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  1. Well they're in a tough place because a lot of their donors are likely not fans of "cancel culture" and they risk losing those wallets a bit if they were to have fired McDermott off the bat. They're probably letting it play out and it'll still result in him being let go eventually as he just won't be able to recruit well enough in the short term.
  2. On another note ... the attendance at this game is about what it would've been without a pandemic.
  3. The "want to" and energy level regarding 50/50 balls in the second half tell you all you need to know.
  4. Tim Miles's dream job was Minnesota, but I don't think he'll be up for consideration. I personally think Minnesota should go after Craig Smith. He knows the area ... he's a good coach .... he'd be a really good, sneaky get. Minnesota has a lot of potential but they probably expect a slight bit more than they should there. That being said they lose a lot of their in state talent and it especially hurts when quite a bit of it heads down to Madison, Wisconsin over the years.
  5. Not surprising, but figured he'd make it through the season. Probably fairly mutual for him to shut it down. He sat the other day and we won--he probably didn't like that so much. Always strange when a guy has 41 a week or so ago and then quits shortly thereafter, but oh well. It's kind of like football--when you're lacking talent, you hate to see an obvious talent leave, but also sometimes someone can be one of your better players and you aren't exactly certain if you're better with or without them. Doesn't exactly reek of a team player to quit on your team no matter the time of year, but we also knew what we were getting here on some level.
  6. Felt like we got a bit confident/complacent when we went up 5 or so in the 2nd half ... they kinda punched us in the mouth and we kind of wilted. Missed an inside presence for sure. I appreciate the tenacity and chippiness, but we kind of backed down when GT kept punching back. Lots to work on ...
  7. You are correct on the game and the black uniforms. We had an old satellite dish and I was searching for the game with little luck and then I came across the game and saw us wearing black and thought I was on the wrong game. I was fired up when I realized what was up and we had our black unis on.
  8. Starting to get a little wary of all the proclamations from Coach A about players. It was a good talk however. I was surprised to hear him speak so highly of Lat Mayen.
  9. Recruits may want to stay closer to home given the pandemic we are facing too. I'm sure Holberg's supposed philosophy was used against him, but to be honest Ouedraougo had a few too many chances in the paint last year for my liking so I'm sure Sanogo would've seen plenty of opportunities. Hoping we didn't take his likely signing for granted.
  10. I don't think Webster will be scoring next year like his average last year suggests. From all accounts I've heard he was asked to score more last year due to the fact they were very limited on offense. I do think he will look to score, but I anticipate he will be a bit more of a distributor for us.
  11. I think a lot of kids don't redshirt today because their 5 year clock has started already so they don't want to lose that year when they inevitably transfer out. It's almost like they PRESUME they will transfer from the get go.
  12. No surprise. Don't blame him but I would kind of liked to have seen him back. He seemed fairly on board most of the year and I think he is a hard worker (from all I can tell). Honestly I was surprised to see him get suspended by missing curfew at the end of the year. I would imagine he will follow Miles assuming he falls in somewhere decent, but that's obviously up in the air as well.
  13. The quarantining is just panic ... not saying it's smart or not, but probably prudent given what's going on.
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