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  1. That's cool, a shoo-in N.I.L. opportunity...
  2. A lot of good points. NU holding teams defensively is a breath of fresh air. It will be imperative that the D holds down OU for NU to have a chance to leave Norman with an upset victory. Stranger things have occurred to NU, why not us doing the improbable?! GBR!
  3. Nebraska volleyball essentially took out CU, much in a similar manner as to when CU had swept defending champ UK recently. Very impressive performance by the Big Red.
  4. It's always time for Nebrasketball. . . that's why most of us hang around this site.
  5. NU offered P5 today. And a new thread for Parker Friedrichsen is now on this site.
  6. A bunch of replies in the "instate kids" really ought to be placed on this thread. Good on P5 for earning that offer. GBR!
  7. Parker Friedrichsen has been ranked as a 4-star (#76 by Rivals.com) in the class of 2023. 6'-4" SG.
  8. https://huskers.com/news/2021/8/24/2021-nebraska-volleyball-team-captains-announced.aspx Lauren Stivrins, Nicklin Hames, and Kenzie Knuckles are the 3 captains for the NU volleyball team in 2021.
  9. Still Droppin' Dimes like D.B., the easier nickname for Dalano Banton as well as Damon Benning & defensive backs nationwide.
  10. Hausmann Construction BVH Architects: read their article about the project with designer Populous https://bvh.com/project/go-big-north-stadium-expansion-university-nebraska-lincoln/
  11. Alex Gordon, still retired. Dammit.
  12. Good for Roby, he has an opportunity to prove he belongs in the league with the OKC roster hopefully "on the rise." It seems to be a great fit for him with this particular team/organization.
  13. Jordan Larson with that final kill seemed like the perfect ending to a spectacular Olympic career for Hooper, Nebraska's finest. She leaves with the trifecta: 1 bronze, 1 silver, and 1 gold in her 3 Olympic games.
  14. Isaac Traudt to Nebraska would continue the transformation of the roster to be B1G-time.
  15. Sickening, if proven to be an accurate account of the situation.
  16. Flux no more, Banton's home. Congrats to the 1st Canadian selected by the Toronto Raptors. Wow.
  17. I watched the Japan-Serbia match, and Tominaga was out of his element against the big, strong dudes from Serbia. His only bucket was a nifty drive from the baseline in which he finger-rolled it in a la "The Ice Man" George Gervin.
  18. It's a World Game, so it's not surprisingly that the USA's NBA players wouldn't necessarily perform better than France's crew, which included a few NBA stars, too. Oh well, on to the next ballgame. I had read that the past 3 times that an NBA coach has been in charge of Team USA, they had finished 6th, 3rd & 7th (not sure of its exact order). Coach Pop is leading this year's team, so we'll see if that trend continues...
  19. Parker Friedrichsen was just offered by Porter Moser at Oklahoma. It's gettin' real when SEC teams offer.
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