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  1. Playing well enough to win is all I want. If we play well enough to win for the next three months or so, color me pink.
  2. I was being sarcastic. I’m not one for bitching about the refs all that much. It happens here a lot (as I suspect it does for every fan base across the country).
  3. 22-9. If only complaining about the refs worked out this well all the time!
  4. Yup. If the foul numbers were reversed this joint would be beyond meltdown mode.
  5. I have missed pretty much all of this one. But tuning in right now? Me likey.
  6. Do we really have to “create” room anymore? The kids do that for us. We’ll have at least two guys bounce, and we probably won’t have to encourage them to do so. Such it is these days.
  7. Considering all of our guys out, I am taking no stock in the outcome of this practice.
  8. With a great song (that I don’t think ended up in the movie closing credits, did it?)!
  9. I saw Buffett in concert four times. It was like being with 30,000 of your best friends.
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