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  1. I'm sold now that he belongs in the league. He's improving, clearly willing to put in the work to be better, and is obviously talented enough to be there. We have a really nice ambassador for the program in the NBA for the first time in a long time. That's a source of joy for this fan.
  2. 12 people down with this sh*t. that's pretty much the entire team infected. that's the problem with bubbles--all it takes is one pin. Get better, but don't rush things. this is just a game. dying of covid certainly isn't, as anyone working an ICU will somberly tell you. it's a horrifying demise. and take this time to improve your bubble immensely before even attempting to try this trick again.
  3. they're noticing down here, too. "damn, that kid's pretty good!" cue: "does he know....?"
  4. well, at least we're mentioned with the likes of villanova as a peer. drink that one up! probably won't see that again until the next pandemic.
  5. 7 boards, 5 pts, 2 assists. Driving me nuts. I live an hour away from OKC, and can't see the game..heh heh. Go Zay!
  6. Second chance points were the game. I read: 16-3 IU. That's a pretty big spot on points.
  7. They gave a pretty good effort, but still too many chinks in the armor. Also, as pointed out, not an especially good Hoosier team, so there's only so much room to swing pom poms around. Guessing a couple more roster changes--even at the top (seeing why Huggie and Allen divorced)--from putting the team on the court most of us actually want to see. IU's going to finish near the bottom of the league this year, so finding out who we *can* best is going to be a challenge. But you have to love this conference. It's an absolute bloodbath between a lot of good te
  8. kinda hoping for a good game tonight. still a shot of that?
  9. hahahahaha. The CTA playing high as kites. A thing of beauty. GO BIG RED! Beat the Fighting Gene Hackmans!
  10. Seriously, you guys are going to lose to KenPom? Hang in there, LNK. You're the last hope for humanity. Maybe I should get better insurance coverage.....;)
  11. it would appear we've helped crash cart Sparty. They're currently handling Rutgers. Your welcome, Coach Izzo. Let us know if there's anything else we can do for your program!
  12. you need an 'ouch" emoji. Like a smiley face with a black eye and tweeting birdies. because that's what I would have pressed on this post.
  13. I thought Purdue quickly pointed the finger by promptly mentioning that they were going ahead with their next scheduled game, which was I think Saturday. And we haven't said anything about our next game yet. That's probably as close to actual finger pointing as you're gonna get without the offending entity making it public on their own.
  14. Well, we all pretty much know the team's various achilles heels at this point. But there are little slivers of light that keep poking thru, too. Definitely a project, and they've had--and will still have---worse nights than this. Just gotta keep the heads down and forge ahead building this team into its best incarnation. the nice thing about this conference is that you're not going to have crappy opponents, so your going to be building against quality opposition which I think helps development provided the mental conditioning of the squad is strong enough to handle th
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