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  1. Nope. Haven't watched more than a minute or two of NBA in the last 25 years and don't miss it one bit. Absolutely loved that the women's soccer team got their woke arses kicked, as well.
  2. Either that or they had to make sure the donor's $100,000 deposit cleared.
  3. Good point. I was referring more to NCSU taking the extra base on gappers, bloopers and other throws from the outfield. They turned a lot of those into a runner on second or third base against LaTech that most teams would not have attempted, although they were often very close plays. Arkansas being a better defensive team might be able to stymie that aggressiveness.
  4. They are definitely lighter in the pitching depth department, but they can hit the ball (with some power) and are very aggressive on the bases. They scored in bunches in their regional and as throwback said they are hot. Completely turned their season around after a horrible start of something like 1-8 in conference play. They have a much better lineup than Nebraska. One good pitching performance against IMO a fairly pedestrian (average wise) Pig Stoopy lineup and they could be in pretty good shape.
  5. As you've noted, Nebraska has served up most of pig sooey's runs to them on a silver platter in both games. Nine hits in 2 games by supposedly the best team in the land is pathetic. I'm not overly impressed with their batting order. Yeah, they've got some pop in their bats, but up and down their lineup are primarily a bunch of .260 to .270 hitters. Really nothing to be scared of. If Nebraska had played fundamentally sound baseball, they probably would've won the game 10-1 instead of 5-3. Need to get ahead early tonight, put all the pressure on them, throw strikes and see what happens. My biggest fear is the the likelihood of "The Big Squeeze" being executed by the home plate chUmp against Nebraska. We've seen it before and there will be 10,000+ screaming idiots giving him the business on every pitch. GBR!!!!
  6. He'll probably can 7 or 8 3's against Nebraska.
  7. For some reason, when I scanned the first half of your thread title I thought of Kidney.
  8. Hmmmm, I don't want to like them for any reason. Doesn't matter who might be on their roster. That putz Davison just adds to the dislike I feel. The main problem I have with Wisconsin is: Nebraska can't beat them in any sport. Cornhuskers have been their regular whipping boy pretty much since entrance into the B1G. Except for baseball. Nebraska owns them in baseball. Never mind Wisconsin doesn't have a baseball program.
  9. In my opinion, and most will probably disagree with me, it would not have made a bit of difference. The Gonzaga/UCLA game was good because it was close and both teams made a lot of their shots. The reason they both made a lot of shots is neither team played any defense (yes, there were some tough shots made when the defense was decent, but those baskets were not the norm). If either team had played any consistent defense, they could have won the game by double figures. Gonzaga's defense in the title game was non-existent. Baylor pretty much did whatever they wanted when they wanted. In addition, Baylor played outstanding defense that Gonzaga could not counter for any sustained period. I think Baylor probably would have embarrassed UCLA as well.
  10. Perhaps...but the really important question is which way are the knees bent.
  11. Wasn't she hurt early in the season? I seem to recall when Nebraska played them, she was just coming back to action from an injury. I agree she didn't look to be the same player she was the previous year.
  12. IMO, it happens at all levels, women's and men's. Living in North Carolina, I always joke that the Three Stooges have an anxiety attack and go into shock worthy of hospitalization when Duke & North Carolina square off because they're so used to screwing the opponent of each of those teams in any other game. They simply don't know what to do. Obviously, blue bloods almost always are the beneficiaries of officiating bias, but the same can be said for other good teams when they play the dregs of their conference.
  13. Sure they can. They'll say the lower end of the conference (specifically Nebraska) was so bad that the poor competition weakened their schedule enough that it didn't fully prepare them for what they would see in the tournament.
  14. I initially misread it that way!
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