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  1. Please do not post off topic videos on this site, especially those of the conspiracy variety. We're already veering off into the weeds here so at the very least be able to do so using your own words.
  2. Do you have a cord long enough to reach Memorial Stadium?
  3. Is that code for 'flip phone owners'? Nebraska should most definitely offer paper tickets to those after the season
  4. I thought about expanding into this. If you're a warm weather school it's something you should explore.
  5. The modern day 80s duo of Henry and Oates selling their version of One on One
  6. It's starting to become apparent that in terms of gathering that your risk for spreading Covid is greater inside than outside, which makes sense. Assuming a season happens, I think we'll find that Nebraska either limits or doesn't sell any tickets because selling them as usual is inviting people to congregate in an enclosed area which increases the potential for an outbreak. Football with its outdoor seating seems like more of a possibility in terms of fan attendance in some form.
  7. Here is to an uneventful 90 calendar days
  8. 'Juke Lungers' seems like a great NCAA Dynasty video game recruit name, especially if he ends up at the new school in Tombstone
  9. There's all sorts of stuff I can do with it really. I think my hangup has been that I've been thinking of this in terms of it being double work when in fact I think I might be able to somewhat avoid that. I still need to noodle on it.
  10. I think I have tagged every offer for 2022. https://huskerhoopscentral.com/tags/2022/ I know I can go beyond that for organizing but I'm not sure I can do so in a sustainable manner. For example, this is me spinning up the very old recruiting database thing most people never knew about. https://huskerhoopscentral.com/recruiting/nebrasketball-2022-23-recruits/ Basically it is a way to organize recruits more like a recruiting database while also tying in our commentary. I just don't know how useful and/or necessary this is.
  11. Occasionally I run into Doc and for whatever reason I'm still star struck by the guy and never know what to say. I think I need to think of the right sort of question to ask him about Ping.
  12. I don't think Standy and Neiman played together. I think Neiman was from Northern Germany and he thought that Standhardinger was 'a weirdo from the southern black forest area' or something like that. Sort of funny how we tend to think that if guys are from the same country they get along when they might have less in common than they do with their non-countrymen.
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