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  1. I tend to agree with Norm on Lat starting. Fred wants 5 guys who are threats on the court....teams are easier to defend if you have a guy on the court that can’t score. Having a guy playing the 5 that can hit the 3 is huge for spacing. Yvan will likely never be a threat from 3 but at the moment he has very little in the way of posts moves.
  2. If you notice they missed an offer you can email them and they will update it.
  3. I know it is bad form to quote yourself, but since I am dying for anything sports related I had to check my memory on Dantley. He was only 6’5”, shot 17% from 3 for his career and yet led the NBA in scoring twice and averaged 24 ppg for his career. To drift back on topic, I watched some Delano videos recently from his highschool days and he has some serious handles and athleticism for his height. He really made dunking look effortless. I am curious to see what improvements he has made during his sit out year, specifically his perimeter shooting. Anyone hearing anything?
  4. Adrian dantley was one of the craftiest scorers in the paint I have ever seen. He wasn’t big or quick....dude just scored. I hope Teddy has some of that!
  5. Tough question. I’d have to go with Teddy Allen as well. We have lots of areas we need help but in hoops an elite scorer can carry you, ala Buddy Hield. Having a go-to guy would help immensely.
  6. Don’t forget our top 150 small forward Ed Morrow.
  7. That’s pretty much where I am at, especially considering we are in a golden age for hoops talent in Nebraska. My concern would be that the expectations heaped on him as a 5 star, national top 12 recruit, would not be attainable. He is a nice player but I don’t see a day 1 dominator. The best example to explain what I mean is Dapreis Owens, from back in the Carl Hayes days. He was a top 50 national recruit (unheard of for us back then...well i guess there was a guy named Hoppen) who really never hit his stride until his junior year if I remember right. He was kind of a disappointment early on because of his recruiting pedigree but eventually hit his stride. People tend to want instant gratification and if Hunter happens to come here I want him to have a chance to develop and succeed without people getting disappoint he isn’t immediately setting the world on fire.
  8. The whole Hunter Sallis phenomena has been a bit perplexing to me. He is easily the highest rated kid from Nebraska in the Rivals era. I think Justin Patton was in the 40’s. Maybe I am totally wrong but I struggle to see him having a first year impact close to what Patton did at Creighton (albeit after a redshirt season). When he was on the circuit at some elite camps the word was he held his own. Positive news but doesn’t scream 5 star on the surface. Since we aren’t privy to what goes on during those camps it is hard to tell what that means. In high school competition in Nebraska he has shown well, but for a 5 star I was kind of expecting Andre Woolridge type dominance. Now part of him not doing that is probably because Millard North is loaded with division 1 talent (never though I would type that about a Nebraska high school team in my lifetime). He may very well be a five star talent. I have just been having a hard time wrapping my brain around this one for awhile. Unless he goes to Nebraska. Then 5 star for sure. It will be very interesting to watch his career unfold and see how he adjusts to division 1 basketball wherever he ends up.
  9. If Akol can pull a Benny Parker I am down with that.
  10. Also, I am now in the camp of Yvan is 6’7” ish. Gotta defer to the guys who have seen them up close.
  11. I saw that picture and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Kavas was supposed to be 6’8” and in the picture he looks an inch taller than Kevin. We all know Cross was 6’6” max. I know Thor was cheating in the team pic or our whole roster was roster hight was waaay overstated (versus the normal overstated). Actually now that I think about it, Cross was already way overstated at 6’8”. I just hope Delano is really 6’8” because I think it would be sweet to have a 6’8” facilitator on the court. Man i hope the season starts on time. I don’t know how many more topics there are to drill into during this covid-enhanced offseason!
  12. That is so Nebrasketball to pass on a guy because he was too big.
  13. Is their a combination crying/laughing emoji? i’ve pretty Much felt like we were the Washington general for most of the time since Nee left, with a few moments in the sun sprinkled in.
  14. The ingredients look better for year 2. Now we need to see if this group can develop chemistry and function as a unit. I am hoping the more veteran presence in the team will lead to more mental toughness.
  15. I was kidding about the shirt color...black is the color which makes you look thinner. And Yvan definitely appears thinner. I am still not convinced he is not already 6’9”...I have seen pictures with him and Delano together and he looked to my eye to be a shade taller. As far as the video...color me impressed. Last season Yvan was a below the rim player. No way he could have done that half a year ago. He has been putting work, growing or a combination of the two.
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