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  1. Granted it was only one jumper I saw but thought Thor’s shot was much quicker and less of a sling shot. Every team needs glue guys and he fits the bill
  2. Fred just said he missed the trip due to a paperwork mix up, it is extremely odd.
  3. Fred had some nice things to say about how much he I proved from pre Italy practices till now at a recent speaking engagement.
  4. Matt apparently has a long and real good relationship with Kuminga and his family at St Johns. Not saying we get him but they are in the game at least.
  5. Not surprising, had lots of Ivy opportunities to, smart kid and that is hard to turn down. I know his dad is probably real happy
  6. Sad to say but I think East Omaha will be pretty good this year (and next)
  7. Zach Clemence from Sunrise Christian is visiting along with some team mates we have not offered.
  8. Think he is visiting on the opening night event. Really like this kid
  9. And Bill Self but what do they know
  10. They need the coach to just let them play. They had 3 high D1 players, 2 small college players, and a kid good enough to walk on at NU and did not make state last year. Hopefully they reach their potential this year.
  11. You really do not watch college hoops except for NU?
  12. His dad was a high jumper for Minn so you gotta figure there is some real interest with them
  13. Plus a really good PG who will be playing ball in college as well. They have under achieved for a while now
  14. His mom is pretty tall too. My son used to play with Jasen and his dad coached the soccer team. Very nice family, really happy for them. Think their daughter is playing in college now too
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