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  1. Cool, I follow Patrick Nee on social media. He seems like a real good dude. Good for Coach P.N.
  2. Does Hoiberg have a legit shot at landing Betts?
  3. Weird move, Cam Chick. Apparently hadn't planned to get drafted. . . or is that still on the table?
  4. I've been on that proverbial fence for a while, albeit I love all Husker sports so the fence is fairly wide and patient for all comers, which hopefully allows for more enjoyment and less fretting in the future. Life's too short to be disgruntled & impatient all the frickin' time, it's better to be gruntled and patient. Makes it much more simple as a 'fan' !!
  5. I don't hate it, McGowens have a lot of talented relatives/friends. GBR!!
  6. I grew up with his pop. Good, solid fam. Love that Cale is 'N'! GBR!!
  7. Those Mars Blackman-and-Michael Jordan commercials together were genius.
  8. We are all fans of Nebrasketball, definitely seem to be gluttons for punishment if not downright masochists.
  9. Good to hear that, I hadn't heard much about either.
  10. Trey had some real nice basketball qualities but also quite a few flaws in his game. Hope he can work on his game to be able to compete professionally as well as he is able to. That said, I have hopes that Quaran McPherson can pick up the slack left by Trey's departure. Quaran is nearly the same size at 6'-4" 199#, which is a few pounds more than Trey. I hope Quaran can be our next stopper a la Trey. Man, we need some good hoops to watch in 2022-23, my young daughter tonight denoted that I had watched every Nu game this past season, saying how 'crazy' I am to have done so. She's not wrong. lol
  11. All Gave Some, Some Gave All. Honor. Remember The Fallen.
  12. Sadly I have no interest in the pairings. Too bad, really; just a year ago I was thrilled that Nebraska could face (& defeat) Arky. My, how things change... hope NU can figure out what ails them, and will be back as contenders again real soon!
  13. B1G baseball sucks, tho. Too bad NU sucked even more. Sheesh.
  14. How'd the combine go for young Bryce?
  15. Yeah, I didn't know the context. The eras conversation is worth having, JJ Redick is being paid to be "controversial" like Stephen A. Smith et al.
  16. I did painfully attend games all year. It was sad near the end, I wish that 3-game winning streak had occurred at home so fans could enjoy a touch a success to finish the 2021-22 season out a bit better than the angst we all suffered through.
  17. Yep, NC St. game was inexcusable. Of course injuries always play a role, but it was Wilhelm's defensive lapses that tended to make Lat look like he could be a better option on D, though. Mayen gave great effort out there, even when the team stunk. That's not always easy to do!
  18. Yikes. I'll agree on the dribbling, that did frustrate me to no end. Lat was a poster child for Freddy's Foils, it seems. I hope he can do well in his native land, Lat will forever be a part of Husker hoops history. GBR!!
  19. He has been dogged on a lot, which doesn't hold much weight in the basketball offices since Freddy is the one who played Mayen a ton. I hope Wilhelm stays healthy and can guard better. It'd be a great bonus if Goggles can shoot well!
  20. I think Frost's got lightning-in-a-bottle in his new QB & skill players. Now, the battle in the trenches has me a bit concerned, albeit the recent additions to the DL have given me a pep in my step. How it all fits together will tell the tale. Freddy, who knows... at this point, his 4th squad could go 16-15 & somehow it'd feel like *MAJOR* improvement. But, is it really???
  21. Nebraska needs to buck this 3-season trend, and fast. NU went from never having had 20-loss seasons, ever, to having 3 straight such seasons. It sux. Time to do something 'above average' for a change, find lightning in a bottle, if you will! GBR!!
  22. I am always highly optimistic early on, but reality has set in earlier each season these past 3 long years. Ughh.
  23. Well, after 23-30 & an abysmal 10-14 in a weak league, I'd hope changes are being made. They lacked a lot this past season. I'm just glad the seniors say a couple wins to end their last season for the Big Red. At least it wasn't an entirely sour taste left on their NU palate.
  24. Cousy would be considered 'less talented' had he played today, just sayin'. . . kind of a schmuck thing to say, Bob (and JJ, for that matter). That's TV today, all 'takes' -- sheesh.
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