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  1. khoock

    College Football Playoffs HHC

    Id say ACC is the worst P5. Its funny that the AAC is by far the best G5 conference and prob better than most years of Big East football (which was an auto bid conference at the time).
  2. khoock

    Way too early Top 25

    No, i looked at the players individually. Could Petteway start for this years team? Yes Could Shavon Shields start for this years team? Yes
  3. For a couple years i have been doing my own little rankings of CFP contenders. I like to start after week 7. It usually gives you enough games to start seeing who teams are while still having some unknowns with about half the season stilk being left to play out. I thought i would share em with all of you. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. In the rankings i only include teams who are undefeated and one loss P5 teams. Aka teams with a chance to make the playoffs. (No two loss team has made it... yet) I consider wins over .500 or better P5 teams, wins over G5 teams who have winning record, and losses if applicable. I also consider who you opponents have beat. I try to only look at what a team has done so far and not base off of projections or brand names. Here are my first week rankings: IN THE PLAYOFFS 1. Notre Dame 2. Alabama 3. Ohio State 4. Clemson STILL IN THE HUNT 5. LSU 6. Michigan 7. Texas 8. Florida 9. Oklahoma 10. Kentucky 11. NC State WORK TO BE DONE 12. Georgia 13. Oregon 14. Iowa 15. West Virginia 16. Duke CHAOS NEEDED 17. UCF 18. South Florida 19. Washington State 20. Colorado 21. Cincinnati Thought it would be a nice discussion for football junkies like myself.
  4. khoock

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Im just poking fun. Frost inherited a mess. But hes also a very young coach with a young staff (sometimes i think the 13-0 season make ppl forget this is only his THIRD season as a HC) who have made some mistakes that have cost us a win, maybe two. The promising thing is that I believe Scott will get the right guys in here and i think he is a humble enough guy that he will reflect and improve upon himself as well.
  5. khoock

    Way too early Top 25

    G: Glynn Watson G: James Palmer F: Shavon Shields F: Isaac Copeland F: Isaiah Roby He wouldnt start over Roby or Cope but you could play big and slide Palmer to the two gaurd and Shavon in on the wing/small forward position. It would give you an NBA size lineup almost.
  6. khoock

    Way too early Top 25

    I think Shavon could start for us this year.
  7. khoock

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Mike Riley is currently 19-25 as Nebraska HC
  8. khoock

    The rotation this year

    That has been my latest prediction. With Thomas Allen as the first guy of the bench
  9. khoock

    The rotation this year

    Next years trip to Italy is HUGE with all the new faces we will have. Glad to hear that is happening.
  10. khoock


    Leaving Thor and Tanner on the bench. This is what i have came up with except Tanner in place of Brady.
  11. khoock

    Charity Game?

    I understand why they wouldnt want to sacrifice their exhibition game, but why not the secret scrimmage? Do the schools make any money off of the "secret scrimmage"? If not, why not make it a charity game. You get more of a game like setting and make money for a good cause.
  12. khoock

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    I forgot Michael Jacobson was at Iowa St. Hopefully Roby and Cope put the work in on em so we can all feel good about the idea of him leaving bc he knew we had some ballers in the program. *But man it sure would be nice to have a 6'9 235lbs Michael Jacobson off the bench backing up Roby and Copeland for 20ish minutes a game*
  13. khoock

    The Injury Report

    Surgery later this week with an expected 6-8 month rehabilitation period
  14. khoock

    The Injury Report

    Unless he is just a game changer, hes gotta be a lock to RS now. By the the time he rehabs and gets into game shape the season will be so deep and roles will have already been assigned for the most part.
  15. khoock

    The Official Media Thread

    I remember it being a topic of discussion at the end of last season when Miles only got a one year extension. Its just an interesting storyline that I had forgotten about amongst all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming season.