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  1. I think Kent is there for the same reason Leach is: take an unemployed guy with former success on the cheap and hope it works out for your broke program. Leach it did, Kent it did not. We're not poor here so no, Ernie Kent is not coming here. Just based on how Moos hires though if he ever did have to hire someone it would probably be a Thad Matta type guy...someone unemployed with past success
  2. Compare and contrast what happened here with Moos last year with what happened in Washington St https://www.cougcenter.com/wsu-cougars-basketball/2017/5/2/15525304/ernie-kent-contract-roll-over-bill-moos The article goes on to tell how Moos is basically full of it. If Miles was Eric Piatkowski he would have received a muliyear extension had his contact been allowed to dwindle down in the first place
  3. hhcmatt

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    I like how Tim "Doland Native" Miles has South Dakota street cred
  4. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    Mike Boynton was an assistant with Underwood at South Carolina under Frank Martin and then under...Underwood at Stephen A Austin and Okie St before OSU named him head coach. You'll see similar style that we faced playing Illinois so we will be fairly prepared for their pressure. They have much better rim protection with freshman shot blocking machine who averages around 18 minutes a game. We'll probably see plenty of small ball action with 6'7" F Cameron McGriff sliding to center
  5. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    Indiana transfer Curtis Jones should be eligible for this one
  6. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    Depending on where they are it might not be a bad price. The two I bought from ticketmaster were $80 each
  7. Posting that Moos is in trouble for tampering with Mark Few is very different similar stuff.
  8. I see someone has posted the Shim-Shams in lieu of Minnesota highlights
  9. hhcmatt

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    Football might be different but that was over a full year from when the injury occurred.
  10. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    This is in no way a semi-neutral site. KenPom notes that for trying to decide how much home court advantage to dole out. I think maybe a game in Omaha might get that treatment. Maybe not. NET doesn't have "semi-neutral" so it's a neutral game for the committee.
  11. hhcmatt

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    I personally have 3 votes in for Sek. DO BETTER GUYS
  12. hhcmatt

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    Last but not least we wanted to boost our strength of schedule
  13. hhcmatt

    The Top 25 thread

    Thanks I knew i was playing with fire not sorting them by year first
  14. hhcmatt

    The Top 25 thread

    Ranking of Seasons by AP appearances 1990-91 - 13 1993-94 - 7 1965-66 - 4 2014-15 - 2 1994-95 - 2 2018-19 - 1 1991-92 - 1 1977-78 - 1 1949-50 - 1 It seem very probable that if we beat Okie St that we won't lose again in 2018 and will end up being ranked for another 3 weeks which would tie us with the 65-66 team with 4 weeks being ranked.