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  1. Saw that- Hoiberg stopped verge on his way to sitting on the bench and pointed sharply three times. It was about as upset as I’ve seen him towards a player
  2. Enjoyed this game. A mild, windy walk to the north doors of PBA. I was nervous when South Dakota went up 21-16…Verge had some flashes but also made some Verge type of mistakes, and Fred wasn’t having it. Good effort by Walker today. I agree with Matt, Lat does indeed look lost out there. kobe is such a luxury to have off the bench. Tominaga was a difference maker. His off the ball movement stresses out opposing defenses and really is a reason why the defense is scrambled up. glad to get this win
  3. Thankful for the site where I can vent and celebrate success as well!
  4. Lat should never be given a green light to dribble. He is a turnover waiting to happen. When he put the ball on the floor tonight multiple people in our section yelled “no!”
  5. I’m going to get some flack for this. Walker was good offensively when fed by Verge and others. But he is NOT playing with the same effort and hustle as he did last year defensively. Maybe it was because he had to sit out half the season due to suspension. But he played with a lot more of a motor last season. He literally tried to rebound a few times tonight without jumping. And he lost the board each time he tried that. Even a guy in our section yelled “jump for the rebound”!!! After a couple of times. Walker does give us the beef and played admirably against Big ten centers last year. But he’s struggling to grab 4 boards against lower lower lower teams. I wish he’d rev up his motor. Just seemed that the entire team didn’t have much energy tonight. We do this saturday and South Dakota will roll us
  6. Lat is not a division i player. There, I said it. He may be a division I shooter, but yikes to literally everything else
  7. This Tennessee State team lost by 17 to South Dakota, our next opponent
  8. Well Matt A brings them in, but I’d like to see some development progress too
  9. It drives me nuts that Fred just leans against the scorers table with his arms folded. No timeouts to adjust their defense or ask any of them if they have a pulse tonight….
  10. Even published one of the students name. Millard West kid. My son goes to MW. Need to teach them about the downfalls of being a Jaysker
  11. We should start a Omaha Diehard group and just go to Refs and eat food while we watch the game there…
  12. He will score 6 against Creighton and drop 33 against the Spurs next year…
  13. 100 percent agree. It’s amazing how the narrative around Fred is that he and mostly Matt A can get them here, but he can’t X’s and O’s them to beat the W. Illinois’ of the world. Also, should be noted, I sit in row 1 of the 200 level. My son and I were the only two taken. 8 others were empty…
  14. Yeah, I deserve it though, I make all the Husker fans dress in red and all the bluejay fans dress in blue. Then we gather for a group picture and tweet it at the respective athletic department accounts. One year Tom Shatel retweeted it and said “this is why this game really matters…the workplace banter” The bluejay alums are mostly respectful to me- i make sure to talk plenty before the game.
  15. Hey guys. Sorry for my vent. Lifelong diehard here. My family purchased season tickets when I was in 8th grade- back in 1990. (I know, I’m old) Experienced the highs of Nee’s teams to being a proud member of the “6500” barflencht coined us during the Collier years, to attending Doc’s basketball 101 events, to befriending players on Coach Miles teams. Thought Fred was an absolute home run “I can’t believe we got him” hire. I work with about 50% bluejay alums. I bet them donuts for the office every year. I’ll be waking up early tomorrow to buy 7 dozen and get crap thrown- and deservedly so. I drive from Omaha to each home game. Leave work early to make the 6pm games. Even took a half day of PTO today to “prepare” for the CU game. I just told my son I have no motivation to leave work Friday and go watch the team against Idaho State. I’ll go to the Sunday game, but this is just painful to watch. It’s like they’re not even being coached. I drive thousands of miles (I calculated and it’s kind of sobering) every season to pay my $5 to park so I can make the trek over the bridge while I can’t feel my face in January and hope it doesn’t start to be white out conditions for the drive home so I can see my daughter and wife again and don’t slide into the ditch so I could see Verge go 4-23. And do it again and again. I buy into the hype as much as anyone. Tominaga is close to Curry. Lat made 88 out of 100 threes. Keon would start at most schools- so would Wilcher, Wilhelm has grown to 6-10, up from 6-9, Bryce is already a lottery pick….I must love punishment. Actually, most of us longtime season ticket holders and diehards must. I have balls of steel from them being kicked so many times. When I think about all of the money I throw out the window on tickets, gas, mileage, my time, etc, etc…it’s probably not a great investment. But I’ll keep coming back. I’ll keep clinging on hope that we get it figured out. That Verge will settle in and become a distributor. The Tominaga hones in his bombs. That Walker remembers he had to sit out games and to play like he did when he first was eligible. That K-Web will lead us now to some wins. That is all. I’m down. I’m spending 80+ bucks on donuts to feed my overweight bluejay coworkers tomorrow morning. This is my 7th year I’ve lost the bet, out of 8 years there. No worries, I now budget for it….
  16. I hate them with all my heart, but I actually admire the system and discipline in which they play. I think I just threw up in my mouth typing “admire”
  17. I’d tell him father Joseph wouldn’t approve….
  18. I’ve watched every game from start to finish since Fred’s been our coach, and I wouldn’t use “good” and x’s and o’s together. There have been a couple of memorable out of bounds plays that have sprung an open look, but he doesn’t really have a system, so to speak. Coach Mac does, and guys fill into the system. Fred changes his offensive philosophy based on his personnel. Give me a consistent system and identity all day over individual minded athletic four stars…
  19. What system?? I’ve yet to see Fred have a true system…
  20. I mean, most of us knew it, but can openly admit it. X’a and O’s, Mac outclasses Hoiberg by a decent margin. Recruiting (without 100k and the promise of a good job) Matt A is our magic bullet.
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