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  1. Just caught the Cooz in the1994 Omaha -product Nick Nolte classic "Blue Chip" which I hadn't seen in 25 years. I forgot so many basketball icons were in this movie about the cheating in NCAA basketball back then. (Ironically, Pitino, Boeheim, and Tarkanian all played themselves- also Larry Bird, Penny Hardaway , and a slim Shaq). Thankfully Cousy's medal wasn't based upon his acting proficiency.
  2. Vive la...wait a minute!
  3. Just to get this straight, I surmise when we refer to the Fenbo it will be anything which happens on the court and we should thank First National Bank of Omaha and when we enter the arena it will still be the Piba and the Pinnacle Bank should occupy our thoughts. Does anyone know how much it costs these financial institutions and how long their sponsorship lasts? I'm trying to decide where to move my checking account. (Will probably be most influenced by whether I want the toaster or the mini-crockpot more).
  4. It doesn't take much time to reverse a sweater vest.
  5. I hope it will not prove to be another "Day which will live in Infamy".
  6. Could we at least get Wayne's monkey? And since we are reminiscing about Super Bowl halftimes, I think Liza Minelli was featured once. My original post was only halfway tongue- in- cheek. Does anyone know who actually is in charge of scheduling entertainment like Rick or the halftime acts at basketball games? And who pays for them?
  7. And Wayne Newton wouldn't come unless they let him bring his monkey...https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/ap-top-news/2019/08/08/wayne-newton-sued-over-monkey-bite-to-girl-visiting-his-home
  8. I just caught Rick Ross on "The View" (and ,no, this is not jimmy-coming-out-day, the wife was watching it). At any rate, he does seem like an unusual choice to initiate Hoiberg's first basketball kickoff event. Does anyone know who was in charge of lining up the musical guest? Was it the coach, the team, the UNL brass, the Pinnacle brass, Moos, Les Miles, Tim Miles, the rebounders...? Or was it just because Rick happened to be available for the right price and wanted some more publicity for his new autobiography? Just wondering? Does anyone know how many tunes he will be allowed to croon? Will the announcer be allowed to give Jean adequate warning regarding when to apply her ear plugs? And I did learn from Whoopie's insightful interview that Rick's Dad was a college professor and his Mom was a nurse. He also has a lot of sweet tattoos.
  9. Bienvenue, mon ami.
  10. As I understand it, with the two hard commits we have, the 2020 roster is full unless someone leaves. Am I right?
  11. I understand Rick plans on inviting Jean Peck up to the stage. Shaping up to be a memorable night.
  12. The only thing that is set is that we will lose every tip off. Part of Doc's strategy.
  13. Cousy, 91, got it today. Bill Russell already has his and the only other Boston athlete to get one was Ted Williams. For a good book on his life and relationship with Russell I will recommend this one: https://journalstar.com/entertainment/books/review-cousy-the-star-of-celtics-last-pass/article_645cedb9-e4b8-5192-8f68-2f296f6abde7.html
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