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  1. I always go back to my time living in Colorado, specifically about 25 years ago when Chauncey Billups scorned all the "blue bloods" to play for the Buffs. He didn't have to, but he wanted to play in front of his family and boost the home state university. Here's hoping Nebraska's next five-star won't have such a difficult decision to make.
  2. Wrong Wahoo. Oh well. Maybe an ACC-B1G challenge game featuring Simeon and CJ Wilcher for the Huskers and Mr. Traudt for the Cavaliers.
  3. Here's a glimpse into his future against Blaise Keita:
  4. I think the idea was to bring some fans into a private area so they could interact with the uniforms in some way — wear them, comment on them, speak with players who were wearing them — all while being recorded, only after signing the proper waivers, of course. Now with that footage the AD can put together a video that highlights that fan reaction and reveals the uniforms to the rest of the world. Not a bad idea, actually, but they need to explain it so the instant-criticism-and-outrage machine doesn't crank up and crush Nebraska's national image — again.
  5. I'm all for football re-organizing itself into super conferences that are separate from the NCAA (or college-athletics governance at all), so that the traditional conferences can re-set and re-form the regional conferences we knew and loved or create hyper-regional conferences for the Olympic sports. Imagine a Great Plains conference that reconstituted the Big 8 but then also added Creighton, Wichita State, Oral Roberts and Drake. Less travel, lots of money saved, great rivalries.
  6. You know what would make all the old Big Ten schools happy? A 20-team conference with two 10-team divisions, one consisting of the original 10 and another with five teams out west and five to the east: Original Recipe Division Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan MSU Minnesota Northwestern Ohio State Purdue Wisconsin Extra Crispy Division Maryland Rutgers Penn State Nebraska (Now pick two on the Eastern side) Notre Dame Virginia North Carolina Pittsburgh Syracuse (Now pick four f
  7. I loved Bluff. Beautiful spot, great restaurant, awesome rafting, dry-ass hiking. On edit: I really loved visiting Utah during my 23 years in Colorado. I found it to be a lot like what Colorado used to be before all the Texans and Oklahomans showed up.
  8. I kept waiting for someone to send a bus to Flux, Utah (a real place) to help out the poor guy.
  9. Hey, @atskooc, more semicolon humor, this from the comic strip "Macanudo."
  10. As a UF grad, I know Gators wanna beat ... I mean, "play" ... Tennessee every year.
  11. And a lot of mystery personal foul and holding penalties.
  12. We're in trouble when we start noting back hair and leg hunches.
  13. At what salary does the phrase "life of service" sound a little self-serving? I mean, a special ed teacher at Waverly HS for 30 years? Yeah, that's a "life of service." Making $800,000 a year to be an athletic director? Hmmmm.
  14. Joe Lunardi's expectations for 2021-22, if anybody cares at this point. Clearly the dude has problems with premature speculation, though I'm sure his partner understands. Creighton = Barely OUT Iowa = Barely IN Rutgers and Wisconsin = Barely OUT Auburn has = 6 seed Illinois = 7 seed Indiana = 10 seed Maryland = 4 seed Michigan = 1 seed MSU = 5 seed OSU = 3 seed Purdue = 2 seed Colorado = 11 seed Nebraska = C'mon, it's Joe Lunardi.
  15. Peru and Auburn? Let's dominate Nemaha County!!
  16. That 67 kg absolutely has to be a typo; 6-2, 147 pounds is rail thin. Keisei isn't large, but he's also not Mikki Moore thin. Ryuto Yasuoka is also 188 cm, but listed at 87 kg, which is about 192 pounds. Yasuoka is more muscular than Tominaga, but not that much. On Edit: Huskers.com has KT at 6-2, 174, which is 188 cm, 79 kg.
  17. Exhibitions Oct. 28 vs. Peru Oct. 31 vs. Colorado
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