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  1. Disappointing. But NU did get a stud WR via grad transfer today. GBR
  2. Reminds me a little of Baylor Scheierman from Aurora, NE, now in his 2nd year at S. Dak. St.
  3. St. Thomas is a beautiful island in the Caribbean.
  4. Hungry and humble for Cook & Co. It'll certainly be fun to watch them play the 2020 season in 2021.
  5. I wonder which team is the one that needed to "postpone" this...
  6. Positive to see that Cam Taylor-Britt will be back for his Senior season at NU. Great news.
  7. Nice statement, Indiana.....way to go ahead & lose to Lane Kiffin, the Lincoln, NE, native.
  8. Put Walker in there in lieu of Shamiel and it's definitely worth looking at going forward, as Lat & Thor off the bench could be a decent option with Yvan alongside. And, I'd be willing to consider that Shamiel is likely performing poorly in practice, and thus, isn't seeing much action when it matters. That seems to be a staple of Hoiberg: if you practice well, you deserve to play & (hopefully) taking that one step further, you'll play well.
  9. Once I scored my number in college, #32. But that took a last minute steal and layup to "nail it"!
  10. If Roby had made all of his free throws, his scoring would have matched the number on his jersey.
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