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  1. As Walker said last night, this team is making progress. His addition is an obvious benefit. When Yvan gets back to fill in the other 14 minutes, that will help as well. Persisting through adversity and continuing to improve, amid difficult circumstances, is a very good sign.
  2. Rebounds: Ind. 41; NU 30. That’s the ballgame. Lat Mayen—5 of 9 from 3. What changed there? Did Walker’s presence help at all on this?
  3. The only time we've seen Walker play happened more than a year ago at the public scrimmage. My memory is vague on how he played in that game, which suggests he did not stand out. Anyone have a clear memory of Walker's performance in that scrimmage?
  4. What these two items say, against a talented and experienced team, is this: Doc is doing a great job on defensive planning and coaching. His plans work well for the fist half of a game--but then an opponent's talent and greater experience start to prevail over coaching as the game wears along.
  5. Keep the faith. This team is new and still finding its way. They have stretches of play that show great promise.
  6. Why are we wasting time and effort on a guy who has expressed no interest in going to Nebraska?
  7. Yeah. Mack started getting a lot of love last year . . . and then he started playing poorly.
  8. Back on the Banton subject: here's hoping his play for NU this year, and the wins produced, scream out that he is a high first-round, can't-miss pick in the NBA draft. That would be cool--for everyone involved!
  9. Saw bits and pieces of that Marquette game. Jays got up big in the first half, then they got dominated for a while. Surprised to see they kept it to a 5 points loss. Not sure the "they're a really good team" excuse is going to work for the Husker loss, as this season goes along.
  10. I now see the box score above. They had 73 shots to our 57. Yep, a 16 turnovers difference will make that happen.
  11. According to ESPN, we shot 42.3% from 3, out-rebounded them by 3, but had 25 turnovers to their 13. Does that sound about right?
  12. My stature as a first-rate and high-level talent evaluator is called into question on this board?! Who would’ve thunk it. So, I’ll appeal to authority instead: “Wilhelm Breidenbach, the top-100 recruit who signed with NU last week, “blew me away with his skill set,” Hoiberg said. Down to the granular of passing as well with his left hand as his dominant right hard. A 6-foot-10 guy who can do that — plus “pop to the top of the floor and knock down shots at a high level” — is the kind of player who fits Hoiberg’s vision and Nebraska’s style.”
  13. Nice to get the W. When we got up by 17, the play seemed to get a bit selfish on offense—and things deteriorated rapidly.
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