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  1. Too bad. That's a bummer. Nebrasketball still needs a really good PG in the relative near future.
  2. I prefer the greater versatility of this roster compared to last year, a flawed roster in which we hoped to have had big ball skills from Cam to lead NU to B1G wins (and it didn't happen). I think this year should fit more into what a Hoiberg-shaped roster should look like.
  3. The Huskers team store is trying to sell them for $198.99. Gulp.
  4. It was late, and I was tired. Yep, that much is true.
  5. I concur on the tone of optimism in Lincoln. Lots to appreciate with the coaching staff for Nebrasketball. And many other sports at NU, in my opinion. The best is yet to come!
  6. I mentioned it earlier in the "2020-21 Husker opponents" thread.
  7. Crazy how the past 6 weeks played out for the B1G. Absolutely bonkers.
  8. Is talking about Andy Katz important, no, but it's something to talk about.
  9. I'm pretty pumped about Carter Whitt. I think his B1G arrival could be a boon to NU recruiting efforts for the future.
  10. I thought that was awesome. Screw Kevin Warren, he's in way over his head. And Nebraska trumping K.W. once again. ha!!
  11. I'm not sure if Andy Katz ranking the B1G went over all that well with any Big Ten fanbase, tbh. Other than the team at the top, obviously.
  12. I like the way you're thinkin' on JustHoopTeddy.
  13. Between Lute Olsen and John Thompson, two of the greats of a generation of basketball coaches/mentors/legends.
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