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  1. Anyone notice instead of torn up paper the students threw up fake $100 bills after the first basket?
  2. Dean Smith

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    Just go ahead and place the order.http://stores.bbbprinting.com/jayskers-suck-red/
  3. Call me Mr. Contrary but rarely would you ever make a pass that will hit someone in the belly button in a game. If you are making a typical bounce pass, especially in transition, the pass should be directed at where the player is going and not where he is currently. If you are making a chest pass to someone on the perimeter, you need to pass the ball away from the defense and not to the offensive player. Hitting your teammate on the side opposite the defender is many times the difference between a completed pass and a turnover. A skip pass is mostly an overhead pass which in order to get over the defense will arrive higher than the belly button. Some on the board talked about passes bouncing off of Brady's shins. They weren't that low but they were below the waist but from what I saw above the knees. The higher the bounce pass arrives, the longer it takes to get there. If you're bouncing the pass to his belly button it will have too much air under it, be a very slow pass, and the defense probably gets a hand on it at least. I'm still blaming the passers in those turnovers though because you have to be careful which posts you are directing that pocket/bounce pass. I've already admitted on this board that I underestimated what we were going to get from Brady. He played very well at Minny and has good hands, but he is not ready to catch those passes at the speed that a D1 basketball game is played on a consistent basis.
  4. The comparison works when you are talking disposition but there is no comparison when you talk about coaching ability and the long-term effects they had on the game they coached.
  5. Dean Smith

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    So pedantic. I would hope you would have more to do with your time than look for typos.
  6. Dean Smith

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    Just because it happens all the time doesn’t mean he’s uninformed. His claim is why they went to C-1 in football not that it was a special occurrence. They, like all schools, could have petitioned to stay in Class B (which would have been honored by the state) and they chose not to. Those are the facts. The bus driver is claiming the reason behind that decision is board members didn’t want to play larger class B schools. I don’t personally have any evidence showing that is what happened but looking at how the events unfolded it seems highly plausible.
  7. Dean Smith

    Scouting Illinois

    I know I posted that information at some point in the past. He did have a couple leave early for the NBA, but no one graduated. There were some like Van Excel who made it to their senior year but stopped going to class second semester and apparently that was OK. And when you meet him in person he is somehow even a bigger jerk then you thought he would be.
  8. Dean Smith

    Morrow leaving

    If we had Xavier coming off the bench and Jacobson providing great rebounding and interior scoring, this team would be a lock to the NCAA tourney Edited 8 hours ago by gobigredbrah Couldn't help myself.
  9. Dean Smith

    Big 10/ACC Challenge

    Miles just said that they are having a hard time balancing taking good threes and taking a quick three in the shot clock. He doesn't like the three to be taken off the first high pick and roll that starts the offense and that seems to be where most of the quick threes come from.
  10. I only watched live and am not going back to rewatch any of that but I don’t remember seeing any indication that anyone’s play was effected by fatigue during the game.
  11. I teach the 10 o'clock to get the shooting shoulder in line with the basket, dip on the catch, shoulders back to get more arch so you don't go straight up and down on the jump shot, follow through is index finger to the thumb, one finger down - three fingers up, reach into the cookie jar but grab that cookie with your index finger. I was sold because I had already been doing some of this for myself but it pushed me over the edge when I was shown video of shooters who did this, Michael Jordan, Kobe, Chris Mullen, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Ray Allen, Larry Bird (toes at 9) and even the Big O and John Havlicek. I taught hundreds of kids a crappy way of shooting simply because that's what I was taught. I don't know about Tim Miles but I do know that Coach K and most D-1 coaches teach the 10 o'clock now.
  12. Dean Smith

    Playing as a team

    Watch the highlight of Roby’s dunk against Seton Hall again. Great dunk but the best part of that highlight is Cope’s celebration. Watch the previous game’s highlight of Watson’s great double diving running the play down and getting the tip in play. We were like up 49 when he did that. You can see this team really celebrate each other’s success. I have zero worries about this team’s chemistry. I can’t even remember who said it but someone in the media described them as, “just a bunch of good dudes.
  13. Dean Smith

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - VC

    I watched too. There were some good plays on the offensive end by both teams and Green had a couple of silly turnovers but overall he played well. But what stood out to me the most was the poor defense played by both teams. The 90 points each team scored had as much to do with good offense as it did with both teams trailing almost every cutter and playing behind the post on defense. I had almost forgotten how poor junior college defense was. It will take some work but I'm sure Green can clean that up with expectations that he actually play some defense when he gets to Nebraska.
  14. Dean Smith

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco) - VC

    I'm sure your job gives you access to people that the rest of us normal folks do not, but my question is when was the last time and how often do you sit down with serious NBA draft analysts? And to me, that means someone who does that and gets paid by the league or an NBA team.
  15. I don’t believe it is as quite as simple as Handy says, but it’s a big part. Actually the newest shooting guru’s don’t like the one-handed shooting. They feel it takes away from a natural one motion and puts a hitch in the shot. They want a high bounce so you have to do the footwork, catch, dip and then form shot hopefully ending in a swish. Regardless of what method is used, form shooting is a huge part of learning to shoot correctly and I’m sure Brady has done lots of it before. It just takes lots of continuous hard work. It’s more mental than physical work and if they are choosing to go through the motions they are not getting better. Many leagues use the junior ball and an 8 or 9 foot hoop to enable the younger players to shoot with proper form. The problem is kids imitating Curry by throwing up 3’s. So I don’t think all or most coaches are pressuring kids into playing like adults, the kids want to. Where I think coaches are letting the kids down is they allowing them to play that way without saying, “Stop .it” Players have always done whatever their coaches allow them. It’s not just the youngest, I officiated a summer league JV game where the two teams went 3 for 26 combined from behind the line. And some of them were way behind the line. You don’t need to be the real Dean Smith to tell kids to “knock it off,” and teach the concept of shot selection beyond “I have the ball and I’m now selecting to shoot it.” The three is is a very important part of today’s game but it takes lots of work to get to where that shot is effective. Many kids don’t want to do that work but that’s nothing new either.