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  1. I’d say it’s easier to get 3 Starters/Impact Players from the portal with Fred here, than scrapping everything with a New Hire.
  2. They were referring to his propensity to throw up an Air Ball, but with his Woody Harrelson like hops your interpretation works too.
  3. Illinois was begging us to BEAT them, but we have such a limited arsenal they were able to withstand our flimsy barrage…
  4. Why can’t WE ever have anything Nice …???
  5. There’s a Bar in Champaign called O’Malley’s where every night at Midnight they play Don McClean’s “American Pie” & the regulars lock arms, sing along & add their own profane words to the chorus. Here’s hoping the Huskers rain on that tradition tomorrow…
  6. Frost inherited a BAD program & kept it that way. Fred inherited the opposite & it was historically BAD immediately. Now we’re in a Catch-22 where the status quo is awful but familiar & the “unknown” of a new hire could be worse. It’s definitely not for everybody…
  7. No it’s me too. We won 22 then 19 games & suddenly that wasn’t “good enough.” Tim actually accomplished something Tubby Smith NEVER did, post a Winning B1G Conference record.
  8. Frost never should’ve been brought back for year five & whatever warm feelings you have about this Basketball season mean absolutely nothing heading into next year.
  9. These guys better learn REAL quick that no one in the B1G is going to feel sorry for them.
  10. Is Blaise Keita back in action tonight? Now would be a good time to have his “coming out” Party…
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