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  1. Iowa is gonna get beat like a Narc at Biker rally tomorrow...
  2. No it’s not, but if we lose tomorrow night Miles is gone Monday morning & someone else (Hoiberg) will be named the new Head Coach. Then it’s his job to reign in the existing & incoming talent & MAYBE even bring in a Center.
  3. Every personnel move you just explained is right out the window when/if Miles is released. At 3.5 to $4 million a year Hoiberg won’t have the luxury of a “5 year plan,” he’ll need to hit the ground running & start calling in some of those Transfer/Juco markers.
  4. This might have been addressed in another thread, but does anyone have an idea where you can score a Jersey or warm-up with the little "n" logo from the 70's? I've been out to Scheels to checkout their overpriced "Herbie" merch but I didn't see anything with the "n". Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated. Would LOVE to sport that Jersey when I roll into Omaha next week!
  5. I’ll be at Critters’s on 10th & Arapahoe if anyone wants to stop in to watch us put a boot up their a**!
  6. UCF gets their 1st Tourney win as well, I’m blaming Frost or Moos or maybe both...
  7. Who are the Big Five again? Villanova, Temple, St Joes, Penn and ....
  8. After all the other players had ran into the locker room last night, Cope came back out onto the Court to soak it all in one last time... was a rare moment that speaks to him & the Program writ large.
  9. Cart-Horse... we’ll see. Certainly would be a huge hire.
  10. He’s a virtual lock to break Hoppen’s single season scoring record on Sunday. He & Glynn will be sorely missed next year, we’ve all been very spoiled.
  11. He’s certainly been a lot more aggressive, driving, pulling up for the 3, and like I said in another post that “spin move” has become a polished part of his repertoire. Hopefully we can build the roster around him, Burke & Green next season.
  12. I think a lot of that had to do with the understanding that this was Tim’s last game at the Bank. Fans wanted to give him his well deserved props & tip of the cap. His “Go Big Red” at the end was priceless...
  13. Forget about what I said about Roby being a poor man’s Pippen. He’s a poor man’s Worthy with that now lethal spin move...
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