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  1. Having taken the time to Google I can tell you the 2-pt line is the same as the international 3-pt line and they play with a women's ball for some reason.
  2. Its basketball enjoy it even if you can't root for someone. And it is high level basketball. I'm sure many of you have watched tons of AAU ball this summer and Olympic basketball talent and style wise is a far superior product. I don't even know if I was watching it live or on tape but Doncic went off for Slovenia v Argentina late last night at my house. It was a fun game to watch. I am currently watching Canada vs Serbia women. Pretty sure this is tape delayed but it's all good if you don't know the final score. And I was crushed when John Thompson's last all college team lost in the 1988 O
  3. The Twitter sphere says Kansas has already contacted the B1G
  4. I would think so. Now you are aware that not everything on Twitter turns out to be true? I just repeated what I saw.
  5. There was a tweet today from his camp about looking into a professional opportunity in Australian basketball.
  6. They have not - Blaise Keita. You take players where you can get players.
  7. I’ve never seen him play but he seems to duplicate a lot of the same skill set that Kobe Webster brings to the team. He wouldn’t of come if we told him he might not get minutes so I’m sure they see a real role for him.
  8. They can’t even move up to USL championship soccer until they get a soccer only facility to play in.
  9. I don’t see people driving from Des Moines to watch USL soccer. They have their own USL league 2 team now.
  10. Went to my first on the 3rd. Playing in a baseball field had me worried. I have been to “Wizard” games in that ballpark back when Children’s Mercy Park was being built. That didn’t work. The field was way too narrow condensed play. Corners were ridiculous. And having seats behind one of the goals, I almost lost a young child to an off target shot in warmups. Smashed the seat next to him. Four inches to the right and his hand probably has multiple breaks. The Owl’s field seemed close to the width it was supposed to and sight lines weren’t horrible. Only one corner I couldn’t really s
  11. The offense worked well in creating the shots we wanted. The players were very inefficient in making those good shots.
  12. I was at a couple of Nuggets games during that era - David, Alex English, Dan Issel, and Kiki VanDeWeghe. They could score like you breath. Loved those Spurs teams as well. Didn't every kid from that era have the poster of Gervin sitting on the ice blocks? He was countered inside with Artis GIlmore and Billy Paultz. And Jonny Moore is a lost gem to history. I remember he had a couple of quadruple doubles in his career. And I'm probably combining teams from different years but I know Mike Mitchell was in there somewhere.
  13. I’ve listened to it a couple of times and you’re probably right but I’m still not 100% sure.
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