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  1. Yup. Which is why I’ve never understood using the tenth of a second in the last minute. If anything it should just be the last second.
  2. That doesn't answer my question. Still seems unnecessary. But I think going to the tenth of a second in the final minute is silly as well. It really only matters in any way in the final second. Not that it's really all that important.
  3. What’s the reason for the tenth of a second on the shot clock? Seems unnecessary.
  4. We’re playing so much better in this game than I thought we would. But parts of this team are UGLY! Martinez is playing pretty damn well this year.
  5. He’s a tall, ugly white guy who hits five threes?
  6. Jake, apparently. Though I have no idea who that Jake dude is.
  7. Kid’s got some SKINNY legs! Keep him away from any wheelbarrows!
  8. I think Norman is going to be ugly. Like Texas Tech 2004 ugly. But Frost has had three sub .500 seasons. Fred has had two. The football team has set the precedent. If Fred is sub .500 this year, why won't that "cut it anymore" when it still did after three such seasons for Frost? Of course, I'm speaking in terms of the perspective of the athletic department. I'm about done with Frost, but I have much more patience for Fred (though some more wins this year would be great!).
  9. The football program is proving your final statement incorrect.
  10. Any chance we can move the music discussion to the soccer thread so I don’t have to keep reading it?
  11. Clearly Trevor sees a benefit in staying, which is all that's important.
  12. Every team has players who won't see the floor unless it's the biggest of blowouts. Trevor's situation is not unusual on that front. Maybe he likes it in Lincoln and feels it's a good situation for him. Playing time isn't everything.
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