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  1. Maybe he said that's what St. John's averages in terms of causing on defense? I didn't catch it, but they don't have that many, that's for sure.
  2. Pretty ugly, but I'll take this one to prom every week if this is the result!
  3. Yes, the schools are giving them free (though nothing is truly free) tuition, tutors, etc. But I don't see how that matters here; the schools aren't paying the players (at least not directly). But because the school is giving a scholarship (and all that goes with it), why does that mean a car dealership can't put a point guard in a commercial? Or a grocery store can't pay a wide receiver to tweet about the store? Or a couple volleyball players can't have a podcast with sponsors and a patreon? Or a walk-on TE can't do a spot for the local Applebee's? Or for a softball player (who probably isn't on full scholarship anyway) who wants to go into fashion to start a clothing line? There are rules in place specifically for basketball and football players (more strict rules for football, of course) that won't allow them to get a job playing their sport until a certain time. Why is allowing these players to get paid in college because of their "celebrity" (for lack of a better word) any worse than allowing the aforementioned Michael Phelps to get paid for swimming even before being in college? Or for tennis players to hit the pro circuit in their teen years? Or for baseball players to go pro after high school? I struggle to see how letting some kids get money based off of their NIL (when they are clearly public figures) is a bad thing. Or certainly any worse than it is for kids their age (and sometimes younger) to get paid for playing their sport.
  4. Yes, that's why NIL was allowed (finally).
  5. I guess I didn't know that effort, intensity, and passion were limited to basic man-to-man defense.
  6. Sounds like it wasn’t a bad thing I had rehearsal tonight and didn’t catch anything about this game. WOOF!
  7. I think we were the first team out after our first game, honestly. As in, the first team eliminated from consideration.
  8. I’ll have to miss most of this one (going to a show). Here’s hoping for a solid result when I check at intermission! Have fun, all!
  9. An utter disaster of a fourth quarter today. Almost impressive how terrible it has been.
  10. And we continue to invent new ways to be terrible. Three good quarters followed by a horrific five minutes to start the fourth quarter.
  11. This thread currently has nothing to do with the truth. It’s people trying to get attention for announcing they have (i.e. may not have) information about a former coach, which has turned into people defending or shitting on said former coach. There is no truth here. Sorry, Randy.
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