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  1. Whatever happened, I'm sure Brad Davison was behind it.
  2. Let me be the first to start a new rumor: Beilein to Iowa State.
  3. Sounds like he must have torn a ligament in his finger which will probably have to be re-attached and splinted for longer than our season will last. Bad luck for him and he would have contributed during the rest of our schedule. Should be no permanent physical problem though, and best of luck to him in the future.
  4. Braddy rhymes with daddy and he was ours yesterday. What more can one say about that game.
  5. Never fear, Jayhawks lead at halftime. Fun fact of the day: KU ranks 292nd in free throw percentage in the NCAA and still surpasses the Huskers 64% to 60%.
  6. Watching KU getting beaten by Oklahoma today before NU's game starts. I was surprised to see Nebraska's last head coach show up on Oklahoma's bench! )And while a few of you pick yourselves up off the floor, remember that Jim Molinari was the interim head coach here for a few days before Fred took over.) He and Kruger played on the same college team (K. State) for a year, so go way back. And don't worry, its only the first half at the Phog.
  7. He may want to come to Lincoln just to get as far away as he can from that haunted house.
  8. And now we have something to shoot for this season,... #129.
  9. Since we are still talking about history and have time to waste, I will recommend the book on CCNY's 1950 team which won both the NIT and NCAA tourneys. That year they were both played at Madison Square Garden and the twelve team NIT was by far the most prestigious. The CCNY Beavers were only invited to the later NCAA tourney because they had surprisingly won the NIT and were thus declared champions of the Northeast region. There were eight regions in the US, and only the best team in each region was invited to the NCAA. Incidentally CCNY beat the team AP rated as #1 at the end of the year in the finale of both tournaments in games which were decided in the last seconds. And that team was....(drum roll)….the Bradley Braves. And ,again, I must say how times have changed.
  10. Damon also made the cover of SI and reaped a lot of verbal abuse from Bobby at Indiana (but at least never got choked).
  11. Just not convinced that offering this early does anything but mess with a kid's head and (in some cases) his development as a player. I vaguely remember a prospect from somewhere in Iowa and one from Topeka who were "can't miss" as eighth graders who failed to develop into college stars. Does anyone care to research how many eighth grade commits actually sign with the school which originally offers them.
  12. NU 72, UW 70 4 rebounders Disclaimer: I have no idea what to expect with each game or half this year. Adjust your nutcups men, and come to play.
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