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  1. Baby Barkley..... a lesser round mound of rebound?!
  2. Put up some nice banners along the way. It's gonna be a wild ride. GBR
  3. Well, Nebraska's never lost 20 games in a season, there's always that level of suckitude.
  4. Hoiberg basically mentioned that was a big part of his stint at ISU, they went 16-16 in the first season when he only had about 7 guys playing. Even a .500 record helped build momentum, and ISU was in a much worse situation at that time than NU is at this time. I'm hopeful that NU will be a fringe Dancin' partner this year if certain B1G players develop into leadership roles, guys like Dachon Burke and Cam Mack, for instance. The biggest concerns in year one is the B1G effect on most of the conference games' outcome due to rebounding differential and shooting efficiency (offense & defense).
  5. Lue officially hired to be Doc's lead assistant coach with the Clippers. Pretty good situation for Tyronn.
  6. I'm pretty sure that 9er already did the math, that's where the 99 came from. I believe it, Dukies are always doing well in conference (and/) or national tourneys. It adds up.
  7. Thanks - I guess we'll have to wait 'til footage is available from PBA practice time later this fall.
  8. Looks sharp... I hope that's what will be replicated at PBA.
  9. I did mention *exactly* as it were - what I meant was the interior look of the court itself. Not the edge, necessarily. Inside scoop, anyone?! (I saw the women's practice court, now. And I like it.)
  10. How'd I know ol' Normy would be the one to Bus-t my chops........
  11. Yeah, I like the script 'Huskers' -- and I prefer the red lane over the other version. Does anyone know if this is *exactly* what the new PBA floor will be???
  12. Well, I'd love for the prospects of that deep run asap. Let's hope for greatness, sooner than later.
  13. That's unfortunate for Mr. Gaylord and the O-Line depth.
  14. Sharpe seems like a hoops junkie from his twitter feed so I'd imagine he'll talk a fair amount about basketball, presumably he might focus on local hoops. Guess we shall see.
  15. @Kent Pavelka - what is this world coming to.... are the other 3: Touchdown - Touchdown - Touchdown ???
  16. That would be fun five, but I'd also like Brian Conklin, Cookie Belcher, and Derrick Chandler in that top 8. That would be a great group offensively, defensively, and in transition.
  17. I wouldn't assume that - I think the OWH's simply getting out of the radio business by pullin' the plug on "The Bottom Line."
  18. Sadly, chest-pass is a nice way to put it. Samari's shot is butt ugly. But, I will say, if he winds up making 44+% as a FROSH, then it will be beautifully unorthodox. But, for now, butt-crack ugly.
  19. Bishop is difficult to listen to when he's supposedly waxing eloquent on whatever subject. He grates on one's nerves. I generally avoid that show; It used to be brilliant when Kugler was a part of "Unsportsmanlike Conduct."
  20. John Harris Jr. helped out with the Nebraska Basketball Camp in mid-June when my son participated. I talked with him. He seemed like a good dude to have around.
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