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  1. Think the Big 10 will do something big or just move on to regular games? Could they call it a challenge or would they have to come up with another name since all the challenges have been ESPN connected? BIG 10/Big 12 Rumble? https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/35130417/acc-sec-challenge-announced-2023-24-college-hoops-season
  2. Nebraska 100 Creighton 47...with their coach being ejected. one can dream.
  3. Proud of ya Norm! I belonged to a gym for about a year. Felt so out of place there. I'll stick with my 6 mile walks, my 15-20 mile bike rides, and my speed (in-lines and quads) skating practices.
  4. is that like playing Emerson, Lake & Palmer?
  5. Lol...can we just refer to Sundays foe as Sundays foe or that team who shall not be named?
  6. Doubt they would introduce a Husker coach at a Creighton game... although that would be kind of funny.
  7. Yup... probably a good thing. Would not want to ruin a fantastic Husker Basketball game with introducing a new Football coach. They need to wait until a game they know we are going to lose...just to help numb the pain.
  8. Kind of shocked we got dogs at halftime instead of a football coach intro. Are they saving that for later...or just going to skip doing anything until Spring game...and just avoid the whole process.
  9. As long as he doesn't do what ever he did again this season and miss any more games I'm glad Walker is back. He was needed the whole season. We might have one at least one or two more games had he played. Looking foward to seeing them at home in action. Seems like forever since they played at the vault.
  10. Maybe it's just me...but we have the regular season and the tournament..whatever forms they take to see Big 10 teams play each other. I don't see a Big 10 no matter how you slice it challenge as being all that special. Needs to continue to be betwen conferences or not continue at all. Just put regular games aren't part of a challenge or whatwever. Unless you want to make it, Big 10 Foottball Players Vs Big 10 Basketball Players.
  11. Agree...we can eliminate 2 of the unplayed teams right away. No chance in hell of ever getting Duke or North Carolina.
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