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  1. Water down the wrong pipe and spit it up? Didnt seem like he fatigued to the point of throwing up. Possibly sick i suppose but it looked like he played his normal minutes
  2. Im not that kind of guy but the refs ABSOLUTELY FUCKED US multiple times tonight
  3. Im shocked bryce didnt get Td up there for trying to rebound the ball
  4. Wilhelm with 1 board is an area that needs pretty speedy improvement
  5. Heres our go-to end of half offense https://halfcourthoops.substack.com/p/if-its-the-end-of-a-quarter-the-warriors
  6. Outside of their win vs Fisk, this is tied for the most first half points for them this season
  7. These dudes got some quickness. Some guys are definitely having a tough time staying in front
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