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  1. Another site reports that Trev responded in the negative about another coaching search.
  2. 8:15 p.m. start times are brutal for fans who don't live in Lincoln.
  3. Didn’t see the game. But according to the box score, Walker is an important part of this team.
  4. Yeah -- not a good game for shooting percentage from the floor. But he played 36 minutes on an excellent team -- the next two highest-minutes players were at 28 minutes each. And he got to the free throw line, hitting 9 of 9.
  5. I know a non-profit guy in Omaha who has spent a lot of time in Bamako, Mail, (Blaise Keita’s hometown) and is fluent in French. Would there be any benefit in trying to make a connection there?
  6. Delano leading scorer tonight—for both teams: 27 points in 25 minutes.
  7. Here's a theory: when the Nebraska Cornhuskers are good at a sport (e.g., football in the past and volleyball more recently), Nebraska high schools produces high-level athletes--and lots of them--in that sport. So many are produced, in fact, that other schools in the region (at all levels) begin to excel by recruiting Nebraska high school players. Let's call it the "Husker Effect." No other school--anywhere--can replicate the Husker Effect. During the Tim Miles years before Bill Moos (2012-2017), Nebrasketball was on the rise and creating excitement, and the development of in-state talent resulted from the Husker Effect. Once Moos arrived and entrenched the Nebrasketball downfall, the Husker-effect subsided: eighth graders in 2017 would have been high school seniors in 2021.
  8. Sam Griesel had, in 37 minutes, 8 of 12 field goals, 1 of 2 three pointers, 5 of 6 free throws, 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 22 points.
  9. Love the defensive effort. Fought hard on the road for an entire game—and at altitude, no less. That no-foul when Winchester got elbowed in the face is puzzling—a 4-point swing.
  10. Wow! This thread suggests Hoiberg is about to be fired after the second exhibition game . . . But we’re apparently down by 7 at halftime, after being down by 10-0 at the beginning, against a team that’s supposed to return a lot of players and be pretty good? I’m confused.
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