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  1. Mr. Red

    A strategy?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but with last year's compressed conference schedule, wasn't our record shockingly good in the one and two day prep games? Too lazy to look it up.
  2. Mr. Red

    New NET Rankings

    Great information here. Thank you for putting it all together for us to digest! Nevada with ZERO Q1 games played... not surprising I guess but fascinating nonetheless.
  3. Mr. Red

    Hail Glynn Watson!

    First thing I noticed in warm-ups.... made me very optimistic for the night
  4. NU- 68 Northwestern (Not NU) - 61
  5. My notes and questions: -Crowd was OK in my opinion. Fair for a team on a 7 game losing streak -What's up with Nana? He ran around in pregame and was cheering on the bendch like normal? Tim said he had been sick, but why did he not play when he looked completely normal on the sideline?? -I fully expected a Shim-Sham to jump out of the giant cake at half time... What a wasted opportunity having it be Herbie. Maybe we can get a shim sham for the 200th anniversary. -Kent with the "the Dude abides" for Palmer at the end.... that's a new one -I went to the game with a casual Husker fan. Went to the store at halftime and he was appalled at the lack of quality basketball gear. He said there was a better selection of football gear than basketball gear ------- at a basketball game! I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but it really is ridiculous. Surely there is a member on this board that has some access to the athletic department that can find out why they don't want to sell basketball gear??
  6. Mr. Red

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    Love this perspective- The losing streak kind of blindsided us, so why can't a winning streak blindside us? GBR!
  7. Huskers 64 Golden Gophers 61 4 players
  8. ON The Rails (Boiler Up) 69 OFF The Rails (Husked) 58
  9. Mr. Red

    No expectations, this is Nebrasketball

    Wow, hopefully that's been in an interest-bearing account!
  10. This is what I love about sports and their fanbases, you make silly statements like this but it's actually a legitimate point for people to consider... Just made me step back and smile, so thank you @The Polish Rifle