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  1. Imagine rooting for a softer, big loser energy duo than Nebraska men’s basketball and football.
  2. Arizona State vs Oregon is on ESPNU right now.
  3. I’ve been Eeyore with the recruits and the transfers, but it’s hard to be down with a recruiting class like this. Just incredible.
  4. I’m happy that Hoiberg got a guy he wanted, but I have such little enthusiasm for commits these days. Transfers are a huge part of the game, but it makes it hard for me to care since it seems like these guys are gone a year or two later anyway. Sorry to be Eeyore.
  5. Disappointing. No other way to put it. We look like we have no idea what to do in the half court.
  6. Nitpicky after a win, for sure, but imagine how good this team can be once they have better ball movement to create wide open 3s? And I can’t even explain how my body reacts to Allen’s shooting form. How does it get to that point?
  7. I assume people meant Levert the college player. If we’re talking the NBA player, he definitely is a poor man’s version. He did sign a $52.5M deal after all...
  8. I know these are unprecedented times, but holding off on talking about your recruiting class because of the schedule seems odd to me. I think they know what’s coming...
  9. I hope this happens for all you board old timers. This program hasn’t really deserved the support you guys have given it over the years, and lord knows you’ve seen too many recruiting battles end in heart break.
  10. Not to be a downer, but all this turnover in college athletics has me losing interest. There is no growing and building as a team in high-major basketball. I find myself not even caring when we get a recruit, particularly freshman-to-be. I feel like they’ll be out the door before I know it.
  11. Any chance he could do that a few months ago?
  12. I should have just read the Sanogo thread first. I’m caught up now. The timing of Heady’s article was not ideal, and who knows what a 17-year-old uses to make important life choices. Sounds like he was a Seton Hall commit regardless.
  13. If things got out, they were worried other teams would negative recruit or try to jump in late? All of the above? I guess I don’t follow regarding Sanogo. He was a pretty big recruit so it’s not like we can keep him under the radar.
  14. Just looking at his offer list has me fairly excited. An athletic rim protector and floor runner is much needed. Anything more than that is a home run.
  15. Bummer. I thought he was gonna be a solid player for the next few seasons. Hopefully that means we have a good one on deck.
  16. It’ll be interesting to see how next year’s team jells. That’s a lot of talented newcomers.
  17. I’d love to know what his shooting percentage is on layups or inside two feet. Yikes.
  18. That decision is a big old “yikes” for me. It certainly doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  19. Are you really a fierce competitor if you’re de-committing because you don’t think you can beat out players for the early playing time you desire?
  20. And here I am, stupidly thinking we would at least play entertaining basketball under Hoiberg. Sports are dumb. Why do I waste my time with this crap?
  21. Fans shouldn’t be expected to sit through a crap performance like that. That was as ugly of a performance as you could ever imagine. I’m stunned it was this bad. We couldn’t shoot from anywhere on the court. Literally anywhere. There wasn’t a single player on the court who I thought played well or looked good. Yikes.
  22. Good luck fellas. I can’t watch anymore tonight. It’s time for Curse of Oak Island.
  23. These guys for UC Riverside look like they’ve never shot a basketball before and they’re making every shot. It’s so weird.
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