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  1. It's almost like throwing darts at a board, we are blessed to have such a depth of talent! As noted in another post, I am looking for the WBB team to out-perform expectations this season after under-achieving last year because of inexperience.
  2. Last season I think we underperformed, most likely because of inexperience, exacerbated by injuries to seasoned players. I believe their not meeting expectations has resulted in the on-going lack of interest and information in the media regarding the prospects of this year's WBB team. I think this year we will out-perform expectations, just for the reasons enumerated by @redstevein the preceding post.
  3. Thanks for the twitter link to WBB @kansashusker!!!! https://mobile.twitter.com/huskerswbb (also, here's the link to the desktop site if you're not on a smart phone or tablet) https://twitter.com/huskerswbb
  4. Sorry if this is already posted! https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/after-unexpected-setbacks-mack-now-ready-to-thrive-with-huskers Future PG
  5. No real clue here (not a ticket holder nor live in the area), but could it be ticket vendors/software they use?
  6. Last season was disappointing given the experienced upperclassmen and overall talent level of the four incoming freshmen. Nevertheless, I'm looking for improved results this season, given the returning players and with the additional year's experience for the freshmen, now sophomores. A better year this season will no doubt enhance recruiting efforts. That said, I agree with @Redhac and @Tom Jones; the lack of overall information on the WBB program and recruiting is bewildering.
  7. (Recap @ the link) https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/fastbreak-full-recap-of-fred-hoiberg-s-press-conference
  8. Here's a little follow-up. (I think Oklahoma may be sitting @ 899 wins also )
  9. Just FEI. (for everyone's information ) https://twitter.com/GBRosenthal/status/1173638176767926277
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