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  1. I haven't received mine either. Let me know if you hear anything.
  2. Personally, I thought his end of game management was lacking but all in all a good coach of the fundamentals, X's & O's, and inspiring (threatening at times?) athletes to play with great effort. In today's game though recruiting is an indispensable skill needed to be a head coach at a high level. His inability to bring in players that were equal in ability to most conference opponents was his downfall. You can excel in one part of your job but still have weaknesses in other areas. Hoiberg got fired from his last coaching job. There will be a honeymoon but if he isn't successful here with the resources given, he will be fired again. When your job is on the line, you don't bring in incompetent people because they are your friends. Our current head coach has acknowledged that defense is not a particular strength. Doc is here to teach defense. No matter what other weaknesses he had as a head coach, Hoiberg hired him because he thought Doc excels at that aspect of coaching. Liking your co-workers is a is definitely a benefit, but you don't stay a D-1 head coach if you base your hires off of people you already know and like.
  3. Kavas and Cheatham, besides the skill sets they bring, are the two grad transfers. Grad transfers don't come to schools they think there is any possibility they sit the bench. So you are only going to bring in people you know will play for you and if it's close you give them the start. If that doesn't happen then you are going to have a more difficult time bringing in any more grad transfers in the future.
  4. Part of that had to do with he played the garbage minutes with the walk ons at the end of the game.
  5. The thing that jumped out to me the most is, even though I'm thrilled that Doc is back in town, he should never again wear an untucked white polo with shorts out in public. At this point in his life and for many of the rest of us, that is not a look he can pull off any more.
  6. http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&SPID=24&SPSID=23&DB_OEM_ID=100&_ga=2.103886912.1377401697.1565044462-993225242.1560280134
  7. I've seen the Thunderbirds live. They put on a good show. Jimmie Lee wasn't as good as Stevie but he was pretty good.
  8. My college coach measured us in our bare feet. That never made sense to me since I've never played a game of basketball in just my socks.
  9. He won't play but I believe he is planning on meeting the team in Italy.
  10. Sorry, I called dibs on this one further up in the thread.
  11. I understand what you're saying now or at least what you’re implying. Some people want to win your contest so bad they are willing to Google to get it.
  12. I don't know who your source for the list was, but the beauty of music is the subjectivity leading to such a great variety. I stick by my John Lee Hooker but if you want to go with a more popular/mainstream choice then I would go with Little Help from My Friends originally the Beatles and covered by Joe Cocker.
  13. "One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer" Original: Amos Milburn Much better remake: John Lee Hooker
  14. I know you were going for humor but I actually like this mash up with Pony
  15. So I’m old and confused. My point is still the Adidas brother’s never went to school here so profit and loss play a much bigger part in the companies decisions when it come to Nebraska then it does with Nike and Oregon.
  16. And Michael Knight never went to Nebraska. Oregon can pretty much afford anything they want without worrying about profit or loss. And still don't think most of America could tell you that shirt was connected to Oregon University. Could be wrong...
  17. That's part of the multiple, multiple uniforms that Oregon uses. If the logo on the helmet in black and white were all that was on a t-shirt, I don't think most people nationwide would be able to identify it as being from Oregon University. The O is what is nationally recognized by the masses, beyond series college football fans. When you have Micheal Knight as an alumni then you can spend money on things like the duck without worrying about the profit margin. It's a way to sell the brand to younger athletes. Nebraska doesn't have that luxury and my guess is that Adidas doesn't see Herbie/basketball as a money maker. Though I haven't spent any time or money on market research so I admit maybe I'm misjudging Herbie.
  18. Personally, I don't have any strong feelings about the Herbie basketball logo one way or the other. This might not be popular with some of the old school basketball fans on the board that have strong feelings for the logo but it doesn't scream "youth." Athletes don't chose Oregon strictly for the multiple Nike uniforms but it certainly doesn't hurt. I could be wrong, but I don't see that logo being attractive to the athletes we want to attract or having a large appeal nationally to an adult audience either. It's nostalgic, I get that and but I don't see it spreading Nebraska's national brand or leading to much larger profits for Adidas.
  19. You may be joking but I feel that will play no part in Roby’s decision. Every time you play basketball there is some chance of some injury. Roby has played hundreds if not thousands of hours of basketball. When you’re young you are invincible and the idea of injury just doesn’t exist. Now it may play a part in the parents’ or agent’s feedback which he may take into account. Zion came back to play and I would think at least 95% of college athletes would do the same. Now “meaningless” bowl games don’t seem to carry much weight with players.
  20. I can never tell when people are being sarcastic on here. If you call anything less than the equivalent of his college career as a bust in the NBA then Laettner was a bust. But to equal his college career be would have to have been one of the top 5 all-time great NBA players. He was an all-star one season and had a solid NBA career. Not what they hoped when he was drafted but not a bust.
  21. Yes, that is what I said. Right up there It's the one just above yours. ?
  22. I think you are right in the big picture. We are in the honeymoon stage and everything that Fred does right now is great. And I will readily admit that pretty much everything that has happened since he got here has been great. And maybe Miles first couple of years all of these recruits would have been well received. After six years there is always the group that wants to start over and for that group pretty much anything Miles did would be a bad thing. So I think it is more certain people's patience had run out and I understand that. I also think that there are several people who don't understand that they are doing that and contradict themselves without ever noticing. I listened to Sip evaluate the new squad and he said he also wants to wait to see the on the floor product. His examples were the unknowns. "What if Jervay isn't all that he is built up to be? What if Cam won't play and defense?" That sort of thing. Thrilled to death with the directions things are going, but I'm going to wait until the end to make a final judgment. You can drive all the way to California and find out Wally World is closed ya know.
  23. I liked the fact that his highlights show that he has all the new-school moves and shots but after every bucket, he went old-school and just ran back on defense. The expression on his face didn't change no matter how deep or how crazy the shot.
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