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  1. New 24/7 article out about him tweeted by Christopherson saying we are in the mix. Would love to get a true top end PG
  2. Don’t want to start a new thread but it looks like we are in the top 4 for 2022 top 50 Joseph Hunter Jr per Washut.
  3. ‘Very funny, I saw that kid and thought he reminds me of Andre. Also FYI the kid that hit that shot is John Tonje from Omaha Central. That kid is a good story, really made himself into a D1 player
  4. Pretty cool, John Tonje from O Central just hit a 4 point play for CSU to beat San Diego State (A Arop not playing for some reason, might be hurt).
  5. what exactly are your recruiting results that you need to see? In his first real recruiting cycle he has a 5*, a kid in the national 50-75 range and best shooter in Juco. That is a great result if you asked me. Fred inherited a horrible roster that had to be wrecked. Think it is crazy to put him on the clock in less than two years and only 10 games into a season with mostly new guys playing together. It sucks waiting and watching crap like last night but he is a proven coach and needs time
  6. Your not alone on the PG opinion. I like Banton off the ball better, he seems to casual at the point
  7. michigan state wants to run all the time. I’ll give you some teams like it slow like Wisco and OSU but most teams in league want to push it, we are just not as good as them right now but it can be done
  8. That is just completely wrong. Lots of teams get out and run in this conference. Watch how different we are when they outlet to Trey, he pushes it much more than Banton who 75% of the time slows it up for some reason. We have gotten great looks when Trey pushes it tonight but per normal no one makes anything
  9. Lat is working his ass off on defense and boards, gotta give him that.
  10. He actually did early before he started blowing up and then we recently have a virtual visit with him. So we might not be leaders I think we are trying and not completely out of the running.
  11. Playing for UConn vs Creighton today. Big dude who is pretty active, wish we would have gotten him.
  12. Someone mentioned Bolt is the only coach recruiting local kids but that is not true. Frost has hit the local kids hard but not going to get them all.
  13. Any update on how the virtual meeting went with him?
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