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  1. Dean Smith


    Nothing more to say.
  2. They definitely played pretty good defense but we missed wide open threes and layups that usually go down. I know they were missing pieces but that's a team we can beat.
  3. Dean Smith

    Hail Glynn Watson!

    In the post-game interview, Miles was listing some of Watson's strengths. One of them he threw out was "loyalty." That's not a strength coaches usually list in such an interview but in this case, I can definitely see why Miles would include the trait.
  4. Dean Smith

    Plus-Minus of Nebraska at Indiana

    If the game is over and Palmer hasn't been sent to the line once, then the officials have definitely missed some calls.
  5. Harris lost 20 pounds and needs time to recover, Nana has been sick for a while now, and we still happen to be the 15th team in the nation in offensive efficiency. We have five guys who can put it on the floor and shoot the long ball as well as four guys that can post up their position. We have one of the best starting fives in all of college basketball. Talk to any opposing coach. They will tell you we are a nightmare to game plan for and we are good enough that even when they come upon a good game plan, it won't always be enough as we still can get the win. That's how talented those 5 guys are. As players get healthy they will play more minutes. Until then sit back and enjoy what we are able to send out on the floor.
  6. Dean Smith

    Husker Nation Defense & Rebounding

    You might be remembering previous year's teams. This year's team is rated 15th in the nation in offensive efficiency.
  7. Dean Smith

    Penn St. (7-8) vs. Nebraska (11-4) Game Thread

    Personally, I think Watson should have run more clock but I understand why he took it when I factor in he was making circus shots the last 4 minutes of the game and his confidence was trending up quickly. It also was a pull up from something like 12 feet which is his best shot all the time. If he hits that shot the game is over and everyone is talking about him being a stud with nerves of steel. As I former coach I want him to run more clock. As a former player who has been lucky enough to have experienced a couple of games where the ball just seemed to want to go in the basket for me, I definitely understand that shot. You then factor in that Watson is a senior who has gone on record saying he will do whatever is necessary to get his team to the dance. We've just lost two games in a row and I'm projecting but I believe what was going through his mind was, "I'm not going to let it get to three." He also has put together a record of 3 1/2 years playing basketball for Nebraska. I'm still not thrilled with his shot selection (for the record I admit that as a player I probably take that same shot as well and when it doesn't go in I'm surprised as hell. I'm extremely biased but I don't think that means I have a low basketball IQ), but looking at all the factors up to that point in the game, adding in where we are in this season as well his track record over all his time here at Nebraska, I can say with much confidence that I strongly believe Glenn Watson does NOT have a low basketball IQ.
  8. Dean Smith

    2019 SG Charlie Easley (L Pius)

    I didn't put any words in anyone's mouth. I just asked why walking on the football team is seen as an honor for most people and walking on the basketball team is considered a poor choice by most people.
  9. Dean Smith

    2019 SG Charlie Easley (L Pius)

    I don't disagree with you and I know the obvious answer is the winning legacy but why do people feel walking on the basketball team would be missing out on a real big opportunity and walking on the football team is a great honor. The walk-on program here is legendary for football. There are 8 or 9 Nebraska kid's walking on this coming year and you know all of them would be guaranteed more playing time and get to go to school for free if they went somewhere else. I guess I'm hoping that someday, sometime in the future, the basketball team will be successful enough that a walk-on offer will be seen as impressive as the same offer for football is seen as today.
  10. Dean Smith

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    I don't get your comment. My point was its easier for class A but harder for individuals attending Class A schools. I like the class system in general. Wouldn't want to eliminate classes because the Hoosier situation happens once every 50 years. Lots of schools do co-op or consolidate.
  11. Dean Smith

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    I don't think I would have a problem going back to four classes. To get to 28 Class A schools you have to put schools together that go from 1069 boys at GI to 487at Gretna. That's a difference of 582. At the other end from the top of D1 to the bottom of D2, the difference between the largest and smallest school is only 34 boys. It is way easier with only 28 Class A schools for a Class A School to make the State Tournament. But it is much easier for the individual to get to the tournament from a small school. You easily could have starters on a Class D2 championship team that would be cut from every Class A team. So its easy for schools to get to the tourney from large schools but not so for individuals at large schools because they can't even make the team. You could quite likely find 12 players from Omaha Central that couldn't make the team there that would win a state championship in a lower class. I guess it all goes back to perspective again.
  12. Dean Smith

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    I don't do lectures so that wasn't my point. For some Panhandle schools, they don't have any away games as close as 60-70 miles so I was discussing the situation from the overall Class B perspective and the playing high school sports in Nebraska perspective. At least football is played on Friday night. Scottsbluff will have a basketball game in Chadron on a Thursday and the students will need to be to school the next day. For them that's not crap, that's just a fact of life. So basically we were having a conversation from two different perspectives. Maybe we were even having two separate conversations at the same time. And like most things in life, I'm pretty sure there was more than one factor in the decision from Aurora to stay in Class C. I would think travel, winning a title, and long-term cost and competitiveness all came up in the board's conversation.
  13. Dean Smith

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    I’m not comenting on anything but the “scheduling quirks.” That is not a quirk for Aurora. Schools like Hastings, Holdrege and York near Aurora have the same issues and the Panhandle school experience is about half their games are long distance affairs. As long as their is a class B there has to be long trips in Nebraska to get these roughly same sized schools together. There has always beeen large disparities concerning school size in a class. It used to be class A but now the problem has been pushed down to class B for sometime. These things are the facts of Nebraska’s population and geography not “quirks.” I have zero information on this but I do find it hard to believe that the fact that they would be a competitive school in class B but if they stayed in class C-1 they had a great chance at a state championship did not factor into the discussion determining what class they would be in this year. And I’m sure they factored in that Baylor and others won’t be there next season which make perfect sence. And maybe you can tell me if there is any truth to this rumor. I heard that there were some younger athletes that transferred out because they didn’t want to be at a class C school. I have no personal knowledge on this but did hear someone stating this at a bar so it might not have come from the most reliable source. OK I will also share my belief that if Scottsbluff had a big lead in Aurora when a storm system passed by, Aurora is not calling the game either. That’s the competitive nature of those involved and not “total crap.”
  14. Dean Smith

    Minutes Played by Starting Lineup

    There is rarely if ever a “forget the in-depth game plan and just go out and play.” More time between games allows for more time to plan and implement but coaches are scouting for a game ahead of time and not waiting for the last one to get over. You diminish the work the coaches put in with statements like that. Teams that have a deeper understanding of the game can pick things up quicker and hopefully that’s what Nebraska has.
  15. Dean Smith

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    I don't know. I've not watched a game in South Dakota since they've instituted the clock. Do you know how long the rule has been in place there? I suppose like most things, it probably started out pretty rough and got better. I still think the "no clock" gives high school basketball a little something special in the way of being different.