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  1. The end of how we know today’s college basketball world is if a foreign backed (billions) league forms and teams jump ship because the league offers each school X amount of money per year. It’d be like PGA and LIV. Anyone who doesn’t think that LIV hasn’t hurt the PGA is delusional. The game of golf is being affected. But, money talks.
  2. Typical groin kick would be Chucky, William, and Frankie to post some “reunited” instagram post followed by “coming home” in Creighton blue.
  3. Kevin cross got springy and is in better shape - see a highlight of him this season…
  4. If he is close to Kevin we will all be very happy
  5. Early returns are in - mixing well with the players and good chemistry with the key guys. A lot to like so far
  6. So is she slated at PG to take over Jaz’s spot??
  7. We need to get better at rebounding. Take that the way you want. If some say we need to get more athletic, then so be it. Mast is a solid, nice player for us. Love his outside threat and he spreads things out. But he was outmanned almost 90% of the time in conference play on the boards. Just simply didn’t have the springs to out jump too many. Not a personal knock, it is just reality. Adding size, a 250 pound body is always welcomed.
  8. Think we need some big bodies so we are getting as many visits as we can…
  9. Gotta be a frustrating game for KT. Barely playing, he’s making passes, everyone else playing one on one for the most part.
  10. Scott Van Pelt leads off Sportscenter with his “best thing I’ve seen” segment and it’s KT. Turnaround three at the buzzer. Then it’s on top ten. Sports shows are talking. Pat Mcafee going crazy. Barstool, and last night he was #2 trending topic on X (Twitter) Husker hoops getting this much publicity in the offseason is rare, and never a bad thing. Im just glad my last memory of him in a uniform isn’t him crying and being emotional, but him holding up two big medals!!
  11. My all time favorite. Of all time. I’ll never forget him and what he did for our program. He is worth his weight in gold. National twitter exploding.
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