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    Norm Peterson

    OT - Norm

    Hey, guys, sorry to worry everyone. I'm not doing any sort of protest, nor am I disillusioned or anything. I was invited to participated in a sort of "observance" that asks men to give up certain things starting 90 days before Easter. Non-essential internet use is one of those things you're asked to give up. I figured if there was ever a year for me to do this program, this was the year. You get one of your sacrifices back on Sundays and I want you all to know I chose you all over taking a hot shower today. You're welcome.
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    Chill Out

    Fellas, I tried. I tried to tell you. I said temper your expectations. I told people in person this was going to be a bad team. I received death threats, my children were banished from their school, bricks were thrown through my windows, I lost my job, and someone killed my dog. MY DOG! .....Ok none of that happened.... but I did receive some annoying messages, tweets, social media messages, texts, etc... And I was laughed at in person by my buddies who I told my initial thoughts on this season. "It's Fred friction Hoiberg bro!!!" "Cam Mack is the #1 Juco kid in the nation!" "Jervay Green averaged 20+!" "Kavas is a 1000 point scorer!" "Cheatham was a 4-star!" "You're an idiot and your wife thinks you're an ineffective man!" etc... etc... etc.... Anyways, chill out. I saw from the first time I watched this team scrimmage that there were going to be some serious issues with this team, especially during B1G play. Too skinny. Short. In-experienced. A couple of the players were not as billed. 2 of the 3 best players were sitting on the bench redshirting along with the most effective big (who's also the biggest). But again, chill out. I have seen more this year to be excited about from a coaching stand point than I can ever remember as a Nebrasketball fan. Do you guys realize what kind of accomplishment it is that Coach Hoiberg has even managed to be in some games that we've been in? His 5-out style puts dudes on ice-skates and forces your hand from a line-up perspective. Have I had some huge disagreements with our defensive philosophy at times? Absolutely. But they're not wrong in what they do, it's all sound reasoning, I just disagree. If we're able to keep Coach Hoiberg around, and these guys (recruits included) all stay around - there's some special stuff brewing in Lincoln. The name, and the stigma it caries, on the front of our jersey will be the only thing stopping us from success. So, chill out - GREAT things are coming. Have some patience.
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    Akol Arop

    We are going to be shuffling guys in and out of this program every single year and often playing with a rotation of 7-9 guys which means you will have anywhere from 4-6 potentially unhappy guys every single year. I would have to think that staff will try and do anything to keep a guy like this who is a plus-plus as far as actually caring he plays for Nebraska and by all accounts is a very high character guy who also happens to have B1G athleticism. I'd be pretty surprised if he wasn't on the team next year.
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    Fred’s Pi**ed...

    I'm a Cam Mack fan. He is the only guy currently playing on our team that is a true game changer. And unfortunately, that also means that when he's not playing at 100% then the game changes the wrong direction. The ceiling is extremely high with Cam, and as such it is absolutely worth giving him multiple chances to grow (both personally and on the court). I trust that Fred knows when Cam needs grace vs tough love much better than us fans do, so I'm absolutely willing to give both Fred and Cam the benefit of the doubt. Go Big Red, Go Big Fred, and Go Big Mac! P.S. to Cam's Mom -- if you are reading this, know that we still love your son! We are a passionate bunch of fans and LOVE our Husker student-athletes, even when we offer criticism.
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    Shoutout to the crowd today, and the forum here, great culture around our women's program. very positive vibes. Was my first EVER NU women's game I've been to (used my free womens ticket from the season ticket package). great experience! Senior day was special. Wish we hadnt slumped second half of the year, this team looked good. the no look passes! holy crap and they can shoot. (not that I came in with any expectations either way) cheers to everyone whos dedicated here, and the rest who come to the games. Love it. #Nebrasketball and huskers in all forms! I'll have to integrate more husker women's hoops in my diet going forward, no doubt.
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    He took 3 steps before he shot it. He traveled!!!. You bunch of dumb fucks!!!
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    me: everyone get ready for bed so we can watch the game 4 year old: Nebraska is going to lose! They always lose! me: well...they'll win next year 4 year old: How do you know? Me: ....
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    If we had kept Miles on for another year this site likely would have turned into Husker Beilein Central on Sunday
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    I know sportsmanship, but asking bench players who don't get significant minutes to go into 4 corners and not take their opportunity to play their best is just begging for mercy instead of outplaying scrubs.
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    If the players don't like being beating by 30+ and getting embarassed they have to stop the other team. If we aren't up to playing Big Ten basketball that's not Iowa's fault.
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    Guys. Yvan looks like he might be figuring it out. Playing REALLY good last few games
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    Attended the game today and probably witnessed our best half of BB all season. The opponent contributed to that, of course. I know the 2nd half left something to be desired, but the game never came in doubt. It is good on this day not to focus on the team's weaknesses, but just appreciate this day for what it represented. Maybe this should be posted on the other topic but want to give a great big thanks to the seniors for their commitment and contributions to the program! May God bless them the rest of the season and with everything they do after college. Once a Husker, always a Husker. GO BIG RED!!!!
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    Not that it was the difference in the game, but for as bad as we played in the 2nd half, the refs struggled just as bad. Poor Green was a glutton for punishment from them. That charge call was awful. The MSU player shuffled his feet twice while green was in the air. The foul that led to his technical, he didn't even touch Winston. 2 more bad calls were the block on Thoir, and the lack of a flagrant call on Cheetam when they grabbed him to prevent a fast break. Made Hoiberg as mad as I have seen him. If it wasn't for bad luck, we'd have no luck at all. If I'm not mistaken, we had 4 3's go halfway down, and come back out. We are still giving effort, but it has to wear on the team. There is going to be a breaking point. Illinois will be tough, but we have played decent on the road as of late.
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    Fast forward a year

