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  1. i'll circle back on this on Thursday as i'm on vacation. GBR!
  2. DONU should have kicked in the money they saved with Fred's contract renegotiation
  3. I hope he has a great career starting this year!
  4. A lot of times you can recruit a kid by saying we need your help to get better. Today we just saw what happens when you can't land a guy who would be happy to come here because realistically the FH era has been a trainwreck and there is no guarantee it can or will improve.
  5. Good players can be high maintenance. One of the points to hiring Fred Hoiberg is that he should have the gravitas to handle personalities as needed. Otherwise we might as well save some money by hiring some Pat Chambers type and try to make the NIT this decade.
  6. Assuming that Trey graduates, he'd be able to grad transfer without sitting a year if that's what he wanted.
  7. Generally speaking the answer is no. Assuming that one wants to acquire players with NIL deals/money as an incentive, one still needs to build a relationship with a future recruit.
  8. You can't just 'cut' a guy who signed here as a freshman. Not sure if that applies to someone like Tominaga who was a transfer.
  9. He very well might end up somewhere else but it's legit real.
  10. Let's say the following three things happen - Mayen and/or McGowens want to play another year - Scheierman picks Nebraska - No other scholarship players leave We could essentially cut Mayen and/or McGowens and they would have to find another school. If it's a business, it's a business.
  11. NIL is keeping guys who might normally go pro somewhere in college
  12. Chicago connection with DePaul, Kentucky, and Nebraska
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