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  1. I don't know if he was rated higher but it appears his focus was going to the west coast. He had offers from UCLA, Arizona and lots of PAC-12 teams that went away after the injury.
  2. You can’t transfer in the NBA. If they think he can play someone will sign him and if he signs a contract he’s not going anywhere.
  3. Roby, Copeland, Palmer, and Watson? - Allen always came up big in bigtime games, Anton Gill was a consensus four star, Evan Taylor was a solid D-1 player, and they had two big bodies in Jordy and Duby. So maybe they underachieved but that was a real D-1 basketball team.
  4. Yes I am old enough to have watched Nee's teams and they were entertaining but was my favorite Nebraska team to watch and root for. How does a 4 seed in the Big 10 tournament not make the dance?
  5. I heard rumors some younger players for Wisconsin really don't like him either and it may lead to some transfers.
  6. Yes - He's getting a lot of slack on twitter about transferring two years in a row but no one seems to be dogging on Beard for going to Texas. I think he is more likely to go the draft route if he gets any encouragement at all from NBA personel. Regardless, I'm pretty sure Nebraska isn't on any list that he has put together as a potential destination.
  7. It make you wonder how different this game would have been if it was Baylor that had to play UCLA in the semi's.
  8. The best part of that is it is not conjecture but something that Fred has already made happen.
  9. Hindsight is 20/20 but I never thought the game felt that way. The Zags scored so easily it always appeared to me that it was just a matter of time before the rout was on.
  10. The word is he wants to go some place he will actually get time, so that means Nebraska is out.
  11. I know we are joking but there is no comparison between Shang and Diaz and what they did for Nebraska basketball. Diaz is still one of (one of - don't go overboard there) the most skilled and fundamentally sound back to the basket players in Husker hoops history.
  12. I know it wasn't always him doing the picking but no one should feel comfortable bringing the ball up against Hepburn. On the best day of my life, if he was guarding me I would just hand him the ball to speed things up and save the embarrassment.
  13. He was usually the fourth option on that team which is why they won a state title. Very smooth. It's his team now. We will see what he can do next year.
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