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  1. Was there a timeline about when McGowens might make an announcement?
  2. As long as Sadler isn't compelled the day before the start of the season to warn us we're going to suck again, I shall consider the optimism to be valid!
  3. Stevenson's numbers at Pitt seem to indicate he's an above average rebounder
  4. We would still be recruiting McGowens if Whitt committed here and we were part of the Hunter Sallis sweepstakes.
  5. Everyone is at some point an asshole. We're talking about whether or not Chambers is a tremendous asshole. In July it was revealed that Rashad Bolton transferred because Chambers was an asshole. Penn State started talking to everyone as a school like Penn State should have at least one sport in which it further investigates and it turns out that the guy who shoved Myles Dread during a game is a raging asshole per many former players and assistants. Seems pretty apparent he's in the neighborhood of the Bobby Knight/Woody Hayes zone of behavior without being in the zipcode of their
  6. I actually screamed out loud when I read he resigned.
  7. West's videos are the most remarkable I've seen in a while because they're just him scoring and scoring and scoring. Dude is a walking bucket but as a 6'1" guard maybe put in a bounce pass to a teammate once and a while.
  8. We have approximately 41 offers out for our currently 6 open spots in 2022-23
  9. Names also omitted: Ted Buckets Theo Buckets Theodore Basketmaker
  10. If you included transfers I think it would be Isaac Copeland.
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