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  1. To think there will probably still be some scalpers outside PBA trying to unload 2 100 level tickets for like $40 today when you can buy the nose bleeds at the door and proceed to move down to the 4th row without anyone noticing or caring.
  2. I think we need to stop offering our fellow posters free Nebrasketball tickets. We are just encouraging more sickness amongst us all I know I've encountered quite a few nauseous stomachs and near-ulcers this season.
  3. I'm actually pretty convinced Fred developed a lot of false beliefs in his players' shooting abilities based solely on what they could do against our own defense in practices. As we now know, almost anyone can hit from 3 against us the way we play defense.
  4. Abdelmassih is like a Monopoly player who buys every property he lands on first until he runs out of money, but he never has a whole set of the same color. What does that get you in the end? A whole bunch of rental payments but no ability to build houses or hotels.
  5. say it with me: Ab del mass ih Ab del mass ih Abdel massih Abdelmassih
  6. That is crazy to start 19 games, average 23 minutes per game, and not hit double figures scoring until game 19.
  7. If we go 0-20, and we don’t make a change, the question becomes does Trev go full honesty mode and say “look, we can’t make a change because we can’t afford it to thanks to the previous athletic director. Ideally we would make a change but we aren’t in position to do so financially.” how else do you spin 0-20 to the fanbase? Seeing progress? Trying hard? Young talented players returning? What an unfortunate financial disaster Moos put us in. Fred makes more money than Scott Drew. If Trev is planning to bring him back another year only because he has no alternative, he’s probably begging for some wins soon to not have to sell people on 0-20 or 1-19.
  8. Have you ever seen a bench more confident that a 3 on the way is going in from a 27% shooter than they are for Lat Mayen?
  9. Update: Hepburn with 9 points on pace to break his career high of 15. Davison and Davis combined for 5 threes (all Davison of course). On pace for 10 made threes.
  10. Nice play design there at the end. Props to Fred for drawing up a good one. However, no props to Fred for continuing to play the same trash turnover-prone players who continue to screw up good situations they get put in time after time.
  11. That’s a good thought. However I will assume our game plan will be to let Davison and Davis combine for about 10 made threes tonight, and we’ll allow Chucky Hepburn to surpass his season high of 15 points.
  12. If Matt thinks the talented players we are bringing in are 0-8, then I wonder what our record would be if the players he recruited from out of state weren’t talented. or perhaps he’s passing the blame for our record onto someone else.
  13. To tie it back to Nebraska basketball, I fully expect if and when we do ever get our first NCAA Tournament win, it will later be vacated on a technicality.
  14. "This is the best recruiting class in program history!" to "This is the worst team in program history." in just 3 months is so Nebrasketball. According to RealTimeRPI our best win is over Southern and it isn't really close.
  15. So we should keep Hoiberg because he had success at a different school from 2010-15 (6-10 years ago)? Hoiberg is 20-58 (.256) in year 3 at Nebraska. Miles was 47-49 (.490) after 3 years at Nebraska with an NCAA Tournament appearance. Doc was 55-40 (.579) after 3 years at Nebraska with two NIT appearances. Barry Collier was 38-50 (.432) after 3 years at Nebraska. Danny Nee was 51-46 (.526) after 3 years at Nebraska with an NIT third place. If we went 12-0 to finish the regular season, Hoiberg would still have a much worse winning percentage (.356) than Barry Collier after 3 years. Is Nebrasketball a historically bad program? Sure. But is it historically a 25% winning percentage program that is always dead last in the conference? No way. Hoiberg has taken us to extreme new lows. You act like he's just doing what all the other coaches before him did. No. At least they had some mediocre success at some points. At what point does current job performance outweigh something you did 6-10 years ago at your job? Can you be completely failing at your job for three years and embarrassing your company left and right but just go up to your boss and say "but hey, remember when I was so good 6 years ago? Remember that. I can do it again. I promise. Even though I haven't come remotely close to anything resembling that success in 2.5 years here, I can still do it." I was excited when we landed Fred based on his previous success at ISU. But here we are on the back half of the 3rd season and what I see with my eyes is a terrible basketball team with a terrible record and a 9 man rotation that will probably have 6 of them leaving after this year.
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