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  1. Well, Iowa salvages the conferences rep. They went down slugging. Hard to come back from that putrid first half, but they almost did. So one of the two jewels of the SEC barely squeaks by a .500 B1G team. The hoops gods have spoken.
  2. No, they finally figured out this elusive "defense" thing and have made it a game again. Only down 5. Ferocious comeback. Man, had they not dug such a massive hole.
  3. Iowa determined to shame the B1G today. Back to their old stealth defense. Going totally off scoreboard, granted. It's going to be down to OSU pulling off a miracle.
  4. Really liking this Wofford team. They're legit. Too bad they weren't a lower seed so I can have a cinderella to root for. definitely not going to be a sister Jean moment this season.
  5. Terps looking like poop early. No intensity at all. Heading for loss number two for the B1G unless that motor kicks in big.
  6. they had a shorter turnaround for game 2, though. all these home games have to deal with scheduling issues. that's the downside of the NITs first 3 rounds.
  7. well, a lack of decent upsets so far and of course it's Liberty that gets it. Nebrasketball should be made into a musical comedy.
  8. wisconsin still in a big funk. this was a pretty bad matchup for them with a really hot Oregon team. First team down now, and probably a second unless OSU produces a miracle.
  9. It's a true road game. Not exactly our strength. That's pretty much all I need to worry about this matchup.
  10. one thing that gives me hope is that we're 3-0 against this field (not counting Butler). We've beaten a 1 seed and 2 of the 2 seeds. Just gotta find a way to win a bloody road game.
  11. B1G rolls on. Now fo rhte weak sisters, Wiscy and OSU. Hopefully can get a split. Can't see OSU beating ISU right now.
  12. last 2 minutes going to take a half hour. frigging constant reviews.
  13. god, another banked 3 in a game. ugh. don't think i've seen as many banked 3s as I have this season.
  14. I always root for conference mates, so yeah, Hawks getting the love today. The good thing is they're doing it. On the verge of an 8-0 start for the conference (both tourneys). Looking good!
  15. I mean, you had to know, Dimes. Hey, it almost got to 3 posts before the inevitable derail!
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