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  1. Painting any large institution with several outlets with one broad brush can't be anything but inaccurate. There are clickbait sites and then there is real journalism going on at many different locations. They are not close to the same thing. The 24 hour news channels have created the need for content to fill those hours that has lead to ambulance chasing, but if you want to find good journalism you really don't have to look that far.
  2. Tom Hanks has just announced he has tested positive from Australia. There's nowhere to hide apparently.
  3. Maybe it's in the best interest of your sanity to go wherever Norm's been for awhile.
  4. Instagram post with a pile of money and the hush emoji. Can't be good. Or smart.
  5. That system or an offshoot of it is pretty much run by almost everybody today. So when someone wins the Final Four then it has been effective in a tournament setting (maybe not Virginia). You might guess that I am a fan of Dean Smith and I've only ever heard the credit for the secondary going to Roy. That's why the secondary first run at UNC is known as KU across the country. I heard Coach Smith speak in coaching clinics and he has always been quick to give that credit to Coach Williams.
  6. Roy Williams has over 880 wins. Roy Williams has three national championships to his record. It was Roy Williams as an assistant at UNC for Dean Smith that created the "secondary fastbreak." Now who actually thought of something first is always debatable in basketball. Bring up who started the flex in South Dakota and Minnesota and you might see a fist fight break out. But it was at UNC that if became a thing and spread through basketball. Wooden made the primary fastbreak a good thing and Roy Williams revolutionized and gave us the current game of basketball heavy on transition and flow through early offense. The style of play Fred likes, the emphasis on the transition in today's game, all that has Roy's fingerprints all over it. Roy is certainly not underrated. He gets a ton of recognition. But he isn't overrated either. When you take in account how much he has influenced the modern game you might say he is under appreciated.
  7. We deserved three free throws at the end. Now whether we make all three is seriously doubtful, but even if he doesn’t we get the ball one more time only down the one possession.
  8. Good point. It was his left elbow. But that pushed his guide hand through the ball hence the shot hit going basically straight up in the air
  9. Did you see the different angle. There was a camera angle from the baseline that showed he didn't double pump that was him getting hit on the shooting elbow.
  10. The last shot they showed of the play from a different angle showed they solidly hit Burke on the shooting elbow.
  11. He has scored, or gotten really good shots, consistently every time teams have left his defender to handle him alone on the left block. He effectively uses a Barkley or double drop move, middle to baseline. He struggles with recognition when the D doubles down and digs. He tends to get it taken away too often in those situations. The double-drop counter seems to be his go to so his counter becomes the middle jumphook. He misses bunnies because there is no follow through on the shot. Yes you still need to follow through on palm to the basket layups and certainly on the jump hook. Without the follow through his shot doesn't have the soft backspin and sort of floats up and too many times bounces out. He does fade away from contact too much almost exclusively on the right side of the basket. I think part of it stems from him not willing to go into the defense towards the middle meaning he would have to use his left hand. I am aware of two basic ways to teach the jump hook and I think the one he uses exacerbates his lack of follow through problem. Danny Nee taught the "V." Your shoulders never rotate, the inside arm goes up when the hand comes off the ball to protect and when you shoot your arms form the V as you hook or flip the ball up from behind your head. This is not a natural shooting motion and when your shooting hand just stops with your fingers still pointed to the sky, which it tends to do with this technique, the ball becomes a knuckler with no spin. Same thing that is happening to many of his bunnies. That means if you hit any iron you have no idea what is going to happen next in relation to the bounce. That's what is happening to Yvan. The method I got from McDermott is a more natural shooting motion. You still get your toes parallel to the basket when you go up protecting the ball with your body. Both hands are on the ball until the top of your jump when the inside arm comes off and you rotate your shoulders to the basket. That means you are clearing out with the off arm and as you rotate the shot finishes with your regular form including a natural follow through at the end. Now you are putting up a much softer shot. One that has a better chance of dying when it hits the rim and falls in. Defensively we are playing behind posts. I'm sure to put us in better rebounding position since that is a weakness well documented. We doubled against Indiana and Purdue but have usually left them on their own against other teams where the posts do not scare us as much. When we get hurt is when we don't start playing defense early enough and let them seal us too close to the basket. If you are going to be successful with this technique you need to go to work early and push the post as far from the basket as you can. We relax or get overpowered, or both and the defender puts us too close to the basket which almost always ends up in 2 for the other team. The post from North Dakota did a great job of this. He sealed low and then we had no answer to his jump hook. He used the clear out, rotate the shoulders and had a nice follow through on every shot. He has been the best fundamental offensive post player we have faced this year in my opinion. That is not surprising due to their head coach spending some time with McDermott as a GA at Wayne State.
  12. I like Green. Word on campus is he and Mack do not see eye to eye. Could be Mack's personality or that Mack is getting most of the pub, but he will usually pass you the ball when open. I do remember one play Green was running the wing and calling for the ball when Mack pulled up for a no pass three. You could see that upset him but it would have upset me too.
  13. With the 3 or 4 players leaving last week, he’s pretty much made it “his” team.
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