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  1. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I'm seeing the same stuff everyone else is seeing. I'm just seeing a lot of comments from people responding to the articles saying it the Big 10 and not the SEC. I'd like that rumor to die fast.
  2. Hope this happens sooner rather than later. Seems to be increased steam of them both going to the Big 10 and not the SEC. I'd like the talk of them coming to the Big 10 to die fast.
  3. Just read that ISU is now also in talks. I honestly don't know much about them, but would West Virginia be a good fit? Or would they be better with the ACC or SEC? Would they want to stay in the Big 8? I don't see the Big 8 being a strong conference with what would be left.
  4. Not sure if I'm the only one, but I wish the Big 12 had a network right now. I'd love to be able to watch a 24hr panic attack on tv.
  5. Just read an article by a Michigan writer that says the Big 10 fans want Texas and Oklahoma more than they want KU. If they took Texas, I'd hope that the first thing that they do is force Texas to drop the network. That was one of the biggest mistakes in the Big 12. There should have been a Big 12 Network.
  6. Under him, we'd probably get University of South Carolina of Banjo and Pig Squealing.
  7. Sadly KU's football team is about as good as Creighton's football team. Not sure how their baseball team is. That being said...at least the Huskers would have one more win every year in Football.
  8. Granted our overall history with them isn't the greatest...but I'd love to see Nebraska and Kansas meet on the field/court every year again. Probably the school I miss the most from the Big 8 days. However, if we can't get them...try Hawaii. I mean if West Virginia can be in the Big 8, Hawaii can be in the Big 10. Get them before they join the ACC or the SEC.
  9. I wish the Nebraska/Northwestern game was early. I had tix to see Skid Row and Dokken (yeah I'm old too) at Stir Cove last weekend. They rescheduled for the night of the football game. Had the game been early, I could have done both.
  10. Please provide back up material. Our athletic department is still way ahead of a lot of athletic departments...we support the University and not the other way around like most other schools.
  11. Parking was jacked up as well. This was not the year to raise prices. My dad said if they don't do better the price increase is not going to be justified beyond this season. I told him.. between football and basketball I'd just as soon keep the basketball tix. We have been going since 1977. Football had been an on again off again thing.
  12. Favorite beer: Stiegl Grapefruit Rattler Favorite Spirit: Vodka (Absolut) Favorite cuisine: Japanese followed by Italian Favorite NBA team: Lakers (although I haven't watched an NBA game all the way through since Jordan's original retirement Favorite athlete of all time: I can't really choose one. I don't think I've followed one enough to say they are my favorite. "Vacations" or "trips"?: Can't say vacations, I tend to turn my vacations into working trips. I see if where I'm going has a roller derby team and if they are playing.
  13. Only if we go there. I don't see Duke or North Carolina coming here in the near future. Nebraska doesn't have the long history of winning seasons and they are not going to come to Lincoln if there is any chance of them losing
  14. Forget? I can't even remember. I was 5 years old when David Thompson graduated.
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