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  1. Semi-OT I'd really like the decision makers at the University to offer their side to this controversy before I pass my own judgment. But knowing only what is available now, seems like a short-sighted decision on their part. I go to this Runza before most Husker football games for a tasty grease-pocket and fries. Never as good as home-made Runzas, but it's a Nebraska staple. What's next, replacing the Valentinos with a Sbarro's so Nebraskans can get an authentic New York slice?! Runzo location in the union will close this month: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/news/nebraska-union-s-runza-to-close-in-april-manager-says/article_0a9357d2-2326-11e8-bca2-4b1450ae2242.html To be replaced by Steak n Shake and Chick-fil-A: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/news/chick-fil-a-and-steak-n-shake-to-replace-runza/article_c159b478-38f4-11e8-a77b-9f967187af8f.html The President of Runza's response in a letter to the editor: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/opinion/letter-to-the-editor-runza-president-responds-to-unl-restaurant/article_95e28500-37ae-11e8-aff3-337ce37abf71.html
  2. Mr. Red

    Day and Time Contest

    Monday, March 26th. 1:00 pm CDT. Thank you for keeping the content of the announcement out of this so it doesn't turn into another one of "those threads"
  3. Mr. Red

    Greatest Upset in the history

    That is some heady optimism you have there.
  4. Mr. Red

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I don't see why this needs to be downvoted. It is a well-articulated opinion meant to further the discussion that is free of malice or obvious trolling. In my opinion, that's what message boards are all about. Although he could still be a bluebird troll just establishing himself up for a long-con, but oh well!
  5. Mr. Red

    What to do with Miles contract?

    The awkwardness of this video was forever ingrained in my psyche. It's painful just watching this.
  6. Mr. Red

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    YES!!! thank you Loyola. 5.5 hrs in to March madness and my bracket is still perfect
  7. Mr. Red

    A Friendly Wager

    @cipsucks what are Conlee's hours every day?
  8. Mr. Red

    Postseason Tourney Talk

    I agree. I personally thought that it was deliberate on the committee's part to give Oklahoma a softer matchup so they can get a victory and justify their decision. Hopefully Rhode Island closes the game out here and we continue on the committee hate train!
  9. Mr. Red

    What to do with Miles contract?

    I want to downvote you...
  10. So far all the NIT games I’ve watched this year have been brutal. Just bad for the game of basketball. Hopefully the level of play picks up across the board
  11. Mr. Red

    New Rules for the NIT

    One of my favorite activities is to periodically remind myself how much I hate certain referees. Came across this one today and I had completely forgotten about it til now. This is crazy
  12. Mr. Red

    New Rules for the NIT

    For those unaware: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/3/13/17113860/ted-valentine-wont-be-reffing-ncaa-tournament-joel-berry-incident-unc
  13. Mr. Red

    Big Ten + Bile

    i would say that currently our condition is n very good condition
  14. Mr. Red

    Karrington Davis is N

    Kenya Hunter brings so much value to our staff regarding player relationships. I have heard a lot about how he is the coach that is close to all the guys, can build them back up after being torn down etc., etc. a real "players coach" I'm honestly surprised how long we have kept him here considering all the other staff turnover for better or for worse