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  1. Just for the record, Kevin Marfo can pound sand.
  2. Should two more defect (Arop, Mack?) I would like to see NU land Nolley and either McGowens or OSU PG Carton. That would follow Hoiberg model which is to have two high-impact sit-out transfers per season. Then the following year they could land local hero, Sallis and PG Whitt. Thoughts?
  3. Well, I appreciate him because he was a Husker but I am very pleased we have a staff that means business. Again, something we have never had. The constant attempts at upgrading is correct and gives the fan base hope. I wish Burke well. Now let's sign Sanogo and the Grad. Transfer Marfo so we won't ever be anything less than dominant on the glass!
  4. hskr4life, you make a fair point. More precisely I would say that the difference between Miles and Hoiberg is that Hoiberg doesn't go after marginal players that Miles did.
  5. Even if we don't land many of the players we offer at least we are trying. NU had such a defeatist attitude historically. And one cannot achieve anything without trying.
  6. Does anyone know how long before we hear who our other players leaving will be?
  7. Imagine if we have two more defections think if we land Sanogo and the grad. transfer Marfo! Might as well dream big....
  8. Yes, I actually like Mack and think he is affable and coach-able but it appears Hoiberg has moved on with Webster. McCray was an asshole and had he had the common sense God gives an animal would have been a rich man.
  9. Even though Mack's been a handful I hope he returns though I doubt he will. Green and Burke Jr., though solid can be replaced, and it will leave the program without much of Miles influence. That said, Arop should go too. He could thrive at a smaller school. Scholarships cannot be wasted what w/ the attrition rates and injuries. I really hope Cross returns- even more than Ouedraogo. My guess is four players leave. That would allow for three new players, assuming Easley goes back to walk on status. NU still needs a sharpshooter and an athletic big man (or two!)
  10. We need two more bigs who are athletic. I hope for H.S. Center Sanogo and someone else- either Clemence or a high-quality grad. transfer. It looks like Whitt will be in the class w/ Sallis. Wouldn't it be great to get those two!
  11. Yes, I hope Coach can "reach" Mack and show him that a slight modification in attitude will serve him for the rest of his life.
  12. Handy Johnson, you made me laugh out loud w/ the McPipe line. Thank you!
  13. brfrad, you are right, so there is cause for some hope, I suppose, but the good programs are built on high school players, as I'm sure you know. Until the "stars" currently considering NU sign I remain guarded. However, according to Rivals.com. NU is in the lead for PG Whitt, and PFs Clemence, Breidenbach and C Sanogo- all of whom are in the Top 100.
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