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  1. he still has a scholarship offer so well yea duh.
  2. I heard, from a very reliable source... He wore his left shoe , with a thick winter sock, and was barefoot with his right foot. Also, two pair of thick winter gloves on each hand.
  3. actually he did. My source sez his vertical was off the charts.
  4. I would take Standhardinger today for one year of post graduate studies if he could start immediately and not sit out a year. He was a Heck of a player.
  5. Fred or Obama? you've had a chance to ponder.
  6. still recruiting N and S Carolina hard where Allen ran home because of home sickness
  7. Don't they have a transfer PG that got injured and has applied for a medical redshirt?
  8. I would actually prefer chartreuse over black. Our school colors are red and white (scarlet and cream), why wear any other color? They go to Purdue and wear Purdue's school colors. They are playing for themselves not their school.
  9. It's 7:15 and Miles better be getting those boys out of bed by now. He let them sleep late last year for an 11:00 game with Michigan and they played like they were still half asleep.
  10. The inbounds guy never took the ball out of bounds either.
  11. Impressive video. Very Impressive.
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