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  1. An exercise in futility-whether we play or not: Turgeon's Terps 84, Hoiberg's Husks 70
  2. Once they realize how good he really is ...
  3. Jimmy's aphorism for the day: Good teams find a way to win, mediocre ones find a way to lose.
  4. And ,yes, I lived in (gulp) Missouri for two years.
  5. Got you beat, jayschool: I went from Kansas to Texas (El Paso) to Alabama to Arizona to Texas (San Antonio) to Maine to Kansas (Manhattan) to Nebraska (Lincoln for the past 45 years).
  6. I don't buy the HIPPA thing when the sports pages are filled with names of players who have tested positive or been exposed to others who have COVID almost every day. But then, I am not a lawyer and am not riddled with paranoia.
  7. Why the secrecy about about the cause of the postponement? I see no rational reason to not fully explain it to the public. Why drape the situation under the shroud of silence which the league seems to demand?
  8. Finally finished skimming this thread. Conclusion: Thor has become our new "Sack" Henry.
  9. On the bright side, Banton lowered his chances considerably for being a high NBA draft choice this year.
  10. Thank goodness for fast forward. While I understand the financial and academic reasons for joining the Big Ten, I have to wonder if NU made the right choice from a sports stand point. Other than our volleyball team, I am beginning to doubt we will ever catch up to the "old" Big Ten teams in any of the men's sports despite hiring who we thought were our "dream coaches". Oh, just ignore me, it may simply be another bad batch of oatmeal talking.
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