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  1. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/blogs/two-graduate-transfers-and-a-commit-headline-nebraska-basketball-s/article_ced8194a-8d64-5953-a775-fa9ebebfa06c.html
  2. You do realize that is an incredibly middle school response, yes?
  3. I couldn’t decide between: 1) The KearneyMan doth protest too much, methinks. or 2) Are you really a junior high kid? Because you sound like and your logic seems like it comes from someone about 13. Because three exclamation points is definitely something a 13 year old would do.
  4. Only coaches can see that so we will have to wait for some sort of twitter announcement .
  5. I re-read it and it appears you disagree but I couldn't find one thing political in anything Korver said. So I don't know how to respond to that. I just posted it because I'm not a Creighton fan and Creighton takes a lot of heat on a Nebraska board as it should, here was something good done by someone who went to Creighton.
  6. You actually have to graduate to be a grad transfer. He will not have enough hours to do so at the end of this year. That is what I have been told. I have not seen his transcripts.
  7. The video is an ad for the machine. It talks about the shot in very vague terms that your junior high basketball coach should know. I've seen practices conducted by every coach we have had back to Nee and have attended several of their coaching clinics. Every one of them broke down and taught the jump shot in greater detail than what was shown in that video and I'm positive the Hoiberg will as well when he holds practices. Every coach has strengths and weaknesses but I don't think you can get to a D-1 coaching job, even at a school devoid of tradition without taking the coaching of fundamentals seriously.
  8. Share an opinion, please. And in all honesty, your NIT statement was written in such a vague manner that I couldn't even tell whether you were talking about Miles or Allen. So it was an actual question not a slam on your opinion. I admit I might be the obtuse one concerning that particular topic. But you are talking about hypotheticals as if they were fact. And maybe you did and do have inside information. I take the basketball department's word when they say he wasn't healthy enough to play. I do know high ankle sprains can take longer than broken bones to heal. And the "something about the way he handles business must make guys to leave" comment is also a slam whether you start with "I like Tim" or not. If it is something about the way he handles business then it is a reflection on Tim both as a person and a coach. I Googled "college basketball transfers" and the number I got was more than 475 players have transferred since the start of this season. That doesn't sound like a Tim Miles thing to me. You say "I like Tim" then go with the "rather sad" comment. You use conjecture and hypotheticals as if they are facts as grounds to insult Tim Miles and then get defensive when I called you on it. Implying that I said you weren't allowed to express an opinion is the definition of a strawman argument. I never said you shouldn't hold that opinion but stop playing the victim and own it. My opinion is the man is gone, stop kicking. I am rooting for Nebraska basketball whoever is sitting on the bench.
  9. Which would have had nothing to do with him staying or going. He liked Miles and Nebraska and would have played if healthy. If you watched him on the bench he was being a great teammate.
  10. Moral to the story. 14 is too young to declare someone the greatest anything.
  11. I'm not understanding you. "If not he woulda been back for the NIT." If "he" is Allen then was at the NIT. If "he" is Tim Miles I know he was back for the NIT. And unless you have a time machine saying that Tom was gone either way is hypothetical and unknowable for certain. I'm sure this will really break you up but if that's how you talk about people you liked and still like, then maybe we just shouldn't get to know each other.
  12. Way back of his mind. Everyone in their early 20's is immortal and indestructible. I know I thought I was at that age. He is a world-class athlete. You might think of it but you never really think it could happen to you. I don't think it will play any part in his decision,
  13. What I've learned over the years is there is not one "right" way to shoot that basketball. There are some things that will always be wrong and you should never do, but there are a couple of things in the shot mechanics that can be done in different ways and still be effective. I'm sure he and many of the people he has taught that method have been successful. I know lots of people who would think he wasn't detailed enough. Which part of your foot should hit the floor first on your steps? Personally, I like that rhythm shooting but there are quite a few that will tell you that is too slow and you need to jump stop into the catch. Myself, Ray Allen, Kobe, Bird, and Steph a little bit think you need to get your shoulders back on the shot. So take it and this for what it is.
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