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  1. he's one of my faves... what happened to edit?
  2. music was a turnoff but whatever
  3. It's nice to see we have one basketball team at Nebraska that remembers what it's school colors are.
  4. fred1212


    I have a question about btn+. It seems like many of you just sign up for a month at a time. If I signed up today, would it only be good until the end of January, or until Feb 27?
  5. her claim to fame was feeding Jessica. I wish she would have stayed and progressed. But, compared to other players, if she had progressed over her freshman year, she would have been an anomaly.
  6. well he's been playing intramural ball for a few weeks
  7. Why do players reach down and rub the toes of their shoes. I think that's what they do but I can't tell for sure.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/7OXbRQc.mp4 edit (thought it would embed)
  9. Congrats to the North Dakota team. They must be on a High right now and deserve-able so.
  10. The original: Little Eva The Locomotion 1962 Kick-ass Remake: Grand Funk Railroad 1974
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