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  1. He'll probably can 7 or 8 3's against Nebraska.
  2. For some reason, when I scanned the first half of your thread title I thought of Kidney.
  3. Hmmmm, I don't want to like them for any reason. Doesn't matter who might be on their roster. That putz Davison just adds to the dislike I feel. The main problem I have with Wisconsin is: Nebraska can't beat them in any sport. Cornhuskers have been their regular whipping boy pretty much since entrance into the B1G. Except for baseball. Nebraska owns them in baseball. Never mind Wisconsin doesn't have a baseball program.
  4. In my opinion, and most will probably disagree with me, it would not have made a bit of difference. The Gonzaga/UCLA game was good because it was close and both teams made a lot of their shots. The reason they both made a lot of shots is neither team played any defense (yes, there were some tough shots made when the defense was decent, but those baskets were not the norm). If either team had played any consistent defense, they could have won the game by double figures. Gonzaga's defense in the title game was non-existent. Baylor pretty much did whatever they wanted w
  5. Perhaps...but the really important question is which way are the knees bent.
  6. Wasn't she hurt early in the season? I seem to recall when Nebraska played them, she was just coming back to action from an injury. I agree she didn't look to be the same player she was the previous year.
  7. IMO, it happens at all levels, women's and men's. Living in North Carolina, I always joke that the Three Stooges have an anxiety attack and go into shock worthy of hospitalization when Duke & North Carolina square off because they're so used to screwing the opponent of each of those teams in any other game. They simply don't know what to do. Obviously, blue bloods almost always are the beneficiaries of officiating bias, but the same can be said for other good teams when they play the dregs of their conference.
  8. Sure they can. They'll say the lower end of the conference (specifically Nebraska) was so bad that the poor competition weakened their schedule enough that it didn't fully prepare them for what they would see in the tournament.
  9. I initially misread it that way!
  10. Look no further than the head coach. There you will find the source.
  11. Hopefully Williams is finally coming around to the understanding that your best players need to play around 3/4 or more of the minutes at their position. The substitution patterns as the season wound down seemed to indicate she was moving in that direction. I thought she did a pretty good job of strategic substitution to get those players a slightly longer rest (e.g., seemed to take Haiby out near the end of a period to allow her the extra minute or two or rest). Should have the pieces to push a little higher up the conference pecking order next year, but it would be really nice
  12. Thank you for that thing of beauty!!!
  13. The best part was the imbeciles repeatedly slapping the floor on defense (meaningless gesture stolen from other teams, of course) and repeatedly getting their rear ends handed to them. All-America Ayo sure soiled his drawers on the big stage. Terrible game.
  14. 2-minute total brain fart at start of 4th quarter determined the outcome.
  15. I can't believe someone had the gall to film my shooting workout.
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