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  1. Don't Care Ohio v 1.0--73 Don't Care Nebraska v 1.0--64
  2. oh, what fun! which Sybil is going to show up? Sybil-cats--77 Sybil-skers--69
  3. I can't recall liking an NU team less than I like this one, with the arguable exception of the Standhardinger Experience. We often talk about how a game passes a coach by. I'm beginning to think the game has passed me by, too. Suppose I should go toss beer cans at kids now or something age appropriate.
  4. we really need a "I have no bloody idea with this bunch" option for like 5 points. Gambling they can't crap their trousers twice in a row. NU-82 A&M WHatever--73
  5. lol this team. can't even get mad. this is some serious jekyll and hyde sh*t.
  6. Don't care who the lineup is as long as it comes with a gaudy 25-7 record. Or thereabouts. And I'd actually want players named "Wing" and "Big" on the roster.
  7. (sips tiny bit of kool aid) sigh Okay, I'll risk it: NU-81 SOme form of Dakota--66
  8. Purr Doooooo-----83 Whatever team is left after departures and suspensions---68
  9. I'm pretending the season was cancelled and the only sport going on is pro surfing. It's easier on the psyche.
  10. zzzzz....oh.sorry, is dinner ready yet? did I miss something?
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