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  1. My admiration for Kobe grew vastly after his retirement. I loved how committed and seriously he took his role as a father and a husband.
  2. Cross is listed at 17 minutes and Ouedraogo at 25 minutes. Did they briefly play together yesterday and I missed it?
  3. I agree with the take on Green. He definitely needed to be found the ball a time or two by Mack towards the end of the game. To build on that, anyone else think it was a mistake only playing him 18 min? He, along with Mack and Thor, were the only ones who had it tn on offense. And Green seemed to be hustling his ass off on the defensive end.
  4. Rutgers would have scored 6-8 more points and Cross would have taken 3-5 more shots; missing most of them (not saying Yvan played great by any means). I just dont think it would have made a difference personally. However, I do like his potential as a point forward in the future.
  5. I also like our chances. I wont go as far to say we are the favorites but im cautiously optimistic. We have three things going for us: 1. Abundance of playing time 2. Hometown school 3. Coach with legitimate NBA pedigree (player, coach, front office) Not sure how important those things are to Hunter Sallis, but i think they give us a decent chance.
  6. Green and Easley both in the rotation means Kavas is likely out for now.
  7. If you are referring to my list above, it is not a wish list of who i want to leave (i listed every returning scholarship player for next year). Just a list of the most likely scenario in which each player could leave. Its very likely that 1-3 of those scenarios will occur this off season; which combinations, I have no idea.
  8. (Realistic) Attrition Tracker: - Dachon Burke: grad transfer candidate upon graduation - Thorir Thorbjarnarson: go pro - Jervay Green: sit one to play one - Cam Mack: go pro - Akol Arop: sit one to play three - Yvan Ouedraogo: sit one to play three - Kevin Cross: sit one to play three - Charlie Easley: sit one to play three Attrition is a tricky beast but i think these would be the most likely scenario for each player. Our three players sitting out could also transfer or even go pro but it is very unlikely. Hell even Teddy Allen or Lat Mayen could go pro in some capacity, but once again very unlikely.
  9. I really really hope that our returning players from this season bring the right attitude coming into next season. Im talking about looking at these incoming guys and saying why you think you get to come in here and play over me? I played through all the ass kickings last season and took my lumps. I was out here learning the playbook and learning the intricacies of B1G bball not you. Im not about to just be a stop gap until yall become eligible!!! Thats what im hoping to get out of our returning wings and front court players. Yes we have talented players coming in but I also think we have some dogs on the team that arent gonna relinquish their PT so easily.
  10. Lol he didn't say there couldn't be one JUCO player better than Teddy.
  11. Should have clarified. Imagine the assist numbers Mack would be putting up with that supporting staff AND Hoiberg.
  12. Loved Glynn so this isnt a knock on him but imagine the assist numbers Mack would have put up with a supporting cast of Roby, Palmer, Copeland, and Thomas Allen
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