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  1. Dean Smith

    D'Andre Davis is N

    I don’t think the form on their jump shots are really comparable. I truly think his sort of awkwardish drives that get finished anyway, the penetrate to step back pull up, and his shot form from distance is almost identical to Reggie Miller. I’m sure he has a long way to go to catch up on his trash talking abilities though. The all time trash talk NCAA game had to be Reggie’s UCLA vs Fenis Dembo at Wyoming. Those two were barking at each other from the warm ups to after the post game hand shake.
  2. Dean Smith

    One-and-Done Going Away?

    Just an observation but in basketball, you get a quicker return on your money so to speak. You're only sending out 5 players at a time. If I buy three studs then I can compete nationally surrounding them with the other players I got legitimately. A big three seems to be the standard needed for real success in the NBA today. I buy three football players and for the most part that just means that those three get the shit kicked out them every Saturday. Football brings in more money but its about the numbers. If you want to be successful using questionable means in football you need more money to get more players. If by any means necessary I get three top 20 players to commit to a school like Dayton, Cleveland State or Cadwallader University (Fast Break is a very underappreciated bad basketball movie), they are now nationally relevant and that means they are now bringing in big money. Nothing to do with the post but explains my Cadwallader University reference.
  3. Dean Smith

    Way too early Top 25

    For whatever it’s worth, Dick Vital has Nebraska at 33 with four B1G teams in front of us.
  4. Dean Smith

    Way too early Top 25

    This might not be popular but as great as he was for the Huskers I don't want TP on this team. There goes the balance. Maybe he would be able to adjust to a more team concept and not be the center of the offense but if not everything falls apart and I can see him and JPJ getting in a fight at practice as competitive as they both are. Shields would be a big addition to this years team and would make himself fit. I am really not sure TP would be willing to do that. The way the team played at the end of last season and the way we assume they will play this year does not play to TP's strengths as a volume shooter. Bottom line is don't think there would be room for both him and James on the floor at the time. I think we could/can make one of them happy, but two would be too many.
  5. Dean Smith

    Roby (is Good)

    Everybody including Miles has started this season feeling that if Roby has a big year he’s gone to the NBA. But Miles has now reported when Roby overheard him discussing the Italy trip next summer, Roby interrupted with a, “That will be awesome!” So I guess that means it’s not a complete done deal.
  6. Dean Smith

    2020 PG-SF Dre Davis - VC

    The video says the new Iceman but I see someone else who was pretty smooth himself. Now in no way am I saying they two are equivalent, they just have similar styles and form. So I'm not saying they are the same. For instance, not once on the video did I see this kid make a choke sign to a fan.
  7. Dean Smith

    In state kids?

    Besides the Crusades and the Protestant Revolution?
  8. Dean Smith

    2019 Recruiting

    We might be getting the cart before the horse on that one. Let's let him play a game or two his junior year before we send him off to the NBA. He certainly has the potential but potential means you haven't really done anything yet.
  9. The Roby prediction will hopefully come to fruition, but I refuse to accept that every college basketball player's goal is to get out of college and into the NBA in as few of years as possible. There have been players that all the pundits said was "stupid" for coming back to college for their senior year because they "can't do anything but hurt their draft stock." But still, a few do return because they have not achieved all of their individual or team goals. There will always be few, albeit a very few, that go against conventional wisdom and choose not throw their name into the draft. I have no idea if Roby would be one of those few, but in the end, it is an individual decision taking into account multiple factors. Most do look at the evidence and chose the NBA, but there are exceptions to every rule.
  10. Dean Smith

    Practice Countdown

    You seem to think I'm throwing shade on Aleks. He was a big man and cast a huge shadow. I watched those years and know exactly how important he was. His tendency to miss bunnies at inopportune times frustrated me but the guy was an absolute stud for Nebraska. I just think Diaz's skill set would have made him just as effective if that phrasing allows you to stomach the claim a tiny bit more. He had drop steps baseline and middle, jump hooks with both hands, mid-range jumpers, and could put the ball on the floor against big men for a dribble or two. If you watch him after his Husker career you will see him knock down threes and surprisingly throw it down with some authority. He also showed the ability to effectively pass out of the post. I can find the stats for his Puerto Rican team as 14.5 PPG, 38% from 3 and 66% FG, 6.5 RPG and 1.8 blacks. He could do so much if he was healthy enough to move he would have been unguardable in the college game. Maric is one of the all-time Husker greats and I suppose I may have gotten carried away but I was always in love with Diaz's skill set and felt he could do so much more if his feet allowed him. My bottom line is a healthy Diaz would have helped almost if not every Husker team that took the floor.
  11. Dean Smith

    Practice Countdown

    A guy like Diaz would be welcome on almost every year's squad. If he had healthy feet, I believe he would have been one of the most successful Husker players in program history. I believe a healthy Diaz is a more effective player than Aleks Marić and we got a lot out of Marić.
  12. Dean Smith

    Practice Countdown

    I’m starting to think he might turn out alright for the Huskers, but his need to redshirt at this time goes beyond gaining weight.
  13. Dean Smith

    2019 PG Markese Jacobs - DePaul

    And I’m sure sour grapes has something to do with as well. When you’re Kansas you can afford to lose a 4 Star or two.
  14. Dean Smith

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    I don't think its terrible because it is not what we've done. I think its a terrible idea on it's on merit. Now maybe if we get Coach K as a future AD. NBA GM's are hired to run professional basketball teams. Moos was primarily hired to straighten out football. And all AD's have a lot more on their plate than one sport. I've seen nothing that shows me Moos knows anything about basketball. There are always exceptions but I don't think too many coaches (with job security - I know that greatly reduces the number) would put up with an interfering AD.