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  1. Actually there were 4 at the same time. In addition to Lue and Moore, Piatkowski and Strickland were also in the league. Crazy how good the talent was when Nee was here.
  2. I was pretty sure Delano would get drafted ahead of college POY Luka Garza.
  3. Fun fact: Kidd was the #2 pick in the 1994 NBA draft. #15…..Pike. Okay, back on topic now
  4. I still think Strickland was underrated. He played in a tournament against Jason Kidd and shut him down. Jason might have been the #1 recruit that year; top 10 for sure. Being a dominant on ball defender isn’t as sexy as a flashy passer or scorer, though.
  5. He’s getting the big offers he was hoping to garner. Personally I really want us to offer this kid, and not just because he is a good three point shooter. He badly wants to be here, which to me is the type of kid you want in the locker room. Like Norm said, if he is good enough for Iowa and Illinois, he is good enough for us.
  6. Biggest area of weakness to me is low post scoring, which is not a large part of our offense. BUT if a team is able to slow the tempo down and make it a half court grind of a game we could struggle there. Walker is decent there and Andre has shown flashes, but I would not want to have to rely on it for a whole game. My biggest concern is chemistry. We are again mixing a bunch of new faces together. I love the roster makeup for what Fred wants to do. Exciting potential. Now we need everyone to find their role and transform potential to performance.
  7. I almost feel guilty/spoiled because this is no longer a shock to hear news like this. Always great to hear of course but this staff can flat out recruit.
  8. We’re not losing 4 games in basketball this fall. Bank it! Oh, you meant the other sport….
  9. I am on board with Trev. One of my all time favorite players. And the way he used to defend Nebraska when he was a broadcaster shows his passion for the program. I hope everyone gives him a chance to prove himself and then judges him on his performance here.
  10. Are we still having these issues? I thought we corrected this with Moos. Then again I am not close to things so perhaps not everyone was on board with the Moos regime.
  11. I like Trev and think he did a very good job for the most part at UNO. The only black mark to me was wrestling in my opinion. The wrestling coach was very combative with Trev and the move to cut wrestling seemed more personal in nature to me. The wrestling coach did himself no favors though. We didn’t really “need”’soccer to fit into the Summit. I think the good far outweighs the bad with Trev. From hockey to moving to D1 to facilities improvements…very good job. And basketball and baseball are looking good to me trajectory-wise…he can focus on football to start off. Not a b
  12. I would be thrilled if it was a starting caliber point guard. I feel like that is the one weakness on our roster. I hope we find out soon…the suspense is killing me!
  13. I wonder if we are talking to the kid from Marquette? https://www.fayobserver.com/story/sports/college/basketball/2021/07/02/unc-basketball-hubert-davis-dawson-garcia-marquette-transfer-portal/7812369002/ He’s from Minnesota and a late addition to the portal. He has some big time suitors though.
  14. Crap. Makes that official. Actually, now I am just being spoiled.
  15. Would love to see Cockburn here if Banton leaves. I know it’s a pipe dream though.
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