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  1. Add to that list he shows up at almost every Husker football game to stand out on the field with Bill Moos when someone is getting honored.
  2. Lol totally off the main topic, but Friday night I photographed my second concert at PBA! Was a blast!
  3. Will be interesting to see if Bill now stops showing up at ever Husker football game if his kids playing.
  4. That's why I said might be the host...I just added "In consideration" in parenthesis. :)
  5. Not sure at this point it’s worth it’s own topic, but I saw yesterday that Omaha might be (Or in consideration) the host site in 2023 for the Big 10 championship. Husker fans typically travel pretty well and hell we kill it for the Baseball tournament compared to other schools. Bet we’d blow em away for basketball too!
  6. Ok Bill, you can put the termination papers back in your pocket for another day.
  7. Is it just me or did you also hear that in Doc’s voice in your head?
  8. lol..he's going to finally bless the basketball team with his presence huh?
  9. Lol it’s not me. I gave one of my seats to an Iowa fan but he’s my girlfriend’s brother in law who has never been to a basketball game..
  10. Will there be a Moos in the House?
  11. I'm having flashbacks of the Nebraska/Colorado football game under Callahan where their entire student section was booted from the stadium.
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