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  1. Reading the story I doubt he would want to be a US citizen. Where he’s from seem pretty important to him.
  2. Foreign students aren’t eligible for some strange reason.
  3. Part of the reason the cupboard was bare was because everyone knew he had no support from the AD. That's why Hunter left. It is very difficult to recruit talent to a place everyone knows the coach is on his way out.
  4. These announcers just said we have good officials after Verge gets knocked down again.
  5. At this point Verge is an officer and gentleman - he’s got no where else to go.
  6. In past years ushers would have extra red shirts and they would have been told to put one on or move. I don't know how they fell down on the job this year.
  7. I could be wrong but I believe the title went to Greenville because it was Union Omaha that had the COVID issues leading to the cancellation. I was at the semifinal game and afterwards my wife asked, "We're they supposed to win by that much?" I said - No, No one is supposed to win by that much once you get past U-10.
  8. They may have been "layups" but many of the first six were forced, out of control shots as well. Many of them were not good shots.
  9. There’s no jinx, it’s lack of effort and most of that is between the ears.
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