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  1. Coach Matt said they value athleticism the most and will teach shooting. Harris has that in spades and probably more than most of the recruiting targets being thrown around. Would be shocked if they did not want him around
  2. Would guess Doc is involved as well. Could see them working together, O / D planning
  3. Good to know because I have been waiting for your opinion you just can not trust Bill Self, Billy Gillespie, and Fred Hoiberg on what a good basketball coach looks like.
  4. Sounds like Fred will be at the school this week (along with every other big name coach)
  5. Don’t think he is graduating and no way he goes and sits somewhere. It is NBA (probably) or back to NU if he does not get draft assurances
  6. Amir and Brady lets get to work. It is going to be so fun having capable shooters all over the court
  7. Played city league with the Kelsey bros for a while. Incredibly athletic for how big they were
  8. I actually think Fred will really like Amir besides the jumper. He is a guy who can get rebounds and steals and immediately turn into a fast break. He can then finish or make passes, playing with pace will help him a lot. Plus Fred will really help him work on his jumper. Im expecting him to have a big role if he sticks around, very versital which they like.
  9. No I do not think it is ok, guessing it is done by back channel resources in these situations though all the time. And yes Jervay Norm, just what they mentioned on Sharpe and Benning this AM so not sure of their source.
  10. Mentioned on radio today that KU is sniffing around too. We need Fred to work some magic here.
  11. Agreed I was one of those people as well, was not including TA because I figured he was gone. Someone with athleticism and open court skills like Harris should have a roll. He wants to play fast and Harris would be fun in an up tempo open court system i think. Davis, who knows, hopefully he gets back to 100%. Fred also mentioned some player he previously coached not being a shooter but they improved him to the point of being a 3 pt threat. He said it is an area they can help which is music to my ears so I still am hoping Harris sticks around.
  12. Have heard it will not be reopening at all but who knows. Looked like war zone when I went past last week
  13. If he keeps Green in the mix and Roby comes back we will have some talent. Burke, Green, Harris, Roby would be a nice nucleus if you get another stretch 4/5 and 1-2 shooters we would be exciting to watch.
  14. Not kidding, might have to go back and listen again but pretty sure that is what he said
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