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  1. Okay, here's the deal: (I hate colons and semicolons). Never mind. Contest is: name the player who averages the highest number of points in Italy (minimum of 2 games). Tiebreaker: In the NBA Draft, what number is Roby picked? Deadline for this contest is June 19. As a thank you for all who participated, you have a free bag of jerky waiting for you at HUB (156th and Dodge). Just give them your HHC name and pick out a bag that you want. For those not in Omaha, pm me and we'll figure something out. GBR!
  2. We have a winner! Dimes gets 4 3oz bags of jerky for a great contest question. I would like to change the tiebreaker to "what number will Isaiah Roby be selected in the NBA Draft?" What do you got, sixtysome possibilities? Good luck!
  3. Still have a few hours to submit ideas. There is a leader going down the home stretch, but I'm not telling who...
  4. I hope the Facebook Watch is less expensive than Apple's....
  5. Norm, sounds like a little Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir, to me....
  6. We raise the cattle for the jerky. No hormones, steroids or antibiotics from birth. It's USDA Choice angus beef. No MSG or any other nasty ass stuff added. We always have plenty on hand. BTW, the Huskers and more than 40 other D1 programs have our snack sticks on their training tables (as do the 49r's...). Anyone on this board can get wholesale pricing. Just pm me.
  7. For you, Royalfan. If/when you win the preliminaries, I will provide you with a jar of salsa.
  8. Not a chance. I vaguely remember him. Never have forgotten those days...
  9. Is this the first Husker Basketball legacy? I can't come up with another. Edit: Always go with your first instinct...
  10. Great ideas! Something to keep in mind; the longer we have to wait on the final outcome, the longer we have to wait to eat jerky. Just sayin'...
  11. We're in the golden years of Nebraska Basketball. Trust me, we are. It's similar to when King Solomon reigned in Jerusalem. There was so much gold in town, silver was worthless. I want to do another contest to celebrate our lives right now as Husker basketball fans. The winner gets a case (12) bags of Lucky Beef Jerky. But, I want your guys input on what the contest should be. I have two cut-off dates: Deadline for contest ideas, April 23rd. Deadline for contest submissions, May 15th. The winner of the contest idea (I'm the judge), gets 4 bags of jerky. Can't wait to see the contest ideas! GBR!
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