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  1. Minnesota has officially Hoiberged their roster
  2. This is the VSOP edition of Remy Martin
  3. Brother of former NBA player Shareef Abdur-Rahim
  4. Bryce shooting at 2:48:30, 3:16. Following in the footsteps of Ryan Anderson, who once finished 2nd to Kevin Durant in a 3pt shooting competition. Also good lord Chet Holgrem is 7 foot of arms and legs.
  5. Jack was more of a big guard than a stretch 4. He was typically the 3 when he was playing his sophomore year. KenPom likes him more than Lat due to his low Turnover rate and foul rate
  6. It is, some of the best in town.
  7. In accordance with Robert's Rules of Order we have achieved a Quaran
  8. I'd say this was the part of the iceberg of one of these guys leaving the team that was over the surface of the water.
  9. I'd expect Lat to be gone and playing pro by 2023 in Australia. Very well could be sooner.
  10. Finally, I think his father is former Nebraska Wesleyan player Abdullah McPherson who played Juco ball at Nebraska Western CC
  11. He's also been to 4 schools in 5 years. I know it's his first day as a commit but probably can be added to the goes section of the who goes and stays 2022 thread. I will say that you can get a feel about guy by reading through everything they have online and FWIW it feels like McPherson could work his way into a few meaningful minutes at some point.
  12. That Christ the King team was loaded. Also there was current Memphis Tiger and future NBA player Moussa Cisse as well as Tyson Walker, the guard that we and everyone else tried to get via transfer this spring who ended up at Michigan St.
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