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  1. I cannot recall a Husker team missing so many bunnies. Our bigs are very slow with their moves to the basket.
  2. Frustrating and a bit disappointing. OSU was really struggling coming into the game and similar to the Northwestern game, we lost contact with them somewhat early, making a comeback bid nearly impossible. Old habits are tough to break. We missed waaaaay to many bunnies. Defensive breakdowns resulted in a lot of open looks, which likely assisted a team that was struggling offensively to find rhythm. I also will throw this onto the wall to see if it will stick. The officials let this be a physical game. We seemed to let that bother us. Oh well, one game closer to the next win...right?
  3. I watched a lot of Jervey last year. I thought he was a can't miss player. Hard to judge Jucos until they get here. But perhaps many thought Jervey would struggle. Who knows?
  4. Oh come on...without a doubt and without any hesitancy -- Sargeant York.
  5. I'm sad. We just can't continue to play to the level of the competition. Goodness, we made that team look like a to 25 team in the first half.
  6. Ughh. Bad luck, a few questionable calls and we still struggle at the free throw line.
  7. Much of the focus has been on Charlie's hustle. But don't sleep on his ability to shoot and score. As he gets more comfortable, his good looking stroke will produce points.
  8. Should be an interesting game. Let's hope the right team shows up:)
  9. Loved the rotation. Loved the intensity. Loved the win. Loved the defense. Free throw shooting...meh
  10. I was at the game... so I do not have access to the minutes played. I thought Cam came out twice. I don't believe Green played and i don't believe Kavas played in the second half.
  11. Good win. Loved that we competed with intensity. Also liked the second half rotation.
  12. Good question. I believe in Fred, but i am not as confident in our current recruiting. Is our talent getting better or regressing? Are our incoming recruits Big Ten caliber players? Perhaps. We are playing bad basketball this year with the exception of a couple games. The offense is creating open looks, but we are missing ten or more bunnies per game, shooting free throws at an average junior high pace, we have defensive breakdowns way to often, our intensity is MIA and our rebounding is sporadic at best. Are we getting the talent that matches the style that we are trying to play?
  13. I have to join Norm in this fray...i can certainly hope and wish; but I am not seeing much right now that makes me "optimistic." I guess we shall see how this all plays out.
  14. I woke up this morning and had to digest the game and clear my head. What I realize is we looked like and quite frankly played like sh*t last night. So...what did I see that provides me hope for the remainder of the year? Ummm...quiet, I'm thinking. Okay, I got nothing. But here is an idle thought and I really dislike pointing out a specific player, but here goes --- please sit Kavas and play Easley in his minutes. He is better capable of scoring, rebounding, defending and moving.
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