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  1. I’m getting tired of hearing Kent say “layup no good.”
  2. I’m going to miss a lot of this one as well. Have fun, all!
  3. I saw something later that said we lost to Texas Tech in 1983 as well.
  4. This shooting performance is so bad it’s almost impressive.
  5. I think the same guy went down two (maybe three?) times...and he was the coach's son.
  6. I don't know the guys well enough, so I'll have to put it this way: The dude standing in the front center? His knees look like they've gone a few rounds with a wheelbarrow.
  7. I'm most intrigued by your comment about Jervay being good enough on defense to see the floor. The last couple coaches we've had were defense-first guys. It was pretty safe to say that if a player could play D, they weren't going to play. Is Hoiberg that concerned with the defensive side of the ball? Or will offensive advantages outweigh defensive shortcomings? Honestly, I'm ready for an offensive-minded coach. It's been a while.
  8. I say football. But I was hoping for 8 wins there tops before the season started. I think this this year will be fascinating on the hard court, but i’m Not sure there will be a lot of wins.
  9. I don't think what Dirk said was anything terrible. By Moos' logic, the brand was back when Callahan was here, and we know how that worked out.
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