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  1. He was great. Exact character I thought NU needed.
  2. Odd how you went to salacious/inappropriate right away….
  3. When enough time has passed, I’ll spills the beans on everything I know about the end of the Miles era. He needed to go.
  4. I don’t think Verge is the one even remotely doing things to keep other teams in games. He turns it over just like everyone else, takes bad shots like everyone else, and is super lax on D from time to time like everyone else. If anything, besides Bryce and Walker, he’s the only one also consistently bringing super positive things. Everyone else does the bad stuff and either brings no good stuff or is inconsistent doing so.
  5. Well, ironically, I’m Team Verge. I don’t think the Teddy comparisons are fair.
  6. It’s pretty clear by FH’s comments after the game that this crap style of offense is exactly what is allowed in practice - it’s just that the crap shots go in during practice. Duh. That’s why coaches for years have basically said, “that shit won’t work in games. Too much pressure and the D is playing harder.”
  7. I went from thinking we had the pieces to be a bubble team to I’m not sure we’ll win a conference game.
  8. Outside of like 2-3 games in the past two years, he always has. I don’t understand why he starts, let alone plays.
  9. There’s just no reason for Tominaga to play if Webster is available.
  10. Hosts go on a great rant once they get started. Gotta skip past the annoying beer take stuff. Hit on a lot of things I’m very frustrated about. https://open.spotify.com/episode/274vf97vljblsNvxhT3LSQ?si=viIB_uatS96OHKAmcHMSnQ&context=spotify%3Acollection%3Apodcasts%3Aepisodes
  11. Man this is ugly… Jesus. Very clear there's serious chemistry and trust issues on this team.
  12. Man… I mean I guess I agree with your defensive philosophy… but I’m not sure I feel this is our issue, and bro, why so rude to Doc, lol?
  13. Disagree with the sentiment here. None of those guys decided to play that way because Verge is dribbling and shooting too much. This has been a systematic issue since Hoiberg has been here. If those guys knew how to move without the ball and space properly, they would get the ball. Verge has shown the ability to make great passes. Do I think he's making great decisions always? No. I do not like his shot selection. But I think, for the most part, he's taking what the defense is giving him and what is available. Just my opinion, we can agree to disagree. No disagreement from me here. I would just add that all the guys need to accept their role, move without the basketball, swing it, and play team basketball. My point is not all of this falls on Verge's shoulders. Not even close, imo.
  14. I'm not sure it's that simple, but I'll give it to you. No one disagrees with that. And everyone agrees with your last sentence. Maybe you have the the clips or screen grabs - but when I watch I haven't seen a lot of guys shot ready, in a window, ready for kick outs - and I have just seen a guy (verge) taking what the defense has given him but unfortunately not finishing. At this point I am not sure I have seen anyone on this team who's NOT a black hole. It's a team problem. Wilhelm thinks he's gotta dribble and score if he touches it. Lat thinks he needs to dribble and score if he touches it. Kobe the same. Trey the same. Bryce the same. CJ the same. Too many guys with one skill set and mentality. Not enough guys willing to play a different role and differ.
  15. I dunno man... Watching the Peru State and Colorado games, he was absolutely elite in getting the ball distributed. Teams have adjusted to take away the pick and roll game for him and give him the jump shot. It's on coaching that they haven't adjusted and corrected the play, or created open opportunities for others. He's been head hunting the paint, and getting there, and there's not a lot of options for him other than the jump shot (which he is good at, it's just not falling). Where's the other cutters? Where's the guys finding open windows for kick-outs? Where's the Spanish ball screen game (screening the roll man's guy)? Where's using a guy like Bryce as a screener?
  16. I think a lot on this board are being far too hard on Verge (fairly critical, yes for sure, but too hard as far as "consequences"). We're jaded by the Biggs/Teddy situations - and now we think this is some sort of systematic problem and anyone who isn't playing well is some sort of team chemistry cancer. Verge is not one of those guys imo. From all accounts he seems like a good dude, on time, lunch pail guy. A firey competitor, and cares about his teammates. He just likes to tote the rock and score and we'd like him to create and distribute a bit more. Fixable things, imo.
  17. I've always called it ".5" So, let's say the ball is on the right wing, below the free throw line or level with the block. Any pass that goes left is a "negative" pass. As in, it's going away from the hoop. We would yell that we want the ball in out of hands for ".5 seconds," on all negative passes and get it reversed to the other side. So we constantly talked about reversing negative passes as soon as possible. When you make it routine, it gets the ball out of the hands of selfish people quickly and to the other side of the court. Of course, some teams are "hand in the passing lane," or, "denial," defenses. So you have to be careful of swinging it through the top of the key without looking. So we would then work on immediate actions or ball fakes on all negative passes. The ".5" rules still applies - as you're catching it, you have .5 seconds to swing it, pass fake it, enter into the post, or drive. Either way ball has to move away from where it came from.
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