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  1. And Bill Self but what do they know
  2. They need the coach to just let them play. They had 3 high D1 players, 2 small college players, and a kid good enough to walk on at NU and did not make state last year. Hopefully they reach their potential this year.
  3. You really do not watch college hoops except for NU?
  4. His dad was a high jumper for Minn so you gotta figure there is some real interest with them
  5. Plus a really good PG who will be playing ball in college as well. They have under achieved for a while now
  6. His mom is pretty tall too. My son used to play with Jasen and his dad coached the soccer team. Very nice family, really happy for them. Think their daughter is playing in college now too
  7. Max Murrel is blowing up. Va Tech and Creighton have offered along with a handful of mid majors. Pretty cool
  8. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. The Herbie doesn’t have to be the only or main logo. Just throw it on a few items for those in th base that love it.
  9. That is wrong, my high school football coach was screaming GATA back in 1985 ???
  10. Did he turn them down or did he interview, get a pay bump and remove himself from consideration? Guys on radio speculating the later and he was not their first pick. Who knows, I think he is a good, not great coach and would not have been real fired up if we hired him let alone Michigan
  11. I think the point is most of those 6’7 - 6’9 guys in the NBA are special athletes. It’s not that Roby is a “freak” compared to them but the fact that he is in their athletic category which gets him interest. His ability to defend, rebound, handle, and hit jumpers consistently will decide if he sticks in the league. Not many guys can do all that with his size. Disagree on sweet 16. If we were to get in the field and he gets hot that first weekend he could be the difference.
  12. Read some articles from Barnes and he loved the kids potential. Seemed he had trouble getting him to consistently fill his role which lead to the low PT. Hopefully Fred and team can help him reach his potential as he looks the part physically. Redshirt year should help I would hope
  13. He will not redshirt. He has used his redshirt sitting out this year. He will play next year when eligible if he is good enough.
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