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  1. doc back to HC duty? didn't see that one coming. And I'm skeptical. But it also may be what prompted the move to the old Lutz role: sort of warehousing Doc until something breaks his way without draining bench staff. Apparently, that may be the purpose of this SPecial Assistant to the Poobah of Stuff position: kind of a holding cell for coaches in flux.
  2. got 2 4 and 5. but second place in the rest! hahahaha. 4 was the easiest. Nee's teams were board monsters.
  3. well, there's always players to go to any Div 1 school. Question is, will it be enough to build a contending program in the MWC? And will he be able to jump back into his old CSU footprint?
  4. i wish timmeh luck. it'll be a tough slog there with the two giants up north hogging the best of the local players. one thing he will do is jack up the enthusiasm meter for a bit.
  5. i just want out of the frigging basement. maybe the occasional stroll out in the open air.
  6. this has turned into a remarkable marriage advice column. i tell ya, HHC never disappoints.
  7. Doc has 2 strengths both of which can still be leveraged here. He's a superb teacher of defense--the one thing most of us saw improve last season during our better stretches--and he's a good game prepper and scouter. I'm thinking he might be considering retirement soon, since I was always curious about him giving up a Div 1 head coaching spot where he was having modest success to go back to being an assistant. This is probably one of those moves where everyone wins and gets what they need most.
  8. wow, i had a feeling the extra time would end the bruins. still boggled they burned so much of those last second dicking around bringing the ball up. I hate when teams lose the clock like that in crunch time. almost always comes back to bite them. zags should have no more focus problems at this point.
  9. bruins giving zags the business. OT after UCLA botches the last few seconds of the game with a chance to win. phew! this one I didn't see coming. Neither did 'zaga.
  10. KU not even pretending to care about NCAAs feelings. Or anyone else's for that matter. They deserve whatever happens now.
  11. If Moos becomes unavailable, do we hire Squirrel?
  12. How'd they finish in the B1G? I haven't followed this season hardly at all.
  13. i think we can safely assume the B1G ain't getting 9 bids again anytime soon. we'd better finish in the top 7 at least if we plan to go dancing in the next 2 years. still marveling at the sheer size of the egg the conference laid.
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