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  1. The only way we have room is if Thor and Roby leave. He would fill the only hole I see on our roster......
  2. I feel like I just found out Kevin is 6’6” and 220 pounds.
  3. Mac’s head was probably spinning just like the rest of us from watching Fred’s recruiting. He finally has his bearings back and Got the offer out, albeit a bit late.
  4. This poll was for Fred’s first class....Roster Building 101. Definitely earned an A+ all things considered. Next semester he will have a heavier course load. Chemistry, Psychology and whatever correlates to learning basketball plays.... I will go out on a limb and say Norm will have an end of the season poll circa April 2020. I hope we are still doling out A’s on that one!
  5. Yikes if that is true. Are you sure the quote wasn’t “....but if you are discombobulated you are f#%€$d!”? Spacing is huge for making opportunities to attack. Driving lanes, open shooters, etc. Just because you are spaced out doesn’t mean you just stand there. And being a cluster f$&k on offense does not mean the defense will be too. It’s pretty easy to defend an offense that is tripping over themselves.
  6. I can see why St John’s turned it around so quickly with Matt A on staff. They just needed a better head coach.
  7. So this is what it feels like to have a staff of recruiting assassins.
  8. I love how Fred is so consistent in his pictures. He cares about the photoshoppers out there.
  9. He was a Sunrise academy kid. Didn’t seem like we recruited it that much.
  10. Geez, I go to lunch and Fred gets another one. Now he’s just showing off. looks like Matt A got his second sit out transfer.
  11. So when do we get the cool tweet from the athletic department?
  12. He’s definitely not coming here. He watched Kevin Cross’ highlight video on YouTube.
  13. I didn’t get into basketball until Terry Woods and Victor Alexander.....
  14. If Cam Mack can channel DeAndre Kane and Kevin is the second coming of Niang anything is possible.
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