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  1. For sure. Like all the greatest players he makes the game look simple. No wasted movement, no over-exertion. Things that cannot be taught. He has the type of game we saw with one of the greatest, Kevin McHale.
  2. Really glad to see Coach with such foresight. I hope he lands him early because he will be a top ten recruit by his SR. year. Staggering potential.
  3. For the record, Ansalem can also pound sand. He and Sanogo.
  4. Does anyone on this board have any reasonable hope Sallis chooses NU? Is the growing uncertainty at KU something which factors in to his choice, and would it matter considering N. Carolina offered? Any insights are appreciated. I don't want to get my hopes too high but considering Hoiberg and Abdelmassih are chasing him- not past coaching staffs- I can't seem to abandon some hope.
  5. Happy about this signee. So, does Hoiberg still pursue Breidenbach for next year?
  6. If this is true does this make Hoiberg go hard after another big man even if he thinks Sanogo ultimately signs later in the summer?
  7. I thought, and would have preferred Arop, rather than Cross leaving. I don't understand how Arop hangs on when he rarely saw minutes on the worst team in the league. Curious.
  8. Disappointed, surely, but I trust Hoiberg. I sure hope he has a couple of impact players on the line. I'd be very crestfallen if Sanogo doesn't sign. Beside him, who is most likely? Any guesses?
  9. Let all of the Husker fans pray Sanogo signs. If he does we might have something historic to look forward to next season.
  10. Want to thank MandRHusker for his/her accurate information. Now, what can you tell us regarding Sanogo?
  11. Wonderful news. Now land Sanogo and we have a legitimate Big Ten squad! Go get him, Coach "A"!
  12. I am surprised Arop hasn't entered his name in the transfer pool. I like him personally but it seems odd Hoiberg hasn't moved on him. We shall see....
  13. Hoiberg still needs a rebounder. I am really hoping they can land Sanogo. Then they need a couple of sit-out transfers: McGowens and who knows? Does anyone else know who they are chasing? I know we didn't make the cut w/ Nolley Jr. (he can pound sand too!)
  14. For the record, Mack, too can pound sand. His attitude was shit and he wasted immense talent. Good luck to anyone who picks him up. A true locker room germ, to use a current metaphor.
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