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  1. Still impressed with getting Ohio’s Mr Basketball as an “Oh BTW” signee at the end of recruiting...
  2. That’s what I get for laying a hanging curveball in there...
  3. They had Reba McIntyre as the “Colonel” for Christ’s sake... then Costanza!
  4. Korver officially signs with the Milwaukee Bucks. Now, per my previous Finals prediction, he will get to LOSE to the Lakers in 6 games & retire to Iowa/Omaha where he can bask in the warm glow of what passes for “Celebrity Status” or at least free beers at Barrets Barelycorn...
  5. Hey, ask yer Alexa... I just don’t pull these figures out of thin air.
  6. I’d prefer to see a serious size difference in our RECORD more than in our players... Also Moos should know the average size of a Johnson is 5.3, not a baseline of 6.
  7. The “mean little Blue Jay” is infinitely better than whatever that new thing is, & don’t even get me started on the Prariewolves or the Lopers...
  8. Sadly, at Target the only thing on display is the “Drunk Randy Travis” look alike. I know there’s some Herbie gear at Scheels but what’s most disappointing is the selection at the PBA Husker shop...
  9. On a scale of 1-10, I’ll take Lil’ Red 10 outta 10 times over that “abomination” there on the bottom...
  10. Au contrere’ Mon frere, we held the tie breaker over 5th place Michigan... that’s how it was seeded in the B1G tourney.
  11. We also have the sad distinction of being the only team in B1G history to finish 4th and NOT make the Dance That might define Nebraska Basketball in a nutshell. BUT the “little engine that could” days, the NIT road games, the endless “Bubble watches” those will soon be part of a bygone era of Husker Hoops. Someday soon many of us will sit courtside somewhere & watch our Huskers advance DEEP into an NCAA tournament & become once and for all a “Basketball School” too...
  12. Well, whenever we’re picked 13th we finish 4th & vice versa, even this short trip to Italy will begin to fill in some of the big picture...
  13. Sip & Jake rattled off a pre-season B1G poll this morning that had us at 12 & I believe MN @ 13. Also recall Penn St listed @ 5... sight unseen with this roster it’s hard to make ANY type of guess, but 12 seems like underselling the talent level straight up, and how it compares to the other rosters...
  14. I scored a pair in the 100 section, hopefully I’ll be able to talk some drunken floozy in town for the Football game to go with me...
  15. That’s the only thing the DN was ever good for... ( Ba-dump-bah)!
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