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  1. well, didn't see this one coming. back to my interior fantasy world where everyone eats happy cake and butterflies sing show tunes.
  2. I Trev Therefore I Am? Trev Descartes
  3. He has one job: save football. Wishing him all the luck.
  4. isn't that an intentional foul?
  5. damn, it's like LA Law in this thread. "I'm out of order? You're out of order!" Just assume everyone's guilty so threads can continue. Innocence is boring.
  6. I would assume they would move heaven and earth to make sure that game got played somehow. I can't imagine a bigger goat screw than that. I want NU winning this sucker straight up if they can. Our men's teams need nice things.
  7. wound up okay, bfrad...:) one hell of a win and an even better sports story. I love stories like this: upstart B1G champ out of nowhere, goes on the road to play at the top team in the country, on their home field, coached by their former coach who came close to creating a powerhouse that didn't quite make it, with the good guys being coached by his ex-padawan....man, that's some hallmark sh*t right there. GBR
  8. which you can't assume given that pitchers change approaches. analytics are really clear about bunting rules even in the minors, *unless* you have a non-hitting pitcher up or the game is late and trading outs for a single run becomes more desirable. that's literally *never* the 2d inning (shift excepting). i'm guessing college still does it because the error is more prevalent than in higher leagues. in any event, the real killer was the base running snafu. that was just mind-boggling.
  9. holy cow, what a botched inning. give away a free out on a bad bunt call (they're all bad bunt calls with 2 on 0 out early innings) and another gift wrapped double play. i get that this is essentially High A ball, but still....Hogs got a present there.
  10. everything NU does this year is a gift. no one expected them to do jack. what better motivation than to go into DVHs backyard and pull off an upset? These guys have been underdogs all year. They're good at it. In a perverse way, this is the perfect regional for them.
  11. it doesn't hurt for dalano to get a "second opinion" from pro scouts as to what he needs to work on. it's actually in *our* interest as fans for him to do this, because sometimes that feedback can make a better player. And it's almost certain he'll return to NU, as long as he thinks he has an opportunity to develop his weaker spots. I wish him luck. Banton seems like a decent dude. But he's not going pro. Some of our best players tapped out at D League ball, and I can't even begin to compare him with guys like Terran or James. He's not even close to their game.
  12. nothing in football this year with that schedule. be happy if they're competitive. basketball probably a year away, but easier to turn around than football and much more likely to sooner. i don't think Frost is the dude, but he'll get a few more years to try. But Hoiberg's beating him to the promised land.
  13. All of my favorite teams have won multiple championships, most in my lifetime. So Husker Hoops it is. Until then, Let's Go Oakland! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap.
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