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  1. Hunter Sallis will be B1G Freshman of the Year on our way to a Sweet 16 run...!
  2. Brock Lesnar thought he was a “Badass” until he tried out for the Vikings...!
  3. So are we going with: Kobe Kobe Delano Trey Teddy to start now...?
  4. George C. Scott too... “Yer a BORN Loser Eddie”!
  5. I just re-watched “the Hustler” the other night, I’d forgotten how brilliant the ending is...
  6. No one “shot that arrow” after a make like OUR Cam... (except maybe Fernando Rodney) for you Baseball fans in the crowd...
  7. Steve Henson... Just thought of it!
  8. Or Askia Jones, (not against us tho) AND who was their super-annoying little white guard ala’ Aaron Craft who always had his shorts hiked up like an old man?
  9. I have visions of Rolando Blackmon, Ed Neely, & Jacob Pullen dancing in my head. Aggieville here I come...!
  10. Nate did have a “tryout” with the Lakers...!
  11. They had a nice piece on 10/11 last night about next season & the HUGE (& welcome, I might add) roster turnover. Just seeing Banton, Stevenson, Walker etc in a shoot-around made me smile. At least we’ll look like a B1G team coming off the bus, as they say...
  12. Nothing says “Nebraska Basketball” like a 7am time slot... sad thing is, if I had BTN that pot of Coffee & Bushmills would be ready to roll @ 6:45!
  13. I thought he was already out the door, now it’s just “official”? Well, when you won a whopping SEVEN games, what are we really clinging too... Next
  14. Jason had the whole thing “collapse” on him, Shaq BENT where the glass is attached to the framework... The Big Aristotle!
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