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  1. dachon's moving in next door! it should work out a bit better for him there. best of luck!
  2. thanks Fever! had to be a thankless task this year. Somehow managed to keep the top 10 streak alive after watching a grand total of 2 games all season....:) This was definitely a competition geared towards the pessimist this season.
  3. i hope thor returns. he makes me still like this sport.
  4. yori built in a top heavy big 12, with a crap bottom. the B1G isn't as good at the top, obviously, but is stronger thru the middle and now even the bottom is getting more serious. it's a tough roundball league. that said, Williams is no Yori. You could see Connie's roster and recruiting improvements thru years 3 and 4 but this bunch? I dunno. Still think she's earned one more season, obviously, and hopefully that works out for her. If not, we can get a .500 coach almost anywhere.
  5. hahahaha. the NBA draft has an 8th round?
  6. and maybe their daily consumption of apple fritters....
  7. rage zombies, any moment now! so to be prepared----do we leave the wife and run out the window a la robert carlisle? or do we fight until the last zombie bite?
  8. well, I'm going to surrender, even if the team isn't. can't say it's been a fun year. but hope the offseason goes better and w'ere not all dead or turned into rage zombies.
  9. terrible coaches pile up bad losses during a season. this IU team has none. I saw a sloppy IU team most of the first half. Nevertheless, the talent is asserting itself now, whether it's coaching or the players is largely academic. they have better players.
  10. that's such a nut kicker. to play that hard and have a team that was phoning it in just wake up and say, "eff this. let's finish them". i feel for the guys, but we are just too outgunned.
  11. if only they can play 40 minutes like this. but i'll take every minute they got.
  12. well, watching my first game since November. I'm frightened.
  13. whatever they do, please get the snap off before the bloody clock expires and stop jumping offsides. thanks in advance.
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