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  1. Yeah. First goal is to keep her under 30 and go from there.
  2. He definitely has been a different player since his "sit-down." You can tell he is really trying to be more of a team player by quite often driving and dishing the ball out. You can also tell he's not totally comfortable with that style of play, but I give him credit for trying. I think it will pay dividends if he can continue on this trajectory. The big problem is, he is terrible at passing the ball because everything he does is akin to "street ball," i.e., making the 'fancy' pass instead of the 'good' pass. Quite frankly, this is a problem with the entire team and is the majo
  3. N.C. State is my second favorite team as I went to grad school there and still live in NC, so I watch them quite a bit. Allen is a decent complimentary player. He definitely is not a focal point of the team offensively and is rarely noticeable (which can be a good thing, as well, as he doesn't do stupid or bad things often, either). Would I like him on the Nebraska roster. Sure. But IMHO, I don't think he would have a significant impact on the debacle we have witnessed this year.
  4. Nominated for post-of-the-week, or year...or some relevant time period.
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