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  1. Yellow leggings make that 30 year old look like big bird.
  2. Wait till we turn the tables and beat them in basketball
  3. Can I go to the boats and place a bet? Could be fun to lay down a. couple of dollars
  4. I think he is so far N that he couldn't get out if he tried.
  5. Did you see my son? He and some friends went.
  6. Okay but wow it almost sounds like my friends who play Fantasy football.. I'm dropping this guy and this guy and picking up this guy. Real life isn't like that, you know?
  7. So what the hell are they suppose to do? Fire everybody, kick kids off the team? Holy Cow!
  8. I think as a crowd/fans enjoy the underdog roll around here for Basketball.. It allows us to have a chip on our shoulder and if we fall apart in the end then many can just shrug their shoulders and say "we aren't any good anyway" Most on here don't think that way but I know some who do.
  9. So what does all this really mean? Will the NCAA really kill it's geese that lay the golden eggs?
  10. So it just the trim? I think it looks sharp.. I was worried it was the court itself.
  11. As much time as the D was on the field the second half, they would have been that tired at sea level!
  12. Wayne doesn't like Lincoln too much I would think.... Many years ago he had his Lear jet redone at Duncan and had like gold plated every thing solid high end woods etc... Duncan kept saying it's going to be too heavy... Don't care do what I say.... So he gets it and finds out it can only fly like half as far on full tank of fuel... tries to sue Duncan... They have some guy that is a lawyer and has a Doctorate in Airspace or something like that... Duncan always wins with this guy... Wayne ain't happy.... Don't know anything after that... but...
  13. Well with a 11 am start they can wait a loooooooooot looooooooooong.
  14. And none got arrested! UCLA cough cough
  15. He also stomped and smashed their little remote truck they drove around the court during time outs.. Hit Andre on the foot, he looked down...SPLAT!!!
  16. yep and yep And I think the phone is taking a picture
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