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  1. The original: Little Eva The Locomotion 1962 Kick-ass Remake: Grand Funk Railroad 1974
  2. My Way Original: Frank Sinatra Remake: Sid Vicious
  3. All Along The Watchtower Original: Bob Dylan Remake: Jimi Hendrix
  4. he still has a scholarship offer so well yea duh.
  5. I heard, from a very reliable source... He wore his left shoe , with a thick winter sock, and was barefoot with his right foot. Also, two pair of thick winter gloves on each hand.
  6. BB. it's a game. Just play it.
  7. actually he did. My source sez his vertical was off the charts.
  8. I would take Standhardinger today for one year of post graduate studies if he could start immediately and not sit out a year. He was a Heck of a player.
  9. Fred or Obama? you've had a chance to ponder.
  10. still recruiting N and S Carolina hard where Allen ran home because of home sickness
  11. Don't they have a transfer PG that got injured and has applied for a medical redshirt?
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