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  1. I'll wager a Tony Farmer he's cleared at the last minute. And, as long as we're betting, odds are good NU Hoops gets to five victories before the football team does...
  2. Norm, fabulous choice of music. Picking a group from Chicago is brilliant!
  3. 5 years prior, they'd have paid to get their panties back....
  4. Congrats, jimmy. You now hold the record for the longest first sentence of any post in HHC history. ;)
  5. Personally, I'd have preferred Ric Ocasek. Good thing they didn't wait til the last minute.... RIP, Ric. Cars were not one of my favorites, but they were a talented group that provided refuge in the middle of a disco storm.
  6. I always look to see if a head pops up from next to the steering wheel....
  7. Did he tweet that from a Lincoln City Park?
  8. I really enjoyed TBL. Mike'l's food and entertainment segments were always entertaining. Also liked his segments with McKewon and Chatelain. I'm guessing those are going bye bye since the OWH has nothing to do with 1620. Too bad...
  9. We have a tie. Fred 1212's All Along the Watchtower and Norm's Shambala each received 6 votes. I've decided what we'll do for the tie-breaker, but I won't start it until both Fred and Norm acknowledge they've tied for the win.
  10. I think this fun fact would be more appropriate for Standhardinger.
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