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  1. I'm a few days late on this but... For those of you that went to the game, did you catch the little bowling stunt by Billy BlueJay during a media timeout later in the second half? So Billy Bluejay lays on a scooter at halfcourt and there are giant bowling pins set up under one of the baskets...pretty standard mascot stunt right? WRONG So the Krayton Krazies (or whatever you call those students in stripes) push and hold him all the way through the pins to the baseline, at this point this is probably the lamest stunt I've ever seen at a D1 basketball game... little did we know it was all a setup! As the crowd looks on in ambivalence, the PA announcer says something to the tune of, "Way to go Billy Bluejay! One of the best mascots in D1 athletics! He sure does love his bowling - at least someone around here is going BOWLING" The Jayskers and vests have no idea how to react, do they boo? do they cheer? Do they yell, "go back to your shanties!" at the people in red one more time? So the whole crowd just settles in a surprised "ohhhhh" It honestly was the highlight of the game for me. Unfortunately not many people were left to witness it. I just love that they set up those whole stupid stunt just so they could use the bowling punchline. Bravo Jays!
  2. Well this is quite the little nugget to bury at the end of your post...
  3. In fairness to the poll that was up a week or so ago, I believe that most people responded in the context of THIS SEASON only. Since most people know that this season will be a "lost cause" anyway, I would rather give Creighton the humiliation of losing to a bad Nebrasketball team than win 4 games in the big 10 that will change nothing for our season anyway.
  4. As long as we are piling on the stupidity of the NCAA.. How about the "fine" they imposed on James Wiseman? So you punish a kids family for accepting $11,500 to move to better the kid's life/college/career prospects because accepting the money imposes on the idea (read sham) of amateurism... OK I guess that make sense. But no that punishment include a "fine" of $11,500 that he never had in the first place! Why are you imposing "fines" on amateur athletes that are unable to make money under your current rules????? *I know it is not a fine by definition - he has to donate it to charity. but it is a de facto fine.
  5. Izzo is not a fan of the waiver process either: https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/28131369/tom-izzo-leaves-board-ncaa-denies-waiver-joey-hauser
  6. This is hilarious. I can just picture David Anwar sitting on the couch alone looking at this tweet with a box full of kleenex, crying, eating a whole quart of ice cream, watching practice videos of Shang Ping miss 6-inch layups
  7. It would be a very NCAA thing to do to grant his waiver in February 2020. Congrats! You're eligible for the 2019-2020 season! Surely one can deny a waiver, right?
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