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  1. 49r is right. All you do is register with your email and you have access to all the replays until June 1st. No cost
  2. Here's the website URL... https://nabc-championship-basketball-webinar-series.heysummit.com/ There is a header for replays and I would imagine Hoiberg's will be up tomorrow
  3. Don't know how many coaches are on this board or how many here really dive deep into the X's and O's but Coach Hoiberg gave a great presentation on his transition O and spacing through the NABC and Chanpionship Productions. It' s free and im sure they will have a replay of it.
  4. My first ever Husker game at PBA. Expecting nothing but a win tonight
  5. I believe it’s coming. I’m sure so much to learn for these guys that the coaches are waiting to throw it out when they know we are capable of running it effectively
  6. James Palmer with an efficient 34 for the Agua Caliente clippers so far.
  7. Everybody loves Scott Frost but it’s clear he’s still learning on the job. Dudes been a head coach for 3 and a half years. Hoiberg has a successful model to build a program. He deserves nothing but patience right now
  8. If any coach in Nebraska history deserves a year or two to build a program without criticism, it’s Fred Hoiberg. This team was never going to win 20 games and it might be tough to win 10. Year 3 will be the year. Sucks to be patient when football blows too but it will be worth it.
  9. Already got tickets to see them play in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Can’t wait
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