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  1. Norm was forever pissed that we helped get rid of Moe Iba. Danny came in, with a major swagger that his Big 8/12 brethren hated.
  2. Isn't Pitts BB arena named after our mutual ex?
  3. Everything mentioned is critical...no doubt in my mind. Two other intangibles bubble up to the top for me: 1) Learning how to win. That includes general decision making; knowing how to use the team throttle; and understanding game situations. 2) I think it was Johnnie Orr who mentioned a "junk yard dog" when mentioning the Huskers many a year ago. We need to develop that junk yard dog mentality. Protect and fight with every bit of energy...being good is not good enough. Being good often gets in the way of being great. It is a critical mindset.
  4. A lot of information for sure...yet accurate. They should be a top five team going into the tournament next season.
  5. Tamar's dad Master was s pretty handsy player.
  6. Yeah...being a bit...ahem...lopsided can cause back issues.
  7. Chemistry...if this team can play as a unit, it has high potential. If not....
  8. The other possible issue...which seems a bit perplexing...was that a pro contract may have not come his way. Perhaps going out of the country was not an option for him. As a result, school number five. Just saying that is a possibility.
  9. This was leaked a week or so ago. But it is certainly significant. Say what you want about Chin, but the dude can recruit with the best of the best.
  10. I think I may have mentioned this more than once...but I really like PG coming out of the NY City area. Welcome to Lincoln and the construction of a team that is going to make some history in the very near future.
  11. What a crappy weekend...would love a weekday game to get our poop back un a group
  12. Well I assume this is not a surprise to anyone here. He simply seemed to be a square peg for our round hole. I wish him luck at the NBA Draft, and his career thereafter.
  13. The only viable comparison would be Arden Reid. Beau is still around and used to join us at times on this board. No real reason to mention that little tidbit...but, I will shut up now.
  14. Lol...you mean back when I played??? I was a spare part for a spare part.
  15. According to that dude who reports for the SEC, I think his name is Pat Finebottom, we Neebraskans are delusional about Husker football. No matter what we do, we will suck. Dang...why pray tell are we spending all that money... (Dripping sarcasm)
  16. I thought he disliked the NCAA? Why would he want to come back and suffer under the heavy hands of the NCAA basketball lords when he could go elsewhere to sell his likeness.
  17. I have heard that there may be another announcement by Creighton in the next few days. But with the hiring of new assistants, it must not be a tree shaker.
  18. Need to forget yesterday and come out today and play big boy ball. Need to show some fortitude.
  19. This just in...breaking news; he now has an unclaimed offer from Creighton University!
  20. Yikes...seems a bit early. Need to see next year before speculating too far ahead...maybe not, but personally, place me in the "no clue" category. For example, I am still holding my breath on Blaise. Nothing yet is signed, sealed or delivered. He now has a few big boys after him. I can hope; but...
  21. Contagious or cultural? Probably both.
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