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  1. I believe you're right. You do the digging, and I'll supply the winnings.
  2. Since there is very little to discuss in these shut down days, nothing better than free stuff delivered to your door to get the conversation going. Another cip contest. If you don't know, I kinda like music. I've posted a music video or two here. Here's the deal; post the music video that best describes your attitude on what is currently going on right now. It can be optimistic, pessimistic, fatalistic, humoristic or assholistic. I don't care. Whoever gets the most upvotes, wins. If the post is far and away the best, we're talking Nebraska Star Beef steaks. If not, jerky will be the prize. On a side note: this craziness we're all going through will come to an abrupt end in the middle of April. When it happens, I'll let you know why I know. Now, go win some steaks!
  3. He made his top 8 or we made his top 8. What a difference a letter makes...
  4. Bon Anniversaire! (I took French in high school and 1 year at UNL...)
  5. Sorry, just saw this thread. basketball jones. Congrats!
  6. Don't forget Kobe Beef, AKA American Wagyu. I happen to know a place where you can have some delivered to your door....
  7. Since it appears many people will be spending more time these days self quarantining, there is more time to watch some quality movies. I've put together a list of 13 movies, that if they pop up on the TV, I'll watch regardless of how many times I've seen them before. Not saying they're the greatest of all time, just ones I really enjoy. My list could have been much longer than thirteen, but I figured Hollywood shouldn't have any more scholarships than the Husker basketball team. Here's my list in no particular order: The Help Green Book Second Hand Lions Count of Monte Christo Field of Dreams Lion King (the original) Mississippi Burning The Patriot The Green Mile Big Jake The Legend of Bagger Vance Ghost Tombstone Let's turn this into a mini cip contest. Post your favorite 13 movies and whoever gets the most upvotes will get something from Nebraska Star Beef. Not sure what yet, but for you medical mask wearing people, we'll ship it to your door.
  8. So what bankrupt college did you attend?
  9. No, we all are not doomed. In fact, I believe we are on the verge of one of the greatest times in the history of America! Don't listen to all the voices of negativity, doom and hatred, whether they are on TV, the workplace or on websites. They're not speaking truth, but lies. This latest virus, just like the common cold and the flu, will run its coarse and everything will be fine. If you'd like to talk more, please send me a personal message.
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