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  1. Finally listening to parts of this. I'd agree. That wasn't as bad as some of you are making it out to be. I found him quite complimentary of the place. I would also, in theory, agree with him that he did his job as far as getting guys here. Two of Hoiberg's teams, if they were effectively managed from a leadership/culture/chemistry perspective, should have had their records flipped around. He also, according to everything I have read here and elsewhere, was just an absolutely terrible assistant coach from a leadership/chemistry/culture/basketball perspective. But nonetheless, that is a failure on FH, and FH alone, for letting stuff like that fester and for how long it did. I would have canned him a long time ago, recruits be damned, if he ever remotely disrespected my authority or undermined me. You absolutely, 100%, cannot have that on a coaching staff. There has to be harmony and cooperation.
  2. Took care of business in impressive fashion, albeit against a horrific team. But we did it nonetheless
  3. I can’t watch another year of this man. I can’t do it. And we lose anyone with a pulse, from a bad team. Fred is an incredible human being and I’d even say an incredible coach/basketball mind. But this just has not worked out for whatever reason(s). And honestly I feel TERRIBLE for him and the guys. Zero animosity or hate here, and I’m not the type to be calling for a dudes job - I feel like this is more of a putting someone out of their misery situation.
  4. We need a new coach, fellas. A fresh start is desperately needed here. And I say this as someone who was a full Hoiberg believer and just could have never believed it would come to this.
  5. And we created all those good looks for them with our stupid defense from the 2000s.
  6. Not that the bird hasn’t been screaming the last couple years… but for this season, this game will be the canary in the coal mine for me. Oklahoma is not great, and they won’t overwhelm us with pace. If this is a double digit loss, it’s probably safe to say we won’t win more than 1-3 games in conference.
  7. Why? And be held accountable to my sh** takes and bs?
  8. If Tulane wins Friday and UCF Saturday, we’ll have our coach Sunday. If Tulane loses or UCF loses we won’t have our new coach until the Creighton game.
  9. We need someone who can make the high-low pass. Gary and Wilhelm don’t seem capable or willing.
  10. The physicality they put on display in the first half vs St. John’s proved to be real.
  11. Probably not a win under any other Hoiberg era team. Congrats to the boys. Played hard and pulled away. Made the necessary adjustments.
  12. Dare I say I was…….. encouraged… by that game? I think St John’s has a shot at being good. Mike Anderson is probably one of the most underrated coaches out there, and they’re one of the most physical teams I’ve seen play the game in a while.
  13. I waaaaay behind on the game. In my timeline we just played the toughest, hardest, competitive version of basketball I’ve seen in the Hoiberg era. My text messages from buddies tell me I’m about to be very disappointed.
  14. I predicted in a loss in our HHC Competition, but listening to a breakdown of this team, I am not so sure we aren't the perfect team to beat them. They're good at guard, but there's a high-likelihood of chemistry issues with these guys, and they kind of require to speed you up to score. I can't see a team speeding Sam up very well. I think if we keep this game slow and limit open looks from 3, we could win a game in the 60s.
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