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  1. GATA

    Palmer Back

    In the process of moving and took a break from the hell that is packing and unpacking to hop on the site. Awesome news. By NU standards, this is a pretty stacked roster. Now we should be locked and loaded for the nonconference. No hiccups there and we are dancing.
  2. Sigh... What a dreadful effort on both ends. We rarely stopped dribble drives and it led to roughly 20 open 3s. What's infuriating is that we've seen this offense before. We deserve every bit of this 20 point loss.
  3. Yeah, I know that. Was he projected to be our top scorer or possibly our best player?
  4. Refresh my memory... What was the expectation for Palmer coming into the year? Was he expected to be really good?
  5. Rest up because there's no sitting Sunday.
  6. That phantom foul on Roby will be huge. I feel like that could be said every game.
  7. Regardless, that game was there for us. We made way too many mistakes. Bad shots, missed layups, flubbed rebounds. For a last place team, Illinois really has some talent too.
  8. Wondered that myself. How can you say without a doubt Black did not touch it? Based on a ball spinning?
  9. Killer loss. Can live with Illinois making circus shots and 3s they haven't showed the capability of making, but pretty frustrating to watch Nebraska make mistake after mistake down the stretch and fail to build on that 5-point lead midway through the second half.
  10. That was fun, you guys. Let's do that more often.
  11. Anyone got video of the Roby dunk/assassination attempt?
  12. No, you can play well and/or coach a great game and lose.
  13. I think that's fair, but a win almost always excuses bad decisions or bad performances. That also doesn't make it right.
  14. I get what you're saying, but having him as a threat on the floor maybe helps get us a better look. Those things matter despite his poor night.