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  1. Bryce tips the scales heavily to the Fightin’ Norms...
  2. Good on you Coach Miles, no doubt you'll thrive there in San Jose. I can only only hope our programs cross paths in the NCAA's...!
  3. If we hope to make a jump in the standings or near .500, Bryce McGowens needs to step in day one and be a "difference maker." Breidenbach also needs to be more than just a guy off the bench. I like where Andre is headed, and I believe it's important to build the foundation of the program with High School talent. Especially if you're hoping to achieve long term sustained success.
  4. My apologies to cotton balls & pillows for calling Gonzaga “soft”
  5. Where does Mike Francesa have him ranked...?
  6. In typical Nebrasketball fashion, I slid in ONE spot outside the top 25...
  7. Osborne got Frost here, not Bill Moos. Hoiberg, sick of the NBA found a "soft landing" where his Grandfather Coached. If the the Pac 12, Mountain West or Cloud County Community College wants Moos, he's all yours...
  8. I never understood why Chief Illiniwek got run out of town, he was hardly a silly caricature of Native Americans. Lil’ Red tho...? He’s offensive on too many levels to count.
  9. Watching UCLA last night had me wistfully remembering when we went toe-to-toe with them & a young Lonzo Ball. That was also the game when Glynn Watson became a Star ️...!!!
  10. Just listening to Common & Rosie on KFAN that Johnson hire has been met with a resounding thud...
  11. Nothing really measures up to Scottsbluff...
  12. I’m assuming our game with perennial Tournament also-rans Creighton will be in Lincoln next year. I believe they’re up TWO in the All-time series, time to make our move & put em in the rearview mirror for good...
  13. I can remember Rolando Blackmon on the cover of SI in those sweet lavender K-State Jerseys when they knocked off #1 Oregon St. & Coach Ralph Miller...
  14. Cornfed - Inbred - Go Big Red...!
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