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  1. They have a little more diversity coming off the bench.
  2. A starting lineup only a mother could love.
  3. Trust funds, yes. Hippies, not so much. Lots of dudes and bros, though.
  4. Why, yes. Yes, I will. Quite honestly, of the four institutions at which I've taught — CSU, KU, CU Boulder and the UI — Iowa is the least full of itself. The most arrogant? I'll let you guess.
  5. He looks slightly older than 17. So that's good.
  6. Love the odds 11 v. 9. Norwich City was two men down for 46 minutes against Burnley yesterday and it held it to 2-0. And Norwich sucks even with 11 on the pitch.
  7. Wanna go all in and do the apertura and clausura scheduling?
  8. I hope you celebrated by shooting an imaginary arrow.
  9. From the 1919 University of Nebraska yearbook about the 1918 football season, which opened in the middle of a World War, and which was suspended from Oct. 5's opener against Iowa until a Nov. 9 game against the Omaha Balloon School: Were alibis necessary, Nebraska could claim, along with every other school in the Conference, that the unprecedented influenza epidemic made serious inroads on their team's progress. The plague caused an element of uncertainty in every game. Not alone in the personnel of the team, where changes were constantly being made necessary through the claim of the "flu" but also in the student body and in the other devotees of the game, was there an element of unrest and lack of interest. It was never surely known even on the eve of a game whether the teams would clash the following day or not, for bans on public gatherings were being enforced and lifted at all hours of the day and night. (snip) Just prior to the lifting of the freshman ban, the Government took over the control of the Valley sports, and so cut the Nebraska schedule, in order to eliminate the trips and curtail expense, that is was hardly recognizable after it was returned to us. The Syracuse game and the one scheduled with Morgantown, West Virginia, were both barred, and so the team had only one trip to look forward to through the entire season. The trip allowed was made to St. Louis, where Nebraska mixed with Dick Rutherford's Washington Pikers, December 7, 1918.
  10. Ball State, WMU, CMU, EMU, Indiana State, etc. Line 'em up.
  11. You don't say. These "Chiefs" of whom you speak ... are they considered a skillful bunch?
  12. Whatever the lineup, is this more of a: Pikiell at Rutgers rebuild second season (3-15, 14th place in 14-team conference); a Miles at Nebraska rebuild second season (11-7, 4th place in a 14-team conference); a Hoiberg at ISU rebuild second season (12-6, tied for third in 10-team conference); OR Somewhere in between. I think this roster lands us somewhere in between Pikiell and Miles/Hoiberg, but that's a huge space to occupy. The early non-partisan analysis like this and this, have us struggling to rise much above Pikiell's benchmark, and unless Allen emerges as a Pettway-style all-conference type player and we have other players emerge and complement in the fashion of Rey Gallegos, Shavon Shields, Walter Pitchford, Tai Webster and Benny Parker, they may be right.
  13. Great match today between Chelsea and Manchester City. Nice goal by Pulisic.
  14. Then we're just gonna have to get a whole body shot, right?
  15. BTW, if he's 6-8, how tall is the woman?
  16. "Oui, Coach Hoiberg. I want to be in Lincoln more than anywhere in the world right now, but these travel restrictions. What can be done? C'est la vie."
  17. Gonna be an interesting year around here. There's nothing more fragile than a Hawkeye fan's hopes, and nothing more pathetic than when they realize those hopes were simply dust in the wind. (Or is that Kansas?)
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