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  1. Getting him on campus will be half the battle as Michigan St seems to think they have him 90% of the way into the boat
  2. More like he will be. Dawson is a 2021 graduate who has re-classed and SCA is basically a prep school. Jaxon transferred in from Utah for his senior year. https://www.prephoops.com/2021/07/showcase-by-the-beach-top-2021-prospects/
  3. Tired: Basketball Genes Wired: Basketball Jeans
  4. Green clocking in at 19 on this list. Traudt at 6.
  5. Of course we're going to go see this guy Seems unlikely we'll offer Lawrence with they way our scholarships look right now but you never know.
  6. Aden Holloway would probably be the highest rated PG we've ever landed but it's not someone we've even offered. Is it because we don't offer high level recruits or because we're pragmatic in our recruiting approach?
  7. Something that got auto-enabled on the site. I will remove, thanks for letting me know.
  8. At this time top 30 in Georgia is more apt than top 30 in the country. Saw that Marquette recently reached out. If he doesn't pan out it's not like we're in need to fill scholarships or lacking in other offers.
  9. I'm holding out for the @basketballjones Tonje post
  10. You know we're going to hit him up
  11. To be fair, the traffic between Omaha and Lincoln is brutal on Saturdays
  12. As long as no one is trying to give him an atomic wedgie while yelling CAN'T STAND US!
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