    Only Thor Comes Back II: Electric Boogaloo
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    Apparently done for the season with a hand injury. Very disappointing and I feel for the guy. When it happened, he did everything to stay in the game, had to be convinced to come out. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the program, MK. Too bad this year didn’t workout like you imagined, but we are grateful for your contribution!
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    OT - Norm

    WARNING - Nebraska basketball can have adverse impacts on your health. Only consume under the direct supervision of a doctor and under the the influence of alcohol or drugs. Side effects include agitation, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty speaking or slurred speech, dizziness, drowsiness, and feelings of anxiety. If you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours while consuming Nebraska basketball, you should consult a mental health doctor immediately. I suspect Norm has incurred some adverse side effects from years of Nebraska basketball consumption and I hope he is taking the break he needs to join us again soon!!!
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    Step by step, Ouedraogo is steadily become a legitimate Big Ten post player. His attitude and work ethic seem very good, and considering his age, his future looks very promising. Here's hoping Mack is ready to go vs. OSU!
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    Senior Day

    Nicea, Hannah, Grace, and Kristian will be honored today. I can’t think of any better group of young women who have consistently represented Nebraska in positive and admirable ways. Nothing but class. Thanks to each senior for all you have given the program. Your loyalty is appreciated.
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    Chill Out

    An as expected season, nothing to get too upset about. I'm hoping Hoiberg can build a program, not just a team for a season or two. Relying on JUCO recruits, if that is what is going to happen, meh. Hoiberg knows best. It is what it is. Has any of the big three Husker men's sports exceeded anyone's expectations for the last 10-20 years? Maybe the month, basically, of good basketball we got from Tim Miles in 2014 to get us into the NCAA tourney? I'm just more disappointed in the athletic department as a whole. How did this once proud athletic department get to this point? This is just another year in the current dark ages of Husker athletics. Hopefully we get to see the light again someday. Maybe its defeated resignation, but my health would suffer if I didn't "chill out" for just about every Husker sports season.
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    Disappointing loss. We have the TALENT, but we Don't have the Poise, or Coaching (which may be nearly the same thing).
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    The Polish Rifle

    2020 G Donovan Williams

    I know you’re just reporting what Washut said, but Williams was on campus taking pictures with Hoiberg 4 different times April - September. The timing with Teddy’s commit makes me believe Williams wanted to be top dog and priority one, and needed a reason to decommit beyond “its looking like l won’t be top dog from day 1 like I’d hoped”. Seems highly unlikely that Hoiberg would reach out to Williams the day after he was hired saying he wanted him, visit him the day after he tore his ACL saying they still wanted him, have him on campus 4 times summer - fall, and be willing to use a valuable scholarship on him — all while ignoring him.
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    Add Turgeon to the list of coaches I wouldn’t trade for Fred. Be patient y’all.
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    Fred’s Pi**ed...

