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  1. Where did Kevin Cross play this year?
  2. To be clear, that amount of blame wasn't/isn't much. Guys transfer was the point.
  3. I am assigning about the same about of blame to the coaching staff about Mack and Burke, two starters with eligibility, transferring out as I did with Ed Morrow and Michael Jacobson.
  4. I assume he'll transfer somewhere closer to home and apply for a hardship waiver
  5. Not much there offensively but one of the best shot blockers in the country
  6. Just me looking at things today Mack is almost certainly gone but it's technically not impossible for him to be back. There is also the possibility that he could be ineligible if he hires an agent. Seems like Thor and Yvan will return. It's possible that guys who have verbally committed here might decide to uncommit. It's possible that guys who redshirted last year could then decide to transfer. This part of our roster seems pretty solid. That leaves Cross, Arop, and Easley as any of them could decide this isn't the place for them or they could have coaches tell them they should think about playing somewhere else. Zero idea what any of these guys might do but just wanted to lay it all out there. ATM we're at one open spot. If Mack is indeed gone, it's 2.
  7. Don't know about the rest of you..but any time we can renew a meeting between the Huskers and anyone the Big 8 (outside of Colorado and Mizzou) I'm excited! https://journalstar.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/nebraska-kansas-state-to-renew-basketball-series-later-this-year/article_c9b6f46d-61e0-5f17-b229-9e62ae579e23.html
  8. Read a preview about South Alabama's coach Richie Riley and he was described as Hoiberg-esque in terms of attracting transfers. I think he'll do well there.
  9. One of the discouraging things about this year was that his roster was flipping every year. I guess we'll see what happens when we have foundation as we will at least have a core set of players that know how this is supposed to work
  10. If you have visions of a towel you're thinking of Bill Walker
  11. His algorithm doesn't have Stevenson or Walker in the top 10 players for Nebraska.
  12. Lowest end of the year ranking in KenPom history even after 2000 Danny Nee was added
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