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  1. Purdue is now at No. 33 in the NET, so that makes them a Quad 2 win. Iowa is still a Quad 1 win, and Purdue could be again by year's end. After we beat MSU on Thursday, that'll be another one.
  2. Bottom line: Nebraska has more Quadrant 1 victories this year (2) than we had two years ago (1), unless Purdue is now a Q2 win, then we have just as many.
  3. Did he get out in time to get to the CHI Center to watch his Bluebirds play?
  4. So who was the genius? None of us predicted this much losing.
  5. How much of this is our lack of size and experience inside? If you're smaller than the other team and your players are anywhere from three to seven years younger than the players they're trying to go over to make layups, layups are anything but easy. Mack too often is trying to finish against 6-11 centers. Burke is skinny, and both appear to have been weakened by the flu this past week. That's a recipe for missing more than half of your "bunnies." As for Yvan, well, he's just 17. He's just 17. He's just 17.
  6. Do you need to talk to someone? There are people who can help you. Don't be afraid to ask for help.
  7. Wisconsin 177-of-552 in its 23 games against teams not named "Nebraska." That's 32 percent. Wisconsin 33-of-65 in its 2 games against Nebraska. That's 51 percent.
  8. Who has better basketball fans than Nebraska? Seriously. I watched the Penn State game earlier, and they had a nine-year run of zero sellouts. That ended this year because they're good. Kansas? Duke? Kentucky? Psssh. Real tough being a fan of those teams. Our time will come, but until then, we show up and hope against hope. Here's to at least one more win this year to reward the players and the country's best fans.
  9. Wisconsin now 28-of-55 from deep in 3.5 halves of basketball against Nebraska. They shoot 33 percent as a whole, so that means probably closer to 30 percent against everybody but us.
  10. How many assists would Mack have with Andre Smith or Dave Hoppen or Rich King or Kimani Ffriend or Carl McPipe or Aleks Maric or Venson Hamilton or Chuck Jura or Mikki Moore or even Brandon Ubel at the end of his post-entry passes? To myself: "He's just 17. He's just 17. He's just 17. He's just 17. He's just 17. He's just 17."
  11. Minnesota is the epitome of mediocrity, and yet because of all these formulas, they're a solid 8 seed right now. Whereas two years ago, we ... never mind. It's too painful to think about.
  12. Turgeon: "I don't think we were very good. We really weren't into it."
  13. Glynn Watson went 2-for-22 in a five-game stretch in late January-early February 2019. The Huskers lost all five and found themselves on the outside-looking-in at the NCAA Tournament.
  14. For reference, the only Iowan who played even remotely significant minutes for Hoiberg at ISU was recruited walk-on Bubu Palo, who started three games in Hoiberg's first (disastrous) season and then saw his minutes decrease as the team improved to an NCAA Round of 32 and Sweet Sixteen team the next two years. As a freshman, Palo played in 32 games, starting 3. As a junior, he played in 21 games because he broke his wrist. As a senior, he played in 17 games, in part because he was suspended for half the season. His minutes per game decreased from year 1 to year 2, and from year 2 to year 3.
  15. How do Banton's skills relate to PG?
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