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  1. It does make me wonder if there are/will be vestiges of "the curse", and if so, how long it will take for The Mayor to banish it....
  2. I agree Norm, but I sure will take this over the string of bad luck which has run uninterrupted for decades. I trust he will recover and come out extra committed. But yes, we sure need him now being the only true lead guard on scholarship.
  3. Sorry Norm, I have a weakness for blue language, especially when it concerns rival basketball teams.... Will censor myself more thoroughly in the future. Cheers! By the way, it is a tad confusing that any offers are being made considering no scholarships are available. Obviously the staff assumes there will be someone who leaves....
  4. I see that D. Dainja took his act to those cocksuckers from Baylor. Does NU go with another big man (my thought) or someone else? Any opinions?
  5. I think Stevenson will be very effective from the beginning.
  6. Why not try? None of the previous staffs ever consistently tried to battle for the best.
  7. It does seem strange. Dain Dainja seems much more necessary, but they don't pay me the big money....
  8. How sweet it will be when NU lands their first (hopefully of many!) five-star players. It is a matter of time. Young Clarke would be more appreciated here than any of the other schools.
  9. I thought NU was hard after D. Dainja for '20? Is it possible Hoiberg would be unable to sign him if he was inclined to sign? Surely Thorbjarnarson would be expendable.... Thoughts?
  10. Appreciate the responses. His physique is totally different obviously. What I see in their similarity is their court vision. The way he gets past the first line of defense and then with complete poise makes passes that would be really difficult for others easily and within the flow of the game. It is difficult to articulate, but his court-sense and the speed at which he plays is really special. Rare is the guard who is lightning quick but who is comfortable going slower at times to confuse defenses, much like a pitcher throwing a well-timed change up.
  11. And I will be pleased if he is half as productive, although I expect it to be relatively comparable.
  12. I think Dainja from MN. is a strong candidate especially if his cousin Watts signs with Frost. Who are the other strong candidates (not merely longshots)?
  13. Could Fraschilla be right? What would that do for expectations next year?!
  14. Not a problem guys, I know we all love them. (Hoiberg and Chilton). I saw him at the Ranch Bowl years ago. I wish I could have seen him in the early 70s w/ Big Star!
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