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  1. I just threw up in my mouth… this is the kind of guy that beats us every year.
  2. This is all pay back for selling our football soul to the devil for our 90’s run!
  3. I think that they other side of that coin is that Scott I’d very loyal to players and coaches. He hand picked AM to be our four year starter and will stay with him even if it causes him his job.
  4. Had a pretty good argument with my son about the coaches in football who put all their eggs in one basket with a questionable freshman quarterback and how they aren’t still at that school. Kind of live or die with that kid…. Sigh
  5. May have to get a new phone… mine is a Samsung slide up… it is 15 years old
  6. Hell Keenan is my own kid and I would push him in… I mean a win is a win you know?
  7. Isn’t Hunter going there? That might help him too…. Pooop
  8. love this kid, great person on and off the court. I even watch the NBA to watch him play. Still looks like he is 12 years old.
  9. Got my six seats, too bad I can only bring 3 extra friends this year, COVID weight and all…
  10. what is this over eating at a buffet you talk of?
  11. Yeah what three or four years ago we would be talking about statues for landing this kid
  12. Does this mean Bill has entered the portal?
  13. How about Dave Remington? is it his time?
  14. When is the Big ten championship football game? Usually same night...
  15. But I just don’t understand he goes to a NORTHERN school, he can’t be winning all this...
  16. Okay am I the only one that thinks it is funny that he has a picture of a player who left before the season was over and one that might not be back even this late in the off season
  17. Well one of those guys in the bottom picture is not going there because both can’t be 1
  18. That kid will throw till his arm falls off
  19. And only lost to them yesterday 5-1 while limiting them to 4 hits soooo yeah we belong.
  20. We live to play another day got to LOVE these guys
  21. Also interesting how our pitching staff throws so many strikes when the zone isn’t the size of a dime!
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