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  1. Agreed. The jump from Juco to major college basketball must be a big one. The most successful Jucos I’ve seen had their success in year two, after struggling in year one.
  2. Gotta love the “Palpable buzz” comment.
  3. Swan88


    Palmer had a nice game tonight. Phoenix is at it’s best when Palmer is driving and dishing. Also, Palmer had a steal with seconds left to preserve the win.
  4. Swan88


    Agree! To your point, 49r: early in his second game Roby got his fingertips on a three-point shot and immediately ran to the other end—his teammate grabbed the blocked shot and hit Roby in-stride for a lay-in. Roby didn’t even take a dribble. It was a spectacular series of events, but the announcers totally missed it because they were gabbing about something that had nothing to do with the game.
  5. Swan88


    His fouls were from aggressive defense—and one charge that could have gone either way. He played well on the defensive end of the court and created disruption for the other team. Note: James was guarding the other team’s top scorer at the end of the game when it was close and the outcome hung in the balance.
  6. I watched much of the game and didn’t realize Andrew White was involved. But White only played 4 minutes and was 0 for 1, with zeros everywhere else on the stat line.
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