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  1. Handy Johnson

    Roby will be back. Book it

    He needs a baby-hook, turn around “J” and some back to the basket moves. I’ve harped on this before, but man you see the potential and his tentative offensive play and it’s maddening.
  2. Handy Johnson

    Game Day Essentials: Game #5 vs Texas Tech

    In case people have forgotten, Tubby Smith NEVER had a winning Conference with the Gophers...
  3. I'm layin' even money that Palmer comes out tonight, gets 25 and makes it look easy...
  4. This isn’t meant to be a knock on Roby, merely an observation, but right now he reminds me of a poor man’s Scottie Pippen minus the offensive game. He needs to look for his shot more & start finishing when he’s at the rim.
  5. Handy Johnson

    Missouri St. (3-0) vs. Nebraska (3-0) Game Thread

    Agreed, the whole thing makes my ass tired. Here’s a thought: get the ball to your best shooters...
  6. Cornhuskers 75 - Red Raiders 62 Big Red +10 - 5
  7. Handy Johnson

    Game Day Essentials: Game #4 vs Missouri St

    It’s the only one of that dozen I’ve been too & it was years ago... listen to the guy with the local angle.
  8. Handy Johnson

    Game Day Essentials: Game #4 vs Missouri St

    Kelley’s bar Westport, oldest bar west of the Mississippi (so they say) Gates BBQ of course for the ribs...
  9. Handy Johnson

    Playing as a team

    I think they're all smart enough to realize their individual success depends a great deal on the teams success. A deep tourney run means they have put up the numbers to make that happen and more and more people will be aware of that. P.S. I think Roby sticks for his Senior year regardless of what happens this season.
  10. Handy Johnson

    Game Day Essentials: Game #4 vs Missouri St

    I'm always baffled by the GIANT stores along the freeways in Missouri that carry nothing other than Porn/Booze/Fireworks&Guns. I hesitate to call them "Hillbillies" I prefer to think they've distilled our wants & needs down to their essence...
  11. Handy Johnson

    The Magic Number

    if we ONLY go 11-9 in the B1G I'll eat my hat. Remember, for those keeping score at home, I had us at 25 total wins...
  12. Handy Johnson

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    Go Wolfpack, Go Hoosiers! Lots of interesting matchups... looking forward to seeing the Huskers get pushed.
  13. Handy Johnson

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    Why wouldn’t you lead off with the #1 ranked team in the Country?
  14. Handy Johnson

    Is it time to start Brady?

    I like what he brings up top in that zone, and I have faith he’s gonna get those ticky tack fouls reigned in. (fingers crossed)