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  1. And never seeing those two refs together again would also help alleviate the problem of us getting called for so many charges.
  2. In general I would think if we really want to play with pace, kicking the ball up is a much faster way to play than dribbling it up. They have to be open of course, but I have seen lots of times multiple ball handlers had that option and preferred to dribble to advance the ball.
  3. Roby was one of my all-time favorite Huskers but I actually think Copeland would bring more of what this current team needs.
  4. I do remember one play when Thor was up the floor wide open and had his hands out in the “throw me the ball” position” and Trey dibbles the ball all the way up ignoring him on the kick ahead and took the ball all the way to the basket and made that hard right hand on the left side layup. When he shot the ball Thor’s hands were still up telling me he was not thrilled with being ignored
  5. He didn't mention BBB Printing. If you have seen their shirts you would know that's the kind of thing that would be right up their alley. My son is a proud owner of one of their "Jayskers Suck" shirts and you got to like this one:
  6. He already has one of the all time great basketball quotes. “When the ball movement is lovely everybody is happy.” That sounds like something that should end up on a Triple B t-shirt.
  7. It was Tubbs his first year at OU that said they were going to run and shoot and he hoped by year 2 they could run and make a few. That hopefully will describe Fred’s year 2 as well.
  8. http://nevadasportsnet.com/news/reporters/nevada-vs-nebraska-three-keys-to-victory-and-a-prediction They're picking Nebraska out in Nevada.
  9. They're overcompensating for something.
  10. Watching Iowa. Just the first couple of minutes. They will be hard to guard but their defense doesn't look like it's improved much. Giving up wide open looks and lay-ups to NC Central.
  11. I read they may still add other teams but the Nebraska, Nevada, & NDS schedules are locked in regardless.
  12. Well it was a good idea to begin with. Would it look bad if we left Nevada and Chadren State to play a double-header and We joined the tournament in South Dakota?
  13. Wrinkles - that’s still a 2.
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