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  1. Unless he does something really dumb no way will he be fired by Xmas. He is in a much different spot than Frost.
  2. This did not age well. Wisco scores about 18 in the first half but explodes to almost beat KU in the second half
  3. Damn Wisco scored 43 points and won. They might be in for a rough season. At least rough to their normal expectations
  4. I heard Fred say he thought WB played well but in the second half every time ABP took out their big guy we went with our small lineup. He appreciated WB selflessness as he provided energy from the bench after having a good first half.
  5. He missed 4-5 easily back cut passes vs SJ and in the first half today. Second half he made a couple nice ones. Still needs to work on how to post up better but I thought he’d have a learning curve and he seems coachable.
  6. And now they are leading in the second half against #11 Tennessee. Omaha starting strong against Idaho to. Think they will surprise some people in the Sumit league. Think they were picked 10th
  7. I like the very very small sample of what I’ve seen from Lawrence as well. Agree it is a good core if he gets another year and they see the vision and stick around
  8. Speaking of Matt A. He was having lunch with Baylor Schiereman a couple weeks ago. Must be working the agent angle for next year.
  9. Wrightsell Jr at Cal State I believe Devries at Drake (grew up in Omaha but finished high school in Iowa)
  10. I liked when Maine went on a run we did not just jack up shots. We went to the rim and scored. I also thought after that run we played them more straight up on defense and looked a little better doing that. Overall happy with the game and W. Concerns on 3pt shooting, teams that press us (St John’s), and giving up dribble penetration and slow rotations Get a W on Thursday
  11. Donovan Williams (Pacific) going against Max Murrell and Stanford. Stanford winning but DW playing well
  12. That might end up being true but it would be a HUGE surprise to someone pretty close to Trev. If he is fired it’ll be after the season.
  13. Griesel went head to head with Scheierman and more than held his own. Gary was 6th man part time starter on a sweet 16 team. Walker was in the rotation on a great Tenn team. I’m guessing they would be wanted by a lot of teams and were recruited by many P5 teams in the portal. Lloyd, WB, Kieta were all recruited by a lot P5 teams. We may not have a guy that would start for anyone but we are not void of talent. Shatel is an idiot if he thinks that (well he is an idiot anyway to be fair)
  14. That was the word. However also rumors he might not have been a good fit after he visited.
  15. Think the doom and gloom is a bit premature, saw a lot of good thing to go with the bad.. This game did not make me any more or less excited. Dominated inside against a team we should, hasn’t been the case in recent years and Walker did not play much. We have nice length across the board and good effort on Def for the most part. Very few hero ball shots (CJ had one) Good ball movement overall which led to good shots that we want but didn’t make (as it should against poor teams) Fast breaks were run efficiently. How many 3-1, 3-2 breaks have we F’d up the last few years? Were as basic as you could be on both ends. Lloyd looked good handling the ball and Lawrence has a nice looking shot. Will be interesting to see if they get minutes. If KT does not shoot better one of them will get his. Bad 3point shooting, which will probably be our killer all year. Turnovers we’re mostly just lazy passes. Hope that improves when there is more intensity Dribble drive defense, hope we see some zone or match up at some point but we were basic today Hope Blaise would show more shot blocking and offense. He moved ok but tried taking a block every time. Him and Oleg need to get a little more physical. Hope they stream CU game. Fred said they crushed a good Wyoming team
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