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  1. i have heard from people close to Creighton that for two of the guys leaving it was a significant factor.
  2. Jefferson declared for the NBA draft last week and won’t be returning. I heard Ballock is not returning for a 5th year but haven’t seen that in print. Being that Creighton basically played 6 guys in the NCAA’s when they tightened their rotation I would expect next year will be a rebuilding year for the Jays.
  3. I think beating Creighton should be on the list with their whole starting lineup leaving. Maybe not expect to win but you couldn’t ask for a better situation for us.
  4. i would expect everyone feels that way at this point. We have a core of returning players and what appears to be a strong recruiting class coming in. It would be very disappointing to not take a sizable step forward, especially with what appears to be a much less settled Big Ten next year.
  5. I am having a hard time pegging next year’s starters. To me I see Walker as a lock at the 5, and some combination of the younger McGowens, Wilcher and Tominaga and the 2&3. If Lat can shoot like many of us hope I could see him getting the start at the 4. If Banton looks like pre-covid Banton, I could then see him starting at PG. If Lat doesn’t find his groove, I could see Banton at the 4 as a point forward and Trey at the PG slot, which I am not crazy about. Trey could/should be our defensive stopper. I like him better as a sixth man bringing his crazy energy and athleticism off the
  6. That was interesting! And surprising....I only got the rebounding one correct.
  7. That other dude might be 6’8”. Okay, maybe not
  8. As a formerly married guy, that scenario never happened.
  9. Juwan Howard is what I wished Erstad would have been for our baseball team.
  10. I was referring to his 247 scout by Jerry Meyer from his high school profile. 95% defensive efficiency would indicate a pretty elite defender (albeit in a small sample set of minutes) and is polar opposite of his high school scout. It will be interesting to see what the real deal is. I really hope he is eligible right away because he looks like a serious scorer. I read that in his highschool playoffs he drilled three 25+ foot threes in a row to rally his team from 11 down. Him, Bryce and Keisei could totally change the look of our team.
  11. from the film I have seen it is lateral quickness. He is going to get beat off the dribble by quick guys. I think we are getting the types of big guys who can help clean that up.
  12. I think he is a much better fit here, and apparently so does he! The scout is he is a below average defender right now. That will kill your playing time with certain coaches. I do not think that is a deal breaker with Fred if you can score.
  13. Love this get. Now we have, at least on paper, three serious three point threats coming in. We badly need guys who can stroke it. Was already a great group coming in....and now we add another big piece. Love it!
  14. I really, really like this kid. Would be an amazing get. I think he fits very well for what we are trying to do.
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