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  1. Carrrrumba! VC- St. Johns still tied. Adios.
  2. Por favor, hola muchachos.
  3. Has our game begun yet? My radio does not work well.
  4. For those who are medically inclined, Chris Mullin appears to have rosacea.
  5. I plan to hang out here for awhile. Probably will be 2 or 3 OT game.
  6. I'm just looking forward to watching all of the little red and white circles wander around on half of my screen. Wonder how much time the announcers will allot to this marvelous technical advance tonight?
  7. Maturity of this year's team is going to win us games we would otherwise lose. Palmer could have easily kept his double figure streak alive but elected to give up the ball rather than force the issue when he finally got some minutes in the second half. Tanner has been a pleasant surprise this year and will keep us from wearing down Heiman by year's end. Tonight's game will go to the team with the most consistency. So far we have been able to avoid those long dry spells which have been the only consistent part of recent Husker teams.
  8. Boy, did the lads ever butcher that! Quick, somebody play the original Wilbert Harrison version, or even the Fats Domino cover. Incidentally, my sister attended the Beatles concert at Municipal Stadium in KC in 1964. It remains one of the highlights of her teenage years.
  9. Someone should take a bullet and pick Missouri State. This team is making us feel too arrogant. Remember that everyone in the arena who is not wearing red will be cheering against us. Overconfidence is often bad for the karma.
  10. jimmykc

    2018 Gavitt Games Schedule

    Now bring on the ACC ! I can imagine us winning 8 of the 14 matchups, but it is a real stretch (and that is not sarcasm).
  11. +1 for "puffy" +2 for "what's the frequency, Kearney?".