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  1. That is apparently how his teammates refer to him.
  2. Adidas does now have the Yeezy name. Still not $10,000 worth of shoe but still a nice chunk of change.
  3. Dest was off the end line behind the goal putting everyone in an onside position.
  4. Actually both women shot a better score then all four male participants.
  5. No - he didn’t play because he has been wearing a boot. (Trey says it’s nothing serious though) I was inferring Lat will be a starter and Heem will be the first off the bench in the front court.
  6. I don’t think it was random that the apparent early starter, Lat didn’t play and Breidenbach slide into that spot with the other four papers (R) early starters.
  7. Based on listening to the McGowins' podcast, this picture looks like the most likely to be the first five we roll out. At least at the beginning of the season.
  8. She already came out last week and said that's ridiculous.
  9. Oh yea, you win. I was remembering a wizards game I went to there years ago where they played on their turf which put the on field temp well over 100 degrees. Guess I’m getting old and forgetful.
  10. You’re going to be sacked in the morning”
  11. Except arrowhead is a horrible place to play soccer. They would have to bring in grass on trucks and those fields do not play well.
  12. I’m not giving you an opinion to agree or disagree with but telling you the facts of the system. There are things written down. Innocent until proven guilting is supposed to be the cornerstone and starting point of our system. And our system is not designed to judge the facts. That would be an inquisitional system like they use in France. There is only one side in that system that looks at all the evidence and presents the case as they see it. Our system is built on two partial sides in competition where the judge and jury are supposed to be the impartial ones and they are supposed to start with the presumption of innocence. I am also well aware that our system does not work as intended. For example, overwhelming negative or positive media coverage can spoil the jury pool and juries usually walk in leaning towards guilty because of the presumption that if they didn’t do something why are we here?
  13. If they follow the principle upon which our legal system is supposed to follow then they walk in assuming innocence. The burden of proof is completely on the prosecution. The defense doesn’t need to lay out any facts if they chose not to. And if you are say 85% sure they are guilty, your vote should be not guilty since the prosecution has not proven their case beyond a shadow of a doubt. The standard is lower for civil cases vs criminal cases. That’s why the term is “not guilty” and not “innocent.” Innocence would need to be proven and the defense is under no obligation to prove anything. Not guilty does not mean innocent. It means the prosecution has not met their burden of proof. That’s they ideal. I’m aware that is not the reality.
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