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  1. Sam had a ton of options, he was in demand for sure and Gary was not an ugly girl in the corner either. I’m not predicting anything yet but I would not be surprised at all if we jumped up in the Big10 (not saying top 5-6). I like to think on the positive side until proven wrong, less depressing that way.
  2. Not sure how you arrived at that? Sam G and Gary were his prime targets so that tells me it was the plan and not default. I did not see us chasing a bunch of hero ball guys in the portal at all
  3. Just curious was he the lead guard or more 2 guard? Assuming he is not a PG but the highlights I’ve seen show some nice handles.
  4. from the latest Parker interview I think we might see some scheme changes, would love to hear what those are. We are also still looking for that wing, would love the UNC kid but not sure what chance we have but we will add someone for that role IMO
  5. Please baby Jesus, him and Betts would be incredible 2023 class, then add a PG.
  6. ‘Thanks for the info. I was wondering how he faired in AAU ball and at what level they played on the circuit. I thought his shot was a concern as well but had not seen enough to really be sure
  7. don’t forget NIL. Nebraska has a lot to offer there as well
  8. The $100M a year Big10 payout (if the numbers are true) would allow us to do more facilities internally and let donors give to NIL.
  9. NBA is still the #1 for him. Hopefully he hears good news and stays in the draft and never steps foot on the floor for that shit hole hole school
  10. didn’t he commit real early to SDSU for hoops? Like after his soph year or am I not remembering correctly? Might be why he did not get football looks but who knows
  11. ‘Also some insight into why players loved Bo
  12. I hope we are looking at Ricky Council IV if Reeves falls theu
  13. ‘Griesel is the PG. will not be flashy but will make the right / correct plays which will really help our consistency I think. I hope / think he can be like the Mulcahy kid who plays point at Rutgers
  14. When he got big minutes he produced pts and rebounds. I’m not saying he is the missing piece however he can hold his own on the boards and would allow us a better small ball 4 rebounding/def than CJ who is more of a wing. Just gives us physicality which we desperately need and flexibility on the types of line ups we can put on the floor. i would welcome the addition as long as we get a wing scorer as well since that is the biggest need. That would give us a more well rounded roster. I also think they see Lloyd as a back up PG this year. We should have much better size and strength next year if nothing else
  15. Got his first D1 offer today, North Dakota
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