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  1. You’d have to ask our Special Teams Coach...
  2. I watched it “live” you know he wanted to just come out & say we’re STACKED, but Fred is the master of restraint...
  3. We should ALL get used to being the “media darling.” We can smugly claim that we were there from the beginning when the hype train leaves the station & Fred wins B1G Coach of the Year...
  4. Now where can I find a pair of those sweet NIT Championship Converses covered in Red chevrons...???
  5. One of the greatest Sports photos EVER is Sidney Moncrief on the cover of SI, full-on two handed dunk with the tag line “High On the Hogs”...!!!
  6. Does anyone remember when Arkansas was the ONLY non-Texas school in the (here’s one for ya kids) the Southwest Conference...? And as usual the Horns better be careful what they wish for.
  7. See, that’s how out of the loop I am, what about the Salukis of Southern Illinois or the UNI Panthers?
  8. Either OR, after Witchita St, Bradley & Drake I’m stumped...
  9. $10 bucks to anyone who can name the schools in the Missouri Valley Conference without looking it up...
  10. Who knew that one day Bob Huggins would’ve Coached THREE BIG XII Schools & not one of them would be in Texas...
  11. Obviously Fred has a longer leash, shorter tenure, lower expectations, BUT he should be in the neighborhood of .500 this year & moving forward. As far as Scott, I’m worried about Buffalo being ugly...
  12. We’ll see in November, or after we get back from Norman...
  13. It wasn’t that long ago when the Bo Spencer’s & Ade Duganduro’s were STAR ️ players on our teams surrounded by middling to less than talent. Time to “Coach em’ Up” Fred, you have the Worlds most exceedingly patient fan base, but .500 records (or worse) won’t cut it anymore.
  14. Maybe the could run some Hee-Haw clips where Lulu pops up from behind the corn
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