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  1. I don't know at all where Doc's heart is regarding coaching at this point, even an assisting gig. You have any insight into this at all Matt? I really want to see him go out in a good situation.
  2. well, hopefully my Doc fandom doesn't get questioned again in this thread, but this hurts. When doc was in hattiesburg, he still raved about his time in Lincoln. Sadler isn't just one of my favorite nu coaches of all time, hes one of my favorite coaches period. Crappy way to go out, since i know he was looking forward to, and genuinely thought that Hoiberg would, end 'the streak".
  3. here's the thing about legacies, IMO: if you read some of these posts, you can kinda see the connection between generations and players, too. so if we were to talk about Bryce's legacy--and consider that alongside other players with longer careers and deeper connections to the fanbases of their day--it's probably most fair to say that *this* generation of fan might have a more vivid memory of his time at NU than either older fans like myself that have decades of hoops personalities in the noggin' or the kids in the stands still waiting for the first heroes they can make their own. I think there are players we'd have much more vivid recollections of if they had played for better teams. This is also from a guy who was friends with Dave MacFarlane back in the day. And how many of you remember him now even though I think he was NUs first bonafide 7 footer (and a record setter himself at Plattsmouth). Anyhoo it's late and I'm tired so I'll give this topic up. Legacies depress me. I usually associate them with being dead.
  4. ha! you can't fool me, buster. clearly that was Jose Cuervo
  5. He'll be the answer to a couple of non-existent trivia game questions. It's always difficult to be a premier player on a crap team. History tends to let your memory collect an unusual amount of dust.
  6. wow, and i thought they had that one in hand. sorry you guys had to get tortured like the bad old days again.
  7. oh man, what a day to have had to work. figures. but....GBR?
  8. always love seeing porcaro on drums with (crap, and you thought the broken w's were bad)evon pre-Toto. thanks op.
  9. Middle nut you say? Hmmm....lemme see what I have in my jars. Sincerely, Dr. Frankenstein
  10. as befuddled as you all. clearly, someone slipped this entire program one hell of a mickey. me at the 5 minute mark, since this may be a thang tonight:
  11. I love this win, too, but I'm going with.....no?
  12. omg i'm almost in tears for my school. i can't believe it. finally, these guys too the right amount of steroids! yes!
  13. this movie's beginning to look entirely too familiar
  14. glad holtman took the to. be nice if fred settled his guys down, too. someday, i suppose
  15. these guys flirting with the old habits. verge has to stop taking those shots. he has to.
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