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  1. Art Vandalay

    In state kids?

    ‘That will be good. Ton of talent last night when Central played Millard North
  2. That is not necessarily true. I really loved X (also 100% in Amir’s corner and like him more now since he chose us). I also firmly wanted Miles extended and think that was a mistake by Moos. However unless you know someone real close to the higher ups in the program there COULD be other reasons. I say could because I do not know anything for sure either. Moos might have been givin some guidance on what to do with Tim from his bosses. I would actually be surprised if they did not have an opinion.I have also heard Hunter was looking around before the no extension was determined and he was why X was coming. I hope we have a great season and Moos is all in on Tim and if not we obviously will have more clarity on the situation. bottom line like so many things it is not always cut and dried.
  3. Art Vandalay

    In state kids?

    Tonje is flat killing it this year so far. If we get some attrition I would not be against taking a flyer, he can fill it up. Has to be schools starting to offer unless there are unknown issues.
  4. First, there is no way Ernie Kent will coach here. Different situation in we pack the house and have way more resources. I am not sure what Moos will do in hoops but I get the feeling that someone above him is not a fan. I am hoping Bill just wanted to see for himself over a period of time to decide. Still wish he would have extended to contract though
  5. Art Vandalay

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    I would guess the scouts were looking at the big 4 and his athleticism caught their eye.
  6. Art Vandalay

    Tim Miles Show 12-10-18

    Is there a podcast? Would like to listen
  7. Bo used to do this all the time. He, his assistant coaches, and the recruits were at a lot of games. Riley did not do it nearly as much but once in a while would see some show up.
  8. Art Vandalay

    2018 PG Tyrese Haliburton -> Iowa St

    Would not be surprised if Burke is our primary ball handler next year
  9. I think it is very possible he does not know yet, only been a year. If you look at record he might be unimpressed. However I think Miles has overachieved 3 of 6 years and underachieved in 2so if you look at it that way he might need to see another year for himself
  10. Art Vandalay

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    They won but could not hit anything, ugly shooting and I only watched the last 10 minutes
  11. Art Vandalay

    Creighton 2018-19, The Thread

    Do not have a problem with someone being a NU football fan and liking the Bluejays. What I have a huge problem with is the guys who cheer for football but then actively root against and trash our basketball team. I despise those people with a passion and always will. I am trying to ban then from attending our tailgates any more, they are losers period.
  12. He has not sit in his normal seats yet this year. He sits in the seat right in front of me. Now I would not be surprised if he has been up in the suites working the boosters like he probably should be sometimes. The old AD came to games but never talked to anyone and not sure he even was watching the games most of the time
  13. Art Vandalay

    Big 10 Confernce Record

    For sure, hopefully we start hitting tomorrow and next Sat
  14. Art Vandalay

    Big 10 Confernce Record

    ‘I am not worried, our starters are much closer to 80%, the bench guys kill the FT% and they should not be shooting them down the stretch
  15. Art Vandalay

    Scouting Illinois

    Will have to put some on Illinois, then still be happy when we cover