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  1. Ahh ... I get it now. Sorry, read too quickly.
  2. He was guilty of the charge, correct? That he destroyed her phone? Just because someone calls one out on this board to consider a particular subject more thoroughly does not mean they are labeling one a supporter of domestic violence. Did anyone do that to you? Things are not binary ...
  3. I have facilitated Domestic Violence Intervention Programs for years and am well-versed on the topic both by training and education. It's not necessarily about whether contact was made or not ... it's part of a greater mindset that requires a lot of discipline and "want to change" for the perpetrator. The perpetrator often chooses (subconsciously) a person who makes excuses for their behaviors ... often because the perpetrator has subconsciously trained them to do so. If alcohol was involved that could be a further issue and an indicator that it could easily occur with another "victim" as the first thing that happens when one is intoxicated is that the prefrontal cortex where decision making and "morals" lie is numbed out or disconnected from the other more primitive areas of the brain. There's much more to domestic violence than whether physical contact was made or not. All that being said, people can change and I hope that he makes the best of this 4th chance.
  4. It almost felt like Williams had something against Teddy or his history as well ...
  5. I don't like this signing ... I'm all for second chances, but the domestic violence issue is hard for me to overlook.
  6. I agree I'm glad to see the swag, but while Mack was calling on the crowd he lost his guy twice with the last resulting in an open 3 pointer that fortunately they missed.
  7. - We sure do celebrate a lot after a make (Mack especially) and then give up layup after layup on the other end. - We seem slow laterally for all the increased athleticism we seem to have. - I've been surprised at Burke's minutes overall. - Free throw shooting ... ugh! - If we get out rebounded like this by these teams I can't even fathom how bad this will be come conference time. - I've been more impressed with the offensive skills of Ouegraogo and Kevin Cross, but man Cross is like a black hole ... toss the ball to him and it's not coming back likely. (I kind of expected they each would be more limited ability-wise) - Defense is NOT up to par. Nice to get a win! It will be interesting to see this team grow and change and see who's asked to stick around.
  8. I was a bit disappointed by the enthusiasm of the crowd for an opening game with a new, prominent coach. But I guess it was 8pm mid-week as well. After that opening 14 points in the first 4 minutes, I never thought we'd end up with such a low score. As so many here have said, it's gonna take time and this team is going to be all over the place this year. They seem to be overthinking a little bit right now with the "shoot a 3 or drive" philosophy. I'm sure it will become more like second nature as the team gets more experience. Lots of growing to do. Hope I can keep my perspective that this year will be whatever it's gonna be.
  9. I will miss Sharp and Benning. I do think Sharp can pull off the solo show. I will miss Severe talking with Dirk about most anything, but that's about it. Not looking forward to him and Benning together--I feel like Mike'l often speaks on sports issues he doesn't know much about. Never a fan of Unsportsmanlike Conduct, unless Sip is on :)
  10. Doc himself said he is a good defensive coach and a mediocre offensive coach. Seems to me Hoiberg coaches offense, Sadler coaches D, and Gates and (especially) Abdelmassih focus on recruiting.
  11. The only one I wish we had was Thomas Allen, but he seemed gone mid-year on just judging from body language.
  12. I would love to be able to cheer for Roby as a Spur!
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