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  1. That Moos statue getting erected would definitely have graffiti on it.
  2. The one team I want to cheer against knocked out Creighton. I'm so conflicted...
  3. Covers everything except the domestic violence. Maybe his girlfriend was still sitting on the sofa when he lit it...
  4. With budget cuts in the print media industry, there is no chance in Creighton either one of them send a writer to Italy. We'll have to depend on wire service reports.
  5. This is just my guess. If Bolt was the guy (I think he would be awesome), it would have been announced by today. I think Moos has something going on. Don't know what...
  6. "Two high-profile programs will be served in a matter of weeks." Looks like Creighton dodged a bullet.
  7. He does the best impersonation of Al Gore I've ever heard.
  8. I still remember sister Jane being a cheerleader at NU.
  9. And Moe started doing research in sound proofing.
  10. Don't tell me. The Points are the hot twins that live next door...
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