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  1. You are correct on the game and the black uniforms. We had an old satellite dish and I was searching for the game with little luck and then I came across the game and saw us wearing black and thought I was on the wrong game. I was fired up when I realized what was up and we had our black unis on.
  2. Starting to get a little wary of all the proclamations from Coach A about players. It was a good talk however. I was surprised to hear him speak so highly of Lat Mayen.
  3. Recruits may want to stay closer to home given the pandemic we are facing too. I'm sure Holberg's supposed philosophy was used against him, but to be honest Ouedraougo had a few too many chances in the paint last year for my liking so I'm sure Sanogo would've seen plenty of opportunities. Hoping we didn't take his likely signing for granted.
  4. I don't think Webster will be scoring next year like his average last year suggests. From all accounts I've heard he was asked to score more last year due to the fact they were very limited on offense. I do think he will look to score, but I anticipate he will be a bit more of a distributor for us.
  5. I think a lot of kids don't redshirt today because their 5 year clock has started already so they don't want to lose that year when they inevitably transfer out. It's almost like they PRESUME they will transfer from the get go.
  6. No surprise. Don't blame him but I would kind of liked to have seen him back. He seemed fairly on board most of the year and I think he is a hard worker (from all I can tell). Honestly I was surprised to see him get suspended by missing curfew at the end of the year. I would imagine he will follow Miles assuming he falls in somewhere decent, but that's obviously up in the air as well.
  7. The quarantining is just panic ... not saying it's smart or not, but probably prudent given what's going on.
  8. He was on camera 2-3 days ago mocking the worries about coronavirus by touching everything after being asked about it by the media.
  9. That's why he said "IF" ... we are finding the virus everywhere. It's not just popping up necessarily, but rather it is revealing itself or we are discovering it. Many people have likely had it and not known. It's not dangerous to most people.
  10. Very true ... he won't be the only if he in fact has it. A person is contagious before they even exhibit symptoms with this virus, so it wouldn't have really mattered. But it does reiterate why we are canceling large gatherings.
  11. The tests for corona right now take 2-3 days so we won't hear anything for a while and not all are being tested unless meeting certain protocol. A test was just finished that will be able to have a result in 5-6 hours but it's not widely available yet.
  12. Utter panic ... people are extra contagious with this thing and for days before showing signs. People need to chill out. It also shows why these types of events are being cancelled. The B1G kinda dropped the ball here a bit ... imagine if you went all the way out there for the tourney only to be told you're not allowed after the first day.
  13. Makes you wonder what happened since they were in Minneapolis and were sent back to Lincoln. Gonna be another flip in the offseason. I was looking forward to Burke being back--hope he still is. Who knows with Mack? Not sure he wanted to be here too badly really. I too will be watching in person tomorrow ... could be ... interesting?
  14. He also referred to "Dirk the Dagger" Chatelain (in addition to Sip).
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