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  1. If his off court maturity now mirrors his JUCO stats, Teddy may be just what we need for success next year. Free throw shooting does not require any adjustment period when moving to high Div. 1 opponents. If a couple of this year's stalwarts had the same free throw ability we would probably have at least three more wins.
  2. Looks like if we just keep losing by a dozen, we'll crack the top 100 by the end of the year.
  3. Not much to add this morning. I enjoyed this one more than many of our losses and didn't fast forward much since it was causing me to miss the exciting debates. Still, I would have preferred to watch 1917 again if given the choice.
  4. Captain Newman M.D. was a favorite book for me which tends to ruin most movies because of preexisting perceptions from the book. Also works to a lesser extent in reverse if the movie is seen first.
  5. Ok, since this thread is already way off the rails, here are some others which are worth seeing: Mr. Roberts, MASH, Paths of Glory, and Ken Burns' documentary series on Viet Nam.
  6. As a big Brad Pitt fan, "Fury" wasn't too bad either.
  7. That was a perfectly legitimate defensive move in Lacrosse.
  8. Looks like I made a good decision. 1917 deserves to make my top 5 and my (fast forward) view of the game makes me feel like I didn't miss much pleasure by attending the movie. Methinks we could title the rest of NU's season " Saving Private Green".
  9. To waste a little more time before the day unfolds, I will list my top 5 war movies to see if 1917 measures up: 1. Saving Private Ryan-enough said. 2. Das Boot-best seen with subtitles 3. Apocalypse Now- the horror, the horror...(an applicable phrase for many NU games I have seen) 4. Battleground- this movie about the Battle of the Bulge, King Kong, and Trader Horn were the only three movies my dad ever recommended I see 5. From Here to Eternity- although not a true "war movie" I couldn't leave a movie with Burt Lancaster and Ernie Borgnine off the list.
  10. … tape them and use fast forward when necessary to avoid stress. That way the dud games can go by quite pleasantly without using an expensive bottle of Nyquil, and the good ones can provide many replay highlights. With that in mind, I plan to attend a matinee of "1917" this afternoon with two sons and a grandson and watch the game at my leisure. I'll let you know how I like the movie.
  11. Cip, you are a comma,comma,comma,comma,comma chameleon.
  12. It seems like Green has become a latter day version on Sec Henry who was never able to really connect with the fans despite having a pretty good skill set. Hopefully Jervay and Kavas will be able to adjust and contribute as time passes because it is naïve to believe this seven man rotation will survive through the grind of the league season with anything left physically or mentally by the end of the year.
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