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  1. Very unusual for a player to stay with the same team for his whole career. Best wishes to him for the next phase of his life.
  2. And there's always the New Braunfels Wurstfest to look forward to.
  3. Winner,winner jerky dinner-but wait, this may have to go to arbitration since you have lost some of your initial gain-and Silverback has not yet checked in.
  4. Okay, now for the serious stuff: Every poster should now list his pre-pandemic and present weights. The winner with the largest gain will get to eat all of Cip's expired beef jerky leftovers.
  5. And in 1948, 50 out of 50 pundits and pollsters picked Dewey to beat Truman in the presidential election.
  6. To summarize, I expect we'll adopt a "baseline to baseline" approach.
  7. With all the sad and crappy news which we seem to deal with this year, I figure we might need a laugh occasionally. Since I have basically been watching movies for the past six months (some recent, some revisits of favorites, many I have missed over the years), I thought I would list three I hadn't seen which actually caused me to laugh out loud. Feel free to list any others which are worthy and beware, because my own sense of humor may be somewhat warped. 1. The Dead Don't Die- 2019, 2. Living in Oblivion-1995 3. Clerks-1994.
  8. Our basketball history melting away. RIP to all.
  9. Anyone interested in learning about MLK should also read Hampton Sides excellent account of his demise. https://www.amazon.com/Hellhound-His-Trail-Electrifying-American/dp/0307387437/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1O7E5VCAGQS3W&dchild=1&keywords=hellhound+on+his+trail+by+hampton+sides&qid=1598726252&s=books&sprefix=Hellhound%2Caps%2C207&sr=1-2
  10. This seems to be going well. I can hardly wait for the season to start!
  11. What happened to the "no political posts" rule? We get plenty of this stuff on all of the other media. By the way, does anyone ever wait on actual evidence before jumping to conclusions any more? Otherwise why bother with a legal system at all, just take a poll on twitter and mete out whatever justice the majority mandates? It would bypass lawyers altogether.
  12. Might one add, "That's the Pitts", or is it too early and hot?
  13. Andre Woolridge might make a better analogy than Chauncey.
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