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  1. Kid is a DAWG! love his heart and hustle. so much talent, I keep seeing people comment on his high upside. to me he feels like a draymond green who can shoot a bit better!. Has that thick fit waddle and I love him for it all
  2. LOT of jackrabbit fans as expected in house today. Have to hold tight and keep taking good shots.
  3. Couldn't be happier with the effort and shooting, all around game tonight. 51 first half? Making up for the other 2 games!
  4. Not not picking but samari could've shown a lot more effort there. Didnt hustle for the ball, then did a bull fighter move with arms down and allowed the and-one.
  5. Yep. You should definitely check out his Podcast, he put that first loss as the most shocking one in the nation. 19 after favored by 15 was crazy, dont think we see that again. it's competitive losses until we learn the system and get guys in roles. Much more complicated of course...but its wild and depressing how this has all started. But yeah, one of my favorite podcasts...that man has my nerdy sporting interests at heart! KP
  6. Yeah, itll be an evolution as fred shapes his team like playdoh. This year was all about filling a roster to field, and I was pretty happy with how many great pieces we found given all the constraints and late start. If we lose a few that's fine as long as guys are mature and keep improving. I want a family atmosphere eventually, some swagger...this year feels like a lot of mercenaries who dont know each other.
  7. Dot's Pretzels, Pride of Dakota: 68 The san diego of the Big Ten(NU): 69 One (nice) win, may be rare. SDSU possibly better than SUU. But if we cant win this one, we'll beat #300+ southern, right? They dont even have a place, just the direction!
  8. Wow. Great point. Huge diff between our football and basketball programs (besides the misery): in fb, it's a coach learning on job + a lot of catchup for repairing a bad program. Vs In basketball, sure theres no tradition here, but you had miles build you a great trampoline jump point for foundation... the momentum and progress in the program imo were fairly obvious and visible. + you get a quite experienced and successful college coach in Hoiberg. Both home run hires. Both geniuses in their own ways, imho.
  9. ...and a third chance. A couple free throws would've done it. In such a close game, it's easy to overthink outcomes, but man it's a matter of a couple points here or there! Obv we should be ranked around 200. Hope and think they'll improve
  10. Long game, longer notes... Just want to see improvement and effort game to game. Also with the new coach I feel pretty privileged to see hoiberg work...see maybe some offensive sets and how he tools with lineups throughout the year. Like frosty, I think we will start seeing positive change manifest when we get Fred's recruits in (and develop!) Got inside early which is a sight for sore eyes! Keep an eye on Morgan for the Thunderbirds, apparently hes a former 5 star who transferred after injury. Yvan out early 4 min in. Hope to see defense consistent and aggressive even when yvan is out Dachon burke is our benny parker! Lotta soul in this team, I can tell. We'll see it as the team and core matures. Well worth the season tix. -14 min mark 1st Sloppy few minutes there. Had a few bad sets of wimpy Nebraska pass it around. Farah faucett's son is knifing through our D. A few nice shots and FTs (we are hitting them today), but not much scoring. The nice thing about kids like Yvan with his wide frame but coming in lean is that you get the length with the speedy feet, and dont sacrifice on defensive end. Love this guy, hes talented. Do things right and he might be a monster inside. Need more like him. Defense in sync today! Sloppy at times but finding ways to not fall behind and contest everything. 19-12 8 min mark. Finally getting the offense rolling around 5 min mark, lead up to 14, then 11 at 28-17 with 3 left. Its true what I heard last week, we have to get that swagger going again. The looks we saw in Italy. I think we could see a team playing with passion might be 3 or 4 times better than the crap we saw game 1. Heheh, our little guys seem to like running into the teeth of the trees with no fear. Cross has absolutely no fear of taking any shot, ever. Might be a useful talent down line if he can up his percentages. Honestly I like him a lot going inside and attacking, getting to the line. Plenty of value there but he can shoot a bit as well. Halftime. Bad team, but finally beating a team like this like we should. Defense is looking amazing, I love this brand of Doc scary smother D. Have to build on that foundation although I know Fred's main thing is the offensive innovation. Team definitely has some big things to fix on offense, or to invent. Because its ugly right now. But getting this win is a huge deal for confidence, every bit helps. I think the offense comes with time and chemistry, practice. 8 min 2H, game really slowed down. This ain't over yet. 54-51 huskers. Idk anything about the thunderhawks, but you can tell a team is well coached by how organized and them not quitting. Have to show we care more. Southern Utah has crazy swagger, its scaring me. These small teams arent scared of ANYONE. You have to impose your will, I want to see that. Another not so great 3pt shooting, and OVR scoring outing, but markedly better. And we killed it at the line!! [Until we didnt] Also noticed we added male cheerleaders like people were talking about. Pretty excited to see that, it is good for the college game. They have the bass in the cheers I always love to hear in the tourney and at places like Kansas, why cant we do it too? Love it. Let's adopt a Russell westbrook philosophy, "Why not?" Woohoo, 2 OTs was fun. Let's keep conditioning because you could tell they were exhausted late. Just win the damn game outright next time. FT shooting really fell off at end. The ironic jeering cheering(Chicago bears fans crossover, think we're becoming similar) is out of hand. Just support them guys! Bad fans sometimes. #notthegreatestfans But great ones who stayed. Gonna win one eventually... right? O/u 5 wins GBR
  11. Fk. Hit the freebies all day long but he misses the 2 important ones!!!!☹
  12. Cam mack is a true star! Dude can ball. Hes out here out hustling guys and rebounding, doing it all
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