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  1. Terrific first half energy. Second half blahs back again for a bit, but this time, they held their composure. They're improving, and that's what matters, and tonight they got a win for their troubles.
  2. hahahaha. so far so good. team is making some of us hold their collective beer. that said, it's the dreaded 2d half coming up, and this is the problem area we gotta avoid. good job so far.
  3. Doc is capable of coaching more than one defense. I just saw him do it two seasons ago in Hattiesburg. He's got his work cut out for him with this bunch. They're not well-trained on the defensive end, so this is a project. Plus, Doc's not the HC, he's an assistant, so his template has to match what limitations Hoiberg gives him to work with in his offensive preferences. So, basically, we gotta leave Doc outta this (as we should have left Jim M out of Miles' discussions for the same reason). I'm not especially impressed with this group, either, and I'm not convinced this is an issue of getting talent to polish or play up to its natural level. I'm agnostic on that question, especially since actually watching them is going to prove rare. There really is nothing else to do but wait, sucky as that is on the internet. Let some of this season play out a bit. I mean, by all means, let out the frustration and lulz on the game threads and such, but I'd pretty much leave it at that.
  4. And just to catch people up on the hot game action, the NU players are just now rolling out of bed! It's proving to be a fast start to a tough contest! More during the commute!
  5. no one likes taking a mulligan for a full season, but this is just one of those exceptions. i still think that given how disappointing last season was, having two brutal seasons like this in a row is tough to stomach. but we'll get thru them. just support these guys the best we can as long as they're trying. and get used to a lot of sardonic humor from a few of us. :)
  6. Problem with Kavas is he likely surrenders more on defense than he can make for you. He's a significant liability on the court right now, unless I'm totally recalling the plus/minus stats from the two games, in which case just call me bad names.
  7. not much to do with this season but look for signs of improvement. I mostly want to see how this staff teaches together and/or the talent level of the players that are going to be here for a bit relative to the conference. We're probably looking at a 5 or 6 win season right now.
  8. I'm sure there's a logic in here somewhere. I'll order some Chinese and mull it over.
  9. KenPom's in almost as much denial as we are.
  10. They'll eventually pick one up against someone. But these are the guys we're stuck with for a couple of seasons, so let's hope it isn't a talent issue.
  11. Two games is a trend, I guess. Stupid Dakota--75 A Nightmare from which One Cannot Awaken--70
  12. It will take a miracle to get anywhere near double digit wins this year. we're not eating the cupcakes. they're eating us.
  13. a few more of these and we're going to have to start wondering about our actual talent level. for now, gotta just hang in to see if they get better and gel better and hope it's not a talent issue.
  14. 28 or so more games of it....:) going to be a tough season.
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