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  1. hhcmatt

    2019 PF Zane Meeks

    6'9" on an unofficial from Brewster. Some Armon Gates action. POST PLAYER ALERT
  2. hhcmatt


    18-9 Others receiving votes (29th)
  3. hhcmatt

    College hoops corruption case

  4. hhcmatt

    One-and-Done Going Away?

    Turner said the league will not pursue those players who have already committed to colleges, but the professional path would be an alternative to those prospects who make a choice on their own to decommit. Turner also said the G League will be selective with the players they look to bring into the program -- with a strong emphasis on character and readiness to join a pro league. It looks like they will try to keep people from waffling between the G-League and NCAA. In theory it will steer some of the guys who want to be paid a lot to play out of the NCAA. (The G-League wouldn't pay a guy like Elbert Robinson to go there but someone in the $EC might) One and done factories like Kentucky and Duke will need to change their strategies.
  5. hhcmatt

    Charity Game?

    Long running joke that you can just make up anything that happens at a secret scrimmage
  6. hhcmatt

    Charity Game?

    If it helps we got out to a big lead in the scrimmage but held on as Iowa St came firing back with some 3s in a high scoring event. Also, Michael Jacobson has a new futon.
  7. hhcmatt

    Charity Game?

    You should either try and hide in the Coliseum before Sunday or else try and pull some Hilton Magic
  8. Just tracing back through this thing - These might not all be in chronological order Originally had G'Town, TCU, Nebraska, and Northwestern in his final 4. He adds Minnesota to his list. According to G'Town message board they first had him in for an unofficial when it could have been an official...slow playing a bit. TCU seems full on schollies Nobody mentioned it/knew but we and Northwestern went and watched him on Sept 14th. That was before anyone had committed for 2019. We sign MAW and JG, down to two open schollies Takes an official to Minny Northwestern signs F Robbie Beran and F Jared Jones We sign Arop, down to 1 schollie Sunday, Oct 14 Virginia Tech hosts YG on an official. They have a lot of schollies to fill. He commits 3 days later. Four thoughts 1. Us backing down because of Arop and having most of our schollies filled ATM seems plausible 2. Even in this time and day does Virginia Tech swooping in and grabbing a guy seems fishy? 3. Seems like a kid that could de-commit if VT recruits over him 4. Georgetown or Minnesota probably could have landed this kid if he was a priority
  9. hhcmatt

    FBI Ramification

    There isn't at this time. There is some stink on Duke as they got a guy who allegedly was asking for money but you can look at Michigan St as a school as a school that Bowen could have gone to that wasn't going to pay him.
  10. hhcmatt


    I put our schedule into our calendar. You can actually RSVP to the event if you choose.
  11. hhcmatt

    College hoops corruption case

    Miles was quoted in that column
  12. hhcmatt

    2019 SF David Roddy

    Doesn't look like he's coming here
  13. hhcmatt

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I added this to the first post but here are the downloads for the 2018-19 schedule for any calendar program/app Download ICS file to import into your calendar - this is probably what you want How do I get this thing into my personal calendar? Subscribe to the calendar (will only work with a windows calendar program)
  14. So....the next guy, huh.