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  1. Doesn’t she play on the same AAU team as Coach Williams daughter the plays a lot for Southwest?
  2. Is it okay if I step on your lawn to get my soccer ball sir?
  3. Saw nothing wrong with that play. At least he didn’t try to step on a guy’s groin after he knocked him to the floor. and the officiating was just plain horrible BOTH WAYS AND SIDE WAYS ON SUNDAY. That was almost a 2 hour plus game. at the end when Trey and their point guy both went to the floor the official that blew his whistle was like, “oh sh!t I blew my whistle what do I call?”
  4. Next time either walk off the court and let them score OR run her into the front row and stand over her as her lays there. Pick one or the other.
  5. But then you have fans who want this guy gone because we are turning it around right now. I am in for the long haul most on here are. But quiet a few aren’t’t.
  6. I watch Walker every game and he is by far our best player. He worked very hard last night he just didn’t have the heights to stop The giant. But he has a whole lot of dog in him. Really, really, really hopes he comes back next year…
  7. Hoppen just because it just crushed the vibe that was Nebraska basketball. and because I am old and like to remember the good old days, well not the basketball good old days.
  8. Wait? Will is on the hot seat too?
  9. If I would/ could dunk like those guys I would have run up and bought 3 hot dogs, a pretzel (no cheese or salt) large Diet Pepsi and Frost Malt ( miss the wooden spoon). So getting back on d would be the last thing I would be thinking about.
  10. “That is some high quality H2O.” the Water Boy
  11. I think that Andre defends the the back to basket player. He is strong enough to bang. Where he gets is trouble is the pic and roll. Not quite ready in his maturation to defend a smaller quicker player when he hedges. I think for some reason we play as good as our opponents are. Rutgers not great, we play like not great. Ohio State, Illinois etc., better team, play better. Not all of the time but mostly. I also remember people saying it takes a Juco half a year to get going, so maybe Keisei is ready to really take off.
  12. Only need him to play d, be a leader and DUNK LIKE A MONSTER!
  13. Mail in votes vs standing in line…
  14. Is this Courtyard by Marriot by chance?
  15. Huskers-48 Illini-78 i don’t know if we are broken, but this might be the game that does it. You know Illinois will try to score 1,000 points if they can.
  16. Who you play for, I might already have seen you all
  17. I also heard that a week or two ago his mom died back home. He hasn’t been home for 4 years and his tradition in his country is to bury the family member the day they die. So hoping he is okay.
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