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  1. The team gets real interesting. Now you potentially have a centerpiece, go-to player who at his best is a top 10 player in the league. Putting 2-3 other NCAA tournament caliber players around him (bandoumel, gary, probably griesel) gives you a pretty good core. I would be a bit disappointed if we didnt get to NIT. I think for the first time maybe ever in the BIG 10 we shouldn't get dominated by opposing 5s in league play. Of course all IF he comes here and IF he is healthy
  2. Former Florida star on a visit here. Averaged like 16 and 7 a couple years ago. Collapsed on the floor i believe due to heart condition right around the time COVID picked up. Someone can post more or provide a link but this is all I have time for right now
  3. Maybe have said it before but coached against this guy I think 2 years ago. Stood out on film due to lack of effort, however he may have been a fresh/soph at the time. Once the game came around we had nobody who could stay in front of him
  4. Didnt realize until today that Banton averaged 26 ppg for Toronto's g-league team. Closer to 30 in the playoffs
  5. From what i can gather picking up his option allowed OKC extra time to figure out what they wanted to do. The extra year was non-guarenteed if was waived by yesterday. I would think he will end up somewhere where his minutes get cut but he actually gets to play for a winning team
  6. Roby gets waived today and it seems everybody on Twitter wants their team to go after him. Has a chance to be in the league for a long time
  7. Much appreciated! Spent many a vacation in Lincoln and Grand Island so the adjustment was pretty quick
  8. Hey guys, just moved to Lincoln a couple months ago and have been looking for a place/group that consistently plays pickup. Primarily indoors. My local Y (Fallbrook) doesn't seem to have much of that going on, especially when i'm there in the mornings on the weekend. Anyone know of any good spots for adult pickup? Thanks
  9. Started all year on a 24 win team. I like that
  10. Jamarion Sharp (7'5") in the portal from WKU. Wouldn't mind some Purdue-like size out there
  11. Cant confirm since verbal commits isnt as friendly on the mobile device but it seems like half the memphis roster is in the portal
  12. Gimme some Ben Vander Plas from Ohio. 14,7, and 3 at 6'8". 60% from 2, 34% from 3 and 70% from the line
  13. Whats the state of state of HS basketball in Nebraska right now? Here in Michigan if you want to win, you have a be a good recruiter (against the rules, but nobody follows the rules). Shot clock coming? How is the post season organized?
  14. Dane Fife not being brough back at Indiana. Was with Izzo at MSU before. Im sure Hoiberg is familiar with him from all the MSU practices hes been to
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