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  1. The head scratching thing about the notion of Chucky transferring is the y he's a guy with a Badger tattoo that isn't in the transfer portal
  2. Holy crap I hope this guy really likes Brice because dang he checks a lot of boxes in what we want to run
  3. The boos for Chucky are originating from the student section.
  4. I think this season is his extra covid year. Seems like he'd be eligible for a medical redshirt as well. The thing that really jumps out to me is that he takes 3s and last season even made them at a 39.4% clip. He's probably more like a 33-35% guy. If he can stay healthy, he's potentially a better fit than Kyle or Payne. "If he can stay healthy" carrying a lot of weight, literally and metaphorically.
  5. We can hide guys in our quasi zone. Considering how the buzz is that we're unlikely to land him, I was more curious how he's going to look in someone's man to man.
  6. Can't say I watched much UNO basketball. How is Fidler defensively?
  7. This is the same "Tang is flying to Arkansas" account
  8. Shall we get back on track? Frankie goes to Lansing
  9. There are legs to the NIL money they put together that is pretty good for them but notably less than what we're offering
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