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  1. Out rebounded a pretty good sized team too although I’m not sure where they rank in the BIG in terms of that
  2. Walker/Andre combo w another impressive game. I did not realize when we got Walker as a transfer that he would be able to be a pivot point for the offense at the high post. He’s got a good feel for the passing game from the elbows, fairly good hands for a big guy, and for his height I’ve been pretty impressed with his skills around the hoop.
  3. Rutgers fans might be worse than us trying to call for pikiells head, he’s built that program from shit to respectable
  4. Playing so well my hands are shaking in joy instead of anger. At some point next season the Walker/Andre combo will probably make me shed tears of joy at how hard they seem to run the court. also myles Johnson is a hell of a player, this is easily a 25 point lead if Rutgers didn’t have him.
  5. Yup 100 percent agree w everything here. I was a teddy supporter and still am but I would guess his departure likely helps retain guys too.
  6. I feel like for long term success Andre is a must keep
  7. Dam what a bummer. Atleast for his sake he plans to stay and get his degree in the spring it sounds like.
  8. I don’t dislike Lat as a player we just don’t have the PG/playmaker on offense to consistently get him looks and he’s kinda a zero on defense it seems like. Stevenson has his flaws(driving to the hoop w his head down like a middle schooler) he brings a better skill set on offense for our current group and is a better defender IMO
  9. Seemed like a lot more than previous games but I’m not sure. I will say I don’t recall him having any WTF turnovers like banton has as PG although I think trey had 3 or 4 TOs for the game.
  10. Stevenson or banton starting at the 4 is the way my friend
  11. Love that review of keita, hopefully Andre takes over for Walker and keita takes over the Andre roll in two years. We could have a 3-4 year span where post play is actually a strength
  12. Yeah, maybe he hits the weight room had this offseason and is able to play some 4 next year? He definitely can shoot just isn’t quick enough to play defense on the wing IMO
  13. I do not see how we could make the minutes work next year if Thor and Webster come back?
  14. Gotta mean hoiberg said there a spot for him here next year don’t it?
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