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  1. Hoiberg said on the radio show that Husker fans aren’t gonna recognize Tominaga. So….does that mean he’s bulked up? Shaved his head? Either way it means he’s back????
  2. KT. Hands down. His energy and enthusiasm and the pure joy in which he plays out there is infectious. He literally went from a player that some on here vocally didn’t want to come back to contributing to starting to winning us games to us all praying he comes back. KT!!
  3. I wish him the best. Appeared to be a good teammate that hustled and tried but just couldn’t put it all together like some had expectations of.
  4. The more I’ve had to digest this the more I like this, maybe even love it. IMO this is an upgrade vs Quaran, who was/is largely an unknown on the court performer. Ahron had a few big games, notably against Michigan State. Love the big ten experience he brings to the table.
  5. I’m very intrigued on this- saw him in HS when I was actually there to watch teammate Donovan Williams, Allick seemed very raw but lengthy and athletic. Would assume his game has polished a lot and he’s a fluid and mobile big man, more so than Wilhelm perhaps…
  6. Was hoping this was officially about Tominaga
  7. Started 27 games and played in all 32 this past season. My coworker is a diehard Iowa fan and said he wouldn’t blow us away with any one thing, but that he was a very safe and steady point guard that wouldn’t hurt us either. Sounds like a nice solid pickup with big ten experience.
  8. I remember watching Denim specifically during one of Keisei’s hot runs - when he went for like 8 points straight. The bench was loving it but not Denim. Then it dawned on me, Denim isn’t seeing the floor (at the time) due to #30 and I thought, at least clap or something. Kind of felt the writing was on the wall after that moment, his body language wasn’t the greatest down the stretch. Never did pay much attention to Q during the season…
  9. Hoping with the news of Jaz coming back it means we figured out an NIL way to get international players a share legally
  10. One of the best things I saw on Twitter was: Work in an office full of Creighton Alums for 6 months. You’ll find out why within the first 30 days.
  11. I dunno, maybe don’t shoot 2/17 from the outside and like 0/11 in the second half. That’s all. I wanted CU to lose. I don’t give a crap about them, but I don’t want them making the final four and winning a Natty either.
  12. Ummmm, CU going to the final four could actually happen guys. Trying to let that settle here. Sam Diego State looks overmatched
  13. They make the Elite 8 and Coach Mac has more leverage at CU than ever before, even with Ras. Winning forgives everything.
  14. I’m actually hopeful things are in motion already that would make KT come back. That’s all I’m going to say right now about that. Also, Dawson is a gifted athlete but not a Big 10 level starter or regular contributor. Wish him the best!
  15. Not sure about any commentary but factually the Thunderbird division 1 players haven’t been Huskers. Except for Erick Strickland. But they’ve sent a few to CU and now Wiscy
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