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  1. The only thing I can, his highlight videos
  2. Not saying this a a jab at Drago, it is just facts. He is no where near athletic enough to be NBA material at this point. Right now it looks like his vertical is maybe 25" and he finishes below the rim 90% of the time. That does not scream NBA to me, but then again it is JMO Not knocking his game though, because he does have extremely good post footwork
  3. I didn't know Roby went to Michigan?
  4. Is it wrong that I am responding to this post only to make sure I am not the only one to notice the boobs in the background in this video?
  5. Good Read! Kerr uses Hoiberg's play to win Game 2
  6. https://www.lineups.com/articles/top-5-player-standouts-2019-nba-draft-combine/ This is a good review of Roby
  7. Brandon Clarke participated and Roby was right there with him except Max Vertical. To my understanding Roby did that drill after he scrimmaged
  8. "Roby told reporters that he has met with Houston (no draft picks), Miami (13), Phoenix (6, 32), Toronto (59) and Golden State (28, 58) at the combine." If I was a betting man and if no other teams contact him. He is going to be picked 28th to Phoenix or 32nd to Golden State
  9. 210 pounds... That is 20 pounds less than what he has been listed as for the last 2 years!
  10. This is exactly the type of coaching I want my son to get. Let's compare. Miles sounds like me coaching my sons 5th grade basketball team. I keep trying to find him someone that can teach spacing and plays, because he is getting to a place that is beyond my coaching capacity. Tim Miles coaching
  11. 1's - Mack/Curtis 2's - Burke/Green/Curtis/Cheatham/Kavas 3's - Cheatham/Kavas/Thor/Stevenson 4's- Stevenson/Ouedraogo/Cross 5's - Ouedraogo/Cross Playing time Mack - 35 Burke -30 Green - 25 Cheatham - 25 Cross - 25 Stevenson - 20 Ouedraogo - 15 Kavas - 15 Curtis - 10 Thor - <5 If Roby comes back Curtis redshirts, Thor is out and Stevenson/Ouedraogo/Cross minutes drop. The rest stays the same
  12. Well I was slightly disappointed we landed Yvan over Cross, but I could not be happier landing both of these guys! All I can say is WOW I am impressed!
  13. After watching his videos and reading articles on him. Here are the things I noticed. 1. If he is actually 6'9 he had to grow 2-3 inches since those videos were posted 2. He does not have touch on his shot at all. I really hope Hoiberg can fix that 3. He has really good footwork inside the paint. 4. He has good control of his body even though it looks like he travels and fouls on almost every play. I watched closely and he is not traveling. He is a solid post pick up, I am just not sure he is going to be game ready next season? The problem is we need a post to be ready next season! I have my fingers crossed he is big/strong enough to be servicable on defense ASAP.
  14. with about a 12" less vertical and 1/2 the athleticism... but oddly I still see a similarity
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