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  1. Faux Mike Peltz

    Watching Horne

    Curious what people think, long term, would you take Tarin Smith or Bakari Evelyn??
  2. There are certainly pockets. My section was somewhat emptier- but we did what we could. They should put the DB meter up more than just a couple of times per game. Only time the crowd truly got loud. I did notice some frustration between certain players. Guy’s emphatically motioning for the other guy to move or set a screen and the other guy didn’t respond. Body language want good for the most part. Have to change the energy on the team somehow or we’re cooked. On to Indiana.
  3. Better crowd than I expected. Lots of single gamers around my seats- Mostly families. Quiet crowd. Tanner gave us great rebounding effort. There was a time or three when a SW guy would dribble drive, run into Cope, kind a pick up his dribble, and have this “what now” look to him. I was actually impressed with a couple of the SW Minnesota guys, they had a couple of good shooters. Our overall length on defense will give many teams fits. I about went nuts when Johnny gathered himself and attempted the one handed tomahawk dunk. I also want to see Thorir do well. Seems to have a nice basketball IQ with some of his passes. Had one drive where he rifled a pass from under the basket in traffic out to JPJ who was wide open for a made three. That was nice. Brought some fellow Omaha fans and stopped at Honest Abe’s before the game. Had the 1809. Still full. GBR!!
  4. Faux Mike Peltz

    Nebrasketball Buddies event

    Was there as well. Been taking my son since the year it was at Pinnacle, where my son played BJ Day and Tarin Smith one on one. Sadly, this was our last year, as he’ll be too old next year. Always a great time and the players are very accessible and nice.
  5. Faux Mike Peltz

    Hearing that several Huskers are ill.

    That stinks.
  6. I see! Well, I’m at just about every home game- usually 213 runs pretty empty except for the bigger games- GBR!
  7. CU fans are losing their minds. Some are spinning this as a “good” thing, since the CU win in their minds guarantees Miles will be back and get an extension and therefore CU will continue to dominate. Wow. A degree from CU does not necessarily make a smart person.
  8. Whoa NATO. I’m in 213.
  9. The absolute most fun I’ve had at PBA since No Sit Sunday. As a life long fan and obsessed over this series, not sure I would’ve believed we’d win in a 3 pt shoot out Sounds cliche, but we absolutely wanted it more Greg McDermott seems typically normal, but man, he’s butt hurt My voice is gone Im going to watch the game tonight on my DVR with a lot of joy - I was in the minority, but I told my inner circle of Husker fans friends the Minny loss, while regrettable, actually probably fueled our players Fire tonight. Order Restored
  10. Faux Mike Peltz

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    You know how many times I’ve seen CU fans refer to Doc Sadler as Sling Blade and Ron Howard’s uglier brother? It’s just not how other places operate, everyone supporting everyone. My aunt and uncle are cattle farmers in Kansas. Both KU alums. Both cheer for the Jayhawks. None of their family started cheering for K- State in football in the 90’s and 2000’s when it would’ve been much much much easier because KU football was harder and harder to cheer for. They stayed with one school. I have issues with Jayskers who cheer for the football team and then don’t cheer for NU basketball because CU “makes the tournament” They strike me as Omaha area Cubs and Royals fans when they’re in the World Series- I understand you’re situation is different since you went to Creighton. I have a good friend that is a CU alum and get along with a lot of their fans- but yes, there are some obnoxious ones in both fam bases I’m sure
  11. Faux Mike Peltz

    HHCC Game #10 - vs. Creighton (Dec. 08, 5:00 PM CST)

    NU - 83 CU - 70 7 threes will be more than disappointed in our students if some of the signs aren’t aimed at Preston Murphy, the 35 minute phone calls, and dancing with the devil...
  12. Faux Mike Peltz

    Nebraska (7-1) vs. Minnesota (6-2) Game thread

    Did we try something different vs Coffey than Palmer down the stretch? More size??
  13. Faux Mike Peltz

    Nebraska (7-1) vs. Minnesota (6-2) Game thread

    You know what hurts? Descending from 39,000 feet when you are super congested. That’s pretty much top of my mind right now. Gonna grab my bag, rush home, and probably watch the entire game on DVR- because I want to hurt with you fellas, and then focus the next two days on the Jays