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  1. I don't think he can commit to a contract. If he can't stay at a school for more than a year..I don't see him being able to sign a contract and stay with a pro team. Unless he just signs one year contracts.
  2. 2017-18: West Virginia 2018-19: Wichita State 2019-20: Western Nebraska CC 2020-21: Nebraska 2021-22: New Mexico State How does one build a connection with a team, bouncing around this much. Lets say he makes it to the NBA. Will a team have enough faith in him to stay more than a season? I'm sure I'm just not seeing something here...but isn't it kind of abnormal for a player to transfer this much?
  3. Man that 25-26 season is going to be lousy looking at the players on the team.
  4. haha... I've heard stores from people that have been at events that Devaney was at.
  5. Not to get morbid...but TO will have to be 6 feet under before that happens.
  6. Well...I guess someone should post this:
  7. I am so glad for all these sports back! I just wish the sport that I photograph was coming back this year as well....Roller Derby. They are in year two of not playing...venues are starting to be lost due to no revenue. Their decision to come back to play was probably the most toughest of any sport out there. As of right now...New Zealand is the only country playing. 6 tier system and no team in the US has even reached tier 2. https://resources.wftda.org/covid-19/recommendations/
  8. Squirrel is hanging around waiting for the call.
  9. Fans in the stands and a victory against Creighton...keeping my expectations low (won't happen, but I'd like to see a exhibition game against Doane...in the Doane gym as a return favor for playing us in the game this past year).
  10. This could go under it's own heading, but figured here might be a better place. I saw that coach's son is leaving MSU and entering the portal. Would/should he play for his father?
  11. I know they aren't in the Big 10, but anyway we can give Iowa State an honorable mention for most delusional fans thinking that Coach H (the Big 10 connection) was going to be heading back there?
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