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  1. Hang in there- there is always next year, I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1991....I believe I have grey hair as a result...
  2. I actually thought we did compete tonight- but Wisconsin setting a program record on three’s and just total confusion on defending the pick and roll won’t get it done- need to shore that up ASAP- was hoping Doc would have our defense better- absolutely no need to triple team ANY big guy from Wisconsin. I don’t see Nigel Hayes or Ethan Happ or Frank Kominsky on this team...
  3. Paging Me. Cheatham, paging Mr. Cheatham.... Noticed he looked a bit out of it against Indiana- counted four if not five three’s made by IU on hands down close outs by him. Seemed a bit out of sorts tonight as well. We need him and his steadiness- it’s been quite noticeably gone the past couple of games. On a plus side, I thought Burke and Cross played with some real confidence. I no longer consider Charlie a walk-on. Guy can and should be getting regular minutes for his defense alone. Wish our guys would’ve been better prepared or executed on their preparation against the basic pick and roll... Entertaining watching Burke Put some of Wisconsin’s defenders on skates on Lincoln residential streets- his quickness really showed tonight
  4. Our pick and Roll defense must not have “stuck” in our players minds...
  5. Yvan is 17..... Yvan is 17..... Yvan is 17..... I have to keep telling myself this....
  6. Thorir has a better basketball IQ than what he showed on that brain fart..
  7. We need Cheatham to be better. He was sub par vs. Indiana and seems in a funk tonight so far...
  8. Agh, no, that guy is legendary. I can’t remember his name, but one time he wore a referee shirt that looked quite authentic- It was hilarious
  9. Interesting that Hoiberg said he told Jervay before the game that he wasn’t going to play, said he wanted to replicate the lineups they went with vs Indiana and Purdue. Our offense moved sooooo much better. (At least it’s seemed like it to me) Yvan actually has the size and strength to somewhat effectively keep Garza from getting real deep. That is amazing to me, that we have a 17 year old true freshman going up against one of the top big guys in the country. Cheatham and Burke has solid, nice games. But Mack and Thor, and some Cross were the catalysts... Also loved Charlie’s hustle. Right in front of my seats o got to see him block a pass and then dive for the looseball and call a timeout. Hoiberg said on the radio that play was huge because it helps set the tone to the rest of the team. I expect to see more of Charlie. Kavas played like 2 minutes it seemed. A great win - the late drive back to Omaha was much better than Friday night...
  10. No foul called either.... Hunter may be our highest ranked instate kid since.....
  11. Who knows, it’s all speculation, but I do believe Brady would help us more this year with an inside defensive presence and at least grabbing some boards vs. what Kavas is giving us. I had a couple of really good looks on some of the under the basket “battles” last night from my seats. Kavas wants no part, absolutely none whatsoever, of going down and battling for a board. A couple of times when Rutgers’ big man was tipping it to himself, Kavas did not even jump. I know this as fact since his shoes never lifted from the court. I understand why Kavas looked like a good fit on paper. 6-8, stretch the floor and hit threes. But if he’s not hitting three’s, he’s not bringing anything else, no shot blocking, no rebounding, not much hustle, and zero fight, to the floor.
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