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  1. Interesting observation. I would be thrilled with Dainja. Isn't he a cousin of a football target of Frost?
  2. I would be happy w/ Williams. I am really liking Davis the more I see/read about him, but we must land a couple of rim-walkers (the type Baylor, Texas Tech, and Oregon all lately have thrived with).
  3. This will be a critical choice. (Also curious how many scholarships are likely available). My guess is we will have two.
  4. Who are the prime targets for next year? I know the staff will be extremely selective. What names have been bandied about, if anyone remembers? My guess is they target a point guard and and the most athletic, good shooting, high skilled big man. (Not 6'6"- 6'8" but rather 6'10+). I think they go hard after Dainja, Garcia and Carlson from MN., and the 7-foot, five-star from Iowa, Xavier Foster. Have also heard good things about Hugley from OH. For smaller guys, the dream recruit would be Jalen Suggs (6'5" point guard from MN.) Apparently Hoiberg is going hard after him and has some kind of rapport with the Suggs family, and he does with Carlson's. Ideally Frost would sign him and it would be a windfall for Hoiberg who wouldn't have to spend a scholarship. It would also be great if Zaire Wade walks on (I'm guessing his father and mother wouldn't be too set back with the tuition). And it would be a great way to show their Husker support as opposed to merely wearing licensed merchandise.... Any thoughts?
  5. Basketballjones nailed it! That is one of the best, most accurate summaries I have seen. Perfect scouting.
  6. Well spotted regarding Maye. Nevertheless, a rare, and fortuitous development for NU!
  7. Blackshear likely a dream sure but Ntambwe did visit....
  8. I think both will not be remembered as walk-ons but as major contributors. I have followed basketball for years and can't remember someone as good/highly ranked as Easley walking on at a major program. Both guys may end up being the sleepers of the entire first recruiting class.
  9. Very good, thank you for the link. I will hold out hope that we will get an impact big man before the trip to Italy. I don't Hoiberg will come up short- still a lot of time to work the back channels.
  10. Can't recall the source but someone on this board mentioned that it wouldn't be surprising if Hoiberg lands a grad. transfer after the May 15 signing date. I may be wrong but I thought grad. transfers can sign anytime. If so, I expect a nice surprise (read: mobile big man!) signing on before the trip to Italy. I think Cross aims low and signs w/ the Cowboys, by the way.
  11. Tues. we will know about Cross. Ntambwe, does anyone know anything? He has gone radio silence. I do think Ouedraogo is a tremendous acquisition especially considering his age. One doesn't often see young men with that kind of muscular development as well as coordination. Imagine what he will do with the strength and conditioning complex at NU, and the staff's coaching. I predict in a couple of years commentators around the college world will be wondering how the elite programs didn't see him.
  12. Two great days in a row. Sometimes I wonder if I am dreaming....
  13. Wouldn't Ntambwe possibly be eligible since his coach was fired? Also, Cross would be immediately eligible.
  14. Fantastic news today! Stevenson seems a real gem and will be a huge piece of the puzzle going forward. If he isn't exactly a Royce White he is about as close as one could hope. Now, my question to all and sundry Husker fans: what is likely to happen with the remaining 3-4 scholarships? Firstly, do we get Cross? Ntambwe? Do we stand a chance with Figueroa? I know many on this board are more knowledgeable than I but I won't be completely comfortable with the upcoming year's prospects quite yet unless we get prototypical Hoiberg-type big forward. Meaning, a 6'9'-6'11" guy who isn't the typical stiff NU usually has riding the bench. This team is aiming for the stars and that means a mobile, strong, skilled and aggressive big man. Are there still any good, Big Ten quality guys still available at this late date? What is the scuttlebutt? Any rumors? I want to thank the Lord for sending Fred Hoiberg to us.
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