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  1. Husker4theSpurs

    Rock Bottom!?

    This is a good point ... but we don't even know if that's it particularly. If you look close, year by year he seems to get a little bit better at each stop and then leverages that one particular year or so for the next job. Sustaining a program particularly? Not so sure ...
  2. The problem is that all of these projections as of right now are using the assumption that we will win the games we are favored to win. There's a lot to be done yet to reach that projected seeding.
  3. I absolutely agree that call was horrific ... what was Allen to do? Miles has/had practically no choice but to play Allen. He's a better player than he shows here at Nebraska imho. I would love to see us run a few more sets for him when we need a good look. He's probably our best pure shooter, which isn't saying much. He's a bit undersized for ideally what we seem to want in a guard.
  4. Husker4theSpurs

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    And we're receiving our full share of B1G money as well.
  5. Recently ... tonight for sure ... but that's just me reading into it. I could easily be wrong. There's a lot of time and season left.
  6. What was Michael Jacobsen saying right before he left?
  7. When I say he has the look, I'm not saying he is playing like he needs to leave but rather watching him and his body language and especially when he is walking by Miles after being taken out and the like.
  8. Husker4theSpurs

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    He's been on the radio a few more times in the last week to specifically talk about so it seems like he's working on it, but I agree his lack of attendance kind of show the way he's leaning maybe? I don't have stupendous sources, but have heard Miles needs to win a game in the tourney this year to keep his job. Obviously a lot more goes into the decision than that, but ... It's tough because I think we will not be very good next year regardless, but what does it say to a potential coach when one fires a coach that gets them to the tourney two times for the first time since what feels like eternity? Still I think we'll just keep having this discussion about Miles next year regardless of what happens this year. That's why I think there's a good chance Miles tries to find another job even if we make the tourney or win a game this year.
  9. Husker4theSpurs

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    I think Moos is probably a bit excited to make a basketball hire with more money at his disposal. I would imagine he thinks the facilities and investments made including a fan base that keeps showing up through struggles, deserve a solid, consistent program. Just a guess ...
  10. I know some will be surprised at me saying this, but there are A LOT of games left. Just like all of this "we will make the tournament" talk is all premature (it's amazing to me that it's talked about like it's a foregone conclusion when there are 12 conference games left) so is the doom and gloom. Although most on here know where I've stood about Miles for quite some time. If Michael Lewis truly has some offensive stature, Miles would be well served to turn the reigns over to him (if he hasn't already) on offense ASAP. It's amazing how year in and year out we consistently struggle to score and have patented scoring droughts despite the offensive talent we have. That's coaching. Of course this is technically a bad loss and in reality is a bad loss. Rutgers hasn't been playing well and our calling card of defense failed us. I fear Miles is close to losing this team if we don't take advantage of this next 7 game stretch. Leadership from the players is lacking and body language is saying a lot from my perspective. Thomas Allen struggled tonight and he has the look of someone who will be transferring imho. The way we are losing is especially frustrating. So much mental going on ...
  11. Unfortunately this is a common theme for players here.
  12. They also don't have to do this EVERY game.
  13. Why doesn't every team in the country not full of superstars just go 6 deep all year then?
  14. And especially have more sets run for him when we need a good look.