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  1. That will never happen at Conlee's. And no, I'm not talking about the quite a few ppl part....
  2. We're beating Creighton like a rented mule today, and we're starting a new streak. We don't lose another game in this series while there is still breath in my body. That would be 2058.
  3. It was on this date 38 years ago, John Lennon was gunned down in NYC. This video seems appropriate for today's game. GBR!
  4. cipsucks

    Anyone know if there

    Haven't heard of any, but a Cheesy Ass Technical has potential as an appetizer at Conlee's. I'm gonna work on that one....
  5. cipsucks

    Pavelkatron 1000

    Kent has walked 1000 miles. Congrats, Kent!
  6. cipsucks

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    We have a policy at Conlee's that Creighton is on TV here once a year--only when they play the Huskers. Maybe thread starters might consider adopting the same policy. Let's talk tomorrow's game. Huskers open as a 12 point favorite. GBR!
  7. cipsucks

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    Not sure what school your co-worker drives bus for, but he is uniformed.
  8. cipsucks

    Morrow leaving

    I wonder if the Miami board has the same thread about JPJ?
  9. cipsucks

    Long Time Lurker

    Standhardinger says welcome aboard!
  10. cipsucks

    Last 7 Games

    I'm as satisfied as a mouse eating cheese in a mouse trap. I just hope the damn thing doesn't go off...
  11. One of the keys to this game is how well we shoot the Three (Dog Night) nice job, Bugeaters! We shoot 30 % or better, we'll be well on the road to Shambala!
  12. Jimmy, wrong song. The Beatles covered Little Richard, not Wilbert Harrison. I'll cut you some slack, though. Being a Pat Boone fan, you probably didn't buy any Little Richard 45's.
  13. I wish we could get Kidney's input on this topic....