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  1. OR, think of it this way, we have TWICE as many B1G wins as Northwestern...
  2. I never understood this hire either, that Cleveland job minus LeBron is about like coaching the Knicks without the “glitz”...
  3. “Sconi” fans are known for pouring a beer on yer Grandmother (for real) & they told my young female cousin to “stick a corncob up her a**” during a Football game in Madison...
  4. Here’s a PSA from someone who’s spent time in the St Croix County jail. Shorthand for Wisconsin is “Sconi” not Whisky/Wiscy or any other such derivative...
  5. LJS claims we had a 13 gamer @ some point in time... OSU, Northwestern @ Home, MAYBE @ Minnesota. I hate to think we’ll lose out.
  6. Wimpy & the Hawk make me loathe White Sox baseball... Go Twins !
  7. Since it’s Legends Weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jerry Shoecraft & Henry T. Buchanan last night. Heard so many great stories & listen to them talk smack, but we never did decide who could jump higher Greg Downing or Curtis Moore...
  8. I’ve GOTTA believe we’ve got at least 2-3 wins left in us. Maybe a little run in the B1G ala last spring, end the season on a high note, then the “Big Payback” tour begins!
  9. Mack trying to keep Jahlan Smith off the block, that’s a TALL order (pun intended)
  10. It’s getting a “Men’s P.E.” level of sloppy out there...
  11. Line was Maryland by 17.5, right now I’d take the Huskers & bet the FARM...!
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