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Kevin Cross is N

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“We are excited to have Kevin join our program. He is a skilled big who brings versatility to our front court with his ability to score both inside and out. We think he is a player who will develop in our up-tempo system.” - Coach Fred Hoiberg


Kevin Cross from Little Rock, Arkansas has signed his National Letter-of-Intent to play basketball for Nebraska.  Cross first popped up on our radar on April 25th as a recruit who would be taking an official visit.  Little was known about Cross at the time as he had no available recruiting profiles. It turns out Cross had blossomed from a 6'6" 215 lb high school junior into a 6'8" 240 lb senior and that Doc Sadler and his Arkansas connections made him one of the few people in Div 1 to notice.  Cross had previously been offered by Sadler at Southern Miss and ultimately it was that prior relationship that led Cross to choose Nebraska over Oklahoma St and TCU.



When Cross signed Nebraska had 1 available scholarship left for 2019-20.  You can check out our scholarship matrix here.



    Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.32.39 PM.png

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    4 minutes ago, big red22 said:

    Well I was slightly disappointed we landed Yvan over Cross, but I could not be happier landing both of these guys! 


    All I can say is WOW I am impressed!

    I was a little torn myself.  That only lasted a couple days!


    the coaches have done an amazing job restocking the roster.  I feel like our relent level would definitely be better than last season if Roby were to return.  Same neighborhood if he leaves, but probably deeper overall.


    Phase 2 is to see what the coaches can do with  this collection of talent they have assembled.  Coaching and chemistry....I think this is where Fred excels.  It’s going to be tough waiting to see the finished product.  Not to wish the summer away but I can not wait for the fall!

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    6 minutes ago, tcp said:

    8 of 13 is jaw-dropping ,especially considering the max would've been, what, 9 or 10 of 13?  This is how you make a statement early. Loud and clear. 


    I've been impressed by their efficiency, for sure. Get guys in. Get the signature. Make the LOI announcement. Bang... bang... bang.


    Think about what's possible if they have some actual success at NU to show recruits. So far they've made this look relatively easy with a very small pool of prospects and some intangible concept of what Nebrasketball might look like. How does this all scale-up going forward? Multiple 4-star/top-100s per season? Top 50s? 5-stars? Mickey D's AA's?


    I mean... where the hell is the ceiling?



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    1 hour ago, Handy Johnson said:

    This kid could be the next Andre Smith (has to work on his sideburns). More importantly who might Redshirt, Jace, Charlie? I’m assuming Cross & Drago will play... like others have said, just WOW ? 

    My guess is Arop. You have Kavas/Stevenson to play the four and Cross/Ouedraogo to the play the 5. If Roby is back he could play either.

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