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  1. I’ve heard Michigan St. will be added to make it an even ten, but it’s really all just speculation at this point. I’d be more surprised if we DO have a season at this point then if we don’t.
  2. So as of now, Nebraska is down to a whopping FOUR home football games with a road trip to Rutgers highly unlikely. Volleyball is hoping to play at PBA to allow for distancing, & Basketball Men’s/Women’s who knows... I fear Professional sports will start then quickly shut down due to outbreaks & unforeseen logistical nightmares. Colleges might take their cues from there.
  3. This appears to be the “trial balloon” that will soften the blow of what I think we all know is coming...
  4. I’ve heard the Ivy League has suspended ALL Fall Sports...
  5. I’ve usually received some info by now, but so far nothing. I have to imagine they’re up against a “drop dead” date on a lot of events here in the next few weeks...
  6. Weren’t Nieman & Standhardinger on the same Club Team in Germany? And what in the hell has kept him in Lincoln Nebraska...?
  7. I have no inside information, and yer probably right on Smith, but here’s a couple others that come to mind: Christopher Nieman, Shaun Ping...
  8. As a lifelong NFL fan & Midwest resident, I NEVER heard the term “Chiefs Kingdom” until about 5 months ago...
  9. Not only did Will Shields play American Football, he’s arguably one of the Top 5 Kansas City Chiefs of All-time...
  10. Jordy, Duby, Leslee Smith...the list goes on. Meanwhile, if Yvan’s game makes a BIG jump, (I’m just talking converting on put backs & learning to use the glass) so will our record!
  11. Remember: the original question was to speculate on Norm’s 5th starter other than, Lat Teddy Dalano McGowens/Webster And I guessed Thor, so I was RIGHT...!
  12. The practical part of me says Walker, but my heart says Thor...
  13. All I know is the “soon to be” World Series Champion Twins get to play 40 games vs. the Indians/Royals/Pale Hose & Tigers...
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