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  1. Shatel is just being foolish and stirring the pot. Walker, Wilcher, and Griesel are solid ball players
  2. That’s a really good pickup for Iowa. They have a pretty solid class going so far.
  3. It appears Iowa , Iowa St and Purdue are at top of list
  4. Omaha won’t be easy. New coach and team but they will play this one pretty hard
  5. Matthew Mayer to Illinois. They are going to be pretty stacked.
  6. Verge also played against much better competition than Griesel did.
  7. I don’t see Bandoumel > Trey. I would rather have Trey return honestly. Also Verge>Griesel. Griesel is good but need to see what he can do against higher competition
  8. Have to think with Bandoumel the roster might be set. Looks to be a defensive physical type team. Griesel/ McPherson Bandoumel/ Lloyd/ Tominaga Wilcher/ Dawson/ Lawrence Gary/ Briedenbach Walker/ Keita/ Kojenets
  9. Zags lose entire backcourt. Nembhard and Boltin are seniors and Strawther will probably go pro. Even if he did transfer there is no way he would go to NU.
  10. Wonder if Edwards would really leave? He would have to sit out a year if he transfers D1.
  11. Yep you guys are right. I forgot Dawson
  12. If Robins predictions hold true that likely means only 2 roster spots open if all the incoming players still come. That’s not good.
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