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  1. Looks like Wisconsin has seen enough, they didn’t wait around til the end of the year or reconfigure the staff.
  2. Looks like everyone we play Sucks & we’re worse…
  3. Was anyone who attended particularly impressed with any specific player or players…?
  4. Best case scenario: We’re BIG & our length & defensive pressure will keep us in most games allowing us to eek out a .500 record. Worst case scenario: We can’t shoot & we end up being bad BAD.
  5. You’re OK in my Book BJones, you know who Randy Edwards is…
  6. Jacobson will be much MORE of a factor then expected.
  7. Since the LPD has looked the other way & been “green friendly” towards the crowds at Snoop Dog & Cube, will they be extending that same courtesy towards Husker Hoops…?
  8. I’m fearful our outside shooting might be especially tragic, & until I see him in person I’m leaning Blaise might be more Jordy than Jorge’…
  9. By God, if we can’t spend our way out of this nightmare then I don’t know what. I just hope I’m alive long enough to see it swing back the other way.
  10. It’s a BAD idea, but like everything else I disagree with, it’s inevitable…
  11. Six Man Football invented in Chester Nebraska BTW, right down on Hiway 81…
  12. I’m gonna have to bust his chops cuz he’s ruining my “Street Cred” on HHC.
  13. I’m not hung up on the “Sell Out” streak so to speak, I just find the tragic irony of it ending on HOMECOMING too priceless for words.
  14. Well, they were AT practice & told me this themselves. Next time I’ll try to go myself to make sure…
  15. To add insult to injury, looks like we WON’T be selling out the Homecoming Game in two weeks. Yes we need the Bye Week to take a deep breath & regroup, but this team will not capture the collective consciousness & your casual fans have reached a level of disgust they will demonstrate with their feet.
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