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  1. I will be excited to watch every single one of those non con games, tbh. Shiny new coach and team, etc.
  2. Maybe I’m just a massive homer, but even with a brand new team that needs name tags for the first month of the season I expect the floor to be something like 16 wins, mostly because the non conference schedule is terrible and we should be much better later in the year.
  3. So much of this is wrong, but it really isn’t worth discussing further.
  4. And questions like that is why he did. The interest level was through the roof.
  5. One down, three to go.
  6. Man, Cross looks so unhappy in every picture.
  7. I’ll raise my hand and admit I was high on Nana’s potential. He reminded me of Peter Jok, a poor man’s version any way. I’m shocked that his shooting was so bad here.
  8. San Antonio makes too much sense for Roby. He’s a good kid who will fit their culture. He has a developing 3 point shot and can play as a modern 3-4. They would probably play him in Austin for their G League team and he’d be a role player his second year. Similar to Derrick White.
  9. And he makes darn good money.
  10. To be fair, one of those three stars was a four star on ESPN and had been committed to two programs better than ours. Walker... I don’t know enough about him, but he’s a bit of a head scratcher.
  11. Considering the level Hoiberg and Co. are recruiting at, do we want Arop to redshirt? Is he talented enough to warrant a five-year investment?
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