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  1. I'm not sure he could execute like this in college
  2. Sophomore PG John Mitchell from Creighton HS is averaging 33.6 a game.
  3. Encouraging to see him getting minutes when Al Horford is playing but that's Horford's job until he is traded. Actually it seems to be beneficial for Roby to have Horford on the team as Roby gets playing time when Horford isn't available which has been often. Roby's contract next year isn't guaranteed and the year after that is a team option; however he seems to be proving he provides value not only on the court but as a contract for a team with luxury tax problems. Seems like a guy who will be in the league for the next couple of years.
  4. I hope Doc and Bobby Lutz have managed to avoid this.
  5. What seems to have happened is that Yvan got covid, we thought we had it under control given testing and then more people got Covid. Looking at the 17 day break that is required plus caution, I wouldn't expect us to play again before Penn St on Jan 30th unless we got in a rescheduled game on Jan 27th or so.
  6. OKC was 99.6% to lose with 4:40 left. They end up pulling it out in OT. Roby had 14 and 4 but watched OT from the bench as he fouled out.
  7. What schematically should we try to change during this break?
  8. FWIW vs top 100 opponents - stats with and without Teddy on the court. This seems to state that we're pretty bad on defense regardless whether Teddy is on the court. Without him offensively we're lost. To me this makes sense when you try to answer the question of 'who do you bring in for Teddy?' because the answer, assuming McGowens and Banton are on the court, isn't anyone who has been scoring against good teams.
  9. It's somewhat paradoxical that Teddy is leading the team in eFG% and TS% while also dominating on usage. (not counting the Doane game nor Walker's 5-7 on the year) Typically you'll see guys that aren't shooting nearly enough who hit them at a high percentage and it's not the case with us. It's almost counterintuitive to surmise that giving guys who are shooting poorly more shot attempts will make our offense better. I don't exactly know if it's more about the team embracing that Teddy is going to shoot a ton and that leads to open shots or if it's Teddy embracing passing the
  10. It wasn't this clean but last night it was mainly a Walker-Stevenson timeshare at the 5 and a Mayen-Thor timeshare at the 4.
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