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  1. Anybody know any cable installers in Lincoln?
  2. look again with a zoom in it is like 8 feet long.
  3. I am watching the BIG 3 tournament and went through the rosters of all the teams. Sek is playing on the Enemies team.
  4. I must be a babbling idiot I have watched every game you can on TV and been to at least one home since I was 4. I am 61 now, soooo…
  5. Anybody else watching the Michigan pitcher just get tossed for having “a foreign substance” in his glove? Kid did a horrible job of hiding it. Would have been less obvious if he just would have had a big ol’ glob of pine tar on his hat. it was the kid who wears the funky white glasses with the cord.
  6. Looks like what I am talking about. But I think I can get two on the hood.
  8. Well is almost as old as the coaches so…
  9. Just a question but did this kid ever come to see us in person? No big deal, just asking.
  10. For fun I went to SMU roster, they only have 8 guys on that list as of 3 min. ago.
  11. Mom just told me today, thanks for doing this Naven
  12. YES Now can we get a top 16 seed so we can host?
  13. We can complain about on the court things, but the kids that stay or come and stay graduate. This team has some guys who are getting really good educations with a BA and Masters getting paid for. Also we don’t hear of them causing any problems off the court either. Two positives out all the on court stuff.
  14. Yep…sigh…. At least we can assume that Bolt runs a tight ship..
  15. Dismissed from the baseball team… breaking team rules…
  16. Remember hearing a story told by Bob about his first game against Wilt. Bob was a BIG man and used that size very well. Like third time down the floor he starts to back Wilt down and Wilt just grabs him under the arms, picks him off the ground and walks him like 8 steps out of the paint. Bob said the last time he had been picked up was like when he was 5 years old… Said he never tried it again…
  17. Keenan9595 we going to KC if that is the next round. I’ll drive
  18. I am waiting for the first, either didn’t make the payments, or where A player breaks the contract by leaving…. Or something like that…
  19. Yeah two were scored in the 6 min extra time they got for having a Man City player get hurt.
  20. A bit off topic but did anybody else watch Real Madrid’s come back win against Man. City yesterday. Holy cow that was wild.
  21. I think the reality was that he wanted to finish on a team that should be pretty good, we can’t guarantee that at this time. Creighton can so… now I need to go take a bath in bleach for saying that…
  22. Quick question, does NIL only apply to Division 1 or is all of the levels of college sports. and… how about high school?
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