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  1. Can’t believe the AR didn’t flag offsides for CR’s goal. He completely affected how the keeper played the ball, and he was clearly in an offside position. Love the fight and depth and experience we are building although sometimes I wonder if Berhalter knows what he’s doing when picking a lineup. Will be great to have Pulisic, Reyna, etc. back in November.
  2. Yep. 2 Thanksgivings in 2 months is not a bad thing at all...except for my waistline!
  3. Yeah me too. They looked very confident tonight, and it showed. Well done, Huskers! Hopefully they can keep this going in the right direction.
  4. After the 2020-21 sports season, the Huskers will officially be a basketball school. So glad we have Hoiberg and Co.!
  5. Completely right. The other team can’t be in our heads because we are in our own heads so much. There’s no room!
  6. If only we could’ve had a QB from Rutgers! Oh wait...
  7. And the sad part is that no QB behind Martinez has any experience. You can live with mistakes from a freshman but not a 3-time captain. Add in the play calling...ugh. I knew when they were down by 14 they would just try to grow it. Imagine when you try to run it! And he goes the distance. The best coaches make their players better and put them in a position to excel. If they come back, we will see.
  8. Seriously! It’s one thing when the other team is better, but the mistakes have basically given them all 16 points and taken at least 1 if not 5 points off the board. And all this from a team under a 4th year coach against a brand new (although experienced) coach. Which team do you think is better coached? The one is his 33rd game at the school or his first? The Illini already have an offensive identity and NU can’t get out of its own way. I’m not a Frost basher and do want them to win, but the reality is staring me in the face. Illinois will soon pass by NU in football even if they don’t today. I’m so thankful Husker Hoops has Hoiberg!
  9. Was thinking the same thing about Wahoo. I don’t blame him, but think of how much of a legend a Nebraska kid leading Husker Hoops to glory would be. Too bad! The ones, who are here now before we break through, will always be the players I respect the most.
  10. Better Charlottesville than Omaha...too bad. Thanks for the intel even if it's not happy news.
  11. Ok. I’m willing to give in now since Washut thinks so too. Too bad. I really thought we had a chance.
  12. Yeah, but I don't think his style of play really fits their system.
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