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  1. khoock

    2019 PF David Skogman

    Grab him and a grad transfer 4/5 swingman and i would feel pretty good.
  2. khoock

    Scouting Penn St

    I noticed that he looked very engaged on the bench, for whatever that is worth.
  3. khoock

    2019 - John Tonje, guard (Central)

    I know, thats why both of them play 1-2 other Summit League teams a year even though there is one in their own state (and city). It would just be a fun event as a wishful thinking fan.
  4. khoock

    2019 - John Tonje, guard (Central)

    Yes. Slightly off topic. But what I would love to see is a Creighton-UNO-Nebraska traingular every non-con over a weekend. Nebraska and Creighton could take turns hosting each other (sorry Baxter isnt big enough). For example for this this year it would look like this: - Friday: Omaha @ Nebraska - Saturday: Omaha @ Creighton - Sunday: Creighton @ Nebraska That would be such a fun weekend of basketball in the state.
  5. khoock

    2019 - John Tonje, guard (Central)

    I have said it to some buddies of mine, and maybe on here before, but UNO could almost exclusively recruit the state of Nebraska and field a roster more than talented enough to compete in the Summit. A lot of low and middle tier D1 talent in the state imo.
  6. Also, my decision is ultimately dependent on the result of the season. If we make the tourney you try and sign him to an extension. If he misses it well he had his fair share of time. I think we're in First Four Out territory right now. So its definitely still possible. But i thought Minnesota would 100% be the end all be all of the season if we lost.
  7. I might not have explained it the best. If we would have lost I would have been all in on a new coach bc all of my hope for this season would have been lost. Us winning doesnt make me say offer him an extension right now. But it keeps my hope alive that we can turn this season around. Theres a small chance we squeak out 18-19 wins and are on the bubble (wrong or right side idk). I am Miles fan so i have been slow to give up on him and the Minny win lets me believe that we can make something happen, atleast for another game.
  8. Obviously we need to just focus turning one win into two. But i cant help but look ahead. As a Tim Miles supporter, I am holding on by a thread. I mentioned elsewhere that this game was gonna make or break my decision on Miles. If we lost, he needs to go no doubt about it in my mind. But we won. So im still hanging in there. What do we think needs to be done (realistically) for Timmy to save his job? Im gonna say win the next two for sure, split Iowa/Purdue and pull out a game in Chicago. Thats gonna put us at 18-15 (7-13)... is that enough? Thats the best case, realistic scenario I can see. Maybe we sweep the home games and that bumps us to 19-14 (8-12). Thats a BIG MAYBE. But nonetheless, there is hope. GBR!
  9. khoock

    Scouting Minnesota

    Nana is out, correct? Is that really a big deal for us? Seems as if his minutes have gone from 15-18 per game down to single digits recently.
  10. khoock

    What if...

    You are 100% correct, in most cases the process and results are inseparable. However, the case I presented is not like most cases. It is an anomaly that is very unlikely to happen to us or any other team that plays in an ultra competitive conference like the Big Ten. But we do not need to over complicate or over analyze the topic. Im simply asking, if the rest of the regular season unfolds like this (we only win a couple more games) and then the BTT goes like this (we miraculously win and go dancing), how would you feel about Tim Miles and the direction of the program? Better or worse? The same? Etc The beautiful thing about sports is that things seem completely impossible until someone or some team does it.
  11. khoock

    Scouting Minnesota

    Start of three game win streak my last streak of hope for this season starts on Wednesday.
  12. khoock

    What if...

    Much more likely scenario. But the point of my scenario was to create a season where we had what would unanimously be considered an under achieving season but somehow, by the grace of the basketball Gods, we still achieved the ultimate goal. What do we value more, the process or result?
  13. khoock

    What if...

    If you dont like the topic/idea, you dont have to post in it. This is just a fun discussion I had over the weekend with some friends. Take a break from all the doom and gloom this 7 game losing streak has caused.
  14. khoock

    What if...

    Now just bare with me, because this is an extrememly unlikely scenario I am about to throw at all of you but.... WHAT IF Nebraska finishes with 14 to 16 regular season wins (Ex: 15-16 overall) and somehow miraculously goes on a run and wins the BTT to go dancing? Do we keep Miles because he made the NCAAs (which is the ultimate goal)? Or do we base it off of his overall body of work (7 seasons) and specifically how much of a let down the "Most Talented Nebrasketball Team Ever Assembled" had been? Just an extremely out there scenario a couple of buddies and I were talking about this weekend.
  15. The funny thing to me about all this Miles getting fired talk (which seems inevitable and warranted) is i lowkey think we would be sneaky good next year. Seems like every year that Miles has a roster influxed with new faces AND talent (both of which next years team would have imo) he surprises people. His biggest downfall is not being able to follow up a successful season with another successful season. Thoughts on that?