    I've never understood the disdain, and in some cases downright hatred, people have for Cam.
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    Green - Best game easily as a Husker. Yvan - just a poor game for him Thor - really looked like the Thor of years past today. Just added very little. Cross - Looked over matched today Mack - better than last game but still not one of his better games Burke - played well for the most part, forced things a few times but far from our issues today. Cheatham - AWOL today and hopefully the calf injury is not serious but it sure looks like it. Arop - Raw but liked the hustle and effort. Kavas - Who would have guessed how poorly he would be offensively when he signed. He really struggles on defense but really figured he would give us some points along the way. Easley - Love the effort on defense, is a liability on offense when the game is not out of hand. Came out flat to start the game and again at half time. Not sure what happens at half but we HAVE to be better in the first 5 minutes of the second half.
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    If there is a website that tracks FG % from inside 5 feet, I'd wager a lot of your money that we're in the bottom 10% of college basketball. We just make basketball so much harder than it is designed to be! I do like the resiliency we showed after the brutal start. Putting forth effort for a full 40 minutes has been the tough part.
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    Below are NE stats for the game against Ohio State. In the far right column I have added how many points each player had at the end of the first half. In the 3rd quarter plus fourth quarter plus the overtime, NE only scored 25 points. Whitish and Brown each scored 6 after the half and Cain only 4!! Haiby only 2, Bourne 3, and Verbeek none! I reviewed the play by play by play information and found that from the end of the first half, the team missed 11 three pointers and only made 2! I also counted the missed jump shots which totaled 7 and the missed layups which totaled 15!!!!!! Some of those were contested or non-called fouls but non-the-less far too many missed shots!!!!!! What is also disturbing is the coaching staff's failure to call a time out to right the ship until 1:40 was left in regulation!!!!!!! With 3:48 left in the 3rd quarter, Ohio State had closed the NE lead to 55-51 but no time called by then!!! In the fourth quarter at 6:35 left, Ohio State had again closed the gap to 4 points at the 7:01 mark in the 4th quarter and subsequently to 2 points at 61-59 at 5:39. So a first time out was finally called at 1:40 in the 4th quarter with NE up 68-66!!! Nebraska was out-rebounded again 64-49; had 4 more turnovers at 18; had 9 steals to their 13; and likely only stat won was blocks 12 to 9. Other posts above mentioned looking at possible assistant changes. At some point, the head coach has to be held accountable for the less than desired performances at Michigan State, Minnesota, and this last Ohio State game!!!!! The coaches either need to get with it or get if they can not coach the players up plus recruit more quickness!!! Nebraska 74--- Ohio St 84 ## Player GS MIN FG 3PT FT ORB-DRB REB PF A TO BLK STL GM PTS PTS @half 03 Whitish, Hannah * 36 4-8 3-7 5-5 0-5 5 3 1 4 0 4 16 10 31 Cain,Kate * 34 6-8 0-0 2-2 2-11 13 3 0 6 8 0 14 10 05 Eliely, Nicea * 33 3-11 2-6 1-2 1-2 3 0 3 0 1 2 9 5 04 Haiby,Sam * 28 2-10 1-2 2-2 0-6 6 1 7 0 0 1 7 5 13 Veerbeek,Ashtyn * 18 0-5 0-1 2-2 1-4 5 3 0 3 0 0 2 2 34 Bourne, Isabelle 27 4-14 1-3 4-5 1-3 4 1 0 2 3 2 13 10 32 Brown, Leigha 28 3-11 0-2 3-6 1-4 5 3 3 2 0 0 9 3 02 Brady, Trinity 10 1-2 1-2 1-2 0-1 1 0 0 1 0 0 4 4 44 Mershon, Kayla 11 0-0 0-0 0-0 1-1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 TM TEAM 0 0-0 0-0 0-0 4-1 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 TOTALS - 225 23-69 8-23 20-26 11-38 49 15 14 18 12 9 74 49 Team Summary FG 3PT FT 1st Quarter 9-16 3-5 4-5 56.25 % 60.00 % 80.00 % 2nd Quarter 8-15 3-5 5-6 53.33 % 60.00 % 83.33 % 3rd Quarter 1-12 0-7 8-11 8.33 % 0.00 % 72.73 % 4th Quarter 3-16 1-3 2-2 18.75 % 33.33 % 100.00 % OT 1 2-10 1-3 1-2 20.00 % 33.33 % 50.00 % Total 23-69 8-23 20-26 33.3 % 34.8 % 76.9 %
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    Fred’s Pi**ed...

