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  1. I would think of the NIL stuff as lifting restrictions placed specifically on college athletes, not as some sort of additional benefit.
  2. This isn't exactly accurate This is a response from the "power 5". All the conference released the same statement The "Autonomous Power 5" deal come from 2015
  3. Regional Final for the first time since 2007 for a squad picked to finish around 6th in the B1G. Remarkable outcome.
  4. You'll find that if you go to the verbal commits page on a guy it will often link his twitter account. It doesn't seem like a great idea to focus on that sort of stuff here though as we've all have seen the bad side of social media.
  5. Weird, we didn't make him try on 3 different uniforms.
  6. Here is hoping it turns out as well as your salsa
  7. Opendorse has 20+ college clients and counting. Lot of other schools are doing their own thing. At the end of the day, NIL is a selling point like the arena or the fanbase...it's something that the coaching staff has at its disposal for selling a kid on why they should come here. The NIL stuff is nice but at the end of the day It's the combination of Fred and Matt that has all these kids here.
  8. Doc, getting the news at his vacation house
  9. Really neither have anything to do with one another because either would happen without the other; that doesn't mean they can't enhance each other. The dead period ended on Tuesday so we were always going to gear up to have visits in June. The NIL era starts in July so opendorse was going to gear up for that. Thus, Opendorse and Nebraska talking up their relationship this week makes a lot of sense.
  11. FWIW we are at our limit for 2022 scholarships though we have shown we're willing to sign +1.
  12. There is a 3x3 circuit and these guys play on it. At one point the US team was ranked #1 in the world and they won the 2019 FIBA cup. King was the one name I didn't recognize as a 3x3 guy. He replaced Canyon Barry (aka Rick Barry's kid) who was out with a back injury.
  13. 'Chicken or the egg ' can be used as a metahpor used to describe a situation where it's undetermined which of two things is either the cause or the effect. The success of either the football or basketball teams is mostly unrelated; the thread title doesn't work.
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