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  1. FWIW, I feel like this specific topic warrants main board discussion being that it is a separate opinion and somewhat more of a strategic/philosophical of Hoiberg's recruiting. My opinion is submitted, I will await the judges ruling respectfully.
  2. -I didn’t realize how much SDSU lost from last year. Very obtuse of me. I would have adjusted my score had I put an ounce of effort into researching that. They’re not good. -Fifteen times better energy to start the game, specifically defensively. I’m usually an, “offense is more important than defense,” type of guy - but this team needed a spark defensively to get them some easy buckets. It opened up everything else. -Funny how amazing everything looks when the ball goes in the rim. -I really like Kevin Cross. -This team will have to be creative and hyper aggressive defensively if we’re going to win >5 games in conference play. I’d suggest picking up 3/4 court and harassing the ball a bit.
  3. This is a safe place - and I’m glad we’re here for you to get that out of your system. Hope you feel better. We’ll be fine. We love you.
  4. Cam Mack, Banton, Stevenson, Green, and this guy would be TROUBLE. A must get in my opinion.
  5. This year has not gotten off to a great start. Given how big-time of a coach we secured, I don't think anyone assumed we'd start off 0-2 against some pretty poor teams. However, it took me about 2 minutes into the scrimmage to know that this was going to be a team who would struggle. We're skinny, inexperienced as a team, young in most places, have zero height or post players. JUCOs typically struggle to translate in their first year. We start a 17 year old. I guessed 16 total wins this year, and I'm even starting to doubt that. But guess what... it doesn't matter. Fred Hoiberg is a special coach. I have seen some things thus far that have me incredibly excited for the future of this program. Thought I would lay a few out for you all. 1. We run. Make or miss we run. It has been something I have been screaming about for years now. Wings... Must... Run. Bigs who don't get rebounds... Must... Run. Running doesn't mean you have to play fast or take bad, early shots. But it exhausts the defense and always pays off eventually. If you guys have noticed, our wings run straight to the corner and get wide early, right off the break - make or miss. Our bigs are attempting to rim run every time. I love it. It's literally the most important thing to an effective offense getting off to a good start on a possession. It sucks the defense in, then forces them to boomerang back out to close-out, which creates dribble drives and eventual shots. The biggest misconception of our offense and of an offense like Creighton's is that you can't be efficient or get shots late while running. It's just not true. You can run, and drag possessions out. They are not mutually exclusive. 2. The Xs and Os are there. You just can't see it yet. Timing isn't there, fluidity hasn't been achieved, and they're still thinking. I love the free-flowing, ball-screen, dribble drive motion that Hoiberg runs. Also, his sets so far are fantastic (we just can't execute them yet). They're simple, but get you moving. They emphasize spacing and match-ups. He really puts you in a "choose your own death" position on each set. Once the guys pick these up, you'll see. Watch for when Hoiberg holds up a 5 and does a "slice" motion. I believe they literally call this 5-Slice. When I am able to see it again, I will attempt to draw it up. It starts with some purposeful cutting that forces defenders to stick to their man, then hits you with a well timed ball screen that help just can't get to. We've ran it a couple times, but with poor execution and timing. He's also ran some really simple, effective sets against zone that we haven't executed. 3. He Demands respect. One of the toughest things about coaching these days is that you don't know how much you can lean on players and keep them around. Unlike Miles (and I don't fault him for this), Hoiberg just seems to demand respect from his players. His resume and career speak for themselves, so when he says something, you have to listen. It's probably one of the more unfortunate and toughest things about coaching - sometimes you can't get what you want until you've had some success and the players just don't second guess you. For what it is worth, I'm not trying to criticize Miles, as I believe I had this issue as a coach too. It's just something natural about a person that commands respect, and it's hard to cultivate out of nothing. You have to earn it, and often times it's earned by things that really weren't and aren't in your control. God made some men 6'5", square-jawed, and athletic. Some men (myself), he did not. Unfortunately sometimes those things command respect and you can't control it. When things get tough, and players are looking for excuses, having a coach who might be inexperienced/unsuccessful/didn't play pro/etc... can be an easy outlet. But when your coach is Fred Hoiberg, who's had success everywhere, played in the NBA, all the ladies want him and guys want to be him - you don't fall for those easy excuse traps. 4. I just love seeing Doc on the sideline. That's it, just that.
