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  1. We knew this would be a likely scenario before the season started, but that doesn’t make it any easier for all parties involved. Hope everyone is Safe/Healthy & hopefully we can get some games in next week...
  2. With Walker now in the mix, I think we’ll settle into a more consistent rotation & the Wins WILL come...
  3. These are the games we HAVE to win, cuz our opportunities will be few & far between. On to play Chief Illiniwek...
  4. The “Tedster” Teddy Ring Ding, making 3s, making friends...!!!
  5. Time to LEAN into the finish line boys, don’t play “not to lose” shoot/play with confidence!
  6. IU is the worst 3 point shooting team in the B1G, so of course tonight they’re the Golden St Warriors.
  7. Those sweet Herbie uniforms (I dig em) are going to WILL us to Victory... hang onto the damn ball tho!
  8. Is this the game Lat & Thor rediscover their “stroke”? Those 3’s HAVE to start falling one of these days. Could go along way towards us getting that Win...!
  9. Didn’t Doc win 20 games in 07/08 with the “shortest” team in D1 Basketball? Where’s that kind of fight? That resolve...It seems like we trot out the same excuses yer after year now...
  10. Mack was a better ball handler & passer than Banton, we could agree on that couldn't we HB? So, based on that assumption, do you think Delano would be receiving a wiff of interest from the NBA if he was 6 feet tall?
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