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  1. We probably have 1-3 Quad 1 games in the non-conf. If we're good enough to win 5+ of these Quad 1 games, it seems probable that we would get to 20+ wins unless we're just madly inconsistent the entire year.
  2. Yeah a definitive answer for win totals is pointless but we can do better than just shrug and say who knows. Given the years of data we have from fields since 1985 we generally know the bounds for Power 5/6 teams in terms of Wins-Losses for making the tournament as an at-large. 2006 Alabama made the tourney with a 17-14 record. Virginia Tech in 2010 and their 23-8 record did not make the tournament. It's almost a certainty that the Power 5/6 teams that make up the 10-12 seeds in this year's tournament will have between 17 and 23 wins. It's my contention that given what should be a poor non-conference schedule we will need to be in the range of 21-23 wins that as always depends on which of the teams on your schedule you beat.
  3. Put me down for 11 gazillian on the unders
  4. Given our recently released schedule seems a valid exercise to project how many wins it will take us to get into the NCAA tournament.
  5. It was about what i expected. I didn't retweet it because i didn't want to rile anyone up for no good reason.
  6. Rivals currently only has a top 100 for 2021 right now. CH currently is not on the list.
  7. They played 6-7 guys a game and lost the top 4
  8. If we beat Creighton and Georgia Tech in the non-con then 10-10 in conference will probably do the trick unless the conference is having one of those down years.
  9. Maybe he's not still there but I saw a recent social media post of Cheatham in Florida working out.
  10. We will play 3 of these 7 teams during the tournament 30 New Mexico St. 89 South Florida 92 Loyola Chicago 143 George Mason 168 Old Dominion 202 Colorado St. 251 Washington St.
  11. I, season ticketholder and fan of the team making the NCAA tournament, care. At the end of the day having a schedule where you have to win a bunch of games in conference because you didn't play anyone during the non-conference plays out the same as having to win a bunch of games in conference because you lost to someones.
  12. Bartovik pre-season rankings 32 @ Creighton 67 @Georgia Tech 206 Southern Utah 238 Texas A&M Corpus Chris 239 North Dakota 254 UC Riverside 312 South Dakota St. 353 Southern
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