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  1. I stand corrected- just tried again and it worked. 100 level still available...
  2. I just tried again at 12:17 am and the site is still not working-
  3. I’ve finally given up. I tried 17 times and it keeps giving me error messages- not cool. I’ll try again later
  4. Devastating. My brand new travel trailer is halfway underwater. Used twice. I really don’t care - it pales in comparison of the people who’s lives and homes are in jeapordy. I will say as an Omahan, I feel pretty safe from the flooding. But going over the 168th st bridge this morning, I couldn’t believe how high zorinsky is. Jogging paths underwater, the lake is about a foot or less below the road.
  5. We beat wiscy and I think it puts Moos in a real tough spot...
  6. Is this some kind of cruel joke???
  7. I heard from the head coach The Citadel has been looking at him lately...
  8. Williams had some very deep threes in the upset win over Prep today. His range is very nice. Real smooth stroke with a lot of confidence and swagger.
  9. Just wanted to stop by and say hi guys. This will be a tough one...
  10. Riggins worked w volleyball team, Frost brought in a different military guy that took them through “the program”
  11. Okay folks. Friendly Faux Mike Peltz here- with a few thoughts, after reading every post in this thread so far. In summary, I think this is why Jack Mitchell went on his mini rant during the post game show. There is a difference between having resources and facilities, and 100% unequivocal support. And there is no doubt in my mind that Coach Miles didn’t always get that from Eichorst and Moos, and that needs to change, like now. So here goes: 1) Read the article. Don’t come to a conclusion based on a cliff notes version. The article is insightful and gives plenty of specific details regarding the use of outside consultants, and what other Husker coaches are doing as well. 2) For those asking if the seal would make the team better at X’s and O’s, or a better shooter, my honest belief is yes. Why? Because our mental state and lack of confidence is why we are performing the way we are. Our players play with a fear of not winning vs. a joy of playing to dominate. Just like anything, confidence has a major effect on performance, focus, dealing with pressure, etc. And a Coach always looks smarter when guys are shooting better... 3) For those suggesting Miles makes 2.5 mil a year and should also be a sports psychologist and shouldn’t need to bring in outside help, Dr. Tom did it, and he cites that as the biggest single factor that allowed the football team to go on the dominant run in the 90’s. Oh yeah, Dr. Tom is a educational Psychologist, so he obviously recognizes the value in having that resource. 4) What struck me is yes, Coach Miles didn’t specifically ask for the internal resources after Riggins was gone, but why didn’t Marc Boehm or anyone else offer it or even suggest it? I would think Miles and Marc meet or talk at least a time or two per week, why wouldn’t this get brought up as an available resource?? This “everyone stay in your lane” and “I’ll only help if I’m asked” way of thinking is NOT a championship culture. 5) One more and then I’ll stop typing and read: I’m disappointed that a guy like Jack Stark can’t have lunch down there without feeling welcome.
  12. Jack Stark didn’t really have any affiliation with the university either- but Tom saw the value, and Tom was a psychologist himself and still saw the need to bring in someone else...
  13. I think if someone is unequivocally no longer allowed access to the team, entrance to the facilities, or have any contact with the program, what else is that considered besides “fired”?? Blocked??
  14. May want to read the article if you don’t think Coach Cook wasn’t concerned about the mental state of his team. He referred to today’s generation as being soft and unable to work through adversity. He wanted Riggins to travel to another country with the team, which the University denied, due to security clearance reasons....for a former Navy Seal.
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