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  1. This sucks I know it sounds dramatic but after seeing what covid did to that kid from Florida I'm fine if they call it a year. Health is all that matters.
  2. Nebraska is an elite program bud
  3. I dont think this team is worth writing a long summary about it's pretty much the same thing over and over.
  4. We got 1 coming in next year from a JC
  5. A volume scorer and better post play and this team is absolutely better. We'll have both of those things next year and a solid core group of players where we wont be starting off with a brand new team for the first time in 3 years.
  6. Dude I totally misread your title and thought you meant if we played MSU lol. As I said in the game thread this team is much better than last years team. This team has a good core like I said you put a couple top 150 guys on this squad who play up to their potential you have a good team. That's where were at and really it being just year 2 is a good spot.
  7. Yeah that's not what I'm saying at all and you've provided nothing of substance to suggest Thor earns his minutes. It's a discussion board why cant we discuss husker basketball? I'm not even insulting the kid.
  8. Hmm you must be trolling. I specifically said Yvan isnt ready yet either.
  9. None of what you said in your statement has anything to do with actual basketball and his game. It would be one thing if he was playing well but hes not. It's fair criticism.
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