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  1. Kavas averaged 8 less minutes and 5 less ppg his junior year than he did his sophomore year.
  2. Kavas hit like 7 threes against UNO this year and had north of 25. Averaged just under 11 ppg
  3. As Elsa from Frozen would say, "Let it go, let it gooooooo!" Very few, if any, posters are saying we NEED to keep Thor, Amir, KD, etc. But the fact is they are still part of the team so it makes since to talk about where/how they fit in to the puzzle. If Hoiberg and Co decides to push some of them out the door i hardly doubt anyone is bringing out the torches and pitchforks.
  4. After next week we have no more midweeks games. Anybody know if the games that were postponed against UNO and North Dakota St will get made up?
  5. Updated for Nana transferring: 1. Cam Mack 6'2 G (3 to play) 2. Joel Ntambwe 6'9 F (sit 1 to play 3) 3. Kerry Blacksheer 6'10 F (1 to play) 4. Haanif Cheatham 6'5 G (1 to play) 5. Eric Williams 6'6 G (sit 1 to play 2) If more scholarships open up: 6. Maurice Calloo 6'9 F (sit a semester to play 2.5) 7. Tomas Woldtensoe 6'5 G (2 to play)
  6. Realistically i think only Brady, Dachon, and Amir stay. Just bc someone points out a strength in a player or how they could fit in or grow in the system, doesnt mean they are necessarily advocating for them to stay. I am gonna work with what we got, which is currently: Isaiah Roby, Dachon Burke, Thor, Amir Harris, Brady Heiman, Karrington Davis, Akol Arop, and Jervay Green. Im gonna talk about who is currently on the team. And im gonna talk about how i think we should use the available scholarships we currently have. I think, for the most part, I have been consistent in that way.
  7. Updated list as of now: 1. Cam Mack 2. Joel Ntambwe 3. VT Grad Transfer 4. Haanif Cheatham If more scholarships open up: 5. Eric Williams 6. The Okie St kid (and miraculously get him eligible immediately)
  8. Alot of it will depend on whether or not Hoiberg believes he can teach Amir and Thor to be adequate or better shooters. Now shot mechanics and shooting ability is far beyond my expertise but if Hoiberg sees something he can work with then we might be cookin. Also, correct me if im wrong, but wasnt Thor like a 33% shooter from the FIBA 3pt line. That leads me to believe he can be better than what he has showed so far.
  9. I think Thor would be smart to stay at least a year maybe even two more. He could learn a lot on both the offensive and defensive ends that would be very beneficial in his pro career. Which could increase how much hes making and for how long he is playing in Iceland (or with bigger Euro clubs). I also think has some value to the staff with his passing abilities and team defense.
  10. I dont think they will be opposed to them if they find the right ones. But i think they will be very selective in which ones they pursue.
  11. Thought i recalled a couple posts saying Brady didnt fit with Hoibergs system and that he would be smart to start looking elsewhere. Could be wrong or misinterpreted the comments. I think he will fit in well.
  12. Agreed. This year they gotta get some dudes who can play right away. But i think going forward, we will not see too many grad transfers. Thats atleast how I understood it.
  13. Interesting bit on recruiting from Matt A's presser that I havent seen posted yet. He basically said expect us to have older, experienced teams. He credits that to the reason why they were so successful at Iowa State competing against and beating blue bloods like Kansas and their "so called 5 stars". Also said he is not a big fan of grad transfers because they are often culture killers just looking to get theirs. Likes the redshirt transfers bc they are usually guys who got caught up in the wrong things with recruiting instead of finding the best fit for themselves as a student and player. So im not expecting them to target a lot of McDonald's All Americans or grad transfers in the future. Expect a lot of four and five year guys rather it be through high school recruiting or the transfer market.
  14. Does Hiobergs staff have any offers out to immediately eligible big men at the moment? Cant think of any. Just the three that will have to RS.
  15. From an OWH article: - Thor, Brady, Dachon, Costello, Nana, Amir, and Karrington Davis are still with the team. Roby is preparing for the draft rn. - Nana is dealing with academic issues but still with the team. - Amir and Davis are not healthy at the moment. - Team expects to add Jervay and Akol Arop this summer plus whoever else is brought in (4 scholarships open) Some other good stuff as well but thats all that relates to the roster.
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