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  1. I have very little motivation to make the trip to Lincoln on Tuesday. I’d imagine it’s going to be a somewhat emptier PBA. That will get some people’s attention…
  2. The Ohio state game crowd was one of the weaker conference home game crowds over a top 15 team I’ve been to at PBA, probably the weakest. Got loud at times towards the end but it still didn’t have the same juice as normal
  3. Tominaga bashing now?? He’s in his first year at this level. He doesn’t have the athlete or size of McGowens, but has shown a high level of basketball IQ. He’s also heavily contributed to a couple of our wins so far this season. In an established role, he absolutely has a place on the team and in the rotation.
  4. I knew the moment Verge put his head down on a fast break where we didn’t have the numbers and jumped from 18’ and threw up a floater that didn’t go in, he was done. Hoiberg’s look on his face and some pointed conversation- I said “he’s done”. Remember, most were calling for a very very short leash. A bigger question for me is why keep having Lat guard Liddell? Like, put Walker on him and either move Lat over to Key, or out Andre on Key. Lat provides our offense with no more potency than Eduardo does. Honestly, he is by far the worst fundamentally sound Husker I think I’ve seen. He makes Jack McVeigh look like Luka Doncic. And to be clear, I don’t blame Lat for missing those free throws. I blame the staff for putting him in that position. They should know more than us that he wasn’t going to make those. Get it in to Kobe or Verge and make them foul one of those guys. Or Tominaga….
  5. We did finally look better once Fred pulled Verge for good in the second half. I don’t mind Webster running point with either CJ/Tominaga, Bryce, and then Walker and….Andre. Why didn’t we pull Lat and put Walker on Liddell and then have Andre or even Lat slide over to Key?
  6. Webster and Tominaga hitting threes and we’re right back in it
  7. Pretty empty, IMO. 300’s is ver sparse. Some sections in the 200’s are mostly empty, others more full. I’d guess 7-8k
  8. This is now two games (Auburn and K-State) where I didn’t bother to watch either game. This is coming from a lifelong diehard season ticket holder since 1990. Literally put tens of thousands of miles driving to Husker basketball games the past three decades. I let my two tickets go unused tonight. Not real proud of that, but it happened. Guys, I’m usually an optimist, but this level of play has me very low…
  9. My apologies- the two posts I read him saying that are actually back a few pages. I went back and they are still posted. Still, he was quite wrong.
  10. I see OmahaHusker deleted his post about promising that Matt A never coaching at Nebraska again. Would suggest you check your source…
  11. It’s amazing how this thing spread like a Kansas brush fire during a derecho…
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