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  1. So if im being honest looking at the roster..... Thor is the most valuable because of experience. I think he could become a poor mans Svi from KU. Ouedraogo is raw and would have benefited on most rosters as a red shirt but that guy can get you double doubles Piatkowski has value as a deep bench guy that can develop same with Easley. I would prefer Burke comeback but idk what he did to get suspended so that depends, Mack is damn talented but hes been suspended so many times its probably time to go. That's pretty much the list add the guys who sat out and some transfer idk if that's a post season roster or not but I do know they can win more than 7 games and this isn't just about year 1 or year 2. I guess the silver lining here is we all in the back of our minds were scared Hoiberg would leave at some point and it still might be true. The good news is he really can;t for atleast another 2-3 years because as I see it this team won't reach its full potential until then. Be patient folks.
  2. Learned my lesson from the football team and won't put expectations on next year. If I had to guess we'll all be excited rightfully so, but I do think there's not much talent on the current roster and the some that is might have been suspended this past week. If we win double digit games next year i'll be happy. That's my expectation. As long as talent keeps coming we have a chance. The good news for both teams, talent continues to keep coming. It's a long game and i'm fine with it at the end of the day as long as theres some results. I've seen NOTHING to suggest Hoiberg isn't the man.No doom and gloom over here go big red!
  3. 2 very talented players I was excited about with guys coming in next year too. Just ugh.
  4. Kids are playing hard just alot of youth and the talent level isnt where it needs to be compete in the B1G but again this thing was put together in a months time.
  5. It's been a chore to watch this team. Excited for next year though.
  6. Sounds like Donovan is causing a bit of chaos at KU. He told someone the coaches were expecting someone to transfer. The KU fans down here are upset lol
  7. We could finish the year with the same record as UNC. if someone would have told you that this summer you would have taken it!
  8. Thor is our Svi. Hes going to come in huge during our run next year.
  9. Reminds me of when Biggs left the team was better. No idea about the off the court stuff but on the court Biggs and Green have talent sometimes guys just dont fit. I'm not giving up on Green yet it's only 15 games but if the trend continues I hope the kid finds the best opportunity to flourish whether its here or somewhere else.
  10. Another year of development with the Frenchman, Banton, and Walker. Improve the free throw shooting and become more consistent shooting the ball next years team will be a tournament team.
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