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  1. If the team who wins it all counts it, then I’ll count a Husker win, damn right!
  2. I just came to post this very thing! Can't say I ever expected to see this from Yvan! Color me impressed!!!
  3. I need a new grill/smoker combo. But that’s probably closer to $500.
  4. That’s a good thing, as it feels like Teddy’s overall game is set up for him to score a lot of points.
  5. They call the rough at Wild Horse golf course in Gothenburg “wooga.” Makes me want to hit the links.
  6. The Benny Parker situation.
  7. I like that he's left handed. I've always seen that as an advantage in blocking shots. No idea if there is validity to that belief.
  8. Check the NCAA lawsuit Nebraska is mentioned in.
  9. Yup. I haven’t done it in a couple years, but I used to put in my signature the names of guys who transferred saying how I didn’t care about them. I only have so much energy to give to something like college sports. Guys who don’t play for the teams I cheer for? I don’t really have energy for them at all, honestly.
  10. 58% FT shooter? I’d rather we not get any more of those guys.
  11. I was kind of hoping he’d stick around. But we move on.
  12. LOL! Wrong “so.” If you have a comma-conjunction (“so” is one of those), it’s the same thing as a semicolon. So, use either a comma-conj or a semicolon. I haven’t been able to go to teach this stuff at school in a month. I need an outlet. Edit: I just finished reading your entire comment...LOL!
  13. Should have been just a comma. But I appreciate the effort. Get rid of the “so” and the semicolon works just fine.
  14. We didn't even have a tournament this year. Regardless of which teams make it next year, if we have a Final Four it's not going to be a nightmare. The nightmare is now.
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