    This year is a throwaway year except in the fact I'd like to see buy in and growth. I honestly think we've seen that for the most part. Last night was disappointing but it was bound to happen I think (not trying to make excuses). My big concern is that I think most of us are hoping Mack will be a leader and consistent presence this year and for at least next year as well. I'm sometimes not sure he is a team player (although he's obviously the best all around player on the team) and I wonder how well he's respected by his teammates. I would hope our point guard is a good leader and a leader by example ... I'm just not sure I see that in Cam right now, but obviously he has room to grow as well and is a young man still.
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    Dakich in the first half after a Mack made 3: "He doesn't need to do all that. Just run back down the court." Dakich in the second half after a Moritz block: "Why do officials insert themselves in the game like that? Let the guys play the game." To summarize: short black guy for Nebraska expresses some joy — bad; tall white guy for Michigan expresses emotion — part of the game. Got it, Dan.
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    I mean, Brad Davison plays the game with little emotion, but he's a fucking psychopath who tries to injure the other team. But he's a hard-working, stone-faced white guy, so that's cool, I guess.
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    Dead Dog Alley

    Michigan Pre-Game

    Here's the scouting report the referees will use: Michigan, still a bubble team, can't afford a loss. Nebraska, going nowhere no matter what.
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    I like the "Fast Forward a Year" thread a lot better.
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    FYI, if we win tonight and then win out in the conference, and then win the Big Ten tournament, and then win the national championship, we can avoid our first-ever 20-loss season. GO BIG RED!!
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    Hey now easy on the gray hair stuff, you will be there some day. and yes it is an older crowd that goes to the womens games. just wish that they could get some students to the games. and grow that culture. I am a senior citizen even though i'm only 61.
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    Fast forward a year

    I heard from a guy putting in my cable that Kavas and Cheatham are gone next year!
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    Nebraska recruited...pretty good in the first two classes. I don't know that Brown and Haiby were ranked as Top 100, per se, but they've been really good through two years. Cain and Kissinger have tracked pretty well to this point. Bourne's clearly talented and would have been a top 100 recruit were she an American. Porter, too. Generally, I think NW/Indiana/Minnesota/Nebraska...that's all about the same talent level most years. NCAA Tournament bids hinge on half-court execution and hitting 3s. Now, if you're talking Maryland/Ohio State? Yeah, that's a different level. Maryland has built in geographic and tradition advantages; the team's top four players all live within 70 miles of the school. Ohio State made a...calculated...decision to hire the father of an eventual four-time All-American and pay him 134,000 per year for 4 years to be an assistant coach. But it worked and shaped the program. (It's worth noting OSU's top two posts are European recruits.) And I'd argue Michigan/Michigan State have more talented parts that tend not, for whatever reason, to add up to a greater sum. Purdue's hitting a hard reset button after this year. Invariably, Iowa's in the conversation, and that's fair. We'll see if they're at the tail end of their McCarville/Whalen era with Gustafson and Doyle, or if the next recruiting class keeps it going. Iowa's done a good job of going from Sam Logic to Doyle to perhaps Clark, who comes in next year. As for Nebraska...yeah, when it went, at PG, from Moore to Theriot to Romeo transferring to Doyle backing out...that was a hard transition. And it doesn't feel like the position has been great in the last two years. Because I think Jordan Hoopers are very, very rare - the versatility and output of her game, the fact that the best player had a personality that could complement any kind of coaching, any kind of teammate, any injury - you have to find great guards who can win late. Cain's had a stronger year than even her stats would suggest, but college basketball is a guard game.
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    Dead Dog Alley

