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    Handy Johnson


    I had a bartender friend in Mpls. who's Doctor suggested a Viagra prescription, he replied, "I don't need bullets, I need targets"...
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    Navin R. Johnson

    2019 PG Markese Jacobs

    He is also the nephew of former Husker Carl Hayes.
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    Amir Harris is N

    I guess that depends on how you define major. A couple things I have heard about Amir thus far. 1. The coaches love him at the top in the 1-3-1 due to his length and athleticism. 2. A+ athlete. 3. Poor shooter. I think Amir will play...and probably play quite a bit down the road this year. I'm not expecting much in terms of scoring as I've heard he has quite a bit of work to do on his shot....but, I think he will be a key part in what we want to do defensively.
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    2020 PG Rashad McDaniels

    Can't disagree with you
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    Now that our 2018-9 schedule with times, tv coverage, location, etc. has been set, could this be posted at the top of the board where it says schedule for later reference? This never was able to get done last year. Thanks. You can take this thread down, Dimes, once the question is answered.
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    Jacob Padilla

    2020 PG Ty Berry

    No. Donovan played for MOKAN Elite, not KC Run GMC.
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    Anybody heard ???

    I would love to read a gopherhole board thread about how the Gophers whiffed on Chan
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    When Khalid El-Amin came out of Mpls North High and led UConn to the National Title, he chose the Huskies because they offered the best "package" ie. paid the most. I also had friends on the Gopher squad during the Haskins years and he routinely gave players "walking around" money. I realize this is hardly a news flash, but it's easy to lose sight of just how prevalent it is.
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    The rotation this year

    Heres my take on it: - Starters will be Glynn Watson, Thomas Allen, James Palmer, Isaac Copeland, and Isaiah Roby. Aside from Thomas Allen, they will all average 30-32 min a game. - Dedoch Chan will play 12-15 min a game (essentially Jordys time) - Tanner Borchardt will take Dubys min (3-5 per game) - Two players out of Amir Harris, Thor Thorbjarnarson, Nana Akenten, and Karrington Davis will lock down a spot. Averaging about 15 min each - Brady Hieman redshirts
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    Frisco college baseball classic 2019

    More info about the classic. http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPID=33&DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211768663