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  1. When, When, When,When, When, When? I need to get it on my calendar!!!!!!
  2. He was in my room in second grade. Good kid but could push some buttons.
  3. Good Christian school that made the tournament this year... Lopers...
  4. is he in the Portal? There is your answer
  5. Would love a NCAA win, But could live with a very deep run in the NIT But most of all MORE FREE RUNZAS
  6. Okay my $.02... Coming from an older, overweight guy like myself I have noticed that to me Doc didn't look all that well toward the end of the year. He has put on some weight and is older than one would think. I also wonder if he is maybe looking to ease out of coaching and maybe get into the administration side of things. Like maybe seeing if this could turn into an AD roll down the line. Just my thoughts.
  7. Well yeah, BUT they didn't win the big one and for me that is fun. You have to know she is a Zags and Boise State fan... hates the Huskers and is a Karen... soooooo
  8. I was wrong Baylor made The Zags their bitch... My sister in law is a big Zags fan and now I get to read all her whiny crap about how it was a great year blah, blah ,blah But behind my smile I will remember how The Zags got bent over and hammered!
  9. I suggest we call him player “X” ”X” can mean xcitment, xtra good, xcellent, and any that you want!
  10. He is young so hasn't maybe learned to control the "extra" stuff. Also don't know the background... Could have been some things written or talked about before the game, or could have been their biggest rival.
  11. That would be cool, they have been very good as late and would help our SOS and could see a brother vs brother one on one. Could be very interesting.
  12. What I have never seen that on here ever...
  13. Lots of free Runzas and not because it is below zero on a Tuesday.
  14. My son asked me the other day do you think that Glenn would have thrived in this offense? Think if could have him running the point right now.
  15. Well I'm 6'3" but that would be around my waist not how tall I am.
  16. Pretty cool he wants to get a better education.
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