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  1. And Stanford is coming to town on Wednesday, right?
  2. I was surprised the Sooners didn't flirt with 100 against UCLA.
  3. I love that the paint is actually painted.
  4. This will never get old. This and semicolons.
  5. I did. He was simply saying the only way the day could have been worse for the offense is if AM would have blown an ACL. People freaked out.
  6. I'm not just talking big dudes...I'm talking that being an adequate description of a lot of our rosters these past decades.
  7. Seems like a fitting description of lots of dudes we've had in the past 20 years. Here's hoping Coach is getting that turned around!
  8. It's still not something I pay attention to, regardless of the track record. If someone is throwing out teams and seeds and getting them right weeks out of Selection Sunday (heck even two days before), then what's the point of Selection Sunday? I also no longer like preseason polls in football and basketball. Give it four weeks or so (like they do with the playoff rankings) and start then. The sports are big enough now that the early rankings aren't needed to draw interest to the games (as they were initially developed to do).
  9. He's doing this for clicks and attention. That we're talking about it here is all the proof he needs that it was successful. That said, I think any and all things bracketology are stupid, regardless of when they're published. They're neck and neck for me with mock drafts. They're entirely meaningless to me as a sports fan.
  10. From his Duke bio: “...with a 1,132-344 record in 44 years as a head coach, including a 1,059-285 mark in 39 seasons at Duke...”
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