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  1. Miles & Co. are playing for many things, these final days. One of those things is for their next gig. With coaching changes happening over the next couple years, demand for their services will be high—especially since they’ve produced a clean program. And the results they’ve achieved at the end of this season, with class and amid bad circumstances, will heighten the demand for their services. . . . Let the Hoiberg era of Nebrasketball begin!!!
  2. What do the top two seeds in our portion of the bracket have in common? 1. TCU 2. Creighton 3. Memphis 4. #Huskers 5. Butler 6. San Diego 7. Loyola-Chicago
  3. What a great story the Huskers have going!! I saw very little of today’s game, but I have a question for the foul-rules experts here: I saw Roby’s second foul and was sure it had been called on the Marilyn player—but it wasn’t, and the tv guys seemed to think it was the right call. Are they right? Here’s what I saw: Roby is defending the rim and is inside the low circle. The Maryland player fakes a shot, and Roby jumps straight up. The Maryland player then drives into Roby’s legs, undercutting him into a hard fall. I would have called a foul on the Maryland player—and maybe a flagrant one at that. So . . . how is that a foul on Roby?
  4. At 4.1 minutes per game over 13 games, for Mr. Chang, how deeply embedded is that mole? Aguek Arop, on the other hand, might be who the mole is talking about: averaging 14.1 minutes In 28 games and 3.1 points per game.
  5. And to get back on topic, if a kid like this believes the Mountain West is the “highest level” he can achieve as a high school recruit, then that’s where he should be: even if he proves later to deserve something higher—or doesn’t.
  6. How about this theory: 1. Colorado St. will be looking for a new head basketball coach soon; 2. Colorado St. would love to have Tim Miles back; 3. This commitment is actually to Tim Miles; and 4. The recent Nebrasketball offer to a big from Iowa Western is only nominally an offer from Nebraska—it’s actually an offer to Colorado St. What do you think?
  7. What happened to the Daum kid in the Summit league? Last year—all world. This year—crickets? Not even in the Summit semifinals—a lowest-level mid-major league. Wonder if his team could beat Nebraska’s best high school teams?
  8. So, Lichliter to Alfred to Fran. Not sure what they could have done differently. But they certainly haven’t fired their way to success. In football, at least, they’ve had stability and have been decent and competitive—though not dominant—for quite a while.
  9. I checked in on some Iowa post-game discussions. There are some fans who REALLY want their coach, and his two sons, gone.
  10. Whenever a member of a long-term team leaves, there is a loss in performance—at least for a while. We might postulate from recent history (I’m trying to sound scientific with such words—unsuccessfully, no doubt) that the long-term team of Tim Miles + Craig Smith > the shorter-term team of Tim Miles + anyone else.
  11. Can’t win at Nebraska? How many national championships do we have in football? How many national championships do we have in volleyball? How many national championships do we have in men’s gymnastics? Van Horne got us to the College World Series a couple times. And how about other sports like bowling and shooting that have produced national championships at NU? Not many schools can boast anywhere near such things, while not cheating and also performing well in academics — like record-setting Academic All American numbers. Can’t be great all the time. Sustained bad luck in basketball is an anomaly. And it’s bound to change sooner or later.
  12. Palmer was definitely fouled on his last shot. The defender made contact on his shooting arm before going vertical. Thor Tripp has the evidence. Here it is—the second video below:
  13. Anonymous posters on a message board are making a "decision" on firing a coach?! Seriously?!
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