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  1. Do we know if he has a current offer from Nebraska? Or is this all just dreams and whispers?
  2. Yeah I would totally be okay with giving Kavas' minutes to someone else. He is not doing what he was brought here to do and doesnt bring any rebounding or defense.
  3. There was some good to take away from this one though! We rebounded very well for our standards; against what was probably our toughest rebounding challenge to date. THATS PROGRESS. We turned the ball over an uncharacteristically high amount. Was that due to a step up in competition, first true road game, or just an anomaly? FT shooting is still awful. 3pt shooting is still Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  4. Gotta trust HCFH on this one. Im sure theres a reason(s) he is not seeing the court that much right now.
  5. Unless Stevenson is a future lottery pick, I doubt he would have changed the trajectory of this season that much.
  6. Would be a good question for someone to ask, if anyone on here participates in those call in shows.
  7. Rebounding is better. FT and 3pt shooting are both awful. Too many TOs and missed layups. Could easily be leading rn.
  8. Not to be a smart ass, but if hes our best 3pt shooter why is he not playing? Whats lacking in his game that is preventing him?
  9. My guess is Ouedraogo and Walker split minutes at the 5. Cross moves to the 4 and then you add in both Banton and Stevenson into the mix to play the 3 and 4.
  10. In this scenario: - Utah wins over BYU, Cal, Washington, Arizona St, and Oregon - Baylor wins over Kansas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma St, Texas and Oklahoma Pretty similar resumes. I would give a slight edge to Baylor having the more impressive wins and the fact that they technically beat every team on their schedule. However, Utah has definitely been more dominate.
  11. I dont fault them on their non-conf they scheduled two P5 teams. Both of which just happened to average or below. And ACC was unusually bad (even for ACC standards). But thats Clemson's problem and really only if they lose. Take care of business and they are in.
  12. Should be how it goes but i dont think the committee will have the stones to put Utah in over Clemson.
  13. 1. Ohio St 2. LSU 3. Clemson 4. Georgia 5. Oklahoma 6. Utah 7. Baylor - Committee was a week premature in jumping Ohio St over LSU. A blow out road victory over Michigan now makes Ohio St and LSUs schedules comparable. And the Buckeyes have been much more dominant. Both probably get in with a loss. - All of Clemson's signature wins LOST. They are hanging on by a thread. If they get upset by Virginia in the ACC championship game there is absolutely no way they should get in. Defending champ or not. - Georgia controls its own fate. Win the SEC and they are in. Simple as that. - Oklahoma has the inside track as they are the only one of the remaining three teams that has an elite win. Baylor can avenge their only loss of the season. I dont really see how Utah gets in in any scenario. Oregon kind of screwed the pouch for the Pac-12 when they lost to Arizona last week.
  14. I would hate to be some peopleon here's family, friends, spouse, etc lol
  15. It will definitely be a tone setter for the season.
  16. Frost has had an odd tenure so far. For me as a fan, next year will shape a lot of my opinion about him and his staff. Obviously this team needs an influx of talent and more depth; hopefully thats coming from the redshirts and incoming recruiting class. Frost made his share of in-game mistakes as well. He is young hopefully he learns from them. His scheme/staff may need some tweaking. Hopefully he can figure out what those tweaks need to be. Colorado, Indiana, Purdue, and Iowa were all winnable games . Next year is time to put that 5 mill where your mouth is Frosty. Im about 55/45 lean towards "He can do it".
  17. Not to be an asshole but if you go 5-7 you shouldnt go to a bowl game. Felt the same way when we played UCLA. They need to eliminate about 10-12 bowl games again. Give atleast a little meaning back to the bowls.
  18. Saw a picture of Keisei Tominaga with Steph Curry. Tominaga looked to be 2-3 inches shorter than Curry. Curry is listed at 6'3. I dont know how old Tominaga was in the picture, could be an older one.
  19. Robbed us of an Iowa-Creighton matchup
  20. His father (Hiroyuki Tominaga) is listed as a former 6'11 center under asiabasket.com I have no idea if that is a reliable website or not. Same info is on wiki. Thats all i could find.
  21. No but im sure seniors Derrick Walker and Shamiel Stevenson and juniors Yvan Ouedraogo, Kevin Cross, and Dalano Banton OR someone we get with the other two to three scholarships from that class will be able to
  22. Understandable. Life is bigger than sports. Hopefully he gets things straightened out and is able to start playing ball again, if he wants to do so.
  23. Hopefully Donovan is patient enough to realize that after his freshman year he will have all the playing time he could want (as long as he has the game to back it up) as Thor, Jervay, and Dachon will all be graduated. Maybe hooping for his home city and possibly making history here will be worth one year of riding the pine. Also, who knows, maybe Donovan is talented enough to warrant playing time as freshman.
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