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  1. Even then you get 5-6 high level games out of 30, instead of 20 in big boy conferences. They might get him and I will cheer for him wherever he goes. I still think most major talents want the challenge of going against the best players on prime time TV. Not late night games very few people watch against weak opponents.
  2. I don’t think with Fred it makes much difference. 2-4 seem to be fairly interchangeable
  3. I like Zaga it’s a great program and definitely not saying he won’t make it going there. More why would you want to if you could play at a major power school in a major conference. Playing vs Duke, UNC, etc every week sounds better than Portland, Santa Clara, Pepperdine’s of the world. Maybe he is someone that wants something more low key but if I am a top 100 guy I want to play with and against the best on a regular basis, it just a cou-le early season games a year.
  4. I hope Cam stays, he has a lot to work on but if he does he’ll get a shot. Defense consistent shooting, especially FTs Finishing strong at the rim. That will get much tougher in NBA Ball handling, he is good but if he would improve to above average with his athleticism no one will stay in front of him.
  5. Read a good article on him today. Coach loves him and only reason he has not played as much is injuries, just can’t get healthy. I hope Akol fills out the same way. Aquek looks pretty strong these days
  6. Great Coach, great program but not sure why top kids would go there. Play the vast majority of your games against low level programs in small venues with limited TV. Would think you’d want top level competition and visibility to get to the NBA. will be surprised if he goes there.
  7. He was front row of student section. Was on his phone a lot and I would guess his mother and maybe a brother or friend were with him. Hope it went well, we need the help
  8. Cam was responsible for 3-5 wide open 3s when he just totally lost where his man was. He was clearly not in the game last night. Hopefully he gets back to his normal self
  9. He actually shoots it well from the outside, I watch him a lot in warmups. I think the ball handling and just basketball knowledge playing the wing are probably his big hurdles. Wish he had Thor’s feel for the game.
  10. I think he could be good in a year or two. I see the Jefferson kid at Creighton as what he could become. Super athletic small ball 4 man who crashes the boards, gets put backs, and hits some 3s when open
  11. I would not be surprised if it happens as they were not happy with Yvan when he took and air balled that FT line jumper. Cross has to cut down the turnovers and focus on def and blocking out. He is not good at all in those areas. If he’s on it’s worth it but he only seems on every 3rd-4th game. I think / hope he takes a big jump in those areas, better conditioning would help a ton
  12. He has had blue bloods calling him for a long time already. KU and UCLA offered a while ago. It’d be hard to say no to a duke if they offer though.
  13. ‘thought they both were bad today but at least Yvan plays def and gets more boards but I guess you could try it.
  14. This should be pinned. Anyway his old coach was on the radio here a couple times this week and it was pretty interesting. Said Teddy has been better at Juco not getting Ts and other issues after they laid down the law. He said Teddy does not really trust a lot of adults so it will be good for him to be close to him and his old Boys Town AD. He said Teddy will listen to them even on hard conversations and he knows it’s his last chance. Similar when he got to Boys Town, not getting a 5th or 6th chance anymore and he was great there. He also said he completely respects Fred and sees him as someone who can get him to the NBA. Fred said they need wing scorers and that is Teddy. 50-40-90 guys are rare at any level. i am excited to see him in Red, hopefully he stays out of his own way.
  15. maybe the team was not giving a great effort in practice and this was a bit of a motivational ploy by going public with it. Banton’s numbers and PT at W. Kty are a mystery. He was a top 50 type kid coming out and had a triple double vs Wisconsin so the talent is there. Anxious to see what he can do.
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