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  1. CU-82 NU-79 Edit: Had no idea the Dude was a bit of a d*ck. I guess the rug didn't tie the room together after all.... And thanks, bugs, for trying to neutralize the score. that was thoughtful. Who knew predictions could get this personal, eh?
  2. 4 chances to get a bowl game. 0-4. This may be the fastest I've ever been ready to pull a trigger on a coach in any sport before. This hire was a huge error. I don't think I've ever seen a worse gameday staff for any team I root for in any sport.
  3. irrational exuberance, take me away! NU-74 Dookie Cane--66
  4. well, couldn't have asked for a better half other than shooting percentage.
  5. this is a curb stomp...kent gonna get an fcc violation....heh heh
  6. Pope roasting our butts....will refrain from beaver jokes....
  7. Congrats to Trev. Compared to the string of monstrosities we've had at the position through most of the millenia, just stabilizing the ADs office had to have been a monumental task. With NIL practically transforming college sports into a semi-pro environment, the job of managing the circus of athletics got a lot harder. You're going to see more of this in the NIL age until people figure better ways to compensate athletes without taking a wrecking ball to espirit de corps by creating a social division of haves and have nots where there once was none. I don't envy any AD this job going into the future.
  8. potential toughie here.... Huskers 71 Walkin' Down the Stony Brook (I never wanted to go) 63 Obscure Streisand reference. That was for you, Cip.
  9. the band should be asked to spell "we suck" before next game and play something appropriate like, "Loser" by Beck.
  10. this was always the argument against automated rating systems---rate of change over the course of season is intrinsically subjective. it's still accounted for by the committee ostensibly, but we all know the limitations on how many games an active coach can actually watch during the course of a season.
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