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  1. Okay. I'll ask. What are the choices he made off the court that damaged everything? I loved Tim from what I saw and wish he could've done big things, but now you've piqued my curiosity.
  2. I rarely post and love all of the insights on this board, and I have to say I couldn't agree more with you, Dave. I was just telling my boys that while the wins and losses may be historically bad this season that I know the Huskers will be good. Why? Because Fred's offense gets open looks or easy baskets so often. This isn't hero ball. This is excellent basketball with equally good adjustments in-game and excellent out of time outs, out-of-bounds, etc. When the players and perhaps experience and understanding match the offense, look out! Good days for Nebrasketball are coming my friends!
  3. Great! Thanks for the clarification and for all of your work!
  4. Would there be away to have a folder for each year of recruiting? In other words all of the 2019 recruits would be in the 2019 folder and so on. Or would that create too much work for the one organizing it? There's so much good info in the recruiting section, and maybe this would make it easier to organize or to find. Of course, that's just coming from a guy who likes to read all of the info and never has to do any of the work!
  5. That sounds like a great time. Eh? Maybe talk hockey too and talk about the warm winters in Nebraska! Go Big Red! Eh? ?
  6. It's all good. No worries and no need to be serious. That's one of the things I like most about the board, especially if someone lets a Standhardinger joke slip out... ?
  7. Nothing personal It just seemed rude and vulgar To reply like that
  8. Diaz was impressive. A player like him would really help us now. But as a freshman in his 2nd game against KU, Standhardinger really exposed himself! Sorry for stealing your joke, Norm! ? I've been a Husker basketball fan since my youth in the 80s. I've been on here for a number of years but rarely if ever comment. Really appreciate the insight, the commentary, and especially the jokes on here! Keep up the good work everyone, enjoy this fantastic season, and GBR all the way to the tourney!
  9. Because someone has to and I rarely ever post and...I believe that we will win...and Shavon will be MVP of the Tourney! 83 Huskers 68 Jersey Tech 5 wins!
  10. I think if Pinder is a Husker he will have proven it. If not, we will have someone better. And then Pinder will be at USD or somewhere that fits his level of play better. But I'm guessing you're probably right on this one, Norm, especially with a juco. The coaches will have even less time to develop his skills.
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