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  1. Husker4theSpurs

    The rotation this year

    I think most kids figure your 5 year clock starts when you enter college, so if you even have an inkling you might end up transferring you go ahead and "play" your first year. If you redshirt and end up transferring you "lose" that year anyway when you are sitting out your redshirt year.
  2. Husker4theSpurs

    The rotation this year

    I don't think it's a good thing but Heiman will be playing this year I believe--just because of depth size-wise. He needs a redshirt though.
  3. Husker4theSpurs

    Davison Done

    Kent Pavelka made it sound on the radio this morning like he would be doing games w Muhleisen.
  4. Husker4theSpurs

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    You mean Ryan Christian now right?
  5. Husker4theSpurs


    Yes, that's Brady Heiman.
  6. Husker4theSpurs

    Is Bill Moos going to give me a year off my donations?

    #1 reason Kenya left is security. He's "starting over" with another coach at year 1 and will likely have 3-5 years minimum as long as he performs OK. He is probably making more money as well. But I think the uncertainty here is the #1 reason for leaving. Heck, Miles understands I'm sure. He gets how the business works. He tried to make it worth Kenya's time to stay but it was a good opportunity.
  7. Husker4theSpurs

    Let me get this straight...

    All of the below, just my opinion: The 1 year contract extension looks bad. Now, who knows what was going on behind closed doors with Miles' agent and university representatives. Who knows how honest everyone is with each other about the situation and how they're leaning during negotiations? If they could be, and I was Miles, I would ask to extend the contract 2-3 more years, but reduce the buyout by 1/2 per month or 2/3 per month were he to be terminated. Essentially the university would owe the same total amount of compensation, but there's more of a chance of an appearance of commitment (both sides could even "sell" it as such) and it makes it easier to hire an assistant and recruit ... or at least maximizes the chances of success in those areas. I think what happened is Moos went looking to see who was interested and didn't get a lot of positive feedback regarding interest OR felt he didn't have an adequate amount of time to sell the job to anyone. He's probably leaning toward terminating Miles after next year, so he makes the fiscally prudent move by only extending a year. It just seems like all parties could've gotten together better and "sold" this whole thing better to where it doesn't at least appear to be such a gap in commitment between the two parties. As it stands, it has all the appearances of Miles being a "lame duck." That's never a good look. Again, just my opinions ...
  8. Husker4theSpurs

    What to do with Miles contract?

    Which players matter? The ones that leave or the ones that choose to stay? We need a new "5 year plan" ... Miles doubled down on the transfer game (which yes, is a big part of college hoops today) rather than building a culture and program imho. He sells playing time and freedom to play in a less structured offense. He has had blips of success with that so far, but it's not a sustainable plan long-term. All just my opinions.
  9. Husker4theSpurs

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    Didn't Daum already come out and state he was staying at SDSU?
  10. Husker4theSpurs

    Coach Miles

    Ya, me too. I think he'll get a 3 year extension likely.
  11. Husker4theSpurs

    Coach Miles

    And that's kind of where I'm at ... I feel like we are delaying the inevitable. If Moos wants to make a hire it might be now.
  12. Husker4theSpurs

    Coach Miles

    All of this, and this is why I feel the way I feel ... would suck to extend and then have to fire (like it seems like we've done with football coach after football coach the last few times). If it was true Eichorst wasn't "allowed" to fire Miles last year due to not being allowed to make any more major coaching changes for the time being (a rumor that had been going around), then maybe Bounds and Green already had a sentiment about Miles that they have passed on to Moos. I think it's possible we are slow playing Miles thinking if he leaves for elsewhere, he leaves ... or maybe Moos is seeing what he might be able to work in terms of candidates he'd like to ideally hire if necessary.
  13. Husker4theSpurs

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I am very pleased with our number of wins but let's also remember we play 3-5 more games per year "these days" versus the glory years.
  14. Husker4theSpurs

    What to do with Miles contract?

    It might be strategically encouraged on Moos's part ... not saying it should or will ... but he could slow play or offer a lower $s and/or time extension on some level, encouraging Miles to leave.
  15. Husker4theSpurs

    2018 C Brady Heiman (Platteview) - LOI

    Sounded really awful ...