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  1. I'm not sure he is the best Juco player in the country. Mack certainly was close to that level as well.
  2. Great post, Mr. Red. I'm curious which players you think might not return. I have heard rumors Throbjarnarson might graduate and leave to play pro ball overseas. Of the others I think Arop will likely depart for a school where he plays a more prominent role. Who does that leave who likely won't see much playing time? Strangely if Green doesn't play again I don't see him staying although he would have to sit out a year (right?)
  3. I don't understand the complete abandonment of Green. I admit I know very little compared to Coach but it still seems odd. If this lack of playing time continues I don't expect to see him on the roster next season. Perhaps that is what the staff is doing in order to get a better player? I'm always interested in roster upgrades.
  4. I have him slotted in as a certain starter next year.
  5. I hope I am wrong but I am worried Garza may set the individual scoring record for a single game.
  6. I'd say Carter Whitt, Hunter Sallis and one of the big men they appear to have strong interest from: Anselem, Clemence, Breidenbach, Mading, Tchikou or someone else ranked in the Top 50-100 and this team is poised to make a big noise under Hoiberg.
  7. As it stands I would think the starting five for next year are Mack, Allen, Banton, Stevenson and Walker. I think Arop transfers.
  8. I think the last scholarship (hopefully) goes to Whitt- provided he classifies for '20. If not, then I have no idea who is most likely to sign.
  9. Cautiously, very excited about the Ouedraogo's future after seeing today's effort and performance. If he can work as hard as he seems to be then he likely has a very productive future ahead. Every Big Ten team seems to needs one fellow like him if they have championship aspirations. I know today's opponent is not on par with conference teams but fourteen rebounds against any Div. 1 team is noteworthy. The coaches are doing a nice job bringing him along.
  10. Yes sir, thrasher31! This is a dream scenario coach A might be able to make a reality (stay away, OSU!)!
  11. Whitt is really, really good. He has an awareness and understanding of the game that is rare. He is so fluid and unhurried. I agree with Coach Bennett (Virg.) who says he makes the best passes of any high school player this year. It seems his interest in NU is high. I sure hope coach Abdelmassih can land him.
  12. I truly appreciate the contributions by the faithful here. My opinion is Green is a good young man, and suffering like all of us. I think his best play is to come. By the way, I love Easley's game- always have. It seems every great team has a guy similar in skills and attitude to Easley, and that is where this program is headed under Coach Hoiberg. I am enjoying the building process as we go. The destination will be all the sweeter....
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