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  1. Hopefully on top of kavas we take a look at Keith stone( coming off acl tear in January ) or Deng Geu ( never a starter but put up some stats in the summit ). Woulda been nice to get a visit from tj Holyfield too but that ships probably sailed.
  2. He’s possibly a starting center for us next year if he commits
  3. Had a bad shin this previous season I believe
  4. Well atleast his game is based on shooting not purely on athletic ability
  5. A back court of Mack green Burke has me thinking big dance year one. When was the last time Nebraska had 3 shot creators/shot makers on the roster at the same time even?
  6. We won’t get them all. Onto the next guy
  7. That’s great roster management if we can swing it
  8. If we can get cam Obama and one of those immediately eligible power forwards on that espn lists we just might compete for the top half of the big ten next year. Probably still need a 3rd big guy though
  9. Well he had mono and then when he got back from that he was playing post before he messed up his knee. Not to mention the last staff didn’t really have a track record of helping guys shots. I dont know if amir ever becomes an average 3 point shooter. I just don’t see us giving up on him. All those 2020 offers we have out are real nice, but actually getting them here is a whole other ball game.
  10. The whole hauser brothers transfer thing is fascinating. From why they are transferring, to how good Marquette woulda been, to the amount of bloggers on other pages that think we have a shot to get them
  11. Amir and Brady will be 4 year players here as long as they want to be. Don’t know what to make if karrington Davis. Could be a 4 year starter or could be nothing. I think Thor is probably a casualty
  12. Ideally we keep Thor this year and he leaves next offseason. Glad nana is moving on for both ours and his sakes
  13. He’s not big enough to be a small ball 4 and it’s questionable if he can play good enough defense/be a effective enough shooter to play the 3. I did like what he gave on the boards when he was in.
  14. I would really like to see us take skogman if the medicals check out
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