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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r--f27JMvlw
  2. I don't think I've said enough times on here how much I love VCU's pep band. I think if I had to do it all over again, I'd attend VCU, on the strength of the Peppas alone. Who cares if they do/don't have a major I would've been interested in?!?
  3. Let them pay whatever they want. It may be working for them in football, but it's not getting a great ROI for them in basketball. The SEC is pretty much garbage except for about (maybe) 2 1/2 teams per year.
  4. I KNEW it was way too fishy when Joaquim Noah's mom suddenly had a Navigator. She can't afford that.
  5. I don't know about the triangular aspect, but I believe you're right on the total number. Two scrimmages or two exhibitions. Or one exhibition and one scrimmage.
  6. "Secret" because no one outside the two programs involved are allowed to attend, and there's supposed to be no reporting on the outcome/who did what/yada. They occur every year but sometimes teams choose to just do the ol' "exhibition versus an overmatched D2 school" route instead. NU did the scrimmage thing versus Marquette a few years ago. I can't remember if they did it other seasons (although I have a feeling there was at least one I'm forgetting).
  7. On the other hand, former NU target, Iowa decommit, and Walter Pitchford teammate at Florida, Cody Larson now plays for SDSU. So there's that.
  8. I gather that, but the only posters I've ever seen collect negs on here were Creighton fans.
  9. Definitely. More often than not, we were forced into having SS guard the opponent's second (or third) biggest guy. But there were times when we played teams with 3 (or even 4) guard lineups, where Shavon was defending, what amounted to, a SG. I just pulled last year's Penn State game up on ESPN3 (not a ton of reference material available out there) and Shavon isn't guarding anyone over 6'4". I can agree with this somewhat. This is kinda what caused my initial post (and was actually a part of a lengthier rant that I deleted out of that post). I don't want to see us having to use a guy, that would be better suited in a different position, playing PF for us. I think Ryan Anderson was a pretty decent player, but I think his development was stunted by him having to man the 4 at NU. I don't want to see that with Shavon. I think he's absolutely capable of playing other positions, and would be better suited on the wing. And he's definitely not going to up his perimeter defense by getting pounded on in the post by bigger guys. Like I've said before, I think he has the highest ceiling on the team. As this thread points out, he hasn't even stopped growing yet, and I think he may still be trying to catch up to that growth. It's hard to say. But I think it was more a product of him being a freshman. I mean, a nice chunk of them could've come from over-aggressive help D. He's definitely active and wants to challenge every offensive possession.
  10. 1000% this. I don't really care what they decide to call. Just do it consistently. That way everyone knows the rules, and can adjust accordingly. It doesn't make any sense when a team that plays full-court, with a forearm in the ball-handler's back, and two hands making contact on every change of direction, can take twice the number of free throws as their opponents, who are playing zone. Brad Stevens wouldn't be coaching the Celtics right now if this type of thing had been cracked down on previously. Those two finals teams, with Matt Howard (one of the cheapest, handsy players I've seen over the last few years), would have never made it as far as they did if they weren't allowed to mug every team they played and brought the game's athleticism back down to their level.
  11. Lifter of the Year doesn't mean he pushed more weight than everyone else on the football team though. I think that award is either voted on or calculated by some algorithm made out of various lifting scores.
  12. I've changed my mind like nine times on this topic, and I think it's happening again. I'm voting "Devaney Sex Dungeon and Dragons". It's kinda snappy.
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