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  1. Must I use the "M" word here? As fragile as this team's psyche seems to be, this is a team which many people think should beat us. If we win, a Southern victory will put us on the road with a bit of confidence. If we should lose, we appear to have a chance at single digit wins this year from what I have seen in the B10/BE series. In other words, tonight is our first MUST win.
  2. I still miss Grantland. And how can anyone who has watched "Hoosiers" 250 times be unlikeable??
  3. As long as it does not take place in the library.
  4. Alternate caption: " Hey, I had a cameo in Nebraska's Italian trip documentary!"
  5. Surprised at the animus shown against the Bluejays here-but I am not a native Nebraskan. Usually they have at least one player who really rubs me the wrong way but this year Ballek is the only one who seems vaguely distasteful.I'm glad the McDermott/Miles streak finally got broken. Do McDermott and Hoiberg have a mutual record yet? From what I saw against Michigan, the .500 record by conference time would seem much more likely, although I didn't give the Blue Aces much of a chance last night either.
  6. And Pemsl will be dealing with a chronic hemorrhoid problem this year,
  7. I will vote to reward your effort in making a poll but would have checked "both" if it had been an option.
  8. Huskers 76 Rabbits 69 Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice, just tee it up again, Lucy.
  9. Well said Jason, and ,jayschool, it would probably help if you quit wearing the MAGA cap and blasting the Bieber tapes.
  10. NU 80, Thunderbirds 76 Let's make a little birdhouse in my soul
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