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  1. Adama turned 18 in February. Yvan is a month younger. Let's say Adama comes to us as part of the '21 class, then redshirts because Yvan and Derrick Walker take all the minutes at the 5 in 2021-22. It's possible that in February 2023, a 21-year-old freshman, Sanogo, would team with a 20-year-old senior, Yvan, in the middle. Wacky. Of course, Kofi Cockburn was a 20-year-old true freshman this year.
  2. So you're saying projecting the 2021-22 roster might be a crapshoot? Noted.
  3. Then we could move this agonizing thread to "Husker Opponents 2020-21"!!!
  4. "Amongst"? Which British tabloid is he writing for?
  5. 2020-2021 2021-2022 Kobe Webster (Sr) Trey McGowans (Jr) Teddy Allen (Jr) Teddy Allen (Sr) Dalano Banton (So) Dalano Banton (Jr) Shamiel Stevenson (Jr) Shamiel Stevenson (Sr) Yvan Ouedraogo (So) Yvan Ouedraogo (Jr) Derrick Walker (Jr) Derrick Walker (Sr) Lat Mayen (Jr) Kobe King (Jr) Kevin Cross (So) Lat Mayen (Sr) Thor Thorbjarnarsson (Sr) Kevin Cross (Jr) Akol Arop (So) Akol Arop (Jr) Kobe King (RS) Keisei Tominaga (Jr) Trey McGowans (RS) Charlie Easley (So) Charlie Easley (Jr) Jace Piatkowski (Fr) Jace Piatkowski (So) Bret Porter (Fr) Bret Porter (So) That's a lot of juniors and seniors in 2021-22.
  6. REBOUNDING MARGIN G TEAM AVG. OPPONENT AVG. MARGIN 1. Illinois 31 1224 39.5 991 32.0 +7.5 2. Michigan State 31 1258 40.6 1027 33.1 +7.5 3. Rutgers 31 1245 40.2 1062 34.3 +5.9 4. Indiana 32 1210 37.8 1029 32.2 +5.7 5. Ohio State 31 1148 37.0 982 31.7 +5.4 6. Purdue 32 1175 36.7 1043 32.6 +4.1 7. Maryland 31 1188 38.3 1062 34.3 +4.1 8. Minnesota 31 1217 39.3 1121 36.2 +3.1 9. Iowa 31 1162 37.5 1095 35.3 +2.2 10. Penn State 31 1202 38.8 1169 37.7 +1.1 11. Michigan 31 1119 36.1 1092 35.2 +0.9 12. Wisconsin 31 1051 33.9 1070 34.5 -0.6 13. Northwestern 31 1045 33.7 1183 38.2 -4.5 14. Nebraska 32 1138 35.6 1446 45.2 -9.6
  7. Not that it's a big selling point, but the 25 percent average from deep for King is just last season, when he took only 28 of them. He was at 31 percent the year before, and made 7 of 21 (33 percent) in a limited role as a freshman. And in 2-point attempts, he's made 52 percent in his career. That's good.
  8. And in France, you're automatically registered to vote at age 18. Imagine that ...
  9. "It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times." "Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, that's what the NCAA Transfer Portal is all about." “It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better place that I go to than I have ever known.” "It matters not what someone is born, but where they transfer to."
  11. That's OK. I used to call Nate Johnson "Magic."
  12. Hey, he turns 18 this week. He may be 6-9 by next year. Start? Toss-up, but Walker will be four years older with two years of P5 experience under his belt, so ...
  13. Nobody's asking for a miracle next year. If we can get to 7-8 conference wins and be competitive most of the rest of the games, maybe we squeeze out an NIT bid. Maybe not. However, our seniors next year appear to be Webster, and maybe Thor and Green. None of them may start, though Webster could play significant minutes, starter or not. Here's a rotation-plus: Webster, Sr. Banton, So. Allen, Jr. King, Jr. Stevenson, Jr. Walker, Jr. Mayen, Jr. Ouedraogo, So. Thor, Sr. Cross, So. Green, Sr. That's 11 deep, so a couple of those players are likely to see only spot minutes. If you look closely, that's the kind of experience we had in 2017-2018, when we won 13 conference games — lots of juniors, lots of transfers, raw young big men. Would anyone have put Palmer or Petteway on all-conference teams before they played their first games here? Again, I'll be happy with 7-13 or 8-12 in conference, but to dismiss the team because of transfers and youth, that's premature. Replace Green, Thor and Webster with Tominaga, Sallis and Whitt, turn all of those juniors into seniors, and add a legit big man in Sanogo, that team enters 2021-2022 with a chance to contend. I see the plan in effect. It has worked here, to a lesser extent, with a coach who doesn't have Hoiberg's pedigree of success in doing the exact thing at another university.
  14. I know of something that can help keep your wits about you.
  15. Could be. Or, if you want Banton, King and Allen out there with, say, Stevenson and Walker/Ouedraogo, Webster could play about 20 minutes at the point, Banton could play 20 minutes at the point and another 10-15 giving King and Allen a break. If Thor stays, there's another option to spell Allen at the 3. In other words, Banton and Webster could split time at the point, with Banton starting.
  16. It's as if, when Yvan starts to go up for a shot, he's really just 5-foot-7 and not 6-foot-8. At that point, he just looks so much shorter than the guys guarding him.
  17. That was kind of fun. I hope the boys continue to fight, and I hope Banks come in and shows those Hoosiers what a block really looks like.
  18. Like a man. With an iffy stroke.
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