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    The bandwagoners are getting off. The media is turning against the team. The expectations for this team have disappeared. Part of me wants to say "now when they least expect it, it's time to go on a run!" Another part of me is nostalgic knowing that only the diehard fans remain. Soon the threads dissecting how it's still possible get the 6th seed in the conference tourney. Either way, this is Nebrasketball. To all the tortured souls who have been on this 2 decade journey with me I salute you!
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    I'll admit I come here less after losses, not because I'm off the bandwagon. But because I don't need to see some of the extra negativity.
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    I have high expectations, and I will continue to have high expectations. I am not ready to give up on this season yet, but the past two weeks have been a real gut punch. Last night we needed all the players to step up. A few seemed to, others did not. I haven't given up on this team, but have the players given up on themselves?
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    HHC Posters, raise your hands if...

    Thank you, Jimmy! I have coaches in my family and have gone through the agony of firings. One relative was a H.S. football coach who was working with kickers on the field when a fight broke out in the locker room. He was fired without even being there. Hard on families. I’d like to see us continue to support Tim and the team. We all know the outcome if the results aren’t what Moos expects. I just hate every 6-7 years starting over, yet I understand the need for results. There is still time this season. I think the team needs to watch some previous games where they dominated—-they’ve forgotten how good they can be. All in their head. GBR
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    Fans only watch offense. Every time he was in the game Ohio State went right at him and scored. He had no chance defensively.
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    Universe has a really big ass.
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    My vote for douche of the century goes to Corn blow by.
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    Going into last night I held out hope for a 6-5 finish as I believe 9-11 and 19-12 will get us in. I will now hold out hope for a 6-4 finish (or better). Obviously need a win Saturday to get things moving in the right direction again. I refuse to believe that this can't happen and will hold out hope to the bitter end.
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    Sick to my stomach after this loss. This team can't stand success and with the Copeland injury...It seems hopeless. 1. I've always been a big fan of Barry. Was nice to see him at the game. 2. It all started with that opening tip toss. Same ref, I think, made the shot clock violation call while we were on a fast break. 3. The crowd was dead starting prior to the end of the 2nd half and was bailing the vault with about 8min left in the game. 4. Lots of missed bunnies. 5. Out rebounded by a lot. 6. Out hustled for 50/50 balls. 7. Who is our point guard? 8. Almost every time Roby has the ball in his hands he hesitates. 9. Copeland injury occurred on an attempted dunk long after he had been called for traveling. 10. The season isn't over until it's over. Until that time I won't give up hope.
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    5th starter with Cope out

    I hope Harris will be ready soon, too. While not a 4 or 5, we'll need more off the bench, and even if we don't make postseason, assuming the players stick around after the coaching change, it will be good to get Amir and Nana as much time as possible. (Caveat: I'm wallowing in self-pity right now, so the assumption Miles is gone and we won't make the postseason is just a reflection of my despair.)