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  1. Outside of Lue, the list is pretty much non-existent. That being said...I don't see Coach being on the hot seat. I think he will get at a minimum the extent of his contract.
  2. Yeah I wonder, do AD have a little more freedom in what they can do or say than coaches and players have?
  3. Sooo did anyone have Big 10 8 ACC 5 Teddy Valentine 1
  4. Iowa St must have been a fluke or the ISU fans were smoking something.
  5. Suppose they should be glad this isn't Oregon. Per Google: How many different uniforms do the Oregon Ducks have? 327 different uniform combinations
  6. I'm going to be totally going off my rose colored glasses and say 5. Lol my mind says zero...maybe one...my heart says 5. Lol unlucky in love, unlucky in basketball...but hell keep trying.
  7. I agree...get the basketball team in helmet and pads. Oh and have them carry baseball bats. Unified look.
  8. Well the first part at least. I don't think the virus is ever going to be behind us.
  9. The entire 200-300 level can come down to the 100 level and there would still be plenty of space.
  10. I wish he would have had this wake up call prior to Creighton! Another year before we get another shot, and another two years before we get a shot at home.
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