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  1. Swan88

    Mika Adams-Woods is N

    Here’s a video I hadn’t seen before:
  2. Swan88

    2018 C Brady Heiman (Platteview) - LOI

    It looks like this is the reason: “Heiman’s rapid physical gains.” On the recent photos, it looks like he’s gained considerable physical maturity.
  3. Swan88

    2018 C Brady Heiman (Platteview) - LOI

    You didn’t read the article, right?
  4. Swan88

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Maybe. But Woolridge also played his final college year (after transferring and sitting out) while Strickland was off in the pros.
  5. Swan88

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    The “Who is ‘better’” debate has a long history of being wrong. The truth is that no one knows, or can predict, how each player will turn out. And fan preferences on “better” can depend more on teams the fan roots for than on the actual skill of the players. Take, for example, the Woolridge/Strickland years. Everyone knew in high school — for certain — that Woolridge was better. But it didn’t turn out that way over the many years that followed. And those high school comparisons probably led to Woolridge transferring to Iowa, when the realities of Strickland’s capabilities became apparent during their freshman year.
  6. Swan88

    2018 C Brady Heiman (Platteview) - LOI

    As of now—Brady is not redshirting. Robin Washut explains in today’s Tunnel Talk.
  7. Swan88

    2021 PG Chucky Hepburn

    Gotta love the new effort toward Nebraska kids. This effort will have its future rewards and will elevate high school basketball in this state like nothing else can!
  8. Swan88

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    Rivals has a Mika "Forecast" as 100% Nebraska. Not sure what that means, exactly, or where/who it comes from. But it's nice to see, nonetheless.
  9. Swan88

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    According to the Omaha World-Herald, the best 2018 player in Nebraska is now playing at Nebraska: “Brady Heiman, a Nebraska signee, is the No. 1 boys basketball player in Nebraska for the 2018 class.”
  10. Swan88

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    But . . . at least half of Mika’s highlights are driving to the rim. Sometimes he’s not very close to the rim when he finishes, but that’s still a part of a drive.
  11. Swan88

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    Also . . . he had a national rank of 127 and New York State rank of 10 by Future 150. And he entered the 1,000 point club on January 6, 2017.
  12. Swan88

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    He may not play close to the rim, but he had at least three dunks in the preceding video . . . and a finger role at the rim.