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  1. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but this will be my first time making a road trip to Omaha for an “away” game. Most visits to the Big O require a visit to the Homey Inn on 50th & Saddlecreek, so I’ll start there, but I was curious if there was any HHC sanctioned pre-game event taking place? Hadn’t heard any chatter on the board, but I cannot WAIT to roll into CHI decked out in full Husker regale’ & show the Bluebirds we mean business. Like The Who sang, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”....!
  2. Scoring leaders: Hamilton, Belcher, Florence, Fields...?
  3. Fred spoke at length about Sumari during his pre-game show Friday. Doing great in practice, wants to get him more minutes etc. You can see he’s a scorer on a team that desperately needs them, I would guess he moves up in the rotation come B1G play...
  4. Why doesn’t the NCAA at least say, we’ll be making a decision on such n such a date instead of just *__________*..... makes no sense to me.
  5. Would agree on the sentiments regarding Cross, for a true Frosh he’s got some handles & he sure isn’t afraid to shoot it. I know Fred wants to get Curtiss more minutes, but that’ll depend on his performance. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come... was almost SURE that we’d hit 100!
  6. Fred said in the pre-game he wants to get Sumari more minutes tonight...
  7. Most people might remember Yinka Dare but I was always more of a fan of Timberwolves great Mike (the Brown Bear ) Brown. I had a GF that was an alum as well, so one of my small claims to fame is having sex in the Gelman Library...
  8. I would argue, they only way of getting to .500 by B1G time is to knock off Omaha East... still waiting to hear about that “Party Bus” on 12/7!
  9. Brings to mind the old CBS promos of the Big Dance when they played Kenny Loggins “This is It” while Mark Aguirre threw down a massive one-handed jam!
  10. Have you been to the first two Husker games....? Ba-da-bump (rimshot)!
  11. Is Bohannan on the “Jess Settles” plan at Iowa...?
  12. Does it make me a bad person to hope that Michigan curb stomps the Bluejays...
  13. If it makes anyone feel any better the Timberwolves shot 6-45 on 3s vs the Nuggets yesterday... even for the pros that hoop looks like a thimble sometimes.
  14. No one was a harsher critic of Tai Webster than myself & he was an All-B1G level guard by his Senior year. The shots will fall, we’ll get our share of wins, but yes it’s important to remember Yvan is only 17 & he his freshman classmates will ONLY get better...
  15. According to the OWH this was the play Coach Fred drew up, & yes it was pretty. Still would’ve preferred a short jumper or someone taking it to the hoop...
  16. Had they pulled it off, it would’ve been Jerry Shoecraft/Greg Downing worthy. I about s**t when they even attempted it, extremely high risk, high reward...
  17. 11 out of 52 on 3 pointers through the 1st two games, that explains a lot. When outside shooting is yer calling card (in theory) and you don’t have any reliable Big to dump it down into on the block, this is what it looks like. Our shooting HAS to improve & I hope we give more minutes to the Frosh, Eisley-Curtis-Arop...
  18. Like others have mentioned, you throw Stevenson, Banton & Walker into the mix & that changes the complexion of yer entire roster, simply from a SIZE standpoint.
  19. Well... it’s NOT 1. Cross from 3 2. Mack at the rim 3. Yvan on the block 4. Green baseline 5. Or, Easley/Arop from the bench
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