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  1. No idea where this came from. Huskers win by 7. Don't put money on it.
  2. Gary will have 6 after tomorrow night's win. Sure glad we didn't lose him for the season.
  3. Alex Karras is from Gary, Indiana, home of the Jacksons. In this movie, Karras plays the Huskers. I guess you know who the Hoosiers are...
  4. Okay, so a football player can play in 4 games and still retain his redshirt, Cookie Belcher could play in 7 games and still redshirt, but Blaise can't? I smell a lawsuit. So caveat kissmybacksideamus.
  5. I'm most likely, completely wrong on this, but I still think he might play this season...
  6. This losing on the road in the B1G nonsense stops Wednesday. GBR!
  7. You might want to check your "w" key. I think it has a problem when typed between the letters "o" and "a".
  8. When it comes to Indiana music, they're star heavy, depth light. There will be few people here who recognize this group/song, I know who you are. Mason Proffit. This song really pertains to what's going on today. GBR!
  9. It happened in a Lincoln park years ago. It happens again this year!
  10. I also think personalities and story lines matter more than NET. Huskers have that going for them this year.
  11. We beat Oklahoma State to win the Big 8 Tourney on a Sunday. Of course, we went to a Thursday game. Doesn't matter this year. We win 2 games minimum whether its play-in, or sweet 16 or both. It will happen this year!
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