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  1. One guy to keep an eye on: tore his labrum and sat out his senior year. Back for another year and has reclassed to 2021 https://phenomhoopreport.com/2021-63-christian-wright-reminding-everyone-about-his-game/
  2. Whitt is going to be a good player and we don't require everyone to be a shooter but it's somewhat surprising to me when we target PGs who aren't known for shooting. I have the same sort of thoughts about the PF out of Texas we're recruiting. Feels like the play here is to see/hope that Elijah Wood is a serviceable PG and concentrate on 2022 for that position. If Wood doesn't work out, which often happens with the last guy recruited, then we can fill that with someone for 2021. (We have an offer out for a JUCO guy) At this point should probably concentrate on one of
  3. It's possible that we opt to play teams at this tourney and cancel some of our other non-cons.
  4. If he had signed here the first thing I would have wondered was who was getting cut which while it might make your team better it also could tear it apart.
  5. Feels like taking Elijah Wood basically made it impossible to land Whitt when he all of a sudden decided to commit mid-semester. Pros and cons to filling all your scholarships.
  6. Father went to Wake Forest and it was a no-go with Danny Manning there. Enter Steve Forbes. Between that change and having an available schollie that's all she wrote.
  7. Carter Kingsbury is playing a prep year at Brewster Academy. Looks like he has an offer from American.
  8. We didn't make his final 3. Illinois in the running.
  9. Based on scholarship availability and a visit, I'd look at Indiana as a darkhorse. I think they still have 2 open for 2020. Don't count out hometown NC State either as it looks like they have one and have a pair of freshmen PG recruits. Just off some twitter sleuthing i've done and our roster composition I like our odds.
  10. I'm down 15 because of diet. My workout effort is Pitchford-esque at best. Also, I feel like Nebraska might list me at 5'11" though I very much believe myself to be 6'
  11. I have to say I'm curious how we sign this guy for 2020 without a scholarship. Assuming that isn't an issue it's not like we have a guy at PG for 2021 besides Banton so it's definitely a position of need.
  12. Jerry Meyer's Scouting report Compared him to recent Gonzaga PG Josh Perkins
  13. It's probably because "Joe Hurtbutt" posts a lot anytime we don't land a guy we think we should get
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