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  1. Not a 2020 guy but Isaac McBride just announced hes leaving KU. Would be a huge get.
  2. I already love this team. They played like shit early which is to be expected. Saw long stretches that reminded me of the old Doc teams on defense except with more talent. They at times reminded me of Fred's ISU teams with beautiful ball movement. I'm not going to knock Timmy but you can already see the contrast offensively. Not only did they move it around well they can shoot the rock. It's so refreshing to see. Would like to see them finish around the rim better. We probably left 10 or so points off the board. Overall I'll take a 30 point win anyday regardless of competition. Not going to make any prediction for the season because who cares. Its year 1 give us a team that we can be proud of and this squad certainly did that today. Go get em boys!
  3. only negative thing I have to say is they need to improve at finishing around the bucket.
  4. Wow what a freakin series of great D & ball movement with a fantastic score by Kavas
  5. I'll go with based off stats Green, Cheatham, and I'll say Burke because I think he will get his from 3. Mack can definitely get his too though. I love our front court dont get me wrong but not next year. I think front court is the toughest to adapt too. Sure you're big but how physical can you be especially in the B1G year 1? Dont get me wrong those kids will shine when the 2nd wave of guard talent comes in and we got plenty of that coming! As far as defense? With all respect to Balham, Ubel. Etc these kids are far more talented. I have no doubt Doc will have these kids getting after it from the go. I think we have a team we can be proud of just will take time to gel and learn how to win. I have no doubt Hoiberg will teach that. I'm just so glad we have coach Hoiberg and the days of futility are coming to and end and I'll no longer get neg bombed :) I'm all in with my Husker brethren between Hoiberg and Frost I couldn't ask for more. I'll be making the trip for KC to Lincoln this weekend floods and all to buy some Husker gear and snap some pics of my beloved DONU. GBR!
  6. Norm, Who do you think will be our top 3 average scorers next year? From the looks of it we have like 8 guys who can all average 12 a game....
  7. Get paid young man! So pumped I will finally get an NBA Jersey I can be proud of. Thank you for everything you've done for DONU so happy for ya!
  8. BuT hOiBeRg DoEsNt LiKe To ReCrUIT
  9. Fred Hoiberg is a got damn boss is there any question?
  10. We have the most unique name roster in the country too!
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