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    Team Photo

    Would it be possible to see this "team photo" of which you speak? Does it show the knees, and are they all bending in the proper way?
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    Is Anyone Out There

    I'm still around! [emoji4] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    Some Changes

    You can customize any view you want Customize as you see fit. This is how I would do it Finally make it your default Actually you can just share a stream so if you're logged in you can click on this link and add it to your streams https://huskerhoopscentral.com/discover/10/
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    Uni Swag

    Pinstripes, huh? I'd like them better if adidas had fully committed and gone with a red pinstripe, rather than gray which blends in way too much. Also, like everyone else I think the cream script 'Huskers' unis are far and away our best look and should be our primary kit.
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    Uni Swag

    I thought these were really cool.