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  1. NUtball

    Not the official pump up film of 2018-19

    Ouch!! That one's gonna sting a bit.
  2. NUtball


    A sure sign of the coming apocalypse.....
  3. NUtball

    Player First Looks

    Also need a report on the bending of knees.
  4. NUtball


    They still need to figure out how to play a little D. Scoring 90 per game is great...unless you're giving up 95 per game. If the D improves, look out.
  5. NUtball

    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    You obviously have Iowegia ranked way too high.
  6. NUtball

    2017 SF Teddy Allen -> WVU -> Wichita St

    Keep your eye on the prize, Silverbacked!
  7. NUtball

    Next Assistant Coach

    That is, somebody who has serious issues with inserting images had to do it.
  8. NUtball

    Next Assistant Coach

    Somebody had to do it:
  9. NUtball

    Xavier Johnson isn't N

    The Nebrasketball curse is alive and well.
  10. NUtball

    Day and Time Contest

    April 1 - 12:01 a.m.
  11. I hope Johnson is physically/mentally ready to go next year and can be a consistent threat to break down the opposing defense off the dribble. NU doesn't really have anyone right now that can do that. IMO, Watson has regressed regarding that ability mostly because of his lack of bulk (although, maybe less penetration had something to do with the significantly different make-up of the team), Palmer really is more of the brute force type of penetrator who's going to look to shoot before passing and I don't think Allen is really that kind of player at all. Without anybody who can shoot well, that's a recipe for disaster. Michigan and MSU absolutely destroyed NU with relatively unhindered dribble penetration and kick-outs for 3 or drop-offs to the screening big guy for easy layups/dunks.
  12. NUtball


    I was lucky enough to get some free tickets to the Charlotte evening session for Friday. Very pleased to witness the bleubirds drop a big blue turd. They looked like absolute crap. KSU hounded Foster the entire game and denied him the ball and the McDermott brain trust really didn't try to do anything until about 3 minutes left to get him the ball. I think he finished with 5 points and 60% of that came on a meaningless 3 with about 2 minutes. The entire game he just floated around the 3 point line from the corner to the wing and the KSU guy just stuck on him wherever he went. I don't recall him ever cutting across the lane or to the basket. Just poor preparation/coaching after seeing how KSU intended to limit his impact on the game. I think Thomas only had 7 points, as well. I just don't totally understand how Nebraska can keep losing to them - they just aren't that good. To top it off, I got to witness the first 16-1 upset in history! It was awesome in the 2nd half as the crowd support for UMBC grew with almost every possession. Virginia fans literally did not have a single thing to cheer about the entire game. I don't know what was wrong with them, but they sure got easily rattled. UMBC, which must have given up about 4-5 inches per position across the board, totally shut down Virginia's offense and boxed out/rebounded with a passion that I wish Nebraska could figure out. In the end, UMBC absolutely dominated every phase of the game and if KSU plays like they did in their first game and UMBC can even approach how they played, I could easily see a 16 in the Sweet 16. P.S. Bonus point for having Texass lose also.
  13. NUtball

    Maryland pregame chatter

    I think they'll beat Maryland this time. Without a heaping helping of home cooking from the refs, the Huskers would have beat them on their own court last week. Go Big Red! Of course, I fully expect the Terps to have the zebras' help in this game as well. Really need to take care of the ball - had quite a few sloppy turnovers in the second half against michigan.
  14. Well, I'm glad I couldn't get BTN2Go to work. What an embarrassing debacle. For goodness sakes, Iowa took these clowns to OT. NIT, here we come.