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  1. We hold Nick Ward in check and Roby does not get in foul trouble at home NU -76 MSU - 71
  2. Roby - Played like he should play day in and day out. The kid is an absolute game changer when he plays like he did last night Watson - Looked like a leader tonight. When we needed a clutch shot he stepped up to the plate. It is nice that when our other stars are choking we have other stars that are there to step up. Allen - I think he needs to be allowed to shoot 5 of Palmers shots during the games. Meaning Palmer needs to shoot the ball 5 times less and Allen needs to shoot 5 times more. His shot is too consistent to only shoot it 7 times Palmer - Well the nation has figured out he can't score on Zone defense. If he doesn't figure out what to change, he needs the ball in his hands less. We need him to be the guy, and the last 3 games he has been everything but. He is getting almost all of his points from the Free Throw line, and that is not necessarily a bad thing, but his shooting % has been a joke. He needs to get the NBA off of his mind and focus on the team and Winning... then the NBA will come. Copeland - Same as Palmer... Get the NBA off of his mind as well. He is different though. He isn't playing in the flow of the game at the moment. He is forcing more than he needs to. Other teams are focusing on shuting him and Palmer down. In turn he still needs to get rebounds and assists. Roby, Watson and Allen are all capable of handling the load They need to get back to "Team" first, and take what the defense gives you. If the give you Watson, Roby and Allen then get them the ball to make the shots. Then once teams realize that those three can beat them just as easily things will open back up for Cope and Palmer. They need to play in the flow of the game, and stop forcing bad shots (in Palmers case). Also stop taking plays off (In Copelands case)
  3. Morrow would of been a better option at the 5 imo, so I tend to agree here
  4. Ummm the commercials are fantastic. Also Ed McCaffrey in the dunk contest is worth the watch too!
  5. I know this is extreme, but hey when has Nebraska ever been listed as a #1 seed on any men's tournament bracket? I mean come on... as of this guys December 21st bracket we are a 1 seed and Kansas and Michigan are 2 seeds! Not to mention the team undefeated Michigan curb stomped about a week ago North Carolina is a 1 seed in the same bracket no less According to this site we are a 1 seed!
  6. NU - 78 CSF - 64 I wanted to go 96-69, but without an amped up crowd I see us being a little sluggish
  7. I just noticed we moved up to 13th. Clemson is a Q1 win now and it will be at the end of the year too!
  8. You know I can't let this comment slide. I tried and I tried, but I just can't let it go! Not one person in the HHCC picked a 20 point victory, but yet we were supposed to win by 20 or 30?
  9. We need a 6'8+ Athletic Big to replace Roby, not sure he fits that mold.
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