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  1. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Rock Bottom!?

    I mean, at this point with how crazy up and down CBB is, and we are, thats a solid cover-all statement. can't go wrong there. and sometimes it's good to let go a bit like that.
  2. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Rock Bottom!?

    I think someone else in the postgame thread earlier said it right: Miles is particularly good with small programs, reviving them and pulling upsets as the underdog. When he needs to run sets and has expectations on a good team...thats another story.
  3. HolyBobpilgrimage

    HHCC Game #20 - vs. Ohio State (Jan. 26, 11:00 AM CST)

    BRASETBALL: 65 BUCKBALL: 61 _______ 12 assists
  4. HolyBobpilgrimage

    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 19 - @ Rutgers

    THANK. YOU. a very much-needed spot of clarity, summing up our situation. it's dire times right now. I believe as well that they have potential, but that doesn't mean I think at the rate we're going that this is "the year". super disappointing ofc.
  5. HolyBobpilgrimage

    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 19 - @ Rutgers

    a lot of people see only stats, and dont watch the game to see the context for those numbers. unfortunate reality. Happens in this age of stat analytics. I don't mind stats but you have to be holistic.
  6. HolyBobpilgrimage

    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 19 - @ Rutgers

    great take. I'll stick with you.
  7. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    Great approach. Yeah I think we want someone like frost that knows how to coach em up, get the most out of guys and find guys who are gritty and put it all out on the floor, not to say we have 0 of this on the court atm. But that's what nebraska fans love, is getting max player development. Think wisconsin. We have the talent, but might need to switch a few things up before we start turning things around
  8. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    My thought is that we haven't learned how to win yet. This team is soft, not tough. On the road, a team with this talent wins by 10 or 15 easily. Yeah, there are some coaching issues. but they're not right mentally, and havent been for iowa and minnesota either. When we get the right coach and gameplan in here and figure this out, watch out. We will start winning these.
  9. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    FUCK MY LIFE tho for real tho. this is true, 100 verified nebraska angst and self-flagellation here.
  10. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    I get it. it's easy to overreact. this is a horrible loss. but every fan base freaks out after losses like this. Imagine ohio state after they lost to these guys. the shitty RAC is underrated and we played like shit. I dont think its automatic that miles is out. he'll get the mob with pitchforks tho for sure. this was PATHETIC
  11. HolyBobpilgrimage

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    Fuck me, why must we nebraska this shit and lose these games. OMFG we suck ass
  12. hmm. this is a very interesting perspective. I agree. our shooting was below the mean, their defense was great, but we did swing the ball at times and get some good looks, especially from 3. you saw a few fall, but boy I'd be darned if there werent 10 3's we took that shouldve gone down (look at the sheer number of ringer rim outs!). Keep shooting, although imo I'd prefer like 10 fewer 3s taken. go inside and get some free throws, but balance it with jump shots because you can't rely on the refs to get your points, as evidenced by tonight's display. I think we kill 3 birds with one stone when we go into midrange and the paint, because with our cutters we get fouled or have an better shot. If fouled, I think that puts pressure on their rotation and big men, and it pumps up the crowd here in nebraska a lot when you get hard nosed blue collar points inside. swing points are huge. sorry for the ramble, i tend to do that.
  13. off topic, BOY does that profile pic scare me. that is excellent, man.
  14. Bright side: Our Defense is obviously back, and in a big way. Look at how close we were to beating a top 5 team at home, even despite all going on. A little offense, a OK game from palmer, and another 3 (basically all equating to shooting 40-45% from the field instead of 30), and this upset is ours, and we're rushing the court. keep the line, guys. This team is good (with it's faults). I'll take a close loss with good D any day over a 95-90 loss.