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  1. I'll start the chant... Senior Transfer... Senior Transfer... Senior Transfer...
  2. Win one for Kavas... well maybe not this one. Huskers-68 Spartians-84
  3. She PM a couple of times last year. And yes she was tied into the program with Miles. Don't know who her husband was but he was not retained.
  4. Wasn't there a Dotzler who was a very good QB a few years ago?. His dad?
  5. Cause I am Husker fan and I always think we are going to be good!
  6. Does anyone really know why we took Yvan at such an early age? Is there a reason he is so young and playing DI basketball?
  7. I don't think watching one game can sway one way or the other.. But the turn out for a 7 win team could.
  8. Was watching intently the first half, second half the phone got a pretty good work out, at least he stayed to the end.
  9. This is what is funny about fans. I thought Jervay gave a good effort tonight.. He played with energy and actually played some defense. I will agree that his offense was not great, he acted like he wanted to be there at least.
  10. This game was lost three minutes after the film session started yesterday. Threw the rotation off and then Cam didn't want to play. Also could Cross at least act like he even knows what defense even is.. His lack of effort hurts everybody else trying to play "D".
  11. I think your wrong on Watson, he is like 34 years old and will be at PSU until he becomes a starter. Oh and Iowa 86-65
  12. Well somebody is going to Rudy T him and he will never play again.
  13. Once again I keep going back to watching him at the Party at the scrimmage this year. He is a clown (always laughing, not too serious, messing with everybody) and guys who are the life of the party are great to have around when everything is going well for them and the ones around them. But as soon as something isn't "fun" any more or the can't be the life of the party, they shut down and can turn nasty. Had a friend like that in High School, fun at its best but it wears a guy out. Just what I think I see.
  14. We couldn't get any of the runs that we have been living on lately because of the way the game was officiated. There was really no flow to game and Michigan was allowed to body up our guys. We aren't physical and this type of game will get us killed. I think somebody was right about the ref's memo about keeping Michigan on the bubble later.
  15. We have the most trouble stopping the second big on the floor who is a worker. That guy that isn't great but goes for the loose balls, works hard,etc... I think what happens is that we do our rotations but we forget about that second big and he has the game of his life.
  16. I have loved Thorir along,. I saw that he could play, he just needed a more open concept to thrive in..
  17. Huskers - 76 Wolverines - 75 This time we hit the winning shot!
  18. Well you know Jace does have really good bloodlines.
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