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  1. It's not gonna keep me outta the building, and we ALL remember the abomination that was the Red Court inside the 3 line with the 1/2 a basketball disaster...
  2. I think the fact we're the ABC game will trump anything on FS1, plus that game has ZERO cache' compared to the power of the "N"!
  3. Now that the Buckeye game has been scheduled for Saturday night, you can bet yer a** "Game Day" will be in Lincoln. They haven't had a chance to genuflect to THE Ohio St. University yet this season and will gladly do so since the "N" helmet still carries a brand when it comes to the TV. It's shaping up to be a real rip-snorter of a weekend right here in the Star City! Hoops, then knock off those pompous dilweeds that the BTN is named after...
  4. In layman’s terms “darker”, it seems too bright to me.( like the the MN court) I just wish it was a little warmer...
  5. It's bright and "pops" a little too much for my tastes (not as bad as the Barn) but I wish it had a more natural wood look, but hey, they didn't stop by O'rourkes's to ask me...
  6. This guy should be a REAL difference maker for us. He's got an inside/outside game, a B1G body and has actually PLAYED at a high D1 level (unlike the Frosh) It will be interesting to see how Fred divides up the teams for the scrimmage, or if he changes it up throughout to see how different players & combos of players work together.
  7. Looks like the powers that be up at Omaha East have scheduled this so they can get home to watch their favorite Football team play in the B1G Title game () ... I know that joke’s been trotted out before but it really NEVER gets old! A 1:30 tip should allow for much revery beforehand, & the beating the Birds took last year is more trend than mirage...
  8. I think Wayne enjoyed a “Liberace” type run in Vegas for a number of years...
  9. Likewise, I just thought it was funny when they played & everyone was like, they’re SO “old” Well yeah, they’re in their 70’s fer Christ’s sake...
  10. I’m not sure what level of “Street Cred” he has anymore, even amongst the younger set. But, it’s better to have an eye towards what the players might like than be completely tone deaf and haul out some act only the old fuddy duddy’s might like. (Think Who/Super Bowl)
  11. And those aren’t “digitally enhanced” like a certain someone’s on their Instagram account...
  12. Hopefully someone is working with him on the lost art of the “Baby hook”... anything we can get from young Yvan offensively is a complete bonus. Can’t wait to see him in person & get a sense of his feel for the game.
  13. I’d venture a guess that Stevenson sees a lot of time at the “Five” as Fred goes small with shooters spread all over the floor...
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