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  1. So this time I actually heard from her. And it’s been awesome. Must be an omen. It’s happening.
  2. Boone was actually rated higher than Strickland. He was #76 or something like that. I’ll have to dig through the old magazines. If I can find it I’ll post an update. I was a recruiting nerd before it was mainstream. Strickland was very underrated in my opinion....maybe it was because he was also great at football and baseball. I remember reading about him playing against Kidd in a tournament and holding him in check. You would have thought it would have cemented top 50 status for him.
  3. Wouldn’t Arop be the lowest hanging fruit?
  4. This feels like when a really hot chick swipes right on me on Tinder. And then I never hear from her.
  5. Learned a new word today! Ethnical. Is that a thing?
  6. I’m with Jones on this one. Cross was a true freshmen on a horrible team. He showed flashes of bringing the ball up the court, some nice passes and the ability to score the ball. He was thrust into a situation which would be hard for a polished freshmen. And he still managed to drop 20+ in a game at the end of the year. he is one of those players where going to a mid major should be good for him. He has tools but needs LOTS of polish. That comes with minutes, which he has the chance to get at a lower level. I doubt he would get them here with Fred’s recruiting. I think he c
  7. We got him right where we want him. We’ll get him on the transfer market in 2 years.
  8. I found it interesting neither board was negative about Nebraska being a potential destination for Whitt.
  9. So how are you guys feeling on Yvan’s height? I thought Norm got an up close look and he appeared to be closer to 6’7”. i do hope the new numbers mean Blanton is truly 6’8”-6’9”. He will be a real matchup problem for other teams if that is accurate.
  10. That was a good video by the way. He kept it very real which I appreciated.
  11. I think part of it is when you are just better athletically than your competition, you can play off your instincts and just do it versus having to be more cerebral and fundamental in your approach. You just do it and you are successful. I think a bigger part of it is some people are just good teachers and others aren’t. Playing and coaching are completely different skill sets. How many great players are/were great coaches? Larry Bird was great at both. Isaiah Thomas was a great player and a train wreck as a coach/administrator. Steve Kerr was a good role player and great coach
  12. After prep school he got an Indiana State offer (mid major), and now going JUCO he got a power 5 offer. Serious upward trajectory in offer quality. Hopefully he is one of those hidden gems (assuming he signs with us)
  13. I am guessing classic late bloomer. I don’t think Fred would have offered otherwise.
  14. I see some DeAndre Kane in his game. Definitely an intriguing prospect. Not a lot of film on him but I trust the coaches like what they saw. then again I did say Cross was a poor man’s Niang.
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