kids buy into, whether it is the system or he is a hell of a likeable guy, there is no reason we can’t recruit at the level Creighton is. I just don’t know who this mystery guy is.
  7. That’s why I hated the Smith for Molinari switch. We lost the guy who schematically helped our players on offense and replaced him with a guy who is 100% defense in coaching acumen. I consider Miles way better coaching on the defensive end than on offense so to me it created a very imbalanced coaching staff.
  8. Nailed it chuck. Miles did a pretty good job assembling talent with a leave no stone unturned approach (unless the stone was in Omaha). He has just never gotten the program to click. It has had flashes (end of 2014, most of last year and first two months of this year) but it invariably sputtered out. Personally I feel like Miles has hit his ceiling; I really hope he rallies the troops and surprises me.
  9. I could be wrong but I thought the first class was the Enright-Dourisseau (hopefully that is close) recruiting class.
  10. According to the CDC (sorry, don’t know how to link on a phone) Nebraska is one of 15 states experiencing a high rate of ILI (influenza like illnesses) so it wouldn’t be surprising if it is making its way around the team. In my office the majority of people are sick. I just got better myself. I like the illness angle much better than our team losing its mojo.
  11. Jacobsen’s rebounding would have helped a lot last night.
  12. Glynn has been my favorite player the last 4 years for a big reason: I remember our PG play in the period between Lance Jeter and Glynn. It was horrific. It is hard to appreciate having a real floor general until you don’t have one. PG is the most important position in basketball. He has made my basketball watching experience enjoyable the last 4 years (even though his season long shooting slump last year was tough).
  13. Merry Christmas everyone! Having a ranked basketball team kind of feels like an early present to me .
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