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  1. I've also heard he sold his soul to himse....................errr, um, the devil.
  2. Must've burned a stolen sofa........as is the custom in Morgantown.
  3. Multiple up arrows for referencing Baron Von Raschke while still in single-digit posts!
  4. Probably some combination of the many things you listed, but I think the last (confidence/consistency) is huge for a bit/role player not really counted on to score. From personal experience, as the end of the bench guy on a really good Class B high school team back in the day who usually got about 1 minute of playing time at the end of the 2nd quarter because 1 of the regulars was sucking air so bad they could hardly walk (we were usually up by double digits by that point), suffice it to say I was scared to death to even get the ball let alone shoot it. I was not a good shooter but whatever mechanics I had practiced went straight out the window on the few shots I hoisted in live action. I'm not insinuating that Thor is scared, but I think there's always that little bit of hesitancy for guys who get such little playing time. I don't think Thor's mechanics are all that bad, but playing so little and shooting so few shots over a season make it really difficult to be effective, unless you're just a natural shooter.
  5. Great addition. Get that darned English proficiency (or English as second language) paperwork in order!
  6. Have to agree. Might be my favorite play from Miles era simply because that jackwagon was on the receiving end!
  7. Thanks for providing the backup info. I was too lazy (and somewhat busy at work) to search for it myself. I figured there must've been something up with the minutes per game. Personally, I think I'd be comfortable with 20 points in 1 minute. But, 28 points in 1 minute seems just a tad greedy.
  8. Hmmm. Wonder why he would start 27 out of 28 games, but only play 14 minutes when scoring over a point a minute. What am I missing? Are the rest of the players on the team more efficient thus limiting his minutes? May need to look at the availability of the teammates.
  9. I'm sure I'm probably misreading the stats posted by jayschool, but I see 17 points per game in 14 minutes played per game. Sign him up! That seems to be very efficient.
  10. I think it's about time to put an end to all these rumors and just get Ernie K. up to the podium already.
  11. Perhaps that was meant to be "deferential" (misheard or misquoted?), i.e., some were not aggressive enough or willing to take charge? The next part of your summary seems to indicate that was what was really meant.
  12. I'll trade my 30th for your 29th straight up! It looks like if we'd switched predictions for the last 2 games, we'd have ended up tied.
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