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  1. Auburn is treating KU the way KU used to treat us. Yikes!
  2. It's almost like the college basketball world has its eyes elsewhere today.
  3. I don't think so. That's what the announcers thought, but he pointed at the Butler player with two fingers to the chest, and he did the exact thing to Watson (you just couldn't see it that well because of the camera angle).
  4. I don't think they added a tech to Watson. The ref had two fingers on the other dude and on Watson as soon as he made the "T" gesture. I think it was going on both of them from the letter "T." Not sure what they were looking at otherwise...maybe to see if any of the other Butler guys deserved one?
  5. This dude needs to stop saying “The Other Guys.” It was old the first time he said it.
  6. Roby needs to remember how good he was in the first half.
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