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  1. Speaking of them, they went zero-for-15 from 3-point range Thursday night against Purdue but still won by 13, in part because the Hawks made 27-of-30 free throws. Warnock was zero-for-4 from deep. Which Hawkeyes will show up? The ones that haven't shot well for 13 games, or the ones that were unconscious at PBA?
  2. Iowa went 0-for-15 from deep against Purdue Thursday night. Warnock was 0-for-4.
  3. Iowa entered the game shooting 25 percent from 3. Even without Warnock's unreal shooting, the rest of the team was 4-of-10. I think Clark's celebrity status here in Iowa City has changed her. She was much less full of herself as a frosh.
  4. Iowa jumps out to 9-0 lead against IUPUI in Hell ... sorry, "Iowa City" ... led by as many as 18 and took a 62-47 lead into the fourth. IUPUI outscores the Hawkeyes 27-11 in the fourth quarter to win 74-73. Clark scored 19, but was just 1-of-7 from deep. Team was 4-of-22. Poor Lisa.
  5. It's the only team I'm paying attention to.
  6. Glad I didn't watch. I've pretty much had it with watching the Big Red lose. Don't know if I'll ever tune in again. I'm DVR'ing them all, just in case. Have fun, everybody.
  7. In the words of philosopher and boat poet Peter John Fleck: "Culture over talent."
  8. Can you explain that to my therapist?
  9. We're an NBA prep program, but not a winning program, apparently. Good for Alonzo and Bryce. I'm sure the game helped their draft status. For the rest of us, this was the annual cold-shower game.
  10. @aphilso1 What a week or so, eh? SKC gets humbled by Austin, and then gets screwed against RSL. Huskers have a chance versus OSU, but ... well, you know. And now the men's basketball annual cold shower game. Oy.
  11. It gets tiresome, doesn't it, that most people have no concept what kind of city or how large Lincoln is. Having lived in Colorado for 23 years, Florida for 6 (felt like 60), Kansas for 4 and now Iowa for 5, I'm tired of trying to explain that Lincoln, as the 70th-largest city in the U.S., actually has things to do. And, yes, more things to do than Cedar Rapids, Coralville, North Liberty and Iowa City combined. Plus it's just 45 minutes to the country's 40th-largest city.
  12. TL;DR They're intrigued by us, but none of the five commentators have us higher than 11th, and the consensus is 12th, just above Penn State and Minnesota.
  13. How does Verge compare with Glynn Watson his senior year?
  14. Some exhibition scores to date: Illinois 101, St. Francis 34 (NAIA) Illinois 94, Indiana (Pa.) 79 (Division II) Michigan State 92, Ferris State 58 (Division II) Minnesota 80, Concordia-St. Paul 67 (Division II) Ohio State 82, Indianapolis 46 (Division II) Wisconsin 76, UW-Whitewater 50 (Division III) Creighton Bluebirds 76, Upper Iowa Peacocks 61 (Division II) NC State 87, Elizabeth City State 68 (Division II)
  15. From NetBuffs message board: Thankfully just exhibition But this team doesn't look NIT worthy right now and I can see a maddening season. Corn looks talented and deep and I can only hope they are a NCAA tourney team, so props to RG or Tad - whoever scheduled that so CU got a taste of real hoops before regular season. Didn't see it all but thought CU competed(at least in 2nd half). Nebraska is loaded up w/ transfers and a 5* kid who looks real good. Can't have Battey and Parquet score 2 points in 42 min combined. Still, after a stretch where NU hit 4 or 5 straight 3's to go up by 25 or so, CU won the last 10 minutes.. cut it to 12 once and had some oppts to get it under 10.
  16. It's saying something when the starters pull out to a big lead and I still can't wait to get the subs in there — Keisei, C.J., Keon and Heem.
  17. Peru followed up its Nebraska exhibition with a season-opening 104-57 win at home against Spurgeon College. The Bobcats jumped out to a 30-4 lead and stretched it to 36 points before settling for a 51-21 halftime lead. No Peru starter played more than 16 minutes. Jibril "The Nemaha County Steph Curry" Harris played just six minutes and failed to make his only 3-point attempt. PSC was 13-of-34 from 3-point range for the game. The Bobcats play Morningside College in Sioux City on Monday.
  18. TyTy gonna be drivin' in style with his new Porsche(s).
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