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  1. Kent is making the front page of twitter now! (also The front page of section L1 in the OWH a few months ago for a nice piece on his gardening hobby) Here's the interesting part....... it's his fourth tattoo When do we get to see the rest? @Kent Pavelka
  2. This is the most coherent post a0t0w0 has ever put together... not sure I like it! just kidding... welcome back @a0t0w0 I also want to know the status of your couch?
  3. First time I've heard of this. Thanks for bringing it up! @kldm64 This would be the PERFECT thing to try out in the NIT
  4. Somewhere in the Netherlands, Richard van Poelgeest is smiling in a smoke-filled 'coffee shop'
  5. Our state motto is not "The Good Life" as commonly thought... it as actually "The 3-Stripe Life"
  6. It took me a few minutes to see the wit in this comment..... I surely hope that this is rock bottom
  7. Line Change a511708c-e058-4488-958b-56f7ed5206c5 (1).mp4 https://y.yarn.co/a511708c-e058-4488-958b-56f7ed5206c5.mp4?1565027264169
  8. OK guys I'm live!!!! Out of the blue one of my pages with the stream loaded and now its working perfectly... tuned in just in time to see a nice little splash from Samari Curtis
  9. I'm pulling my hair out over here. just like tried every different browser there is, played with all the settings. I know for a fact that my work is not blocking these sites and.... NOTHING!
  10. #anotherbrokenpromise
  11. Washington State.... woof Penn State at 60% filled is surprising... it always looks like 15% on TV
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