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  1. "I Can't Go For That" Subpar Original: Hall and Oates Kickass Remake: The Bird and the Bee
  2. Fine. I admit it. I googled "best covers of all time" and posted the consensus "kickass remake" the various lists agreed upon. No ragrets.
  3. NOPE! Also... Cheatham must have some connections... he's been playing pickup ball against about a dozen pros (and hanging with Drake I guess.. but NOPE!)... You can see him in the following video (grey shirt/Husker shorts)... he hits a couple threes, but allows Shabazz Napier to dagger him for the game-winner...
  4. "Old Town Road" Subpar Original: Lil Nas X Kickass Remake: KIDZ BOP
  5. Not with 7-11 still in town and open 24 hours...
  6. Tom Crean has always been a trash postseason coach. BTW, I wonder how Crean's enjoying the khachapuri over there.
  7. Any time I can take an opportunity to crack on that bird-haired goofball, I will gladly accept it.
  8. I can't wait until 66% of the fanbase complains about the announced musical act, and said act's genre of music. It's gonna be glorious!
  9. Aside from the season where he had a future NBA HOFer, Tom Crean has always been a trash postseason coach.
  10. Well, scratch that. The trade was made official a couple days ago, and wasn't affected by the moratorium. So Isaiah will fully participate in practice leading up to summer league and all games. Meanwhile Anthony Davis is still officially a Pelican, but participating in free agent recruiting meetings with the Lakers. Okwut? Hey @cipsucks, what were you saying about Mrs Cip's rules?
  11. Oooooh... you broke the rules and bought some illicit, swap meet Herbie gear.
  12. The ol' jump-off-two-feet-from-right-under-the-rim fast break dunk doesn't exactly scream "explosive". Also, that game was played just 10 months ago. So while he may have been 16 at the time, he's still only 17 now.
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