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  1. Weighing the monetary value of one more year as a pro vs the value of a college degree (which can always be picked up later) it is difficult to justify staying if you are a first round pick. Therefore intangibles which we can not project would make the difference since we don't know how much the pro grind of constant travel, instability of life on the road, financial needs of the family, etc. will play into his choice. Although as fans we all hope he falls to a second round choice and stays next year, in reality we will all be happy for him and wish him success if he decides to move on.
  2. You just know the villain in any good slasher movie is going to be back.
  3. Azubuike, De Souza and Vick would have probably made a difference. And speaking of cheaters, how about that Bruce Pearl? At least I picked Auburn in my bracket, so I had that going. And the game was so bad that I was able to take in the final episode of year three of "Justified" that I missed on the first go around. (The game was more brutal than the episode).
  4. This is beginning to sound like a Roburt Sallie thing-now you got him...and then you don't.
  5. LaSalle- once won the NCAA with Tom Gola, and Lionel Hollins still stars in a commercial for a decongestant.
  6. Probably worth mentioning on the carousel thread: Phil Martelli out at St. Joseph's after 24 years. Fired, although he had a popular radio show, was coach of the year once, and was rather popular in Philly as an unapologetic supporter of liberal causes. He was also beaten in the finals of the NIT by Danny Nee the year Nebraska won it. Even legends can lose their luster with not enough "W"s. And while we are talking Big Five basketball, Fran Dunphy (a John Chaney product) retired at Temple after the Belmont loss.
  7. Well done to everyone who was at the arena last night. Players, coaches, and fans all represented Nebraska admirably. I can visualize this ending with Miles getting a less stressful job at a mid major and becoming a basketball version of Frank Solich. If Hoiberg is indeed coming, he has to be impressed by what he saw last night. Although I wish we had made the NCAA, the major cause of our downfall was an unavoidable injury and whatever happens at TCU will not make me remember this season unpleasantly.
  8. I wonder if Mr.Moos will make an appearance or whether he will plan to bake a grandchild's birthday cake.
  9. Typical of the NIT first round games I have attended over the years. Third round games get pretty well attended. Crowds are pretty loud though, since everyone wants to be there. Omaha crowd looked pretty good last night but Texas crowd was not big enough to form a posse.
  10. Now someone is going to start a "Fire Water" thread.
  11. "Again, I must say again that redundancy is not necessarily a bad thing again". Doc Sadler
  12. Some people just look older. Like the kid playing for Purdue who looks like he's reaching retirement age.
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