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  1. this is just a poorly coached football team. they had this game under control. one punch in the mouth from the predictably rancid special teams again, and then the whole staff watches helplessly as the wheels come flying off. Again. For the 9th time. Talent's there. Nothing else is. One more year of this crap before we get out of the kiddie coaching pool.
  2. hahahaha "as god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!" one of the all time great lines in sitcom history.
  3. likewise from this dude. lots to be thankful for every day, for many of us. but it isn't until you have no family left that you truly appreciate the heft of holidays. so i hope all of you are having a nice day with your loved ones. let it never end.
  4. where do we send the FOIA request? ;) I knew it was him on the grassy knoll. Knew it!
  5. it's not like we're out there moving and busting tail only to see that effort go unrewarded. if anyone else is watching what I'm watching, I'm seeing a team that can barely be called that, infected by a lethargy bordering on disinterest. the persistent standing around bothers me more than anything in the world. that level of disengagement carries over to defense, which is probably why we suck so bad. do we really expect that a team that can't be bothered to move without the ball in order to score those precious points is going to be motivated to move without the ball in order to prevent the other team from scoring? It's the same as it was in game 1: 5 dudes hanging out, might as well be with a bunch of capri suns in their hands and talking about what they're going to check out on netflix later when this stupid game gets over with.
  6. smh looking like the football team late. just win the damned thing and be glad about it.
  7. it's like shakespearean power struggles with a round ball. this season's going to be uber weird.
  8. usually when we have a weak team, you kinda know where you have to start on the Big List of correctives. This team just befuddles me--I start identifying one thing, and then, like a dog chasing a squirrel, I see something else pop up. Then another. Then another. It's like 'whack-a-mole' of what's wrong. Maybe I just don't like teams like this, regardless of how good the outcome could be. I was a Pistons-Bulls fan back in the Golden Age, where D mattered
  9. well, i guess this is the rec ball offense? maybe this game's passed me by now, but i'm not seeing anything really coherent out there.
  10. thanks eater of bugs! love that song. now, if our team could perhaps cease sucking....
  11. It's weird seeing anyone bash Sadler's cred on D coaching at this point. What sucks is that D is probably the only thing that can save this team's season right now. They're not shooting well enough for Hoiball to work for wins against good teams. Right now, if this were Doc's team (and yeah, I know he could never recruit a roster like this), they'd be undefeated.
  12. this is where I just want the guy to get healthy and get his foot back for its own sake. so far this season is starting out to be an episode of american horror story.
  13. the NBA didn't think he was much of an NBA coach, either. I was worried about Hoiberg after his fate with Chicago. But I didn't follow the NBA much at that point so was unsure how much was true or not. But the main accusation is that he underachieved with a fairly talented roster, and so far, I'm thinking, "hey, that sounds pretty familiar!" This may be a guy who struck lightning at one stop, got a rep from it, and then was never able to replicate it ever again. It's not a new story in coaching.
  14. i'm unwilling to go full on gloom and doom at the moment because it's not like we don't have talent. what we haven't apparently figured out is how to turn that talent into a cohesive, effective and winning basketball unit. and the open question is whether or not the staff we have in place has the ability to do that. After 3+ years, I'm not exactly comfortable still saying, ""I don't know".
  15. the idea of constant roster churn is fine if you have a reliable plug and play system. we clearly don't. hoiberg's model requires his teams come out of the chute ready to play well for a whole season. I think if he wants to still coach at NU, he's going to have to show more flexibility in his approach to the sport than he has since the Bulls. This isn't working.
  16. game right there. CU's just a much better coached team right now. Not sure what NUs going to do regarding getting these guys to play like 5 dudes on the same page. try again next year.
  17. just too much one on one ball. why they can't move the ball around the key is beyond me. they take too many circus or difficult shots.
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