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  1. Thanks (I think) for giving Bynum his Props. Played on one of the greatest frontlines ever with Pau Gasol & Lamar Odom, bum knees cut his career far too short.
  2. Joins the long list of the “Husker Mafia” to be associated with the Clippers. Pike, Lue, Cookie, Palmer & now Trey!
  3. Wonder how much Lue & Cookie talked up the Big Red…???
  4. I saw Shaq as an 18 year old @ Williams Arena vs Eric Montross. He was already 7’ & 3 Bills, dunked it so hard he didn’t bend the rim or the backboard but the Standard they were attached too…
  5. Bryce now becomes one of my favorite Hornets alongside Del Curry, Kendall Gill & Eddie Jones. And thank GOD they aren’t called the Bobcats anymore, everyone knows that’s Blue Hill…
  6. If I’m not mistaken we didn’t have ANYONE drafted between Venson Hamilton & Isaiah Roby. Fred got Banton into the NBA but I wouldn’t put him in the Top 25 players to play at the U. It’s time to turn NBA talent into on Court success. High End talent doesn’t want to compete on last place teams…
  7. If you ever went to the Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago (Chee-burger, Chee-burger) they had Schlitz DARK on Tap & it was actually one of the best beers I’ve ever had.
  8. You could get a 25 cent Schlitz Longneck at the Chartreuse Caboose on Thursday nights in 1987…
  9. It’s too bad the Wolves couldn’t take care of Memphis when it was handed to them on a platter. Maybe the New GM from Denver can change the “Culture” over there on First Avenue.
  10. ‘85 Lakers ’00 Lakers ’83 Sixers ‘86 Celtics ’95 Rockets ALL better than the Warriors. They’re an exceptional team (especially with Durant) but the the never had a historically great team to “push up” against. Think in terms of HOF players on the roster. Bulls, Pistons, Spurs, etc. the BEST team to never win a Title never even played for one, the 2000 Trailblazers…
  11. Now that the Warriors are officially a “Dynasty” who was their greatest opponent in the Finals? Certainly not this Celtics squad, perhaps LeBron, Love & Korver…? I get you can only play who’s in front of you of, but they’ve been fortunate to come up against some historically “weak tea” I can think of at least 5 squads off the top of my head from the 80’s, 90’s & 00’s that would’ve mowed right through them…
  12. That’s what Penn St/Ohio St/Wisconsin thought last Spring until they felt their own hot tears of shame…
  13. I’ll be excited if the price for my season tickets stayed the same…
  14. This is the crux of the matter, when we’ve had NBA talent in the past, ‘94, ‘96, ‘99, it’s lead to on court success. Now it seems we have a string of Juco-All Americans, Mr. Basketball’s & 4 Stars that show up & literally don’t do anything. Flipping the roster every year isn’t helping, but we need some cohesion & “buy in” right NOW or that Rock Bottom thread might seem quaint by January…
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