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  1. After that debacle in the Michigan game followed by Auburn's burnout, hope appeared lost. Now there is at least some hope once Trey returns. We shall see how much this team improves defensively, definite need for Bryce to learn to play sufficient defense. It is painful to watch him play straight up one-and-one, as he's blown by regularly. His brother will likely help when he's back in the lineup.
  2. Jan. 8, 2022: NU @ Rutgers, by the score of 70-63.
  3. Thanks for sharing this, @Norm Peterson. It is a great reminder of the price of freedom.
  4. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
  5. Lexi Rodriquez has been named the National Freshman of the Year to go along with First Team All-American and Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. It is interesting that she was not named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year as Julia Orzol of Wisconsin garnered that honor.
  6. At least Fred and Nate will be on the road recruitin'
  7. I thought N.I.L. was supposed to help. . . what's going on at NU?
  8. I think Moos did okay for the time being, especially in the aftermath of the Eichorst debacle, but I had never felt like Bill would be here all that long. And, I suppose, that's all right. What I am confident of is that Trev Alberts will be a good thing long-term for the Huskers program philosophically, personality-wise, and competitiveness. I trust in Trev. There have been a lot of awesome stories with Nebraska over the past year: Kate Smith won the Big Ten in golf; Will Bolt won the Big Ten in baseball; the bowling squad won another National Title; the football team competed hard each & every game, and hopefully re-tool enough to get over that proverbial hump on the field; the men's basketball team recruited its first-ever H.S. five-star in Bryce McGowens (even though Isaac Copeland was one originally yet he had transferred to NU from Georgetown); the women's basketball has won 10 straight games (which had happened in 2013 & 2010 most recently); and, the volleyball team just beat Texas in Austin to notch another Final Four appearance (16th overall), as NU will be playing Pitt this Thurs. in Columbus, Ohio, after a weird season last spring resulted in an Elite Eight appearance for NU volleyball. There are likely other great stories to tell, I found that these were the initial stories that came to mind. I hope to fondly recall a lot more great stories in 2022. GBR!
  9. Always great to smack down the haughty 'Horns in their own backyard. GBR!
  10. Yep, Kevin Durant was there, seemed to be tryin' to slyly eat his nachos courtside.
  11. Yeah, those two guarded hard. Seeing Bryce & CJ whiff on the defensive end time and time again is beyond frustrating...
  12. Nebraska will need a PG going forward. So there's that.
  13. Ughh. That's what Nebrasketball seems to excel at. The proverbial "ughh."
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