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  1. I’m all good. Especially if it comes from those in charge. It seems unnecessary. But as I said, I’m probably in the wrong. Carry on.
  2. I don’t have an issue with the game thread. But a game thread days (sometimes a week) before the actual game is silly. Again, I am admitting I’m probably wrong in this opinion. That said, I’m quite certain I’ve never heard of anyone (including myself; I’m not sure where you heard I may have) beating their “wide.” But John Lennon did admit to beating his first wife. That isn’t an opinion. I’m quite certain I’m not wrong in saying that.
  3. I realize I will probably get lambasted for this, but why on earth do we start game threads days before game day? I understand this is very much like my complaint about the trophy/thumbs up reputation on the board. But shouldn’t the game thread be for the game itself, not the stupid shit four days before the game? Again, I admit I’m more than likely in the wrong here. But I could start a game thread today about the game against Rutgers on Jan 17. Does that make any sense? We have a future opponents thread. Before the game starts (i.e. the future), shouldn’t chat about those games go there?
  4. I’ve always thought of the thumbs up as a “thanks” (as well as a “nice one”). A trophy seems to be for something more, if that makes sense.
  5. Because in the United States the punctuation goes inside the quotation marks, even when it doesn’t make sense. In England they put the punctuation outside the quotation marks, which makes more sense.
  6. Not that it really matters, but what are the odds we can get the trophy reputation icon changed from "thanks" to "you win?" I think a thumbs up works better for "thanks." A trophy is earned for something clever on a message board. Anyone else with me on this? Is changing this even possible? Again, it doesn't really matter, but...
  7. Playing well enough to win is all I want. If we play well enough to win for the next three months or so, color me pink.
  8. I was being sarcastic. I’m not one for bitching about the refs all that much. It happens here a lot (as I suspect it does for every fan base across the country).
  9. 22-9. If only complaining about the refs worked out this well all the time!
  10. Yup. If the foul numbers were reversed this joint would be beyond meltdown mode.
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