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  1. The mention of Glock always brings up this unfortunate memory. Wahoo Basketball 1989 State (deaconstreet.com)
  2. Bluejays 75, Huskers 62 (and I sincerely hope this is a reverse jinx)
  3. It may have been a mandatory penalty for the referees calling two fouls in two seconds on a player wearing glasses.
  4. Enjoyable game to watch last night and enjoyable to read HHC this morning. All I can say is "Domo Arigatou gozaimasu, Keisei."
  5. I can foresee this as ending in a draw unless we get bonus points for the Purdue/Fla.St. matchup.
  6. NU 71 BC 64 BTW-I noted a familiar name on their coaching staff: Asst. coach Jim Molinari.
  7. I wonder how much the new coach's contract is worth. And may I have the honor of the first post using his name as a pun? I will guess he may become known as the "Golden Ruhle".
  8. Nor do I. I don't see how it would help recruiting for next year or our slim chances of being competitive in any games this year. But the day the season ends ????:
  9. Anyone know if the game will be televised? Sounds like it will be during the football game. Sort of like wondering whether your terms will be served concurrently when you have been convicted for two life sentences
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