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  1. Everyone who makes a prediction on this, either way, should disclose whether they, (i) have inside information, or (ii) are guessing, like everyone else. A guess given confidently is still unreliable.
  2. Texas has made a killing in the transfer portal.
  3. Lat is dealing with a nagging back issue. The idea for Verge is that Hoiberg’s system will develop and showcase his strengths better than ASU’s system can.
  4. Actually, Robin is paid to be a reporter—not an optimist. And he is good at reporting. He is well-informed and is reliable in the information he provides. His information today, for example, on Breidenbach’s three point shooting is fact-based (i.e., number of misses in a large quantity of shots, based on observations of an eye witness), not opinion-based. His comments on Verge are about other people’s opinions—not his own opinion (so, we might be skeptical about those opinions—but not about Robin’s reporting).
  5. "Our best player"?! Wow! That's got to be the highest optimism yet, right? Robin didn't disclose his sources. Nor did he opine on their credibility or expertise.
  6. Washut's Tunnel Talk today is very high on Alonzo Verge . . . and on Wilhelm Breidenbach.
  7. Actually, it implies we were heading in the wrong direction recently.
  8. The last sentence in this article:
  9. Gotta love this: “We're going to get this thing turned around and not only win soon, but for a long time." —Fred Hoiberg, while discussing Trev Alberts.
  10. 49r posted above Alonzo Verge's 2021 stats--"2021 Game Data." To see something impressive, run down the side-by-side columns for DR and A to see: lots of 4 to 8 defensive rebounds; and lots of 4 to 9 assists. Here's guessing that Hoiberg & Co. think they can make hay at NU out of those skills, which are Banton-esque. The free throw column is also impressive. Here's guessing Hoiberg & Co. believe a point guard's 80% free throw skill will come in handy during "foul-'em" time at the end of games--that's one clear improvement over Banton.
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