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  1. James with a sweet game. Would love to see him make a roster. We're all focused on Roby, would be awesome if Palmer sneaks onto one himself.
  2. cheering hard for Zay. Keep at it, brother. Make that squad.
  3. No bloody idea is an option, right? Good. That's mine.
  4. I think I have that video somewhere.....oh.....basketball! my bad.
  5. I decided after I typed (of course!) to visit the Mavericks site on SB Nation. They're mostly positive about the pick and largely said what you just did, too, although pretty evenly split as to whether or not he could make the bench this season or not. I wish he did wind up with the Pistons, because that traditionally has been my favorite NBA team so it would've given me an excuse to give a crap again. :) Alas....
  6. Wish the guy good luck. There's PT to be had in Dallas at the moment as they're in full rebuild mode still (I think. I ignored this season in the NBA). That means there's at least room on the bench, which gives him a chance to make a roster that I don't think he would've made for most other teams. Leave it on the court, Zay. Get on that team.
  7. oh god, don't get me started on Cliff's stories from back in the day. What a divine hole that place was. Only place in town for years to get a decent martini.
  8. This is one of those "wake me up in January" schedules. Yeah, it's year one, but this is maybe too much cake in that cup.
  9. Illinois going to be nasty, I think. Huskers have too many new moving parts. Actually, all their moving parts are new. They could wind up damn near anywhere. I like us 10th right now with an outside shot at NIT.
  10. I love Timmeh, but the rosters are no contest. This new team will be demonstrably more talented than the one we most likely would've put on the floor next season. For the new guys, the question isn't' going to be talent. it's going to be chemistry. And that wasn't going to be the first concern for next year's squad (although it would've been number two after the epic meltdown). Any word on Tim's next move while we're on the sorta subject?
  11. Might be the only Div 1 power forward who daydreams about being Spud Webb.
  12. you gotta add the , "dun dun DUNNNNNHHHH!" part at the end, just to make it suitably mysterious...:)
  13. His name is Luca He lives on the basement floor He lives on Bugles and slo-motion tapes You've probably never seen him before
  14. that was a pretty quality anal pounding. we gave one. we received one. karma rebalanced. the odds of the Huskers giving up 18 runs again are pretty poor. It should be a much better game. Probably for both teams.
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