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  1. Steinman has nothing on thse enterprising chucklemeisters from that very brief period when literal videos were in. It's funny you chose this song, because it's still recognized as one of the very best ever done. (note: I love Steinman too. Bat Out of Hell was one of my favorite albums of the 70s)
  2. I think we're beyonf semi-pro. This is like baseball now. It's mutated into a farm system explicitly. We're basically rooting for AA and AAA teams pretending to be colleges. It's probably for the best. College sports in teh age of 24/7 televsion ceased to be amateur a long time ago
  3. well, lovely headline to wake up to
  4. gott in himmel....it's the plot for Freaky Friday.....
  5. Kentucky's a pressure cooker from hell. You'd have to be a glutton for punishment to take that gig. With the NIL basically turning college onto a farm system for the pros, the name on the front of the jersey is going to mean increasingly less. The programs that firgure out how to raise money and spend it efficiently are going to be the new bluebloods...
  6. kentucky to arkansas? that's a pretty significant field demotion... guess calimari's tired of being pressure cooked musical chairs now in full motion
  7. if a friend of mine is accurate, this is the first tournament where not one single minute of the tourney was freely accessible. npt one minute. he then had to revise that calculation to reflect the "free" 10 minute blocks cbs allowed for the "preview" before you were forced to choose between about a dozen paid services. they're basically retailing broadcast licenses to multiple platforms online. there's gonna have to be a reckoning soon on collegiate athletics over a wide range of topics. the ncaa is behaving like an energy company after a cocaine bender.
  8. I love Doc, but I really want to set that Rock Chalk shirt on fire.
  9. Portal Combat is brilliant. I can almost hear the stupid VA after yet another big name hits the portal: "fatality!"
  10. After further consult with my non-existent peeps, I'm opting not to adopt yet another team where I root for the laundry, not the players. One's more than enough for me. It's time to just read amateurism as a concept its last rites. To (incredibly loosely) paraphrase Richard Nixon: "We're all NILers now..."
  11. my first impression as well. i think it's wonderful. besides, they only have to do it for a few years before the reality of American life will turn them al into selfish a-holes anyway.
  12. good lord, it really is going to be like being an A's fan ever year. "Who we trading this season? Oh, the entire team? Lovely. Welcome all 42 new rookies!"
  13. I'm sorry, Sliver. I'd just like to announce that I'm taking my lack of talent to.......um, my living room. I'd like to thank my bedroom for the last two years of support and love. I really felt like a welcome part of this house, but, sadly, my future opportunities lie elsewhere towards the front of the house. (feel free to cut and paste anywhere someone is transferring. I don't believe in copyright).
  14. That;s the notorious rebellion team of Boone and Strickland. They had high expectations coming inbto that season and were expected to be the team that got that first win after the 91 team failed in that mission. Once Nee and the players got their lines of communication un-screwed, the team most of us expected finally showed up. 96 was mmy last year in the Army and Ihad just gotten back from an extra long tour in Korea and was looking forward to decompressing with Nee-ball for that season. They finished well, that's for sure.
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