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  1. I like this a lot. Kid is betting on himself and wants to play for NU and change the culture- the culture that Baylor said we are still building and CU already has. Even if Cale doesn’t play much, he can impact the team in immeasurable ways with attitude and work ethic. I want guys here that want to be here.
  2. Well, Dirk just wrote an article with the headline: With Baylor’s addition, Jay thinking National Chanpionship… Also, my Jay alum coworkers who are big time boosters said Baylor cost 400k Not a terrible investment if he gets them a National Title
  3. Lots of sour grapes all around. Same from me. Moving on. I work with a dozen Jays and Jayskers and I’m getting it big time today. But they all se to think they are final four bound next year so this will be fun to watch….
  4. Starting to really think NIL and I won’t be getting along…. Baylor wants to showcase that he can handle the ball and initiate the offense. Nembhard (sp error but who cares) is back so he won’t start at PG. is he skilled enough at 6-6 to play PG in the big ten?? Just asking??
  5. I’ve had very positive interactions with Coach Q. Genuinely nice guy who cares a lot about his players. Wanted to put Lincoln back on the state map- I remember talking with him and he was finding out about an incoming transfer from a high school in Kansas that he thought looked like a great athlete and could play a little hoops- turned out to be Luke Reimer…
  6. He was in support of Coach Matt departing however….
  7. What happened to the coach at Lincoln North Star?? He was that school’s one and only basketball coach since it opened…
  8. I liked Doc. All of my interaction with him was very positive. I know Neal Hawks was pretty vocal about this on Twitter…seems he was not in favor of this…
  9. If it comes down to us and the Jays…I really hope he doesn’t go to CU…
  10. That pic has to be a decade ago, he looks so slow and old now…
  11. The most enjoyable win since 2014, when we also beat Wiscy during no sit Sunday
  12. I will not forget this name next year if he returns to PBA. Let’s give him a nice welcome back.
  13. Always remember him and Ubel and the two that kind of transitioned from Doc’s era to Miles. His game winner vs Iowa is vivid. RIP
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