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  1. Are Kent Pavelka & Jake Muhleisen allowed in PBA to call games or do they do it via remote monitors? How about BTN announcers?
  2. Thanks Dimes (err Matt ) It seems like I've noticed some of same slow-down in 'steals' too (of course, the 'stealer' is streaking toward the basket if he can, but not always if he is not in the back court, or near the basket. But then again we had an insane number of steals vs McNeese (16-12-11-9 respective games)
  3. It seems like the pace was 'Lights-out' in the first game vs McNeese St, several passes ahead to a player streaking toward the basket, but having slowed noticeably in subsequent games. Several times I thought South Dakota beat us getting back into their defense following rebounds.
  4. Thank goodness Teddy is 'ON' tonight; leading scorer w/18 pts.
  5. Stats for an Ugly Half: Hope somebody confiscates their whistles for the 2nd half )
  6. Red Don


    Guess the, hop, skip & a jump, to see Leigha Brown play at Michigan won't help out her family much this season.
  7. That means he should be available for the game @ Maryland (Jan 16th).
  8. Red Don


    They now have 3-D Cut outs?????
  9. Maybe @Swan88is comparing Breidenbach to all the other Husker shooters we've had. Nor are 'jump hooks' much we've been seeing from Husker Teams that might be a welcome addition (Yvan might look good developing one). HIgh motor, going hard, diving; I can see why he might be high on Hoiberg's list.
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