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  1. jimmykc

    Team Photo

    Would it be possible to see this "team photo" of which you speak? Does it show the knees, and are they all bending in the proper way?
  2. jimmykc

    The Official Media Thread

    Strange that he can play high school ball in 2017-18 and still be a redshirt freshman unless he compressed his redshirt year into one summer.
  3. jimmykc

    College Hoops Countdown

    I attended the game in Lawrence which proved to be the last meeting between Mangino and the Suh-dominated Pelini team. I wonder how many of the fans from each team who were there on that beautiful autumn day would have been able to predict the number of combined victories the teams would have accumulated by now. I'll take the under, please.
  4. jimmykc

    Some Changes

    These changes seem logical and are not even frightening for those of us who don't like change. Thanks for all you do, Matt.
  5. A few other tidbits: 1. Probably the game at Clemson is the only one we should play as an underdog in the preseason ( they are rated 5th in the ACC). 2. Creighton and Seton Hall are rated 7th and 8th in the sixth rated weak Big East. And Okie State is rated Dead last in the Big 12. 3. Mike Daum is projected as a first team All American.
  6. Even though summer is still winding down I couldn't resist picking up this year's college basketball edition and doing a quick perusal. Mainly paying attention to Nebraska references, a few things stood out. 1. Big Ten is rated fourth best conference, behind ACC, SEC, and Big 12. 2. NU rated 34th best team 3. Writer Lindsey Willhite picks us fifth in the league (he used to be sportswriter for a suburban Chicago paper but is presently PR man for Chicago hockey team) 4. Good news: he thinks we are invited to the dance this year. Bad news: Also picks us one and done.5. Copeland and Palmer are two of the top 150 players in the nation 6. He says first team All-Big Ten swingman, James Palmer Jr. will lead the way and as he improves his 3-point accuracy he'll become "close to unguardable". 7. Head scratcher: He goes on to leave Palmer's name off All-Conference First, Second, or Third teams. Guess we'll see as autumn kicks in. Oh, by the way, KU is number one rated team.
  7. jimmykc


    A term coined by Bobby Bowden near the end of his coaching regime at Fl. St. when he criticized his players for looking down at their E-Bays during team meetings. That is now the term I use for my own little pocket device that I occasionally use. ( To save HB the trouble, "That's what she said").
  8. jimmykc


    Thanks, I would help you but I have enough trouble just figuring out how to turn on my E-bay.
  9. jimmykc


    Now that our 2018-9 schedule with times, tv coverage, location, etc. has been set, could this be posted at the top of the board where it says schedule for later reference? This never was able to get done last year. Thanks. You can take this thread down, Dimes, once the question is answered.
  10. jimmykc

    College Hoops Countdown

    Down 7-1 in the eighth with an all-scrub lineup? Down 8-7 with two outs in 9th with Brandon Phillips playing his first game in a Red Sox uniform wearing number Zero at bat? No sweat. Just another 9-8 win. Don't mean to highjack thread so lets just say I really liked Brandon Ubel just to remain remotely germane.
  11. jimmykc

    College Hoops Countdown

    Magic number 15, football still treading water, 60 days until start of best -year- ever for NU BBall, and ROCK BOTTOM has finally been discovered! (see-KU athletic director issues apology for football program after loss to Nicholls State). I will add my personal apologies to Amos Alonzo Stagg, Knute Rockne, and the Gipper who have all been spinning since the loss.
  12. I haven't seen it but it should be interesting. Sort of makes one think about how much times have changed. Coaches like Knight, Woody Hayes, Bear Bryant, and even our own Danny Nee wouldn't last long enough now to achieve any success in their profession. Even the most successful ones today have to be blander and more like politicians in order to last long enough to establish their programs. I miss the old days.
  13. jimmykc

    Practice Countdown

    I thought that was one of the prerequisites for joining HHC.