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  1. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 SF David Roddy

    Niang was listed @ 6’8” and could really shoot the ball. I don’t hate what this kid brings to the table but he’s probably not what we are looking for w our last current scholarship. I’d love to see us get a 6’10” guy that runs like a deer and just blocks shots and rebounds. It would be great if he could do more then that but beggers can’t be choosers
  2. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 SF Yavuz Gultekin - Virginia Tech

    I would guess we will see how the season plays out before getting hot and heavy on any other recruits. Hopefully a good season leads to a home run recruit
  3. B-town hoopsfan

    The Injury Report

    Feel bad for the kid and it’s probably one of the hardest injury’s to come back from these days but it should work out well for us. He will redshirt like we wanted a wing to do and it gives Thor or nana a chance to play. Then one will likely transfer at the end of the year. Tough way for it to happen but it should be a win win
  4. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    There’s another opening in the 2019 class and will likely be 1-3 more by the end of the season. Plus 2020 kids. He will get his chance to shine
  5. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    I wonder if his offer is still commitable since we got two guards. I’d sure like to have him tho still. Could make a heck of a small ball 4
  6. B-town hoopsfan

    2021 F Matthew Mors Yankton, SD

    Hopefully we can atleast make his final cut to get a chance at him, kids gonna be special
  7. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - VC

    Be nice to see how he handles being the man this year. Hopefully that 3 Point percentage goes up 3 or 4 points and it would be nice to see that free throw percentage in the high 70s. Either way he looks like a good piece to the nebrasketball puzzle
  8. B-town hoopsfan

    The rotation this year

    Would much rather have nana playing back up 3 minutes than Chan. If Brady is going to play significant minutes then there will not be consistent minutes for Chan this year
  9. B-town hoopsfan

    In state kids?

    Really thought he would play out the year before committing, I think he will have more offers comin his way.
  10. B-town hoopsfan

    The rotation this year

    If he ends up not redshirting he better be looking at playing a minimum of 5 minutes a game every game. I just don’t see at this point in his career how he could be giving us that much more than tanner would that we would burn the chance to have him here 5 years.
  11. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - VC

    Holy ball sack we a rolling. Anyone know if he will come in as a sophomore or junior?
  12. B-town hoopsfan

    Mika Adams-Woods is N

    Good get to start the 19 class by miles. Ranked in the 200s by 24-7 and has room to improve. Just keep it rolling miles, hope to see Akol here in the next few weeks too
  13. B-town hoopsfan

    Practice Countdown

    Very happy to hear nana has made big strides this offseason. Hope to see him playing 10 plus minutes a game this year between the 2,3, n possibly 4 positions on any given night
  14. B-town hoopsfan

    Team Photo

    Ya I noticed that as well, hopefully he plays bigger than his height. Davis could turn into a heck of small ball 4 with what we currently have too
  15. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods - VC

    Hopefully Burke, Allen, possiblely Davis turn into difference makers. I expect nana and heiman to be solid contributiors next year as well