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  1. Was just saying the same to a friend. This is gonna give proof and credance, Add weight behind fred/Co's voices, if there wasn't already some there. The locker rooms already vibes really well, I can't wait to see it on the court. Recruits will come. Time to win. :)
  2. As it seems the mega conference end times are upon us, I have to say I love your model. It's reminiscent of the last game matchups that the B1G used last year, it resulted in some great matchups and was another good test of where teams actually fell in the heirachy.
  3. I think I Did push upgrade, maybe it didn't work. Yeah you're probably right, I'll have to sort it out and look into it. Might be too late anyway(idk the date for the rush, if it's still like that) , and I don't care enough probably to bother. Prob will next year?
  4. Welp, even with the increase the huskers and this exciting team were just simply too tantalizing, boys. The other day I went ahead and renewed. Too excited to skip, esp with the idea of losing my seat. Hope to move up possibly but not a big deal... Happy to be back in for sure. Anyone here know how the choose-your-seat (?) thing works again, or have they changed [email protected] I didn't get to do it when I bought it. In past years, you'd get a certain date closer to the season where you can do the movement and upgrading process, and from memory it was always a bit of a rush. Nbd eit
  5. He was off my radar, but im so hype on this kid, it looks like Fred attracted an NBA talent gem in this guy. When we get a recruit or are high on someone, I like to find video of them, like we all do. Here's a video I just found with a deep dive on his family and story, and his dad, a former pro overseas. Really made me fall for the kid. Love it.
  6. Of course. This has to be broadcasted. People acting like children this year. But yeah I think we'll be fine in going to games, other sports being an example of in person sports happening again. I'm caught up myself with the vaccines, so I'm happy. Might be a lil harder with an indoor sport, but should be fine. We will all need to be careful in the fall though , I feel like it'll have an infection comeback during flu season (lot of people saying this), unfortunately.
  7. SELL. BEER. Louder for the people in the back! I'm a huge craft beer dude but anything will do. I've seen it done beautifully at TD park and other places. Its gotta happen!
  8. Yeah... Cash strapped as I am, I'm hard pressed to renew, when I love the huskers and this team and want to lock it down... I've loved being a season ticket holder so long now. But yeah the gall... Maybe they expect a huge jump too with the talent coming, and fans back in the arena and enthusiasm. Still thinking it over. 180 smackaroos for a guy like me is a lot. Worth it probably , but still. Anyone have any news on how they'll handle covid? Like will we need clean tests in addition to documentation (vaccine card)?? I'm pretty interested to know! Nervous about losing
  9. Slap 'em with a REAL string of penalties, ncaa. FFS, actually do your job for once, this weak self imposed bs has me hot. Just death penalty some of these cheaters.
  10. Nebby 45 Sparty 67 Small bench, but 3 of them get on the board. How many are left on the bench? Is Fred running an 8 man rotation? I forget. It's been a while since I paid attention
  11. Yeah I have no qualms with how hoiberg runs practice with the FTs and suicides (running the court punishments). After all, he's historically one of the best shooters in the nba and at the line. So idk, only explanation is the husker jinx; maybe there's a series of cabals of witches out there constantly casting this curse on us. Otherwise, getting better at free throws is very simple: nash's method: lots of volume of practice with good mechanics, playing little FT games to make it interesting, that's it. If you have good mechanics as a shooter you're probably a good shooter from the
  12. Merry Christmas, people! Have some hot chocolate on me. Love hoiberg's huskers, enjoy the little things they do right, i know I do. I believe! Neb 74 Michigan 70
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