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  1. Handy Johnson

    Way too early Top 25

    Moos could pick up Coach "K" at the airport, drive him to PBA in a white Bronco on "Live" TV and some people would still bitch...
  2. Handy Johnson

    Player First Looks

    Let's not forget about the "Iceman" from Iceland... a Combo guard the likes of Mike Peltz/George Gervin.
  3. Handy Johnson

    You're all Welcome - September 13th

    Nice work Mr. Pavelka... yer the Lyle Bremser of Husker hoops.
  4. Handy Johnson

    Successful Season

    Sixth??? That's bulletin board material right there.
  5. Handy Johnson

    Player Power Rankings

    Ethan Happ is the Jess Settles of Wisconsin OR for you Old Timers, Mike Peplowski of Michigan St. They're like Dentist office furniture or ringworm, you can't get rid of em'.
  6. Handy Johnson

    Jordy Gone

    If Borchardt/Heiman were "Carl's Jr" now they need to be "Arby's"
  7. Handy Johnson

    Jordy Gone

    Of all the reasons to hate Creighton (let us count the ways) acting like you invented the 3 point shot and fast-break basketball is moving up the charts with a bullet.
  8. Handy Johnson

    Player Power Rankings

    Dylan Talley is too low & Thomas Allen hasn't really done anything...YET.
  9. Handy Johnson

    Jordy Gone

    I thought Jordy was due for a good season and was going to be at the LEAST a known commodity in the Post. Now, it's plan B time and I'm not sure there is one. Maybe we can bring in some of those gunners over at Weslyan and spread the court even further...
  10. Handy Johnson

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    Those are NICE... It's just too bad not many games from the Curtis Moore era were televised. That guy had some SICK dunks.
  11. Handy Johnson

    OT Doc Vedanya

    If you've seen "Red Sparrow" Ms. Butina is no Jennifer Lawrence.
  12. Handy Johnson

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    No... but Cuba Gooding Jr's father was the lead singer for the Main Ingredient of "Everybody Plays the Fool" fame.
  13. Handy Johnson

    Successful Season

    BUT... You have to remember Carl Hayes's nickname was 'Sco which was slang for "Score", and Tony Farmer played in the NBA for the Golden St. Warriors... ( SO, somewhat tongue in cheek) let's pump the brakes before we get too jazzed up about how things look on paper.
  14. Handy Johnson

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    Well, we have 3 offers out now to In-state kids, we be nice to land at least two. Sounds like Arop really blew up at the Tourney in NYC and Miles was there in person. Hopefully that kind of love impresses the young man.
  15. Handy Johnson

    Thorir and Iceland at FIBA U-20 Tournament

    I've got a hunch (based on nothing of course) that Thor is going to be that "surprise" contributor off the bench that separates himself from the pack. Kid looks like he's got a bit of Gym Rat to him ala' Paul Verlander.