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  1. His film reminds of a kid that would play at Wisconsin.
  2. all the other Nebraska state schools;PSU, CSU, UNK ETC... are all going no fall break and done by Thanksgiving. I believe that NotreDame was first to do this.
  3. Wait... what... he was only 17... I never heard that before...
  4. If we have to stay 6 feet apart we may have to get in line now so we can be in our seats by tip off of the first game!
  5. He seems to be an East Coast kinda kid,. not sure he could or want to find Nebraska on a map.
  6. 265 rebounds and 96 blocked shots in one year aren't too bad.
  7. It might help if the guys doing the KBO games even kind of cared the games might be better.. Tried to watch yesterday and they talked about something for both the top and bottom of the inning.. I mean I didn't even know who was batting or who made the plays.. It was kind of like being at a bar watching a game with the sound off and talking with friends about their day.
  8. I would agree, if most of the pitchers would actually try to hit.. It has become a joke in the National League sometimes because you could almost toss it under hand and they still wouldn't really try to hit it because then they might have to run. Okay that was a bit harsh, but you have to admit most of today's pitchers could try harder, remember when the Braves staff had bets who could do the best. I think they even batted like around 200 as a staff.
  9. Phoenix Rising FC is a top 10 team name.
  10. How about for the women's team a player named Sioux City Sue?
  11. Maybe just maybe we have that slower, unathletically, one trick pony, tall white kid that has beat us soooooo maaaaannnnny times in the past? Sorry Trevor I had to go there, but thanks for picking us and welcome!
  12. Have a feeling the NCAA will just kind of give everybody a free move this year with how this is all going. That way everybody would have a clean slate for next year.
  13. My son said he would leave after the 3rd game. I am not ever going to say yes or no for anybody ever again.
  14. Hey how about that guy who played for Michigan...
  15. You gotta Rembrandt that my fingers don't always hit the fright keys.
  16. Look at the kids 16 schools that are on his list.
  17. Always wanted to see our name in the sweat 16.
  18. Do you use Netmeg?. You can tell me.
  19. Duke then Creighton?. It will beyond easy to hate this kid.. I would hate him even if he saved my life.
  20. That's movie they made in the area of above ground nuclear testing and almost everybody in that movie got and died from cancer. Didn't help that The Duke was like a 4 pack a day smoker either...
  21. When I first saw this picture I thought Clemson's QB had transferred!.
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