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  1. Wow, I never realized that Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels were covering "Devil with the Blue Dress". Just heard the original Shorty Long version and have to say it is much better. sure wish my ebay would work.
  2. AD Long is "considering" selling beer in Allen Fieldhouse. While it may ease the pain at the football stadium, James Naismith was a noted teetotaler and member of the temperance movement. What's next, a hot dog stand on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial?
  3. I believe that's made with Freduccini.
  4. It looks like an empty pan. Doc must have beaten him to it.
  5. Using newspapers would be cost prohibitive today. https://journalstar.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/omaha-world-herald-cuts-employees/article_027efa54-f640-51bc-bbf9-1217c41e6f46.html
  6. I get the point of this thread, which is one of the better ones to pass time before real basketball news begins. However, BD and TO bring so much positive karma with them that it is virtually impossible to objectively rate their performances as ADs. It is sort of like rating JC's skills as a furniture builder, to make a suitable Sunday analogy.
  7. How did our bowling and rifle shooting teams do? As I recall these were staples of the Byrne years.
  8. Another nice Roby game vs Croatia today. 9 pts on 4/4 shooting with one three pointer, led team in rebounds in 25 minutes of play with two impressive slams, and best of all, 1 turnover in the summer league's highest- turnover game.
  9. Let's say in a hypothetical case that some player wants to finish his degree because he likes his professors so he or she remains at NU. Would they be able to walk back on to the team in that case if they wanted to do so?
  10. "I Shot the Sheriff" Original: Bob Marley Cover: Eric Clapton I know this is sacrilege, but I prefer Old Slowhand's version. Since I don't have the skills to put this into the reply, you'll just have to YouTube the versions yourselves. Have a safe Fourth, everyone.
  11. Any chance of changing the title of this thread?
  12. Damn, I once got him to speak at the Pius X sports banquet. Paid him with a gift certificate to Tony and Luigis. RIP
  13. Iowa will have the inside track if he turns out to have really small hands.
  14. I suppose there is some remote possibility we could play against him in the Caymans.
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