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  1. A mighty effort, Norm. My only modest suggestion is that we work on our defense when opponents are at the free throw line. (perhaps some Maori haka?) (35) Original maori haka dance - YouTube
  2. I'm not going to believe any of this until I hear it from.....(Too soon??)
  3. coughunter: I just scanned the LJS headlines and now understand your comment...unfortunately.
  4. ...that the USA Olympic team was beaten by France in todays opening game? I don't, and also didn't watch any of the NBA playoffs. Does that make me unpatriotic? And after all, Yvan lead the scorers and he is only 19! (OK, I made up the last part to keep it germane to HHC).
  5. Nice pictures but I couldn't find his game. Lots of ads.
  6. Let me be the first to start a rumor: KU and ISU to Big Ten when Texas and Okie go to SEC
  7. Bizarroworld flash: think KU. At least I got to see my alma mater go to the Orange Bowl. But , come to think of it, I also got to see NU win the NIT.
  8. I like it, but might shorten it further to "Heems".
  9. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how Mr. Breidenbach likes to be addressed? Wil, Willie, Vilhelm, Brides? Wilhelm seems a bit cumbersome for everyday use.
  10. Just reviewed our MBB roster and am pretty safe in saying that we have never been so rife with players who may be available four years from now. If Fred were a squirrel, he would already have a huge cache of the best acorns stashed somewhere.
  11. ConkintheCorner: Can you provide a few lottery numbers for use tomorrow?
  12. Philosophy postscript: HBO miniseries: "The Alberts Files".
  13. It's all in how the reader interprets a comment. If Verge is, indeed, our best player then it might indicate the rest of the squad has been over-hyped.
  14. You are so right. I would quit going and you could have my tickets if I had to get them with my E-Bay. Unfortunately I already did this when NU went to the Pinnacle.
  15. We are now on the verge of basketball success.
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