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  1. big red22

    Way too early Top 25

    Nebraska is predicted to finish 12th... Right? What makes it worse is in that article above they say, "it's terrible", but no mention of Nebraska predicted to finish 12th. The same Nebraska team that brings back all of it's core players of a team that finished 4th last year. What a bunch of bull****! To be honest I like it, because it gives this team motivation. Even after last years screw job, we continue to get no love from ESPN!
  2. big red22

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    For me we need to recruit a Roby type player. No matter what we need someone over 6'8 with Copeland and Borchardt both being Seniors. Then you have Roby, who has a strong possibility going Pro... That would leave one player on our Roster over 6'8 and that is Heiman
  3. big red22

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    I don't remember him ever in the paint to be honest... I just knew his senior year that if Conklin was shooting a 3, it was going in! I can't believe I don't remember that, because Conklin dunking would of had me pretty pumped up!
  4. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    I'd take another Okeke type like this guy... His shot needs a lot of work! So for him to do anything outside of 5 feet offensively is not going to happen. Also that dribble at the 59 second mark scares the **** out of me! I will never understand how guys that big and strong can't dribble a damn basketball?
  5. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    I can respect this
  6. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    I'm not worried about 5 seasons from now. This years team has potential to do damage, and if Heiman is better than Borchardt and can provide serviceable minutes you play the better play NOW
  7. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    I can understand this, but if Heiman is better now... you play Heiman now. Like I said we need a transfer, because I am not comfortable with Tanner or Heiman right now
  8. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    Ummm... Everything I mentioned is noticeable. The only one's I am not 100% certain on is vertical jump and shot blocking, but from what I've seen from Tanner so far is that he doesn't have a 31.5 inch vert, and he isn't a shot blocker. Heiman's strong suit is shot blocking, but I'll give you that it is against Nebraska Class B Heiman's Verticle Yes Heiman is playing Class B high school basketball... but in his highlights it shows on multiple occasion him dribbling the whole court and finishing. I don't think Tanner is capable of doing that at any level. Ball Handling = Check Potential = Check Athletic Ability = Check Also in his highlights I've seen multiple 3 point baskets. That shows that he has range on his shot. Sorry, but we are not going to see Tanner shooting the rock behind the arc at any point in his career. Shooting = Check You already gave the advantage on height Height = Check
  9. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    It just sucks there is going to be such a big drop off of talent once Roby or Copeland go out of the game. Not saying Jordy was comparable, but you saw my meat reference...
  10. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    Why would I be insane? Size = Borchardt Knowledge of the System = Borchardt Potential = Heiman Ball Control = Heiman Athletic Ability = Heiman Shooting = Heiman Height = Heiman Vertical Jump = Heiman Shot Blocking = Heiman To me that doesn't seem crazy, and I am not saying that Heiman is ready to play either. He just gives us more at this point. I would feel a whole hell of a lot better if we got a transfer
  11. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    No offense to Tanner Borchardt, but he was a liability on the court last year IMO. Heiman will have to play this year unless we get a decent transfer. It's like if you were to go to a steak house and you are eating a Bone in Ribeye, and in the middle of eating it they pull the plate away and give you a minute steak. That is what is felt like when Borchardt came in for Roby or Copeland. Now with Jordy it was like they pulled the Bone in Ribeye and you end up with a New York Strip. That is what Jordy gave us... Solid back up when you run out of the best meat. Heiman is a more versatile Big and I think that trumps what Borchardt gives us. Even if he only weighs 200 pounds, he can play inside and out. For size/strength comparison only... Kevin Durant has the same build as Heiman. Would you redshirt Durant because he is a weak bean pole? No because he is a skilled basketball player that can dominate. I mean Heiman doesn't have Durant skills, but he is definitely more skilled than Borchardt IMO! Edit: I am referring to the Durant at Texas that struggled to bench 185 pounds
  12. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    Our "death" line up is fantastic, but defensively they are going to struggle. Not because they can't defend, but because they won't be able to be aggressive the whole game. Five fouls for Roby and/or Copeland make us a completely different team. Like Dean Smith said we will be forced to play small ball. I think we are going to see a lot of HIGH scoring games next year. Hopefully we are on the winning end of the 94-92 type games though!
  13. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    Maybe Armon Gates has a Big that he has been after? This would be a great time for him to prove his worth IMO
  14. big red22

    Jordy Gone

    I said this in the morrow thread yesterday. A team isn't about the player, and coming off the bench is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives team versatility, and versatility is what makes teams good. Jordy was a big piece of this puzzle and he just made this difficult on miles. I really hope miles has something up his sleeve
  15. big red22

    Morrow leaving

    Coming off the bench isn't the end of the world. Bench players can make it to the NBA just ask Donte DiVincenzo. Players need to know that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and just because you are coming off the bench does not mean you aren't an asset to the team. That mindset needs to change in general not just Morrow.