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  1. tcp

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    and maybe Rudy Ray Moore and Mary Tyler Moore for good measure.
  2. tcp

    OT: Going to the Hospital

    I'm aching for the "This Space For Rent Arena"
  3. Hard not to like Barry. In another time, he would've been the quintessential college basketball coach. He just wasn't cut out for the emerging profit-center, corporate model of power conference athletic departments that was quickly emerging. TV was radically changing the sport in ways that would prove detrimental to the Colliers of the world. 20 years earlier, and I think we'd probably be talking about the good ol' days of Barry.
  4. tcp

    Mixed Blessing? Lunchtime musing

    seems pretty simple. if your choice is to have returning experience and talent versus untested and unknown talent and less or no experience, A should be the choice every single time. you embrace the best odds. and this team largely returning intact provides the best odds of finally winning a tourney game.
  5. tcp

    Copeland is back

    well, golly, this is solid news. thanks. I guess I can cancel that order for my "NebrasketcaseBall" t-shirt.
  6. tcp

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    You'll have to change your name to The Polish Love Rifle.
  7. tcp

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    He is Armon, hear him roar. Well, we can finally shut this thread down. I believe beverages are in order.
  8. tcp


    Redhsirting still seems mostly appropriate for bigs who need the time for proper physical development to play in leagues with bulked up upperclassmen. If your recruiting is good, you shouldn't need to redshirt anyone else, and the depth you recruit to fill out your bench is unlikely to develop into star material with an extra year anyway, so their gain is marginal. I think players now have a much better idea of where they fit in the sporting universe, and with the dramatic expansion of professional playing options, they know if they have any kind of game in D1 ball, they'll land a job somewhere. If there's a diamond in the rough, it'll come out during the course of a season, at least in practice. When guys are still benchwarmers at the end of a freshmen season, that's pretty much all they were ever going to be. They're depth or practice talent. Nothing more.
  9. tcp

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    And here I was thinking we'd finally get a drama-free offseason. Nope! Nebrasketball--We May Not Win the Big One, But Our Offseasons are Never Boring! (TM)
  10. tcp


    conference needs to do better in non conf. that killed all of us. then, we sort of need to win a couple of the tougher games. the new standard puts a huge premium on upsets, but in doing so tolerates far more of the bad kind.
  11. tcp

    My perception

    Wouldn't be a Nebrasketball offseason without personnel drama. I'd probably have been more worried if nothing happened. "It's too quiet. It's a trick!"
  12. tcp

    Really OT

    Not the best audience for those, true. But half of those were seriously entertained by the last working band I was in in the mid 80s. I really, really wanted "HaHa Death Camp". We wound up being Sid and the Four Skins...heh heh. And lasted for about 5 gigs.
  13. tcp

    Really OT

    1. Menudo! 2. Bay City Rollers 3. The Schlozzle 4. Pinky's Medical Experiment 5. Haha Death Camp 6. The Inversions 7. Plank 8. Treble und Drang 9. Jesuit Snotballs 10. Iron Parasol
  14. tcp

    O.T. Early Morning April 4

    Bono goofed. It happens. I've heard them do it live a couple of times and he sings it differently with "evening"
  15. tcp


    True, but Michigan probably played their second worst game of the season (behind their loss to us). You see that shooting percentage? Ugly. An average Michigan versus an average Nova would'e been a pretty good game. Michigan was terrible.