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  1. I’m sure this has been said but that “7-14 days” timeframe given by Moos could potentially be giving Hoiberg enough time to watch his son through the Final Four, if MSU were to get that far and Hoiberg is the guy.
  2. LOVED the Roby to Palmer play. That was perfectly designed and got a great look. Encouraging to see those from Tim
  3. I don’t disagree, they should have learned from that Minn game, and this loss sucks. I just see that we’re 1-2 on the road and closed out that Clemson game, so we’re capable, just not quite there. Hoping the lumps they take motivate them to figure out what they’ve gotta do. Maybe it’s wishful thinking.
  4. “Horrible” would be blowing a lead to Illinois on the road. Not losing a Q1 game. Tough to swallow, yes, and if we’d win these games it’d help our seeding for sure, but keeping us OUT of the tourney? Nah.
  5. We’re gonna beat Iowa Sunday and this loss will hurt a lot less. Sucks to not close it out, but I think we’re gonna learn from these games and win a couple tough road games.
  6. Anecdotal evidence, but I had one friend who got mono and was sick for a couple months, and then another friend who had it and was fine within a couple weeks. It can vary a good amount
  7. 8 pts 4 boards 2 assists 2 steals and some good contests at the rim. Don’t think he’s the problem tonight
  8. The constant advertising of it may be annoying, but I think Shot Tracker is actually pretty cool otherwise
  9. You guys, we finally got a game on ESPN! Just playing the long con.
  10. Can you imagine what Deandre Ayton could do against us?
  11. VT is 6/28 from 3 but they sure seem to think they’re going to hit one every possession
  12. This game is ridiculously entertaining! Love conference tourneys
  13. Big picture I’m glad about the season, and am glad Tim is gonna stick around. Just is painful to be so close and be so good all year then have it ripped away in a do or die game
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