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  1. Not that it matters to me, but one of my co-workers (were teachers) was reffing that game lol.
  2. No complaints on my end. This team is severely limited for obvious reasons but if you think they are going winless in B1G youre an idiot. And i would have said the same thing before tn. This team is improving and gelling by the day. They will catch a team or two slippin this year. GBR
  3. And i say this only half way seriously, bc this is a great website. And the only place i have ever found where you can find Nebrasketball fans who are both passionate and knowledgeable. But man were some ppl on here grinding my gears after the Creighton game. But anyway GBR. Glad to see this team improving.
  4. Second game against a good team this season. And we are seeing massive improvements... Just like we did earlier in the season when we faced comparable competition consecutively. What a hard concept to grasp... for some of us on here.
  5. If we play Indiana (on the road) competitively, i will be going on a mini rant about what improvement is and what it actually looks like AND how the context of your schedule/caliber of teams your play IS important. GBR
  6. Like the uniforms. Love the semi beat down they are putting on the Lakers.
  7. So does Thor stay in the lineup while Green is suspended?
  8. I wonder if Arop or Easley get a look as the 8th man or if Hoiberg will just stick with a 7 man rotation (he has done it before).
  9. This years non-con tournament field (not good) was very indicative of us as a team. Hopefully next years tourney lineup means we should have a decent squad. I think Hoiberg has a good feel for his teams. Remember he had been telling us since summer that we werent going to be very good this year lol.
  10. I just hope that Cam Mack, and whoever he gets advice from, understand that there arent many coaches in college that can teach him what it takes to be a pro better than Hoiberg can. Hoiberg has played in the NBA, coached in the NBA, worked in NBA front offices, AND sent players to the NBA as a collegiate coach. I dont know the exact number, but I cant imagine many current college coaches can say the same thing.
  11. Here are the playoff teams preseason rankings: 1. Clemson 4. Oklahoma 5. Ohio State 6. LSU Teams that were the biggest surprise in the playoff hunt were Minnesota (RV) and Baylor (NR).
  12. When i saw he was getting pulled from the starting lineup again, i thought to myself Cam Mack and Fred Hoiberg's relationship will either turn into "He helped make me the man I am today" kinda thing or Cam wont be here next year.
  13. Yep. Oh boy could Wisconsin really be regretting that Illinois loss by the end of the night! But theres a good chance Ohio State will be matched up with Clemson win or lose tonight. LSU probably takes over #1 and if Ohio State loses they probably dont drop below Oklahoma. Looks like we will see: (1) LSU v. (4) Oklahoma (2/3) Ohio St v. (2/3) Clemson ESPN will try and sell us on the possibility of Wisconsin leaping Oklahoma (if they pull of the upset) to boost ratings for their reveal show. But no way in hell that happens.
  14. Undefeated Indiana currently getting drubbed by Wisconsin. Thankfully they have Connecticut sandwiched in between this beat down and our game. Hopefully they let out all of their frustrations on the Huskies...
  15. Interesting note: Heading into B1G play, our top three scorers and rebounders are all separated by a total of only three points/rebounds. - Points: H. Cheatham (113), C. Mack (112), D. Burke (110) - Rebounds: H. Cheatham (47), Y. Ouedraogo (45), J. Green (44) However, Cam Mack is running away with assists (51) with Jervay Green a distant second (24).
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