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  1. Then he'll make ya jump jump!
  2. I liked the idea some dude from ESPN threw out there a couple weeks ago for the NBA: Let each team set their own distance for the line. Baseball teams do it and build their teams around their parks. Basketball should do the same. It would make the league more interesting.
  3. If/when it doesn't work out, he'll get a college job immediately, so there's little harm in giving it a shot.
  4. No. As as a new coach, Hoiberg can cut any of Miles’ guys, meaning they wouldn’t have the option to “put in the work to prove Hoiberg wrong.”
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm guessing he was joking.
  6. I don't doubt that Dr. Fujita rarely went into the field. But I find it interesting that there was, as you say, evidence of a tornado of that size (twice the current record that was, yes, in Oklahoma a handful of years ago), but there is no official evidence of a tornado of any size 20 miles west of Grand Island during this outbreak. The Wikipedia article for the Grand Island tornado outbreak mentions a twister as far away as West Virginia, but there is nary a mention that I can find of a tornado 20 miles west of Grand Island, regardless of size. How can there be "unofficial" evidence of a tornado being that size if there isn't even confirmed evidence that there was a tornado at all? I'm struggling to grasp the concept of there being evidence of a tornado five miles wide when no one (Wikipedia or NWS) mentions even the possibility of there having been a tornado there? One would think that the possibility of having a twister of that magnitude (official or not) would be something worth reporting. It's not even mentioned in Wikipedia's page of tornado records which, as you say, has some unofficial tornadoes listed as more than 4 miles wide. Wouldn't the word of Dr. Fujita himself be enough to include this (apparently non-existent) twister to that list?
  7. Yup. They weren't on a straight track, that's for sure.
  8. That would make a lot more sense.
  9. I've never heard of that 5-mile-wide guy...any links? I'd like to read up on it!
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