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  1. I agree Norm. I figured he was Kavas 2.0. Just another guy who couldn’t shoot with that N on the jersey. Knowing his story now, it is easy to envision a role for him as a sniper coming in off the bench. Like many things in life, timing is critical and it doesn’t appear to be playing out well for Lakes. He may have a few moments here and there but probably few and far between. If we are unfortunate with a front court injury, though, he gives us a guy I think most of us would be comfortable sliding into the rotation.
  2. I am pretty sure he wants a shot at the NBA. If he leaves we probably had a really good year.
  3. Probably not a great comparison but I wonder if they see him filling out some and being a Melvin Ejim type player for us. Decent outside shot, athletic, good motor and not afraid to attack the basket. With his frame I don’t think he will be 180 for long when he hits a college S&C program.
  4. If Fred and Matt flew out to watch him work out and offered on the spot, they saw something they really liked. I trust Fred’s ability to assess players completely. Welcome to the family Denim!
  5. I felt way better about our outlook when Verge signed on. Still not 100% on Verge as a playmaker for others but some of the practice clips make him look like he can pass a bit. At first I thought he was just a better version of Kobe (a scoring PG). Trey can play the point but that doesn’t mean he is a point guard. He is more of a combo guard who can spell at the point but you don’t want him as your primary ball handler. At least that is what my eyes tell me.
  6. I think we pretty much know who the starters are. As far as reserves in the rotation, Wilhelm appears to be the top front court sub. I can’t see a scenario where Tominaga doesn’t play. Edwards and Wilcher gotta play, right? Edwards is extremely athletic and has great skills. Wilcher is another shooter and we are recruiting his superstar brother. That puts us at 9, which is a large number. That leaves Kobe, Andre and Lakes on the outside looking in. I think any of those three have the ability to be contributors if the need arises. Man we look stacked. Inexperienced, but very talented roster now. It will be interesting to see how well this post ages because rarely does the rotation I expect to see preseason end up that way in reality.
  7. The one thing I know about rotations is they rarely have more than 8 players by the time teams are deep into conference play. I remember Tulane with the “posse” having 10 players consistently play, but that is it in my recollection for a team going that deep. It mainly has to do with getting the chemistry right. With that said, you can make a credible argument for 11 players possibly being in the rotation. If Lakes has his 3 point shot back he could have a role. I think we may be more surprised by what 2-3 players end up NOT being in the rotation.
  8. The irony to me is Webster would likely be the guy Tominaga would take minutes from if he earns time in the rotation.
  9. from what I recall they owned the SWC. I remember watching Quinn Grovey back in my highschool days
  10. I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t reel him in. Before he was recognized as a legit player he was begging for an opportunity to play here. I want some kids that bled red in our program. And throw in the fact he can seriously stroke it from 3….he would be a big get.
  11. Wow. Makes a lot of sense why he came back now. I thought it was just the Nebrasketball thing that made his shooting tank. Glad to see him get that fixed.
  12. Scott is doing a great job of buying Hoiberg time to get his program up and running.
  13. I was there 4:00 yesterday. Actually earlier than that….I was not surprised by yesterday
  14. Wow. You weren’t kidding. Did they just figure out he is a guard that can’t consistently hit three pointers?
  15. Ramel reminds me a lot of the type of athletes Bill Self recruits.
  16. Not great news but who here would have thought we’d land a top 20 recruiting class WITHOUT Hunter Sallis in the fold? Disappointing if true but we’ll be fine. And once the wins start coming the instate kids will too.
  17. The reality is nothing has changed for Ramel. He has the same potential as when we offered him. He is very long and has good guard skills. Assuming he comes back from the injury well he has very good upside. I just hope it isn’t a case like Banton where we don’t get to see the fruit of all of those tools until after he is done at NU. Schtolzberg (or however the heck you spell it) was probably undervalued early on as others were saying. Hoiberg liked him enough to offer and he doesn’t go after slouches. He looks like the better college guard to me at first glance. Ramel has much better NBA potential based on his measureables.
  18. When Fred breaks our 80+ year NCAA tourney win drought I will build the statue with my own damn hands.
  19. What year were the players wearing training bras? I remember seeing Walker wearing one.
  20. Agreed Norm. Anyone north of 33% is a pretty good shooter. A 33% three point shooter is the equivalent of a 50% 2 point shooter. Nobody is complaining if your power forward is hitting half his shots.
  21. Damn good list. I’d consider scratching Anderson….for being only 6’4” he was an amazing rebounder. But he was technically deficient height wise against some of the guys he was asked to defend.
  22. Exactly. I wouldn’t play horse with Lat but things are different in live game situations. Actually I wouldn’t play Lat in an actual game either. I am 5’10”. I am pretty sure he would destroy me.
  23. When Fred ran the drill last year and Lat went nuts (I think he hit 83 3’s), I assume the whole team ran the drill. I hope they do it again…I would like to see how the new guys perform in it. Especially Wilcher and Tominaga.
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