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  1. tcp

    Rock Bottom!?

    Agreed. Seasonal evaluations are bodies of work. Ratings reflect that totality. But that's not how games are played. The problem with "freezing" wins and losses in time, however, is that early in seasons too many teams aren't accurately evaluated and that's why the current system exists. There is no perfect way to do this. You either risk beating a lowly rated team early that actually was much better than anticipated or you beat a really good team that gets a few injuries and has their season derail. The only good news is that this system's imperfections are suffered by everyone else, too, and most programs run the same risks.
  2. tcp

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    I'm still processing that this is for the top 25 "laid" coaches. If they're getting that much action, they probably don't need as much money, right?
  3. I think James is responding to the pressure of being tabbed a conference elite player by trying to put the team on his back but his back is creaking a little. In general, our teams haven't done well with higher expectations, and this team's had more than most. I think the weight of that is getting to them. But that's why coaches have to be good at managing their heads. It's a hugely important part of the job. And I'm not sure it's a strength of our current coach.
  4. The team' in trouble, no doubt, and I agree with nustudents general take above. We've burned up our allotment of headscratchers now. I think our guys need to understand that they can, in fact, play their way out of the tournament if they persist in playing like this. We didn't really have a gut check moment last year with this group given the vagaries of rpi. But this is their moment to lace up or go home. We'll see what their character is now.
  5. He's a great pitch guy, really. Both have helped, but Miles is a really good salesman and deserves credit for that. And it's something we've needed. I think what's missing is that he might also be an incorrigible control freak, uncomfortable with giving power to anyone else. One thing that's bothered me over his tenure is the lack of player development in *leadership*. It's something most of his teams have lacked, or at least appear to have lacked. Again, this is a way outside observation so it's not worth very much.
  6. You'r'e not disagreeing, dude. You're literally telling people who can or can't be in your personal f**king club. If you can't discern that obvious difference, the problem isn't them, it's you. And on that note, we're done. It was a tough loss, and I like you as a fan, but I've had enough of this punk act for the night. Downvote that.
  7. In fairness, we did have one of these. It didn't end well...:) Still would like to find a way to mind meld Docs game coaching with Miles' recruiting. That would be something.
  8. I have my issues with Miles' approach to sports psychology, but I'm not entirely sure this is one of them. There's some real coaching talent on that bench. Question is, how much influence do they actually have? I don't know.
  9. hey, dude, this isn't your own personal board. you don't get to play attitude cop with every opinion you don't like. it needs to stop. I get that your naturally an optimist. that's an awesome thing. but stop being a fascist with people that aren't in agreement with you. it needs to stop. please. you're going out of your way to start a fight.
  10. we had a llarge lead, which seems like the only kind of game we can play. we're not mentally sound enough in slugfests.
  11. that's game. we deserved to lose.
  12. people were being set up for a special season that just wasn't there. Husker fans are used to being let down. I can't blame them. That's our history.
  13. that'll probably do it. this is a ball-busting game for this squad.
  14. well, this is the kind of situation we're usually not very good in. not much to do but hope for a miracle.