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  1. Ok we got this out of the way. Come back Saturday and kick some tail.
  2. Lol I wonder what that means for the 10 teams of the big 12.
  3. Off topic sort of. RIP David Maas of Quick Change. IMO one of the best halftime performance acts to appear at PBA.
  4. I've said that soooo many times this football season. Like the old saying goes "Put up or Shut up".
  5. I have never rewatched a Husker basketball game before. I watched it at the office today, but I'm rewatching it right now. I'm trying not to spoil the ending for me.
  6. Lol...with no home crowds this year I say they let them go old school and have one design your own N game.
  7. ok...I don't do stats like a number you do you. The football team is awful when they use the black uniforms. How is the basketball team dressed in black?
  8. Do we have enough in shape people here that still have some eligibility to put a team together?
  9. Hope this means we get two years in a row of home games against Creighton.
  10. Nice...between a Husker basketball game and the release of Wonder Woman 84 on HBOMax, being home alone for Christmas for the first time in my life won't be so bad.
  11. Posted the question on PBA's fb page about televised coverage and this was the response I got...and pretty much expected: Please “stay tuned” as that communication channel is secured.
  12. Hopefully more than just the Nebraska Games are broadcast in some fashion. I'd like to see as much of the tournament as possible. Big 10 could show it and do PBA on BTN and the Bob on BTN2. BTN2 is honestly worthless they don't use if for situations like this and in most cases seem to show exactly the same thing on BTN and BTN2
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