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  1. That may or may not be true. Per Rivals, these are schools interested in him: SCHOOL INTEREST VISITS OFFER Clemson MEDIUM NONE - Iowa State MEDIUM NONE - Kansas State MEDIUM NONE - Missouri MEDIUM NONE - Nebraska MEDIUM NONE - Omaha MEDIUM NONE - Oral Roberts MEDIUM NONE - South Dakota MEDIUM NONE - Virginia Tech MEDIUM NONE
  2. We lost one of the best back line players in the country due to injury. Overcoming an injury such as that, late in the season, would make a final four run remarkable in my book. But that is solely my humble opinion that may, or may not be shared by others. Team continuity and chemistry can be fickle. I compare it to a simple chair. With all four legs it is strong and stable. Lose one of the legs and it becomes much less stable and unless it is is properly manipulated and stabilized, will fail. Cook and his staff are the best of the best. If anyone can find the stabilization, it is that bunch. But again, it would be a remarkable feat.
  3. In Lincoln, in addition to Love, you have Clemmons, Jr at Northstar and Bazil from Notheast. Here is a list of Prep Zones [I think] top 4. Rank Player High School 1 Josiah Dotzler Bellevue West 2 Tate Odvody Omaha Westside 3 Jake Brack Omaha Skutt 4 Porter Bazil Lincoln
  4. Found it on her Twitter page. https://twitter.com/HuskersWBB/status/1597394340758032386?t=xwgGhlNcPJmtQMoeoSUv3A&s=19
  5. Shoot. Yesterday I saw a video of Jazz hitting her 3's in overtime. But for the life of me, I don't know where I saw it. I will post it if I find it.
  6. BC did not look very good at the outset; but they are starting to play better. I have read that their defense in the paint is pretty stout. We shall soon see.
  7. The man can certainly hold an audience. Hope words quickly turn into action.
  8. I would hope that the kid's parent would play a role. The question should be... is if there are any other handlers involved?
  9. Trev indicated he was totally engulfed in his football coaching search. Now, I am sure Trev is a multi-tasker; but has he had the time or want to even consider ending Fred's reign??? I say no.
  10. At this point, I think it would a remarkable feat to make it to Omaha. That said, Cook has the chops to make it happen.
  11. I heard there was interest, but not a focus. There were a number of coaches looked at early in the process.
  12. The tickets (or a lot of them) are sold. These preseason games are perhaps not the best litmus test. This team is not the most talented, but they are more enjoyable to watch. I am betting that the arena will be a bit more boisterous for many of the upcoming games, specifically the league games.
  13. The character and watchibility of this team is night and day different than the last two years. So that is a positive step forward.
  14. Two things of note with this short video. The first is rather obvious; DW's dunk. The second item is the player on the bench who jumped up in celebration... https://fb.watch/h3YS9XvgNt/
  15. Looks to me that DW will be on the floor as much as possible. Also looks like Gary and Briedenbach will fill in when Walker is out. The game is just too fast for Blaise at this moment. Spare minutes here and there may earn him more minutes down the road. Briedenbach is going to get 8 to 15 minutes a night. I think that is a good thing; but it looks like I am in the minority.
  16. In the first half both teams played pretty bad. It was a turnover nightmare. But I do give credit to the adjustments we made. But for a four minute stretch, we dominated. Man, that feels strange to say.
  17. We do look more relaxed at this moment. More confident.
  18. Looking good. Amazing how much better you look when you don't turn the ball over and you make your shots!
  19. We've been laying an egg coming out at halftime. Perhaps tonight we will break that curse.
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