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  1. The below table is a collection of the players we are returning and the ones we are bringing in. Included is name, height, position, eligibility status, shooting splits, and per game averages. I just thought having it all together in one place, in this thread, would be helpful when discussing and debating next year.
  2. Indicator that Sanogo isnt picking us or is staying in 2021? Just spit ballin.
  3. So seniors are able to come back. Does anyone know if the rest of the players' eligibility remain the same? (I.e will our freshmen still be freshmen next year)
  4. At this point, Id be okay with moving forward with what we have right now. We have two 'ships left to grab a couple sit-out guys. Kobe Webster 6'0 Sr G Thorir Thorbjarnarson 6'6 Sr G Derrick Walker 6'8 Jr F Kobe King 6'4 Jr G* Lat Mayen 6'9 Jr F Shamiel Stevenson 6'6 Jr G/F Teddy Allen 6'5 Jr G/F Akol Arop 6'6 So F Charlie Easley 6'2 So G** Dalano Banton 6'8 So G Kevin Cross 6'8 So F Yvan Ouedraogo 6'9 F Empty Scholarship Empty Scholarship *Not yet ruled eligible **Walk-on
  5. Not getting the NCAA tourney experience this year will hurt them next year in my opinion.
  6. We made his official top 10 list. Still undecided between 2020 and 2021 recruit.
  7. Nebraska has reached out to 6'8 G Trey Murphey III (Rice). He is a sit one to play two. Posted really nice stats (leading scorer and second in minutes) and shooting percentages (43/37/84) across the board. Will be "for sure" giving Creighton and Connecticut a virtual visit.
  8. Wonder how much his first year at Iowa State skewed the average. If it was anything like his first year here, he probably had a double digit number of new players which would inflate the average since he was only there 4-5 years. Also, he was sending guys to the NBA (early departures? Idk) which is a positive type of attrition. My guess is if we discount the first year and account for any early NBA departures, it doesnt look/sound so bad. Every school has a graduating class and roster turnover that leads to four to five new players every season (another guess on my end).
  9. Saw they will probably be preseason top 5, assuming everyone returns.
  10. His younger brother is a 2021 commit for the Blue Devils
  11. Also, per a Robin Washut retweet we are not one of the schools Alan Griffin is considering.
  12. Another thing we might might need to consider is the new transfer rule. Very possible it could be implemented as soon as the 2021-22 season. Kids rarely want to RS anymore, atleast voluntarily. So for some of our younger players, it might make sense to stick it out one more year and see if they can carve out, keep, or expand their role. And if not, they can leave after next season if they choose and will possibly (probably?) be able to play immediately at their new school.
  13. Hard to say. We are looking at four players leaving the program, before exhausting all of their eligibility, from the 2019-2020 season: - Samari Curtis - Jervay Green - Dachon Burke - Cam Mack (not official; but the media mentions how unlikely it is that he will return in EVERY article that comes out about roster attrition) Wouldn't be surprised if we see one more. Also wouldnt be surprised if thats it for this season. However, more than one more would surprise me.
  14. Read in an OWH article today that HCFH averaged 7 new players per season during his time at Iowa State. The article said that that number did not include sit-out guys who were becoming newly eligible (meaning they sat out the previous season as a member of the team). Just thought it was applicable to this thread and an also interesting bit of information.
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