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  1. Nebby 71 - 76 Hoosiers could see us bouncing back though with upset; we like this new home court and hey, big ten away games are TOUGH, right? ;)
  2. I SWEAR handy, I didnt see your score before I posted! lol! I write my score down and what not in the doc Im compiling with predictions and stuff, and then post here. lol thats so funny. Idk if I've personally ever had this happen or seen it, I'm sure it has at some point over the years. Great minds think alike
  3. Yep, this isnt gonna be even close. Being "smart" here in my prediction. But the fun thing is with this great conference, is ANYONE can beat anyone else in the league, and legitimately too. I dont like the bucks man... I hate seeing us lose and this one is one I dont really want to watch tbh... an ohio state university (ya big goofy snobby assholes you!): 82 - 64 Kent Pavelka's Dulcet Tones
  4. Shitbirds #2: 85 - 71 :Nebraska 3 from the bench mob register on the board.
  5. Summary: rutgers kicked our mfkin a$$ in the paint, husk boys cant shoot to save their life to make up for it. A blowout.
  6. Believe me, I lived through docs entire era here #partofthedeal
  7. Now now, no need to get melodramatic. That's a ridiculous statement.
  8. Ooof. Rough shooting. I hate and am confused when this happens... how does a basketball team shoot so badly? Seems an unfortunate husker tradition. Welp, keep fighting and hope cam is okay, come back for next game.
  9. Might've gotten an adv with them losing geo, but now if we can limit them inside a little bit I think we may have a bit of a stranglehold on this team. Just... need to actually hit some frickin shots.
  10. Nebraska 69 - 68 TAMCC FOR the memes! Listen guys, it's already one of the tougher things in sports to predict college sports, esp hoops. Then you throw the EKG rollercoaster of husker hoops into that jambalaya, and you get this! How anyone does it is beyond me. Theres no way I'm even close on half these game predictions so let's just have fun. Gbr
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