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  1. Regarding Yvan, as many have mentioned, he doesn't have great hands and doesn't seem to have a natural 'feel' for the ball when in his hands. He seems to be incapable of going to the rim with the ball in one hand. I wonder if he has small hands for a big guy. Almost every attempt for him involves dribbling in traffic and gathering himself to jump or, in lieu of dribbling, bringing the ball nearly to the floor and gathering himself before jumping for the shot. Any advantage he may have had with an open hoop is lost in all that effort. He also seems to always have his dominant, right hand o
  2. Despite the best efforts of the Three Stooges. UVA got all the calls down the stretch.
  3. Pretty much when he touches the ball, I'd say. He forces some horrible shots and the offense does not flow well when he's in the lineup.
  4. What we witnessed is the down side of an offense that relies so heavily on 3 pointers. When you don't have proven, consistent, reliable shooters (which, by definition is Nebrasketball), you're going to struggle in many games. 2/3rds of fg attempts being 3 pointers is not going to be a successful formula for this team. Just don't have the dead-eye shooters needed. I'm afraid we're going to see a lot of games the rest of this year remarkably similar to this one as every team is going to try to replicate the defensive plan executed by Nevada. That being said, I don't think the tea
  5. Many, many positives: shooting, athleticism, size. Team chemistry seemed very good. Some things to work on and improve: post defense, free throw shooting. Generally pleased overall - hard to determine what this game means going forward, but it is reassuring that they beat the tar out of a team they were supposed to beat the tar out of. That has not happened very often over the last several years.
  6. Probably Walker & Stevenson. Hopefully they can help shore up defensive rebounding. Opposing teams had so many multiple shot possessions last year. Also, generally speaking, hopefully a couple of guys can step up and be, at the least, serviceable shooters. Although I think the team will be better (hard not to be) from a competitive standpoint, if there aren't any consistent shooters that emerge, it's going to be another long season.
  7. I about blew a gasket when that happened considering they called Nebraska for stepping over the endline while inbounding at some other point in the game. The Stooge doesn't even look like he's watching, but they sure kept a close eye on Nebraska. There was another play late in the game when one of Michigan's scrub big guys got the ball in the lane and made a move that resulted in a blatant travel. The Stooge on the baseline hesitated to blow the whistle for a long time, but eventually did when his pea-brain processed how bad the travel was and that he really couldn't let it go.
  8. I believe that's what he was saying. Howard is projected around 50th pick and Mack is not in his league.
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