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  1. jimmykc

    OT: The Key to Our Home Court Advantage

    Getting a load of bird poop is considered lucky in many cultures. Maybe this will be our lucky year.
  2. jimmykc

    Davison Done

    Too bad Ubel is still pursuing his playing career.
  3. jimmykc

    Way O.T. trivia questions

    Answers 1. Johnny Sain 2. Babe Ruth. July 28, 1943 in a fundraiser for the War, a team of Navy recruits known as the "Cloudbuster Nine" played a team of Yankee/Indian stars in Yankee Stadium. Sain pitched to Ruth who was the manager for the all stars and he walked in his final appearance. At the game Williams asked Babe to sign a baseball, the only time he ever asked anyone to do that. Source: Anne Keene, author of the book "Cloudbuster Nine". She gave an interview in the NY Times on July 28,2018 with this information. See the LJS for a review of her book if interested.
  4. jimmykc

    Way O.T. trivia questions

    Both wrong according to my "inside" source. Answers tonight if anyone else would like to guess. And both questions are based on a single game.
  5. jimmykc

    Way O.T. trivia questions

    50% correct
  6. Since this is "down time" for most Husker sports, I thought these trivia questions were too good not to share. Anyone care to guess? 1. The same pitcher threw Babe Ruth his last pitch in an organized major league game as a Yankee and Jackie Robinson his first pitch as a Brooklyn Dodger. Who was he? 2. Ted Williams only asked one player to ever autograph a baseball. Who was that player?
  7. jimmykc

    Way too early Top 25

    I'm pretty sure that BPI stands for By Pinheaded Idiots. I am also virtually certain these ratings are picked from a hat somewhere.
  8. jimmykc

    Davison Done

    That is because the Diaz era existed in BT time. The cosmos seems to have expanded into a separate time continuum in the AT era.
  9. jimmykc

    Mike Scioscia to Step Down

    As the "Human Battering Ram" so aptly stated, this may all be a bit of "Poppycock".
  10. jimmykc

    Davison Done

    He will not be doing basketball broadcasts any more due to his new responsibilities. I, for one, will miss the snappy patter between Kent and Matt.
  11. jimmykc

    Jordy Gone

    Does anyone else think it is odd that 4 players on the team weigh exactly 180 lbs.?
  12. jimmykc

    Way too early Top 25

    Creighton #71. This must mean we beat them by 25 this year.
  13. jimmykc

    College hoops corruption case

    Long vows to put KU football at the top of the Big 12. They have obviously hired an AD from an alternate universe.
  14. jimmykc

    Danny Nee's Old Hang-out (one of them, anyway)

    I date Barry's downfall to the day they dropped Cip's hamburgers from their menu.
  15. jimmykc

    Roby (is Good)

    No question about Roby having all the tools. The only potential problem is that he has been a bit brittle physically to this point in his career. If he stays healthy he could become NU's best ever if he continues to improve at his present rate.