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  1. I don't know if it's even possible for anyone to not have seen this yet... but if you haven't, it should be required viewing for all Husker football fans.
  2. I see the Oregon Duck logo in the same vein as Herbie (retro/cartoony), and Oregon has no problems using the Duck to spread their brand. Classic Herbie can definitely be presented in a way that is attractive to young recruits and adults alike. It can also come off as hokey, if executed poorly.
  3. Sorta. Since he was traded, he won't be able to join the team until the moratorium ends on July 6th. So that will likely impact how much he plays.
  4. I think he could've still gone back to school (since the NCAA's rules apply in that situation). It's just that the NBA hasn't agreed to not offer him a contract in the middle of the college basketball season. Since the NBA hasn't made restrictions on that, I think everyone kind of agrees that scenario would be less-than-optimal for all involved.
  5. What the? Who on here has a podcast? Are we all supposed to have podcasts? Is this a thing? I don't have a podcast. Papa, do you want to start a podcast with me? We could talk about all sorts of crap that nobody should care about.
  6. I like the guys both programs recruit. They might not always be the most highly rated, but they're tough SOBs, and particularly with Cinci, can D people up on a consistent basis. So being recruited by those programs is a stamp of approval to me.
  7. THIS! I don't view us as being "stuck" with anything. Hoiberg will turn this entire roster into ash next April, if he feels he needs better talent. I know, as a fanbase, we're not used to this sort of thing in basketball, but we're going to recruit over the top of guys until the talent level is high enough to challenge the upper-half of the conference.
  8. It's interesting to look at the DVH coaching tree and see how it's impacted this staff. You've got all sorts of "interbred" aspects goin on... Texarkana, Northwestern State, Nebraska, Arkansas, TAMU, Childress, Deggs, etc etc. So with that as a base, I'm hopeful that this group of coaches can pull it off, and have similar success as those they've been mentored by.
  9. Yeah, I was just confirming. You thought he was average.. busticket said he considered average to be the 33% range.. so I was just adding that Curtis did indeed shoot 33%. It would be interesting to see a Curtis shot chart from his senior year, or at least a breakdown of the distance he shot from. If he was having to jack shots from 25 feet routinely (because the defense focused on him), that would paint a bit of a different picture. In the article busticket mentioned (posted here by jayschool), the coach said Curtis was allowed to pull from 30 to 35 feet. So maybe just getting open looks from 23 would be enough to up that percentage.
  10. I'm sure Tim was just as serious as Fred is. The difference is we have an assistant with connections and an ability to persuade (instead of the original "Coach Chin" who wasn't allowed to recruit and only lasted a few months).
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