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  1. Handy Johnson

    Team Photo

    I think Harris and Allen are really going to help with the scoring load, the ball handling and taking some pressure off the Big 3 (4)? While this team might lack a traditional 5, it has lots of interchangeable and moveable parts.
  2. This young man has exceeded ALL expectations during his time in Lincoln. I was hoping for a solid contributor, certainly not All-Conference or POY candidate. And, as Katz points out he has LOTS of help to really make himself and this team shine. The season can't get here soon enough...
  3. Handy Johnson

    Uni Swag

    I wish they would put the little "Herbie" logo back on the shorts, but I won't be holding my breath.
  4. Handy Johnson

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Halloween? maybe...
  5. Handy Johnson

    College Hoops Countdown

    Thank God... I'm already worn out from the perpetual "Frost Warning."
  6. Handy Johnson

    A steamy afternoon in the sack with Lindy

    If Jim Palmer was 1st team All-B1G LAST year and is now approaching "unguardable" status why wouldn't he be on the 1st team again? Oh well... we can send this bozo a postcard from our Sweet 16 site!
  7. Handy Johnson

    Athlon Sports 'N'

    Only 3rd??? That's bulletin board material right there...
  8. While most draft picks are based on upside and potential, I think Roby has to show ALOT more offensively to warrant a 1st round pick. Would I be shocked if he left, No. But I expect he'll return for his Senior year and help us defend our B1G Title!
  9. Speaking as someone who graduated with a 2.5 GPA, I like the fact we're usually right there in the "meaty" part of the curve.
  10. Handy Johnson

    Practice Countdown

    Are the odds of Heiman playing this year at 50/50 or is he still more than likely to Redshirt? If he's unable to give us serviceable minutes I'd hate to see him buried on the bench.
  11. Handy Johnson


    I had a bartender friend in Mpls. who's Doctor suggested a Viagra prescription, he replied, "I don't need bullets, I need targets"...
  12. Handy Johnson

    Season Tickets/Seat Yourself

    I wasn't able to upgrade at all... I'm just thrilled I still have a seat.
  13. Handy Johnson

    Brendan Stai on Scott Frost

    I saw DWade beat Kentucky in the Regional Finals... straight up- one man show. Guy was a baller
  14. Handy Johnson

    New practice digs

    I've had my best luck over the years at the thrift stores here in town. It always mystifies me the pristine items people are willing to part with, PLUS all the old stuff is what the hipsters call "vintage" now...
  15. Handy Johnson

    New practice digs

    You can never have TOO much Husker Basketball gear...