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  1. Frost went after the brother hard. The brother said, “No.” Donovan committed to Tim Miles and told Hoiberg, “No.” Similarities? Differences? Sure on both. But it’s still two for two.
  2. His brother spurned Nebraska in favor of Wisconsin. So . . . now it’s two for two in that family.
  3. If he’d move those three point shots two feet closer to the line, he’d hit a higher percentage . . . just sayin’.
  4. One option, apparently, might be for the NCAA to follow the lead of one California college in relaxing admission requirements for the next school year.
  5. Sounds like the hold-up on Adama Sanogo reclassifying is getting the SAT taken—and that probably isn’t happening any time soon in the New York City area where he lives.
  6. This is from a news report: Griffin, a 6-foot-5 wing from Ossining, N.Y., was easily the most reliable three-point shooting options on the Illini during the 2019-20 campaign as the son of former NBA veteran Adrian Griffin knocked down 41.6 percent from beyond the arc. Unless he receives a waiver from the NCAA, Griffin, who averaged 8.9 points per game and 4.5 rebounds in just 18 minutes per contest, will have two years of eligibility remaining for any Division 1 program after he sits out the 2020-21 season.
  7. Of Wisconsin players who played in more than 10 games last season, Kobe King had the second-highest field goal percentage.
  8. I enjoyed watching Dachon Burke. Sorry to see him go. I don't understand the bagging on Kobe King. He and Burke have different games. On shooting threes, for example, King doesn’t shoot many: out of 19 games played last season, King shot two or fewer 3s in 15 of them; Burke shoots a lot of 3s: out of 29 games played last season, Burke shot four 3s or more in 17 of them.
  9. Check this five minute video from a 2020 game. Sanogo comes up big, including the last two free throws to seal the win, 17 points and 23 rebounds. And there are bunch of high-major players on the Court. Be sure to watch the end of the video for a focus on Sanogo.
  10. Here it is from a Yahoo publication: Carton stepped away from the program in January to focus on his mental health, which he said at the time just wasn’t at “100 percent right now.”
  11. About our two transfer commits:
  12. He will be only a Sophomore. Also, he came out of high school as a 6’6” point guard (he is now 6’8”) with some plaudits: “ Banton was a four-star prospect ranked No. 92 in the nation. He was the No. 15 point guard in the country, and the No. 2 prospect from the state of New York.”
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