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  1. Missed far too many points with missed free throws and far too many chances to score with unforced turnovers
  2. Seemed like we had a pretty businesslike approach to the game. Obviously didn’t have a home court advantage to give us energy but I thought we played hard and played with purpose. Settled for some outside shots but it happens every game and will continue to happen, just need to limit them. I thought the average level of difficulty on made shots was a lot higher for them. A couple of those don’t go in and we win by 30+. That being said, MSU has a couple talented players and vs 90-95% of teams out there they would at minimum hang with for 30 minutes or more. We did about exactly what I thought we would do. The more talented team won convincingly in the end
  3. Half court offense looks brutal for us
  4. Most coaches don’t force guys to redshirt. They give them the option and it’s up to the kid to decide
  5. NEB-83 mvsu- 55 25 total 10 non con
  6. MichHusker

    The Official Media Thread

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.lansingstatejournal.com/amp/1816228002 runs through Michigan states schedule, has us bearing them at home and in The big ten tourney
  7. MichHusker

    2020 SG D'Andre Davis - VC

    Potential for a very long commitment. Hopefully he really is 100% in and can act as a recruiter for us moving forward
  8. MichHusker

    Roby (is Good)

    You talking form or percentages? He shot over 60% from 2s and 40% from 3. I agree we need to see a higher volume from him but based on the numbers I see no reason he can’t continue to at least shoot mid 50s from 2 and at least mid 30s from 3
  9. MichHusker

    2020 PG Rashad McDaniels

    Isn’t his dad an assistant coach for Creighton?
  10. MichHusker

    2020 PG Lorne Bowman

    Plays for arguably the top AAU program in Michigan in the REACH Legends. Loaded with high level players
  11. MichHusker

    2019 SG Harlond Beverly

    Same HS as Bakari Evelyn before he transferred out of Michigan. Only difference is Harlond Beverly is the real deal