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  1. What a fun game! These guys continue to amaze me with their ongoing effort. Great job by the crowd willing the team to stick in there when it was tough early. If you'd said Butler scored 76 before the game, I'd have a hard time believing we won. Scrappy effort and it was fun to see it get a bit chippy out there with the competitive juices flowing. What an interesting situation we have here ... never a dull moment!
  2. You have your beefs and that's fair. Moos has only been here for one season btw. Miles has had his chances. Yes, he could've been "supported" more with more of an extension, but he has had resources that far exceed many other jobs including other Power 5 jobs. There are lots of things that go on behind the scenes or could go on behind the scenes that many of us may not be aware of. I'm gonna let those guys do their job. The administration didn't feel comfortable investing more money and time in Miles. What I don't understand is why didn't they structure a new extension that looks like more support (5 years) but involves the same amount of buyout money--would've been the best of both worlds imho. Miles gets more "support" in terms of being able to recruit and the University is on the hook for the same amount of money. No sense in worrying about that now though ...
  3. ADs like to be at the tourney and hobnob with each other ... it's a nice event for a lot of reasons. I would imagine Moos had plans to go spend time with his son and family before their Spring Game as well. I don't think he was just chomping at the bit to be there just to fire Miles on Wednesday. We basically HAVE (and have had) a separate AD that oversees basketball in Boehm so I don't think it's a huge deal Moos isn't constantly around basketball. Will we see more of him with a new coach? I absolutely think so. My guess is Green and Bounds also aren't comfortable putting a ton of money behind Miles because they don't see him as the long term answer. I do think we are ready to commit more fully to hoops however. Miles had 7 years to get it done and there really wasn't anything that was being "built" as far as I could see and we had the worst 3 year stretch in over 60 years (one year which included a preseason Top 25 team). In all of the awfulness that has been Nebrasketball that's really saying something. Miles has been a great promoter of the program and is well liked (and does a nice job of utilizing and developing a relationship with the media). All of this was done with better recruiting (but a strangely similar record). Miles himself said his tenure rode on the best HS class he had -- Morrow, Watson, Jacobsen, and McVeigh. Only one lasted the full 4-5 years and 2 of them are contributors elsewhere. When you have people who are starters leaving and having success elsewhere it's not a great sign. Morrow himself said he didn't want to leave, but felt he had to. He and Jacobsen left mostly because they didn't want to play the 5 and we couldn't keep a true 5 here or recruit a decent one. Now both of those guys are playing the 5 or a position close to their old position and having success. Now there's this sudden burst of optimist because of the feel goods of the tourney. I was there -- it did feel nice -- but I have to say it seems the only time Miles's teams have played well has been when they have nothing to lose. We were AWFUL earlier in the 2013-14 season and got hot late. That was fun, but Miles himself said it may have been a year too early. Better then than never though. I'm rambling. I'm just saying 7 years is a pretty decent run ANYWHERE, let alone here. For someone with Miles's record it's especially a decent amount of time to be around.
  4. Unfortunately, on paper this team was worse than last coming in ... I have always felt this way. Of course this is assuming those coming back don't improve ... which tends to be safe under Miles.
  5. We are going to have to agree to disagree ... there's not really a better way to handle this for the most part ... it's a difficult situation.
  6. Only if you mean it's Moos solely who's involved ... Miles himself said there are people above that have opinions too and likely when hiring Moos filled him in on those sentiments as well. When I say the admin ... I mean Bounds and Green as well.
  7. I don't agree, but please explain more.
  8. I think the University admin would like to see a coaching change ... I also think they are ready to pony up and put a lot more emphasis on hoops success (all arguments about lack of support in past do hold some water) ... but I don't think they feel like Miles is the guy they want for this next level of support increase (pay, etc.). No, it's probably not fair, but it's just how it is right now. Yes, he's been a bit left in the lurch the last few years.
  9. Also for all intents and purposes Marc Boehm has been acting AD for hoops for quite some time ... the restructuring has changed that. Moos is damned if he does, damned if he doesn't in this situation. I think his statement could've included at least an acknowledgment of the run in the tourney, but otherwise it's following his typical policy of not making decisions (or making decisions public) during the season. People here are emotional about things ... fans are emotional right now too ... logic goes out the window and I imagine the administration knows that. You open yourself up to a lot more backlash by making a decision right now. Fire him and refuse an NIT bid and people cry out because we had a nice run in the tourney in Chicago and didn't get to follow it up at all. No win situation ...
  10. This is not necessarily true ... Osborne thought well of Moos and the new University leadership and that meant a lot to Frost ... but of course that is a side point. Again, it's more good timing for Moos that a former player was a sought after coach than skill, but still he had to pass the "test" for several people close to Frost.
  11. A lot of the fans around me today didn't really know what those on this board know as far as the whole progression of the season, etc. Given all the goodwill surrounding Miles right now after this late run in the tourney, it's maybe not the most sensical thing to give him the axe right after the game. From what I've heard Moos told Miles he'd have a statement within an hour after the game, so he felt he had to say SOMETHING. Pretty sure Moos would be catching crap no matter what he had done or said after the game.
  12. And if you don't have a coach committed you need more time ... and the chance to have Miles back if you really strike out badly.
  13. I believe that and you believe that but the masses don't necessarily.
  14. He said he evaluates after the season is done and this is consistent with that. If he doesn't have someone lined up, it buys him more time. I would imagine we reached out to Altman's people and he didn't want to come here but used it to secure a quick extension (I don't even know that it means we offered Altman, just that any contact was used as leverage for an immediate extension by his people). To me it means he wants to fire him, but doesn't have anything secured ... otherwise, I agree that you let him go and let the assistants coach the team in the NIT or refuse the bid. I can imagine after the positive feelings of the B1G tourney that would not look so good however.
  15. Or maybe until Altman declined :)
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