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  1. Didnt make his cut unfortunately
  2. Congrats to the young man. As a life long Husker basketball fan I would be lying if I said if I could play anywhere with places like UK and KU promising me major minutes I'd still go to Nebraska. Heres the thing and feel free to downvote but we as fans and the coaching staff should take it as a slap in the face that we didnt make the top 12. We by all measures sucked last year. The good news is and I truly believe this we have a great staff but this should sting because we still have work to do. I'm too lazy to look it up what was Fred's highe
  3. A Nebrasketball team with great size? I'd really have to think the last time that was the case. Great get coach!
  4. If he can give you 5 points and 8 boards a game while playing defense that's all we need from him.
  5. I will start to worry about roster attrition when it becomes a net negative. As far as I can tell that's not the case
  6. Meh kid was a knucklehead as were some of us at that age. Hope this serves as wake up call and he balls out and ends up in the league. Wish him nothing but the best.
  7. Any other schools looking at this kid?
  8. I'm not saying anyone on this board is doing this but it's a shame sometimes how transfers are looked at as bad things. If I was working my ass off in practice and got alot of playing time on a 7 win team and better talent is being brought in my minutes go way down I'd look around as well if this was the last 3 or 4 years of highly competitive basketball I was going to play. A kid like Arop could go somewhere like Bowling Green or UMKC be a star on the team and play alot of minutes. Whatever happens with any of our players I wish them best of luck moving forward and totally get it. It's not a
  9. "Talent base though is being upgraded " Key takeaway from that whole tweet.
  10. So if im being honest looking at the roster..... Thor is the most valuable because of experience. I think he could become a poor mans Svi from KU. Ouedraogo is raw and would have benefited on most rosters as a red shirt but that guy can get you double doubles Piatkowski has value as a deep bench guy that can develop same with Easley. I would prefer Burke comeback but idk what he did to get suspended so that depends, Mack is damn talented but hes been suspended so many times its probably time to go. That's pretty much the list add the guys who sat out and
  11. Learned my lesson from the football team and won't put expectations on next year. If I had to guess we'll all be excited rightfully so, but I do think there's not much talent on the current roster and the some that is might have been suspended this past week. If we win double digit games next year i'll be happy. That's my expectation. As long as talent keeps coming we have a chance. The good news for both teams, talent continues to keep coming. It's a long game and i'm fine with it at the end of the day as long as theres some results. I've seen NOTHING to suggest Hoiberg isn't the
  12. 2 very talented players I was excited about with guys coming in next year too. Just ugh.
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