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  1. He very well might but right now passing, 3 pt%, and moving without the ball are not his strengths and Fred loves those qualities, so does McD. He is a volume shooter that dominates the ball and is not overly efficient. He is talented enough he could thrive in any system if he wanted to make adjustments but that’s a big IF. Most guys like that figure why change if what I am doing is working. I am real interested to see where he lands. Think KSU and Okie St would be good fits, hope he does great.
  2. Most people seem to think the one free transfer rule is going into effect. Question will be will it start this year or next.
  3. I think everyone might be overreacting here, could be a simple answer.. Donovan is a very talented, ball dominate, scoring guard who would have fit pretty good with what Miles wants to do. Fred has a much different style than Tim. He likes spacing and sharing the ball, not clear outs for guys. I think that is why Burke and Green maybe did not flourish like we hoped they would. Would Donovan adapted his game and flourished? Does he want to? Maybe he is looking for a system that will highlight his strengths. Fred honored the offer and Donovan chose not to sign which was his choice. Then Fred moved on probably hoping to find guys more suited to his style. Don’t think it is a coincidence that Creighton did not offer as their system might not be the perfect match either. hope he finds the right place and has a great career.
  4. was told ACT / SAT are working on options like online testing so kids can get the tests they need. They were hoping for June but who knows.
  5. I hope the last Kobe took this guys spot, we really need a knock down shooter if we can get one
  6. as long as Mouse McFadden is still not playing for them we should be fine
  7. Lay and Cross are wings, so that would leave Yvan, Sanongo, and Walker at the 5. Not sure how it would work out but hoping Fred thinks he’s such a good talent you make room for him
  8. He scored 7ppg as a freshman in the big 12 on only 11 minutes a game. He is older and looks in better shape now, so if he’s getting 25 minutes a game I hope he’s in the 15pt+ category. Will depend who he’s playing with too. I hope we have a couple guys in that range so he does not have to be the primary scorer all the time.
  9. Guessing you will not see sit out transfer much longer. Think the NCAA will adopt that 1 free move rule soon. Wonder how that will affect us as Fred seemed to like those
  10. Sallis was not even 75% in my opinion, definitely did not have his normal burst.
  11. Some people are glass half full types instead of worst case. You can make the opposite of your case if you want as well. JPJ, Petteway, Pitchford all did nothing at there first school but turned into all conference type guys. Just because Green didnt translate doesn’t mean all Jucos especially guys with previous P5 experience will. Who knows what will happen and you might be right in the end. However I would not be surprised if one or more of Banton, Allen, Stevenson, King, or who knows develops into a all conference guy. Things change, kids develop, hopefully a couple of ours pan out and we are greatly improved next year.
  12. I know but I thought they just tested him earlier today when he showed signs and confirmed it later and canceled the game. Could be off in the times but that’s what it appears.
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