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  1. Art Vandalay

    2019 - John Tonje, guard (Central)

    UNO offered and I think he is visiting Colo St if I remember correctly
  2. Art Vandalay

    2019 SG Jace Piakowski

    Kid definitely comes from a family of shooters, his mom was not afraid to let it fly as well.
  3. Art Vandalay

    Who stays

    Depends who they hire, to early to know
  4. TA, Copeland was, and Roby are good enough spot up shooters I think. We are not a great passing team and miss a lot of good looks. When we do make the pass TA, and especially Roby are not taking the shot in rhythm, first instinct is to dribble. My head almost explodes seeing Roby turn down a wide open top of key shot to pump fake, dribble then step back shot or turnover. Nana is doing the same thing now. Cope was really the only one not afraid to catch and shoot. I think if TA and Roby would just shoot it their % would go up and we would be way more efficient and open up things for JPJ and GW. Think that is coaching since we never seem to pass well. Installing that confidence is one area McDermott excels. Hell Roby is a better shooter than Krample but he fires at will with confidence. Yes sometimes it will produce bad shots but I would live with it everyday since we seem to still end up with a lot of bad shots anyway.
  5. Should have been fouling Ozibueke from KU last year too, still bugs me
  6. Please No on SDST guy I like Muss but people would not like his show so he would have to win a lot and fast. Lot of hero ball offense as well but he gets dudes if Buzz Williams is really unhappy at Va tech he would be worth the effort. just hate this, it will be a crap shoot and we are cursed
  7. Been saying this for years. We miss so many cutters and spot up shooters it is maddening. If we could use screens better, improve our passing, and be ready to shoot our O would look so much better but that’s been the case for years. Agree on Thor always thought he could be a good PG but he needs to work on that shot, butt ugly FTs
  8. You like Cooley? That who be a huge no for me Sampson I would be real happy with
  9. Art Vandalay

    JPJ in Conference

    I do not think it is really the offense or set plays, it is execution. Do not think we are fundamentally sound a lot of times. Hard cuts, using ball screens, setting screens and rolling (besides TB), and most of all we are not a great passing team IMO. We miss a lot of open guys
  10. Art Vandalay

    Rock Bottom!

    Your missing home games vs NW and Minn. We just win out at home gets us to 20 and in tourney. Would be nice to win 1-2 on the road as I think we will probably lose another at home.
  11. Art Vandalay

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Ha, that was my first concert as well. I was 15 and also had my first beer, attended my first bachelor party / dancer the same night.
  12. Art Vandalay

    If Miles is Fired This Year

    ‘If he does that he will be gone. Too much money and support for this program for that to happen. I think Student is right on this.
  13. Art Vandalay

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    That Williams kid makes a huge difference for Purdue. Gives them an inside scoring option that opens things up for Edwards and Cline. He is starting over Harms and I think that makes them better. Thought they would be down but they are better now than I thought
  14. Art Vandalay

    Roby will be back. Book it

    There was a time last night he caught on the wing and no one was covering him. However he was so focused on the dribble hand off he did not notice.
  15. Art Vandalay

    Nebraska High School Basketball (18-19)

    I herad the Prep coach on the radio before the season. Said they would play him more on the wing in the past but Akol, Miles, and Lewis all agreed he should play where he helps The team the most this year. I am excited to have him but think it will take some time to make that move in the B10