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  1. She's a freshman this year, class of 2024. She plays on Coach Williams daughters AAU team. Her mom is the head coach at Elkhorn North. She was offered by Creighton earlier this summer.
  2. A question that I have always wondered, what rules/guidelines do Division 1 coaches who have kids, have when it comes to watching their kids play and interacting with kids on their teams? So for example, Coach Williams has a daughter who's on an AAU team that played in Des Moines this weekend. With there being no recruiting now is she allowed to go to the games to watch as a parent? My assumption would be that, yes she can go watch her daughter play but what about contact with other players and/or their parents on her team? For sure there is nothing that could be considered recruiting allowed, but are there actual guidelines in how the coaches can interact with others associated with their child's team. This would be the same with Coach Hoiberg and his sons, who I'm assuming are playing for some team, though if I remember right it was mentioned when they first were coming that they would go back and play with their Chicago AAU team, that probably has changed with all that's going on. One other time I thought about this was when Coach Cook's daughter was at Pius. I'm sure it happens all the time all over the country, but just have never seen actual rules/guidelines.
  3. I personally think that's where some of the best learning is, cause life isn't going to be easy. So if you're willing to go out there and put the work in day after day and stick it out, I think those kids are on their way to having good productive lives. This is an easy example, but ask the 3 or 4 seniors on the Gretna Boys Basketball team that didn't get to hardly play, if it was worth it?
  4. You always are going to have kids play on 2 levels of teams (3 levels I agree is a problem), sometimes they don't get any playing time on 1, but they get more on the other. That's how you develop programs. But also it's still school, schools are out there to provide opportunities for kids whether they are the best kid or the worst kid. All over the state schools are dropping some of their lower teams cause of numbers, I find it sad mainly cause I think a lot of it has to do with, if I'm not on the top team why go through the stages. I just think there are other ways to find money for a shot clock then limiting opportunities.
  5. Ya let's cut opportunities for kids to compete and be on teams so we can have a shot clock. That sounds like a good plan.
  6. Jon Perone. Sounded like, at the press conference, he was planning on staying at Hastings College. Hope so.
  7. Former Husker Jina Johansen has been named the new Women's Basketball Coach at Hastings College. http://www.hastingsbroncos.com/article/1264.php#.VSQJNVTG5uI
  8. Northwestern Maryland Ohio State Minnesota Michigan State Rutgers Nebraska
  9. Iowa Purdue Minnesota Michigan State Nebraska Maryland
  10. Rutgers Wisconsin Michigan Iowa Maryland Michigan State Nebraska
  11. Wisconsin Rutgers Maryland Ohio State Illinois Nebraska
  12. Nebraska Iowa Illinois Purdue Michigan State Wisconsin Northwestern
  13. Michigan State @ Indiana Michigan Minnesota Rutgers Wisconsin
  14. Late to the party. For the games that haven't started yet. Iowa Purdue Michigan Maryland Nebraska
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