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  1. For post season purposes, I'm looking for Nebraska to win at least 1 out of the 2 games with Creighton/Kansas St with Creighton being the better one to win on multiple levels.
  2. The reputations thing is subjective in use and meaning.
  3. By default the bell icon changes at the top whenever the reputation button gets pressed for a post one makes. You can turn this off by pressing on the little bell icon, choosing notification settings, and setting Reactions to (no notification list)
  4. Good eye. Looks like he has retired from on the court reffing - https://www.aseaofblue.com/2023/5/23/23733843/john-higgins-retires-on-court-officiating
  5. Doubt there would be that much action on this game to tilt it one way or the other and you're right about John Q Jaysker. We'll see what Vegas spits out on Saturday night.
  6. 1976-77 Media guide, referred to as "NU Sports Center Arena" 1977-78 Media guide is where it was referred to as "NU Sports Complex Arena"
  7. From what I can tell at some point someone fat fingered the letter on the season by season records and eventually when they re-did the coaches by winning percentage instead of year they used the incorrect abbreviation. To me the bigger mystery is when did William Gordon Kline pass away? He was actually a law professor who ended up coaching and then wrote some sports books in the 1930s. After that, doesn't seem to be any record of him in part because he didn't have any kids. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_G._Kline
  8. At least 49 years. In 1974-75 media guide, under the list of coaches he's W.G. Kline. Under seasons, he's W.E. Kline.
  9. Probably more like opening at 2 and going from there depending on action. Both KenPom and Bartorvik have the game with Creighton as a 1 point favorite and the Vegas Lines tend to mirror that. In that regard, the result of the Jay's game vs Oklahoma St could potentially move that line if the result is unexpected.
  10. The record is 696 in 1991 in 34 games. That's 20.4 per game! All of our assist records per year were between 1983 and 1986 and I'd attribute that to style. A few things likely contributed to this and @Norm Peterson I think this is where making more shots mattered. For the Moe Iba teams, it was having Dave Hoppen from 1983-86 (and Brian Carr starting in 1984). In 1986 two things happened: The 3pt line was officially introduced and Danny Nee became the head coach. Nee ran a high pass, 2pt centric offense and the 3pt line would open up more space for easier makes. Nee's teams would often be among the top 20 for assists in the coutnry. If we make a post season run there is a chance we can crack the top 10 just by playing 34+ games.
  11. I'd attribute it to more passing as opposed to more shots made given our assist/basket made% is currently at an all-time high for the Hoiberg era I'd also attribute it to us taking more 3pt shots as the vast majority of 3pt shots as the majority of our shots come with a shooter set to receive a pass. Us making more shots and/or the home scorer tending to be more generous might account for slight increases in total volume.
  12. Through 7 Lawrence - 23 Coleman - 20 Mast - 20 Williams - 17
  13. The cap on eFG% is 150% because a 3pt make counts as 1.5 makes. Thus your nitpick is more like 43.9% because his FG% is 56.1%.
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