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  1. Footballs acquisitions have been more guys who are impact players. Fred's portal guys seem more like role players.
  2. I hope so offense seems kind of anemic on paper. Regardless it will be nice not watching a team half ass it during games. That alone should get us a handful more wins.
  3. We couldn't pay this kid 1mil with NIL of his name alone?
  4. I like this new approach don't get me wrong. I guess the question is who's going to put the ball in the hoop?
  5. Night and day approach to the profile of guys we are getting. Very interesting
  6. I'm not a Tim Miles fan but getting this program to the tournament, winning 22 games one year, getting to the NIT is an accomplishment for this program. I'm not sure people realize how poor of a basketball school Nebraska is. As for NIL not being a way of the future this just shows outdated thinking. Players are now getting paid. That's not going away.
  7. Another old guy who lives in the past. Bo's best teams were with Callahan players, Miles put together some of Nebrasketball's best seasons. The problem with those guys were they were limited coaches. Keeping instate talent is nice but NIL is the way of the future on paper the school has done a great job at it so far. Now can Frost/Hoiberg execute? That's where the issue lays.
  8. How close to a tournament team would we be if they were to land him?
  9. And Cal will still find a way to screw it up.
  10. Would Fred be the first coach to win 10 games or less a season sending a player to the NBA 3 years in a row?
  11. Better late than never but why the hell did it take this long?
  12. Fair BUT I have no doubts Griesel is going to be a dog out there and if this kid can shoot it with Mayen hopefully being gone those are significant upgrades. Don't get me wrong I have the bar set low. 13-14 wins I will consider a good season.
  13. Is the basketball program using NIL like football? Sounded like they are on the cusp of buying Mathias would be totally cool if they do the same with this kid
  14. Heard he agreed to give them a 20k buyout if he decides to cancel
  15. All he does is *maybe land us a kid who averaged 20 ppg first week on the job. OK I see you coach welcome aboard!
  16. Hey man hide the Kool aid please I can't get my hopes up over this team again. This would be a great get.
  17. I live in KC they are assholes and allen field house is a dump. I went to Husker game there the year they won the title.
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