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  1. The prior regime didnt leave him with much he had 1 returning player his first year with a bunch of short term replacements cant really blame him for that since he took the job in April? Then COVID happens. Meanwhile the sport with all the resources cant even get a 5* to visit while it seems like Fred has 1 in Lincoln every other week and has already landed 1. Would it surprise anyone if he gets more in the future? I always said 18 wins I'll stick to that. 18 this year and has some talent coming back next year with more coming in. This program is in a good place. This is all we could have asked for when the hire was made.
  2. I dont know where Sip went but his recent article was pretty stupid.
  3. This just makes Bryce coming here that more special. I for one kinda took it for granted.
  4. Would our fan base turn that down? IMO I think some on here would look at that as a success.
  5. Hes a SR but doesnt he have another year of eligibility? I know they do in football I was under the assumption it's the same with basketball due to covid?
  6. I hope so but it also seems like a kid who will leave to make room for another player. I hope I'm wrong and you're right about his shooting improving. The biggest issue the past few years has probably been just starting over with a brand new roster so some continuity would be great.
  7. What do you mean? This kid looks pretty athletic. Will be some nice depth for the next few years. How many times have we been able to say that before?
  8. I dont want to get ahead of myself here as this season hasnt even started but I'm all in. This team looks deep just think what the season after looks like with the studs we already have committed and that's not to say Fred wont get a good transfer player too. This is beautiful I've never been this excited for Husker basketball.
  9. Keisei looks like an amazing shooter in that Huskee online video please shoot like that in games this team will go places!
  10. Oh I have no doubt the kid can shoot my only question is what his defense will be like.
  11. That conference schedule looks tough hoping we can get 10 or 11 wins and do work in the non-con. This is going to be a fun season.
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