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  1. A wife is not the same thing as a girlfriend, and if she's already in college why would he need to have her getting into law school as part of his playing basketball? That should be part of her scholarship. Should have zero to do with his playing basketball there.
  2. I have more of an issue with the girlfriend side of things. Ur still young....dump her and go for the money. Let her get herself into college or whatever. That's not on you...that's on her. No woman is worth that much trouble.
  3. Back in the day when my family used to go to Kemper Arena for the bit 8 basketball tournament, we sat around a lot of KSU fans. They were pretty cool to us and would buy us food. I honestly have never had issues with KSU fans...until my recent encounter at my neighborhood bar in Lincoln with a KSU dick fan and his wife mrs dick fan. Guy was pissed at me for being a Nebraska fan and for being a KU fan. Went over the incident in another post on the so won't go into it again other than saying I no longer have anything positive to say about KSU or their fans.
  4. They will never be my National Champions.
  5. Cannot and will not acknowledge their current position. I've got friends left and right posting memes and messages on Facebook congratulating them on their current standings. I'm hiding those posts and will not acknowledge them.
  6. We show up! https://www.si.com/college/2023/03/22/oregon-dana-altman-fan-attendance-nit-wisconsin
  7. All we need was some guy named Cordu Roy.
  8. Well it's been a fun ride with ya all this season. Unless a big 10 school or KU makes it to the championship I'm done with mens Basketball until next season. Don't care about NBA. Have given up caring about talking about recruits and how amazing they are. I'll hold off on the excitement until I actually see them in Husker red playing an actual game for Nebraska.
  9. One of the things that helps us with the NIT is our attendance record. They want to have full houses shown on TV for the NIT games. We will have a decent showing if people get one more chance to see these guys.
  10. I'll have to watch the victory on hulu later...going to a concert in Omaha tonight.
  11. Thank God for Hulu Live. Finally able to watch the game.
  12. Speaking of the Portal. Is it going to be a one-way running machine into next season? With the Success the Huskers have had this year thanks to players we are losing due to graduation...will we keep who's left or are we going to lose anyone? if so...how many? This year is not the same as the last three years. We don't have a group of hero ball players.
  13. Given that the one guy won a trip at half time and Red Panda succeeded in her bowl thing...both good omens for the second half.
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