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  1. 105th in field goal percentage defense, while not great, would still qualify as decent. Any team that plays a slower pace would most likely give up fewer points even if their field goal % defense is worse. The stat to use would be opponent points per possession but thats not an easy stat to find for free
  2. Fair. I just remember all the drama with him and how it seemed like we force-fed him the ball early to appease him
  3. Trey>Anton Bryce<Palmer Lat<Copeland Walker<<Roby Webster<Watson Wilcher=Taylor Andre>>Tshimanga Edwards>Allen Tominaga>Mcveigh Breidenbach>>Okeke McPherson=Akenten Lakes<Thor Kojenets<Tanner -Trey obviously put up more numbers than Anton but Anton was far from the 1st option. Wouldnt say Trey is WAY better. - Dont like saying a freshman is better than what JPJ did that year, even if we are talking 5 star freshman. If bryce puts up 70% of the production JPJ did i would
  4. Reading between the lines a bit I think Fred likes the chances of this team to make some noise.
  5. I can't say for sure since I'm not a medical expert, but my orthopedic surgeon told me they really don't know what option they take until they start the procedure. They try and save it if they can but can't always do that
  6. Definitely lucky in a way. Tore my meniscus in high school and missed four months since they repaired it. Sounds like they trimmed the tear in Wilhelms meniscus allowing for quicker recovery but greater chance of arthritis later in life
  7. So his brother is a low-mid D1 juco recruit right now considering the Omaha Mavs. I wonder if staying close to his brother is something that matters?
  8. Supposedly visiting on an unofficial early June per 247sports
  9. Fun going back and looking at Husker commits over the years. The one thing I want to know though is who the hell was Toni Soda?? https://247sports.com/player/toni-soda-64665/
  10. Thank God. I was atarting to think Rocket Watts made too much sense
  11. Not the most exciting film but you can't teach 7 feet. Also I will assume his IQ is relatively high
  12. Wendell Green Jr out of northern Kentucky should be close to the top of the board. Best player for them as a freshman.
  13. Would be familiar with alot of our offensive concepts
  14. Wouldn't be shocked to see him transfer for PT. Don't know if that's here
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