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  1. I was there when Wingback Anthony Steels sang the anthem...
  2. Oh I know, that horse has left the barn & I’m not trying to argue with you. I just lament we’re heading down a slippery slope.
  3. You’ve made my point for me, NEITHER Jace nor Bryce should be getting paid. We need to get over this notion that these kids are somehow being “exploited” and treated like ditch diggers. I’m not naive as to what motivates kids, I spent 14 years teaching @ a Mpls High School, but when we give up on Espirit De Corps & believing in being part of something larger than oneself, we’ve lost a lot more than just amateurism.
  4. I’m not talking about playing time, I’m talking about MONEY & that does change everything.
  5. Well, if I was Joe-Bag-of-Donuts on the team, I wouldn’t be too thrilled about busting my ass day after day just so Johnny Bravo can make some more money...
  6. This will be a watershed moment in College Sports, and not in a good way. When you start playing for the name of the back of the jersey instead of the front, you’ve got problems...
  7. Sounds like the Trout kid & his Dad played a round of golf @ Firethorn with Fred this week & he is really high on where this program is headed. You know what they say Fred: ABC...!
  8. Take the name Scott Frost off his resume: National Coach of the Year, NFL experience etc. and any program would’ve hired him in a heartbeat. He deservedly gets an extra long leash here, but if he still hasn’t posted a winning record after year FIVE you can’t possibly expect to bring him back, can you...?
  9. You know you’re getting old when you’ve witnessed someone’s entire HOF coaching career unfold. Seems like just yesterday he was bringing in his first recruiting class that included Johnny Dawkins, Jay Bilas, Mark Alarie & Bill Jackman...
  10. He saw the writing on the wall, 4 Star recruits aren’t good enough to play here anymore. Good luck to you young man...
  11. If you think some Husker fans are having buyers remorse when it comes to Frost, how about the B1G Conference writ large? They thought the Husker Football brand would go toe to toe with Ohio St/Michigan & compete for National Titles. Not get punked by Minnesota & Iowa on a regular basis...
  12. No he wasn’t, but no one was more full of s**t than when Denny said it. That’s part of its charm...
  13. It’s a play on words like sharpest knife on the tree, or brightest bulb in the drawer. An old gag I thought was fairly obvious...
  14. The chance he starts this year are FAR from certain, but he probably has the highest ceiling if he can improve his outside shooting...
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