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  1. Thank God. I was atarting to think Rocket Watts made too much sense
  2. Not the most exciting film but you can't teach 7 feet. Also I will assume his IQ is relatively high
  3. Wendell Green Jr out of northern Kentucky should be close to the top of the board. Best player for them as a freshman.
  4. Would be familiar with alot of our offensive concepts
  5. Wouldn't be shocked to see him transfer for PT. Don't know if that's here
  6. For those wanting Dru Kuxhausen, he's going to Northern Colorado
  7. Anybody watching the most recent season of Last Chance U focused on East LA juco basketball? KJ Allen's dad wearing a nebraska hat in episode 2?
  8. In my opinion we are going into Hoiberg year 2 next year. Excited to see the added talent and hopefully many added wins
  9. Bright side is its only a 2pt game given how nightmarish this half is. Let's live at the rim here late. Refs want to blow the whistle
  10. Well if this isn't just a perfect snapshot of our season. Play like world beaters for 20 minutes and then forget how to play for 20
  11. Maybe wouldn't have ended up mattering with the way he shot, but Lat how do you not shoot that open 3 at the end there??
  12. This one was decided when walker got his 2nd foul four minutes into the game
  13. New head coach at least. Billie Gillespie found a new job after last season
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