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  1. According to the CDC (sorry, don’t know how to link on a phone) Nebraska is one of 15 states experiencing a high rate of ILI (influenza like illnesses) so it wouldn’t be surprising if it is making its way around the team. In my office the majority of people are sick. I just got better myself. I like the illness angle much better than our team losing its mojo.
  2. busticket

    2019 Recruiting

    Jacobsen’s rebounding would have helped a lot last night.
  3. busticket

    Glynn Watson Appreciation Thread

    Glynn has been my favorite player the last 4 years for a big reason: I remember our PG play in the period between Lance Jeter and Glynn. It was horrific. It is hard to appreciate having a real floor general until you don’t have one. PG is the most important position in basketball. He has made my basketball watching experience enjoyable the last 4 years (even though his season long shooting slump last year was tough).
  4. busticket

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! Having a ranked basketball team kind of feels like an early present to me .
  5. busticket

    2019 SF Yavuz Gultekin - Virginia Tech

    Ty-Shon has made a pretty big leap from last year to this year. Kind of what you would hope from a 4 star kid. Kind of what a lot of us are hoping will happen with Roby. The talent is there....it just needs to click.
  6. I didn’t realize Kenya leaving was why he decommitted. Makes sense but still hurts like a son of a gun. He would have been the perfect replacement for Glynn.
  7. busticket

    2018-2019 KenPom Rankings Thread

    I kind of thought this was THE year for Miles to get that elusive win over coach Mac. Early on it looked that way, then this week happened. We are almost even in KenPom, which is kind of what my gut tells me too as I watch both teams. Creighton looks a lot better than I would have thought given all of the new parts they had to put together. We can win still that game but I suspect it is going to be a real dogfight.
  8. busticket

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - LOI

    I was mentally prepared for a big drop after this group of seniors in done. Reading this kind of stuff has me reconsidering. To Norm’s point, we will need some help up front, though
  9. busticket

    FBI Ramification

    I am amazed DePaul was named. They have to be the worst cheaters EVER. They are still horrible at hoops.
  10. busticket

    Jordy Gone

    I am thinking Jordy is as delusional as Ed was about being a wing if he is leaving because he feels he should be a starter. He should know he is still raw as heck on the offensive side unless his “advisors” are filling his head with other ideas.
  11. busticket

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    Sorry.... no link. He is no longer on the 2018 list. He didn’t have any high major offers, which is interesting for a kid on the list. Just the mid major offers we all knew about. edit: in the link you provided, if you look below it actually still shows him ranked 141 nationally even though it says “NA” in the top section.
  12. busticket

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    I think he was rated that high in the 2018 rankings. I would guess since he reclassified to 2019 he isn’t rated yet.
  13. busticket

    2018 SG Karrington Davis - LOI

    He’s definitely worth a roll of the dice from a skill set perspective. Sometimes I wonder if a kid like him would have benefited from playing serious minutes at a small school. Similar to how you occasionally see mid major kids blossom into stars. It’s hard to hone your craft when you don’t get minutes.
  14. busticket

    2019 PG Shareef Mitchell

    Sometimes I wonder if Miles has a learned taste aversion to recruiting the metro after Biggs and Arop. Brady is from Springfield iirc so that is a little different even though he AAU’d in Omaha. Hopefully we can string together some good seasons to build our brand in Omaha and get some of the local kids that are high major caliber (assuming mutual interest, of course)
  15. busticket

    Successful Season

    Copeland and Roby have the most diverse skill set of 2 front court players 6’8” and above I have watched playing at Nebraska. Roby’s Ceiling is just ridiculous. I want to see them take the next step and turn it into consistent production. If I had to pick two players 6’8” and above to build a team around I would pick Mikki Moore and Venson Hamilton, though. You would lose perimeter scoring but having the top 2 shot blockers in school history protecting the rim is a beautiful thing (not to mention the best rebounder in school history).