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  1. That’s a high degree of certainty for no inside info. As the old saying says: “prediction is hazardous, especially when it’s about the future.”
  2. Yep. It is. Even playing in mid-major and beating NW State (twice in two days) and Dixie State and Northern Arizona and Pacific. But, seriously, beating the likes of Kansas and Iowa and West Virginia and Virginia in the early season is nothing to sneeze at.
  3. You all laugh and scoff? Remember, Huskers have multiple national championships across multiple sports in multiple decades. Basketball has always underperformed, as has football of late. But the goal and standards are always high. So, again, please accept my congratulations and enjoy your successes.
  4. Getting to the 16 once and doing well in the Big East. Good for you!
  5. Two blowouts in the last four games is an extremely low standard. Congrats on your narrow victory over one mid major and a blowout of Ohio. The B1G was an embarrassment in the Tournament (hopefully Michigan can salvage some form of respect)—that standard is also WAY too low.
  6. A higher standard is preferred. Backing into the 16, and getting blown out in two of their last four games is inadequate.
  7. Get this: “Over at Xavier head coach Travis Steele also felt Wilcher had strong shooting ability when recruiting him initially. ‘C.J. is the best shooter that I saw in the class of 2020 in the entire country. C.J. can make shots from all over the floor, whether in the post, off the catch or off the dribble,’ he said when the four-star initially signed.”
  8. I would play for Coach Hoiberg & Co. any day, every day and always (if I were a skilled basketball player and a few years younger and with eligibility remaining, of course). They run a first class team. They have exceptional experience and are high character guys. They've been through the fire and come out strong. They run a meritocracy in which the best get to play and reasonable discipline is maintained. Yeah . . . I'll take that leadership--100%--over any alternative.
  9. And he has a five star younger brother, according to Washut.
  10. Is this a reverse-leaving announcement—“I’m back” at the end?
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