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  1. NUtball

    HHCC Standings - End of Week 05

    Hey, I got both games completely wrong and yet saw no change in my overall ranking from previous week. I'm feeling pretty good about myself.
  2. Cornhuskers 77 Cowpokes 63
  3. I like that the Huskers kind of beat the sweater vests at their own game of canning 3's for once. Wouldn't it be nice if they could make it a habit of shooting 50% on 3's the rest of the way?
  4. I had that crap twice a year through high school and college and it always seemed to be at Thanksgiving and Christmas so I couldn't enjoy the good food. Also, driving from northwest Indiana back to Nebraska in the wintertime with the crap really stunk. I don't think I've got it since and I hope I never do again.
  5. My nephew's a senior and he said they organized that while also chanting, "Greg's a cheater." Maybe that's why McDoofus was upset.
  6. NUtball

    Are a couple of our guys really snake bit?

    Fair enough. I'm sure Craft got a lot of criticism for flopping as well from anyone whose team played against him. I know I criticized him regularly, because he was a master of it. Davison played last year and got a lot of good pub from the talking heads as good defender (for the record, I think he is an above average defender). If you're speaking national visibility, there might be something to that. I just don't see the current situation changing much. He has a lot of things in his favor for it to continue. Wisconsin is and has been considered a very good defensive team. As I said above, Davison is a pretty good defender (and flopper) and will probably continue to improve his defense (and acting). The refs the B1G typically gets are arguably quite poor at their craft (no pun intended). Only time will tell. I would hope things would even out, but right now, I don't see it.
  7. NUtball

    Are a couple of our guys really snake bit?

    I kind of disagree with you on Davison. I think he's gotten the opposite type of rep that says, "Hey, here's a guy that does a great job of drawing charges" and gets a lot of BS calls even though everybody outside the lines knows damn well that he's flopping 90% of the time, ala Aaron Craft from OSU a few years back. Every Wisco game I've watched so far he's gotten numerous charge calls - a handful legit, but most Oscar performances. I don't think I've ever seen him called for a block.
  8. NUtball

    The Top 25 thread

    Absolutely. I meant to add something to the end of my post about that, but there were too many 4 letter words and variations thereof, so I deleted it.
  9. NUtball

    The Top 25 thread

    I didn't see the referenced play, but watch Happ closely the next time they play. He is very crafty about it, but he moves his hip into the defender on almost every pick he sets. But, because of his "star" status, it's never called. Ticks me off to no end.
  10. Just plain frustrating. The curse of being a Nebrasketball fan. This loss doesn't ruin the season by any means, but if you want to finish in the upper echelon of the league, you typically have to hold serve at home and pick off a few wins on the road. This game was certainly one that, prior to being played, was a prime opportunity to get one of those road wins. And then, to outplay them for the first 25-30 minutes and set yourself up for a relatively easy win only to choke it away......
  11. Heck, I'd be happy to see him crack 10, to be honest. He's only done that twice so far.
  12. Huskers 70 Goophers 64
  13. NUtball


    Three things. 1. Turnovers. 2. Turnovers. 3. Turnovers.
  14. NUtball

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    A lot of exciting games out of the entire slate. B1G is going to be a slog. Unless a team's just having a bad night, there don't seem to be many easy outs.