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  1. You should show him the video of Jerome Lane busting the backboard…
  2. UNC/Indiana looks like the most intriguing matchup, if Purdue/FSU was a fight it wouldn’t make it past the 3rd Round…
  3. Just think how differently our season COULD’VE unfolded if we would’ve beaten NC State last year…
  4. Well Purdue just beat Gonzaga & Duke & Indiana probably has the B1G POY, if you can see us splitting with these two or winning at Creighton you’re far more optimistic than I am.
  5. Let’s take a TWO game Winning Streak up to Omaha, & just guessing those Top 5 ACC Coaches in no particular order: Dean Smith Coach K Roy Williams Lefty Driesell Leonard Hamilton
  6. They said he’s the 5th Winningest Coach in ACC history which surprised me. I can remember when he was at Okie State.
  7. I agree, I was just listening on the Radio in & out & thought something might’ve happened to Blaise I wasn’t aware of.
  8. What was up with Blaise tonight, was he injured or was Walker just too dialed in to let Keita spell him for a few minutes…???
  9. I still want to see those two on the floor together with Sam, Juwan & Emmanuel.
  10. The team I’ve seen play so far is going to be hard pressed to win 4-5 games in the B1G.
  11. I had a front row seat for North Dakota/Minnesota Hockey for a LONG time, & if you can get a Dean Blaise to Omaha I trust Trev’s judgment moving forward.
  12. Trev hired Dean Blaise, that’s all I need to know about him…
  13. They seem collectively uneasy executing a number of fundementals.
  14. Somewhat tongue in cheek, there have certainly been more SIGNIFICANT Wins, but I’m pretty sure that’s the highest ranked team we’ve beaten.
  15. According to 93.7 the Ticket, Walker will be in the lineup TODAY.
  16. All-Time Memphis St. Team Keith Lee Anferne Hardaway Baskerville Holmes Derek Rose Roburt Sallie
  17. We’ll always have 2011 over #2 Texas. Has there been a BIGGER Win since then…?
  18. I’m not going to sit here and listen to you “badmouth” Jorge Brian Diaz…
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