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  1. Very accurate. I put a spreadsheet together a month or so ago of returning production and it was assuming everyone who had eligibility was coming back. We still were either last or 2nd to last in returning points, rebounds, and assists. I’ll have to update it to get the most accurate numbers but yea...not much coming back
  2. He’s definitely talented enough to go and I have no problem with him being there, but don’t have him take someone else’s spot. Have him be the 67th is all I’m saying
  3. Wasnt Okeke the dude from auburn who tore up his knee? No way he could participate. Just taking a spot from someone
  4. They need to fill like 11 scholarships so immediate playing time for him possibly
  5. This Cheatham commit has the possibility to be very interesting. Is he a grad transfer that just wants a place to get up a ton of shots and have big numbers? It’s possible I guess. But the other possibility, and he kind of hinted at it in the article, is if Hoiberg has a few other guys that he feels VERY good about coming here. Most grad transfers want to win, and maybe Cheatham was told player X, Y, and Z are most likely coming here
  6. There’s Jayce Johnson, a 7 footer who played at Utah. The other is Dominik Olejniczak from Ole Miss. neither put up huge numbers but Jayce would probably still be a nice get
  7. I heard Lutz has been all over the Carolinas recently. Georgia too I’m sure. All before Sadler was hired so maybe he was allowed to be out recruiting
  8. One of Indian Hills assistants worked for Hoiberg for a season at ISU
  9. Went the last two years for the coaches convention but unless something drastic happens I won’t be going this year
  10. That's not the guy I was thinking of, but the guy I was thinking of actually didn't go Michigan to OSU. He went Michigan to Indiana. Max Bielfeldt
  11. REAL close with Hoiberg. Wouldn't shock me in the least
  12. Don’t think that’s the case anymore. Micah Potter I believe mid year transferred this year from Ohio State to Wisconsin. Plus you had the grad transfer that went from Michigan to OSU we all kinda wanted a few years back. Can’t remeber the name
  13. With the issues at Arizona, wouldn't be surprised if Nnaji was quietly sniffing around
  14. Saw an article on Sporting News saying how Mick Cronin could possibly be on the move if they don’t extend him. Currently the 49th highest paid coach. I want and think we get Hoiberg, however I hope Cronin was on that list that Moos has
  15. Without the success Miles had we would be in no position to get someone like a Hoiberg, even with his ties. Miles did a ton of good, and I’m sad to see it not work out in the end because he’s a hell of a good dude.
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