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  1. tcp

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    they won't see that again this season. so that's good.
  2. tcp

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    gotta cheer for IU to get the upset. That might wind up being our best win. Bladders get their signature win today.
  3. tcp

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    both road teams won. maryland crushed OSU. Buckeyes in a bit of trouble.
  4. when we beat MSU in the past, we were just hotter and their teams had off nights. Last night, both teams played hard and well and it was still a respectable game. NU looked like a legit Sweet 16 candidate. Sadly, they played a legit Final Four candidate playing one of their better games (and I've seen MSU much worse several times this year).
  5. they were slow to rotate earlier in the season on the 3pt line. they're way better at running off the line now, and that's the biggest reason we're struggling. there's always someone in the shot. I can live with this loss more than 3 of the other ones.
  6. and a lot of that is their defense has been rock solid. our shots have been harder than theirs and that's the difference in the game to me. when they're running their offense into the paint with passing we've struggled to defend it. they're just better. that's a really good team.
  7. james is absolutely terrible tonight.
  8. we have to find something on offense or we're dead.
  9. palmer couldn't be worse and it's hard for us to shoot worse, too, and only down 5 thanks to turnovers (which I'm sure will be cut down on). we're going to have to pick it up pretty good to get into this and claw on top.
  10. disappointing last few minutes again. refs eating ass. sparty's taking better shots than us, and that's been a major difference. we're hucking too much. James ice cold. If he has another half like that, we're sunk.