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  1. Better be a home B1G-ACC Challenge matchup. I would love to see the 'Heels have to come to Lincoln. That would be sublime.
  2. Maybe Nebraska cracks the Top 100, now.... at 99. Bottles. Of. Beer.
  3. Oh, no doubt. My snarky response should have seemed to have been more geared toward Dachon, actually.
  4. Seeing just the flop-top of Whitt, my initial thought is "mmm, bop"! lol
  5. That was more my snarkiness shining through... I agree that Kobe will become more of NU's distributor than strictly a shooter/scorer (like Dachon).
  6. No doubt--I could live with the up-and-down 3-pt. shooting %'s, but the non-finishing at the hoop made me want to rip out what's left up-top! Ughh
  7. Wish NU could have had KU when we had 'em on the ropes. Beating K-St. thrice will be a nice consolation.
  8. A former NU teammate has said Nate abruptly left Lakers camp when Johnson seemed to be on the verge of making the L.A.L. team, and nobody's heard from him since he left ("no contact" to at least those still in NE, I should add).
  9. So, that sounds a lot like Dachon Burke, then.
  10. Burkey can likely thrive at another smaller school, so it's not the worst thing in the world to go back to what's likely a better "fit," in the long run.
  11. Nebraska was 7-25 on the year, they didn't earn 'em, apparently. It was a shit-show.
  12. The BTN programming I've noticed, thus far, has indicated that the Nebraska vs Maryland game will air at 7 a.m. (Central Time) tomorrow within a 2-hr. window.
  13. Remember Nebrasketball did that after Deverell Biggs had been asked to leave. It happens. I'm fairly high on Kobe King, he'll be plenty motivated to prove he's legit. And same can probably be said for Kobe Webster, and he has only 1 year to do it; even more motivation in my eyes!
  14. So he technically could vote in his homeland, but he's here in Lincoln. Interesting.
  16. Exactly, now it is truly 'official,' this info was out of the bag during this past week.
  17. Seems apropos for their 'best team ever' that never counted, when it counted.
  18. Yeah, that's the joke...... Shaq Diesel was a dude.
  19. Thanks for the info. I had wondered how many of the 6 had even provided a committable offer.
  20. Likely grad transfer is probably the highlight of the story.
  21. Whitt and Sallis would be amazing. Not sure about the rest of this recruiting class with all the uncertainty at the moment...
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