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  1. Sighhh, here's the deal. I get it. I don't want to get it, but I do. We have never ever proven it on the basketball court. We have the facilities, we have the money, we have the conference and we have the fans; we just have never won. We arguably just lost three of our better players...four if Keisei leaves. One could even argue that our coaching staff remains on the hot seat. Sooo...hard to take, but is somewhat easy to understand.
  2. If it is straight, it is hittable. A good hitter can get the timing down
  3. No, I don’t believe it is safe yet. That said, you would think any player would want their name in the pool sooner rather than later.
  4. Bronny is a pretty good player, but he ain't his daddy.
  5. No way! I would like to know who picked those six. My guess that if true, they were lucky a** guesses.
  6. I have sneaky suspicion that Trev does not appreciate our lack of success versus Creighton's success in basketball. I think Fred will have the necessary resources to get the job done...the question remains as to whether or not Fred is the right coach to lead us. He made good progress this past year; but this coming year will be the true litmus test.
  7. Hmm, I didn't think the coaches could be involved in NIL deals?
  8. ..I think it is a hunting lodge and is actually called Star Bucks.
  9. As an aside, I was at a FFA event last night and during a lull in activity the kids started a chant. Now remember, these are farm kids from all over this fine state. Any guesses as to what that chant was? And no, it had nothing to do with that college in Omaha.
  10. Today's world is upside down. A few years ago I was anti-transfer. Then Petteway, Copeland, Palmer and many others changed my mind. Players simply are free to seek greener pastures. Those pastures are different for each kid. So it seems rare for a kid to stick with a program unless he is a stud. So when recruiting incoming freshmen, it seems that you are only renting them for a year or two, unless you get those home run recruits. Soo, can we get the Lawrence's of this world or are we destined to recruit the Oleg's and Dawson's? Portal transfers on the other hand seems much less of a crapshoot. Sure one can argue that players like Mack and Verge were sort of busts. But we knew what we were getting but didn't pay attention to the warts. I guess what I am saying is that I am fine with freshmen or transfers. They simply need to fit. There has to be a balance between talent and character, if that makes since.
  11. Certainly different then Sam. Sam was a driver and slasher and not a strong three point threat. He didn't look for his shot and seemed to always score more than you thought when you looked at the stats. This dude looks like more of a perimeter threat, but is also a distributor. My two hopes/wants is a PG who can defend and a PG that moves the ball around. Hero ball does not work here. Gotta trust the coaching staff...I'm pretty sure they know what will work for the team.
  12. I guess I disagree. I have asked and know a lot of people in northeast and central Nebraska who follow husker basketball; perhaps more religiously than those of us in Lincoln. Same with Husker baseball and Volleyball. Of course I may not share the same interest as some of those that you mentioned. I just think there are a lot of fans out there.
  13. Although, if you would have seen the reaction of the fans, especially the kids, to Sam at the State Basketball tournament you would have thought he was an icon.
  14. Random question. Does it seem that we are reaching out to a significant number of players? Sooo, we must not have anyone locked down? I'm not worried ---yet; but dang, since we had an early start, you'd think we would be closing on a couple players sooner rather than later.
  15. Statewide...probably the firing of Frost and the hire of Coach Rhule. Most of the population outside of Omaha could care less about Creighton, but were likely intrigued by their run. A lot of Nebrakans likely were happy that both Sammy and Brady came back to their home state to finish their collegiate careers.
  16. I believe you are right. I note Steroid Man and CJ (lurch) didn't make the cut.
  17. Not unexpected but still a blow. I wish her well.
  18. This is very significant to me. Most of the high level studs seem to be prima dona's with a "me first" attitude. This final four seems to signify the importance of team over individuals. That is the basketball I grew to love. I think it was the KSU coach who indicated how difficult it was to defend Florida Atlantic because every player was a threat to score. Nice!
  19. The nail in the coffin for me was that he literally grabbed him back hand versus push or touch. No question that it was a foul. The question is whether the plethora of other officials would have made that same call or would have swallowed their collective whistles?
  20. I couldn't help but think of Erick Strickland. Perhaps our best on the ball defender of all time.
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