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  1. You can watch Bryce McGowans & Hunter Sallis in the Iverson Classic, Sat 5/5/21 @ 6pm CT ($10 streaming) (err, $9.99 )
  2. Best Wishes to Kate and what's next on her journey!!!
  3. Good Article!!!! https://nebraska.n.rivals.com/news/now-aau-teammates-traudt-and-green-bonding-on-off-the-court
  4. Nothing but Best Wishes to Shamiel for the Future. I can only wonder what might have been had you been eligible to play in 2019/2020.
  5. As I understand it Blaise must Graduate from JC first; so it would depend on Coffeeville. I saw some discussion whether he could graduate early but (sorry, I don't remember the details) it would be virtually impossible given the caseload he'd have to take.
  6. No. 10 Coffeyville (Kan.) C.C. defeated No. 6 Chipola (Fla.) College: 66 - 63.
  7. https://nebraska.n.rivals.com/news/husker-recruits-tominaga-keita-shine-at-njcaa-final-four
  8. Calling it now! I think if Fred wants him; Fred'll get him. (The only in-state competition, Creighton, worried me, but I think they must be out of the picture with the recent controversies surrounding their program.)
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