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  1. I hope that guy trips while running off the court. That smile of his was a telltale sign.
  2. Was there a goof up somewhere in the athletic program and we got Scott Frost's football players and he got our basketball players? Neither team is doing good...maybe the players are in the wrong uniforms.
  3. Just posted on FB. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Talk Runza into still doing free runzas if we get to 75 points.
  5. Didn't watch the game (speed skating practice), but from what I heard from my dad today, he's getting tired of the way Alan comes across. Think if it doesn't happen soon, both him and Coach are going to have a come to Jesus talk. If they have had one, it didn't stick.
  6. quicker season ends...the quicker I can cancel my hulu subscription. only got it to watch the Huskers. That being said...I'm not really ready for the season to end for us.
  7. Thanks for the info...and for the spelling correction.
  8. It's gotta be due to HIPAA (corrected...thanks 49er) laws. They can't publicly disclose who has what. I suppose they could make comments and observations that would lead you to determine who is ill...but I think that's the most they could get away with.
  9. I think we got a good look at it during the OSU game. That's as close as it needs to be.
  10. Lol...I just figure they are in free fall and haven't hit bottom yet
  11. Jock strap basketball game??? Ewwwwww. That's a no thank you from me.
  12. As a longer time season ticket holder...1977...I totally agree.
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