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  1. Do you guys think this could be a decent 3 pt shooting team?
  2. Well damn I feel really dumb because I didn't know they had a basketball pod I'm a big fan of the Pick 6 podcast. Thanks for the share!
  3. I certainly don't want to put the kid down but I do feel like Breidenbach was a big liability on the floor at times. Looking at the roster I don't really see that so I believe that's one thing we have going for us. I also loved Walker thought he was a damn good player but sometimes those turnovers drove me nuts. If those 2 things are improved I gotta think this is a team that can win 18-19games maybe even 20. I would think that puts you in tournament consideration but alot of things have to go right.
  4. I'm just going off our roster I haven't been following other B1G's too much
  5. I would say scoring wise it might be a little better certainly more depth. I'm still not sure I can look at this roster and say it's a tournament team. 18-19 wins-ish. What say you?
  6. Is it unrealistic to think Williams & Mast could average atleast 10-12 ppg for us a piece?
  7. This team already looks much better on paper than last years. A few big fish out there whom I think we get. Good to be excited about Nebrasketball!
  8. Hey oh we beat Iowa for the 4th time in a row in a calendar year!
  9. Great get now if we get Williams & Sallis that's 1 hell of a squad
  10. I'm good we get all those guys and Wilcher is the surprise guy to leave
  11. Man if we somehow get Sallis/Hughley with Kesei coming back + Lawrence that squad would be nasty
  12. Here's what my friend said about Hugley " Hugley is a mental midget. He will play a few games then either get injured or say he is having personal issues. "
  13. If you all had to guess what % would you put his return at?
  14. What was the deal with Sallis again? He was likely to come here under Miles but Hoiberg didn't really recruit him because he was virtually gone at that point right?
  15. It pisses me off how successful K State can be with a new coach and basically a whole new team and we're still struggling. Lincoln is a way better town than Manhattan.
  16. Just throwing darts he seems to fit the profile I'd love to get some of these guys we're after but it's a different ballgame when the big dogs come calling
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