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  1. Hope this answers your post! From the article in the OP.
  2. Here's a schedule for the Australian Team from the article in the OP. I must be behind the times, but I think this is the first I realized that the WBB Team would also be touring in Europe this summer.
  3. Sorry to see any player suffer a serious injury. Hoping for a full recovery.
  4. 'Magnificant Bastards' if you.please. (Too damn many emoji's to choose from )
  5. Pursuant to the above post by @millerhusker
  6. I'm looking for the option: "WOAH!!!! We're in Uncharted Territory Here!!!!" But, as Norm goes on to add: "The proof is obviously in the eating of the pudding. But as of this moment in time, I can't see giving this staff a grade of less than an A."
  7. HOLY MOLY! (Didn't see That coming! ) https://www.instagram.com/p/BxbQsMBntMQ/?utm_source=ig_embed
  8. Sorry @Kent Pavelka but I think it is pronounced: "way-drah-O-go" https://twitter.com/KentPavelka/status/1127649410903609344
  9. Seems like this may fit in well here. (sorry if already posted )
  10. According to robin its "way-drah-O-go"
  11. Best Wishes Always to the Husker Ladies!
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