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  1. I am very aware of the history and am certain you are wrong
  2. Guessing we could have 5 spots open up. Think Trey and Lat will move on with their careers. 1 probably 2 bench guys will want more time and leave. Finally I know Walker said he wants to play but if Ed is what we think and Blaise coming in PT will be tight.
  3. what makes me uncomfortable was trying to guard or even dribble against Dev a few weeks ago in pick up ball. Did not go well for me at all.
  4. I think they had to cover all their bases and see who was interested. Think Trev was who they wanted all along but I’m pretty sure it was not an easy decision for him to make the change. Do not think he was interested last time they were hiring.
  5. There is one other candidate, not being mentioned. Curious if Trev would leave UNO as it is probably his if he wants it.
  6. There is Kevin Obanor who just announced he is in portal. Lit it up to end last season, wonder if we have reached out.
  7. Fred is not a fan of Pollard, so no go Davison will not even be considered, OWH shows how clueless they are by throwing out his name. Give Moos credit, he did what was needed. Don’t buy for a second all these coaches come here if Eichorst was still the AD.
  8. Does not look like he was invited to the combine
  9. He really needs to get much stronger and explosive. Was hoping he would do that in his redshirt year. It would really help his ball handling, defense, finishing at the rim, and even his jump (set) shot.
  10. He will easily win more than 4-5 games. Haarberg is not a walk on, had very nice D1 offers and Clemson kicked the tires. Smothers is young but talented too. Defense will have at least 6 guys coming back next year with many more experienced guys.
  11. Frost will have a winning season this year and beat out Fred who will do the same. Zero doubt in my mind on either
  12. A guy to watch is Jay Dawson, 6’4” guard at central. Got his first D1 offer and is off to a great summer. Mike Sautter had a good article on him and Nebraska has been in contact apparently along with a couple other P5 teams and a lot of mid majors like Drake and NDSU
  13. Dang, just watched some highlights. He is not super athletic but is a very nice baller handler and passer as well as a good shooter. Very interesting edit: looks like he ran the point a lot, seems like someone Fred would love
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