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  1. Dean Smith

    Dedoch is N

    Ya but they say Nebraska finished 5th in the Big 10 so there's that.
  2. Dean Smith

    Jordy Gone

    If we had The real Brandon Ubel I think he would play more than that.
  3. Dean Smith

    Jordy Gone

    Miles talked to the family and must have heard enough right things to allow him back. Either Jordy or his family or both knew they were being untruthful at that meeting. This is 100% on Jordy even if the decision was guided by others.
  4. Dean Smith

    Jordy Gone

    If Nana leaves it doesn’t put the program in such a bind. Wouldn’t make it an less unethical in their part but less harmful to the program.
  5. Dean Smith

    Jordy Gone

    Where you there? Did you hear any pleading? Miles has a conversation with his family and when everybody was done talking Jordy stayed with the program. That’s all I know and unless you were in the room you don’t know any more either. I assume that Miles let him back because he recommitted to the program because as a coach that’s the only way I would have let him come back. I wasn’t there either but based on my experiences coaching I’m assuming Jordy lied whether he knew it at the time or not and just threw his team under the bus in an incredibly selfish act. I’m assuming that someone in his camp decided that leaving then would lose Jordy a semester of eligibility and they started planning his exit at that time. The best word that comes to my mind to describe Jordy right now is weak.
  6. Dean Smith

    Jordy Gone

    A real friend will be honest. Your friend may want to get back together again but you know better and are willing to risk having them be mad at you to tell them that. Continuing the metaphor this is the second time we caught him cheating. Once maybe forgiven but twice is a pattern. And this late date is the equivalent of leaving you at the alter. The wedding and the reception have been paid for and there is no recouping that lose. So it is human to hope that he never finds true love. I hope he makes a nice living with the psychology degree that he earns I but am petty enough at 1:00 AM to hope he never makes another jump hook in his life.
  7. Dean Smith

    Jordy Gone

    He still needs too and Borchedt isn’t the answer either.
  8. Dean Smith

    Jordy Gone

    I feel he is weak and lets his “handlers” too easily push him, regardless his actions are incredibly selfish. I would say good ridence but now our only option is small ball. So late we can’t find his “Evan Taylor.” Much worse than Andrew White. Tomorrow maybe I’ll get past the pettiness but tonight I’m bitter and hope his basketball career ends badly for him.
  9. Dean Smith

    2018-19 Roster Player Rankings

    Dachon Burke Article - this was all my phone would do
  10. Dean Smith

    Roby (is Good)

    I wasn't suggesting you were. I was just saying I really don't know what qualifies as "prominent people around the basketball program."
  11. Dean Smith

    Roby (is Good)

    I don't know exactly what qualifies as "prominent people." If it is an assistant coach then I suppose he should listen. I suppose the athletic director would count as prominent. But no athletic director of any quality would try to dictate specific tactics to a coach. If by prominent you mean a booster then I would say no coach of any intelligence would listen to a booster try to talk tactics. Now I suppose a coach might have to pretend to listen politely to any booster arrogant enough to think they were qualified to make suggestions but they wouldn't listen. So I guess I still don't know what qualifies as "prominent people."
  12. Dean Smith

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    That would be very inappropriate and all mandatory reporters on this site would have to have made some calls if they did.
  13. Dean Smith

    Roby (is Good)

    Technically it isn't completely necessary for someone to take fewer shots for Roby to get more shots. You could up the tempo and create more possessions creating more total shots overall. I hope that wasn't too obvious a fact to point out.
  14. Dean Smith

    Roby (is Good)

    I never said your stats were incompetent. I'm not sure how numbers can be incompetent. I said it appeared you were implying the staff was incompetent by saying they didn't already know that. Basketball is coached and played by people, not machines. You can't control every little thing and there is more to it than simple numbers. I agree that some of Watson's shots were forced but part of the reason he took more shots than Roby was Roby's fault. He had an unwillingness to impress his will on the game. He simply wasn't aggressive enough. It's not his personality but that's something I'm sure everyone involved is working on. Another reason is Watson took shots in transition that he made his sophomore year that he did not finish last year. We want him to take those this coming season but he needs to finish at a higher rate. As well being a primary ball handler Watson had the ball in his hands near the end of the shot clock way more than Roby did leading to tougher shots that also affected his shooting percentage in a negative way. Basketball is more complicated than simple numbers. Though I agree with the general premise that Roby needs to shoot more this coming season it can't be done simply by saying Roby and Watson will swap their number of shots.
  15. Dean Smith

    Roby (is Good)

    I'm pretty sure the staff and team are well aware of who shoots how many and how well. They are not incompetent. You'd be hard-pressed to find a junior high coach that did not know those type of statistics.