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  1. Went from going to possibly the worst run franchise in the NBA to a team with atleast a direction in the mavs. Should be a good role player if he can crack the rotation. A lot easier to root for the mavs than the pistons too
  2. A Matz stockman type center would be a wonderful fit on this roster. Not a guy who has to see minutes every game but a guy who could get you 4 points 4 boards 2 blocks in 12 minutes of play type
  3. Did not realize arop and Cheatham were the same size...
  4. It would be nice to know cross’s actual size. If he’s 6’6” I don’t know if he’s a take. If he’s 6’8” I think he’s a take. We don’t seem to be leaving scholarships for 2020 like some thought we would at this rate
  5. We are a 6’9 or 6’10 rim runner away from having quite the roster constructed. Side note. Does anyone see Thor cracking the rotation this coming year w all these wings we are adding?
  6. T.J. Holyfield would be the perfect use of one scholarship. Would be a senior front court player who can shoot it at a high clip and rebound it some. Kinda doubt we are able to get him in for a visit but worth a try. we might just end up having to take a dube type grad transfer so that we have some beef in the front court for big ten play at this point
  7. Oofta this is getting messy. And we are keeping Thor of all the guys that were on this roster I thought he was gone for sure
  8. He will be a good player for Alford’s system
  9. Hope they have some plan to get a legit center in here. Gonna get pounded in big ten play in the post w our current roster. Time will tell
  10. A redshirt year will do this guy wonders. Hope we do not try or get a waiver for him
  11. I don’t think kavas can guard back courts at a B10 level but I agree with your overall point. So many good players seem to be visiting every weekend
  12. Might not be room on the roster if he drags this thing all the way till the end of May
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