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  1. That #0 on SLU is like an Isaiah Thomas (short one) with jet engines on his feet.
  2. I frickin LOVE basketball god Nana. Any cool nicknames you can think of, throw them in the ring
  3. Band sounds great! They've been working
  4. What do you mean? I dont understand
  5. And it all started with those back to back forced turnovers. hit some FTs and it went from there. I think holding leads might be a skill this year. In conf I see a lot of close gritty ones though.
  6. So early and we haven't played anyone real, but to my scarlet and cream eyes I see a team with great fundamentals, and now it seems a team that is getting things earlier in the clock, (still patient if we need to be), a far cry from traditional husker teams. You know, the tried and-not-true "swing it around the perimeter for 29 seconds, then take a long contested step back 2"
  7. HolyBobpilgrimage

    The Top 25 thread

    I agree. I think we keep the KP/analytics thread as it's own thing, and allow this it's own dedicated thread itself as a place for ranking talk, being as there is simply so much of it and I like the idea of minimizing clutter and organizing whenever possible. Of course the eternal pessimist nebrasketball fan in me says theres a good chance the ranking talk will be irrelevant soon, in 2019, once we lose some bad ones and people realize we arent good enough to be ranked... ...the rest of me screams that we're gonna be great this year. Hover around 20-25th and easily make the dance. Hence the ranking threads will continue.
  8. I remember back in my cbb-obsessed weeks of conference tourneys this last March, watching a few smaller tournaments. And watching the lions play deep in their Southland tourney. It was fun to watch, and that lions team was feisty. Idk anything about them this year, outside their KP ranking of 273, but I expect great basketball this afternoon. Looking forward to game #2. GBR #35 Nebrasketball, that is.
  9. An upvote to put you at the rep 1000 mark!
  10. Cult of Frost 80 Lions 71
  11. Well, I doubt anyone was expecting a margin like that Nice win. It's always great to get the ball around and see some flow, get some people playing time. We'll figure out rotation as we go, hope we can pull some wins early; these are important games to win, but we know that basketball teams are completely different teams at the end of the year. Excited about this squad! Keep the train rolling, get some more recruits for the betterment of the program. I dont want 14 wins next year
  12. HolyBobpilgrimage

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    No question. I think this year I'm going all in on rooting for the other conference teams in non-con. With the quadrant bullshit, we need every win as a conf as POSSIBLE, because I have a feeling the huskers will come out with a decent record in March, injuries notwithstanding (knock on wood). Excited, actually, to watch the others closely. Theres a lot of upside in this conference, and I see it as quite a shame that our rise as a program has seemed to coincide with the recent "down" years of the B1G. Still disagree with the bracketologists though with exactly how severe that downturn was.
  13. So happy to be back! The off season always feels so long. Managed to catch exh game and hope to make most this year, no thanks given to crazy fluctuating game times and an overnight job. I'll play the optimist this year. Again we have a weird 2 isolated conf games in dec, and new 20 game conference schedule. fingers crossed the B1G isnt bad again. Game #1: Buskers: 82 DDevils: 64 Non con: 8 W / 2 L (11-9 conf) Total: 19-11 Might need a few more wins than that, breaks to go our way to make the dance. I think we do. GBR
  14. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Tickets: Anyone received them yet?

    Just got them in today. my babies. They're so beautiful.
  15. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Tickets: Anyone received them yet?

    Yes indeed. They're on the way, with the greatest care, I would presume.