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  1. Look at the good side: pretty soon we have the opportunity to be a basketball school! Yay? We had a great run for a lot of years, but every behemoth program has met this same fate at one time or another. I think for those of us lucky enough to have lived through much of the bulk of that run should be happy we had that chance. 95% of college fanbases would kill to have experienced that. If Alberts thinks Frost can learn to be a better coach, than I think he should keep him, but that contract needs to be renegotiated prior to any extension. He needs "student coach" pay. But if Frost is as hard-headed about his current skill set as he is about most everything else, then let's go pick the next coach behind door #3 and move on to the next contestant.
  2. looking at those tourney results is still depressing. the B1G sucked in the tourney, given the huge hype we had going in.
  3. still a lot of new players. and we had a lot of airspace between us and the tushies of most of the conference. I think .500-ish in conf would be a great accomplishment for a program on the rise.
  4. the players have turned the corner on this dumpster fire of a program. the staff, however, is still wanking at the bus stop. if you can't win this game, i'm not sure what game you can win. total control late, the ball, crushing defense, and then there's the thing you can fix but after 4 years still haven't: special ed teams. this team is poorly coached and stupid to a degree that makes honey boo boo look like an Oxfordian
  5. punter kicks short *away* from his coverage. straight into a touchdown. we were controlling this game. but we can't control our screwups. this team is infuriating with its constant buffoonery.
  6. Hoops is in an ideal position to grow right now in the state, given the likelihood of another crap football season and the desperation to find anything resembling a potential winner in a major sport. I still think this is a transition season up ahead before the really good stuff can materialize, but it's going to be intriguing as heck. Bring on hoops!
  7. So it will be done.....ow, that's hot! Dammit! Sorry....in ya go!
  8. Kona has instructed me to tell you he accepts your generous gift. The line into his gaping doom maw begins just over -----------> there. Thanks for your service!
  9. but that pesky thing called "coverage" changes much. there were a half dozen shots i could make in practice as a kid that i w wouldn't even attempt in an actual game.
  10. what's the elam ending equivalent here?
  11. should avoid this conversation, but it's late and I'm tired, and this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Just because a prosecutor leaks or says something in public doesn't constitute evidence of anything. this is a huge problem with our system: we assume police and prosecutors never make mistakes (or worse) and thus if you're charged, you're guilty. this may be true. it also may not. and there's plenty of precedents for both outcomes.
  12. well, didn't see this one coming. back to my interior fantasy world where everyone eats happy cake and butterflies sing show tunes.
  13. shades of the a&m game. that one was special.
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