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  1. It’s better than living the dream: he never dreamed this.
  2. I don't get it. We may be kicking the tires on this guy . . . but why would he ever choose the Huskers? Last year, he started only one game, averaged 12.8 minutes per game, and has only one year left to play. He'd ride the bench at NU--just like he did at Mississippi State. Why would he transfer to do that? He can do that next season at Mississippi State just fine. It looks like the type of player who might be interested in the Huskers, with its current roster (assuming Keisei comes back), would be someone needing to redshirt: e.g., a development project with years of eligibility left or an injured player who needs time to heal.
  3. Rivals is now showing a 100% prediction to Texas Tech.
  4. Yeah. If Sam is the main guy, the team is probably in trouble. But in a support role with great players on the court, he shines brightly.
  5. It felt awkward to me as well: the strongest focus on Raiola came during a time-out toward the end of the game, and even basketball players in the huddle were looking around for what the disruption was all about; and with a basketball recruit of Bol's stature in the house, who received no attention at all, it felt like a little shade in Bol's direction--after all, this is a basketball game and he's a basketball recruit. Now that it didn't work out with the football player either, perhaps there should have been a stronger focus on basketball recruiting that night?
  6. https://twitter.com/eemeliyalaho/status/1657960
  7. Do the eyeballs pointing to Texas Tech mean anything?
  8. Is this genuine or a joke? Does Norm have to jump in with some name calling?
  9. So . . . no late entrants into the portal from Nebrasketball? And the roster remains intact?!
  10. Remember when Delano Banton made that list only because someone scratched. Without him making that list, we would have had Delano Banton as our point guard the following season, instead of Alonzo Verge.
  11. Here are two football players the Huskers passed-on, knowingly, intentionally, and with no malice aforethought: Danny Woodhead (not big enough for NU and Frank Solich but good enough for the NFL); and Barry Sanders (Osborne figured we could take only one small running back that year and opted for Johnny Rodgers's son, instead, who promptly had a career-ending knee injury). The old adage says: "Making predictions is hard, especially about the future." There will always be prediction mistakes in choosing among high school seniors. You can never know who will suffer injury? Whose skill and physical capabilities will develop most? Etc. Identifying those mistakes in retrospect, and agonizing or casting blame over them, is a meaningless exercise in futility. These days, the better question is this: How can we identify the late bloomers, find them in the portal, and get them to be Huskers?
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