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  1. In 2021, the Illini will give up a home game to play Nebraska in Dublin, Ireland.
  2. Maybe. I did meet some young men who gloriously cheered 'til the bitter end. Most fans in the stands left early...
  3. Oh I know; I was there in MN. It was Brutal the other night.
  4. Roby played the final 16 min. of that 48-min. contest. He seemed to pass pretty well and played relatively good D. His shooting was subpar, he should have had double figures scoring-wise.
  5. Yeah, I know. I'm bummed about this de-commitment.
  6. It's possible that Michael Lewis & UCLA might make a run at D.D.
  7. Nebraska baseball has been getting a bunch of Nebraskans to stay in state during the early stages of the Will Bolt era.
  8. COMPETE! That is the bare minimum. And it wasn't there in MN.
  9. And, yet, here we all are... adding to the madness.
  10. Kinda cool to have a 3-part series on Nebrasketball on the Big Ten Network. The buzz for Hoiberg Hoops is palpable.
  11. That's weird, I had heard that Minny was favored this week.... hmmm.
  12. I've wondered about that... and maybe it has a bit to do with an O-Line that is generally porous against top-shelf D-Liners.
  13. D-Will seems to be gearing up for Big Ten play. I hope he''s ready to roll sooner than later once he's enrolled at UNL. GBR
  14. That almost tops one of @jimmykc's April 1st Iceland extravaganza.
  15. That Wichita State team was really good as the Shockers won the 2011 N.I.T.
  16. I like to refer to Eddie as more of a fresh Pine scent to his stretch position.
  17. Thanks for the heads up, Jake.
  18. I think I sat by Hugh Jass at the football game last Sat. Well, let me tell ya, his name speaks for itself. On a number of levels...
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