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  1. Just think we could of won if we had a big guy in the middle!!!
  2. Charlie is a good Division 2 player not 1
  3. And those people didn't do their job!!!
  4. Whomever is recruiting the big guys, needs to go ( as in lose their job).
  5. Now we can get a couple big guys, oh I forgot we dont recruit big guys!!!
  6. Well dont know those other nick guys. As for my nick it stands for something personal to me. Which you can take it this way, it's not your business!
  7. If I were the NCAA I would say "NO". My reason would be, Fred Hoiberg asked players to leave. When a coach does that then the team doesn't need players!!
  8. This is a Doc recruit, so I'm Not that impressed. HOWEVER I will have an open mind about him!
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