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  1. With the way college basketball is nowadays you have to almost assume 1 or 2. Nobody, including the staff, has an accurate gauge on who it will be rn but it is almost a given. Also something discussed on this board (i think by Norm and myself specifically) is you have to consider how much this staff loves the redshirt transfer. By recruiting 2020 kids, who we currently dont have room for, we are getting are foot in the door for when 45% of them transfer in a year or two. The staff could be playing the long game in recruiting.
  2. De'Andre Davis went from a few on here speculating he would be cut loose bc of all the super awesome 2020 guys we were offering to possibly turning this thing into a family affair with the offering of his little bro.
  3. Four different conferences represented. I like
  4. But i mean what leads you to believe we have a chance to land a player of that caliber? Did Hoiberg ever bring in that level of recruit to Iowa State?
  5. Glad he was traded. Dallas is a good organization and has a bright future with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingus.
  6. Thats what i was getting at. Mack and Burke have the same or better percentages from 3 (from the college distance). Now hopefully Hoiberg can turn all three in to good shooters.
  7. My only hold up with Samari Curtis is we already have two gaurds who arent known for their 3 point shooting (Mack and Burke, still adequate). So is there room for a third gaurd on the floor who, as far i know, is average from deep? Someone correct me if im wrong on Curtis.
  8. I could see Cross and Ouedraogo together combining 30-40 min a game. I think Curtis has a legit chance to play just bc i think we will be playing a lot of 4 gaurd and even 5 gaurd (Stevenson or Kavas as the "5") lineups.
  9. I think someone posted something about the top 10 juco players from the past couple years and they almost all had modest stats their first year and some bloomed into good players their second year. Also, Samari Curtis is no slouch but Xavier and Cincinnati do not recruit at an extremely high level. Its not like he was raking in top flight offers left and right. Just playing Devil's Advocate here.
  10. I like our roster construction. Sure, as of right now, we are a little handcuffed for 2020 recruiting. But we will more than likely have a 4-6 player class for 2021 which is also where I think we will have the best chance of landing some "star power". Plus I think we will have a dude or two emerge on this years team.
  11. Does Creighton still have a scholarship available? Heard they got a commit from a grad transfer big on the radio today.
  12. I would like to see them go after a few mid tier free agents. Danny Green, JJ Redick, and Nikola Mirotic would be the three I would like to see. All three give you some combination of shooting, defense, and size. Add them in with Kuzma, Mo Wagner, Alex Caruso, and Rondo and thats a very formidable squad. Not a Lakers fan by the way.
  13. Looks like (if i heard correctly) he had runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs and couldnt get the tying run across. Also, had a runner on 3rd with 1 out and didnt get it done the previous game. If he was our HC and that was our team he would be getting crucified rn.
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