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  1. The best basketball player with the least defined arms has to be Jokic in Denver. I think he has about a 5” vertical and may not get picked first in a church league game....but then...
  2. Well, we got our bigger bodies now. 6’8” isn’t as tall as some would like...but if it worked for Amos Gregory, it’s good enough for me!
  3. This is a very nice get- plenty of time to develop- even more so than he currently has. 7 foot wing span with that frame. I used to envy other teams that had guys like him...
  4. Oh they were shooting plenty of their shots...
  5. Getting my hopes waaaaau up - especially if Mack is N
  6. Sounds like Moos is going to be more hands on...
  7. Games on Saturday televised? I suppose I could look it up but thought I’d ask here...
  8. So Matt, Lutz, and Gates. Let’s goooooo!!!
  9. So pumped with this. A different feeling than when I was hopeful with Barry, googling Doc’s resume, and convincing myself Miles was the guy. Great time to be a Husker hoops diehard!!!
  10. I could imagine Moos swallowing hard if Bob Knight grabbed the mic after the NIT win...not sure it would’ve been family friendly...
  11. I stand corrected- just tried again and it worked. 100 level still available...
  12. I just tried again at 12:17 am and the site is still not working-
  13. I’ve finally given up. I tried 17 times and it keeps giving me error messages- not cool. I’ll try again later
  14. Devastating. My brand new travel trailer is halfway underwater. Used twice. I really don’t care - it pales in comparison of the people who’s lives and homes are in jeapordy. I will say as an Omahan, I feel pretty safe from the flooding. But going over the 168th st bridge this morning, I couldn’t believe how high zorinsky is. Jogging paths underwater, the lake is about a foot or less below the road.
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