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  1. cipsucks

    Jervay Green is N

    Make sure you're munching on a bag of Lucky Brand Jerky while listening.
  2. cipsucks

    Practice Countdown

  3. cipsucks

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    How did Standhardinger infiltrate the emoji world?
  4. cipsucks

    Charity Game?

    With all the turnovers, we've already played two this year.....
  5. cipsucks

    Some Changes

    You'll always be Dimes to me....
  6. cipsucks

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    I figured it was the entire state of Iowa sucking....
  7. That's a lot of seats for Sanford and his son.....
  8. cipsucks

    Post game call-in radio show

    I absolutely detest post game call in shows in any sport. For every intelligent call someone makes, you get at least 10 from morons. Now you know why Creighton has one....
  9. cipsucks

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Gebbia's timing is worse than AWIII and Jordy's. Oh well.....
  10. cipsucks

    Davison Done

    HB Jr. a good possibility. You and me, not so much.
  11. cipsucks

    The Official Media Thread

    If by many, you mean 98%, I concur. I'm working at weeding out that 2%....
  12. cipsucks

    Davison Done

    This will never, ever, ever happen, but Danny Nee would be a great color guy with Kent.
  13. cipsucks

    Davison Done

    Whenever he's on the radio, my first thought is he joined the player boycott in 96. Sure, he was a freshman, but so was Lue.
  14. cipsucks

    Davison Done

    He said in an interview last week no pre or post game stuff. He'll go into the booth shortly before kickoff and leave with assistant coaches after the game.