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  1. Trey McGowens will start if eligible. But he currently isnt so I will noy include him. The starting 5 will look something like this: - Dalano Banton - Teddy Allen - Yvan Ouedraogo or Derrick Walker - Kobe Webster, Thorir Thorbjarnarson, or Shamiel Stevenson (two out of these three will start) I would be a little surprised if Lat Mayen is a day one starter. I would be shocked if Akol Arop, Eduardo Andre, or Elijah Wood or starting.
  2. Rolling in the instate kids now. Millard West kid that was committed to Texas A&M just flipped and we got a verbal from Byron Hoods little brother out of Norris.
  3. Id say Stevenson or Webster. I think Teddy Allen will be the leading scorer by a wide margin and then we will have a closely grouped bunch in that 7 to 10 PPG range.
  4. Who's the favorite to be the second leading scorer heading into the season?
  5. Still feel the same. Assuming Elijah Wood is utilized as back up ball handler and as a depth builder at wing if injuries or foul trouble arise. Atleast one player out of Elijah Wood, Eduardo Andre, and Akol Arop will need to be able to fill a 20-25 game/8-12 MPG role next year.
  6. The top of her head goes to about his bottom lip, right? My guess is Yvan is anywhere from 6 to 8 inches taller than her. Lol still doesnt help depict how tall Yvan or the young lady is.
  7. - Dont lose "buy" games - Winning non-con record - Double digits in the overall record win column - Five or more B1G wins Starting low until we get more information. I do think this team has much greater potential than what i listed.
  8. If you're talking about all sports, NHL was the first to announce a plan followed by the NBA. I have doubts that either will actually kick off and if they do, they will not be completed. Just in my small world alone, I see too many ppl not doing their part. Sure hope im wrong bc i desperately want an NBA finish, a college fb and NFL season, and Nebrasketball!!!
  9. The Basketball Tournament cuts its field from the usual 64-teams to 24-teams (due to COVID-19). Unfortunately, Omaha's Finest did not make the cut.
  10. Congrats!!I have a 5 month old daughter myself. Its definitely an amazing experience. Any idea where your sister-in-law got that or if it was hand made? I would love to get one or something similar for my little one to wear during her first Nebrasketball season.
  11. So the only class that got larger was the freshmen class? As freshmen from last season will still be freshmen and join in with the incoming class? And senior classes probably shrunk as some seniors decided not to return.
  12. Honestly love seeing no Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Arizona, etc in the top 5.
  13. Sit one to play one? Or does the 2020 season not count so he will have two years? Could also be eligible right away since he transferred back to his home city during the pandemic.
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