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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how next year’s team jells. That’s a lot of talented newcomers.
  2. I’d love to know what his shooting percentage is on layups or inside two feet. Yikes.
  3. I almost went to the game. Thank god I changed my mind.
  4. That decision is a big old “yikes” for me. It certainly doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  5. Are you really a fierce competitor if you’re de-committing because you don’t think you can beat out players for the early playing time you desire?
  6. And here I am, stupidly thinking we would at least play entertaining basketball under Hoiberg. Sports are dumb. Why do I waste my time with this crap?
  7. Fans shouldn’t be expected to sit through a crap performance like that. That was as ugly of a performance as you could ever imagine. I’m stunned it was this bad. We couldn’t shoot from anywhere on the court. Literally anywhere. There wasn’t a single player on the court who I thought played well or looked good. Yikes.
  8. Good luck fellas. I can’t watch anymore tonight. It’s time for Curse of Oak Island.
  9. These guys for UC Riverside look like they’ve never shot a basketball before and they’re making every shot. It’s so weird.
  10. Yeah, he’s not exactly Dominique Wilkins off two feet, that’s for sure.
  11. I think that’s a fair point. Maybe I’m underestimating the jump from 16 year old to 18 year old in terms of leaping ability and explosiveness. The thing that stuck out to me wasn’t open dunks. Almost anyone his size should be able to do that. It was the degree that contact kept him stapled to the ground. I’m exaggerating for effect, but it seemed like you could barely fit the Waverly phone book between his feet and the floor at times. But it like I said, maybe I’m putting too much stock into highlights from when he was 16. I’ll be honest, I’m not used to watching big man highlights at that age.
  12. I’m thinking a shorter, post Achilles and quad tendon tear Boogie Cousins.
  13. I agree on Drago. I’m happy to get any recruit our staff wants, but he doesn’t seem overly athletic or explosive to me. He’s definitely plays below the rim.
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