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  1. Kansas can pound sand. Hopefully the N.C.A.A. will cripple them w/ sanctions. Think about that, Mr. Sallis.
  2. Appreciate both responses. I agree I'd much rather see Drago for a full career than Johnson for one. Question to OmahaHusker: what makes you think Sallis will leave the state? (I always think a potential star will leave, by the way!)
  3. I think this team will be the least successful in modern NU history. Green and Mack were right about the rebounding and it will only get worse as the quality of teams improves. The team's chance at being decent this year ended when the seven footer, Jace Johnson chose Marquette over NU. There were a couple other whiffs on post players- what is it about NU and the lack of inside players? It shocks me that Hoiberg thought the team had a chance to be good without being able to rebound.... Nevertheless, I will stand with the Huskers this year despite the likelihood of going through the conference winless. Yes we should have a chance to knock off Northwestern on March 1 in Lincoln. My primary worry is how this might impact recruiting. I hope the awfulness of this year's squad doesn't scare off Sallis, and the other highly rated post players considering NU. I'm an old man who has been supporting NU in vain for decades so the transition from the recruiting season which opened with some promise quickly transforms into that horrible, sinking feeling many of us know too well.
  4. Regarding the N.C.A.A., there is one comfort which can be taken: the certainty and ease of finding gainful employment should a person fall on hard times. For qualifications one needs only to be alive. Being stupid and sanctimonious ensures a fast ascent....
  5. Wanted to add that Clemence, Breidenbach and the local young man, Jasen Green all would be high-end additions to the team in the next couple of years. I am glad Green has been extended his first offer by NU because his ceiling is limitless. Fantastic game- he plays like a veteran. Versatile and smooth as glass.... Coach A. needs to land him as Sallis.
  6. Well said, LK1! And I initially had reservations about Ouedraogo but don't anymore. Yes, he is raw, but not inordinately so. Like Cross, he seems really coach-able. His size reminds me of the type of load down low that Michigan State usually has and his skills are fairly formidable. Stunning to hear he is seventeen and has never lifted weights! As for Easley, I am totally convinced. He is "the" steal for us. He will grow be a key contributor for years. His intelligence is high and he already plays without fear. His shot looks perfect too. Lest anyone think he is merely a walk-on thereby dampening expectations keep in mind he was rated by at least one recruiting service as a national Top 160 player. To me this is a windfall NU hasn't ever had. And I agree about the 4/5 start Hoiberg-type bigs- who wouldn't want to play with all these great guards? (hoping to add at least one more great guard in Sallis!)
  7. Really pleased with Cross who may become an excellent player. He seems to play with intelligence and passion, and his skill-set is rather rare, particularly for a true freshman. His body is already radically different from the time he arrived here in Lincoln. He appears to trust the staff which is good for all the players. I anticipate hearing announcers increasingly say what a great surprise or a "steal" he has been as his career unfolds. I just hope Hoiberg and staff reel in a couple of long, bouncy athletic forwards. Read: Mading, Tchikou, Anselem to help with the rebounding going forward. ALE
  8. How delightful it would be if the band played the ominous intro to KISS' "God of Thunder" every time Thor enters the game.
  9. Couldn't agree more. I hate that kind of myopic (non) thinking. I think we should all call when stupidities like that are voiced statewide. Most of us hang on any kind of recruiting information or any other kind of basketball news. Frankly, it is much more compelling than the empty minutia that is trotted out every football season.
  10. If they land Sallis, Tchikou and either Anselem or Breidenbach I would be very happy. They seem to be legitimately possible to sign- all of them. I keep reading that they are actually being considered by Kuminga too. Would love feedback from the informed members of this board regarding recruiting. Am I tilting at windmills or should we be cautiously optimistic?
  11. You may be on to something here.... I hope it is so, in any case. Mading would help immediately. And, if this was to get Mading then he must be "certain" to sign, yes?
  12. The NCAA is capricious, but I am wondering what the informed persons on this board think of his chances for a favorable ruling?
  13. That is one of the funniest responses I've heard on this board. Cheers!
  14. He spoke of his experience at NU in fine terms but seemed to rave about LSU which he hasn't even visited yet. The football blowout vs. OSU seems to temper his feelings a bit. Some have him signing w/ NU, some LSU. Here's hoping Coach Abdelmassih works his magic.
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