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  1. Congratulations to Banton. Has to be a nice feather for Coach Hoiberg and Coach Matt to take to future recruits…
  2. Saw the article. Referred to Doc as the defensive coordinator!!
  3. I think I heard an announcer say that at 20 years of age, he’s the youngest playing in this event.
  4. Watched the game. Nothing I saw made me less excited that he’s a Husker. He is savvy and has a pretty quick burst. And I think his shooting will come around. But his drive to the hoop is pretty good.
  5. I really hope the new AD embraces him. Not saying Moos didn’t, but I heard Ty wasn’t eligible for the longest time to receive a certain honor or induction because he didn’t graduate from UNL. Correct me if I’m wrong, and I could be, but if that’s true, how moronic. Young four and five star guys want to get in the league - so having Hoiberg and Lue as examples of NBA success and experience would be beneficial.
  6. Ty Lue comes back from 3-1, CP3 loses after being up 3-1….that seems to be the sentiment right now. And numerous NBA players are tweeting how Ty Lue is a players coach, empowers the players and instills confidence while making adjustments to expose matchups…
  7. Agree. Scott Frost had to be comfortable with Bill Moos and that’s why that initial meeting with Bill and Kendra was so important.
  8. I know many can’t stand watching the NBA, but Ty Lue is showing he can coach and is more than just Lebron’s friend. He’s been making some great adjustments and is now 10-2 in elimination games in the playoffs, which ranks him 1st percentage wise…
  9. Honestly, I think he needs to work on his handles quite a bit, and his passing. There were numerous times he got the ball stolen clean while he attempted a dribble drive- drove me bonkers at times. He also didn’t seem to be a great distributor, which is fine, but in the NBA, is he a wing?? Not nearly quick enough but not big or strong enough for the 4....
  10. Congrats Shannon! Look forward to her positive contributions to the team!
  11. Not surprising at all. Wish him well!
  12. Anyone ever watch Shang Ping’s film? I just remember in a summer league game him not backing down to Joe Dabbert from the Creighton squad amd giving him a shove and I instantly wrote him in my will....
  13. Playground style is where Kesei and Kobe would thrive...
  14. I think we are really going to like what he brings. You know how many open threes Lat passed up this year?? I don’t think tominaga needs very much space, his release is quick and his stroke is better looking than anyone currently on the roster in my opinion...
  15. Wait, he’s a bench assistant?? Interesting
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