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  1. Playground rules go by 1s and 2s. I’ve got 49r in a landslide.
  2. I thought he was offset from the bench a ways, but I don't really know.
  3. And didn't sit on the bench for the home games either, right?
  4. I think Doc has been removed from his bench spot.
  5. So, this bumps Doc to the special assistant spot that can't coach, correct?
  6. I doubt he goes back to college (unless he has no other options).
  7. That’s who I meant. Just came back to correct myself, and you beat me to it.
  8. Arop did that, didn’t he? Or was it another Omaha guy?
  9. Yup. He's looking at school #3.
  10. Ed Chang is in the portal. Not that we'll go after him, but it thought it worth mentioning.
  11. That's no different from what most of us know of recruiting high school kids. Bring in better kids than the ones you already have and you get better.
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