    Jack Hoiberg

    Usually if you recruit the mom first you have a pretty good shot.
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    No offense taken HB. I enjoy reading your opinions and those of others. I know 12dozen, actual facts, bugs, redsteve, HUD and others are all frustrated. I haven't said the criticism is grossly unfair or extreme. I do think any reasonable mind should agree year 1 should not be held against the current staff as they inherited a mess caused by lots of factors that they had nothing to do with. I think you have even previously agreed with me on that. I disagree that we were elite in 15-16 season before Theriot got hurt. The transfer we had that year had a harder time adjusting than people anticipated, and battled injuries; and our star freshman was 60 lbs overweight and scored 20 ppg but let it 28 ppg (I am making that number up i have no actual stat) plus she was causing friction with the players and coaches. Our highly ranked soph recruiting class had already seen Kaylee Page and Chandler Smith transfer, leaving just Romeo plus jas, Darrien and a walk on. Re: why we don't have a WNBA kid currently. Probably because there are only about 15-25 annually nationwide and they are darn hard to get. We had a good run and had several, but when you lose the momentum just slightly the current "hot programs" (oregan, oregan state etc) pick them up along with the old guard (uconn baylor etc). You also in the midwest have to get a little lucky and have a few grow up in your back yard and then keep them at home (ie - hooper and shepard) One worked out great for us, the other not so much through no fault of anybody at University of Nebraska. Look at K- states big run when Lehning, Wecker, Ohlde, Koehn etc all grew up in rural Kansas about the same time and went on to WNBA. Kstate was great those years. After that they have been good but not great. its been much leaner for them when rural kansas dried up a little. Traditionally girls don't go more than an adjoining state away to play college nearly as frequently as boys do. Obviously there are numerous exceptions, but per every 100 womens players compared to mens i guarantee you the distance where they play from home is much closer than on the mens side. Coach Yori is and was and awesome coach. I am a HUGE fan or her as a person and as a coach. I don't think she or her staff had BCS/power 5 head coaching experience when they arrived either. The current staff had zero to do with her departure. Any frustration with the transition should be always earmarked for the former AD. I agree we desperately need a PG. The staff has been in the final 2 or 3 schools on several high level ones the last couple of years but unfortunately they have gone else where I am sure the staff is more frustrated than anybody on this board. They have skin in the game and it effects their occupation and families. I agree with 12dozen that the staff represents NU with high class in all they do and stand for. I care about them and really want them to succeed.
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    Please understand at the outset that I have great respect for your views, KH. You have forgotten more about women's basketball then I will ever know. But in fairness, in the year you speak of, we lost our 40 minute a game point guard to a season ending injury. We weren't an NIT level program at that time. We were close to elite, if not elite. That was our BAD year. If you want to have a 5 year lens, the program is now considerably worse over the last 5 years than the 5 before. If the season finishes out the way it has been going, I think calling it a 5 year drought is not unfair. Pretty damn accurate based on results and talent level in the program. And now, we certainly have dropped well below .500 in league games. We pretty much schedule a .500 season. I don't think being concerned with being toward the bottom of the league means a fan is being overly critical. But I don't look at just one year. Where's the program at in year 4 of this staff? How's the talent level and coaching? Hopefully just fine. But I was concerned when we blew it up that Eichorst hired a coach who had hardly any experience at a power 5 school. Who then hired assistants who had never spent one day coaching and recruiting at the power 5 level. Collectively zero days! Our program then was at the level that it cold have hired someone proven. A much better job than our men's program. For whatever reason, Shawn blew it up over his goofy world view and took a huge flier on this group. The verdict is still out. Hopefully time will prove it to be a good hire. But it's hard to understand how any unbiased observer could say things are going swimmingly in year 4. If we don't have any WNBA talents, why? We had them for years. When you say we don't have one NBA player in year 4, how is that not an indictment on recruiting? Are we "not that far off", or are we going the other direction? Time will tell. We could still go on a run this year and make the postseason. But if not, we're looking at staying home 2 years in a row, with 1 bid in 4 seasons, still no point guard, and getting out-recruited by other Big 10 teams, and most decidedly by Iowa. From my perspective, posters on here have been pretty respectful. Everyone is still hoping the team improves and it all turns out fine. The relatively mild criticisms are not out of line and no one has earned a lecture. Except Kearney Man, but he is gone.
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    Coach should be safe but she needs to do a thorough self-evaluation, staff evaluation and recruiting evaluation. Fans of this program deserve to see better results. Frankly, with Hannah and Nicea departing, I don’t see a step up next year. We certainly have not improved our B1G standing over last season.
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    2019-2020 KenPom Rankings Thread

