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  1. Upvoted for the title. I think it is the longest one- word thread title I can remember. Reminds me of one of the scariest movies which is seldom reran on tv,"Phantasm". Maybe I'll watch it again if I'm feeling brave someday. Oh, pretty good summary of the past few weeks too.
  2. Interesting point to ponder: If Jordy had stayed on the roster last year, would he have been encouraged to move on by the new regime? He certainly wouldn't have fit into Hoiberg's type of scheme. (For those like me who had forgotten, he will be a Dayton Flyer this year, so we will see if he used his sit out year to improve his skills).
  3. Roby will not be back. What will be interesting in the fall is how the pundits will rank NU in the preseason polls, with a new coaching staff and players who have not yet stepped on a Big 10 court. It will be anybody's guess, but I will be surprised if we are picked in the top 1/2 of the league by outside observers or if we are not picked in the top 4 by those of us at HHC.
  4. It's almost like Hoiberg told his coaches/recruiters after Mack and Banton committed, ok guys we have enough sauces now, lets go get the meat.
  5. When one parses this statement, it becomes virtually meaningless. Who is doing the expecting? Crayton grads? Everyone in the State? Joe Loonardy? And how about subtraction? Would that change the expectations in any way? A waste of precious newsprint.
  6. "People who have feelings are the luckiest people in the world"-Barbra Streisand
  7. Best of luck to Eaton and his family. Sometimes there is collateral damage when coaching changes are made and he will land on his feet and remember Nebraska fondly as his career progresses.
  8. Sort of a head scratcher to think someone gave a "C" rating. Here's another short poll: 1. Voted too early 2. Visually or mentally challenged 3. Troll
  9. TCU's excruciatingly ugly home court played right into our hands.
  10. Maybe McDermott would be tempted to move to a big time program again and show that his Iowa State failure was a fluke? After all, he won't have Tim to kick around any more.
  11. Pronounced Way-drah-go according to Basnett.
  12. I note Jennifer's letter finally made the print version of the LJS today. I assume the lag has something to do with the print version of the paper being done in Omaha now.
  13. If he is not granted the waiver would he still be eligible to play on the team's trip to Italy?
  14. I'm hopeful he will be a slightly larger version of Lance Jeter.
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