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  1. My favorite was the guy next to me replaced Ghost Busters with Go Huskers in the winning song tonight.
  2. Nebraska managers beat Wichita State mangers. First win of Hoiberg era.
  3. There's coach speak and then there's coaches being themselves. Izzo doesn't write a forward for just anybody that asks. He and many in the coaching community sincerely held Miles in high regard. That obviously doesn't always equate to success.
  4. Who are we dismissing? I believe they were called "The Big Five" for a reason all year.
  5. Yvan on Copeland? Cope scores as many as he wants on that matchup. Last year’s team vs this year’s team at this time of the year? I don’t see that as close at all. Call me a pessimist or a realist but my expectations for the year are not high. Maybe watching OSU play football has left me with a Husker hangover but we simply don’t have the Big 10 bodies. Our perimeter players were attacking the basket against almost no defense and had no one to meet them at the rim except our undersized bunch. Like always we have the ability to steal one here or there (mostly here) but if we have a game where we shoot like we did in the scrimmage there is no one in conference we can even stay close. I think by being realistic you can get a pleasant surprise and you can skip the sky is falling fire Frost, bench Martinez stuff during basketball season.
  6. I haven't received mine either. Let me know if you hear anything.
  7. Personally, I thought his end of game management was lacking but all in all a good coach of the fundamentals, X's & O's, and inspiring (threatening at times?) athletes to play with great effort. In today's game though recruiting is an indispensable skill needed to be a head coach at a high level. His inability to bring in players that were equal in ability to most conference opponents was his downfall. You can excel in one part of your job but still have weaknesses in other areas. Hoiberg got fired from his last coaching job. There will be a honeymoon but if he isn't successful here with the resources given, he will be fired again. When your job is on the line, you don't bring in incompetent people because they are your friends. Our current head coach has acknowledged that defense is not a particular strength. Doc is here to teach defense. No matter what other weaknesses he had as a head coach, Hoiberg hired him because he thought Doc excels at that aspect of coaching. Liking your co-workers is a is definitely a benefit, but you don't stay a D-1 head coach if you base your hires off of people you already know and like.
  8. Kavas and Cheatham, besides the skill sets they bring, are the two grad transfers. Grad transfers don't come to schools they think there is any possibility they sit the bench. So you are only going to bring in people you know will play for you and if it's close you give them the start. If that doesn't happen then you are going to have a more difficult time bringing in any more grad transfers in the future.
  9. Part of that had to do with he played the garbage minutes with the walk ons at the end of the game.
  10. The thing that jumped out to me the most is, even though I'm thrilled that Doc is back in town, he should never again wear an untucked white polo with shorts out in public. At this point in his life and for many of the rest of us, that is not a look he can pull off any more.
  11. http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=24&SPSID=23&DB_OEM_ID=100&_ga=2.103886912.1377401697.1565044462-993225242.1560280134
  12. I've seen the Thunderbirds live. They put on a good show. Jimmie Lee wasn't as good as Stevie but he was pretty good.
  13. My college coach measured us in our bare feet. That never made sense to me since I've never played a game of basketball in just my socks.
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