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  1. In all honesty, watching him reminds me of a taller version of Wilcher. Not the quickest guy but a very smooth stroke.
  2. I was thinking more like Larry Bird. Feel better?
  3. Happens with a lot of under the radar kids. Look at Parker’s original offers around when he made his first unofficial here. IIRC, Indiana State may have been his best offer at the time.
  4. He’s the guy that proved getting a 5 star recruit is not the end-all-be-all.
  5. You do realize he was playing for us, right?
  6. We are going to shock the world. I am calling my shot now. 12th!!!
  7. Now the article said if Dawson Garcia doesn’t get a hardship waiver, Minnesota will be the worst team! We have a chance fellas!
  8. I don’t know. I look at a guy like Jordan Bohannon…not big, not overly quick but had a significant role at Iowa for 6 years. Play smart and shoot threes when you are open.
  9. Interesting as we have Clemmons on board. I like the idea of having multiple point guards on the roster, especially if they are proficient scorers.
  10. All fair points my friend. And I agree with you…of all years this is the year I would have loaded up on cupcakes out of conference. The extra conference games hurt your margin for error, especially in a tough B1G.
  11. I guess I don’t see this as a real possibility. It’s more of a hypothetical argument that will never happen. For a real life Husker hoops example of this, look back 10 years or so to Tim Miles’ first team. That team was bottom 12 in the country in scoring. It was excruciating to watch that team play offense. The shooting percentages were abysmal as well. Look up the stats on that team…they were atrocious. One thing about Miles’ teams was GATA. As horrible as their offense was, and the talent wasn’t all that great either, he was able to milk 15 wins out of that bunch. Over doubled Fred’s win total in his first two years! Effort and good coaching count for a lot.
  12. Must be a smart kid based on those schools. Ummmm….except KSU. Not sure how that snuck in.
  13. Reminds me how it started with Parker. Hopefully the rest of the story goes a bit smoother!
  14. Or unless he has mad skills like Nate Johnson. Nate was listed at 6’2” as a senior, and this young man has time to grow. I know Nate played some point his first year here, but he was a natural 2. And a damn good one.
  15. I was too. Creighton has done a good job of landing kids in the top 150 as of late. Their last 2 PG’s were top 100 in fact. What I will say is I like that they had him in, liked what they saw and offered immediately regardless of stars or other offers. They trusted their eyes. I wish our football coach would follow suit with in state kids. (This year has been much better with the new staff, but they still f’d around with the kid from Fremont until he got a Tennessee offer).
  16. Anyone who did not see it rearing its ugly head circa Cam Mack wasn’t paying attention, or perhaps did not want to see it. I was hoping it was something that would get corrected quickly but here we are. I really feel (perhaps I am just drinking the kool aid) that this group of kids will get it turned around. I believe SG will be very important in this regard.
  17. Thanks. Since Wisconsin and Creighton got the last two good Bellevue West guards, it’d be nice if we got the next P5 caliber one. I am glad we are laying the groundwork with him.
  18. I haven’t heard much about Jaden Jackson. Anyone have any insight?
  19. They would kill it at the “Y”.
  20. Yep. That was troubling hearing that was going on. Says a lot about the culture.
  21. When you have kids that don’t listen to the coaches you have a major cancer within your program. Doesn’t matter how talented they are. They destroy the team.
  22. I was thinking 6 as well. Not a cakewalk for a team integrating so many new pieces.
  23. We all process our Husker basketball depression/angst in different ways….
  24. Marquette has a better pedigree but since Creighton joined the Big East 9 years ago Marquette has only finished ahead of them in the standings one time. I am surprised how well they have competed in the Big East being a former mid major in Omaha. I still believe we can be a very solid Big Ten program but the coaching and culture has to be strong for us to do it.
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