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    Thomas Allen is NOT N

    I do believe there is more to this story. My son and I had a chance to talk to Tom after the Butler game. During warm ups before this game, Tom was out taking shots, moving normally and having fun with the guys. He was not doing any sort of agility drills or cutting on his ankle so it was tough to discern if he was really close to playing or not. Anyways, after the game, we were chatting with Tom and we asked how his ankle was. He said he was getting close and he was planning to try and give it a go against TCU. My son and I made the trek to Fort Worth for the TCU game and Tom did not participate in warmups and we noticed he was walking with much more of a limp. He certainly looked to be in far more discomfort and pain prior to the TCU game than he was before Butler. So, my guess is that Tom's ankle was starting to feel better with rest leading up to the TCU game. I believe he either further injured or aggravated the existing injury in the days after the Butler game leading up to TCU game trying to give it a go in practice. Given the timing that the season ended against TCU and Tom entered his name shortly thereafter into the transfer portal, there really wasn't much time for Nebraska's medical staff to re-evaluate his ankle. I suspect that Nebraska saw nothing of significant concern on the initial x-rays they took and decided that rest and rehab was the best course of action and I presume the next course of action would have been an MRI if there was no improvement to the ankle. If Tom would have stuck around, I feel pretty confident that he would have undergone the same MRI and been scheduled for the same surgery that he is having now. I do not believe this reflects poorly on the medical training staff and was just an unfortunate set of circumstances and timing.
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    New floor

    I think Iowa High School girls programs would love it.
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    Upvoted for the title. I think it is the longest one- word thread title I can remember. Reminds me of one of the scariest movies which is seldom reran on tv,"Phantasm". Maybe I'll watch it again if I'm feeling brave someday. Oh, pretty good summary of the past few weeks too.
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    Dean Smith

    NBA Combine On TV 📺

    I can never tell when people are being sarcastic on here. If you call anything less than the equivalent of his college career as a bust in the NBA then Laettner was a bust. But to equal his college career be would have to have been one of the top 5 all-time great NBA players. He was an all-star one season and had a solid NBA career. Not what they hoped when he was drafted but not a bust.
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    B1G Baseball Tournament Thread

    A tourney title would have been nice but, aside from a one game blunder, our pitching was great and our bats showed some signs of life. Keep that going and we will be competitive in our regional and who knows what happens from there. Excited to see what regional we are sent too.
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    Nebraska hits a grand slam into the CHI Health Center: Umpire: "After review, it was clear that the wind helped the ball over the wall. Overturned."
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    2020 Dain Dainja PF

    Looks like precisely the body type and skill set Hoiberg wants, based on the evidence. He'd be a great get.
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    Now you've done it. All the Clone lurkers are shaking their fists at the screen.
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    NBA Combine On TV 📺

    A couple of things 1. NBA teams draft on potential. 2. This draft is projected to be weaker than next year's draft
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    It Has Been...

    Except they still love Husker football. So interesting....
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