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  1. Without a doubt Creighton is a rivalry and it should be now. Like it or not they are a Power 6 conference, legit tourney team most years type of program right down the road. The hate is real. Iowa is/will be our main Big10 rival with Wiscy close behind. I don’t like the TO and OU comparison. Hoops you play a lot more games and your conference rivals twice a year, so no one game is make or break. I do think Miles got a lot of benefit winning last year at least in Omaha but obviously not enough to overcome the melt down.
  2. Teddy comes with a lot of baggage, not sure I’d call it just ego. Fred might think the upside is worth it and if anyone can get TA on a good track it might be Fred. However i would not blame him if we pass, but your right he is a bucket getting phenom.
  3. TT is not nearly close to last years team yet (Beard will get them going) but Creighton played great especially Zegarowski, he’s legit. However they were horrid and were destroyed by Aquek Arop and SDSU the night before so they had a lot to prove. Don’t like our chances at all Sat. Also SDSU is a damn good team, expect to see them in March winning some games.
  4. We got a couple JUCO football guys transferring after their first year. Think they are eligible because they were qualifiers out of high school but chose juco. Have no idea if he was eligible as a frosh but if he was I think he could leave anytime.
  5. Speaking of transfers. Jordy looked in much better shape but had 3 fouls in his 2 minutes and Horne is almost at 10pts per game but is not shooting it well at all.
  6. I looks bad now but I think we will play out to be a decent three point shooting team over time. Kavas and Green I think are good shooters who need to get comfortable here in this offense. Cross and Curtis (who I think is our best 3pt shooter) will develop into plus shooters from 3 and Cam will probably always be a streaky low 30% guy. Burke / HC look to be decent mid 30s shooters as well. So not great but better than we are used to for sure now the free throws baffle me and have no clue how we are that bad
  7. Shereef has a good 3 point shot and was near 40% I think his senior year but not that consistent before then. Not sure how he shot in prep school. He had a great mid range pull up game at Burke (kind of reminded me of Glynn a bit). I watched him the first couple games and he is just not looking for his shot much but he brings energy on both ends. I think Simpson was a good lesson for him last night and he had a rough time but he’ll improve. Wish Miles would have offered him before prep school, might have had a chance but he always liked CU. He is a really good kid and I will be cheering for him
  8. I actually a few players not shooting around at half vs Riverside and was not sure why. Also noticed 1-2 just throwing up poor shots which had me concerned as we were not exactly lighting it up. We have a lot of growing to do physically and mentally
  9. Hoiberg has said numerous times in the press and smaller settings that this team is going to struggle a lot especially early. He said he feels good about years 2-3 catching up pretty fast if things go well. Johnson may have helped but he was not turning this team into a post season team so I will take 4 years of Drago over him for a year every day that ends in Y. I am not worried about recruiting at all yet. He got some real sought after guys in a few weeks, give him time to target and really recruit guys he wants before I worry even a bit
  10. Fred has been saying this for months, I am going to follow his advise. It might be rough for a while
  11. That is how I see it as well. If he is immediately eligible he is a junior. however If he is not eligible till second half I think they would have a case to get 2 more years after that since he has only played 1.5 seasons and has sat a whole season as redshirt transfer. That would give him 4 years of PT. Doubt they are exploring that but who knows.
  12. They posted him up more than a few times. Hanif was yelling for him to post a couple times and made sure to dump it in. He has moves but was tentative and over thinking a bit which is normal for a young guy. He needs to learn to play vs other bigs, seemed he just wanted to jump over people for rebounds. Am guessing he has always been the biggest kid and that worked. excited for his future
  13. they played an exhibition last night and scored 92 and won by 35 vs NE State. Watched a little of it for fun and they looked big and strong with some skill. Glad we got to scrimmage against them, should help us get ready for Big10
  14. thought I read they bring back 7 of their rotation guys back plus the juco
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