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  1. Then throw in the 3 "pick 6's" we throw early. That's another 6 points.
  2. I don't think the issue is back to back nights as much as it is playing the same team two nights in a row. For what it's worth that's pretty much what Canadian universities have done forever due to the distance of travel.
  3. Everything I said has to do with his game. He’s not shooting because he wasn’t shooting well but he’s not playing poorly. I was just pointing out that in all likelihood everyone of those color guys have a better understanding of the game then an average poster such as yourself. I think they and Fred see more to his game than the basic fan has the understanding to pick up.
  4. He’s afraid to shoot the three now for sure but there’s a reason that every color guy that does Nebraska games raves on Thor.
  5. Anyone watching Mich State getting “punked” by Minnesota? That’s how the color guy describe the game.
  6. Idk if I would call slipping a screen “fancy.” Maybe that’s not what we are talking about with ghost screen. The motion offense bible written by Pete Newell and Bobby Knight talks about there being 4 and only 4 things you can do off of a screen and which one of the four you do will be determined by the read you get from the defense.
  7. I remember him putting the ball on the floor one possession. Left block, two power dribbles middle and made a right handed jump hook over one of the two badgers bigs - toughest shot he made on the night. He was under control, didn't seem rushed and I assume that he had finished a couple times earlier in the night gave him the confidence to use the move. Confidence is what Lat and the whole team is missing when it comes to shooting and finishing games respectively. You need to see some success to gain confidence but it's hard to be successful without confidence.
  8. There was an early tweet about them being there but not dressed. I never really paid attention to whether they on the bench but Fred’s post-game comments seems to imply they were not.
  9. If they were out for COVID they wouldn't have been at the game. They were there but not suited. Sounds like coach speak for they made a bad decision.
  10. Ready to play for the next game and it sounds like Trevor Lakes might be as well and still have a year left for next year.
  11. And never seeing those two refs together again would also help alleviate the problem of us getting called for so many charges.
  12. In general I would think if we really want to play with pace, kicking the ball up is a much faster way to play than dribbling it up. They have to be open of course, but I have seen lots of times multiple ball handlers had that option and preferred to dribble to advance the ball.
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