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  1. Now there's a whole new trove of Husker hoops history available online with the complete digitization of The Daily Nebraskan from 1901 to 2001. Who could ever forget such classics as these: "Early practice could violate rule" "Hoppen's heroics humble Bluejays" "Hoops Hoopla: First NU conference title reflects fan force" AND SO MUCH MORE!
  2. I never looked as dorky as the rest of the Nads, though.
  3. I prefer this look from @colhusker intramural days:
  4. I saw that, too. We've come a long way from the clown pants of the '90s and early 2000s. Thank goodness.
  5. Matt A. looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?
  6. Future All-Big Ten guard Dalano Banton.
  7. He's going to be a true elitist, not just a pretend one.
  8. Definitely a guy who doesn't have any desire to be a head coach again.
  9. At UNL? That was a great class. And now everyone can understand why.
  10. Can I change my designation of the Wisconsin JV squad to Croatia? Seems more apt, even down to the uniform color. Oh, and this is infinitely better than any Delaware State game.
  11. 48-48 with a little over two minutes left, and Yvan is still in the game.
  12. Because I think there's value in an athletic scholarship, whether it makes the university money or not. My undergraduate education at UNL was paid for by merit scholarships and a Regents Scholarship, but I didn't bring that back in value to the university in dollars. God knows I haven't donated enough back to UNL since my 1984 graduation. Football is the outlier in this because of the size of the squads. There is no other analogous program on either side of the gender dividing line. That written, the idea of a less corrupt college basketball system is obtainable, but it wouldn't require the same sort of machinations as creating a more transparent college football system. The answer to that in college basketball would be to simply have basketball adopt a similar system to either hockey or baseball — amateur draft of college and high school players, and free-agent scouting and signings of foreign players, all of which results in a bunch of basketball being played at different levels by players who mature at different times, play in different systems, etc. Some players may enter professional basketball immediately upon leaving high school, while others choose to attend college for at least a couple of years.
  13. He also reaches out with his forearms. He'll have to re-learn setting picks for Big Ten refs.
  14. Great points, Norm. I will get political for a moment, though. I'm not going to cry about lost opportunities for male athletes when Division I football programs hand out 85 scholarships and have another 15 to 65 walk-ons on the roster. Nebraska, like most other schools in the top tier of college football, can't afford to NOT play football with as many bodies as possible, but I always get a little rankled when people blame the loss of athletic opportunities for men on women's sports. I'd be in favor of a system first proposed by Rick Telander back in the late 1980s in his book "The Hundred-Yard Lie": First, separate the top tier of football (Power 5 or 6) from the NCAA by making it a development system for the NFL, call it the NFL D-League. There would still be a team called the "Nebraska Cornhuskers" that plays on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln against teams from the Big Ten, including the "Iowa Hawkeyes," the "Minnesota Gophers," etc. Each university would be considered a "host" and a "sponsor." The players get paid a living wage based on the market they're playing in. Someone in Lincoln might make $100K, but someone in Los Angeles might make $150K or more. Someone in Manhattan, Kansas would get $38.46. All players would receive a voucher to attend classes and earn a degree, whether they do so while playing football at the university or after their playing days end. You could even go so far as to assign each of the 65 to 80 NFL D-League Teams to an NFL club. So the Chiefs could have KU and Mizzou as its D-League teams. The NFL could also hold a post-college draft to get players from smaller programs that aren't a part of the D-League. Second, get the NFL to "hold harmless" every university by making up the difference in what they'd lose financially. Some schools already lose money on their football programs, so the school would now have that burden off their books. In 2016-2017, Nebraska football made $120.2 million and spent $112.6 million, so Nebraska would be owed at least $7.6 million that would then be paid by the NFL to the athletic department. That payout could vary depending on negotiations between each school and the NFL and what each school feels it needs to make the athletic department whole. That would include royalties on merchandising and other ancillary revenue streams attached to the football program. Third, begin to right-size every major athletic department with true Title IX balance in mind. 15 basketball scholarships for both men and women. 15-20 baseball scholarships and 15-20 softball scholarships. Equal numbers between men and women for track and field, swimming, gymnastics and other non-gender specific sports, including a new men's soccer program at UNL. Add other men's sports where appropriate if a women's sport already exists. Find roughly equal scholarship numbers in sports where only one gender fields a team: volleyball and wrestling, for example.
  15. He will have to adjust to Big Ten officiating, though. Which means that if he's wearing a shirt that reads "Nebraska," he'll have to be super-stationary when he's setting a pick — and that might not always be good enough.
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