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  1. I have to eat humble pie: I was one of the worst offenders re: Stevenson. I thought he would be one of our best.
  2. Huskerpapa, I think the new normal will be close, if not exactly like your list above. America is now a failed state, rapidly devolving into a third world disaster. It likely won't improve (look at the history of empires), but the one certainty is the last one, which henceforth shall apply to both basketball (obviously), and football. The "wait 'til next year" shibboleth will finally go into the long night once the last person born in the 1980s dies. As is said about scientific advances: they progress one funeral at a time. Happy new year anyway, Husker fait
  3. Agree, hhcscott! Take heart, I worked out the simulations and the computer vomited out the following: NU will actually be a near-bubble team (in February) in 2044, so take your vitamins!
  4. I'm with you- and writing this from the asylum in which I have been contained since the 70s when I began torturing myself each winter. I won't give up and still thank God the He sent us Coach Hoiberg. It isn't hard to let go and hope for better results next year, and as several keen observes have noted- our metrics are improving. The record isn't but eventually the math will begin to make sense in the macro. Here's to a happy and blessed new year for each one of you on this board. God be praised!
  5. Fantastic. That likely means we will only lose all our games by twenty-five!
  6. Unless Walker is, as a contributor to this board said, "a miracle", we can file this in the ocean-size cabinet of sad, embarrassing and hopeless NU basketball seasons. My guess is nothing good will happen and the season will bleed out as it always does. Many of us know what two blowout losses to start the conference season portends- absolutely no chance of having a good season. I'm wondering if NU wins one conference game this season. Friends, we are currently on a 0-19 streak in conference.
  7. I hope to see Banton put together two excellent years, then be picked as a high first round choice. It is nice seeing the mention of two incoming Huskers, McGowens and Breidenbach as future draftees, and I still hold out hope than coaches Hoiberg and Abdelmassih can land Traudt which would really establish the program. As for this year perhaps we get a reprieve what with the immediate eligibility of Lakes, and the return of Andre and likely starter, Walker. With two significant contributors, coupled with Andre possibly being more than the usual stiff NU annually trots o
  8. Not exactly a glowing estimate of Andre's potential. If the coach states it this way I can only imagine what it will actually be like. How tedious. The perpetual dearth of serviceable, to say nothing of a quality post player at NU is downright grim. What the bloody, f*****g hell does it take to get someone with ability to accept a free scholarship at the university?
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