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  1. 9-9 is correct, but that offensive rebound and put back when we were down 75-69 was a big deal. The timing of their offensive rebounds were clutch
  2. Banton plays too soft, and no one loves the kids skillset more than me. He needs to take a Trey McGowens class on effort. Without him asserting himself into our offense, we are going to struggle. Teddy Allen may score points in bunches, but is his play what Hoiberg is looking for? I struggle watching his game, it makes me cringe. His lazy turnovers, lazy defense and inability to jump for rebounds are equally as bad as the ugly buckets he grabs in bunches is good. Webster should start over Thor Lat Mayen needs to take the three when it's in rhythm, and sto
  3. 9/14 from 3 Starters 21/45 from the field 3/19 from 3 I know it is Doane, but are our starters heads in the game or not? Other than Banton not one looked good tonight!
  4. "We're missing a Copeland, Roby, Maric (kinda "true" 4's and 5's)" Could you imagine if Roby was on this team!
  5. Mayen and Allen are both better for sure and I would argue Webster and McGowens are both better too. He also brings less to the table than Delano and Shamiel
  6. no, 247 had Isaac Copeland one spot higher coming out of high school. If you don't want to count transfers then yes that'd be correct
  7. So without Green we have wins over Purdue and Iowa? I don't get it!
  8. The biggest difference between the two is vertical leaping ability. I think Roby has legitimately 15+ inches on him in that aspect. That is a big one for the NBA and the difference between making it and not. Roby is night and day better defensively, and it boils down to that the vertical jump!
  9. What is this the DMV? Even if there was 1000 people in front of him they should have it done in a week. There has to be more than one person looking at this paperwork right? 8 hours in a day, should be a minimum of two people per NCAA worker per day. I am assume they have to have a good 100+ people that look that stuff over.
  10. Only problem with your team is Banton isn't playing this year
  11. For Players I have seen play Starters PG - Lue SG - Piatkowski SF - Roby PF - Hamilton C - Maric Back ups PG - Watson SG - Strickland SF - Petteway PF - Copeland C - Hoppin Rich King and Cookie Belcher were close, I think if Rich King wasn's a true Center he'd be in over Copeland and Watson... Since Cookie was not a true PG I gave the nod to Glynn. JPJ - Was just too selfish and streaky for me to put him on the all time list... Sorry I know Petteway was also selfish and streaky, but
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