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  1. Saint picks up his first high major. I expect more to come...
  2. Dang- I donated, couldn’t do as much but every bit counts and helps
  3. Two guys that could leap very high pre injury were Chris Balham and Kyle Marks.
  4. I think this a very nice get at this point- has some upside and you can’t teach 6-10 and length.
  5. I’ve resigned myself to the thinking that college basketball (and football) have changed to this transfer in/out as the new normal. It’s happening all over, not just NU. At times, I was super frustrated by Cross. I didn’t think his motor or want to always was set at a high level. But then he’d show some flashes where I’m like, OK! We can work with this. Thought he had some nice skills that could continue to develop. Best of luck to him!
  6. This situation is frustrating. I still have 100 percent belief and confidence in Coach and his staff, but it sure does seem a lot of the “groundwork” that we laid this past season are leaving...
  7. Well they landed the #1 recruit shortly after Boynton hired the recruits brother, Cannen Cunningham. So that helps...
  8. Yep. Okie State. They have a very good recruiting class. Perhaps top ten?
  9. Williams is announcing tonight @ 7pm per his Twitter...he has already privately committed according to a few sources...
  10. I’m guessing he will go to K-State but wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Stillwater...
  11. Sallis looked to be about 60% with quickness and explosion. MN should have absolutely won that game. HC comparisons, I’m not betting against Woodward.
  12. The comments on Dauslets and @phillipshoops accounts are maddening and insane.
  13. Heard that our TE’s were good, Austin Allen and Travis V, though Frost probably didn’t suggest him...
  14. It was actually a pretty nice pass and roll to the basket.
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