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  1. That being said you can’t fire him. Especially when the athletic department is going to have to deal with the football program next year again.
  2. Totally agree with both those points. But he is hurt and Bryce didn’t have it on defense last night so we shoulda tried something different IMO
  3. Sounds like Edwards was to cold to get a chance at playing defense last night
  4. This would be one of those in game adjustment things I was referring to. I think we tried to trap seabron once out of that pick a roll and it resulted in a time out, why not go back to it after that?
  5. Agree with you on the lakes and rebounding part but NC st was already plus 15 for the game and wilcher only had 6 rebounds in 37 minutes anyhow. and ya lakes and Edwards would of been cold but it’s not like wilcher wasn’t cold too lol his threes weren’t really that close to going in, he did have the nice pull up on the baseline tho. Idk to me just not trying anything else on defense was bad coaching. and maybe all true about Andre but this is the part of the season where you gotta let him play through that IMO because like I said we are gonna get rocked in the big ten with only walker at center. I’d be shocked if we are an above .500 overall record team when the big ten tournament hits and that just seems unacceptable to me
  6. I yelled at all 4 TVs in my house before the game was over. The team played their asses off I thought too. Most will probably say the refs stole the game(which verge was obviously fouled at the end of regulation and isn’t that supposed to be reviewable now?) but to me hoiberg flat out lost this game for us.
  7. Ya he was definitely ejected. He was first one to leave the bench lol. And I might be wrong but I don’t think he got any minutes before that ejection though. It’s just very strange to me that we don’t play him
  8. Why? Let’s just look at the point in the game where lat lost his shit and got ejected. played the rest of Regulation and I believe all of the first OT without subbing. Played just breidenbach as a sub for the 2nd and 3rd OT. No Webster till the 4th OT where he hits several shots. played wilcher for the rest of regulation and what seemed like all 3 of those OT periods when his shot was obviously off( if you want shooting try lakes, if you want defense try Edwards ) let seabron take it to Bryce over and over again on the defensive end which was a clear miss match in regulation and the first couple overtime’s without trying anyone else on him. Again try Edwards who’s 6’7 and seems fairly athletic on him or wilcher held his own vs him A few times even. But it’s just shit coaching to expect Bryce to handle a majority of the load on offense and then to also try to stop seabron every position on defense. The fact the we don’t play Andre half the game just makes zero sense too. Something must be up behind closed doors. It should be like a 22/18 minute split between him and walker at the 5 because like always we are gonna get our shit rocked in the Big Ten with just walker at center and Andre is likely to transfer without meaningful playing time IMO. we are in year three and yes talent level is better than it’s been in quite some time but that doesn’t matter if the coaching isn’t better than it’s been in quite some time.
  9. Refs were terrible but we should be used to that by now. Why the hell we paying this guy so much?
  10. I still can’t believe they didn’t fire him over this. Creighton is in the most Politically correct town in all of Nebraska. Plus they are losing guys left n right it seems
  11. I feel like unless we are assuming a major leap for Andre that the fighting norms win a majority of the time. Andre and Walker do not excel at perimeter defense or pick and pop situations so they would get continuously put in the spin cycle on defense and neither currently have the offensive skill set to win consistently in the paint.
  12. Believe one of their assistants is also going to be part of coach beards staff at Texas
  13. I’m not saying he’s a bad kid and his stats(on bad teams) point to him being a good player. What I’m saying is do we want to get into another possible Mack or teddy situation for the third year in a row.
  14. Just going by penn st fans essentially blaming him for chambers firing when the rest of the team wanted him kept then Iowa st fans on Reddit were claiming he wanted to stay at Iowa state but got “voted off the island” by the team. If two fan bases have bad things to say about him it would seem like a situation we don’t want to get involved IMO.
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