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  1. Playground style is where Kesei and Kobe would thrive...
  2. I think we are really going to like what he brings. You know how many open threes Lat passed up this year?? I don’t think tominaga needs very much space, his release is quick and his stroke is better looking than anyone currently on the roster in my opinion...
  3. Wait, he’s a bench assistant?? Interesting
  4. CU will have an entirely new starting five next year...Zegarowksi is probably flog be as well
  5. Good God if CU makes the sweet 16 I’m gonna take a few days off and lay low. Blue Jay fans will be absolutely tempting me to punch them in their junk.
  6. can we blame Kevin Warren? That would make me feel better
  7. So pleased he’s coming back. His leadership in the locker room went unseen but I’ve heard from a few that Coach really values it. And he’s capable of lighting it up and I’m very glad he’s back!
  8. True. But the lure of going to a top school that’s been going to final fours is also a pull. Normally I’d say Kentucky is the front runner in recruiting, but this year, not as much.
  9. On Omaha.com and rivals now as well. I expect up to two if not three more announcements similar in the next few days
  10. Has CU gotten in on him yet? Would be interesting if they haven’t - I don’t think he has an offer yet...
  11. 24/7 has him as a Combo Guard, Rivals has him as a point guard. I’ve seen him up close, would guesstimate him to be about 6-4ish and perhaps 170?? Kind of built like a little bit leaner and longer Dachon Burke. I think he goes to the Zags....
  12. Wisconsin is getting a very mature, tough, competitive player in Chucky. I wish him well except against us.
  13. Too many guys on the team don’t play to their strengths. Like, at all. Someone needs to sit down with Lat and tell him. You were brought here to shoot 3’s. That’s your specialty and strength. I could go on and on about other guys, but you get the point...
  14. There are so many frustrating aspects - I love our team. I love our players. But man, they do some incredibly frustrating things that make me want to scream sometimes...
  15. It’s been a long season fellas. I’m actually kind of relieved right now.
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