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  1. I do not know the ins and outs of NCAA or conference rules so what would stop Nebraska from a televised scrimmage vs itself? Vs Nebraska Wesleyan? The statement above says that they're in on the B1G 10 which is absolutely the right short term and probably long term move. What is allowable in that framework?
  2. Did anyone at Nebraska other than Frost say that they wanted to play football, which is the same thing that Ohio St's coach stated?
  3. Have to think a big part of the issue with Cam is that you're looking a guy who has used his redshirt so potentially he's sitting a year and then only has one year left. TBH Prairie View is a good place because it gives him a great opportunity to get that waiver moving close to home. Cam's academics appear to be in good shape so I'd assume he's easily a grad transfer after one more year of college. If the NCAA or his league suspends their basketball season then he's looking at the possibility of being a grad transfer with 2 years left. He might find he likes it at Prairie View. Who knows. The guy has the only triple-double in program history. He's certainly talented but you have to wonder if that will ever translate into a team with him as the focal point winning. Hopefully he finds the right situation and we'll both be better off for it.
  4. I do not miss this aspect of the Cam Mack experience
  5. This conference has a pretty clear track record for not kicking out schools that have committed actual atrocities so 'unsanctioned football' seems like it wouldn't be a deal breaker
  6. Why can't Nebraska football play a series of exhibition matches? Would they need to clear that with the NCAA.
  7. Furman has replaced Penn at the thanksgiving tourney
  8. To start off this there is no rule against it. When Grant Gibbs got his extra year of eligibility, Greg McDermott paid for Doug to go to school. Given how much Gibbs brought to the team and how much their winning effects his future contract, it was almost like an investment in himself. Most any of us would have done the same thing in the same situation. More power to him. Thus it's more about how motivated you would be to pay for your kid to go to school. Dwayne Wade has all the money in the world. He can afford to send Zaire to Marquette or any school with the same amount of financial inconvenience many here might experience buying a sandwich. Paying for his kid to play at Marquette isn't going to guarantee meaningful playing time. If his son earns a scholarship there, darn right he should get it. Now, they're full on schollies and they need one more for a situation that will benefit the team he's invested in and his son attends? Sure.
  9. Instagram stories only last for 24 hours but Stevenson had one up of video from a practice. FWIW I thought it looked like him driving to the basket but I can't 100% confirm that.
  10. This would be the season for McCaffery to earn a 10 year extension that they don't need to give him.
  11. IMO, he hit this out of the park. nailed the buzzer beater
  12. After his HS senior year at Michigan his best and maybe his only offer was D-2.
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