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  1. It was winning that delayed Bob Knight's reckoning. We forgive much when "we" win. Very little when it comes with losing. Says much more about us than the actors involved.
  2. I'm hoping Timmeh succeeds Vitale. He's fun on television. Made for the sucker.
  3. almost feel sorry for Cam. How'd you like to have *that* chirping in your ear for 18 years? Reminds me of Pink Floyds, "Mother".
  4. I thought you were pre-med? Pre-law, pre-med. What's the difference?
  5. it's all a mercenary enterprise. people wanted everything to be like a "business". Well, we got our wish. Enjoy.
  6. Well, we got Frodo as a consolation prize.
  7. wanna throw my 2 cents in with the rest of the NSB superfans. Terrific product, great service..:) I wound up having to give beef up for the most part, but that stuff was go-to. Eat up!
  8. story sounds familiar, though not on that compressed of a timeline. i wish dylan the best. I know what it's like to have an entire family wiped out in succession and how badly it can crush a life. thanks to everyone who helped this campaign. my roommate just died last week so I'm on the move myself. Tough times, baby.
  9. Holding Sweden up as a positive example is pointless, other than to acknowledge that their superior welfare state has mitigated much of the impact of their approach. I would never defend the ludicrous approach the US has taken--it's criminal--but neither would I hold up a socially libertarian approach, either, even granting that Swedes are collectively far more mature than Americans. Pandemics are brutal on every system, which is why they're rightfully feared. And don't worry about oversimplification. It's a message board, not a dissertation proposal.
  10. sweden is currently re-thinking their strategy due to a whopping 8 percent fatal rate. a year from now, a lot of people are going to wonder why they ever cared so much about so little.
  11. well.....I got nothing on this one.
  12. I think .500 with this bunch should get CoY for Hoiberg. And that would be a major jump in quality to get there. My inclination is to just sit and wait. It's another brand new roster again and the usual perils will be present.
  13. good going charlie. well deserved.
  14. maybe he can transfer to k state next year. everyone wins!
  15. good luck to jervay. may his shot proceed into the hoop unblocked. :)
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