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  1. cipsucks

    OT: Places to eat in that Berg to the Northeast

    My Dad told stories how his dad, back in the 1910's, would load fat cattle on train cars and ride with them from Hampton to Chicago and return with a check. Just think, it was during those years when Nebraska last won an undisputed conference championship in basketball.
  2. Here's the theme for every game remaining on the schedule:
  3. cipsucks

    Scouting Northwestern

    NU favored by 5.5. I thought it might be higher than that...
  4. cipsucks

    Do you lay up on 15?

    Tom should have gone for two the previous touchdown. Make it, then the last TD gives you the national championship (provided they stop Miami on their last drive.) Don't make it, then go for 2 after the final touchdown, get the tie and no one gives you crap.
  5. cipsucks

    Actual Attendance

    Lee also started the "reporter's estimated" attendance in Nee's final season. Being a Nee supporter, it irked me at the time. In retrospect, Danny should have left a year or two earlier, anyway. That seems to be kind of a recurring theme around here...
  6. cipsucks

    Scouting Minnesota

    Line is Nebraska -3.5.
  7. cipsucks

    What if...

    No thanks. I like to keep my clothes on when I'm on the computer.
  8. Here's a video from last year of Miles and staff singing to a B1G referee. GBR.
  9. cipsucks

    Scouting Purdue

    Line opens Purdue -10.
  10. Here you go, tcp. This should take you to just about tip off.
  11. cipsucks

    Scouting Maryland

    The line opens as a pick-'em.
  12. cipsucks

    No expectations, this is Nebrasketball

    I blame him, too. Look at his prediction in the 2-20-19 thread.
  13. cipsucks

    No expectations, this is Nebrasketball

    Just got married, huh?
  14. cipsucks

    No expectations, this is Nebrasketball

    The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been Husker Basketball disappointments. We've done "If you build it" twice, and they still haven't come. This isn't a negative post. I just have no optimism left in me for this season. In an attempt to bring my optimism back, I want to give away a nice stash of Lucky Beef Jerky. Here's what I'll do: Whoever has the most upvotes on this thread will get a good supply of our jerky. The more games Nebraska wins, the more jerky the winner gets. If the Huskers don't win another game, 2 bags max. If they make the NCAA Tourney, 6 or 8. Win a game in the tourney, case for sure. Vote for your favorite post and help me get happy.