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  1. I feel like I just sat through your therapy session!
  2. If you're going to use a "German" Emperor named Frederick, at least use the best one ↓↓↓↓↓
  3. But then, you can't leave out Freddy's brother, Lon
  4. I could have swore someone on this board actually used to have a Freddy Krueger avatar, but I can't remember
  5. I love his Documentary Now! show
  6. You're fighting the good fight. Stay vigilant.
  7. I don't have near as many years as some of you, but I still can't believe this is happening. Waiting for someone to pinch me
  8. The huge upgrade in talent that Miles brought in really sticks out to me. And it's not the star rankings or the stats they produced. At some point a couple of years ago, I just had this sudden realization durring a game of , "Wow we have 5 guys on the floor right now that all dunk regularly and can throw it down with authority" That's the simple little thing that drove it home for me. All through the 2000's we never really had more than a small handfull of guys per team that could/would/wanted to throw it down regularly.
  9. If there's any chance of Fred being lured away (ie no ink on paper yet) then the contract and announcement needs to happen ASAP. If we are in zero danger of losing him were a "better" job come available in the next few days, then I agree, announce it next week to honor Fred's time off, and time the announcement for maximum media buzz/timing
  10. Seems like 'inappropiate contact' just waiting to happen. But I don't know the rules very will
  11. Ah HHC... It seems like just yesterday we had our pitchforks and torches ready about the Bill Moos trip for his sons spring game at Cal. Not calling anyone out or stirring things up, it's just interesting to see how the interests of one's son are perceived, even thought the situations are both very similar and very different!
  12. As did I... @Hoiball are we talking about breaking the bank or breaking the rules?
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