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  1. 1 more observation we are letting them dribble into the paint with too much ease.
  2. Mack has a chance to be my fav Husker player ever. Kids a stud!
  3. Too many good looks from 3. That first half was an ass kicking. Reminds me what ISU has done a few times to KU in the Big12 tournament. Always nice to get a W but like I said I'm just looking for improvement. They did that tonight!
  4. Howcome? He got good players at Iowa St. Its not like Iowa St was a basketball powerhouse and we have better facilities with a coach who's not only coached guys that made it to the NBA but coached in the NBA. If he could get guys to play in Ames IA why cant he get guys to Lincoln Nebraska? This team set a record for conference wins just a few years ago with a coach we all agree isnt as good as Hoiberg. Its year 1 for a coach who put a roster together in literally 60 days. Give him a few seasons.
  5. We have some good pieces, the bigs will continue to mature, and let's be very honest the guys who will get us over the hump arent on the roster. Fred will get us there and I look forward to the day Jim Nance reflects on our record this year as were dancing our way to the Sweet 16 :)
  6. Hoiberg went 3-13 his first year and 16-16 overall. Theres talent on this team the bigs are just so green its gonna take awhile. Getting Walker next year IMO will be huge no pun intended. Gonna have to change my expectations thought we could be an NIT team this year, instead I wont be focusing on wins and losses as much and more so individual players growth. Hoiberg is still the man this team could win 2 games all year and I would still believe that.
  7. This is where we turn the season around let's go boys!
  8. I've had the worst 48 hrs of my life in along time. Thank you for the laugh!
  9. Terrible from the FT line, maybe the worst shooting performance ever. Those 2 things will get better. We got pounded inside like I thought we would. That's just the reality of being so young. That will probably happen alot this year. Like coach Sadler said "Rome wasn't built in a day" were onto game 2 GBR!
  10. I'm not going to give predictions so just downvote me all year: heres what I want to see. Our big strong post guys keep pounding em all game no offensive rebound. Continue that beautiful ball movement we saw in Italy and guys will get theres. Aww screw it Nebraska 80 Beach boys 68
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