  6. It's all projection from the Husker Football season. Most would have been totally fine and understanding this year if football was even remotely relevant.
  7. Can someone explain something to me - why is Roby playing in the G-League right away when he's the highest paid second round draft pick of all time? Why wouldn't you have him down with your guys and playing right away if you have that type of investment in him? BTW - I thought I'd also add, just in case this comes to fruition, but I've always felt that Copeland would be the best pro from that team. His injury obviously hampers that expectations - but I feel as if he was the most underutilized and unrecognized talent that we have ever had at NU. Just my opinion.
  8. Look like a player with all the tools to be a B1G starter and major contributor.
  9. I hope those of you who disagreed with the sentiment of my post to, "temper your expectations," now understand why I was concerned. All is not lost. Lots of good things happened last night and I'm pretty excited for our future.
  10. Just wanted to clarify, as I realize this post is coming off a bit bitter and dick-ish. I still think that Chucky is a phenomenal player and will be a pain in our ass (as I mentioned before). When I say he is athletically and physically tapped out, that is still tapping out at a very good athlete and good body for the Big 10. But he kind of reminds me of Mike Gessell in that regard (who was also a great player). I just think we are in on players with more potential that are equally as competitive as Chucky right now. Just my opinion.
  11. We won 19 last year and probably should have won 25. I'd say if we won 16-18 that's considered a success this year. Anything above that gets the mayor a lifetime contract. Ha
  12. Roby, Copeland, Palmer we’re without a doubt big ten bodies. You’re flat out wrong if you disagree with that. Watson had serious big 10 experience. Borchart would start on this years team.
  13. Disappointing. However, and I know everyone always says this when we miss out on someone, but I think we are in with better fits. He’s almost completely tapped out physically and athletically. But I’m sure he’ll be a pain in our ass at Wisconsin.
  14. Was at the scrimmage last night. I just want to be crystal, crystal clear here: I’M NOT SAYING WE’VE BEEN SOLD A LEMON OR THAT WE SUCK OR THAT HOIBERG SUCKS OR THAT MILES NEEDS TO BE BACK OR THAT OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF.... but.... if I were you, reader of this post, I’d slightly temper and adjust my expectations for THIS SEASON. Here’s just a few thoughts: -Higher chance we have a rough year this year than a good year. Lots of skinny dudes, with almost no bigs. B1G not gonna be fun this year. -Yvan is not ready. Closer to 6’7” than he is 6’9”. Huge build (and a huge head, so he’s always going to perplex this board in regards to his “true” height), very strong, but was working against fellow, 6’7”, freshman Kevin Cross. I don’t think we lucked into our own secret Giannis, but he’ll be a serviceable banger if he sticks around. -Mack is as advertised. Not sure he can shoot from outside. Shot from deep does not look natural or rhythmic. But boy can he slash the paint, finish, and find dudes. I’d describe him as a “violent” driver. -History says Jervay Green will struggle this year (JUCO shooter/scorers in their first year of D1), and I imagine he’ll prove that trend correct. He’ll show flashes of brilliance from time to time and probably have a very good senior year next year. -Is Stevenson eligible? Because if he isn’t I’m not sure who will get a rebound. -Kavas (sp?) and Cheatman (sp?) are really nice, experienced senior plays that I wish many of our previous teams had on them. Not superstars by any means, but complete basketball players (for what they do), that will be very serviceable. -Burke is a sprinter with the ball in his hands. Nice guy to have with Mack. Not sure if he can shoot, but he’s a hard working, athletic, aggressive player. -(gonna sneak this in here) Last years healthy top 6 beats whoever this years top 6 is pretty handily. There’s no Robys, Copelands, or Palmers out there. Miles shouldn’t be allowed to coach again after squandering our opportunity last year. I didn’t say that. I don’t mean that. I’m sorry Tim I still love you. -This years team will have a lot more serviceable, decent players that can just play ball than we’ve had in years past. Problem is we don’t have a definitive 1-5 and will be missing some serious size and girth (my wife agrees hey-o). -Banton (sp?) can literally be as good as he wants to be. If intangibles are there, all-big ten will be there.
  15. Yeah but I wouldn’t trade their success for anything
  16. Phenomenal young man. Used to be able to jump out of the gym. Had a great career at Benedictine College in KS (I believe).
  17. I like the Elam ending while watching tbt
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