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  1. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 PF Zane Meeks

    Not a terrible idea if he would agree to it. And if we have the 2020 scholarships available
  2. Yup especially if we are coming off of back to back winning seasons(that’s something here). Next 5 to 11 games are awful important for the program
  3. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 PF Zane Meeks

  4. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 PF David Skogman

    Hopefully we are able to sell him in either starting minutes or major rotation minutes as a freshman. I wonder if Wisconsin just isn’t gonna get involved?
  5. Can’t be the one guy had souces I thought?
  6. B-town hoopsfan

    Scouting Penn St

    It shouldn’t have to be a one or the other we should be giving them both a chance at about ten minutes a game
  7. B-town hoopsfan

    Scouting Penn St

    Anything out there about nanas status? Surprised/concerned we didn’t see him vs northwestern
  8. B-town hoopsfan

    Enjoy The Last Month Of The Miles Era

    We have atleast a shot at back to back 20 wins seasons. That surely seems like something for us. what has given you the idea that moos will get a new hire right? The home run he hit w Kent at Washington state? Or his lay up of a hire in Scott Frost? I will say his hiring of mike leach in football at Washington state was something special.
  9. B-town hoopsfan

    Scouting Penn St

    Some zone defense and some bench minutes seem like a recipe for success
  10. Question. Was this site around when miles was hired? And if so who were the most common names mentioned then?
  11. Is Nebraska moving to the mountain west?
  12. B-town hoopsfan

    2019 Recruiting

    Any one know who or where Gates was recruiting on Thursday/Friday?
  13. I just wish I had a source like you all seem too lol
  14. B-town hoopsfan

    Roby will be back. Book it

    Best game a post player has had for us in a decade. Now let’s see if he can do it for multiple games