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  1. I am trying to recall; when Tim locked the players out of their plush locker facilities a few years back, was he praised or belittled? He was having some similar problems, right?
  2. Yes, you will always have my permission to play on my lawn.
  3. Because I am a stupid crumogeon and I don't feel well and I a am frustrated and others vent in one way or another and I ended up vomiting here. As near as I can figure. But Matt has my permission to close this out, delete it or whatever since I got all this off my magnificent, rippled chest
  4. Both teams are in the same situation so it shouldn't matter...and I truly am not trying to stir any pot. But --- prior to tip we run out and somewhat lazily shoot some layups, dunks or jack some threes. We then go to our bench area, line up and listen as a live singer sings the National Anthem, then the color guard leaves and then we listen to the unity song and we have five minutes of videos and intros and then for whatever reason we bang that stupid ass drum and then after ten minutes or more, the players are expected to play. This seems to be flipping insane. Isn't there a better way of getting a game started. For the love of all that is holy??? And while I'm at it stop the tshirt toss. The effort of the group spreading the shirts is pathetic
  5. A thousand times over, the defensive schematics matter, but more importantly it is the jimmies and joes playing it. One person/player breaks down and the whole team pays the price. Last night on the first or second possession, we are given a great effort on the defensive end and Lat stands almost straight up and his man drives by him to his right, DW comes over to help and is whistled for the foul. There were probably 20-25 similar instances last night alone. I remember watching a Danny Nee practice once, and Depries Owens kept breaking down on defense. After it happened a second or third time Owens was on the sideline watching...while holding ten pound weights with his outstretched arms. He went back in about five minutes later and it happened again. I don't know about anyone else there but my bottom half puckered up as he was ripped by Danny and then back to the sideline for the same (but a bit longer) punishment. When he made it back in...he got it right. A somewhat brutal punishment but it got results.
  6. Good lord. Holy poop. I would have guessed this was the major problem, but to hear a team member say it...wow
  7. The play that sort of blew my mind last night (and perhaps it has been discussed) was when Kobe broke free for a layup and instead of taking it, threw a pass for a turnover. I turned to my son an uttered something incomprehensible... They then went down and scored on a layup. A four point swing. We would have been four down and instead we were eight down. Not necessarily dissing on Kobe, but man, we do that kind of stuff way too often. My humble conclusion is that our team as a whole has a poor basketball IQ.
  8. By the way - I was told by a biased and unnamed source at the game that one of the refs was told by league officials that under no circumstances Nebraska can win a game. It would be catastrophic for teams attempting to reach the tournament. So ant call he made had to favor Indiana...believe it or not... Also, if I am a Hoosier fan, I am mad as hell at DW for that pretty cheap foul on their star!
  9. Bottom line, we again found a way to lose. BUT Trey brought passion back to the team. That made it a better experience. With that passion we now need execution and execution and finally execution. And here is one for the coaches. When we consistantly start games in a deficit, isn't it time to reexam both your starting five and your game prep/plan???
  10. Goodness Cip...there are sooo many to choose from. I don't know of a specific game, but I know the original Cip had some exceptional teams BUT because the tournament had significantly less teams, we didn't get the opportunity to play in the dance.
  11. My concern with Keita certainly isn't his length it is his bulk. Big Ten centers tend to block out the sun.
  12. Many defenses can fail or succeed depending upon the jimmies and joes that are performing. If one player breaks down, the team breaks down. Trust me, we have more than one player breaking down. Of course, the coaches recruit, coach and decides who plays.
  13. He sort of looked like poop and was very clearly frustrated (tossed a few balls far and high) while shooting before last nights game. I would suggest he is a couple weeks away.
  14. Woke up this morning, same bitter taste in my mouth. Rinse, spit and repeat ----over and over and over again. If only I could see a silver lining; alas, I cannot.
  15. Embarrassing. This staff has had a chance and failed miserably.
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