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  1. Out Rebounded: 30 - 39 Fast Break Points: 7 - 16 Points on Turnovers: 6 - 18 Paint: 18 -32 Second Chance Points: 0 - 12 All Hustle!
  2. Lady Huskers played out-of-sorts all day! Lose: 63-73 Final Stats: https://gophersports.com/sidearmstats/wbball/media
  3. Sam Scores and and 'an one' ties it up at 62!! Time for the Lady Huskers to take Control of the Game!
  4. Playing just out of sorts. Missed last three good shots! Then Sam Scores!!!
  5. After a slow start to the Third Quarter, Husker Ladies pick-it up at the end of the quarter. Tied at 51 all. Lets Gooooo Ladies!
  6. Makenzie Helms (credited with 2 mins) must be taking Brady's Place!
  7. Halftime Stats: Husker Ladies are picking it up (a little). Treys keeping us in the game; FG shooting is poor, and Minnesota is showing more hustled, like getting to the ball, & steals.
  8. How's THAT for a Change-up...... Huskers (Haiby with a Buzzer-Beater to end the Quarter!! (But we are getting out-shot, AND out-hustled by Minnesota. ) Time to Step-It-Up!
  9. No Bella Cravens or Trinity Brady today per Matt Coatney. Referees: Erika Herriman-Camarota, Frank Steratore, Cameron Inouye
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