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    Jacob Padilla

    Is it time to start Brady?

    That argument would hold more weight if so many of his fouls weren't moving screens or silly reach-ins. That's just stuff he has to clean up no matter what position he's playing.
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    2019 Signes

    My post was primarily about the 2019 signees, and how they will fit in the scheme of things, along with the 4 new players fitting in the rooster....that's what the thread is about .....2019 Signes
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    Handy Johnson

    An Omen...

    I couldn’t get the $3 out of my pocket fast enough. That’s back when I was a student & had court side seats for five long years...
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    Norm Peterson

    Rarefied Air

    @HolyBobpilgrimage Been going to the games for close to 5 decades. Been a season ticket holder since 1991-92. And you're so right in the way you say the context is why this means so much. That is so true. Well said.
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    Nebraska vs. Washington State Game Thread

    Would like to see the ball in her hands at the end of a game.
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    Haiby is good. May win the game by herself.
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    2019 Recruiting

    Maybe he doesn’t wanna be close to home anymore?
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    Scouting the CBE

    Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a bit short.
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    Pot calling the kettle black.... https://www.bigeastcoastbias.com/2018/11/15/18097730/game-recap-gavitt-games-weird-basketball-poor-officiating-the-creighton-loss-to-ohio-state-story Then, like the tinder date, the flaws started to come out. Jefferson got penalized for his second foul of the contest. You found out your date was your cousin. Alexander got his second foul as well. You found out your date wants to continue the date regardless of the new information. The offense went from stale to non-existent. You remember the story of your cousin’s unrepentant rage from high school, which caused an ‘incident’ that forced them into a military academy in Delaware, where they were kicked out for being too ‘aggressive,’ leading to a vagabond lifestyle that turned into a series of criminal acts that are too ‘R’ rated to talk about at family dinners. Martin Krampelj got his second foul on something the refs hallucinated, a foul so out of our reality that Krampelj ended up with his ass on the floor. Your cousin then asks you for your phone number and, in a fit of panic, you give it to them.