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  1. Sorry this is simply a horrible loss. We were outhustled and outplayed in the second half. No excuse. Their best player was out and we simply didn't are advantage. Sad.
  2. We miss the screening ability of Sam G and Walker. Just saying...
  3. I find it insane that we cannot get the ball into Keisei's hands
  4. That was an egregious foul and no call. Then the dude stands over Williams...come on.
  5. Looks like we ran out of gas. We need to pick it up...now. need a Cip run.
  6. First 5 minutes of the second half will be bib, and that is not a cliche'
  7. Do you think he is still feeling the repercussion of his ankle injury. Heck, Blaise is still having issues after 13 months
  8. Nice half, well done. Keisei has been a non-factor, but CJ and Brice more than picked up that slack.
  9. This. There defensive focus seems to be on Keisei, freeing up the others.
  10. Man, our football team is the most unlucky team in America!!!
  11. I am puzzled; I guess that is nothing new. I just re-watched five late season games from last season. Fun games! Many fans seem to be critical of Keisei's "antics" this year. I don't recall hearing those complaints last season. Yet, I see zero differences from last year to this year. Same reaction after a made basket, same chirping and interactions with the refs, and same (ahhhh) exaggerated or embellishment foul or no-call reactions. So what has changed?
  12. Holy cow. That my friends, was a beat down.
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