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  1. I personally am excited for the season. I am not excited about watching us if we perform like we have the past two years. I refuse to hope that we will improve effort, execution and performance. We had talent, especially last year. So adding talent isn't the fix. So we shall see.
  2. Perhaps a stupid question,but, is BTN owned by the Big Ten or is there another ownership partner?
  3. In my opinion, this is the reality. The real fans will be there game in and game out. They may be unhappy, but they will be there. The fair weather fans will only buy and show up if we are winning....However, there is another grouping that was brought about by the team performance of the past two years. That is the group of true fans that finally had enough of the ineptitude that was displayed. That is sad, very sad. But costs, and so forth, simply makes the investment (time, money,effort) unwarranted. I hope we can turn this around...I truly do.
  4. He does have one stain that may create an issue or two. I believe in second chances though...as do most Nebraskans.
  5. Good luck and let's hope that you can work some magic to make the Husker program a winner.
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/ex-florida-star-keyontae-johnson-transferring-with-goal-to-play-again-after-collapse-031651418.html
  7. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/32544357/florida-gators-keyontae-johnson-take-5m-insurance-payout-collapsing-court-report-says
  8. This is my only view of a prayer. Last year, I (and many others) thought we were going to see the start of a new and positive Era at Nebraska. Instead, it was a giant backward step into the abyss. It was one of the most disappointing seasons in the HISTORY of Nebraska basketball. And that is likely an understatement. Sooo, my lone beacon of dim light is that this coming season could turn out as a huge surprise in the opposit direction. It happened once before...just saying (but my breath is not being held)...49r I know...I know!
  9. The word is hyperbole. I will be honest, I don't even remember this kid... https://fb.watch/eXDBg8_dxm/
  10. https://twitter.com/HuskerHoops/status/1559296591541850112?t=h-cy9r6IOmEv0Eym4PL2Jw&s=19
  11. I apologize in advance for this hyperbole...I do, I apologize...he is sort of Bird-like.
  12. Time will tell...but on the surface this appears to be good addition...by the by, I just saw Oleg at Hyvee buying groceries. Must be trying to further build up his weight.
  13. Yeah, I heard a different name as well; but it is likely wrong as well. Probably more of a wish.
  14. The new golf coach has been hired: Nebraska hires former Creighton coach Judd Cornell to head men's golf program
  15. Well...we did hire a new golf coach today. He happens to be an ex-Bluejay coach. So there is that!
  16. Just a guess on my part, but I am betting more of a 2/3. Why? He just had a significant growth spurt. His training up to this point has likely focused on back court skills. I see him at a possible advantage matching up against smaller guards IF quickness allows it.
  17. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/recruiting/nebraska-lands-2023-shooting-guard-eli-rice/article_e2babdfa-182a-11ed-b1df-17c64e162a23.html?utm_source=omaha.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletter-templates%2Fnews-alert&utm_medium=PostUp&utm_content=d09b424543be8222e4a241a7937d248958c11014
  18. Seems to be a very good fit. Shoot he just had a 6 or 7 inch growth spurt..Welcome young man!
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