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  1. You know, DONU has had some history of football players join the b-ball program to help out. Maybe a few of the b-ball players could join the football program?
  2. Only watched a few minutes at the end of the first half after NU made the run to get back in the game and then Drake returned the favor. I have a feeling it's going to be a long year.
  3. I think Cravens is probably a bigger loss than some might have thought, although a few have mentioned it in other threads. She was the player who did most of the dirty work down low and there isn't really a replacement for her on the roster right now.
  4. Not likely. Crayton has a system, plugs in players year after year and they run that system very well, usually to near perfection against Nebraska. Fred certainly hasn't figured out how to deal with the way they play.
  5. If they can improve on defense a bit again this year and limit the stupid turnovers (looking at you, C. Clark), they will be tough to beat.
  6. Big loss. She was typically the primary go-to player in crunch time. As Cazzie22 said, her ability to attack the rim and score or get to the free throw line will be hard to replace. Maybe Weidner can take up some of the slack - she showed some decent ability to get in the paint and score. Best wishes to Sam in her recovery. She's always been one of my favorite Huskers.
  7. 6) Interchanging/misuse of "dominate" and "dominant."
  8. Definitely a glutton for punishment if not a babbling idiot.
  9. You're correct, of course, but thankfully she was subpar against Crayton the other day and thus the Iowegians are no longer in the tournament.
  10. This comment brought back bad memories for me, having lived in North Carolina for almost 30 years now and despising the Tar Holes of UNC. They hadn't had a particularly great year and most thought they were firmly on the wrong side of the bubble (might have been one of the years when Matt Doherty was coaching). I was at the ACC tournament and they lost their first game so there was no way they would get in The Dance. I was outside the arena waiting to go in for the next session of games and as the dejected Tar Hole fans left the building all the fans of every other team standing outside were chanting "NIT, NIT, NIT." It was glorious - more fun than actually watching the games that were later that day. Of course, the crooked NCAA couldn't leave their darling Tar Holes out of the tournament, so they were one of the last in with a fairly low seed. The bastards then proceeded to make a run in the tournament at least to the Elite 8 and maybe the Final Four, can't remember for sure. It was like a kick to the crotch. To understand the hatred of non-UNC fans toward the massive UNC b-ball fan base, it needs to be clarified that the UNC b-ball fan base is one of the most insufferable fan bases around, but they aren't really mean-spirited or nasty about it, they just know they're team is generally better and you really can't argue with them about it. It would be better if most of them were jerks about it, much like the Duke b-ball fan base is (they truly are a bunch of jackwagons).
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