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  1. You are correct about two of them redshirting, but that is part of my point: they are not good enough to break into the rotation on a rotten team. Essentially NU will be starting over for the fourth year in a row. This must end.
  2. True story: back in 1996 I had the great misfortune to find myself at Lloyd Noble in Norman when NU was in town. (No, I did not waste my time following the team to Oklahoma, rather I was on my way home from a delightful visit with friends in N. Orleans) On the night before the game I found myself in the hotel elevator with former assistant Jai Steadman (great guy) and three other Huskers, including the aforementioned J. Boone. Rather than getting a good night's rest, this spoiled imbecile asked if I would buy him and "the fellas" beer! I responded by asking him if he was "fucking nuts". Turns out he was....
  3. Well, Bryce McGowens likely will not be at NU next season, nor will his brother, whom I do like a lot. Before the season that would have bothered me (Bryce not returning). Now? Who cares? Furthermore when looking at the roster for next season they will lose Verge, Jr., probably Walker, Webster (who at least plays with some fire), Mayen (no production) and Lakes (whose lack of playing time baffles me since he seems to be the only player who can shoot the three...?!) So who does that leave? Tominaga, Wilcher and Andre and Breidenbach if he recovers and wants to play for a shitty team. Wow. The idea that McPherson, Edwards and Kojenets will produce in the Big Ten next year is ridiculous. They don't see one minute of playing time on the worst Power Six team in the land this season. What is Hoiberg doing? Saving them for next season? My question to you faithful fans is as follows: is there a head coach in America who can put a staff together at NU that won't suck ***K by choice- to quote from the great "Deadwood"?
  4. Leave it to Nebraska to have a five-star high school player finally accept a scholarship and he turns out to be merely ordinary. Every team with a five-star high school player NU plays at least distinguishes himself. Not NU!
  5. A quick look at the stats: 17.9% from three (the foundation upon which the team is built!), 68.2% from FTs and 32.8% from the field- and this to a team which is likely to be the worst in the Big Twelve (at home, no less). The recruiting momentum they had half a year ago or so is now gone and once again next year the team will be completely restocked with the newest crop of cast-offs who shoot "lights out" in practice. It is obvious this crack-minded "five-out" experiment has failed. It is amateur hour at the Apollo. Seriously, Hoiberg's program couldn't be worse if they had no coach at all. If the players coached themselves the results wouldn't likely be much worse, if at all. The university needs to stop paying idiotic amounts of money to get these results. We all know NU will never win a tournament game with this staff as long as they compete in the rugged Big Ten, let alone win a conference title, but they could have a year where they win four or five conference games if they had a competent staff. When Hoiberg is fired by Alberts he will leave NU with a season best three conference wins after four years! Perhaps there is a basketball historian who might know of a major conference which has been as bad over a four year period (by percentage) but I don't. I thought it might have been Colorado under Tom Miller in the mid-to-late 80s but I looked at the sports-reference website and alas, Colorado was even better than Hoiberg! Miller's hapless team won at a .190 clip. Hoiberg currently sits at .086. Imagine being twice as bad as the worst team of all time. This is almost sublime in its historical wretchedness. And all this in front of the best, most long-suffering fans in Division One. To put this in an historical perspective. Prior to Hoiberg's arrival the worst tenure by an NU coach was a nine-year stretch of futility from 1954 to 1963. The winning percentage was .326- something we would all rejoice over at this juncture. The architect of that previous low you may ask? None other than Hoiberg's grandfather Jerry Bush.
  6. Keep in mind Kennesaw was competitive vs. Creighton and Iowa State. Kennesaw 60 NU 56
  7. Question: how many wins will this bunch eek out going forward? I submit, one, if they are lucky and hit around 50% from the three point line as a team for a whole game. Can you say 0-20 in the conference?
  8. This looks like a team that is not going to relinquish last-place in the Big Ten without a real fight! (Three-peat!)
  9. I won't matter at all (if the rumors are true). They will start over, fail with the next "great coach" get a new coach and fail with him from here to eternity. I agree with one of the earlier posts: we cannot even cheat well. Funny thing, Husker basketball....
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