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  1. Feel for Derrick Walker. And all the guys, but especially Walker...
  2. Turning point in the game was Banton driving to the rim on two straight possessions- getting fouled and only converting 1 of 4. On the other end, Indians scores 5 and we were already down by 2, so the lead grows to 6 and it’s just too much. Mayen can be an elite three point shooter but he is extremely limited in every other part of the game. Shamiel gave us positive minutes Thor looked rusty, or off somehow... Walker brings so much defensively that we didn’t have until now this season.
  3. Very tough stretch where we were down 2 points, Banton starts driving and hits 1 of 4, while Indiana scores 5 on the other end...that made the difference just a bit too much for us to come back...
  4. Agree a lot on Banton. His happy go lucky and smiley self was not there tonight.
  5. They are doing an admirable job with some programs. Some, not so much. Wonder why Moos was so adamant that Miles not use “outside” help?? (Ok, we know) Sam, would you agree that today’s student athlete deals with added pressure due to social media and easier access from fans vs. 15-20 years ago??
  6. Ok, long time season ticket holder in men’s basketball (1990-current) and football (1987-2003) with some food for thought as we enter a new year. Something that isn’t talked about much because it’s seen almost as Taboo even today, is the benefits of a true sports psychologist and the effects it has on the overall mental well being of today’s student athletes. I’ve had the privilege of speaking with Coach Osborne numerous times regarding this. He credits Jack Stark and the formation of the Unity council with as much - if not more credit towards the mid 90’s dominance as much as he did
  7. Shooting is more mental than mechanical. And our guys don’t seem to have a lot of confidence. Teddy does, but I’m not so sure that helps or hurts at times haha.
  8. Watched the entire thing because o care too damn much. Always have and always will. Could probably say I’m numb to the constant groin kicks but it still hurts. I’ll have my thoughts about the general state of Husker athletics on the men side on a different thread...
  9. He definitely had a good game. Was wondering for a bit if we’d see both of them in there at the same time. Lat wasn’t shooting well and got backed down quite easily, and we did play the two of them vs Doane for a bit...
  10. Very strange for HC FH to say this only to put him in basically with a minute left. Pure speculation, but perhaps he did something after that quote to get himself in Fred’s doghouse? Or maybe they saw the two Wiscy big men and thought - “he’s not ready” and were afraid it’d mess with his confidence...
  11. Thorir with the Kade Warner method of catching a pass...unforced errors.
  12. Telling Lakes was first off the bench. Shamiel was in for like two or three possessions and then out again...
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