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  1. Remember to wash your hands and wear a mask if you wish to scientifically prove this aphorism ( which incidentally was one of my father's favorites).
  2. LJS said McClung was to enter NBA draft process, whatever that means.
  3. It's a win-win situation for me since I could agree with either statement.
  4. For what it is worth, my Lawrence contact (brother) was not too impressed by Tyon's KU career. His take was : number one JUCO prospect two years ago (I thought it was Teddy, myself), a tall and skinny guy who showed very brief flashes of athleticism and was not too polished. That's all he had.
  5. Ve vill make ze assumptions here,Slap!
  6. Austin:Lubbock=Lincoln:Chadron
  7. Let us now officially christen this pattern as the "Boomerang Phenomenon".
  8. From my knowledge of Utah, I always thought it was a bit "different".
  9. Points to ponder: 1. March Madness fans were shut out last year 2. No one has anything else to do 3. Weekday nights may be a more popular format for the Great Eight games than squeezing them in on weekend afternoons ( at least if the weather is nice). With that said, everyone loves underdogs once their "home team" is out (or as in our traditional case, never gets in).
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