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  1. That is wrong, my high school football coach was screaming GATA back in 1985
  2. Did he turn them down or did he interview, get a pay bump and remove himself from consideration? Guys on radio speculating the later and he was not their first pick. Who knows, I think he is a good, not great coach and would not have been real fired up if we hired him let alone Michigan
  3. I think the point is most of those 6’7 - 6’9 guys in the NBA are special athletes. It’s not that Roby is a “freak” compared to them but the fact that he is in their athletic category which gets him interest. His ability to defend, rebound, handle, and hit jumpers consistently will decide if he sticks in the league. Not many guys can do all that with his size. Disagree on sweet 16. If we were to get in the field and he gets hot that first weekend he could be the difference.
  4. Read some articles from Barnes and he loved the kids potential. Seemed he had trouble getting him to consistently fill his role which lead to the low PT. Hopefully Fred and team can help him reach his potential as he looks the part physically. Redshirt year should help I would hope
  5. He will not redshirt. He has used his redshirt sitting out this year. He will play next year when eligible if he is good enough.
  6. He played 1.5 years, so he has 2.5 to go. He is being penalized 1 year which he can use his redshirt season for. So no reason to think he has less. If he gets the .5 back they will grant it because 2 coaches have left him and he barely played at all the .5 year at Pitt. Seems pretty straight forward. Hope he gets the waiver, would think there is a good case to be made.
  7. Do you know what Cross measured in at also? Thanks
  8. Thor will most likely be gone next year which allows Fred to sign another 2020 guy this fall. We seem to be in on a lot of highly ranked kids in that class. Where Davis or Amir does not allow that. I still think there are reasons other than talent as to why Amir was not considered as someone they want to keep.
  9. Will agree on the first three and i will take this trade all day but Amir seems more explosive and athletic to me
  10. If true I hope they feel pretty confidently they have more dudes lined up (they probably do). Thor should not be a surprise. I like Amir and think he could be a player but if the staff thinks they can recruit a similar athlete who does not need to rebuild his shot then I can not blame them. Heiman to me kind of sucks unless he wants to leave, hate burning in state kids like that. He might not ever pan out but I would like to give him a year to see. That at would mean we still need 5 more guys for next year. Oh well in Fred I trust, should be exciting to see how it plays out.
  11. I think you will see a lot of guys improv their percentages. Just the fact Fred will encourage / demand they look for and take open threes will build confidence. Always seemed some guys hesitated under Miles, TA and Roby did it a lot
  12. ‘Was just going to type that. Body type, ability to finish. Does not seem to need to be a volume shooter though. redshirt year should be great for him I would think
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