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  1. Sounds like it wasn’t a bad thing I had rehearsal tonight and didn’t catch anything about this game. WOOF!
  2. I think we were the first team out after our first game, honestly. As in, the first team eliminated from consideration.
  3. I’ll have to miss most of this one (going to a show). Here’s hoping for a solid result when I check at intermission! Have fun, all!
  4. An utter disaster of a fourth quarter today. Almost impressive how terrible it has been.
  5. And we continue to invent new ways to be terrible. Three good quarters followed by a horrific five minutes to start the fourth quarter.
  6. This thread currently has nothing to do with the truth. It’s people trying to get attention for announcing they have (i.e. may not have) information about a former coach, which has turned into people defending or shitting on said former coach. There is no truth here. Sorry, Randy.
  7. This thread has turned into a steaming pile. And I don’t see it getting any better any time soon.
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