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  1. If he’s not guaranteed, I hope he’s smart enough to realize he’ll learn a hell of a lot more here with a Hoiberg than a year riding on buses in the G-league.
  2. The list of NBA “busts” is lengthy of course & the Timberwolves have contributed mightily to it. Mike Williams out of AZ was the 2nd player picked in the draft a few back & is probably driving a Schwan’s truck now...& who could forget Christian Laettner?
  3. Some guru in the LJS pointed out the usual knocks on Roby, tentative, soft, poor handles. I gotta believe he goes, though maybe just maybe he sees that Husker roster & wonders what his stock COULD be next season.
  4. The general consensus was that Roby certainly played his way up the draft board. I think more importantly will be the team that has a specific need he can fill. Maybe Fred might grease the wheels & he’ll end up with the Bulls.
  5. I met JLH at the Musicland Headquarters back in 2000, for believe it or not a singing engagement. And yes, they're REAL and they're spectacular!
  6. That 2nd cup of coffee put some extra "lead in my pencil" this morning...
  7. ESPN 2 will be televising your Combine today at 2:00. Not exactly sure of the format, scrimmage/drills etc but I thought it might be worth checking out...
  8. That post reminds me of the FIRST time I had a 3ft bong hit, or the FIRST time I saw my Mom naked...
  9. I’ll bet the Stars ️ ️ on Bo Spencer’s shoulders this team finishes Top five in the Conference. After what I’ve seen since Fred took the wheel absolutely nothing would surprise me. It shouldn’t go unnoticed he’s wearing #15...
  10. If he makes it back Cip you can post “Sara Smile” ....
  11. At this point I’d say it’s 80/20 he’s gone, maybe higher than that. Really pulling for him, worse case scenario he comes back to be adored by nothing but sold out crowds & a perpetual “green light” to shoot...
  12. Combine is tomorrow, hoping that he excels. We’ll all know his fate soon enough. Like I’ve said before he’s in a Win/Win situation.
  13. Andrew Drevo was our leading scorer in ‘03... haven’t really seen little Pike play, but that Easley kid is far from a “throw in”
  14. I know LaFester Rhoads had a 50+ point game & that Barry Stevens was BETTER than Jeff Grayer...
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