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  1. From the Journal Star: Roby, who averaged 11.8 points and 6.9 rebounds as a Nebraska junior, said Hoiberg has been invaluable to lean on. “He knows how this process works,” Roby said. “Me and Coach Hoiberg have a really good relationship.I was in Lincoln for two weeks working out with him before I came out to Chicago to start training. We got in the gym a lot, we got some shots up, got some work in.”
  2. From Rivals.com: COMMITMENT OF THE WEEK: Samari Curtis to Nebraska CLASS OF 2019 Fred Hoiberg has been working hard to flip Nebraska’s roster quickly and add more talent to the program. He did that this week with the commitment of former Xavier and Cincinnati commit Samari Curtis. The Ohio native is a talented scorer on the wing who can help the Huskers right away. Virginia Tech’s new staff had also been after him, with former Bearcat assistant Antwon Jackson on staff, but Nebraska was able to win out. Give it a couple more years and Hoiberg will have the Huskers right in the thick of the Big Ten race.
  3. Here’s a bit of information that lends legitimacy to their recruiting class: according to Rivals, three of their recruits (a five star and two four stars) list Memphis as their hometown. That said, they have seven commits (again, according to Rivals): two five stars and five four stars that hail from such additional places as Florida, Mississippi and California.
  4. Sergej Vucetic was 7’1” and on our roster a few years back. If you are willing to go with 6’11” instead of a true 7 footer, you can pick up such notables on former NU rosters (according to Huskers.com) as, Kye Kurkowski, Jordy Tshimangs, Christopher Niemann and Jorge Brian Diaz.
  5. This player is a Rivals three-star and an ESPN four-star. Heck, with numbers like these, why isn’t he a five-star?
  6. Omaha World Herald reports this morning, in its Kevin Cross story: “Nebraska is not expected to add anyone else.” That’s new news, right?
  7. How’s this for a hopeful / wishful theory: the fact he’s announcing on Tuesday suggests that any academic eligibility issues have been favorably resolved?
  8. Norm and Busticket and knoock may be on to something. I have a vague recollection of discussions, when Thor signed, about the importance of him getting a degree and then jumping to a european pro team (maybe even in three years). But the closest support I can find for the idea is this: Thorbjarnarson, besides his international experience, also has played as an amateur in Iceland’s professional league. His family is accomplished academically. His father is a liaison to NATO, his mother and one brother are attorneys and another brother is an economist.
  9. Here's some info from the Pitt website on Stevenson: An explosive athlete with the leaping ability and strength to finish in traffic Showed the ability to play as a big wing or undersized four-man a year ago ... can create matchup problems with his combination of size, quickness and athleticism Has a nice shooting stroke out beyond the three-point line as well as the ability to put the ball on the floor Possesses a 40 inch vertical and a 6-11 wingspan … strength and quickness allow him to be an effective defender and rebounder against bigger opponents . . . Academic All-ACC selection
  10. As of Friday, Robin thought the staff might be working on a new visitor for sometime this week. He didn’t know who that might be.
  11. Since Robin’s comments on this topic are a clarification of prior public comments, I’ll provide a summary. Robin said about his report on players expected to leave the program: —he reported accurately but regrets being unaware of conversations that still “needed to be had.”
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