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  1. Nebraska 67 TCU 71 But let's go out and take this! Just because I dont pick them every single time doesn't mean I dont believe, its that I make what I feel is the smart pick each time. Even tho I'm wrong a lot. Lol GBR
  2. I'll be up for it, I'll just be watching March madness with my dad in South Lnk, may be leaving that night sometime so I could meet up at a bar somewhere. Any go tos? Whatcha thinking?
  3. This is so damn fun as a fan. Feels like family down here in 100 level. Die hards only.
  4. Funny, because I got in right away after jumping on them when I woke at around 10pm (I work nights). Guess they cleared up any earlier issues. Cant wait. Got 100 level but didnt even think to try the once in a lifetime chance at club!
  5. Yea, unfortunately too. Oregon ruined things (though on a personal note, I'm not all that upset about that team ;) ), and now it looks like Arizona state is in too. Kinds dumb. Hey, this is really weird to not get an obligatory Arizona 2 seed bid; but they're not even in!
  6. I'll follow your lead. Espn, Yahoo, whatever outlet you want is fine with me. Maybe a new thread once we find that we have the interest of more than just us 3? I also remember doing it last year. Always fun. I'm new to the office pool and this year at work I'm doing it for the first time for money, but very happy to. Also playing more of the organizer role because people like to be lazy and drag their feet.
  7. Is this a good place to share links to invites to ESPN or similar tourney challenge groups? I have one, but ideally I'd like to get as many people who do the brackets, on this site, together in the same group. I believe we did something last year. Hope this is the right thread for this, it had the look of it.
  8. Nothing to lose, everything to gain. The magnificent seven: 57 Buzzcut Brads: 60
  9. From what I can tell, NET and KP correlate quite closely. Atm KP's at 45. Should update by the end of the night, he's pretty on top of things. But this is a very busy time for him. XD
  10. Exactly. I was going to mention it during the game and decided against it. Lol
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