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  1. Please make this happen, like him much more
  2. That school is really hitting Nebraska hard, think they have 2-3 Nebraska kids in football to.
  3. that would be real underwhelming
  4. Seems we haven’t fired anyone. I believe people wanted coaches fired for not recruiting good enough even though currently we have a top twenty class coming in. One of the guys requested to be fired was not even allowed to recruit, oddly enough. Let’s not change the narrative
  5. that is correct and he struggled a ton at Kty. Wonder if he just wasn’t ready, would love to get him and see if he can regain his confidence
  6. I’m with you. Outside of the Miles transition I think he has been great and want him to stay
  7. Illinois losing Adam Miller is big and Drake‘s Yesufu in the portal. Two pretty high level guards
  8. I think you jinxed him. Two transfers so far including Bishop and rumored to be one more at least. Plus Zegorowski going pro and no seniors returning, they will have a whole different starting 5. Hopefully the start of a nice downturn where we can get the series lead back.
  9. I have no doubt we play some of the games everyone is playing. However Creighton straight up offered a kid $100K and job for his parents. I actually hope we are doing the same because it seems no one cares but I have a hard time believing we are. Either way Creighton has not been a clean program since they moved to the Big East. They hired Murphy to go buy high end east coast players and he did a good job.
  10. I get the skepticism looking at his PT and stats. However I always think of how little guys like Petteway, JPJ, and Pitchford had stat wise before coming here. I think he is transferring because he thought he was better than a couple upperclassman who were a head of him. Some coaches are like that. What we do know is he is a high level shooter so hopefully they can coach him up on defense and his rebounding. I am pretty excited but don’t think he is a sure fire starter yet
  11. I might be dead wrong as I am often but I would have loved to have seen Bryce and Chucky together as our back court for the next few years.
  12. I think he paid for his own non official visit a while back. That is when everyone started to know Zaga was his pick.
  13. I think 6-10 range should be a realistic goal depending on how we fill out and what those other programs with all the turnover pull together
  14. totally agree, just not nearly as successful. If Banton could get a lot stronger and improve his ball handling he’d have a shot
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