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  1. That's a very good question that I don't have the answer to. I'd assume with so many guys transferring and so many coaches changing jobs that there have been denials. Will Thomas Allen, Nana, or Amir request waivers and if so will they be granted?
  2. Here is a list of guys who have been granted waivers this year and some research into the possible reason for why Yellow Highlight = Team fired the coach Red line = Obviously moving closer to home Blue line = Seems like injury played a part Red Question mark = technically closer to home but not really close to home Black Question mark = Nothing publicly obvious I think you have to have lived or grown up within 100 miles of a school for the NCAA to consider it a move closer to home so those red question marks are probably more like black question marks and thus Stevenson now being closer to Toronto than he was in Reno has probably no effect. At the end of the day it's probably him having been through two coaching changes in a year and maybe not playing much in 2018-19 as well.
  3. I believe that is a reflection of how much the speed of the game has increased since Hoiberg last coached. The shot clock went from 35 to 30 starting at the 2015-16 season and that has sped up the game.
  4. Check out the projected Tempo of the team and contrast it with the last 20+ years of Nebraska Basketball. Computers are projecting baseline to baseline!
  5. It didn't take him very long to commit to Nebraska after visiting here. We had him figured out before any other Power 5 schools and he pulled the trigger. When he decommitted from us had become a known commodity that schools knew they had missed out on. On top of you have his brother in 2022 who already has Power 5 offers so schools would still be in contact with the Davis family. In terms of someone being in his ear, which current coach here was keeping up with Davis? I'd put a lot more weight into Michael Lewis no longer being here as opposed to anyone else pulling him away.
  6. There is a difference between losing a big recruit and losing a big recruit in a position of need and this was the former. Thing might look real different if Davis (and his brother) end up being NBA players but right now we have a guy in Donovan who on paper is similar in what position Davis was going to play. Instead of having two of those guys in the class of 2020 we're looking at one with the chance to fill in with a necessary post player. While both Miles and Hoiberg's staffs can/could recruit, Hoiberg has proven to be able to rapidly recruit players. I think all of this goes towards the general lack of fretting over this decommit.
  7. His brother is Daniel Mading whom Miles offered back in the day and who will be in Lincoln for our home opener with UC Riverside
  8. We didn't offer. Looks like an Iowa lean
  9. Reclassified to 2019, going to Virginia Tech
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