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  1. Chris Heady’s Article today in the Omaha World Herald says that Hoiberg tried, and found, something new: he put Kavas at Center for 19 minutes, instead of the two freshmen. Here’s a quote: “in those 19 minutes, against Creighton starters, Nebraska was plus-5 over the Jays.” With the two freshmen on the floor, “the Huskers were minus-26.” ”With Kavas . . . things change.” In the second half, the Huskers “drove and kicked, shooting better than 60%.” With Kavas in the game, the Huskers “scored exclusively off 3-pointers and layups, precisely what NU wants.”
  2. On these two thoughts, (i) interesting point on free throw misses affecting rebound stats, and (ii) agree on hotdogging.
  3. Rumor has it that Teddy Allen may be getting some Nebrasketball interest.
  4. So . . . it appears that everyone on this board is speculating, and no one has inside information? Is that appearance correct?
  5. Michigan has now played two games. Here are the results: App State 71 Michigan 79 Creighton 69 Michigan 79 Looks like 79 is the magic number for the Wolverines.
  6. If you are a coach at NU and have been watching the reaction of “greatest fans on earth” to the football team’s struggles, you are probably scared to death. Can’t blame the staff at all for wanting to tamp down expectations.
  7. Yeah. A pleasant surprise. But Cross dribbling the ball up the court is still cringe-worthy.
  8. There aren't a lot of warm fuzzies from last night to say we are going to be great this year. But there were lot's of athletic plays by lots of guys of jaw-dropping quality. Examples: (i) Cam Mack driving to the bucket--wow! (ii) Haanif Cheatham doing a whirling dervish through traffic in the lane with athleticism and control! (iii) Samari Curtis driving to the bucket toward the end of the game with incredible quickness and speed, (iv) and then . . . that alley oop to Akol Arop at the end . . . wow!! If that had connected, we'd be seeing it replayed everywhere!
  9. We spotted them 10 points and then went on a 37 to 3 run. They hit some threes at the end of the half to keep the score under a double-up. We’ve missed a lot of bunnies and threes.
  10. Why wait for year two? The odds of improving over the course of this year are good. I refuse to go to the dark/negative side after a disappointing score in a closed exhibition that’s the first-ever NCAA game for this team. On the philosophical side: as a general rule, limiting the number of negative-people contacts is a major goal—for the same reasons behind exercising, getting adequate sleep, eating healthy food, etc. Following Husker message boards (especially Red Sea Scrolls) is an exception to that general rule that should probably be eliminated.
  11. I’ll take us a year from now in a heartbeat!
  12. Here it is: Last week Marshall said WSU was well ahead of where it was at this point last year. Dennis agreed, saying it’s because there are seven returners with notable playing experience compared to just two last season. Also, they have an established coaching staff and a system that have been around for a long time.
  13. The Huskers had 34 transition points against the Shockers—that’s 45% of the total. ”Run, run, run” appears to be a primary refrain from our coaches.
  14. So . . . we lost the first half by 10 and lost the second half by 4. Looks like we are getting to the line frequently—need to hit a better percentage. For Wichita St. fans, are they happy or concerned by this result: (i) getting 12 offensive rebounds in a single half and only winning that half by four points, (ii) only getting 14 foul shots against an undersized team, (iii) this result against a group of players in their first-ever game together?
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