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  1. Noah 12 minutes left in the first half. And then he quits football.
  2. I think the correct answer is both. TJ Otzelberger recruited him and I think he was a McDermott holdover. Pretty sure Melvin’s first year was Fred’s first year.
  3. I am not sure we’ll ever be high schooler heavy in Fred’s recruiting. Trying to quickly name off the top of my head the top players from fred’s ISU days, Royce White, Deandre Kane and George’s Niang are the ones that come to mind. 2 of the 3 not high schoolers. Until he shows something different here, that is kind of what I expect to see.
  4. Creighton just won a share of the Big East with 4 high schoolers and 3 transfers in their 7 man rotation. The transfers we have are more highly regarded than the Creighton kids. Granted, all three of the high school backcourt kids were composite top 150 guys. The biggest thing is getting the kids that not only have some talent but also “fit” (Read: chemistry and culture). Yeah, kind of looking at you, Cam. It is hard to find fit right away with a brand new roster. I like to believe we will see it much more in year two, and then another jump in year 3. If McDermott can put it together I have no doubt Fred can do it.
  5. That sucks because he is one of the few guys who could play for sure next year if he had his head on straight.
  6. Surprised Kimani Friend hasn’t been brought up. Him and Chandler are the two best JUCO post players I remember us landing. Lance Jeter might be my favorite JUCO player ever.
  7. Tony Farmer was pretty darn good
  8. I am pretty sure the Dotzlers are a huge family with a lot of adopted kids. Just going off memory....which can be scary nowadays!
  9. His brother is the QB at Roncalli. Helluva passer.
  10. I hear you papa. Cam is kind of the critical piece here. If Fred can get him to fully buy in to the team first mentality we are in pretty good shape going into year 2. To me the rest of the team is auditioning for a role in year 2. Banton, Shamiel, Walker, Teddy Allen, and Lat have a very good chance to be in the top 8 next year. That leaves 2-3 spots in the rotation. Thor is the only lock to me. Cam with a good attitude is obviously a lock. Cross has a chance. Dachon has a chance. If Easley can figure out his three point shot he has a chance. That’s 5 guys for 2-3 spots. i think our team looks a lot different next year. On top of the additional players, it is huge that only 2 players will be new to our system. 12 new guys who have never played together trying to learn a new system...that is tough. From what’s I have seen from Fred’s coaching...his system will get his guys looks. We just need guys who can make the plays.
  11. This is not the year to be concerned. We brought in 12 new guys, most of the top end guys are sitting out in my opinion. Chemistry was always going to be an issue year 1 as this is a total rebuild.
  12. There were 2 positives I felt after the game. 1. Fred is setting his culture in place. I doubt Scott Frost would have benched Cam. Just sayin. Fred is putting his expectations out to his players in no uncertain terms. Heck, he even did it with Teddy Allen and he isn’t even here yet. Fred doing this now will pay off huge down the road. 2. I was glad to see Kavas have a little success. He seems to have kept his chin up even though he lost his spot. He took a chance on us for his senior year and it just didn’t work for whatever reason. Even when things don’t work out as planned, it is nice to have some good memories in the bank as you get older. Good for him.
  13. Is Dalen Wright his mom? Wow he is detached from reality.
  14. Brady would be way better than Yvan this year. I like Yvan’s long term potential but it is clear he is not ready at the present.
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