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  1. WARNING: If you are offended by the movie Gone With the Wind, do not watch this video.
  2. I bet not everywhere she doesn't.....
  3. Happy Independence Day, everyone!
  4. . Well, maybe someday you'll figure out a way to watch video. Thanks for continuing the conversation!
  5. Have you considered that the vast majority of the violent protesters are white? That would be nationwide.....
  6. For everyone on this board who thinks collateral damage is just a necessary part of the marxist BLM/Rules For Radicals Movement, please watch this man's pain over losing his son.
  7. Wow, Dimes. Nice leap to take my post all the way to Lost Cause. Your response is explicitly meant to intimidate. So, Matt, which of these statues, that have been torn down, or defaced, were meant to intimidate or exclude: Slavery abolitionist Matthias Brown--Philadelphia 54th Massachusetts Regiment, an all black volunteer regiment of the Union Army--Boston Admiral Farragut-Tennessee. After his state seceded, he remained loyal to the Union and led them in battle victories. I'm not even talking about the statues Norm and others have already mentioned. I'm really happy an off-the-cuff post of mine can bring out some dialogue on this board. I hope it makes everyone challenge what they think is truth. Dimes, I too, have read Rules for Radicals. Unlike you, I found it to be complete bullshit. Happy Independence Day, everyone!
  8. There is work to do in Lincoln. There's a statue of Tom Osborne and Brook Berringer that needs dismantled. Geesh, what was he thinking?
  9. May 9th, 2021. Don't wait until the last minute.....
  10. Seeing this thread isn't getting much response, I'm going to put it on hold for now but reserve the right to revive it at a later date.
  11. Our country, our state, our communities and families have all gone through one heck of a challenge these last four months. Many have lost jobs, businesses and, sadly, family members. If not directly affecting ourselves, we definitely know people it has. Those are the people I'd like to focus on with this thread. For all the caring people on this board, and I truly know it's all of you, please nominate someone you know that has gone through a living hell in 2020 that could use a hand up. Give a brief explanation of the situation but please don't give names. What we'll do is pick one person from all the submissions and give them $500 of Nebraska Star Beef. You can upvote on the entries, it will have a part in deciding the winner. In case we have a lot of entries, I can see a lot of second place winners. If the entry you submitted wins, I'll PM you for details where we can get the winner their winnings.
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