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  1. I like this version better! Miles did a nice job getting in early on this one. Similar to to the Roby recruitment in that regard.
  2. Based on that picture the Davis boys are a minimum 6’5” , probably closer to 6’6” unless coach has shrunk since his playing days.
  3. I can’t believe Lance Jeter has got no love. Wait.....Norm hasn’t posted yet.
  4. There was an article where he was killing it on I believe the AAU circuit and they listed him as 6’6” or 6’7”. You never really know until they step foot on campus, though.
  5. I am 99% sure Bill Byrne inherited an AD in the red to the tune of several million. His big thing, other than chasing the director’s cup, was he was very good with financials. I believe there was an OWH article on that. I am lousy at linking on my phone. It was around September of 2017. if Devaney was better at financials I would have made him #1 on my list.
  6. I am very curious to see if they fill that position in its current form.
  7. Right now I’d have Byrne 1, Devaney a close 2nd and then Moos. I think it is a big drop after that. Osborne’s hires were meh at best. Moos could end up #1 but it will be a few years minimum before we know that answer.
  8. The name Keith Brumbaugh comes to mind. I know who you are talking about anyways. Didn’t he end up at Okie State?
  9. If he can indeed shoot 33% while taking some 30ish footers, that is much different than a guy toe-ing the three point line and shooting 33%. I think it is a reasonable assumption that if he got better quality of looks his percentage could increase significantly. There are so many story lines with this team I can’t wait to see unfurl....can the season start already?!?!
  10. His coach said he had unlimited range. Of course, it was his coach so there’s that. But even if he is average, that is better than what we have been treated to the last decade plus, for the most part. When I think of an average shooter, I think in the 33% range. I just wonder if he will be able to crack the rotation. We should have some fierce competition at his position.
  11. 2nd team all state Nebraska kids are in high demand. Seriously, this year’s all state teams are damn strong. Sallis is 2nd team as well.
  12. I suspect the coaches’ eyes are on the 20 and 21 classes.
  13. Okay, I finally did my due diligence and watched his senior film on YouTube. And then I proceeded to change my shorts. I need a cigarette after that one...... I REALLY wish we had room to go after him. His skills are insane. He handles like a guard and dunks like it ain’t nothing but a thing. The only thing lacking is some consistency on the 3 ball but the potential is there. Creighton might be getting a huge steal here. Like Kevin Cross wing edition. Go watch it....one of the best highlight films I have ever seen.
  14. Alright Chester. Now are you going to put your work in on Mors? Or do you have bigger fish to fry for the 2021 class?
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