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  1. Felt like all we did to climb ahead in regards to space, pace, and execution was thrown out the window once got our first lead in the 2nd half. Played to lose
  2. Teddy getting in a zone and keeping his cool. Learning from previous games?
  3. I'm sorry but what the hell are we doing doubling every damn player in the post...I've seen enough kickout threes against us for a lifetime
  4. Our record for points scored AT Ohio state is 68 last year, which was the first time we've scored over 60 at their place. Can somebody burn that gym down?
  5. ESPN's most recent 2022 mock draft has Banton going 37th overall to Atlanta
  6. I have faith they will turn it around, but a tough start for sure. Notre dame and Duke may not be the usual quality wins they normally are
  7. Started watching the 2nd half. MSU playing some guys that have trouble defending or don't have the "want to" all the time. PG issues and and really nobody that scares you down low like in the past
  8. 44-53) Three ball screens, three different coverages. This time we ICE it. Basically, we don't allow the ballhandler to use the PNR. Trey, guarding Livers, jumps toward the middle of the floor and sends Livers toward the baseline while in this case Andre should cover the ball-side elbow (different ways to do it.) With Teddy guarding Wagner in the corner, there should be a perfect funnel to send Livers to Andre and force a pass. Problem is Thor, who was covering Mike Smith in the opposite corner, come all the way over to the ball-side block forcing Banton is drop and guard two. By the time Broo
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