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  1. I guess this is what one could call a "Loser Mentality." We never have won a NCAA Tournament Game, ergo, we never will! Once we start winning, (maybe even a Tournament Game) recruiting will be easier, especially for talented HS recruits with great promise. Realistically, I doubt we would have much of a chance with Sallis once his recruiting blew-up and all the 'blue-bloods' came calling, regardless of his relationship with Tim Miles. Even if we did have a chance, what kind of supporting cast would he have to help propel him to the next level?
  2. I know they are not in the West; But look at Indiana's Schedule. Whew! (at least we get the 'Biggies' early! )
  3. But I Did like Moos' ending quotes: “I don’t want to come across as the champion complainer,” Moos said. “I’m going to protect my school and what is fair. I was outspoken on those items. At the end of the day, I was 0 for 3. I wasn’t just going to sit around and listen and get kicked around. I’ll never do that. They knew I wasn’t pleased.
  4. Nebraska wanted football back, and the Big Ten gave it to them https://www.sportingnews.com/us/amp/ncaa-football/news/nebraska-football-big-ten-schedule/18gxdm2aqjjnz1wdpcthn8780b
  5. Condolences to Husker Nation and Sincere Sympathy to the Scott Family on their/our Loss!
  6. Just FWIW here's a comment I read elsewhere: I'm wondering if they implement a 'no eligibility loss' this year in basketball, since the sport technically starts in the fall? If that's possible, he could finish whatever he needed to this semester, and join the team second semester, not using any eligibility, but gaining experience.
  7. "Kissinger Closes Husker Playing Career" Thank you Taylor for all that you have brought to the WBB program; and will continue to contribute in your new role.
  8. There just seems to be so much mis, or contrary-information going around. https://twitter.com/Tradition/status/1301569906433900545?s=20
  9. 2024 PG Britt Prince, 5-10, Elkhorn North HS (incoming freshman)
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