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  1. I enjoy the 1620 PSAs at the beginning of every track informing you that 1620 is a radio station!
  2. This was all predicated by Bahe leaving, 1620 needing to put someone in that spot, and I wonder if Mike'l wanted to go back to mornings and/or work along side a co-host. I liked having a 'basketball guy' on in Bahe so Sharp I think works pretty well there. (what about him when Kent decides to retire, btw) I think Mike'l and Damon will find a groove there after a while and as I like both of their work I'm sure the sum of their parts will work fine for me. I also like listening to Jake and Sip. I really only listen to pods of the show so I rarely listen to anything broadcast during the afternoon because it's old news by the next day. The one thing I would go back and listen to would be basketball practice observations and until further notice that isn't happening.
  3. Please don't change that shot Thanks, The Nick Fuller Foundation for guys who had their shots broken in college
  4. Former Lincoln High star who is the grandson of Albert Maxey. Albert is in the Nebraska Basketball HOF and played for Jerry Bush http://www.huskers.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&ATCLID=211806415
  5. He reportedly watches a lot of game tape and cuts that up for Hoiberg in addition to some of the DOBO stuff that needed to be done before Luca got here. Is he involved with practice or any development training?
  6. Boiling Doc down to a winning percentage seems like a disservice given how well known he is. It's common knowledge that he's an excellent defensive coach and a below average recruiter which can be backed up by his KenPom numbers and the fact that none of the guys he recruited (at least at Nebraska) sniffed the NBA. Doc's strengths of defense, experience, and ability to take some of the microscope off of Hoiberg makes him a pretty complementary coach to the staff that otherwise seems that it should be good on the offensive side and in recruiting.
  7. Easley led the team in scoring for the last game Charlie Easley 15; Dachon Burke 12; Shamiel Stevenson 11; Thorir Thorbjarnarson 11; Kevin Cross 10; Haanif Cheatham 8; Samari Curtis 7; Dalano Banton 6; Jervay Green 4
  8. Putting up 22 points per quarter
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