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  1. Love where they put us. would rather be closer to 40, but we don't deserve much more right now after 2 seven - win seasons. Think this is the sweet spot, expectations aren't overblown and we can focus on winning each game without looking ahead, and building team chemistry. can't wait. got my paper tickets in today, although I had indicated digital tickets. I guess I have backups, lol which isnt a bad thing. GBFR
  2. give him a follow though, seriously. His CBB content, although straightforward without a ton of flash, is some of the best coverage I consume throughout the year. He has the best guests as well. you probably know him, but just in case. You also might not be a podcast addict like I am, its a bit out of control tbh
  3. Just last week, Jon rothstein (a big deal in CBB in my experience) had an episode on his Podcast, where he mentioned coming thru nebraska on his preseason touring of practices etc on the side, and visited creighton and Nebraska one day. creighton first, and said he thought they were in a rebuilding year and would not be a tourney team this time. In lincoln though, he complimented how athletic the team looked in practice and how we looked like a squad with a lot of potential for high scoring this year (loosely from my memory)-- with a noted lack of the defensive size required in this league... but that doesn't matter much. likes the direction, essentially. He took special note to highlight for the week (later going back at the end of the episode to re-emphasize) one of our players as a sleeper: Keisei. Said he was incredibly impressed with his shooting and that the kid could be one of the best shooters in the nation this year, one to keep an eye on. FWIW it was exciting to get a spotlight on some husker talent. and im really happy for Tominaga, he deserves it from what I can tell... and I have a feeling he'll be a great locker room guy, a glue guy. The dude that puts it all out there and the team loves to see succeed and celebrate the little things he does, back in the locker room. just my feeling. GBR! It's oh, oh so close now, I can taste it!
  4. agree with norm; a few challenges in non con like the showcase games etc are nice, but in general youll want to play those mostly gimme games early to nail out rotation and try things out. luckily I think fred will have to do less set up and experimenting here in Y3, as he knows exactly what kind of gameplan he has, its just plug n play. Love this staff and the kids... culture is at all time high, and I trust fred's acumen and playstyle, its exciting. cant wait
  5. wow. really interesting. fun thought experiment. shows we do have the horses to compete, at least. no excuses. Just wanna see them enjoy their basketball and score. Really looking forward to this season :)
  6. This is all so encouraging. People getting on or re upping once again or the millionth time... All here for the same thing! Family. Love the husker family. Knock on wood ofc that old nasty uncle covid doesn't bite us this season again. Things not looking promising. Hope to get another booster or something in the coming months against delta, I think we all want, need our sports and other people. Lives are more important ofc, but goddamnit, it's painful missing year after year of this. Need my nebraskaGBR
  7. I mean during the SY process the last few years my ideal aim would be to get a move from where I am in 300 down to the sweet spot 200 level. That's all I'd need for the rest of my days, I love that view. Been down in the lower bowl a few times ofc so there's always better seats, but I'm happy if I ever get the upgrade to 200. Anyone wanting to swap I'd be interested as well. Idk. If not I'm happy to let be. Having tickets period is valuable, we all know in a few years it'll be higher demand. Gbr
  8. Same. The Usual. I haven't donated 1000's so I've never had priority. It's seniority and donation, but I'm just not made of money. Happy enough though to do my thing and get yearly season tix. Let's cross our fingers for tomorrow I guess
  9. Beyond exciting. We all wish we had had another banton year, he's like a lankier SGA, he's amazing. Real happy here, I don't think it could be more of a win-win for all parties involved as it turned out! So happy I renewed this year, can't wait to see college ball in PBA again, and in person. A major knock on wood too for covid, f™™™ covid and delta, we need our bball!!!!
  10. Was just saying the same to a friend. This is gonna give proof and credance, Add weight behind fred/Co's voices, if there wasn't already some there. The locker rooms already vibes really well, I can't wait to see it on the court. Recruits will come. Time to win. :)
  11. As it seems the mega conference end times are upon us, I have to say I love your model. It's reminiscent of the last game matchups that the B1G used last year, it resulted in some great matchups and was another good test of where teams actually fell in the heirachy.
  12. I think I Did push upgrade, maybe it didn't work. Yeah you're probably right, I'll have to sort it out and look into it. Might be too late anyway(idk the date for the rush, if it's still like that) , and I don't care enough probably to bother. Prob will next year?
  13. Welp, even with the increase the huskers and this exciting team were just simply too tantalizing, boys. The other day I went ahead and renewed. Too excited to skip, esp with the idea of losing my seat. Hope to move up possibly but not a big deal... Happy to be back in for sure. Anyone here know how the choose-your-seat (?) thing works again, or have they changed [email protected] I didn't get to do it when I bought it. In past years, you'd get a certain date closer to the season where you can do the movement and upgrading process, and from memory it was always a bit of a rush. Nbd either way though... Sure it'll sort itself out.
  14. He was off my radar, but im so hype on this kid, it looks like Fred attracted an NBA talent gem in this guy. When we get a recruit or are high on someone, I like to find video of them, like we all do. Here's a video I just found with a deep dive on his family and story, and his dad, a former pro overseas. Really made me fall for the kid. Love it.
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