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  1. This “20 years of Disaster” has become an oft-repeated narrative based on generalities & wild assumptions. Rather than pick it apart point by point (which I could) I’ll just say with Hoiberg/Frost/Bolt in charge, I have confidence in where we’re headed...
  2. Let’s all think back to the days of yesteryear, when we finished in 13th place & won NINETEEN games...
  3. Huskers 2-10 to start the 2nd half... it’s like Deja Vu all over again!
  4. JG makes up his mind he’s gonna shoot that ball once he crosses that half court line WAY too often...
  5. Heard him on the radio again this week from Mpls, sounds like he’s pretty certain he’ll be Coaching again next year somewhere... They refer to him as former B1G Coach Tim Miles, NOT former Nebraska Coach.
  6. Plus, he has that DOPE hairdo like George Clinton....
  7. Hunter will be Fred’s first 5 star “get” here @ NU, & the player that will lead us to our FIRST B1G Title...
  8. As fate would have it, I had lunch with Mr Coatney on President’s Day & gave him credit where credit is due...
  9. That’s why I didn’t want to look it up, I’m perpetually glass half full guy, but when we’re bad, we’re BAD, bad...
  10. Of course under the “Fairness of Savagery” act, I also thought Husker football would go thru the B1G like a hot knife through butter (whoops) I don’t have the winning % in front of me but one could argue the Basketball team has enjoyed more success. TWO 4th place finishes vs ONE Title game blowout... ? That’s all we have right now, splitting hairs over which program sucks the least...
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