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  1. Omaha wore two uniforms as well, I’m pretty sure.
  2. Apples and oranges have quite a lot in common (I’ve always hated that saying). And the reason the architecture student can get a job has nothing to do with the other perks an athletic scholly provides. It has everything to do with people paying athletes to give a school an “unfair” advantage (which still happens—ask Reggie Bush). The shoes and such are just window dressing.
  3. Your belief that they shouldn't get paid isn't going to change anything. Here real soon they will be getting paid. I'm not even sure I think they're being exploited...but I do think they should be able to get paid on the side, just as any other college student can.
  4. Sure they are compensated by the university (by the choice of the university), but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to get paid from an outside source because they might be able to move product. If an architecture student gets a full ride from the university, should they not be able to get paid to help someone design a building on the side? Should they not be able to get paid for having a successful YouTube channel? Should a Regents Scholar in the college of business not be able to work with a local ad agency and make a commercial or two while getting paid?
  5. That very well may be the case! I wouldn't put it past them.
  6. Serious question: Anybody know how illegal pot dealers are doing in Colorado? Has legalizing marijuana curtailed the street dealers? Is that even something we can find out? I suspect the effect on illegal recruiting (in terms of bag men and payments under the table) might be affected similarly. I could be very wrong, though. It happens a lot.
  7. But the situation is the same: bust your ass and don't get rewarded for it (either with playing time, girls, coverage in the press, free drinks at the bar, whatever...and you can add money to that now in a more visible sense than in the past). That has always been in sports at every level (to some degree). If Jace Piatkowski is pissed because Bryce McGowans gets more money (just using these names because of what I project to be a vast difference in playing time and recognition, thus resulting in a difference in dollars), then Jace needs to have a better grasp of reality. If Del
  8. Any less thrilled than the 1,200+ guys who hit the transfer portal this year were with their situations? There are always players who bust their ass and get no playing time and are upset. This changes nothing on that front.
  9. Guys have been doing that for decades. It’s damn near a fairytale to think otherwise. Guys don’t go to schools to make the programs better. They do so for their benefit. College just masks that it happens the other way because it’s a better look.
  10. Our guys haven’t snagged any PS-anythings lately because our team eats it. Now at least they’ll be able to afford to buy one. And the backup QB is stereotypically the most popular dude on the team (as the old saying goes). I suspect he’ll get paid just fine on our squad.
  11. Yup. Which is why I believe she is coming back for another year.
  12. I have zero problem with college kids being able to get paid for their name, image, likeness, etc. No one complains when a college kid makes it big on Broadway and gets paid, or stars in a movie, or has a hit song. They get paid. Why can't athletes as well?
  13. My philosophy is I don’t follow high school kids on social media. I deal with them enough in the classroom. I don’t need that in my personal life (outside of my own children).
  14. I suspect this is part of the reason Lexi Sun is sticking around another year.
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