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  1. That will be quite a day...and yes, Ron Burgundy said it best!
  2. We should know by kickoff if the Husker game is still worth watching. Like I said, I hope we're torn on what to watch!
  3. Hadn't thought about the possible conflict with the Black Friday game. I hope there's reason to be torn on what to watch. Netherlands isn't a pushover, but I'd take playing them as group winners above any of the other pot 1 teams. I also think the easiest of the playoff teams would be Scotland. We don't want Ukraine because everyone will cheer for them. And Wales is dangerous. They've played well in the last 2 Euros. Bale always shows up for them, and they have other talent in Aaron Ramsey and Dan James and others. But the Welsh defense can be beaten. Austria should've scored early against them in their playoff game last week. Scotland is plucky and tough, but they don't score a lot of goals.
  4. Thrilled to see my 2 favorite teams qualify. I actually like the USA’s chances of getting through the group. Beat Iran and get another point and you’ve got a chance. I thank they can do that. After that, playing the Netherlands or Senegal would not be horrible. Who knows? Maybe a run to the QF?!!? They need to have consistent goal scorers up top. It would be great to have a striker really step up between now and November. Canada have a tough draw (which usually always happens from Pot 4), but it’s not completely impossible. Super excited to see them play against incredible sides like Belgium and Croatia. Too bad we have to wait over 7 months, but it will make for a super fun time of year for sports...basketball has started, football is ending, and the World Cup!!!
  5. I know. Seems like a nice guy but should never have received a scholarship here. Juco is such an interesting and challenging way to recruit.
  6. Well Jervay made it to the final four of the NAIA tourney on Monday. He wasn’t the best player in their team but was solid.
  7. I can’t believe that no one has mentioned that an old friend is already in the elite 8 and battling against a Nebraska school (Concordia) for a spot in the final four tonight! I half expected someone on the roster to be named Ricky Bobby! http://www.talladegatornadoes.com/SIDHelp/m/0/2/r|2256|Jervay Green|23.php He’s 20 minutes from the final four, but I’m pulling for the Bulldogs!
  8. Yes! It was between NU and UConn. We thought he was ours until he wasn’t.
  9. A very disappointing end to an even more disappointing season. Sorry, this is a bit long! 1. There were some questionable calls in the game but Verge and Trey we’re out of control at the end of the game. It’s hard to call a foul for a guy who’s out of control. (Side note: What did Hoiberg call for the last play? I can’t think it was give it to Trey to go the length of the court.) Verge was mostly good but had some killer TOs. Hope McPherson is a strong PG. He seems like such a good leader on the bench. 2. Walker was excellent tonight. I know he’s older, but it would solidify our post play if he came back with Blaise, Andre, Wilhelm, etc. Would also be nice if Denim could play the 3 and 4. 3. Lat needs to go. I don’t want to beat up on the guy. He puts forth effort, but he can’t catch the ball, lacks confidence shooting, and needs to be stronger at the rim. 4. Trey was so good on defense, especially in the first half. Will miss that defensive play and playing with an edge. Would be great to have back but I doubt it will happen. 5. Bryce was very disappointing tonight. His defense was poor and seemed disinterested at times on offense. That said, he should’ve received more foul calls in the first half. If he would commit to playing defense, he would be such a dynamic player. He would be better than Jaden Ivy because he can score more easily and with more variety. Hope he comes back but I highly doubt it. 6. Fred can’t control stupid TOs, but he can control when he calls timeouts. Gotta call one sooner against the zone. And please make some changes with the coaching staff so that we have a complete roster, not just some athletes. 7. Finally, thanks for all of you on this board with such great insights, humor, and also kindness. Most boards get a little too rude and obnoxious. But you guys are great! Thanks and here’s to hoping for better days ahead!
  10. DW has played a great game even with his last TO. Gotta keep going through him, not have him foul out, and kick it to CJ, Kobe, or Lat when he’s doubled.
  11. Yes! In the first half we wanted the ball more. NW wants it more now. Can we take that punch and rise up again! GBR!
  12. With CJ on the bench with 4 fouls, Lat has to step up. That doesn’t give me much confidence but I hope he can. A 3 and a dumb TO. We’ll see what happens over the last 7. It would be nice if they could get some open looks for Kobe.
  13. Until now we’ve been better without Bryce on the floor. We will see what the last 10 minutes bring. We could sure use his scoring and for him to play more defense.
  14. I’m hoping Indiana beats Michigan and then Illinois to solidify their place in the tourney. Then we can take down the Hoosiers! And yes, Bohannon is just a notch below Davison. It would make beating the Hawks even more fun!
  15. DONU 84 The other NU 68 5!!!! GBR!!!! The koolaid tastes great, and there’s plenty for everyone!
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