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  1. guy still needs to get a job. unlikely he's going to admit to sucking. save the honesty for the retirement ceremony. he's in mid-career: this is the time to lie like a rug.
  2. bummer. this will take me minutes to get over!
  3. good to know that there's a program struggling worse than us.
  4. damn, good job guys. now someone please get them the msg that there's one more of these "half" things coming up.
  5. apparently i'm not the only one befuddled by espn at the moment.
  6. I actually have faith in trev. but we gotta be realistic. our "brand"(i hate this term, but...) is pretty tarnished at this point.
  7. i doubt he fires a second coach mid season, but if the rhule rumor has legs, trev'll be free to focus on getting another hoops coach in this season =and then tking a well needed break from major changes for a couple of years
  8. well, seems someone should inform our players that a secobnd half exists in basketball?
  9. peeps here were laughing, as no one thought OU would be very good this year. I love my neighbors in this town, but it's kinda sad to see Okies here depressed that Nebraska has fallen on such hard times. Starts at the top: we had such a garbage run of ADs that downward was virtually guaranted. Here's hoping Trev can stop the bleeding.
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