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  1. I spent some time in the sack with Lindy this breezy morning and was somewhat astonished to discover both Brad Davison and Jordan Bohannon had been granted their second decades of eligibility. Do we really need any extra motivation for beating both Wisconsin and Iowa this year???
  2. They can always photoshop someone in as long as they make sure the knees bend in the right direction.
  3. Yes, he should. But I do like his first name. And I would dispute the talent of 95-96 being better than 92-93.
  4. Pretty good OWH article, but as a close observer of the Nee-era teams, I would use the same headline but substitute the 92-93 team which I witnessed losing to a much inferior K State team in the Big Eight tourney first round and then being blown out by New Mexico State in the first round of the NCAA. That team was equally talented but did not win the NIT. The main cause of team conflict that year was the talented Andre Woolridge.
  5. Fred should probably remove haggis from the Hoiberg breakfast menu.
  6. I think huskerbill is assuming the NCAA will allow him the Grant- Gibbs- unlimited- eligibility- award.
  7. Looks like he channeled my Christmas cookies. Now I just need some red hots and silver bb's.
  8. Shooter Jennings - Denim & Diamonds (Official Audio) - Bing video A diamond in the rough?
  9. I will rely on our astute posters to evaluate the ambience of the evening. They don't have to cover G Herbo though.
  10. Sounds like a good idea so in recognition I will plan to move to a different cushion on the sofa myself this year. It also makes me even more appreciative of my old tickets courtside at the BDSC. There I could exit directly out either lower door and be in my car within 5 minutes of leaving my seat. Then I could listen to the postgame show while waiting the 45 minutes for a 500-car coal train to pass.
  11. Big Tate: Gave you an upvote for the avatar and reminding me of the "Over and Over" thread on which we passed a lot of time as pandemic shut ins.
  12. Oh well, turn the page. Talented players from Nebraska do not always help the team chemistry (see: Woolridge, Andre).
  13. Will be interested to hear the rest of the story. Hopefully it is not health related.
  14. Review: The birth of basketball | Book Reviews and News | journalstar.com
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