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  1. Can’t make layups. Can’t makes 3s. Even missed a dunk. And when we aren’t doing those things we’re taking bad shots.
  2. *Cracks open victory beer* Ahhhhhhhhh
  3. I would have gone for the win at the end, but it was pretty well designed. The out of timeout play where Roby tipped the ball to Palmer for an open 3 was really nice too. Unfortunately neither worked.
  4. Sigh. Couldn’t grab a rebound and missed too many wide open 3 and free throws. Effffffff
  5. What kind of S defense was that????
  6. I'm finally getting to watch the first half, and the opening 17 minutes were incredible. The most fun game in the Miles era since No Sit Sunday. * Allen was so good, and as someone said, he seems to get better every game. He shot confidently, but I love how he put the ball on the floor and finished at the rim. * Palmer... whew. * Heiman should be a nice player, especially adter he gets stronger. * Eff McDermott. * This version of Roby needs to show up game in and game out.
  7. I feel so much better than the other night.
  8. I doubt we'll get a good game from the refs. Creighton gets every questionable call it seems. That said, I'm the first to get angry with the refs, but tonight was more about us. We got punked. We showed zero pride defensively against Coffey. It was a joke.
  9. This one is gonna p*** me off for awhile. Just incredible how meek we were for the final 6 or so minutes.
  10. I'm surprised they let us play the final 5 minutes with all the pee running down our legs.
  11. Can't blame the refs for Palmer getting roasted on D and for us being soft with the ball. We lost this ourselves. Let one damn player beat us over and over and over.
  12. That foul was so lazy by Roby.
  13. Too many wasted possessions in the second half. The accidental tech on Copeland and the goal tend loom large.
  14. Weird. Outside of the first 3 minutes and final 5 minutes, it was a pretty ugly game, but I think Illinois' style had something to do with it. A few things... * Thomas Allen needs to fire away. He's too passive at the 3 point line. As someone said earlier, he doesn't seem to be solid enough to get many backup PG minutes. * We were way too soft with the ball. I lost count of how many times Illinois got a hand on our drives, dribbles and passes. * Astute observation from the color guy saying Roby needs to face the basket when he gets the ball in the high post. Be a threat. You're too good not to. * I continue to like what I see from Nana. Just a solid backup. * Nice efforts all around from the seniors.