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  1. I don't necessarily disagree with the bolded part, but we all know that NU gets called for some of the most ticky-tack BS on a regular basis. Hard to just decide to play more physical when the SOP of Three Stooges Amalgamated is already working against you.
  2. I can get in line with that thinking! Personally, I take it a step further - I want to see her face as little as possible.
  3. Didn't see the game, but Rutgers is one of those teams that gets away with aggravated assault on a regular basis. Has for years. I'll never really understand why some teams are allowed to play thug ball with impunity. Are the Three Stooges afraid of the coach?
  4. Took a haymaker to start the second half. I didn't expect it, but NU gave it right back. Good for them - they just need to strive to play that hard all the time. It's nice when 3 players combine for 12 of 17 behind the arc. As mentioned, officiating, as usual, was horrendous. 2 fouls on Cain were absolute jokes, but Michigan No. 15 got one late in the game that was just as bad. The foul called on Bourne after the Michigan player plowed in to her hard, not once, but twice, was quite possibly the worst call I've ever seen in my life. The color commentator said Bourne moved forward into the Mich. player. BS. She never moved - great defense. She has the right to that position and to stand her ground. All contact was initiated by the offensive player. Also, as mentioned, NU's rebounding is so bad. I call it 'spectator rebounding.' In general, they just stand in the spot they happen to be occupying at the moment (only boxing out if an opponent happens to run into their backside) and hope the ball comes to them. Other teams kill them game after game because they go hard after the ball. Williams needs to take a hard look at what they're teaching them regarding rebounding, because it's just embarrassing at times. Lacking just a tad in quickness and athleticism does have some effect on rebounding, but the difference is not enough that effort and technique can't even the playing field. NU was fortunate that the Michigan player that got hurt early couldn't return. In the minute she played, she was running circles around NU's defense. If she plays the whole game, I expect the outcome would've been different.
  5. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but man, if they could finish at the rim, they'd probably have easily have won the 3 close losses. So many misses - you would think a couple of them per game would somehow find a way through the net. P.S.: Shooting FTs better than a blind man facing the wrong way wouldn't hurt either. Ah, the perpetual frustration of Nebrasketball fandom.
  6. MSU certainly outhustled NU on rebounds and loose balls, but a lot of their offensive rebounds came from MSU aggressively attacking the NU players who got their hands on the ball first. There were plenty of fouls to be called on MSU in those situations, but the Three Stooges chose to swallow their whistles. I don't think they called a single foul on MSU in offensive rebounding situations. Credit to them for continuing to do it when the refs continued to let it go. That being said, as many have pointed out, NU still failed miserably in aggressively corralling those rebounds even when they knew they were going to get hacked every time with no call.
  7. If that's the case, the refs still effed it up because no one, on either team, ever had control of the loose ball. Can't call TO if you don't control the ball. Hearkens back to a few years ago, primarily in the men's game, when the refs would allow guys flying out of bounds with the ball to call TO. It took the NCAA/refs about 3 or 4 years to figure that out and make it a 'point of emphasis' to not allow the TO in those situations.
  8. My God, these officials are effing incompetent! Ball was off MSU. No foul on Bourne. This game is on them.
  9. Haarms is a major-league drama queen. But I agree wholeheartedly in hoping that he is OK and returns to action quickly. Whatever the circumstances, that was a bad, bad fall. When you're 7'3" and in the midst of jumping, you've got a long way to fall. That being said, prior to and during the game before he had to leave, I can't honestly say I didn't hope he got hit in the family jewels repeatedly like he did a couple of years ago.
  10. I missed the first half - I assume that was a little better. The second half was just painful to watch - they really did nothing well. Not many wins left on the schedule unless they can figure out how to make a few shots/FTs.
  11. I hope he remembers his first babe!
  12. I've also heard he sold his soul to himse....................errr, um, the devil.
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