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  1. The Mavs lost a forward to an Achilles. Does Roby get the call?
  2. Yeah, it was! Would have been a hell of a finish, and even more fun to watch! Overall, this has been a pretty solid half.
  3. Yvan has neither soft hands nor explosive legs. That is a bad combination for an undersized center.
  4. I remember when I used to get mad at Maric for missing bunnies. This entire team misses them.
  5. I don’t think things come out well for the good guys tonight. I’m thinking it gets ugly.
  6. Disappointing finish, but things certainly got better in the second half.
  7. Jervay not playing was “just a decision” Coach made. Said he noticed our best games were when he didn’t play.
  8. Cam was asked after the game about playing with Thorir. “I love playing with Thor. He’s my best friend on the court. He makes me look good.” That says a lot about Thorir’s playing time, I’d say.
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