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  1. Exactly. It’s rather foolish to diminish what they’ve done. I don’t care what conference they are in. They are a national power and in a class with the elite.
  2. Wow. Indiana is gonna be pretty good..
  3. Tyon Grant-Foster to DePaul
  4. They will be pretty good next year, I think better than this veteran team this past season. Hepburn is going to be special player there, he will become much better than Trice over time. Him, Davison and the Davis twins will be solid backcourt.
  5. Xavier Johnson to Indiana Myreon Jones to Florida
  6. Terps just picked up Qudus Wahab and Fatts Russell. Woah
  7. What do you know.. Going back to Tulsa
  8. Also Agbaji and probably Garrett will most likely go pro.
  9. Sounds like there were rumors of dissension between the veterans and some of the younger players. Particularly Reuvers and Potter being problems. Not sure how true it is but that is a rumor floated around.
  10. Lol. Not so much. We lost to a bad NW team and Penn St twice. Neither one of those would be in top half of either conference
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