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  1. B-town hoopsfan

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    Very well could affect him all season from weight loss, muscle loss, lack of energy
  2. B-town hoopsfan

    Scouting Oklahoma State

    Few days till the game but worth monitoring. Our depth isn’t there for even two guys to be out much less any starters
  3. B-town hoopsfan

    2021 F Matthew Mors Yankton, SD

    Get em miles
  4. The guy who’s posting it over their kept hammering at it to. Conversation picks up around comment 50 or so in that link
  5. B-town hoopsfan

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    Took 14 or 15 months. Granted berry is like ten years older but still
  6. Armon “special sauce” Gates
  7. B-town hoopsfan

    Quade Green should come to Nebraska

    6 to midnight in a hurry
  8. B-town hoopsfan

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    Not sure I’ll have to ask at Christmas. Hopefully he ends up keeping an open mind. He lives within 3 hours of Lincoln so it shouldn’t be a problem getting him in for visits
  9. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 Recruiting

    We could definitely do better but then again we have done worse or the same. Would end up being eligibile in Jan. 1st of 2020 I think
  10. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 Recruiting

    Jahvon quinerly? And any clue how the whole attracting transfer recruits works? Does it just start w a call or a text and by chance the kids interested in us?
  11. B-town hoopsfan

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    I felt he was going to be a better player than Harris. They were ranked basically the same by 24/7 w Davis at 361 and Harris at 355. Davis had more of a well rounded game and practiced against some of the best everyday at the prep school in Florida he attended. I think we all wanted one of the two too redshirt but I don’t think any of us wanted to see it because of injury. Hopefully he comes back healthy next year and can be the 8th or 9th guy on a solid squad
  12. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 Recruiting

    Ya he was a top 30 player a few years ago out of Pennsylvania. I really think the staff should be over recruiting. Have two open schollys but should be taking 3 more recruits
  13. B-town hoopsfan

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    I think he would of seen minutes this year but that injury is really hard to come back from. On the bright side he’s walking on it now so he’s got 11 months to get back into playing form hes such an unknown though. At 6’6” he could easily be a solid two way player or he could just be another guy. He hasn’t played much in the last two season correct?
  14. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 Recruiting

    I kinda doubt we get in on him but man I wish we would try, especially w the success we had w cope in a similar situation
  15. B-town hoopsfan

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    True. I’ll start drinking to kool-aid on harris if he comes back next fall w a reworked shooting form