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  1. I don’t know about you guys, but I enjoy watching player muggin’ after a dunk when we are down by 8.
  2. I went with Altman. I knew many Husker fans were hell bent against it because he was a Creighton guy, or “failed” at K State (he didn’t), etc. Dana badly wanted the Nebraska job by all accounts. I’m not sure he would have ever left since his dad likes to attend games. Everywhere he has been he had built the program year over year. I think he would have been perfect here. I think the work he has done at Oregon shows what he was capable of with resources at his disposal.
  3. Man that sucks for Lakes. He was my type of player. Hopefully he can recover fully and not have shoulder issues. Speaking from experience.
  4. Right now Tominaga is hitting 33% of his threes which is, at least to me, the bare minimum you want from a guy shooting a lot of threes. I’d prefer it closer to 40%….with better shot selection/looks I think he could reasonably get there. Problem is I don’t see that happening with how our offense runs at the moment.
  5. This is actually why I voted don’t bring him back. This is extremely concerning to me. That is a culture problem. That said, I interpreted the question as if money were not a factor. Realistically, from a business perspective our hands are tied and we have to bring him back. That is an insane amount of money to pay someone for their horrible performance. We likely have to ride it out a little bit to make fiscal sense.
  6. Add a true PG to that mix and I really like the ingredients. Problem is I don’t trust the coaching to make them a cohesive unit. A good coach would be competitive with that group of kids.
  7. We certainly would have been young. Miles had a really nice recruiting class on paper, though, so there was hope for the future. Dre Davis (Louisville) and Donovan Williams (milk carton) were both 4 stars. Dre is a top 5 scorer for Louisville. Mika-Adams Woods is a top 5 scorer for Cincinnati. And supposedly Miles had a great chance with Hepburn. I think we all knew if Miles was retained it was a rebuilding year. I suspect he would have found 10 wins but that is a hypothetical argument at this point. That said, I was 100% on board with the Hoiberg hire. I felt the last 2 Miles years were his glass ceiling. I didn’t feel like he could get us over the NCAA tourney hump. I honestly thought we were entering a golden age with the Frost and Hoiberg hires, and I doubt anyone nationally felt we didn’t hit home runs with both. Funny how life works out sometimes.
  8. Fred took over a team that won 22 and 19 games the two years before his arrival. Just sayin’
  9. We fired Mike Riley (sorry Ron) after 3 seasons and he was way more successful than Fred. I have seen enough lack of progress from Fred to know this won’t end well. If it wasn’t for the buyout he should be done.
  10. Lakes does a lot of nice things when he is out their. I have seen him do some nice box outs. When he receives the ball he immediately passes if he isn’t open. When he is open and actually gets the ball he has shown to be a credible shooter. I would take him over Lat anytime.
  11. We saw some more of bad Verge tonight. At least two times he skipped passing to teammates for wide open threes (Lakes and Wilcher) and instead tried (and failed) to score it himself. Bryce was Bryce. First half was promising, but his passing can be pretty lousy, along with his shot selection. He flashes good things too, but it’s not like he will be around next year to enjoy his growth from learning this year. Man I hope Walker comes back. He is so much better than I expected when he transferred in.
  12. I would love to have Cross instead of Lat. But if I wasn’t president of the Kevin Cross fan club, I was at least the #2 member. I believe it was against Indiana at the end of his time here where he just went off….he looked like he could become a good player with more experience. Water under the bridge now.
  13. I was waiting for someone to bring this up. Horribly inefficient again.
  14. Penn State 2/28. Gonna be a long 2 months…
  15. Glad to see he still feels he has the green light on 27 foot threes early in the shot clock…
  16. I am really happy for Lakes. Finally getting a chance and to my eyes has looked fairly competent with his decision making. Sweet three point stroke, too.
  17. haha I was thinking the same thing. But it does appear to be helping actually looking like you give a crap when players do stupid things.
  18. Bummer they missed Lakes when he was wide open on the wing. Would have liked to see him get the open shot attempt.
  19. It seems like Fred taking Bryce and Keisei out after I’ll advised threes is helping. We are working it for better looks now.
  20. That’s the narrative we have been fed here a long time. And then you look at guys like Mel Tucker, Bob Stoops or….. Scott Frost at UCF. But yeah, basketball is much easier to turn to your point. That is why I am so disappointed in Fred right now.
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