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  1. Anybody know if Yvan Ouedraogo ever joined the team in Italy? Dont recall seeing him in any photos when they were site seeing.
  2. Loved Sharpe and Benning. Not a huge fan of the other programs.
  3. Heres how I understand the coaches' responsibilities so far: - Fred Hoiberg: Head Coach and Offense - Bobby Lutz: Offensive Assistant - Armon Gates: Player relations, in state recruiter, and works with PGs - Doc Sadler: Defensive Coordinator - Matt A: Transfer recruiter and player relations
  4. He helps Hoiberg on offense for sure.
  5. Yeah also I guess he has seen Akol already since he participated in the practices leading up to the trip. Whereas Mack was unable to and Ouedraogo was not on campus.
  6. No idea if it means anything but Hoiberg is asked on his thoughts about the freshmen. He talks about Cross and Curtis and their play. He also mentions how they have yet to see Yvan or Mack on a court yet. No mention of Akol Arop who is fits under both the categories of freshman and not yet stepped on the court for a game. Weird.
  7. Point totals from the trip: Dachon Burke 53, Haanif Cheatham 47, Jervay Green 33, Samari Curtis 33, Shamiel Stevenson 31, Matej Kavas 28, Kevin Cross 27, Dalano Banton 23, Thorir Thorbjarnarson 21, Charlie Easley 21 Some other notes: - Matej Kavas is the only player who started all four games; Haanif Cheatham and Jervay Green each started three a piece - Dalano Banton and Charlie Easley are the only players who played in every game but did not start in any - Nine different players scored in double figures during the course of the trip led by Dachon Burke who did so in all four
  8. So at the talent/skill level of the team Creighton lost to earlier this week on their trip
  9. Unless they put Cheatham at the four a lot this year or unless he is just flat out better than Mack, Green, and/or Burke I just dont see where hes gonna get minutes at. However, I do agree that he is a talented player and will be able to step up if/when needed.
  10. Anyone know how the Italian Select team compares to the first team we play in terms of competition? I believe the team we played yesterday and the day before was suppose to be the better of the three.
  11. Wouldnt be surprised if these six average 28-33 minutes a game each and the rest of the players fill in depending on what we need that game (scoring, defense, size, etc)
  12. I think the same thing.
  13. Arop is the new Thor
  14. - Cam Mack / Jervay Green - Dachon Burke / Jervay Green - Haanif Cheatham - Matej Kavas - Shamiel Stevenson So you need one more big body. Either Cross or Ouedraogo. Cross is more skilled while Ouedraogo is more physically imposing. You also need more depth at the wing/forward spot. Curtis can score in bunches... but all of our gaurds and wings can. Can he do it better than any of them or add other elements to the game. Which leads me to Thorir who is a nifty passer and good decision maker which could be a huge compliment around all these scorers. Dont have much to add on Arop. I am really bummed that he was unable to make the trip bc i was really looking forward to seeing what he had to offer. Thats how i see it forming, with little knowledge of this team that we have currently.
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