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  1. Being sentimental about my boyhood, I call him Chef Loonardi His biggest seller: Queefaroni
  2. Everyone knows Zay's issue is his head. Gotta develop that aggression switch. I just don't know if such a thing can really be coached. It's why I never saw him going especially high. But here's hoping for the best.
  3. Seriously, I keep checking in here a couple of times a day just to see who else is on this team now.
  4. Why not. By the way, there's a rehab clinic nearby doing 50% off Thursdays! You can recover!
  5. This is a ton of newness. I expect them to struggle quite a bit in a difficult conference. And don't finish in last place, which I don't think they'll do. If I had to guess, I'd pick 9th or 10th.
  6. 8 of 13 is jaw-dropping ,especially considering the max would've been, what, 9 or 10 of 13? This is how you make a statement early. Loud and clear.
  7. oh, there's no such thing. they're all perfectly advised. I figured I'd just slip in a Cleveland joke.
  8. In Cleveland? Well, I suppose if you shifted your perspective enough.....:)
  9. wow, he had ann arbor on virtual autopilot for winning. if the contracts guaranteed, not a bad move, given how much NBA coaches are paid. Job security is so crappy there, though. And he had lots of it at UM. Wish him luck. Helluva coach.
  10. "I must dunk you" he said, to the little orange ball.
  11. well, there's some size. and a dude that speaks french! You know, if you ditch the first syllable of his surname, his name is close to Ivan Drago. Coincidence? Entirely.
  12. I'm actually a stickler for ethics in general, and honestly, I don't see any violations at all other than the leak/publication part. Players aren't infants. They understand now that the sport they love to play is a business at almost every level. Most of them were already practically playing "pro ball" before they even got to college. I think some of this sentimentality is just nostalgia for an era of amateurism, and I share a lot of that, but that's not reality. What's happening now is reality. And every actor in this play is aware of it. I've suspected for some time that Moos saw something in the program's culture that he didn't like--I have no hard proof of that, so it's worth what any other ill-informed opinion is worth--and acted on it when he could. Much of this purge supports that perspective (but it also supports other perspectives as well, just to be clear and fair). But if you're going to hire a new coach to change the trajectory of a program, they have to have the freedom to do that. And Hoiberg's doing what he's literally being paid to do. And there's nothing unethical about that. Ethics isn't a euphemism for "easy landing" or "getting one's way". To me what would be unethical is if he retained these players just to honor their previous commitments and then let them languish on the bench for the remainder of their careers without telling them that this was their fate when he arrived. *That* would be unethical. And that's not going to happen. Even if you don't trust Hoiberg, trust Doc. The dude's moral compass is on pretty tight. He's not going to sit by while a player is abused or mistreated in any way shape or form.
  13. Except that he could stay and finish the degree without playing basketball, on scholarship still. So this isn't an issue with Thor at all. And if he wants to still play basketball, then he gets to choose which is more important, although I suspect most of his credits will transfer to another Div 1 school (it's a lot easier to transfer credits now than it used to be for a variety of reasons). And honestly, a bachelor's from UNL isn't all that. It's average--nothing wrong with that, my BA is from here. But you're not designing your life plans around a degree from Nebraska. Harvard, maybe, but not Nebraska.
  14. I believe the settled on count was 7 tornadoes during that sequence. That's how the event is written up by the NWS. Extremely rare this far north.
  15. I still have pretty high standards for tornado terror. Old enough to remember the 1980 tornado outbreak in GI my last year in high school. that was insane. Not two month later, one would go right over my house in Bellevue, NE. Nutty tornado season that year.
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