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    Pavelka makes the front page

    Huge article on Kent in the LJS this morning. He is approaching his 1000th basketball broadcast and easing his way into "legendary" status. Well deserved,Mr. P. (I'll defer making the link to someone who actually knows how to do it)
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    HHCC Standings - End of Week 01

    This will go as well as the Huskers and the Segrams ratings!
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    69th place? Nice.
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    Scouting Seton Hall

    If the opportunity presents itself, I would like to see Brady grab minutes Wednesday, especially if they have quality bigs. We need to know how he reacts to being bodied in the paint. Perhaps we will see how his game looks outside the paint as well.
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    Norm Peterson

    Scouting Seton Hall

    Amir needs minutes badly.
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    It's early, but this looks like a Top 25 team.
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    Favorite personal Pavelka moment: Observing him at the concession stand on the floor level before a game condescendingly shaking his head at the person in line in front of him......Deverell Biggs, in uniform, buying a Snickers.
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    Trinity Brady

    Brady is listed at #107 in country by ProspectNation, and Makenzie Hlems is at # 126. So we may well be looking at Top 20 class depending on how our aussie Izabelle Bourne is rated......and if another commit is made later on ?.
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    2019 Nebraska baseball