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  1. Rumor: Teddy might be getting some current Nebrasketball interest.
  2. None were very good—and I don’t know who they are.
  3. There were lots of basketball recruits on the sideline at last night’s football game: at least a half-dozen.
  4. Donovan Williams was at the game, yesterday—hanging out with the basketball team.
  5. Fred Hoiberg seems to disagree.
  6. The Hoiberg Effect at work! Pretty amazing.
  7. From the GhoperHole.com board moments ago: "These two teams look evenly matched. That might be a bad thing."
  8. Agree. This team should get better as the season progresses: the quality of the product on the court at the end of the season should be dramatically better than at the beginning, assuming reasonably good luck on injuries. That’s the direct-opposite from last year, because most of our best talent was returning.
  9. Hmmm . . . France’s population is about 67 million. Nebraska’s is about 2 million. Odds’ve gotta be on the Franks, right?
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