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  1. Fred spoke at length about Sumari during his pre-game show Friday. Doing great in practice, wants to get him more minutes etc. You can see he’s a scorer on a team that desperately needs them, I would guess he moves up in the rotation come B1G play...
  2. Why doesn’t the NCAA at least say, we’ll be making a decision on such n such a date instead of just *__________*..... makes no sense to me.
  3. Would agree on the sentiments regarding Cross, for a true Frosh he’s got some handles & he sure isn’t afraid to shoot it. I know Fred wants to get Curtiss more minutes, but that’ll depend on his performance. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come... was almost SURE that we’d hit 100!
  4. Fred said in the pre-game he wants to get Sumari more minutes tonight...
  5. Most people might remember Yinka Dare but I was always more of a fan of Timberwolves great Mike (the Brown Bear ) Brown. I had a GF that was an alum as well, so one of my small claims to fame is having sex in the Gelman Library...
  6. I would argue, they only way of getting to .500 by B1G time is to knock off Omaha East... still waiting to hear about that “Party Bus” on 12/7!
  7. Brings to mind the old CBS promos of the Big Dance when they played Kenny Loggins “This is It” while Mark Aguirre threw down a massive one-handed jam!
  8. Have you been to the first two Husker games....? Ba-da-bump (rimshot)!
  9. Is Bohannan on the “Jess Settles” plan at Iowa...?
  10. Does it make me a bad person to hope that Michigan curb stomps the Bluejays...
  11. If it makes anyone feel any better the Timberwolves shot 6-45 on 3s vs the Nuggets yesterday... even for the pros that hoop looks like a thimble sometimes.
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