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  1. Not at all. Look at it from a national perspective, it’s McNeese St as the opponent. Nebraska historically the doormat of the conference playing McNeese St. It’s irrelevant from conference perspective
  2. We have never been relevant in the national realm and playing McNeese St. People in IL, IN, OH etc could care less. And Husker hoops isn’t relevant like Michigan St, Indiana, Michigan, etc. I mean let’s be honest. Just because we beat McNeese we shouldn’t act like we are a sweet 16 team all a sudden
  3. Lol laugh at them like you want but that’s a very solid squad. Husker hoops has never been in a position like they are.
  4. Iowa with Garza returning and Illinois with Dosunmu and Cockburn returning. Big 10 will be a bear again
  5. Wow.. Getting smoked by Rutgers at home without their best player. We got a ways to go fellas.
  6. Didn’t he miss Italy due a visa issue? Maybe this has to do with same thing?
  7. Really surprised Akenten hasn’t landed anywhere yet. I think he’s only one left who hasn’t committed anywhere.
  8. I know. It’s just that usually the teams with experience tend to do very well in this conference.
  9. Wow. You have us finishing close to top half of conference with no returning starters, no less any players that have ever played together before? Most the Big 10 returns teams intact. Wisconsin is way too low too. Davison, Trice, Reuvers return and they have Potter from Ohio St. No way in hell they are 13th, let alone below us.
  10. Article says Mack isn't going to follow Matt A https://www.zagsblog.com/2019/04/06/cam-mack-asks-for-release-from-st-johns/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=cam-mack-asks-for-release-from-st-johns
  11. Going to have to win Big 10 Tourney. No way committee would take a team with 6-14 conference record and 13th place team.
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