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  1. So wait till it matters and is to late to say something? What if we are in contention this year? I will never agree to just accept getting hosed and keeping your mouth shut. I would stand up for my players/program every time. I guess we disagree so I will bow out.
  2. It definitely does make it harder, how can you even debate that? Just because we have not been in position to win one lately does not have any relevance. Plus you are wrong a few years ago we were in the hunt for the west. We had to go to OSU and got beat down, swap that for Rutgers or someone else and we might have won the division
  3. My point is it is not close to the same situation. Even if we were as good as OSU it is a big disadvantage to have to play them every year if Wisco doesn’t. Much harder to win a division let alone a conference or if we somehow ever get really good again a national title. Also don’t invite someone to be on a committee and just ignore their ideas. We are in a big boy conference we are going to get hard schedules and play elite teams. That’s what everyone wants to see and hopefully we will start competing better. Just make sure everyone else is on the same level. That is a Moos wants.
  4. Maybe because in volleyball everyone plays everyone, not to hard to figure out. He complained because it gives others a pretty big advantage. He was on the committee and they ignored everything he proposed. I think I would be pissed to.
  5. Get a grip man. They have only been here a little over a year and wanted to start from scratch. Miracles don’t happen overnight. If we are still striking out in a couple years we can talk.
  6. Different situation. You have no choice but to play teams in your division. Cross division is selected by the league without any reasoning. Having to play the undisputed best team in the league every year vs playing Rutgers every year is penal. That was happening anyway and needs to be addressed. The slap to our face was stacking the 3 best teams in the league on our schedule the first 4 weeks. Moos was in the meeting so he knows better than anyone if it was intentional. He is sticking up for us and calling them out which I like. I would be mad if he just took the disrespect and didn
  7. Not at all, it is unfair. One team plays OSU and PSU and another plays Indiana and Rutgers. If it was just a fluke once in a while that’s different but when play OSU every year and other rarely do it’s wrong. With that being said I’m not mad. Let’s buckle up and prove it on the field. Can’t get back on top without beating those already there.
  8. He would take the final 2021 ship correct? We have a bunch of 2021 football guys enrolling in Dec so assume the same thing, especially if he is not playing this year. assuming we have a couple leave after this year would open up more for 2021
  9. And? Frost and UNL and the UNMC medical team strongly disagree with the BIG10. Are we not allowed to speak on the subject that is going to completely devastate so many people and student athletes in Nebraska? I am happy we stood up for ourselves and again, We NEVER mentioned leaving the BIG10, which is what the media completely made up.
  10. Completely disagree. If people listen to Scott there was no mention of leaving the conference and he was clear in his message. The reason we clarified was because some A hole national guys take it out of context and create a fake narrative that we had to address.
  11. One of them had a quote from Fred on him. Said he chose to stay close to home and work out during the pandemic. Said he should be here soon but no specific date. Hope he does not flake too.
  12. Hoiberg has also been very high on Lat. I think most fans are under valuing him.
  13. We really need to land this kid. Apparently a legit 6’9” now and might not be done. Close to 40% on threes as a soph and good ball handling skills. They were saying today his family and friends are all NU fans so hopefully that helps our cause. Washut thinks he will easily be a top 100 kid and a good chance of being much higher.
  14. Baby Jokic is a great comp, do want.
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