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  1. I was a bit disappointed by the enthusiasm of the crowd for an opening game with a new, prominent coach. But I guess it was 8pm mid-week as well. After that opening 14 points in the first 4 minutes, I never thought we'd end up with such a low score. As so many here have said, it's gonna take time and this team is going to be all over the place this year. They seem to be overthinking a little bit right now with the "shoot a 3 or drive" philosophy. I'm sure it will become more like second nature as the team gets more experience. Lots of growing to do. Hope I can keep my perspective that this year will be whatever it's gonna be.
  2. I will miss Sharp and Benning. I do think Sharp can pull off the solo show. I will miss Severe talking with Dirk about most anything, but that's about it. Not looking forward to him and Benning together--I feel like Mike'l often speaks on sports issues he doesn't know much about. Never a fan of Unsportsmanlike Conduct, unless Sip is on :)
  3. Doc himself said he is a good defensive coach and a mediocre offensive coach. Seems to me Hoiberg coaches offense, Sadler coaches D, and Gates and (especially) Abdelmassih focus on recruiting.
  4. The only one I wish we had was Thomas Allen, but he seemed gone mid-year on just judging from body language.
  5. I would love to be able to cheer for Roby as a Spur!
  6. I can't blame them ... our basketball tickets have been beyond reasonable for a long time. People talk about sellouts, etc. but that's partly why. Not saying we don't have great fans because we do, but it's a relative bargain for something to do in the winter for even the most casual fan.
  7. Up a total of $250 ... to a total of $2200 or so for 4 tickets plus parking. $400 in donations and $1800 or so for the tickets, fees and parking. If I'm not mistaken they are charging $20 for the season ticket card this year (and all other options as well) which is an additional expense compared to prior years. I think I calculated about $31/ticket/game including donations. Very reasonable imho.
  8. I think overall for our 4 tickets in upper rows of the 100 section it appears our price including donation is up about $250 total or so. (including parking)
  9. That's assuming Roby was really disappointed Miles was fired. Roby himself said today (yesterday?) that basically Hoiberg being hired made it more difficult for him to leave.
  10. They have not missed on many of their targets!
  11. Heard Amir and Karrington were asked to leave last weekend.
  12. After Heiman airballed that layup in the B1G Tourney it just felt like that was a pivotal moment. Obviously Miles lost all faith after that. Unfortunately scholarships are 1 year renewable agreements. They work both ways -- players can choose to leave as well without being asked. That being said, I am pro-athletes in that I feel like they need ongoing freedoms to leave and receive pay and/or stipend (a whole other issue). My guess is Washut dropped the info because he wasn't told not to, but was contacted shortly afterward and removed it. One would hope the staff would be talking with the kids before being a source to the media, but that's not always the reality. Hoiberg and crew value being able to shoot above all else ... Heiman, Amir and Thor all are not known as being able to shoot. Sadly, that was an ongoing problem for Miles's recruits. It's been a problem in the program for quite some time. I can't really remember that many players over the last 15 years who really worried another team with their shooting. Was Paul Velander in that 15 year time frame?
  13. From what I heard they were all asked to leave, rather than decided to leave.
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