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  1. jimmykc

    Rock Bottom!?

    Just for the fun of it, I looked back and found my original prognostication for the year and realized that to achieve my proposed goal we have to go 8-4 in these final regular season games. This means the next three games are of the "must win" category. Not sure how KenPom will see them but I don't care since I am doing much better than him anyway. I hope our opponents forget to pack their krypton.
  2. Now that I have criticized the football/basketball comparison, I'll make my own, using coaches. Barry Collier=Bill Callahan, Danny Nee=Bo Pelini, Doc Sadler=Mike Riley , and if Miles makes the NCAA and is still fired, he would ,of course, be Frank Solich.
  3. I see what you are driving at, but really any attempt to compare Nebraska football to Nebraska basketball is like comparing apples to kumquats.
  4. jimmykc

    Rock Bottom!?

    I just thought I would throw this phrase out since I haven't run across it yet. Just remember we have only lost two in a row , so I haven't gotten there yet. I predicted last week that we would have to bring the "A" game to win at Rutgers and Illinois and we didn't do it. Both players and fans are prone to believe hype, and I think last night will bring us down to earth with a thud. I'll be glad to remove the "?" in the title if this result happens with the Illini. What I saw last night was what the lack of depth and a quality "big" can do if this group begins to take itself too seriously. We should be ok if we stay the course, which must begin on Saturday.
  5. I think what TimSmiles is referring to is the fact that two of their better players were unavailable. If they are available, Mich. State may be a final four team although I think Winston had an unusually strong game which will be difficult to replicate consistently.
  6. jimmykc

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    Be patient. Kearneyman won't visit again until after a loss...which hopefully may take a while.
  7. jimmykc

    Next 5 - Time to go streaking?

    A loss on the road to Rutgers or Illinois would be devastating and both would be possible if we don't bring our "A" game. Hopefully the senior leadership will prevent this unhappy possibility from happening.
  8. Watching on tv it looked like we had the pumped up crowd we needed. However, enough people must have started leaving before our last little gasp that Raftery mentioned the game wasn't out of reach yet. Was there much of the mass exodus of previous years, or was he just overanalyzing?
  9. jimmykc

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    Oddly, I see us either laying a gigantic egg tonight....or winning. I do not think we will lose if the game is close.
  10. jimmykc

    Watching Horne

    Since I had a bit of time this morning and since this thread is about how Timmy has played the transfer game, I thought a comparison of transfers in and transfers out would be interesting. I didn't count JUCOs as transfers and the list pretty much speaks for itself. IN's 2012: Petteway, Pitchford, 2013: 0 ,2014: AWIII, Moses Ayegba, 2015:Gill, 2016: Palmer, Okeke,2017:Copeland,2018: Burke. OUT's 2012; Josiah Moore,2013: Jordan Tyrance, 2014: Vucetic, Hawkins, Wagner (WO), 2015: T. Smith,2016:AWIII, Hammond, 2017: Morrow, Horne, Jacobson, Fuller,2018:0.
  11. NU 68 MSU 65 (I owe them this one for picking Indiana)
  12. Never been so happy to be so wrong on a prediction. If the teams' results had been reversed, this board would have been on fire with comments on how badly we had been outcoached and how our team had just given up on the coach at the end of the game. I find reading the board tonight to be rather refreshing. G'night all.
  13. jimmykc

    Trivia Question fun

    Oscar's teams never made it to the finals. I actually saw one of the regional games he lost by blowing a free throw which would have won the game against the Bob Boozer/Jack Parr K-State team. I believe the teams which beat Ohio State were led by Paul Hogue, Bob Wiesenhahn and Connie Dierking, although I am drawing a blank on their best player. *addendum after looking it up-it was Tom Thacker (how could I have forgotten). I also saw the Wichita Shockers upset the Bearcats at the old Roundhouse the night when they were rated #1 and the Shockers had Dave Stallworth and Nate Bowman.