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  1. This is a good thing right? I've seen alot of hate towards Davidson but his love and passion for the school is unquestioned.
  2. I value your opinion. Seriously. After the late night or whatever you call it you were the first person to point out what you saw which you called "hero ball" and you were 100% correct on it. Hopefully the effort you saw the other night can lead us to around .500
  3. A decade+ in the B1G and we finally (on paper) have a good/big front court
  4. Wacka Flocka has replaced Est Gee it sounds like
  5. I'm looking forward to the fallout from the old people once they hear EST Gee's music
  6. My internet has been acting crappy its loading slow. How much are they making off this? The athletic program is to the point it can print its own money now.
  7. I'm not buying the rumors at all at the end of the day Frost style just wasn't a fit and his adjustments sucked. It seems like there's been rumors about every coach that's been fired from Bo to even Miles. That's a fan base thing at the end of the day the program has flat out failed and it goes above the coaches especially football when you constantly have outside forces meddling with the program.
  8. I can't find this interview from today people were talking about but supposedly Stai said no Meyer & was saying some really shitty things about Benhardt. If this is true & that guy is the assistant AD we have more than just a coaching problem.
  9. Very good write up! I'm curious who was the the cancer coach you speak of? And what were they doing?
  10. I would love for that to happen but is this even our most talented team? On paper I would take The McGowens Brothers & Verge over this years or team or alot of Husker teams the last 15 years. Which makes it even more baffling they were THAT bad last year. I would be love to be wrong but if it's a toxic culture thing that unfortunately takes some time to cleanse.
  11. I wasn't surprised once we lost another close game to Northwestern it was "when" will Frost be fired and not "if" during the season. Looking back it makes sense that he failed after 1 real good season at UCF and some of his comments that showed some ego. Fred is a little more baffling IMO guy brought in some of the best players on paper in school history, won on a big level, etc and yet arguably has been worse than Frost.
  12. Non-con too easy should have a winning record the first month or so
  13. Yup Gene Chzik & Ed Orgeron prove that theory to be correct. I will say this the NU job is better than it was in 03', 07' & 17'
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