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  1. I could see Frost wanting to address it publicly before removing him from the roster. Im not a PR kinda guy but that seems like the PR thing to do.
  2. His comments on Arop scream RS to me. Im also biased bc I think he is someone who we could develop into a nightmare for the opposition in this system. I also think Easley could be a sneaky RS option. I know its not common for walkons to RS if they are healthy. But he definitely has some tools. Maybe we could entice him with the opportunity of being on scholarship for 1-1.5 years. Its not uncommon for the completion of college to exceed 4 years now anyway.
  3. I just want to see progress. Which in terms of record, we will more than likely see. But the team that played the last 6 games of 2018 was much better than the team we have seen so far in 2019. But its too early to tell if its talent, scheme, development, experience or anything else imo.
  4. Had football pegged at 8-4 with the possibility of 9-3 now im just hoping for 6 or 7 wins. I think bball will be under .500
  5. North star without him and Donavon. Thats a tough break for a team that looked primed to compete for a state title. Dont they have one other player who is committed to like UMKC?
  6. Maybe he comes in to play now. Lights out shooter and has good size for a combo forward
  7. Guessing we use it on a RS transfer. We are pretty set everywhere else assuming Cross, Walker, Ouedraogo can be developed.
  8. I originally thought Alabama and Clemson would be much lower before I started digging in. But they both have four or five wins against teams .500 or better whereas Oklahoma only has two. That was my reasoning behind it. They definitely looked the part though yesterday.
  9. Good morning all, We are 7 weeks into the season and CFP contenders are starting to emerge and resumes are starting to take shape. Below is a list of CFP contenders. I consider every undefeated team and all one loss P5 teams. I rank teams by this years results and do not consider brand names or percieved talent levels. I will update my rankings every week as teams get eliminated and resumes improve/diminish. Feel free to add in your own thoughts, questions, and opinions. 1. LSU 6-0 2. Ohio State 6-0 3. Clemson 6-0 4. Alabama 6-0 5. Wisconsin 6-0 6. Oklahoma 6-0 7. Penn State 6-0 8. Florida 6-1 9. Auburn 5-1 10. Oregon 5-1 11. Georgia 5-1 12. Notre Dame 5-1 13. Baylor 6-0 14. Michigan 5-1 15. Boise State 6-0 16. Arizona State 5-1 17. Appalachian State 5-0 18. SMU 6-0 19. Minnesota 6-0 20. Wake Forest 5-1 21. Utah 5-1 22. Missouri 5-1
  10. Worth noting that 8 of their conference losses were close; either in OT or by 2-3 possessions. I could live with a similar first season.
  11. I get so nervous everytime there is new posts under this thread...
  12. I almost get the feeling its a consensus amongst media members that Thor will be in the rotation, at least to start the season.
  13. I have low expectations. We are undersized across the board really. We may have a couple lightning quick guards but not many that have B1G bodies. And the ones that do will be forced to play the 3 or 4 bc of how undersized we are. I think we will get blown out alot in conference play with a few magical moments sprinkled in. And im already annoyed with the future critics who will question Fred frickin Hoiberg in YEAR ONE. However, this year is going to be vital in laying the foundation for Fred's tenure. We will come out of this year beaten and bruised but with a lot of experience and another influx of talent via transfers and freshmen. If you can keep your expectations reasonable, this will be a very fun season to watch unfold.
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