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  1. I love the “Check it Out” video when Mellencamp is wearing his old FFA jacket @ Market Square arena...
  2. The chances of Ohio St dropping 5 straight were slim to none. As we continue to see Cam is a “special” player, & it was nice to see Jervay back in the mix. Gotta feel good about a win on Saturday, we’re IU’s cryptonite...
  3. “Hearts of Darkness” the making of Apocalypse Now by Coppola’s wife is JUST as good as the film itself... Dennis Hopper, Brando & Sheen we’re completely out of their trees in real time during the production.
  4. I watched that game too & kept thinking: A. Boy were we lucky that Purdue couldn’t throw it in the ocean when we played them. AND B. How many of those de-pantsings do we have in OUR future...?
  5. Well Jervay didn’t play (again) & I wouldn’t question what Fred has in mind short/long term. But I can’t believe he’s going to happily sit there on the bench for too much longer. THEN we get to face a Buckeye squad that was ranked 3rd in the Nation before a 4 game losing streak, on the Road. John Lennon had a song to the effect: “Mama Told Me There’d Be Days Like These”...
  6. I think we’ve reached a point in the season where I should mention that I predicted we’d score 100 points in at LEAST 7 games this year...
  7. Here’s a few others that deserve consideration: Patton Breaker Morant Full Metal Jacket Glory
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