    Speaking of historic interest, 49er's post and the fact that I am presently reading a book on CCNY's NCAA championship (and scandal) in 1950 made me look up all of the NCAA winners since 1930. Of course that includes UCLA's Wooden era. Using that yardstick, West Coast teams outnumber Big !0 champions, 16-11. Brought back some memories too. I vaguely recall KU's Phog Allen and Clyde Lovellette team of 1952. The first game I remember listening to on the radio was the Tom Gola- led LaSalle team in 1954. The first game I saw on tv (since we didn't get one until 1957) was the triple overtime classic that year when North Carolina beat Wilt's KU team in triple overtime. It was only televised locally because it happened to be played at the old KC Municipal Auditorium (we could only get reception from Kansas City since we lived nearby). Didn't much matter because there were only three networks, anyway. Times seem to have changed a bit, but at least the ball is still round.
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    Not sure if you're suggesting that some of the criticism here makes anyone a bandwagon jumper, but I support the Husker teams I follow no matter what. I regard my criticism as constructive and don't mean to suggest otherwise.
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    iowa is hard to beat at home this season. maybe they are due for a stumble? huskers can't afford to "throw away" a quarter @ iowa. gonna have to play a complete game, or very close to one for a shot at walking away with a 'w'. plus, iowa is going to want "payback". rebound, rebound, rebound-----and chase down at least some of those loose balls if opportunity arises. huskers may not come away with a win, but if nothing else, want to see them compete the whole game and at least be in the game at the end.
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    Well it was hard to sit in the stands and watch the second half. Certainly we need to upgrade our athleticism but if we had sound fundamentals it would not be such a glaring problem. We lack that senior leadership on the court. Reading the thread about Doyle and Whitish and agree 100%. This is the time seniors need to step up and it is not happening. Hannah and Nicea should want the ball in their hands (in the second half when the game is in the balance) at this point and lead the way. Instead we have two sophomores in Sam and Leigha who sometimes look good and then have sophomore moments. This will help in the next couple of years but does little for us right now. My son came to watch yesterdays game. First time he saw them and said pretty much the same things we have talked about. Part of what needs to happen is a change in culture. The great teams have a culture in place that all players learn from. Take the VB team for example. Granted Cook gets and has higher rated players than the BB team but he spends a lot of time working with the team captains. Helping them to learn and understand the culture expected at NE. They pass along to the underclass and year after year they play at a high level. The same can be done with BB. When you come into a coaching change the culture needs to come from the staff. Granted the first year we had player(s) who did not want to follow the change in culture. Year two we had strong senior leadership and it showed. Last year they really was very little senior leadership. But leadership does not just need to come from your seniors. That falls back to the coaches to help guide your juniors into that role. The last two games Hannah and Nicea needed to take charge in the second half. Sam and Leigha should not be putting up 15 shots a game unless they happen to be on. Hannah was 4 of 8. How many came after half? Nicea has her moments on the offense end but we all know she is our primary defensive stopper. We did not take the game to OSU in the second half. Too much standing on offense and too much watching on the defensive end. That falls back to the coaches. Amy needs to better use her time outs and not save most of them for the last 3-4 minutes of a game. These last two games falls on both players and coaches.
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    And one chancellor who devastated Nebraska athletics
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    Akol Arop

    That’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be reading.
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    Is this the 4th year for this coaching staff? Honestly, I’ve lost track. If so, I’m disappointed at the downturn this late in the season. I think back to a post from when this coaching staff was hired about expectations we all listed each year and I don’t think we are headed in a positive direction right now. There is still time to win some games this season and try to get in as a bubble team, so I want to see the players and coaching staff giving it everything they’ve got. i was concerned early this season when I would see us go on long scoring droughts against teams that really aren’t that good. I became even more concerned when this continued throughout the season. I don’t have any hopes that this will get any better this season. However, if we could work on rebounding and defending, it would sure help a lot. I feel a coaching staff needs 6 years minimum to get things in place. Things I feel are urgent: 1) We absolutely need a true PG, a genuine floor leader. 2) We absolutely have to improve rebounding. 3). We must improve defense. 4) we need athleticism. How different would this team be if we had been able to keep Doyle and Cayton? They were casualties of a coaching change, and those things happen. But what I don’t understand is why we don’t have those types of players in the 4 years this coaching staff has been in place. I am seriously worried about losing Nicea - our best defender on a team that plays poor D (except for Nicea). As for now, since we play such poor defense, we need to have people in the game that can score. I want to see Bourne, Brown, Haiby, and Nicea as starters. We’ve got to be able to consistently score, or go on a run and get up a bit, then sub for a rest. Crack the whip when it comes to turnovers. I think those turnovers could be cut in half if we had a true PG. if it’s a truly boneheaded TO (like throwing it right to someone on the other team), then you are on the bench. also, lack of hustle lands you on the bench. these are all things my daughter’s middle school club coach did, and things I have seen various successful college coaches do. It’s nothing new.
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    Gotta hurry home to catch Mel Maines...
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    The fact that we sold out a 15,000-seat arena for a 7-13 club that is part of a program that has experienced the least success of any power program in the country looks very good on TV. At Penn State, there's nobody there to leave.
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    “Act like you’ve been there” Nebraska basketball - “but we haven’t ever been there.”
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