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  1. This all seems quite reasonable for Y1 in hoiball system, I like this. I'll be taking this same stance on it, and be closely following the team. I'll be that much more excited for progress and success in relation to that.
  2. Yes, true.. but I think what he is saying is that big men take particular work to develop.
  3. Think itll be entirely fine, but the lack of contact of yvan with the team both in decisions and travel arrangements early in his time here is concerning. However, I have a feeling he was this summer just in a process of enjoying his last months of French culture and immersion with that national team. Any cultural change is always hard, I can confirm from experience. I gotta give the kid some leniency. he isnt even here yet. Ideally we like to see kids on campus ASAP to get acclimated and into the system, thru culture shock ( esp in yvan's case), but I'm just happy to have any highly talented kid in lincoln like him. Just get him here, make him feel welcome, and try to get used to Nebraska life (the good life). Get another teammate to bring him out for runzas this fall/winter. He'll be fine! #GBR
  4. After reading through this, I remember hearing about it briefly...but with a more detailed pan here presented, I'm 100% IN on this 21-style no clock at end of games rule set. We all know the agony. Plus, maybe this keeps people from leaving early as much? Theres a better chance without a foul chess game that even with a 5 point deficit, you have a SHOT. Less of a shot if the lead is 15, but much better nonetheless. Let's get the ncaa working on this!!
  5. Still depressed that I mind farted and forgot to submit But boy has this been a great summer, and Italy has been a great trip for the boys. So much around the corner, and to top it off someone gets extra jerky, so extra early congrats to that person. :) ... and no reason I wont have some in my belly anyway before the trees change color
  6. God, I wish. I need to get something like this or a camp propane stove to use on my apt balcony. This is grill season! Good luck finding your answers. I'm curious as well on this
  7. Maybe it's a time based thing? They kept me waiting around for a while. Samari is a gift from the basketball gods.
  8. Omg though, Delano is a freak athletically. His KD body type really might be dangerous when he fits in the system. Not bad rebounder either. Has to stay active. love this kid!
  9. Ugh I feel your pain. Had a bit of trouble myself. Make sure your adblock(s) are all turned off.
  10. Had to pull the move where I have the roster + jersey numbers on a tab somewhere because I dont know the numbers yet. It's a fun time, complete new team. Might miss on some, but I think we see full potential on all of them. They seem to practice unselfishly, defense is lock down (seen some great signs) and cross has this cool Zion chub thing going. Maybe he can bully with that weight. Just give them time tho in the weight room. But for gods sake, make sure you keep the sound low. It's so tinny, the Italians are very excited and yell, and it hurts the ears oh, oh so bad. You've been warned.
  11. Also on YouTube. the huskersonline crew have been pumping out the best huskers content which I've been drinking, koolaid style, for the past year and a half. Thx for the links! This is all exciting AF. Should be a decent team and one that enjoys their basketball. I wanna see a team that loves each other and has fun, and I think doc and the personalities we brought in will help with that a lot. Still a lot to see on.
  12. ??? Again, key examples of classic nebrasketball 7 footers who arent who I'm thinking of. The safe guard against andre almiedas is that fred is pretty much exclusively recruiting guys who can run the floor. We need an athletic big like that. Like I said I'm pretty over the moon with the big bodies we got so far (especially since those 240# bodies will really help in big 10 play slog, given they stay in shape and take adv of our nba facilities and add muscle) ?
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