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  1. That was historically funny! Well played, Fever!
  2. I just wanted to thank all the posters that have been here for years. You have made this a fabulous website. Way to go, guys! My lack of posting here over the last 18 months has nothing to do about anything political. I have given up following sports. There are more important things in life. Many here have supported my son Seth's battle with MDS with money and prayers over the last several years. Here's an update: Seth and Mrs. cip have been at Mayo since May 15. Seth had his blood marrow transplant last Thursday. So far, so good. If everything proceeds well, they will be back home the middle of September. It's been a long ass journey, and I thank everyone here for helping. The hardest part for me being alone is trying to cook for one. So, if anyone wants to come to Stromsburg for a steak or a burger, let me know. It's on me. GBR!
  3. Fox News buzz words? That's all you have? Pathetic. Our educational system has completely failed not only you, but our nation as a whole. So tell me, were your panties in a wad less than a year ago over this Creighton University story? I bet not. Creighton professor regrets tweet calling police rally a 'white supremacist' event | Education | omaha.com
  4. No, it was completely Cancel Culture. And, if I have to stand against thought police like you, I'm more than happy to enlist in that war. The only reason people were talking about his job security is because snowflakes get their panties in a wad. Greg is reinstated. Are your panties straight? Or should he be beheaded?
  5. I'm not mad at all about the current environment. I'm really sad that most people won't stand up and say the cancel culture is wrong. I'm guessing you haven't, but I could be wrong. I hope you never say the wrong thing, whatever the woke mob deems that to be. When that happens and there is no one to defend you, well, I don't know what to tell you.
  6. I hate Creighton as much as anyone on this board. Suspending Doug for his comments? You should be suspended from this forum for saying he "bought the farm". There are many black and hispanic farmers. This stupid woke shit has to stop!
  7. Husker free throw shooting coaches taking a much deserved break... Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles - Living for the city (live) - YouTube Sorry. Can't figure out the new way to post videos...
  8. This one is fitting. GBR! The Pretenders My city was gone - YouTube
  9. Fear not. The Huskers will win by one. Three Dog Night "One" - YouTube
  10. Basketball or football? We're gonna win this bitch tonight!
  11. Three Dog Night - Old Fashion Love Song (Live TV 72) - YouTube
  12. Boy, was I wrong about this game. I wish I could be there to walk you down the aisle. But I'll check in on you from time to time. GBR!
  13. silverbacked, how many more people can I offend? You're one of the all-time best! Forgive me for not mentioning you. Remember Barry's? You, Royal, jimmy, uneblinstudent, hhcscott, I know there were others, we had a good time. Everyone on this board is phenominal!
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