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  1. Simply commented on one of her tweets and she replied and then I did and then she did. She also mentioned Cam is on meds for a condition and was taking them and that’s why he was a minute late, and that it won’t happen again.
  2. Ok, I exchanged a bit with the account in question and she mentioned she is coming to the Purdue game to support Cam and she’s excited about being back to Lincoln. So, who knows???
  3. I saw the account was created in 2014... but it doesn’t look like it was very active until recently...
  4. Her retweeting a fan “Cam Mack would be averaging 15 assists a game if his teammates could hit half of their layups from his passes” is telling... But I’m most alarmed with her using the eye roll emoji a lot and the #staytuned hashtag...maybe we will get an announcement this afternoon...
  5. I agree the roster will look different. But I would be very disappointed if the staff and Cam can’t get on the same page and he ends up leaving...
  6. Ok, I don’t hate Twitter. Fans tweeting and venting is part of the deal. Now, let me say, this isn’t to start a rumor. But i did find it both alarming and very note worthy to us diehards that Cam Mack’s mom is replying to fans tweets from the CU game and tweeted a picture of his son: “I wish that Cam had waited....God is still in control....” she also uses the hashtag #staytuned to a bunch of replies to fans. The general tone of her replies is she’s obviously frustrated and even addresses the benching because of being one minute late for the bus. Again, I’m not saying we’re gonna get a press release like Samari’s, but she’s pretty upset and you know she’s talking to Cam. lets hope emotions have calmed down, most of her tweets and replies happened around 3am Central time...
  7. No offense taken. I work with 5 CU alums that go to the games and are more than just an average fan. i guess they thought with Krampl leaving and Epperson rehabbing (before he got hurt) they were in for a rebuilding year. Let’s not forget Zegarowski went from a guy who was decent to playing like his hair is on fire. Some of their sentiment came from their perception of being severely undersized, especially for the Big East. Frankly, I don’t care about CU. I just know I’m buying the office donuts Monday...
  8. Well fellas, this sucks. I work with a bunch of CU Alums in Omaha and work won’t be fun on Monday. I will just say this. Somewhere, somehow, Nebraska male athletes don’t compete with as much fire as other schools. I know that’s a big generalization, but look at Marcus Zegarowski and Shereef Mitchell. Those guys are playing 120% full out offensively and defensively. Their effort can’t be questioned. Most of our guys look like they’d rather go back to the “just got done with the scrimmage now waiting for Rick Ross to perform” memory. You can say it’s a transition year or a rebuilding year all you want, but that doesn’t mean the players should come out tucked and defeated within the first few minutes. My CU alum coworkers all told me this was a massive rebuilding year for CU, I think they only have 7 available scholarship players today. i didn’t expect to win, but I did expect more effort and fight.
  9. Someone ask Heady who else he’s heard is unhappy!! Let’s get them happy!!
  10. This sucks as I thought he had a lot of upside and great shooting range...
  11. What the F? If he leaves now does it preserve his redshirt and this year counts as his “sit out” year???
  12. He also has been retweeting pictures and posts from the Husker basketball account about the games in the Cayman Islands and Acc challenge, AFTER he changed his profile pic...
  13. I would honestly take not winning a conference game (could actually happen anyway) if it meant we whooped CU by 20 on Omaha. That would be glorious.
  14. That Japanese guy can’t get here soon enough- maybe a poor man’s Trae Young??? One can only hope...
  15. Purdue, Indiana, Ohio St, and Maryland all looked very impressive. Michigan and Michigan State both got kicked, but will be plenty tough for us to beat
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